01904 489731

01904 489731

Malton Antique Sale

Wednesday 15th March

China & Glassware


1.       A Royal Albert Old Country Roses Table Service, comprising seven tea cups and saucers, nine tea plates, eight dessert bowls, tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, bread and butter plate and various other plates.    £70-100


2.       A Royal Worcester Prismatic Enamel seven piece Dessert Service, decorated with fruit, leaves etc. within a pierced border, comprising pair of comports, pair of kidney shape dishes, square dish and two plates, circa 1905.   £700-900


3.       A Rockingham Tea Cup and Saucer of moulded design decorated in cream blue and gilt, pattern number 895 and with puce griffin mark, a matching plate 9" (23cms) diameter (hairline crack) and a Rockingham trio of tea cup, coffee cup and saucer decorated with trailing branches and with puce mark.    £30-50


4.       A Rockingham Tea Cup and Saucer decorated in blue and gilt with vine leaves and grapes and with puce griffin mark, a Rockingham trio with a gilt border pattern number 991 and two other Rockingham tea cups and saucers.    £30-40


5.       A tin glazed Earthenware circular Shallow Dish, painted in blue, green and brown, with leaves and flowers etc.  13" (33cms) diameter.  (cracked).   £30-40


6.       A Belleek shell shape Jug on shell feet, similar bowl and three other pieces of Belleek.    £20-30


7.       A Goss Bust of Queen Victoria commemorating the 60th year of her reign, 1896/7.  4" (10cms).   £50-70


8.       A Grafton china Bust of George V, the plinth decorated with the Flags of Liberty.  5" (13cms) high.   £20-30


9.       A Wood & Sons Yuan pattern Table Service comprising dinner and dessert plates, three graduated oval meat plates, hors d'oeuvres dish, tea cups and saucer, vegetable dishes etc.   £50-80


10.     A Beswick Model of a Highland calf, No.1827D and a Beswick Jersey cow No.1345.    £40-60


11.     A Beswick Model of a swish tailed horse in grey matt No.1182 first version and another in brown matt, second version.    £40-60


12.     A Beswick Model of Black Beauty No.2466, a Beswick quarter horse in brown matt No.2186 and a Royal Doulton horse.    £40-60


13.     A Beswick Horse "The Winner" No.2421 in brown matt, another Beswick matt brown horse and a Doulton horse.    £40-60


14.     A Beswick Model of a racehorse No.701 second version in grey matt, a Beswick Arab horse in brown gloss No.1265 and one other Beswick horse in matt brown.    £40-60


15.     A Beswick Model of wood mouse No.3399, Beswick chaffinch and four other Beswick bird ornaments.    £40-60


16.     A Beswick Model of a goldfinch No.2273, a Beswick grey wagtail No.1041, five other Beswick birds and a Goebel bird ornament.     £40-60


17.     A Lladro model of a Polar Bear, 3 1/2" (9cms) high and a Lladro figure of a girl holding a hen, (boxed).   £40-60


18.     A Lladro matt figure of a seated Child holding a book.  8" (20cms) high.   £30-40


19.     A Lladro figure of an Angel playing a violin and a Lladro figure of a child holding a basket of fruit.  (both boxed).   £40-60


20.     A Lladro figure of a girl holding a lamb, 8" (20cms) high and another of a girl holding a piglet.  (both boxed).   £50-70


21.     A Lladro figure of a yawning Child, 8 1/2" (23cms) high and another of an angel.  (both boxed).   £40-60


22.     A Lladro figure of a sleeping Puppy, boxed, a miniature Lladro figure of a puppy, boxed and two other Lladro dog ornaments.   £50-80


23.     A Burmantofts baluster Vase decorated with stylised flowers in blue, green etc.  6 1/2" (17cms) high.   £30-40


24.     A German Faience circular shallow Bowl, decorated in manganese with Oriental figures and landscapes.  9" (22cms) diameter.   £30-40


25.     A Cantonese cylindrical Vase decorated with figures in famille rose and other coloured enamels.  4 1/2" (11cms) high (hairline cracks) and a small Japanese cylindrical vase with interior script.  2"(5cms) high (hairline cracked)    £30-40


26.     A Polish Majolica vase shape Bottle and Cover inscribed 'Nieborow' and decorated in white with trailing leaves on a blue ground.  10" (26cms) high.   £40-60


27.     A Lladro limited edition Porcelain Group of two pelicans, mounted on a circular wooden base and with certificate. No.324/1000.  13" (33cms) high.    £150-200


28.     A Royal Crown Derby bottle nose dolphin Paperweight with gold stopper.    £30-40


29.     A Royal Crown Derby baby bottle nose dolphin Paperweight with gold stopper.    £30-40


30.     A Royal Crown Derby duckling Paperweight with gold stopper and another.    £30-50


31.     A Radford pottery Sgraffito ware baluster Vase, the body incised with a stylised sailing boat in green, on an ivory coloured ground.  6 1/2" ( 16cms) high.   £30-40


32.     A pair of Staffordshire figures of the cobbler and his wife, two Staffordshire figural sand shakers and an inkwell.   £30-40


33.     A pair of Continental pottery figures 'Grandma' and 'Grandpa', pair of miniature Continental figures and five others.   £20-30


34.     A 20th Century Japanese baluster Vase and cover decorated with panels of birds and flowering branches on a scrolled orange ground.  12" (31cms) high.     £100-150


35.     A Paragon Athena pattern Coffee Set comprising six coffee cups and saucers, six plates, coffee pot, cream jug, milk jug and sugar bowl.    £30-40


36.     A stone ware baluster Vase with sponged decoration.  10 1/2" (27cms) high.    £20-30


37.     A late 19th/ early 20th Century Chinese Gourd shape Vase decorated with panels of figures in blue and white and with four character mark to base.  11 1/2" (29cms) high.    £400-500


38.     A Cantonese Plate decorated with panels of figures and flowers decorated in famille rose and other coloured enamels.  9 1/2" (24cms) diameter.   £20-30


39.     A late 18th/early 19th Century Chinese Charger decorated with dragons and flowers on a yellow ground within a scaled green border.  13 1/2" (35cms) diameter.  (chipped).   £40-60


40.     A Japanese Charger decorated with figures and landscapes in orange, gilt etc.  14" (36cms) diameter.   £20-30


41.     A large Stoneware two handled Jar with incised decoration.  12" (31cms) high.   £30-40


42.     An extensive Royal Copenhagen "Brown Rose" pattern Table Service including soup bowls and stands, plates in various sizes, kidney shape and oval serving dishes, two vegetable dishes and covers etc, approximately ninety five pieces.    £200-300


43.     A Thomas German Table Service decorated in white with a silver rim including coffee cups and saucers, plates in various sizes, vegetable dishes and covers etc approximately seventy pieces for eight covers.     £50-80


44.     The Coalport "Sir Winston Churchill Centenary Vase" with domed cover and pedestal foot No.92/200 in original box and  with certificate.  12" (31cms) high.     £70-100


45.     A Royal Doulton Figure "Autumn Breezes" HN1934 and another "Southern Belle" HN2229.    £30-40


46.     A Royal Crown Derby bald eagle Paperweight with gold stopper.    £50-80


47.     A Royal Crown Derby frog Paperweight with gold stopper.    £30-40


48.     A Royal Crown Derby seated cat Paperweight with gold stopper.    £30-40


49.     A set twelve Maling pedestal Sundae Dishes, decorated in various coloured lustre glazes.    £30-40


50.     A Newport pottery Clarice Cliff Bizarre Mug decorated with the Blue Firs pattern.  6" (15cms) high.   £150-200


51.     A Beswick model of Yorkshire Terrier from the Fireside Models Series, no. 2377.  (small ear chip).   £40-50


52.     Three Beswick brown Foals and a Beswick deer (a/f).   £20-30


53.     A Nao group of two Puppies and another similar group.   £20-30


54.     A collection of six Mintons Tiles designed by J Moyr-Smith, from the Shakespeare series and printed in blue and white.  Each 6" (15cms) square.    £70-100


55.     A pair of "Vienna" circular shallow Dishes decorated with male and female portraits on a green ground and gilt border and with blue beehive mark.  10" (25cms) diameter, a continental floral painted bottle and a modern Portuguese jardinière.    £40-60


56.     A Prattware Pot Lid "The Village Wedding" another "The Wolf and The Lamb" and one other.    £30-40


57.     A Royal Doulton Figure of a Spaniel.    £20-30


58.     A Staffordshire pottery King Charles Spaniel mantel Ornament decorated in gilt.  13" (34cms) high, two Staffordshire figure ornaments and one other figure ornament.    £30-40


59.     Five various copper lustre Jugs and two Masons Ironstone jugs.    £30-40


60.     A Cartwright & Edwards Coffee Set of Art Deco design in orange, yellow, blue and green, comprising six coffee cans and saucers, coffee pot, cream jug and sugar bowl and a late Victorian child's teaset (14 pieces).   £30-40


61.     A Beswick model of Bassett Hound, no. 2045a in gloss finish, another of a yellow Labrador, no. 1548 and a Persian Cat, no. 1867 in white gloss.   £30-50


