01904 489731

01904 489731

Malton Antique Sale

Wednesday 26th July



1.      A Cauldon china Tea Set decorated with floral sprays and with a blue and gilt border comprising; six cups, eleven saucers, twelve plates and two bread and butter plates.     £30-40


2.      A quantity of modern Leeds Pottery Creamware including sauce tureen with cover, stand and ladle, pair of covered boxes, preserve jar with cover and stand and various other items.   £40-60


3.      An Imari pattern Plate decorated in orange and blue, 12" (31cms) diameter, five other Japanese plates and various others.   £40-60


4.      A Chinese export oblong Plate decorated in blue and white.  11 1/2" (29cms) wide (chipped).    £20-30


5.      A Royal Worcester Model of a Jersey Bull modelled by Doris Lindner with wooden plinth, No. 402/500 complete with certificate.    £200-300


6.      A Walter Moorcroft baluster Vase decorated with the Clematis pattern on a dark blue ground and with paper label to base.  11" (28cms) high.    £50-80


7.      A Moorcroft Baluster Vase decorated with the Orchid pattern on a dark blue ground and with the William Moorcroft Centenary mark 1972.  11" (28cms) high.    £50-80


8.      A Wedgwood Limited Edition black basalt Figure of Josiah Wedgwood, No. 1739/2000 boxed and with certificate.     £40-60


9.      A C H Brannam pottery blue glazed circular Bowl.  11" (28cms) diameter another in green, a Brannam pottery Jug, a Poole pottery jug and a Dartmouth mug.    £30-50


10.     A Wedgwood campana shape Vase with shell moulded handles on a pedestal foot with white glaze. 9 1/2" (24cms) high and another in black.     £30-40


11.     A Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern Tea Cup and Saucer pattern 2451, a Derby Imari handled paper knife, Minton Haddon Hall pattern baluster vase and cover and a Limoges bust.    £30-40


12.     A Royal Copenhagen Model of a Penguin. 9" (23cms) high (beak chipped), a Copenhagen floral decorated vase.  5 1/2" (24cms) high No. 2683 and another No. 2654.    £30-40


13.     A small Royal Copenhagen floral decorated Vase No. 2800, Copenhagen year plate 1980 limited edition of 5000, a Copenhagen green crackle glazed bowl and a square shallow dish.    £30-40


14.     A Lladro Figure of a girl with ducks another feeding a goose and one other Lladro figure.    £30-40


15.     A Royal Worcester June Garland pattern Tea set comprising eight cups, nine saucers, eight plates, milk jug and sugar bowl.    £30-40


16.     Paul Young; a Studio pottery slab built Box with incised and slip glazed decoration.  10 1/2" (27cms) wide x 15" (38cms) high.   £50-80


17.     A 19th Century encaustic Tile designed by W Goodwin, Hereford, in a wooden frame, a Delft flower brick decorated in blue and white, two Delft tiles and a Delft plate (a/f).   £30-40


18.     A Bow figure of a child seated on a pillar on a bocage background, 4" (10cms) high, a Derby figure of girl with a sheep and two other figures.  (all a/f).   £50-80


19.     An early 19th Century Wedgwood Coffee Can and Saucer decorated with panels of Chinese figures and with red printed mark, two matching tea cups and one saucer, another Wedgwood cup and saucer of the same period decorated with flowers and one further cup.   £30-40


20.     An early 19th Century Armorial Tea Bowl and Saucer being an old label inscribed 'Chinese Lowestoft, Giles Coat of Arms', a Worcester tea bowl decorated with flowers and various other tea bowls and saucers.  (a/f)   £30-50


21.     A Royal Worcester figure 'Polly put the kettle on' and another 'March'.   £30-40


22.     A small Royal Worcester figure modelled by F G Doughty 'Old Friends' and another 'Katie'.   £30-40


23.     An early 19th Century Staffordshire Spill Vase with a female figure holding a vase and with a sheep at her feet, 8" (20cms) high, an early 19th Century Staffordshire figure and three other pieces.   £30-40


24.     An 18th Century Derby figure of a Flautist, 4 1/2" (11cms) high, a 19th Century figure of a seated hound and four other figures.     £30-50


25.     An early 19th Century leaf shape Pickle Dish decorated in blue and white, an 18th Century miniature oval dish painted with flowers, small 19th Century blue and white sauce boat and other items.   £30-40


