01904 489731

01904 489731

York Antique Sale

Wednesday 12th April

Miscellaneous items


1.       An album of various Military Badges.

2.       A tin of Military Badges etc.

3.       A Royal Mail First Day Covers Album and contents.

4.       A blue folder and contents of First Day Covers.

5.       Two green folders and contents including some Commonwealth George VI Coronation Stamps etc.

6.       A red folder and contents of Singapore, Australia etc Stamps.

7.       A Vintage Portable Typewriter in case.

8.       A plush cover Monkey and a similar kangaroo.

9.       A Corgi model of a Sunbeam Utility Trolley Bus with Dewars White Label livery.  (boxed)

10.     An Imperial Office Typewriter. 

11.     Four Crown Devon Storage Jars, Royal Doulton Robing Hood character jug and other items.

12.     An old Singer hand Sewing Machine in wooden case.

13.     A miniature mahogany Chest of three drawers.  12" (31cms) wide.

14.     A group of eight carved wooden Elephant Ornaments, tallest 10" (26cms) high.

15.     A Belgian Super Keshan Persian pattern Carpet with a centre medallion on pink field and bordered.  12' (366cms) x 9' (274cms).

16.     A blue Postcard Album and contents of vintage topographical cards, one hundred and eight in total.

17.     A Postcard Album and contents of topographical cards including Scotch Fisher Girls at work, Scarborough 1909 etc.

18.     A 19th Century oak Candle Box with hinged lid.

19.     A collection of A & BC Chewing Gum Footballer Cards etc.

20.     A pressed tin plate toy Rocking Horse, tin plate tractor, lead figures etc.

21.     A Cigarette Card Album containing two full sets of Gallagher's Army Badges and Gallagher's Wild Flowers, another album of John Players Cricketers, 1938 and two other albums.

22.     A box of various Military Buttons, a badge inscribed 'Butlins, Filey, 1950', and various others.

23.     Nineteen sets of Cigarette and Trade Cards including Wills Household Hints, Black Cat flowers, Gallagher British Birds etc.

24.     A box containing various Stamp Albums.

25.     A box of Coins and Miscellaneous Items.

26.     A box of Cigarette Card Albums, loose cards etc.

27.     A tin of Marbles.

28.     Four Albums of FDCs, letters etc.

29.     A box of Football, Rugby and Horseracing Programmes, Tickets etc.

30.     A box of Trade and Cigarette Cards, albums etc.

31.     An Oriental carved wooden model of Buffalo on a wood stand, an Oriental parasol, two boxes etc.

32.     A small glazed Wall Cabinet and contents of bronzed group of three dolphins, radiation iron and other items.

33.     Three brass Spring Balances, brass taps, Indian box etc.

34.     A box of PHQ cards for 2006-2012.

35.     A number of Stockbooks and First Day Covers for Papua New Guinea.

36.     A box containing Stockbooks, First Day Covers and presentation packs for Tuvalu.

37.     A box containing box files and a bag of Stamps and First Day Covers for Sri Lanka.

38.     A number of "Country" albums including GB, West Germany, Canada and the Vatican.

39.     A green Stockbook and contents of mint Aitutaki stamps.

40.     A red Stockbook containing a collection of mint Cook Islands stamps.

41.     An album containing a collection of mint Transkei Stamps.

42.     Two albums of mint and used South African homelands Stamps.

43.     Two albums containing the collection commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Coronation 1978.

44.     An album containing the anniversary collection of the 85th Birthday of the Queen Mother.

45.     Five albums of Commonwealth and Malaya Stamps.

46.     A box of mint and used sets and part sets of Kuwait Stamps.

47.     A Benham album of First day Covers.

48.     A number of pages and a small album of Penny Red plates and stars.

49.     An album and contents of World Stamps with an aeroplane theme. 

50.     An album of Kiribati Stamps and a simplex album of Swaziland stamps.

51.     Nine Stockbooks and contents of World Stamps.

52.     Four Stockbooks of Commonwealth Stamps.

53.     Four Stockbooks of GB Stamps.

54.     Five Stockbooks of GB Stamps.

55.     Oil Lamps and glass funnels.

56.     A Bush Bakelite Radio

57.     A Bakelite Hairdryer and others.

58.     Three wooden Figures and one other.

59.     Three RAC Badges and keys.

60.     A wood door Lock.

61.     A box of wooden items.

62.     A box of Button Hooks and nut crackers.

63.     A tin of glass Marbles

64.     A red Stockbook and contents of German stamps to 1945.

65.     A maroon Stockbook and contents of German stamps from 1945.

66.     Two Stockbooks and contents of European stamps.

67.     A green Senator Stamp Album and contents of Austrian stamps.

68.     A Cigarette Card Album and contents including John Player Film Stars, Wills Cinema Stars, Ogdens British Birds and their Eggs etc.