62.     A Beswick model of a Donkey, no. 1364b, a white Sow, no. 1452a, a Beswick grey horse (ear chipped) and Beswick brown foal.     £30-50


63.     Two Beswick Foxes, no. 1016a and three small Beswick dogs.   £50-80


64.     A Nankin oblong Meat Plate decorated in blue and white with river landscape.  16" (41cms) long (cracked) and a Continental porcelain table candlestick.    £30-50


65.     A Beswick Model of a Greenfinch, No.2105, first version, two other Beswick birds, three Goebel bird ornaments and three others.    £40-60


66.     A pair of Samson Armorial Vases, 4 1/2" (11cms) high a matching vase and cover (damaged), a 19th Century trio decorated with floral sprays and gilt and a Continental coffee can and saucer.    £30-40


67.     A pair of Meissen Plates, each painted with birds on leafy branches within a moulded and gilt lined border, painted with insects.  9 1/2" (24cms) diameter.    £70-100


68.     A pair of Sevres porcelain Plates each decorated with a portrait of Hortense Beauharnais and Madame Recamier within a black and gilt border, the reverse inscribed "M.IMP Le De Sevres".  9 1/2" (24cms) diameter.    £70-100


69.     A set of seven Eskdale pottery clam shape Dishes decorated in cobalt blue.    £20-30


70.     A collection of ten Rye pottery Figures from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales together with the figure of Geoffrey Chaucer.    £100-150


71.     A pair of pottery Wall Plates decorated with flowers and leaves in blue and gilt.  16 1/2" (42cms) diameter.    £30-40


72.     A 19th Century stone ware Barrel inscribed "Rum" and decorated with a coat of arms with brass tap.  13" (33cms) high and a Portobello pottery jug.     £30-40


73.     A pair of "Vienna" two handled circular Plates printed with Classical figures within a green and gilt border and with blue beehive mark to base.  10" (26cms) diameter.    £60-80


74.     A pair of "Vienna" table Candlesticks decorated with floral sprays within a blue and gilt border and with blue beehive mark to base.  6" (15cms) high and a pair of small two handled vases printed with figures.  4" (10cms) high with beehive mark to base (a/f).    £30-40


75.     A pair of Continental Bisque china figures of a Dandy and his Lady on Rococo style circle bases and with impressed L and M mark to base.  15" (38cms) high   £30-40


76.     A Losol ware lustre Bowl, 10 1/2" (27cms) diameter, a blue and white pedestal bowl and other items.   £30-40


77.     A pair of Oriental Prunus pattern baluster Vases and covers, a similar ginger jar and cover, Imari pattern plate and Ringtons blue and white tea caddy.   £20-30


78.     A Cranberry Glass Bowl on lappet feet, 5" (13cms) diameter and a cranberry glass jug.    £20-30


79.     A square glass Spirit Decanter with silver Whisky label, two other glass decanters and a Waterford glass Variety bowl, 5" (13cms) diameter.   £50-70


80.     A Caithness "Momentum" glass Paperweight and a Caithness "Pebble" glass paperweight.    £15-20


81.     An ornamental Goblet, the cranberry glass bowl inscribed 'R W B 1884' and the stem inset with a coin, 9" (23cms) high, a Mary Gregory style glass vase and three other items.   £40-60


82.     A pair of 19th Century Toast Masters Glasses on a circular foot, five wine glasses with etched cranberry glass bowls and other items of table glass.     £40-60


83.     A Victorian painted glass baluster Vase, 13 1/2" (34cms) high, two glass decanters, glass water jug and two heavy cut glass vases (a/f).   £30-40


84.     A 19th Century glass Rummer with etched decoration and cushion knop stem and five other plain glass rummers.    £40-60


85.     A Studio glass Vase of mottled design, 7" (18cms) high, a cut glass biscuit barrel and cover and a coloured glass vase.    £20-30




86.     A Victorian copper Tea Urn with opaque glass handles and tap.  18" (46cms) high.    £40-60


87.     A vintage Grape Pickers metal Hod.  2' 7" (79cms) high.   £40-60


88.     A set of three graduated Swedish brass Skultuna tulip pattern Candlesticks designed by Pierre Forsell, with slender stems and circular bases, numbered 1607.   Tallest 9" (23cms) high.   £70-100


89.     An early 20th Century iron and brass mounted Fire Curb of Art Nouveau design.  4' 6" (137cms) wide.   £50-80


90.     A brass Fire Curb, 4' 6" (137cms) wide, a pair of brass urn shape implement rests and three brass fire implements.   £50-80


91.     A quantity of assorted metal ware including brass spice grinder, leather strap with brasses, brass bell weights etc.    £30-40


92.     A copper and brass two handled Log Bucket with paw feet, 13" (33cms) diameter, a pair of brass candlesticks etc.   £40-60


93.     A two handled copper Diary Bowl, 15" (38cms) diameter and a brass column table lamp.   £30-40


94.     A Oriental brass Bowl with engraved decoration, an Indian brass bowl, Turkish coffee pot and other items.    £40-60




95.     A number of Books relating to the English Monarchy.  (6).   £30-40


96.     Speke. JH; 'Journal of the Discovery of the Source of the Nile', first edition with folding map, one portrait and engraved plates, with marbled boards and leather spine with gilt lettering.    £50-70


97.     Bywater. A; 'The Sheffield Dialect', second edition 1854, Bloomfield's 'Farmers Boy The History of Howden and West Wrestle Castle', published 1834 and two other books.    £30-50


98.     Five volumes of Linnaeus 'System of Natural History', Goldsmith. O 'A History of the Earth and Animated Nature' four volumes published 1782 and other natural history books.    £50-80


99.     Mavor. W; "Mavor's Collection", twenty five leather bound volumes and other leather bound books.    £70-100


100.   Henty. G A; 'The Young Carthaginian', first edition, published 1887 with pictorial boards, Henty. G A 'With Moore at Corunna', published 1898, first edition, one other Henty title and other books.    £30-40


101.   Ten volumes of 'Household Words' conducted by Charles Dickens; Conan Doyle 'The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes', first edition, published 1894 and other books.    £30-40


102.   "A Collection of Poems", three volumes only, published 1766 and various other 19th and Twentieth Century literary works.    £20-40


103.   Payne-Gallwey. R; "The Fowler in Ireland", published 1882, Randall; "Old Sports and Sportsmen" and other books on country pursuits etc.    £20-30


104.   Goethe's Works, published 1828 in German and other leather bound books.    £20-40


105.   Godden. G; 'Encyclopedia of British Pottery & Porcelain Marks', Sandon H & J; 'Granger's Worcester Porcelain' and other books on ceramics and metalware.   £20-30


106.   A box containing a collection of Books on architecture and interior design.    £20-40


107.   HUGH FRASER; "Amid the High Hills" and "Lilies Their Culture and Management" by H Drysdale Woodcock and J Coutts.     £10-20


108.   A box containing a number of military titles relating to the Second World War.   £20-40


109.   Paul Gallico "The Small Miracle", first edition, 1951 and a ninth edition of the same work.    £10-20


110.   A collection of Political Caricatures 1903-1905 by F Carruthers Gould and four other caricature books.     £40-60


111.   'The History of Modern Painting', three volume set and various other art related books.     £30-40


112.   A box containing a number of books relating to Yorkshire.    £40-60


113.   Ten Ward Lock 'Red Guides' including 'Bath', 'The Isle of Man', 'Great Yarmouth', 'Eastern Scotland', 'Oban', etc. All in various conditions.      £30-40


114.   MILLS. J "The Life of a Fox Hound" illustrated by J A Shepherd, published by Hodder & Stoughton in tooled and gilt velum boards.    £20-30


115.   COCKTON. H; "The Life and Adventures of Valentine Vox", published 1844 with calf spine.    £30-40


116.   "The Plays of St. John Hankin", two volumes in red boards and tooled leather spines, "Six Plays" bound in marble boards with gilt spines and three other literary works similarly bound.    £60-80


117.   A box of books containing works by Evelyn Everett Green including; "In Fair Granada", "Old Miss Audrey" and "The Niece of Ester Lynne" etc.    £20-30


118.   A box containing a large collection of works by Evelyn Everett Green including; "A Pair of Pickles", The Lost Treasure of Trevlyn", "The Castle of the White Flag" etc.    £80-100


119.   A box containing a large collection of works by Evelyn Everett Green including "A motherless Maid", "Oliver Langton's Ward" and "The Family Next Door" etc.    £60-80


120.   A box containing works by W.H.G Kingston including, "Peter the Whale", "Hurricane Hurry" and "Antony Waymouth" etc.    £40-60


121.   Eleven titles by H Rider Haggard including "Alan Quartermain A Winter Pilgrimage in Palestine, Italy and Cyprus" and "Queen Sheba's Ring" etc.    £40-60


122.   A box containing works by Gordon Stables, including "Rob Roy MacGregor" and "Remember The Maine" etc.    £40-60


123.   A box containing works by Gordon Stables including "Quest of a Giant Sloth" and "Sable and White" etc.    £40-60


124.   Six Punch Volumes in half leather bindings.  (6)   £20-30


125.   A box of Christies auction Catalogues, mainly Chinese ceramics and works of art.    £20-30


126.   DARWIN, CHARLES; "The Origin of the Species" published by John Murray 1875, sixth edition, bound in green cloth. BURKE'S "Landed Gentry", eighteenth edition, volume one and two other books.    £30-40