26.     A Muchelney Studio Pottery stoneware Flagon by John Leach.  7" (17cms) high, a small Studio Pottery bowl by Seth Cardew, a Studio pottery jug by A & J Young of Gresham Norfolk and other items of studio pottery.    £30-50


27.     A large Studio Pottery square Dish by Terry Shone of Whitby decorated with fish.  17" (43cms) square, a Studio Pottery oblong shallow dish decorated with greyhounds and three other items.    £40-60


28.     A Studio Pottery square shallow Dish decorated with running hares.  10" (25cms) wide, a pottery jar and cover with a hare lift and various other Studio Pottery items.    £30-40


29.     A Border Fine Arts group 'The Christmas Tree Dance' from the World of Beatrix Potter Series, limited edition no. 437/500, with certificate.   £30-40


30.     An unusual Royal Doulton figure of naked child seated on a rock with impressed mark and number 'H49'.   5" (12.5cms) high.   £50-80


31.     A Studio pottery Vase with incised decoration, 5" (13cms) high and signed 'Niel' and a number of other pieces of Studio pottery by the same artist.   £30-50


32.     A Border Fine Arts Figure of a Pheasant, No.A1475, and a Border Fine Arts Figure of a Highland Bull, No. A4068. (a/f)   £20-30


33.     A Shelley part Tea Set decorated in the sunrise and tall trees pattern comprising; five cups, six saucers, six plates, milk jug and a bread and butter plate.  No.11678.   £80-120


34.     A Royal Worcester Teaset decorated with a black border pattern of classical urns etc. comprising twelve cups and saucers, twelve plates, sugar bowl and a bread and butter plate.    £50-80


35.     A George Jones Crescent China Dressing Table Set decorated with roses comprising; oval tray, two covered boxes, candlestick and ring tree.    £20-30


36.     A set of six Royal Copenhagen  Parian ware Plaques decorated with raised classical figures.  Each 5 1/2" (14cms) diameter.   £70-100


37.     A Royal Doulton Limited Edition Figure, "Eliza Farren, Countess of Derby" HN3442, another "Belle" HN3703 and another "Laura" HN3136, signed to the base and dated 1988.    £30-40


38.     A Royal Doulton Figure "Mary" HN3375 figure of the year 1992 and another "Patricia" HN3365 figure of the year 1993.    £20-30


39.     A Royal Doulton Figure of the year 1994 "Jennifer" HN3447, another "Debra" figure of the year 1995 HN3644 and another "Ninette" HN2379.    £30-40


40.     A Studio pottery black glaze baluster Vase by Alan Stuttle.  9" (23cms)   £50-70


41.     A Studio pottery Vase of square section with speckled beige glaze by Ilona Sulikova.  13" (33cms) high.   £30-40


42.     A Victorian Parian ware Figure of a wood nymph with a deer and fawn by C B Birch dated 1864.  20" (51cms) high, chip to base and deer's front leg damaged.    £50-70


43.     A Majolica Centrepiece in the form of a large shell, surmounted by a lizard, supported by a Merman with an entwined serpent, the base formed as waves.  14 1/2" (37cms) wide.   (cracked).   £70-100


44.     A 19th Century Staffordshire pottery figure of Queen Victoria, 17" (43cms) high and another of  Augusta, Queen of Prussia.  16" (42cms) high.   £50-70


45.     A Masons Ironstone Pink Vista Tea and Dinner service comprising plates in various sizes, two handled soup bowls and stands, vegetable dishes and covers, meat plates, tea cups and saucers etc, approximately ninety five pieces (some a/f).    £80-120


46.     A Victorian Tea Set decorated with floral sprays within a cream and gilt border, comprising six coffee cups, five tea cups, five saucers, two bread and butter plates and a sucre and cover together with six very similar side plates.    £30-40


47.     A pair of Oriental pattern panel sided Vases with floral panels on a blue ground.  6" (15cms) high and six black and gilt lacquer bowls.     £20-40


48.     A Coalport part Table Service of fluted design, twenty two pieces and a muffin dish and cover with gilt decoration.    £20-30


49.     A Crown Staffordshire Tea Set decorated with sprays of flowers comprising ten cups, eleven saucers, twelve plates, two bread and butter plates, milk jug and a sugar bowl.    £30-40