69.     A Cigarette Card Album and contents including Ogdens Cricketers of 1938, John Player Cricketers of 1938, Players Cricketers 1934 etc.

70.     A Cigarette Card Album and contents including Wills Cinema Stars, Wills Merchant Ships of the World, Wills Ships Badges etc.

71.     A Cigarette Card Album and contents including John Players Tennis, Churchman’s Boxing Personalities, Ogdens Owners Racing Colours and Jockeys etc.

72.     A set of fifty Ogdens Champions of 1936 Cigarette cards, another set of Wills Cricketers and Wills New Zealand Footballers.

73.     Utile Stamp Album and contents of world stamps and a folder of commonwealth stamps.

74.     An album of Commonwealth Stamps.

75.     An oak pedestal Fruit Bowl.  9" (22cms) diameter and a small guillotine. 

76.     An aneroid barometer in oak horseshoe case, an acorn doorstop and a pair Benn Franks binoculars.

77.     Three 1930's oak table Photograph Frames.

78.     Three Hornby O gauge Goods Wagons, old cigar box, Bakelite biscuit barrel etc.

79.     An oak and glazed Display Case with lifting lid.  19" (48cms) wide.

80.     A pair of carved maple leaf Platters.

81.     Three Stanley Gibbons GB Windsor loose leaf Stamp Albums and contents and two large stock books.

82.     Two albums of GB First Day Covers including aircraft, ships etc. (approx 140).

83.     An album of GB regional FDC's including 1940's Jersey and Guernsey etc and two Royal mail special stamp year books 1998 and 2007.

84.     A black marble pedestal Urn.  8" (20cms) high.  (chipped).

85.     A small collection of GB coins, Florins, Crowns etc.

86.     A box of Linen including baby's Christening Gown, seat covers, leather bag etc.

87.     A pair of Books Slides with painted decoration on a wall bracket.

88.     A red album and contents of used GB Stamps from Queen Victoria- Queen Elizabeth II.

89.     A brown Movaleaf album of world and Commonwealth Stamps in a slip case.

90.     Three Stamp albums and contents of world stamps.

91.     Two boxes and two albums of assorted postcards.

92.     A collection of Albums, covers, stamps etc.

93.     A grey album and contents of Queen Elizabeth II Wildings mainly mint and blocks.

94.     A small box of assorted postcards.

95.     Two boxes and contents of GB Stamps on and off papers including some George VI.

96.     A box of mainly topographical Postcards.

97.     A Victorian mahogany sarcophagus shape Tea Caddy on compressed bun feet.

98.     Two Stamp Albums and contents and a number of loose stamps etc.

99.     A box containing a number of wooden Rolling Pins, brass candlestick, plated dish etc.

100.   A wooden Offertory Box, an Indian carved wooden box, a brass two division magazine rack and a brass hearth ornament.

101.   A brass Handcuff with padlock and a number of pin fire pistols, all incomplete.

102.   An Indian Rug with floral decoration on a beige field and two small Chinese hearth rugs.

103.   A Footstool covered in a section of central Asian rug of geometric design and a similar cushion.

104.   A leather Gladstone Bag.

105.   A number of Stamp Pages with Queen Elizabeth II GB stamps, a number of Queen Elizabeth sheets etc.

106.   A small Afghan Prayer Rug of geometric design on a red field and bordered.  4' 9" (145cms) x 2' 6" (76cms).

107.   A brass and glass Miners Safety Lamp with shielded top by Richard Johnson of Manchester.

108.   An oak oblong two handled Tray  23" (58cms) wide and another oak tray.

109.   A carved wooden Koran Stand with inlaid decoration.

110.   A bevel edge oval Wall Mirror in mahogany frame, an overmantel mirror and one other.

111.   A Victorian mahogany table Writing Box with fitted interior and brass side handle.  18" (46cms) wide.

112.   A set of Kitchen Scales and weights, metal letter stamp and tin of old keys.

113.   An Edwardian oak Smokers Cabinet the interior fitted with small drawers and enclosed by a pair of panel doors with strap work hinges.  11 1/2" (28cms) wide.