127.   A number of bound copies of the British Racehorse Magazine and the European Racehorse Magazine.   £30-50


128.   James Anthony Froude; "History of England; From the Fall of Wolsey to the Death of Elizabeth", twelve volumes bound in leather.    £80-100


129.   'The Works of Samuel Johnson L.L.D.' in nine volumes, 1825, with full leather bindings.   £80-100


130.   'The Imperial Dictionary' edited by John Ogilvie, two volume set, full leather bindings.   £40-60


131.   Edward Gibbon; 'The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire', six volume set, hardbacks with slipcases Folio Society, 1983.   £20-30


132.   W G Collingwood; 'The Life and Works of John Ruskin', two volume set, 1893, limited edition no. 165.   £50-70


133.   A box containing various Racing Calendar Books.   £10-20


134.   'Celebrities of the Stage', edited by Boyle Lawrence Paperbacks, set of twelve.   £20-30


135.   'The Cambridge History of English Literature', fourteen volume set.   £30-40


136.   Sir Ernest Rock Carling and J Paterson Ross; 'British Surgical Practice', 1947, nine volume.   £40-60


137.   Winston S Churchill; 'Great Contemporaries', first edition, 1937.   £40-60


138.   Michael Redgrave; 'Mask & Face; Reflections in the Actor's Mirror', first edition, 1958, signed by the author.   £20-30


139.   Sheila Van Damm; 'We Never Closed' first edition, 1967.   £40-60


140.   J C Trewin; 'The Turbulent Thirties', first edition, 1960, with a variety of signatures by actors such as Noel Coward and Edward Chapman.   £20-30


141.   A box of leather bound Bibles.   £20-30


142.   'The Pictorial Edition of the Works of Shakespeare', eight volume set.   £20-30


143.   'The Little Drummer Girl Pictorial Book' and folder containing Radio Review Cards and two other folders relating to Radio Talks.   £10-20


Platedware & Silver


144.   A suite of Viners Kings pattern Table Cutlery for eight covers, in an Embassy table top canteen.   £50-80


145.   A quantity of assorted silver plated rat tail pattern Table Cutlery, a box of stainless steel cutlery and other items.   £30-40


146.   A quantity of plated rat tail Table Cutlery including dessert forks and spoons, table spoons, table forks, etc. in three boxes.   £40-60


147.   A quantity of Mappin & Webb Princes plate rat tail pattern Table Cutlery, including table forks and spoons, dessert and soup spoons etc. and a quantity of Maples rat tail pattern plated cutlery.   £40-60


148.   A collection of sixty eight assorted bone handled Table and Side Knives, by various makers.   £50-80


149.   A late Victorian plated Inkstand fitted with two square glass inkwells, the centre stamp box surmounted the figure of a Sphinx, with two pen trays, on compressed bun feet, the base inscribed 'Mappin Brothers'.  11" (28cms) wide.    £50-70


150.   A glass and leather covered Hip Flask with plated cup and cover, a small silver whistle, plated oval tray, military pocket watch etc.   £30-40


151.   An oak Cutlery Box by Walker & Hall with hinged lid and two drawers with brass carrying handles.     £30-50


152.   A plated four piece Teaset, two plated sugar castors, condiment set etc.    £30-40


153.   A plated oval Teapot, fluted oval cream jug and sugar bowl, plated hot water jug etc.   £30-40


154.   A quantity of assorted plated Cutlery, plated fruit bowl with swing handle etc.   £30-40


155.   Five glass Hors de Oeuvre Dishes in a plated frame, plated circular salver, Child's silver mounted dressing table set and two cases of coffee spoons.     £30-40


156.   Two plated Trophies, plated oblong two handled tray, butter dish and cover etc.   £30-40


157.   A plated four piece Teaset of shaped oblong design by Joseph Rogers.   £30-40


158.   A plated oblong Entree Dish and Cover with loop handle on a spirit heater stand.   £30-40


159.   A William IV silver oblong Snuff Box with engraved decoration, Birmingham, 1833, makers mark 'J C'.  2 1/2" (6 .5cms) wide.   £100-150


160.   A French silver Pin Cushion in the form of a shoe, embossed with figures.  2 1/2" (6.5cms) long.   £60-80


161.   An Edwardian silver four division Toast Rack, with flattened bars, loop handle and paw feet, Sheffield, 1905, maker Joseph Rodgers.  (5.2ozs).   £50-80


162.   An Edward VII silver Quaiche or Sugar Bowl with flattened pierced handles, London, circa 1905, maker James Wakely and Frank Clarke Wheeler, together with a very similar spoon with pierced flattened stem, London, 1901.  (7ozs).   £70-100


163.   A pair of silver Serviette Rings, numbered '1' and '2', and engraved with an initial, London, 1918, maker David Fullerton, in a Mappin & Webb box.   £30-40


164.   An Edwardian silver rat tailed Soup Ladle, London, 1906, maker William Hutton & Sons Ltd.  (8.8ozs).   £70-100


165.   An Edwardian silver Mustard Pot of Art Nouveau oval design, Birmingham, 1905, maker Levi & Salaman, a spoon by the same makers and one other mustard pot, Chester, 1906, by Haseler Brothers (liners missing).   £30-40


166.   An Edwardian silver Serviette Ring with pierced decoration, London, 1902, and six other various silver serviette rings.  (5.1ozs).   £50-70


167.   A pair of shell shape Dishes on ball feet, London, 1901, 5" (13cms) wide, maker Josiah Williams and a pair of serving spoons with shell shape bowl and relief decoration to the handles, London, 1901, by the same maker.  (7.6ozs).   £70-100


168.   Another pair of Edwardian shell shape Dishes, London, 1905 and a pair of shell bowl spoons, London, 1905, maker Josiah Williams.  (7.7ozs)   £70-100


169.   A late Victorian silver shell shape Dish raised on three ball feet and a silver shell bowl spoon with Albany pattern handle, both London, 1898, maker Josiah Williams.  (2.9ozs)   £30-40


170.   A set of six silver rat tail pattern Dessert Forks, Birmingham, 1938, maker Barker Brothers.  (10.8ozs)   £80-120


171.   A set of six Victorian silver Old English pattern Table Forks engraved with a crest to the underside, London, 1850, maker George William Adams.  (13.2ozs)   £120-150


172.   A set of four late Victorian Old English pattern silver Dessert Spoons, engraved with a monogram, Sheffield, 1894, maker John Round and a pair of silver dessert spoons, Sheffield, 1923, maker Cooper Brothers.  (9.9ozs)   £80-120


173.   A pair of silver rat tail pattern Soup Spoons, Sheffield, 1910, maker Walker & Hall Ltd. and a pair of rat tail silver dessert forks, Sheffield, 1955, maker George Howson.  (7.4ozs).   £60-80


174.   A pair of Edwardian silver rat tail pattern Sauce Ladles, London, 1907, maker William Hutton and Sons and a single rat tail sauce ladle, London, 1893, maker Francis Higgins III.  (7.6ozs).   £60-80


175.   A pair of George IV silver Old English pattern Tablespoons, engraved with an initial, Edinburgh, 1823, maker George Fenwick.  (4.1ozs)   £40-60


176.   A pair of Victorian silver rat tail pattern Tablespoons, London, 1891, maker John Aldwinckle and Thomas Slater.   (4ozs).   £40-60


177.   A silver Old English pattern Soup Ladle engraved with a crest, London, 1918, maker William Hutton & Sons.  (7.8ozs).   £70-100


178.   A George III Old English pattern Tablespoon engraved with initials, London, 1795, maker Solomon Hougham, another tablespoon by Elkington & Co., Birmingham, 1926 and another by Eley Fearn and Chawner, London, 1813.  (6.2ozs).   £50-80


179.   A William IV silver bladed Butter Knife with ivory handle, Birmingham, 1835, a silver knife rest, silver butter knife and various other items.   £40-60


180.   A silver circular Sugar Bowl with crimped rim on a pedestal foot, Sheffield, 1910 and a set of six Apostle teaspoons, Sheffield, 1906, both by John Round.  (7.5ozs)   £60-80


181.   A silver trumpet shape Vase, Birmingham, 1928,  7" (17cms) high, a single silver table candlestick and a silver backed hand mirror.   £30-50


182.   A silver six piece Dressing Table Set engraved with trailing harebells, Birmingham, 1925, together with a comb of a different in a fitted case.   £40-60


183.   A silver Christening Mug with loop handle, cased, Birmingham, 1929, a small silver circular inkwell.   £30-50


184.   A pair of silver Candlesticks of plain cylindrical form, Chester, 1913, maker Cooper Brothers and Sons, 5" (12.5cms) high and a pair of silver dressing table candlesticks.   £50-80


185.   An embossed silver backed three piece Dressing Table Set, Birmingham, 1967 and similar comb, 1969.   £40-60


186.   A Victorian silver Vinaigrette with engraved decoration and monogram, the interior with engraved gilt grille, Birmingham 1851, maker Nathaniel Mills.  1 1/2" (3 1/2cms) wide.    £100-120