50.     A collection of thirty two Royal Copenhagen Christmas Plates from 1971-2002.    £50-80



51.     A Plant Tuscan china Dessert Service decorated with oriental flowers with a cream border and gilt rim, comprising twelve plates, a pair of square serving dishes and a pair of oval dishes.    £30-40


52.     A Denby Green Wheat pattern Dinner Service comprising; six dinner plates, six dessert plates, twelve side plates and a vegetable dish and cover.    £30-50


53.     A Spode Copelands china part Service with a blue and gilt border pattern comprising eight plates, two graduated oval meat plates and a vegetable dish with associated cover, a blue and white oval meat plate and green and white oblong meat plate.    £30-40


54.     A Royal Doulton limited edition figure 'Writing' HN3049, from the Gentle Arts Series, no. 646/750, boxed and complete with wooden stand and certificate.   £50-80


55.     A French Faience Bidet Liner decorated in blue and white with trailing leaves and flowers, the underside marked with initials and in a painted beech wood stand.  Liner 18" (46cms) long.    £80-120


56.     A Crown Staffordshire Inkstand retailed by Goode & Co. fitted with two covered inkwells, a Copenhagen onion pattern blue and white comport, Copenhagen candlestick and a Copeland china inkstand.    £30-40


57.     A Limoges Trinket Box and cover painted with flowers on a green ground and with gilt metal mounts, a pair of Continental scent flasks with figure decoration, Coalport coffee can and saucer etc.    £30-40


58.     An early Victorian Minton and Boyle part Dinner Service decorated with Japanese flowers within a blue border comprising; ten soup plates, six other plates in various sizes, a dessert bowl, oblong meat plate and a smaller meat plate.    £50-80


59.     A Studio Pottery Bowl by Iva Polachova.  10" (26cms) diameter, a pair of modern Russian plates decorated with hunting scenes etc.    £20-40


60.     A 19th Century Masons Ironstone Dessert Service decorated with Oriental flowers comprising; two tall comports and four smaller comports.    £40-60


61.     A Fieldings Crown Devon "John Peel" Jug with musical movement an embossed in gilt decorated chamber pot, Capodimonte figure group and two other pieces.    £40-60


62.     A Meissen circular Bowl with cover and stand decorated with applied flowers and leaves, some loses, repairs etc.   £50-80


63.     A German porcelain three light Candelabrum in white glaze with applied flowers and a cherub to the base.  14" (36cms) high.   £50-70


64.     A quantity of Mintons white glazed Dinner Plates and Soup Bowls etc.  (19 pieces), a pair of white glazed Corinthian column candlesticks bearing the mark of 'T Goode & Co.' 12" (31cms) high (one repaired) and five Minton white glazed candlesticks, 7" (18cms) high.   £50-80


65.     Five Wedgwood Plates decorated with a blue and gilt border pattern, a number of Wedgwood willow pattern cups and saucers and a Cauldon oval blue and white meat plate inscribed 'Mortlock's Oxford Street'.   £30-40




66.     A Studio Glass Bowl decorated in green, blue, etc, 11" (28cms) diameter.   £40-50


67.     A set of nine Stuart Crystal Champagne Saucers.    £30-40


68.     A set of six cut glass Grapefruit Dishes, glass flutes and other glassware.    £20-30


69.     A set of six Georgian design Cordial Glasses with etched bowls and cotton twist stems.    £40-60


70.     A set of nine green Hock Glasses with a crimped knop on a spiral turned stem and foot and eight amber liqueur glasses with enamelled floral decoration.     £30-40


71.     A suite of Webb Table Glass with hobnail cut decoration comprising, in five sizes, forty six pieces.    £70-100


72.     A Cumbria Crystal glass Decanter with rounded bottom in a wooden stand, boxed.    £20-30


73.     A Waterford Glandore pattern glass Punch Bowl with cut decoration.  12" (31cms) diameter together with six matching cups.    £100-150


74.     A blue glass trumpet shape Vase with gilt decoration, gloved hand base and on a marble plinth and a pair of clear glass vases with crimped rims on oval mirrored bases.    £40-60


75.     A set of six Bridgewater glass Tumblers, each inscribed 'Water and Ice'.   £40-60


76.     Six heavy cut glass Whisky Tumblers, four other whisky tumblers, four Waterford wine glasses etc.   £40-60


77.     A Studio glass circular Panel decorated in blue, orange, yellow, etc.  14 1/2" (37cms) diameter, a Studio glass bowl by M Ward with blue tinted stem, an Andrew Sanders wine glass and a Schott tumbler with engraved decoration.   £30-40