114.   An old plush covered Teddy Bear

115.   An envelope containing fourteen Surinam Stamps 1873.

116.   Two boxes of Albums of world Stamps etc.

117.   A Silver Cross coach built Pram the handle inscribed Wilson together with a Silver Cross bag.

118.   A smaller Silver Cross coach built Pram.

119.   A Pelham Puppet Cinderella, boxed and a boxed View Master stereoscope with two picture reels.

120.   A Grain miniature Sewing Machine with instruction leaflet and box.

121.   Two dressed composition Dolls.

122.   A box containing eighty Lledo Days Gone die cast Model Vehicles, boxed.

123.   A box containing eighty Lledo Days Gone die cast Model Vehicles, boxed.

124.   A folder and Contents of approximately one hundred First Day Covers from 1980.

125.   A set of twenty eight Grandee Cards of famous MG Marques, framed.

126.   A box of mainly topographical Postcards.

127.   A box of mainly topographical Postcards.

128.   A box of York City and other programmes and a number of miscellaneous world stamps on paper.




129.   A brass Preserve Pan with loop handle, 12 1/2" (32cms) diameter, and a brass tea kettle on stand.

130.   A pair of Libra Kitchen Scales and weights and a copper warmer.

131.   A Spelter figure group, after Bouret, of two lovers on a wooden plinth. 17" (43cms) high and one other Spelter figure.

132.   Five cast iron Kettle Stands.

133.   A cast iron Name Plate 'Pickering & Co. Ltd. Builders' and one other.

134.   A Copper Saucepan with steel handle, number of leather harness horse brasses etc.

135.   A pair of Victorian brass Table Candlesticks.  9" (23cms) high, an oak spiral column candlestick and a three light plated candelabrum.

136.   A pair of cold painted spelter Stags.  6" (15cms) high and a larger single stag.

137.   A 19th Century copper oval Tea Urn, the cover with a Sphinx lift and Egyptian style supports with a brass tap on ball feet.  16" (41cms). 

138.   A set of Kitchen Scales and weights, flat iron and other items.

139.   A set of three brass Fire Irons, a pair of brass and metal implement rests and an oil lamp.


China & Glassware


140.   A pair of Royal Doulton Chine pattern baluster Vases on a dark blue ground, 10" (26cms) high.

141.   A single Royal Doulton Chine pattern Vase, 9" (22cms) high.

142.   A Booths baluster Vase decorated with flowers on a blue ground and an Adams ware Jasperware fruit bowl with raised figure decoration.

143.   A quantity of Shelley Melody pattern Teaware.  (16 pieces).

144.   A Japanese oviform Vase and cover decorated with figures in orange and gilt, small Chinese blue and white bottle shape vase and various other items.

145.   A Royal Crown Derby figure of an owl, 6 1/2" (16cms) high and a Derby figure of a robin.

146.   A Royal Doulton Character Jug 'Trapper', large size, a Royal Doulton figure 'Carol' HN2961 and a Sylvac top hat.

147.   A Royal Crown Derby Robin Paperweight.

148.   A Macintyre Hotwater Jug, Langley ware jardinière, Spode plate and other items.

149.   A Burmantofts Faience Ware Jardinière decorated with a raised pattern of leaves and flowers on a turquoise ground.  3' 7" (110cms) high (cracked).

150.   A Royal Doulton Ewer and Basin decorated with wisteria (a/f).

151.   A Beswick Model of a swish tailed horse in brown gloss, first version No. 1182

152.   A pottery Model of a seated pug dog.  8" (20cms) high (a/f).

153.   A Royal Crown Derby hexagonal shallow Dish painted with a village scene by W Dean, a Coalport dove cote and a Carlton ware vase.

154.   A Goss model of Burns Cottage and a larger Continental model of Burns Cottage.

155.   A Royal Doulton Kingsware Tobacco Jar decorated with a raised figure.  6" (15cms) diameter.  (chipped).

156.   A large Goebel model of an Alsatian.  16" (41cms) long

157.   A Royal Doulton model of an Alsatian, HN1116, in gloss finish.

158.   A Beswick model of a Horse, no. 1812, in brown gloss.

159.   A Fieldings Ouse pattern Ewer and Basin, a blue and white basin and one other.

160.   An Orion china floral decorated two handled baluster Vase, 16" (38cms) high, a chromium plated jardinière and a pair of matching vases.