187.   An engine turned silver Cigarette Case, Birmingham, 1923 and a silver tea strainer.  (5.1ozs)   £40-60


188.   A late Victorian silver trumpet shape Vase with crimped rim, geometric decorated stem with ball knop and circular dished foot, Sheffield 1899.  12" (31cms) high maker John Round & Son Ltd.  (8.8ozs)   £70-100


189.   A Peruvian 925 standard Sterling silver Teapot of circular design, on a short pedestal foot.  (22ozs).   £170-200


190.   A small silver oblong Teapot with gadroon edge and half body reeded decoration with blackwood handle, Birmingham, 1899, maker Elkington & Co.  (13.9ozs).   £100-150


191.   An Edwardian silver Hot Water Jug with urn finial, half body reeded decoration and black wood handle, Sheffield, 1901, maker James Charles Jay.  (14.5ozs)   £120-150


192.   A set of twelve late Victorian silver Teaspoons, the shaped finials engraved with a monogram, Sheffield, 1898, maker John Round and Son, housed in two boxes inscribed 'B Leefe & Son, Malton'   £40-60


193.   An early 19th Century Irish silver fiddle pattern Tablespoon engraved with a crest, Dublin, 1807, maker Arthur Murphy and another fiddle pattern tablespoon engraved to match, Dublin, 1801, maker Samuel Neville.  (4.4ozs).   £50-80


194.   An engine turned silver Cigarette Case, engraved with initials and four various silver teaspoons.  (5.3ozs).   £50-70


195.   A silver Manicure Set in a wooden box and a pair of modern oval silver serviette rings.   £40-60


196.   A William IV silver oblong Vinaigrette, the gilded interior with a pierced grille and with engraved decoration, Birmingham 1833, maker Nathaniel Mills.    £100-150


197.   A large Pocket Watch in a silver mounted travelling case, a Continental pocket watch, silver medallion and two other items.   £30-50


198.   A pair of silver Dressing Table Candlesticks with gadrooned edge, Sheffield, 1908, makers Fordham & Faulkner and a shell sweet meat dish on a silver stem.   £30-40


199.   An Edwardian cut glass silver Sugar Bowl with silver rim, Birmingham 1903, a plated oval entrée dish and cover by Walker & Hall and a Victorian embossed plated coffee pot.    £30-40


200.   A silver three piece Tea Set of octagonal design, the tea pot with ebonised handle and lift, Sheffield 1932/33, maker Walker & Hall.  (37ozs)   £300-400


201.   A pair of Edwardian silver handled Boot Pulls, London 1908.  8" (20cms) long.    £50-80


202.   A pair of George IV silver Old English pattern Tablespoons, each engraved with an initial, London, 1827, maker John Henry and Charles Lias.  (4.1ozs).   £40-60


203.   A set of six silver Coffee Spoons with golf club finials, Sheffield, 1933, maker Walker & Hall, cased.   £20-30


204.   Eight various silver and enamel Souvenir Spoons, three silver teaspoons, butter knife etc.   £40-60


205.   A George IV silver blade Fruit Knife, the case with embossed floral decoration, Sheffield, 1829, maker William Nowill.   £30-40


206.   A set of six George III silver Teaspoons, London, 1794, maker Peter and Ann Bateman and four Newcastle silver teaspoons.     £40-50


207.   A set of six George III silver Teaspoons, London, 1795, maker Hester Bateman.   £30-40




208.   An 18ct. gold Dress Ring, the centre aquamarine flanked by two diamonds.   £100-120


209.   A silver gilt Pendant of oval design with a centre peridot surrounded by opals, and on a fine link neck chain.   £40-60


210.   A silver gilt five stone coral set Dress Ring.   £35-40


211.   A silver gilt Dress Ring of Art Deco design set with a large opal and cubic zirconias.   £35-40


212.   A pair of silver oval stone set Earrings.   £30-40


213.   A silver enamel and marcasite Brooch in the form of a penguin.   £25-30


214.   A pair of silver oval stone set Earrings.   £25-30


215.   A 9ct gold Dress Ring set with a centre opal and cubic zirconia.    £80-100


216.   A pair of 9ct gold pendant Earrings each set with a single opal.    £40-50


217.   A silver gilt Pendant set with opals.    £40-50


218.   A silver Dress Ring set with a centre oval opal and with marcasite shoulders.    £25-30


219.   A silver oval Pendant with a centre opal and cubic zirconia on a fine link neckchain.    £60-80


220.   A pair of silver pendant Earrings each set with a single pearl and marcasite.    £40-50


221.   A silver gilt Dress Ring set with cubic zirconia.    £25-30


222.   A pair of silver pendant Earrings each set with amber.    £25-30


223.   A pair of silver navette shape Earrings set with cubic zirconia.    £25-30


224.   A pair of pearl and marcasite pendant Earrings.    £20-30


225.   A pair of silver pendant Earrings set with marcasite.    £25-30


226.   A silver rope twist Neck Chain, a rope twist bracelet, marcasite ring and other items of silver jewellery.   £20-30


227.   A gold curb link Bracelet hung with various gold charms.  (21gms).   £150-200


228.   An 18ct. white gold Engagement Ring with a solitaire diamond in an illusion setting.   £40-60


229.   An 18ct. gold cluster Ring set with an oval facet cut sapphire surrounded by small diamonds.   £70-100


230.   A 9ct. gold Dress Ring set with an opal and two garnets and a 9ct. gold ring.   £30-40


231.   A seven stone Engagement Ring set with four sapphires and three diamonds.   £50-80


232.   A 9ct. gold Engagement Ring set with five diamonds in an illusion setting and a similar three stone ring.   £50-80


233.   A pair of 18ct. white gold Earrings set with citrines and a pair of silver earrings.   £40-60


234.   An 18ct. gold Dress Ring of crossover design, set with three diamonds and with diamond set shoulders.   £70-100


235.   An early 20th Century 18ct. gold Dress Ring set with five graduated diamonds in an open setting, hallmarked for Birmingham, 1919.   £50-80


236.   Another early 20th Century 18ct. gold Ring set with five small diamonds, Birmingham, 1912.   £50-80


237.   An 18ct. white gold Ring of crossover design, set with two diamonds.   £100-150


238.   An 18ct. white gold half hoop Ring with seven diamonds and eight rubies in a rubber over setting.   £70-100


239.   A Gentleman's gold Ring set with a single diamond, (marks rubbed) and another Gentleman's ring marked '18k'.   £80-120


240.   An 18ct. white gold Dress Ring set with three clusters of small diamonds.   £70-100


241.   A gold Ring of crossover design set with diamonds, marks rubbed.   £50-80


242.   Two 22ct. gold Rings, (7.9gms) and a platinum wedding band, (3.8gms).   £200-250


243.   A 9ct. gold Signet Ring, four 9ct. gold stone set rings and three others unmarked.     £100-150


244.   A 9ct. gold fine link Neck Chain and a 9ct. gold bracelet.  (4.7gms).   £40-60


245.   Two Hunter Pocket Watches in gilt metal case and various wristwatches.   £30-40


246.   An 18ct white gold solitaire diamond Ring.     £150-180


247.   A 9ct. gold Masonic Jewel 'Eboracum Lodge', another 9ct. gold Masonic jewel, a 9ct. gold medallion inscribe 'E B A' and a British Isles Bowling Council medallion.   £100-150


248.   A Gentleman's Wristwatch with Swiss movement and rectangular dial in silver case, import marks for London, 1929.   £30-50


249.   An 18ct. gold Pendant of heart shape design set with five coloured stones including citrine, amethyst etc and on a fine link neckchain.    £70-100


250.   A 22ct. gold Wedding Band (3.3gms) and an 18ct. gold buckle ring (4.4gms) (a/f).    £150-200


251.   An oval Cameo Brooch carved with a head and shoulders of a classical lady and in gilt metal frame with rope twist border (cracked).    £20-40


252.   A 9ct. gold oval Locket with engraved decoration.    £30-50


253.   A ladies Wristwatch with circular dial, in gold case and gold plated strap, hallmarked for 1924 and another wristwatch in gold case.    £30-50


254.   A pair of 18ct. gold Earrings of entwined knot design and a pair of hoop earrings.    £60-80


255.   A 9ct. gold Dress Ring, claw set with a smoky quartz and a pair of gold pendant earrings.    £30-40


256.   A pair of Continental oblong gold Cufflinks decorated with the Polish white eagle emblem, test to 14ct.  (11gms).    £150-200


257.   An 18ct. gold cluster Ring set with a centre facet cut sapphire, surrounded by four diamonds and with smaller diamond spacers.   £600-800


258.   A gold spray Brooch set with thirteen oval cut amethysts, marked '18k'.   £150-200


Collector’s Items


259.   A collection of one hundred and thirty Railway Postcards including some real photographs.    £50-70


260.   An album containing thirty eight Railway Postcards of European, South African and Indian railways.    £30-40


261.   A 19th Century Map of Lancaster by Greenwood & Co published 1830.  25" (64cms) x 27" (69cms).    £40-60


262.   A white marble Bust of a girl on a marble plinth.  8" (20cms) high.   £50-80


263.   A 19th Century rosewood Urn of vase form on a square base.  8" (20cms) diameter.   £220-250


264.   A 19th Century 8" (20cms) Terrestrial Table Globe by Thomas Malby & Sons of Holborn, London, with a brass azimuth ring on turned mahogany stand.   14" (36cms) overall.   £400-450