78.     A number of Victorian and later Horse Brasses on leather straps.   £30-40


79.     A Newlyn style copper circular Dish, the border decorated with a continuous band of fish.  15" (38cms) diameter.    £40-60


80.     An early 20th Century iron and brass mounted Fire Curb of Art Nouveau design.  4' 6" (137cms) wide.   £50-80


81.     A pewter three handled rowing trophy for Caius Boat Club, November 1881, another trophy for Lady Margaret's Scratch Fours 1863 and a plated ice bucket.    £30-40


82.     A large Victorian copper Coal Helmet with swing handle and inscribed "Dining Room".    £70-100


83.     A large two handled oval copper Cooking Vessel.  21" (53cms) wide.    £40-60


84.     A Victorian copper Coal Scuttle with swing handle together with a copper scoop with turned wooden handle.    £40-60


85.     A copper Coal Bucket with swing handle and a scoop with turned wooden handle.    £30-40


86.     A 19th century steel Footman with pierced top, a steel serpentine fronted Curb and a steel Fire Front.   £70-100


87.     A Victorian copper two handled Tea Urn with brass tap and circular foot.   £20-30


88.     A brass Fire Shovel and Tongs with urn finials, another Shovel and Tongs with engraved decoration and a Victoria brass adjustable Kettle Stand.   £30-40


89.     A Victorian copper oval two handled Pan engraved with initials 'IM' and with a two handled top section.  18" (46cms) wide.   £40-60


90.     A pair of galvanised Oil Lamps by Hinks & Son., Birmingham.  (one with reflector)   £30-40


91.     A pair of wrought metal Curtain Poles and fittings,  6' 6" (200cms) long and three shorter matching curtain poles and fittings.   £30-50


92.     A pair of brass fox mask Doorstops.   £50-80




93.     Five bound copies of The Girls Own Annual 1882-1902 with decorative boards.    £30-40


94.     Wheatley, Dennis; "The Malinsay Massacre", "Who Killed Robert Prentice" and "Here With The Clues", a series of three murder mysteries planned by J G Links published for the crime book society by Hutchinson & Co in paper covers.    £40-60


95.     'Eugene Aram' three volumes, published 1832, with marbled boards and gilt spines and other leather bound and other 19th Century literature.   £30-50


96.     'Clarissa' published 1758, volumes one and five only and various other works of 19th Century literature.   £30-50


97.     Watson W; 'The Gardeners Assistant', two volumes, published 1904, ' Real Museo Borbornico', two volumes only published 1830 and 1843 in full calf, 'The Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening' four volumes and other books.   £40-60


98.     Raymond McGrath & A C Frost; 'Glass in Architecture & Decoration' published 1961; Fletcher Moss; 'Pilgrimages to Old Homes' published 1906, another published 1908 and various other books on architecture.   £30-40


99.     William Shakespeare; 'The Complete Works', the original spelling edition, published 1986, together with textual companion published 1987.   £30-40


100.   'The Novels of the Sisters Bronte', Thornton edition, twelve volumes, published Edinburgh, 1924, by John Grant, with dust wrappers.   £100-150


101.   RACKHAM ARTHUR (Illustrator); Undine by De La Motte Fouque adapted by W L Courtney, First Edition, published by Heinemann 1909 with fifteen tipped in colour plates and in gilt vellum boards, No. 326/1000.   £200-250


102.   CARROLL, WALTER; River and Rainbow, ten miniatures for Piano, the paper cover by Arthur Rackham, published Forsyth Brothers Ltd. 1934.    £20-30


103.   TIMLIN, WILLIAM M; "The Ship That Sailed To Mars", First Edition 1923, published by George Harrap, with forty eight colour plates, mounted on gray paper and with dust wrapper.    £200-300


104.   DICKENS, CHARLES; "The Old Curiosity Shop", illustrated by Frank Reynolds, published by Hodder & Stoughton in a Limited Edition No. 50/350, signed by the artist, in gilt decorated vellum boards and with silk tie.    £100-150


105.   RACKHAM ARTHUR (Illustrator); "Little Brother & Little Sister and Other Tales by the Brothers Grimm", published Constable & Co, with tipped in colour plates, First Edition and "Comus" by John Milton, illustrated by Arthur Rackham, published Heinemann.    £70-100