161.   A pair of relief moulded Parian ware Plaques of classical figures, in gilt frames.  12" (31cms) x 5" (13cms).

162.   A Fielding Crown Devon baluster Vase, a reproduction ironstone blue and white jardinière and other items.

163.   A Derby pattern octagonal Bowl painted in Imari colours by Susan Miller.  10 1/2" (27cms) diameter.

164.   A Border Fine Arts Group of sheep and lambs with a sheep dog Ray Ayres on a wooden plinth.

165.   Another Border Fine Arts Figure by Ray Ayres of a shepherd with sheep dog on a wooden plinth.

166.   A Border Fine Arts Figure of a black faced ram.

167.   A Wedgwood Mirabelle Table Service comprising eight dinner plates, eight dessert plates, eight side plates, seven dessert bowls, eight tea cups and saucers, eight coffee cans and saucers, milk jug and sugar bowl.

168.   A Border Fine Arts figure of a gun dog by A Wall, another Border Fine Arts dog by Ray Ayres and an Aynsley model of a fox. 

169.   A pair of Spode bone china figures of Mallard Settling and Rising.

170.   A Border Fine Arts Figure of a diving Kingfisher on a wooden base.

171.   A Border Fine Arts Figure of a robin by Ray Ayres and another bone china figure of a ren.

172.   A Border Fine Arts Figure of hare and another of a goose with a puppy.

173.   A John Aynsley Figure of a roe deer fawn and another of a pig.

174.   A Spode two handled baluster Vase decorated with flowers.  11" (28cms) high and a pair of Coalport limited edition plates decorated with McPhail's Sporting Birds.

175.   A Herend miniature oval Tureen and Cover, two Wedgwood covered boxes and other items.

176.   A Copeland Spode Italian pattern blue and white pedestal Salt, blue Jasperware vase, Maling luster ashtray and other items.

177.   A Coalport Figure "21 Today", two Wedgwood "Wild Strawberry" pattern vases, two other matching pieces and a Wedgwood luster octagonal bowl.

178.   A Crown Derby Imari pattern circular Saucer Dish, Royal Doulton landscape pattern shallow dish, Coalport city of York limited edition vase (a/f) and other items.

179.   A Kaiser floral decorated Cabinet Cup and Saucer, a Kaiser white glazed oval vase decorated with relief moulded flowers and one other matching vase.

180.   A Spode Trapnell shell shape hors d'oeuvres Dish, a matching oval dish and two other matching pieces.

181.   A Goebel Monk Liqueur Decanter, the base fitted with six liqueur cups.   

182.   A quantity of Worcester Evesham Tableware including large oval tureen and cover, smaller tureen covered vegetable dish, oval serving dishes, ramekins etc. 

183.   A Victorian blue and white earthen ware Jug, three other jugs, soup ladle etc.

184.   A 19th Century Staffordshire pottery Figure of a boy with a dog (a/f), Continental white glazed group of two foals and other items.

185.   A Poole pottery Plate decorated with stylised flowers and two Poole pottery Dolphins.

186.   A Hummel figure 'Appletree Boy', another 'Appletree Girl' and one other Hummel figure  (a/f).

187.   A Leonardo figure of two mice and other animal ornaments.

188.   A Border Fine Arts 'Kingfisher' (a/f), Country Artist's figure of a seal and other items.

189.   A Beswick grey Foal, a Beswick brown foal, a Beswick fox and a Jersey bull.  (a/f)

190.   A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure 'Mr Jackson' with brown backstamp, another 'Jeremy Fisher' with brown backstamp and one other frog ornament.

191.   A Carltonware Australian pattern leaf moulded Jug, a Carltonware preserve jar and cover and other items.

192.   A Shelley baluster Jug of shaded green ribbed design.  7 1/2" (19cms) high.

193.   A pair of Victorian Staffordshire pottery Figures of seated greyhounds each with a hare at their feet and on oval bases.  12 1/2" (32cms) high.

194.   A pair of Albion pottery blue and white Chamber Pots and a Continental oval tray with blue and white ceramic base.