265.   An early 19th Century oak two division Cutlery Tray with integral loop handle.  15" (38cms) wide.   £50-70


266.   A pair of framed Theatre Posters for La Scala, Saltcoates and The Casino, Saltcoates including a showing of the film "The Perfect Lady" with Charlie Chaplin, each 28" (71cms) x 8" (20cms).    £40-60


267.   An album of various Postcards including portraits, topographical etc, including many real photographs.    £30-40


268.   A number of unused Advertising Labels.    £20-30


269.   A 1970's Geemarc novelty Telephone in the form of an intercity train.   £20-40


270.   An early 19th Century Percussion Pocket Pistol with screw off barrel, the side plates inscribed 'Hooke, York', with engraved 'stand of arms' decoration and with slab sided butt.  6" (15cms) long.   £180-220


271.   An early 19th Century Percussion Pistol with screw off barrel and folding trigger, side plates inscribed 'Lord, Scarbro' and with slab sided butt, converted from a flintlock.  6 1/2" (16.5cms) long.   £150-200


272.   Two 19th Century wooden Snuff Boxes in the shape of shoes, with sliding tops and stud work decorated.  Each 4" (10cms) long.   £100-120


273.   An 18th Century enamel Bodkin Case decorated with panels of trailing flowers etc. on a turquoise ground, probably Staffordshire, 4" (10cms) long and a tortoiseshell bodkin case with pique decoration and silvered metal mounts, with spring loaded cap.  4' (10cms) long.   £150-200


274.   A circular treen lidded Box, a rectangular box with burr wood lid with inlaid classical decoration, 6" (15cms) wide and a cobbler's shoe shape mould.   £50-80


275.   A Vintage Postcard Album and content of various topographical cards including seven views of York by Guy and various others.   £120-150


276.   A book of British Railways Poster Stamps, given with the Children's Newspaper, March 1936, containing the full set of forty stamps.   £20-30


277.   An Autograph Album and contents including Edward Heath, Sir Malcolm Sargent, Jon Pertwee etc and one other autograph book of mainly boxers.   £30-40


278.   A London and North Eastern Railway cast iron Sign "Notice This Bridge Is Insufficient To Carry Heavy Weight Or Weights Beyond The Ordinary Traffic..." 17" (44cms) x 27" (69cms).   £50-80


279.   A Photograph Album and contents of photographs of steam locomotives including Fairlight, John Rennie, Shanklin etc. some dated 1901/1902.   (31 in all).   £50-80


280.   A collection of thirteen Vintage Postcards including a horse drawn coach outside the White Hart Hotel, Okehampton, a donkey cart near Nuneaton and other cards featuring horse drawn carts and carriages.     £40-60


281.   A collection of twenty six Postcards of famous figures including Charlie Chaplin, John Ruskin, Winston Churchill, Lieutenant Shackleton etc.   £30-40


282.   A collection of twenty five Vintage Postcards of buses, trams and traction engines including Warrington Corporation Tram, the opening of the Lincoln Tramway, 23rd November, 1905 etc.   £40-60


283.   A collection of thirty two Vintage Postcards and Photographs of motorcycles, some inscribed and dated 1922/23.   £50-70


284.   A group of nine Vintage Advertising Postcards including Fry's Chocolate, Holdfast 'Boots', Pigall's Restaurant etc.   £30-40


285.   A number of Vintage Postcards including the Worcester Constabulary during the Coal Strike of 1911, a number of cards relating to the Grantham Railway disaster 1906, two cards depicting Divers during the restoration of Winchester Cathedral.   £50-80


286.   A German Violin by Schuster & Co, the paper label dated 1915, length of back 14 1/2" (37cms) with two bows in case.     £50-80


287.   After ALONZO; a Bronze Figure of an Art Deco dancer on a circular marble plinth.  19" (48cms) high.    £150-180


288.   A Triang Minic Ships M891 RMS Queen Elizabeth Presentation Set with nine ships, buildings, quay, storage tanks etc.   (boxed).   £70-100


289.   A Triang Minic Ships Royal Yacht Britannia Set, M894, containing four ships in original box and a sea play mat in box, M857.   £50-80


290.   A set of four Britains Royal Corps of Signals Motorcycle Despatch Riders, in green livery and in a non original Britains box.   £50-80


291.   A quantity of Tri-ang 00 gauge Model Railway including locomotives, boxed hopper car set, turntable set, buildings etc.    £50-80


292.   A quantity of Tri-ang 00 gauge Model Railway track, rolling stock, power unit etc.    £40-60


293.   A Scalextric C653 Grand Prix Motor Racing Set, boxed.    £20-30


294.   A Dinky Toys Elevator Loader No.564, boxed, horse box No581, boxed, Bedford articulated lorry No.521, boxed and various others.    £50-70


295.   An oak table top Writing Slope with hinged lid.  18" (46cms) wide.   £20-30


296.   A number of Mitutoyo Screw Gauges, boxed, a Baty dial gauge and other items.   £40-60


297.   A patent wooden Cheroot or Cigar Dispenser with painted decoration.  11" (28cms) high.   £20-40


298.   A wooden Cutlery Box, tie press, number of cut throat razors and oddments.   £30-40


299.   An electric Binocular Microscope by Cooke Troughton & Simms Ltd., York and a number of boxes of magic lantern slides.   £30-50


299A.  A French oak Baguette Box.   £30-40


300.   A Queen Elizabeth II Royal Observer Corps Medal, to Observer W. McNeil, with clasp in box of issue together with and Observer Corps long service clasp and ribbon in a box inscribed E. Stainthorp.     £100-150


301.   A Conway Stuart Fountain Pen with 18ct gold bands and 14ct gold nib with associated cover, a Parker duofold "marbled" fountain pen and two others.    £20-30


302.   A leather Handbag with green watered silk interior and with white metal monogram of Princess Mary.  7" (19cms) wide.   £80-100


303.   A group of twenty six real photograph Postcards including Harrogate, Coventry, Cambridge, etc.   £20-30


304.   A group of thirty original Fashion Illustrations in pen, ink and colour wash by Roz Jennings, formally an illustrator for Laura Ashley, examples of her work can be seen in the Laura Ashley archive.    £50-80


305.   Another group of thirty Illustrations by Roz Jennings in pen, ink and colour wash.    £50-80


306.   Another group of thirty Fashion Illustrations by Roz Jennings.    £50-80


307.   A Victorian walnut table Writing Box with brass banding and engraved monogram, the interior fitted with a tooled leather writing slope.  17 1/2" (45cms) wide.    £60-80


308.   A Walker's "Cherub" III Taffrail Ship-Log by Thomas Walker & Sons of Birmingham in original wooden box.  19" (48cms) wide.    £70-100


309.   A Hezzanith Sextant in a fitted wooden box bearing the testing certificate from Lilley & Reynolds Ltd.    £80-120


310.   A Stuart Live Steam Model Beam Engine in green livery on a wooden base.  12" (31cms) high x 14" (36cms) wide.    £250-300


311.   A Victorian mahogany Candle Box of tapering design with raised fret carved back.  20" (51cms) high.    £40-60


312.   A brass Microscope by Armstrong & Brothers, Manchester in mahogany case.    £100-150


313.   An Early 20th Century oak and brass banded eight spoke Ships Wheel inscribed "Brown's Patent Telemotor, Rosebank Ironworks, Edinburgh".  27" (69cms) diameter.    £250-300


314.   A large Gros Point Needlework Panel with figures, buildings, etc.  31" (80cms) x 24" (61cms) in a gilt frame.   £70-100


315.   A Victorian Gros Point Needlework Panel of religious figures, the gilt slip inscribed 'Mary Pickard's Work, aged 14 years, 1860'.  31" (79cms) x 23 1/2" (60cms).   £70-100


316.   A black marble pedestal Urn.  8" (20cms) high.  (chipped).   £20-40


317.   A fret carved and pierced Box with hinged sloping cover.  9 3/4" (25cms) wide.   £20-30


318.   A Photograph Album and contents of Victorian Photographs, mainly India, including 2nd Dragoon Guards (Queens Bays), Maltese scenes, military polo team etc. circa 1880/1890.   £60-80


319.   A Jaguar chromium plated Car Mascot.  5" (13cms) long.    £30-40


320.   A Pin Cushion in the form of a shoe, an Art Nouveau design brass stamp box and various other items.   £20-30


321.   An Oriental green hardstone Buckle carved with a tiger, a pale green hardstone pendant, three modern Oriental snuff bottles and an iron tsuba    £40-60


322.   An 18th Century Indenture Document another appointing a notary public and two legal pictures.   £30-40


323.   After J Sentrein; a Poster printed in colours "The Continent Via Dover- Ostend".  38" (96cms) x 23" (58cms) and a framed German photograph.    £70-100