106.   RACKHAM ARTHUR (Illustrator); "The Tempest" by William Shakespeare, published Heinemann Ltd. 1926, with tipped in colour plates.    £80-120




107.   RACKHAM ARTHUR (Illustrator); "Grimm's Fairy tales", published Constable & Co 1909, with tipped in colour plates, in red and gilt boards.    £100-150


108.   RACKHAM ARTHUR (Illustrator); "A Midsummer Nights Dream" by William Shakespeare, published Heinemann 1908, with coloured plates in beige and gilt boards.    £80-120


109.   RACKHAM ARTHUR (Illustrator); "Rip Van Winkle" by Washington Irving, published Heinemann 1905, second impression in green and gilt boards.    £70-100



110.   RACKHAM ARTHUR (Illustrator); "Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens" by J M Barrie, published Hodder & Stoughton, with tipped in colour plates, in green and gilt boards, published 1912.    £150-200


111.   RACKHAM ARTHUR (Illustrator); "Some British Ballads", published by Heinemann Ltd, in blue and gilt boards and Arthur Rackham's "Book of Pictures", published by Heinemann, first edition.    £70-100


112.   DETMOLD EDWARD J (Illustrator); "The Life of The Bee" by Morris Maeterlinck, published by George Allen & Co and with gilt decorated boards.    £20-30


113.   The Queen of Roumania; 'The Dreamer of Dreams' illustrated by Edmund Dulac, with tipped in plates (one missing), and original pictorial boards; 'The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam' illustrated by Edmund Dulac and 'The Sleeping Beauty and other fairy tales' illustrated Dulac.   £70-100


114.   'Black's General Atlas of the World' new edition, published 1867, containing fifty six colour printed Maps, some double page, folio in original boards.   £50-80


115.   Sir Richard Temple; 'Palestine Illustrated', published 1888, rebound in quarter leather binding.   £50-80


116.   'Der welt Krieg' an album of German Photographic Cards, 1914 -1918 and 'Das neue Reich' a German propaganda photograph album.   £70-100


117.   Winston Churchill; 'The Second World War', six volumes, published 1948-1954 and 'Swift & Bold' The Kings Royal Rifle Corps, published 1949.   £20-30


118.   "China Through The Looking Glass", Deluxe Limited Edition, published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, No. 303/500 in a black box with dragon motif.       £30-50




119.   An oak Cutlery Box containing six table knives and six dessert knives with bone handles, together with a carving set, a Goldsmiths & Silversmiths cutlery box and a cardboard box containing six table knives.   £30-40


120.   A collection of various bone handled Table and Dessert Knives (32 in total) and various other plated knives and forks.   £30-50


121.   A collection of approximately 120 Table and Dessert Knives with bone handles, various makers.   £50-80


122.   A pair of engraved plated Fish Servers, cased, plated oval tray, two silver serviette rings, assorted plated cutlery etc.   £30-50


123.   A quantity of plated Kings pattern Table Cutlery including table and dessert knives and forks, dessert spoons, fish cutlery etc.   £50-80


124.   A pair of plated Nut Crackers and Picks, in case, by Walker & Hall, plated small salver, muffin dish and cover, plated meat cover etc.   £30-50


125.   A quantity of assorted plated Cutlery, plated fish knives and forks with bone handles, plated stirrup cup etc.   £30-40


126.   A plated column Table Lamp with bead edge decoration on a circular base.  18" (46cms) high.   £50-70




127.   An American sterling silver three light Table Candelabrum on a circular base by Gorham.  10" (25cms) high.   £50-80


128.   A cut glass globe Scent Flask with silver cover, another globe scent flask, silver mounted manicure implements etc.   £50-80


129.   A silver oblong Cigarette Box with presentation inscription.  6" (15cms) wide.   £40-60


130.   An engine turned silver backed five piece Dressing Table Set initialled 'J' and a four piece silver backed dressing table set.   £50-80


131.   A miniature sterling silver Plate by Tiffany & Co. with engraved border decoration, a small silver circular pin dish, with the Millennium marks, a sterling silver oblong pin tray, silver compact and a miniature silver plate.   £50-80


132.   A glass Powder Bowl with silver cover, various glass jars with silver covers and three small silver table photograph frames.   £40-60