195.   A set of seven Eskdale Pottery clam shape Dishes decorated in cobalt blue and gilt.

196.   A Leeds Pottery stoneware Jar for Muscroft & Co together with a collection of eighteen smaller stoneware jars.

197.   A number of stoneware Jars a glass bottle inscribed Smart, Alnwick and various others.

198.   A floral decorated toilet Ewer and Basin with toothbrush holder and one other ewer and basin.

199.   Four Wade Nat West Bank pig Money Boxes.

200.   A Royal Doulton Figure "Free Spirit" HN3728, boxed.

201.   Three Beswick fox hounds and two Capodimonte robin ornaments.

202.   A Royal Albert "Greenwood Tree" pattern coffee cup and saucer, a Shelley floral decorated coffee can and saucer, Paragon coffee can and saucer and three other items.

203.   A pair of small leaded and coloured glass Panels, each 7" (17cms) x 5" (12.5cms).

204.   A Bohemian glass Goblet overlaid with floral panels and three other glasses decorated with poultry.

205.   A set of six green tinted triangular shape glass Dishes, a pair of etched glass finger bowls and a pair of plain glass finger bowls.

206.   A glass Celery Vase, etched ornamental ale flute and four decanters.

207.   A pair of black glass Wall Pockets with jewelled decoration, a German studio pottery vase and a glass dish.

208.   A Glass Flask in wicker basket.

209.   A set of eight Webb Corbett cut Claret Glasses and other items of table glass.

210.   A Stuart Crystal etched glass pedestal Dish, two cut glass water jugs, Stuart crystal jug and two cut glass vases.

211.   A Webb Corbett cut glass Fruit Bowl.  9" (23cms) and various other cut glass bowls.

212.   A Mary Gregory style glass vase, a studio glass vase and two other pieces.

213.   A square glass Spirit Decanter, glass sherry decanter and a Victorian mallet shaped decanter.

214.   A number of ruby glass cylindrical Vases and other items of coloured glass.

215.   A Goebel frosted glass figure of a Horse and other glass animal ornaments.

216.   A collection of twenty one Sherry Glasses with etched decoration and a pair of champagne flutes.

217.   A quantity of Table Glass including etched and cut glass tumblers, etched glass grapefruit dishes etc.




218.   A Vienna Wall Clock with white dial and single weight driven movement in mahogany case.  2' 9" (84cms) high.

219.   A late Victorian Mantel Clock with white dial and striking movement in black marble case.  11" (28cms) high.

220.   An Aneroid Barometer and Thermometer in a carved oak case.

221.   A Mantel Clock with striking movement in oak case.


Silver & Jewellery


222.   T H Hair; 'Sketches of the Coal Mines in Northumberland & Durham', reprinted 1969, 'Modern Mining Practice' in four volumes and other books on mining.

223.   A plated three division Serving Dish and cover, plated stilton scoop with bone handle, punch ladle on whale bone handle and other items.

224.   A silver handled Shoehorn, six silver bladed dessert forks with bone handles and three silver teaspoons.

225.   A pair of silver backed Gentleman's Hairbrushes, enamel dressing table set etc.

226.   Two plated oval Entree Dishes and covers, plated oval tray, dressing table set etc.

227.   A number of plated Fish Knives and Forks with bone handles, pair of knife rests and other cutlery.

228.   A pair of glass Toilet Bottles with silver covers, a quantity of stainless steel cutlery in an oak box and other items.

229.   A set of six plated Fish Knives and Forks complete with servers in case and other plated cutlery.

230.   A silver gilt Dress Ring set with a single opal and cubic zirconias.

231.   A silver gilt Pendant of floral design, set with opals.

232.   A silver gilt seven stone opal Dress Ring.

233.   A pair of silver gilt Earrings, set with cubic zirconias.

234.   A pair of silver pendant Earring set with simulated sapphires.

235.   A silver navette shape Dress Ring set with large opal and cubic zirconias.

236.   A silver gilt oval Pendant of floral design.

237.   A pair of silver stud Earrings, each set with a single opal.

238.   A pair of silver and simulated sapphire oval Earrings.

239.   A silver cubic zirconia Princess cut Tennis Bracelet.

240.   A number of silvered metal Necklaces and other items of costume jewellery.


Books & Pictures


241.   The Lincoln Crests & Monograms Album.

242.   Three Kelly's Directories 'North Yorkshire East Riding of York', with maps, 1857, 1901 & 1929. 

243.   Post Office Directory 'North & East Yorkshire Ridings' with the city of York, 1870.

244.   'Princess Mary's Gift Book' and other books.