324.   A 19th Century rosewood sarcophagus shape Tea Caddy and a Victorian rosewood box.    £30-40


325.   A Victorian walnut Stationery Casket, the dividing front doors with brass banding and enclosing a fitting interior with stationary rack, perpetual calendar and single drawer.  14" (36cms) wide.    £80-120


326.   A late 19th Century Japanese carved ivory standing figure of a man with a small figure above, holding a fruiting plant,  9" (23cms) high and another carved group of a farmer and his son,  10" (26cms) high.  (a/f)   £50-80


327.   A late 19th Century Japanese carved ivory figure of a fisherman with his son on his shoulder and a cormorant at this feet, 9" (23cms) high and a similar figure.   £70-100


328.   A late 19th Century Japanese carved ivory figure of a Sage with another figure on his shoulder, holding a scroll with a goat at their feet, 8" (20cms) and one other figure holding a mask.   £70-100


329.   A pair of Japanese carved ivory figures of a Farmer and a Fisherman, each with a boy on his shoulder, signature mark to base.  6" (15cms) high.   £80-120


330.   A late 19th Century Japanese carved ivory Okimono in the form of a girl with a bird on her shoulder and holding a basket of flowers, signature mark to base.  6 1/2" (16cms) high.    £70-100


331.   A late 19th Century Japanese carved ivory figure of a man holding a stick and with a bag over his shoulder, signature mark to base, 7" (18cms) high and another carved ivory standing figure, (a/f).   £70-100


332.   A carved ivory figure of a seated God cross legged on a stool and on an ebonised plinth, 5" (13cms) high and another similar figure.   £50-80


333.   A Japanese carved ivory figure holding a fish and palm leaf, with signature to base, 6" (16cms) high, and another fisherman holding an octopus.   £70-100


334.   A late 19th Century Japanese carved ivory Netsuke in the form of a figure holding a fan and one other.   £50-80


335.   A late 19th Century Japanese carved ivory standing figure of a bearded man with a monkey on his shoulder and another at his feet, 6" (15cms) high and another of a man with a basket of fruit.   £70-100


336.   A late 19th Century Japanese carved ivory standing figure of a man with a bag and a gourd over his shoulder, holding a stick, 5" (12cms) high and one other carved ivory figure.   £70-100


337.   A small Japanese carved ivory figure holding a staff, 3" (8cms) high, another holding a fan and two others.   £70-100


338.   A small carved ivory figure holding a gong, three other small figures and a table shrine. (a/f)   £50-80


339.   A Sinhalese Kastane Short Sword with curved blade, the metal hilt in the form of a mythical animal baring traces of silver inlay.  24" (61cms) long.    £80-120


340.   An early 19th Century mahogany two division Cheese Coaster.  14" (36cms) long.    £100-150


341.   A Photograph of the speedboat "Empire Day" designed by Aircraftsman Shaw (Lawrence of Arabia) and Mr Edward Spur, prior to its attempt on the water speed record and a photograph of the Bhopal Victoria Lancers.    £40-60


342.   A Wax Seal, ornamental watch key, Cornelian and other stones etc.    £30-40


343.   A black ARP Metal Box, the interior with various old first aid dressings etc.  11" (28cms) wide.    £20-40


344.   Three matchbox Sea Kings Models including aircraft carrier, frigate and guided missile destroyer, eight matchbox aircraft, 00 gage rolling stock etc.    £30-40


345.   A vintage Postcard Album and contents of English and Continental topographical views etc.    £40-60


346.   Two Official Programmes for the 1970 Open Golf Championship at St. Andrews, with signatures including Gary Player, Gene Sarazen, Bernard Gallacher etc., an Align 'pure strike' training golf ball and other items.   £50-80


347.   Frederick Guthrie Tait (1870-1900); a small collection of Memorabilia relating to Tait who twice won the amateur golfing championship in 1896 and 1898, joined the Leinster Regiment in 1890 and transferred to the Blackwatch in 1894.  He was killed in action in South Africa.  The collection includes correspondence, invitations, certificate from the Royal Military College, Infantry and machine gun certificate, musketry certificate and other items.   £200-300


348.   A set of chemical Balance Scales by George & Becker Ltd. in a glaze oak case and complete with a box of weights.   £30-40


349.   An Indian Tulwar with curved blade and leather scabbard and another with brass hilt, no scabbard.    £50-80


350.   A Victorian service Sword with engraved blade and wire wound shagreen grip, no scabbard.    £50-70


351.   A World War One Remington Bayonet in scabbard.  Length of blade 17" (43cms).    £30-40


352.   A Kukri and two skinning knives with damascene handles in leather scabbard with Gurkha crest, a Turkish Jambaya and an African knife.    £50-70


353.   An African Fishing Spear with plain wooden haft.  63" (160cms) long and one other.    £30-50


354.   A Desmo chromium plated Car Mascot in the form of a racehorse and jockey mounted on a wooden base.  4"(10cms) high.     £50-80


355.   A Papal Bull Seal from the papacy of Innocent III 1198-1216, found near York and in excavated condition.    £30-40


356.   A brass Microscope by Baker, High Holborn, London, in a mahogany case.   £100-150


357.   A miniature Wall Clock by M Drukker with porcelain dial (a/f), an aneroid barometer in brass case and wooden box, pair of binoculars and a camera.   £40-60


358.   A number of Cigarette Card Albums, various loose cards etc.   £30-40


359.   A bone handled Kukri and two skinning knives in scabbard and two others.   £30-40


360.   Twelve Quintero Cuban Cigars in two boxes, a Romeo and Juliet cigar in a metal case, a Monte Cristo cigar in a wooden box, various others, cigar cutters etc.   £40-60


361.   A box containing seventy five Days Gone Model Vehicles, boxed.    £30-50


362.   A box containing fifty four Days Gone Model Vehicles, boxed.    £30-40


363.   A box containing fifty four Days Gone Model Vehicles, boxed.    £30-40


364.   A 19th Century Needlework Sampler with buildings, animals, alphabet etc, circa 1830.  16" (41cms) square and a smaller 19th Century sampler.     £40-60


365.   JOHN SPEED; a hand coloured Map of Northamtonshire with a printed date of 1610 and in a double sided frame.  15" (38cms) x 20" (51cms).    £80-120


366.   A Victorian papier mache circular Snuff Box and cover and a small oak circular box and cover made from the timbers of Selby Abbey.   £20-30


367.   A contemporary chromium plated twelve light Electrolier of interlocking scroll design.  19" (49cms) high x 36" (92cms) diameter.    £100-150


368.   A three tier circlet metal Light Fitting hung with spear and button cut lustre drops.  8 1/2" (21cms) diameter.    £40-60


369.   A 19th Century mahogany and brass banded Dressing Case by "Edwards, Manufacturers to Her Majesty, 21 King Street Bloomsbury, London", with plush lined and divided interior and sunken brass handles.  12" (31cms) wide.    £70-100


370.   A Victorian petit point Needlework Picture of a seated female figure with a basket of flowers and in a rosewood frame.   13 1/2" (35cms) x 10 1/2" (27cms).    £30-40


371.   A 19th Century petit point Needlework Panel of a figure in a mountainous landscape with floral spandrels and in a rosewood frame with gilt slip.  13" (33cms) x 9 1/2" (24cms).     £30-40


372.   A Crystoleum of a lady seated on a veranda.  9 1/2" (25cms) x 7 1/2" (19cms) and a smaller Crystoleum portrait.    £30-40


373.   A small 19th Century needlework sampler by Harriet Dodd 1842 with alphabet and numerals.  8" (20cms) x 7 1/2" (19cms) and another sampler with birds, trees and flowers etc.    £30-40


Pictures & Prints

(ARR) - Artist Resale Rights may apply - for further details please refer to www.dacs.org.uk


374.   VICTOR ROLYAT (19th/20th Century); "Llyn Goch" and "Ulleswater", Oils on Canvas, a pair, signed and titled on the reverse.  15 1/2" (39cms) x 23 1/2" (60cms).    £100-150


375.   R MARSHALL; figure on a country path with hills in middle ground, oil on canvas, signed.  9 1/2" (23cms) x 11" (28cms).    £50-80


376.   After BARRY; "The Diagorides Victory at Olympia" black and white engraving.  16" (41cms) x 36" (92cms).   £50-70


377.   THE REVEREND JOHN LOUIS PETIT (1801-1868); "Grindelwald Glacier", Watercolour, inscribed.  9 1/2" (24cms) x 8" (20cms).    £70-100


378.   HESKELL JOORY (b.1925); abstract landscape, watercolour, heightened in white.  10" (26cms) x 7 1/2" (19cms).   £50-70


379.   •JOEL KIRK (b.1948); "Tiger" pastel, signed.  18" (49cms) x 25" (63cms).   ARR   £150-200


380.   •DONALD GRANT (b.1930-2001) an artists signed coloured Print of leopards "Alert" with print sellers blind stamp.  20" (51cms) x 30" (76cms).    ARR   £30-40


381.   LEONARD CARR COX (fl 1900-1909), "Bolton Abbey Yorkshire", Oil on board, in gilt frame and with information verso.  17" (43cms) x 23 1/2" (59cms).    £200-300