133.   A Baby's silver Rattle in the form of a seated dog, with mother of pearl teething ring, Chester, 1959, maker W H Collins & Co., a small Victorian scent bottle formed from a nut and with silver cover and a small glass scent bottle.   £50-70


134.   A set of five Victorian silver fiddle pattern Dessert Forks, London, 1870, three Victorian silver fiddle pattern dessert spoons and five other.  (15ozs).   £120-150


135.   An early Victorian silver Kings pattern Sifting Spoon, London, 1839, a smaller silver sifting spoon, silver fiddle pattern sauce ladle and other items of silver cutlery.  (16.5ozs)   £150-200


136.   A silver upright Table Mirror (a/f), a silver handled shoehorn, a quantity of plated cutlery etc.   £30-50


137.   A small 19th Century silver Knife and Fork, cased, a number of miniature dolls house items including silver candlestick, spoon, etc. small silver backed hand mirror and various other items.   £50-80


138.   A silver and blue enamel Decanter Label, 'Sherry' and another 'Whisky'.   £20-30


139.   A late Victorian silver baluster Cream Jug with embossed decoration and loop handle, London, 1898, marker Carrington & Co.   £50-70


140.   A silver Spirit Hip Flask, Sheffield, 1943, maker James Deakin & Sons.  (4.6ozs)   £40-60


141.   A set of six Victorian Dessert Knives and Forks with engraved silver blade and mother of pearl handles, Sheffield, 1889, maker Martin Hall & Co.   £50-80


142.   Five silver Coffee Spoons and Tongs with fluted stems, a set of six silver handled dessert forks and five matching dessert knives.     £30-40


143.   An American sterling silver Bowl by S Kirk & Son, embossed with fruit and flowers and raised on ball feet, 5" (13cms) diameter and a matching spoon.  (4.4ozs)   £50-80


144.   A pair of George II silver Tablespoons, each initialled to the reverse 'KTA', Newcastle, 1751, maker James Kirkup, another George II tablespoon with rat tail bowl, London, 1741 and four other 18th Century tablespoons.  (13.6ozs)   £150-200


145.   Five various 19th Century silver Dessert Spoons and four silver table forks, various dates and makers.  (15.6ozs)   £150-200


146.   A pair of Victorian Mustard Spoons, London, 1872, seven various 19th Century teaspoons, silver butter knife and other items.  (5.8ozs)   £50-80


147.   A collection of fourteen silver Teaspoons, various dates and makers.  (7.7ozs)   £70-100


148.   Five Danish silver gilt Coffee Spoons with coloured enamel bowls; Egyptian white metal Photograph Frame, oval galleried Tray and two plated Egg Cups.   £30-40


149.   A Morton's patent 'The Maze' silver bottle shape Vesta Case.   £40-60


150.   Two engraved silver Vesta Cases, a plain vesta case and an engraved purse.   £30-40


151.   An Edwardian upright silver Table Photograph Frame with embossed floral decoration, Birmingham, 1908.   £40-60


152.   The Royal Horticultural Society Flower Spoons, a set of twelve silver and silver spoons, each engraved with a different flower and in original fitted box.   £100-120


153.   A pair of silver oblong Salts with spoons and blue glass liners on pedestal feet and a pair of silver cylindrical pepperettes with blue glass liners.   £30-40


154.   An Edwardian silver gilt Baby's Rattle with mother of pearl teething ring, Birmingham, 1906.   £50-70


155.   A small leather Toilet Case containing four silver mounted glass jars, silver hairbrush etc. London, 1913 and five ivory back brushes.   £50-80


156.   A Ladies leather Dressing Case by Drew & Sons, Piccadilly Circus, the watered seat interior fitted with various silver mounted glass bottles and jars, silver hip flask, silver backed brushes, silver cased spirit heater etc.  (mostly London, 1903)   £200-300


157.   A pair of silver Serviette Rings, Sheffield, 1932, cased, four Continental silver serviette rings and two others.   £40-60


158.   A cut glass Dressing Table Jar with silver cover, Sheffield, 1911, makers Walker & Hall, a glass block inkwell with silver cover and four glass dressing table jars.   £40-60


159.   A silver backed Hairbrush and Clothes Brush, silver dressing table candlestick, silver oval sweetmeat dish and a four division silver toast rack.   £40-60


160.   A silver handled Pastry Slice, a silver handled cheese knife, two other silver handled knives and other items.   £30-40