245.   Cruchley's Road and Railway Map of the County of Yorkshire.  19" (48cms) x 22" (56cms).

246.   A coloured Print of Skipton Church, two reproduction maps and a watercolour by L SHEARD; of the interior of Clarke Hall.

247.   HENRY STEELE; "Beggars Bridge, Glaisdale", Watercolour, 15 1/2" (39cms) x 21" (53cms), and one other Picture.

248.   An unsigned Watercolour of a mountainous landscape with ox cart in foreground, another watercolour and three prints.

249.   ALBANY E HOWARTH; an artist signed Etching of Bootham Bar, York.

250.   R COX; a large still life Oil on Canvas of a vase of flowers.  24" (60cms) x 36" (92cms) and one other pictures.

251.   BAZ WARD; a collection of eight framed coloured Prints of York scenes.

252.   BAZ WARD; a coloured Print of York 'Bile Beans' and one other print.

253.   NORMAN DENMAN; Watercolour of a barge, 14" (36cms) x 10" (27cms) and an abstract oil painting.

254.   A half length Oil Portrait of a lady holding a bouquet of flowers, indistinctly signed and in gilt frame.  31" (79cms) x 23" (59cms).

255.   DORRIE PAINE; a limited edition Print of York and a coloured print of York Minster.

256.   JOHN TRICKETT; an artist signed limited edition Print of two gun dogs, no. 476/850 and LOGAN; another artist signed limited edition print of gun dogs, no. 137/200 and two other pictures.

257.   A primitive English School oil on panel of a horse in a rural landscape.  14" (36cms) x 18" (46cms).

258.   After HERRING; a pair of 19th Century coloured Engravings from the Fores's Stable Scenes Series and a coloured hunting print after Alken.

259.   F SMITH; "Weary Bank near Yarm" Oil on Panel, signed.  10 1/2" (27cms) x 15" (38cms), a watercolour of a farmyard scene and four other pictures.

260.   A Japanese wood block Print of figures in a woodland.  13" (33cms) x 8 1/2" (22cms) and two other Japanese prints.

261.   EILEEN CARLIN; Pastel Drawing of a Lancashire Miner, signed, 10" (28cms) x 9" (23cms) and a small landscape oil painting.

262.   BECK; oil on board of a rural Landscape signed.  16" (41cms) x 19 1/2" (49cms) and another painting by the same artist.

263.   An unsigned late Victorian Oil on canvas of a rural street scene with thatched cottages  9 1/2" (24cms) x 13" (33cms).

264.   An artist signed Etching of Eastgate, Chester and another of Stanley Palace.

265.   JOAN SMITH; North Yorkshire Moors Landscape; water colour, signed.  12" (31cms) x 15" (39cms) and another by the same artist.

266.   DONALD KENDALL; river landscape, Oil on Canvas.  13 1/2" (34cms) x 9 1/2" (24cms).

267.   SHEILA HERSEY; "Threshfield School", oil on board, signed.  15 1/2" (40cms) x 23 1/2" (59cms).

268.   KAY DAVIES; an artist signed limited edition Formula One print of Alain Prost and Gerhard Berger.   No. 1/1000

269.   E C CLARK; an artist signed limited edition Print of Aysgarth Falls, another by A R CLARKE; 'Wharfdale' and two other pictures.




270.   An oak corner Wall Cupboard enclosed by single leaded glass door.  21 1/2" (55cms) wide.

271.   An oak Bookcase enclosed by a pair of leaded glass doors.  2' 6" (76cms) wide and a painted and pierced wooden radiator cover.  3' 4" (102cms) wide.

272.   A set of four oak frame Dining Chairs with upholstered seats and backs, a ladder back chair and a cane back tub chair.

273.   A nest of three walnut graduated Occasional Tables.

274.   A set of four Edwardian mahogany frame Dining Chairs with pierced splat backs drop in seats and square tapering supports.

275.   A reproduction crossbanded mahogany oblong occasional table with single drawer.  4' (122cms) wide.

276.   A pair of beech and elm stick back Elbow Chairs with panelled seats.

277.   An early 19th Century mahogany Corner Washstand with single drawer and fitted with a 19th Century blue and white Earthenware bowl and jug.

278.   A reproduction mahogany pedestal Desk with tooled leather writing surface, nine drawers under.  4' (122cms) wide. 

279.   A swivel Office Chair upholstered in buttoned leather.

280.   A late Victorian inlaid walnut Pier Cabinet enclosed by single clear glass drawer.  2' 5" (73cms) wide.

281.   A late Victorian box Commode with ceramic liner.

282.   A ladies mahogany and satin wood Bureau with hinged fall and inlaid with floral panels above three long drawers, on square tapering supports.  2' (61cms) wide.