382.   PAUL MORGAN; still life of fruit on a stone ledge, Oil on Canvas, signed.  7 1/2" (19cms) x 9 1/2" (24cms).   £30-40


383.   B KENDALL; river landscape with hills in background, Oil on Board, signed.  15 1/2" (39cms) x 19" (49cms).   £100-150


384.   B KENDALL; a highland landscape with lake in middle ground, Oil on Board, signed, 15" (38cms) x 18 1/2" (47cms) in gilt frame.   £100-150


385.   J D WALKER (1863-1925); a figure on a country path, Watercolour, signed.  5 1/2" (14cms) x 7 1/2" (19cms).   £30-40


386.   LEWIS CREIGHTON; sheep on a moorland landscape, Oil on Board, signed.  18" (46cms) x 33" (84cms).   £40-60


387.   LEWIS CREIGHTON; moorland landscape, Oil on Board, signed.  15" (38cms) x 29" (74cms).   £20-30


388.   Harry Weller; "A Campden Letterbox", a watercolour, signed.  13 1/2" (35cms) x 10" (26cms) and another Cotswold watercolour by the same artist.    £80-100


389.   Leslie Knight; "Slad near Stroud" watercolour, signed and dated '81.  10" (26cms) x 14" (36cms) and a water colour by Harry Weller of Sudeley Hill Farm.    £80-100


390.   Leslie Knight, "Overbury Gloucestershire" watercolour, signed and dated '83.  9" (23cms) x 13" (33cms).    £60-80


391.   T DESMOND BRADLEY; 'In Joyce's Country, Connemara', Oil Painting, signed.  14" (36cms) x 17" (43cms).   £100-150


392.   JONATHAN SAINSBURY; an artist signed Limited Edition Print of Gun dogs, no. 131/850.   £20-30


393.   ALBIN TROWSKI (Polish 1919-2012); 'Moonlight', Oil on Board, 7" (18cms) x 35 1/2" (90cms) with artist's label verso.   £30-40


394.   ROLAND JOHNSON; 'Bend in the River', Watercolour, signed, 15" (38cms) x 19" (48cms) and MARJORIE DEAN; 'Summer Pool' watercolour, signed.   £30-40


395.   •DON MICKLETHWAITE (b.1936); Whitby Harbour, oil painting, signed.  10 1/2" (27cms) x 16" (41cms).    ARR   £50-80


396.   GLADYS M E DYSART; Highland Ponies by lake, Watercolour, signed and dated 1907, 19" (49cms) x 27" (69cms) and a coloured print; after ADRIAN STOKES.   £50-80


397.   A large modern Continental Oil on Canvas of a rural landscape with a figure feeding ducks, signed.  24" (61cms) x 35" (89cms).   £50-70


398.   ALBERT THOMAS PILE (1882-1981); Workman repairing a war damaged town, pen and sepia.  10 1/2" (27cms) x 14 1/2" (37cms).    £20-40


399.   A modern Oil Painting on panel of a hunting scene.  8" (20cms) x 6" (15cms).    £20-30


400.   An unsigned Watercolour of figures on a woodland path.  10 1/2" (27cms) x 21" (53cms)   £50-70


401.   J MORRIS; woodlands landscape, Watercolour, signed.  9 1/2" (24cms) x 13" (33cms).   £30-40


402.   FRANK PASH (Australian 1920-1990); watercolour and body colour, inscribed "To Ken and Members of Second Battalion Parachute Regiment."  17" (43cms) x 24" (61cms).    £200-300


403.   An unsigned still life Oil on Canvas of a vase of pink roses, 17" (44cms) x 14" (36cms) and an old master print.   £30-40


404.   ERIC STURGEON; An artist signed coloured Print of a village street scene.  20" (51cms) x 28" (71cms) in gilt frame.    £20-30


405.   WILLIAM BROWN MACDOUGALL; Coastal Scene with figures and beached boats, oil on board, signed.  12" (30cms) x 17 1/2" (45cms) and another oil painting by the same artist in similar subject.    £50-80


Clocks & Barometers


406.   A Fusee wall Clock with white dial in mahogany case.  10" (26cms) diameter dial.    £120-150


407.   A 365 day Clock with ivorine dial by Gustav Becker, under a glass dome shade.  11 1/2" (29cms) high.   £30-40


408.   A 20th Century Strut Clock with Chinoiserie decoration and brass chapter ring inscribed "Harrods Ltd London" and in a square Chinoiserie design frame.  8" (20cms) square.     £80-120


409.   A late 19th Century drop dial Wall Clock with white dial and walnut case with crossbanded decoration.  12" (31cms) dial.    £70-100


410.   An Edwardian Mantel Timepiece with white dial in an inlaid mahogany case and on bracket feet.  8 1/2" (22cms) high.    £30-50


411.   An early 20th Century Mantel Clock the steel dial with slow/fast and chime/silent rings with rod strike in a domed mahogany case on compressed brass bun feet.  12 1/2" (32cms) high.    £70-100


412.   An 18th Century Longcase Clock, the steel and brass arch dial inscribed 'Wm. Powley, Asby' (Westmorland), with date aperture, 'penny moon', with eight day movement in mahogany case with swans neck pediment and fluted pilasters and inlaid door on bracket feet.  7' 3" (220cms) high.   £500-700


413.   A Grandmother Clock, the steel and brass dial inscribed Mappin & Webb Ltd with gong strike in oak case with domed hood on bracket feet.    £100-150


414.   A 19th Century Longcase Clock the square dial with painted decoration and inscribed R Pugh, Newtown with date aperture and thirty hour movement in mahogany case with swans neck pediment, fluted side pilasters and on bracket feet.     £150-200


415.   An American drop dial Wall Clock with white dial and alarm baring the paper label of Seth Thomas Clock Company in a pine case.  12" (31cms) diameter of dial.    £50-80


416.   An aneroid Barometer with Barometer and time piece in a carved oak banjo pattern case.    £50-70


417.   An aneroid Barometer and Thermometer in a carved oak banjo pattern case.    £40-60


418.   An aneroid Barometer with white dial in a brass bulk head case.  7" (17cms) diameter.    £30-40


419.   A 19th Century Wheel Barometer and Thermometer by Grassi & Rampoldi of Newcastle in a mother of pearl inlaid rosewood case.  8" (20cms) diameter dial (a/f).    £30-50


420.   An early 19th Century oak Longcase Clock Case, with mahogany banding and domed hood on short turned supports.   £70-100


421.   A late Victorian Garniture comprising mantel clock with striking movement in architectural design onyx case and a pair of matching four light candelabra.   £50-80


422.   A late 19th Century Vienna Wall Clock, with single weight driven movement and white dial in walnut case with swans neck pediment and glass door.  3' 9" (115cms) wide.   £70-100


423.   A Victorian Vienna Wall Clock with white dial, weight driven movement in figured walnut case of serpentine outline, with glazed door.  3' 7" (110cms) high.   £70-100


424.   A Benzing Pigeon Timing Clock in oak case and two others.   £30-40


425.   An Aneroid Barometer, the white dial inscribed 'Winter & Son, Newcastle on Tyne' in leaf carved circular case.  13" (33cms) diameter.   £30-40


426.   An early 19th Century oak Longcase Clock Case with plain turned pilasters, arched door and plinth base.    £70-100


427.   A Victorian Mantel Clock with ivorine dial in architectural style black slate case, 13 1/2" (35cms) high and a smaller slate cased clock.   £30-40


428.   A Victorian Mantel Clock with ivorine dial in architectural black slate case with gilt metal mounts, 14" (35cms) high and a smaller slate case clock.   £30-40


Carpets & Rugs


429.   A modern Oriental Carpet with a centre medallion, figures, flowers etc on a blue field. 9' 8" (294cms) x 6' 10" (208cms).    £80-120


430.   A Central Asian Carpet decorated with a floral medallion centre on a gold field and multi stripe border. 13' (396cms)  x 9' 9" (297cms) .    £200-300


431.   A Hamadan Rug with a centre medallion on a blue and floral field and with floral border.   6' 3" (188cms) x 4' 1" (125cms)    £80-100


432.   A Tabriz Rug of all over floral design on a beige field and bordered.  8' 1" (248cms) x 5' 1" (156cms).    £100-120


433.   A Hamadan Rug with a centre medallion surrounded by stylized flowers on a red field and bordered.  6' 2" (189cms) x 4' 2" (127cms).    £80-100


434.   A small Hamadan Rug of geometric and floral design on a red field and bordered.  4' 1" (125cms) x 2' 10 1/2" (88cms).   £60-80


435.   Another small Hamadan Rug with stylized flowers in red, beige, blue etc.  4' 6" (139cms) x 3' (91cms).    £60-80


436.   A Keshan pattern Rug of traditional design on a blue field.  6' 3" (190cms) x 4' 6" (140cms).   £60-80


437.   Another Keshan Rug on a red field.   6' 3" (190cms) x 4' 6" (140cms).   £60-80


438.   A Keshan Carpet of similar design on blue field.  7' 6" (230cms) x 5' 3" (160cms).   £80-100


439.   A Ziegler design Rug of floral design on a blue field and bordered.  6'3" (190cms) x 4'7" (140cms).    £40-60




440.   A Victorian Double size brass and iron painted Bedstead.  4' 6" (137cms) wide.    £50-80


441.   A 19th Century elm and yew wood low back Windsor Elbow Chair with pierced splat back, panelled seat and turned supports with crinoline stretcher.    £250-300


442.   A child's Victorian beech and elm Windsor Rocking Chair with panelled seat and turned supports.    £150-180


443.   A George III oak Dresser Base with three frieze drawers above two further centre drawers flanked by a pair of cupboards enclosed by fielded panel doors on stile supports.  5' 9" (175cms) wide (one drawer replaced).    £400-500


444.   An oak three tier folding Cake Stand and a coal box with brass handle and shovel.     £20-30


445.   A 19th Century mahogany frame Elbow Chair with rail back, upholstered seat and square supports with the inventory label of Sir R B Graham, Bart, Norton Conyers.     £50-80


446.   A child's beech and elm Smokers Bow Chair, the cresting rail inscribed "Peter" with panel seat and turned supports.    £50-70


447.   A Victorian mahogany tilt top Occasional Table the shield shape top inset with an embroidered and woolwork panel, raised on a baluster turned column, circular platform base and scroll terminals.  19" (48cms) wide.    £100-120


448.   A set of seven Georgian design mahogany frame Dining Chairs with pierced splat backs drop in seats and square tapering supports (one Carver).    £150-200


449.   A Victorian figured walnut Sideboard with raised mirror paneled back beneath a scroll carved pediment above a shaped veined white marble top with three cupboards under enclosed by mirror paneled doors on a plinth base.  5' (153cms) wide.    £150-200


450.   A 20th Century walnut Bureau Bookcase the upper section enclosed by a pair of glazed tracery doors, hinged fall under with a fitted interior, three long drawers beneath on cabriole supports and claw and ball feet.  2' 6" (76cms) wide.    £70-100


451.   A pitch pine double ended pew with panel seat.  7' 6" (229cms) wide.    £70-100


452.   An early 19th Century mahogany square Piano Case with chevron banded inlay converted for use as a display table with interior glazed lid raised on square tapering supports and splayed feet.  5' 2" (158cms) wide.    £200-250


453.   A mahogany Pedestal with a square top on a panel sided column and stepped square base.  4' 6" (137cms) high.    £40-60


454.   An Edwardian walnut Bookcase the upper section with a stepped cornice and enclosed by a pair of clear glass doors, cupboards under enclosed by paneled doors on a plinth base.  4' 2" (127cms) wide.    £100-150


455.   A Victorian mahogany Dining Table with moulded edge and centre leaf with an additional centre leg raised on baluster turned supports.  4' 6" (137cms) wide x 7' (213cms) extended length.    £300-500


456.   A pair of oak Double size Bedsteads with carved geometric decoration.  4' 6" (138cms) wide.    £100-150


457.   A single oak Double size Bedstead with carved decoration.  4' 6" (137cms) wide.    £100-150


458.   A 17th Century design light oak Fire Surround carved with masks, scrolls, flower heads etc.  3' 10" (118cms) high x 5' 3 1/2" (161cms) wide.    £80-120


459.   A beech frame Elbow Chair with stick back circular panel seat and scroll arms on ring turned supports.    £40-60


460.   A Victorian pine Writing Table with oblong top on turned supports.  4' 6" (137cms) x 2' 6" (77cms).    £50-80


461.   A Victorian mahogany Sutherland Dining Table with moulded edge and 'D' shape drop leaves on turned supports and stretchers and splay feet.  2' 9" (84cms) wide.   £50-80


462.   A Victorian design mahogany four division Canterbury fitted with two shallow drawers on turned supports.   19" (48cms) wide.   £30-40


463.   A beech frame Elbow Chair with pierced splat back, upholstered seat and turned supports and a pair of oak spindle back dining chairs.   £30-40


464.   An Edwardian mahogany kneehole Writing Table with satinwood cross banding and tooled leather top, fitted with five drawers on square tapering supports.   2' 10" (87cms) wide.   £70-100


465.   A square Ottoman Stool with hinged top, covered in floral needlework.     £40-60


466.   An Edwardian mahogany Display Cabinet inlaid with boxwood stringing and enclosed by a pair of glazed tracery doors with undertier on square tapering supports and spade feet.  3' (91cms) wide.   £50-80


467.   An early 19th Century mahogany oblong tilt top Occasional Table on a vase turned column, triple splay supports.  24" (61cms) wide.   £40-60


468.   A late 18th Century oak Dresser Base with three frieze drawers above two cupboards with fielded panel doors on stile supports.  6' (183cms) wide.   £200-300


469.   A 19th Century circular Washstand with bowl recess, two small drawers and triple splay supports.    £30-50


470.   A Chippendale design upright Wall Mirror in fret carved mahogany frame, with gilt eagle finial.  29" (74cms) x 17" (43cms) overall.   £30-40


471.   An oak frame open Armchair with upholstered tub shape back and seat on square supports.   £30-40


472.   A Victorian low back Nursing Chair with button upholstered back and shape front seat on fluted turned supports.    £50-70


473.   A mahogany Open Bookcase with key pattern carved decoration on bracket feet.  3' (92cms) wide.    £50-80


474.   A small pine Chest with moulded edge, two long and two short drawers with turned pull handles on bracket feet.  2' 5" (74cms) wide.    £50-80


475.   An early 20th Century walnut two tier oblong Occasional Table of serpentine outline with carved frieze fitted with two end drawers on carved cabriole supports.  2' 7" (79cms) wide.    £50-80


476.   An Edwardian mahogany square top two tier Occasional Table of serpentine outline, pierced frieze and shaped supports.   21" (54cms) wide.    £30-40


477.   A Victorian mahogany Duchess style Bedroom Pair comprising dressing table with upright swing mirror above a centre long drawer flanked by six small trinket drawers, single frieze drawer and under tier beneath on turned supports and the matching marble top wash stand.  Each 4' (122cms) wide.    £150-200


478.   An oak Hall Stand with bevelled slip mirror glove drawer and two umbrella wells under.  2' 1" (64cms) wide.    £50-80


479.   A mahogany Bookcase the upper section enclosed by a pair of glazed tracery doors raised on a two drawer table stand with under tier and pierced three quarter gallery on square tapering supports.  3' (92cms) wide.    £80-120


480.   An 18th Century design oak Dresser Base with a single drawer above a centre knee hole flanked by four further drawers on cabriole supports.  5' 6" (168cms) wide.    £200-300


481.   A mahogany oval two tier Occasional Table of serpentine outline on shaped supports.  2' 6" (76cms) wide.    £30-50


482.   A Victorian walnut frame Open Armchair with upholstered seat back and arms, carved cresting rail and spiral turned pilasters on spiral turned supports.    £50-70


483.   A Georgian design pine Mule Chest with plain hinged lid and two drawers under.  3' 9" (115cms) wide.    £100-150


484.   A Victorian rosewood frame Dining Chair with carved bar back, upholstered seat and cabriole supports and a mahogany wine table.   £20-30


485.   A Victorian wingback Armchair on turned supports.    £40-60


486.   An Indian engraved Brass Tray with dished centre and on a folding table stand, 2' (61cms) diameter and another 2' 2" (66cms) diameter.    £30-40


487.   A 19th Century mahogany Side Table of Chippendale design with moulded edge fitted with a single frieze drawer, with a baize lined slide and a blind fret carved decoration on columnar supports.  3' (92cms) wide.    £200-300


488.   A beech frame Folding Chair with ladder back.    £20-30


489.   A beech frame Piano Stool with upholstered lifting top and shaped supports.     £20-30


490.   An 18th Century design upright Wall Mirror in mahogany and gilt frame with floral pediment.  3' 5" (104cms) x 1' 10" (56cms).    £50-70


491.   A nest of three papier mache oblong Occasional Tables decorated with a Japanese design of birds, flowers, landscapes etc in mother of peal and gilt and on turned supports.  Largest table 2' (61cms) wide.    £100-150


492.   An Antique design black Japanned oval Jardiniere with gilt decoration, on a gilt painted metal stand, with paw feet.  18" (46cms) diameter.   £50-80


493.   A small Chippendale design upright Wall Mirror with gilt slip and fret carved mahogany frame.  19" (49cms) x 11" (28cms) overall.   £20-30


494.   An oak gateleg Dining Table with floral carved border decoration, D shape drop flaps on spiral turned supports.  3' (92cms) wide.    £30-40


495.   A students oak Bureau with a raised back inset with an oval bevel edged mirror, hinged fall, single drawer and open shelves under.  2' 6" (76cms) wide.    £30-40


496.   An early Victorian rosewood octagonal Sewing Table, the hinged top revealing a fitted interior, raised on a cradle and panel sided column, on a platform base with scroll terminals.    £100-150


497.   A set of three William IV mahogany frame Dining Chairs, with pierced and carved bar backs, drop in seats and turned supports.     £50-70


498.   An early 19th Century pine Night Commode in the form of small chest of drawers with hinged lid, fitted interior and on bracket feet.  25" (64cms) wide.    £70-100