283.   An oak four division Umbrella Stand containing a shooting stick.

284.   A nest of three mahogany oblong Occasional Tables with carved decoration.

285.   A pair of mahogany frame bar back Bedroom Chairs with upholstered seats, cabriole supports, claw and ball feet and a small Edwardian salon chair.

286.   An Edwardian mahogany Bedroom Pair comprising wardrobe with centre bevel mirror panelled door carved decoration and two drawers under on short fluted turned supports.  5' (153cms) wide and the matching dressing table.

287.   An oak open three shelf Bookcase.  3' 7" (110cms) wide.

288.   A mahogany serpentine fronted Corner Cupboard with dentil cornice the upper section with a clear glass door and cupboard under on bracket feet.  2' 1" (64cms) wide.

289.   An oak Bentwood Hat and Coat Stand.

290.   A beech and elm stick back farmhouse Elbow Chair with panelled seat and turned supports.

291.   A mahogany Bedside Cupboard enclosed by single panel door on bracket feet.  16" (41cms) wide.

292.   A mahogany two tier Plant Stand and an oblong coffee table with plate glass top.

293.   A mahogany three tier Cake Stand and a carved wooden stool.

294.   A mahogany three tier Wall Shelf with pierced sides.

295.   A mahogany three tier Stationary Rack.  14" (36cms) wide.

296.   An oak three tier Wall Shelf.  3' (92cms) wide.

297.   A Victorian inlaid walnut oblong Window Table.  2' 7" (81cms) wide and two gilt occasional tables.

298.   An oak oblong Occasional Table with single end drawer and cabriole supports.  15" (38cms) wide.

299.   A reproduction crossbanded mahogany D shape Side Table fitted with two frieze drawers on square tapering supports.  3' 11" (120cms) wide.

300.   A small reproduction crossbanded mahogany chest of three long and two short graduated drawers on splay supports.  2' (61cms) wide.

301.   An oak Bookcase the upper section with adjustable shelves, enclosed by a pair of clear glass doors, with panelled cupboards under and on a plinth base.  4' 1" (125cms) wide.

302.   An Edwardian satin walnut Wardrobe with swans neck pediment, single bevelled mirror panelled door and carved decoration on bracket feet.  3' 2" (97cms) wide.

303.   An Edwardian inlaid beech frame chair back Piano stool with upholstered seat.

304.   A pair of Edwardian carved oak double size Bed Ends.  4' 6" (137cms) wide.

305.   A reproduction overmantel Mirror in gilt frame.  3' 8" (112cms) x 3' (92cms).

306.   A mahogany Sewing Table with hinged lid and lined interior.  19" ( 48cms) wide.

307.   A mahogany Wall Shelf fitted with four open shelves.  2' 6" (76cms) wide.

308.   A Victorian pine Blanket Box with hinged lid and two small drawers.  3' (92cms) wide.

309.   A stained pine Blanket Box with hinged lid and plinth base.  3' (92cms) wide.

310.   A Victorian mahogany Chest of three long and two short Drawers with turned pull handles and turned supports.  3' 7" (110cms) wide.

311.   An early 19th Century mahogany Linen Press the upper section fitted with sliding trays and enclosed by panel doors with two short and one long drawer under on bracket feet.  4' 1" (125cms) wide.

312.   A pair of Victorian mahogany framed Dining Chairs with carved bar backs, drop in seats and turned supports.

313.   A George III mahogany drop leaf Dining Table raised on six reeded square supports.  3' 11" (120cms) wide.

314.   An Edwardian mahogany Corner Cupboard with inlaid decoration enclosed by single glaze tracery door on square tapering supports and splayed feet.  2' (61cms) wide.

315.   A Victorian mahogany Chest of three long and two short Drawers, the tuned wooden handles with mother of pearl centres and on turned supports.  3' 7" (110cms) wide.

316.   An early 19th Century mahogany corner Washstand with raised back, bowl recess and under tier fitted with a single drawer and on splay supports.  24" (61cms) wide.

317.   A Victorian mahogany circular tilt top Supper Table on a baluster turned column and triple splay supports.  3' 6" (107cms) diameter.


End of sale