161.   A silver Parasol Handle, various silver handled manicure implements, button hook, two shoe horns etc.   £40-60


162.   A pair of George III Old English pattern silver Tablespoons, London, 1800, makers William Eley and William Fearn.  (3.7ozs)   £40-50


163.   A glass and silver Horse Racing Trophy, silver trumpet shape vase, plated bead knop coffee spoons etc.    £30-50


164.   An engine turned silver gilt six piece Dressing Table Set monogrammed "JY" and comprising; pair of clothes brushes, pair of hairbrushes, hand mirror and comb.  London 1963.    £80-120


165.   A Perpetual Calendar in silver frame, six small Mexican silver circular coasters and three Eastern white metal dishes.   £50-80


166.   An Edwardian silver model of a Punt with hinged back section, possibly for vestas, Chester, 1908, maker Stokes & Ireland Ltd.    6" (15cms) long.   £50-80


167.   A pair of octagonal shallow Dishes, raised on bun feet and engraved with a crest, London, 1933, maker William Comyns & Sons, a George III silver meat skewer, silver two pronged pickle fork and few other items.   £70-100


168.   A silver Sugar Caster of square section with pierced cover and square foot, London, 1935, maker Goldsmiths & Silversmiths company.  (5.7ozs).   £50-80


169.   A silver Sugar Caster of baluster design with pierced cover and circular foot, Birmingham, 1932, maker Harrods Ltd.   (4.6ozs)   £50-80


170.   A silver oval Pedestal Dish with engraved border.   6" (15cms) wide.  (6.3ozs)   £60-80






171.   An 18ct gold engagement Ring set with four diamonds.    £100-150


172.   An early 20th Century 18ct. gold Ring set with three oval facet cut sapphires and four small diamond spacers, hallmark for 1916.     £150-200


173.   An 18ct. gold link Bracelet set with alternating sapphires and diamonds.  (10.3gms gross)   £200-250


174.   A Jewellery Box and contents including a gold mounted child's tooth, a silver and enamel cuff links etc.   £30-40


175.   A case of gilt metal and mother of pearl Dress Studs, cuff links, buttons etc.   £30-40


176.   A Continental open face Fob Watch with white dial in gold case and in a plush lined leather travelling case, with two keys.   £70-100


177.   A silver oval Pendant set with an opal and cubic zirconia on a fine link neck chain.   £45-50


178.   A silver gilt Dress Ring set with five coral.   £35-40


179.   A pair of silver Pendant Earrings set with marcasite.   £25-30


180.   A pair of circular silver Earrings each set with cubic zirconia.    £20-30


181.   A silver dress Ring with a centre oval opal surrounded by cubic zirconia.    £35-40


182.   A pair of silver and marcasite pendant Earrings.    £20-30


183.   A silver Ring with pierced decoration.   £25-30


184.   A pair of silver, marcasite and mother of pearl pendant Earrings.    £25-30


185.   A silver gilt Pendant set with opals.    £35-40


186.   A silver dress Ring with a centre opal surrounded by cubic zirconia.    £25-30


187.   A French jet Necklace, a jet leaf shape brooch, beadwork bag and other items.   £40-60


188.   A matched Cultured Pearl Necklace, each 9 to 9.5mm with an 18ct. diamond set clasp, and a pair of Pearl Earrings.   £100-150


189.   A Continental gold Wedding Band and a Continental signet ring engraved with a crest.   £100-150


190.   A 14ct. engine turned gold Cigarette Case inset with a white gold monogram, the clasp set with small sapphires, the interior with an inscription dated '1925'.   (135gms)   £2000-2500


191.   A George V gold Half Sovereign, 1913.   £90-110


192.   An 18ct. gold seven stone diamond cluster Ring.   £400-500


193.   A 9ct. gold Dress Ring set with six small diamonds and various coloured stones.   £80-100


194.   A 9ct. gold Ring set with diamonds in a rub over setting and inscribed 'I Love You'.   £100-120


195.   A 9ct. gold Dress Ring set with four rows of small diamonds.   £300-400


196.   A 9ct. gold Dress Ring set with a row six pearls, flanked by small diamonds.   £60-80


197.   A George V gold Sovereign, 1912, mounted in a 9ct. gold ring.  (total weight 14.8gms)   £200-250


198.   A 9ct. gold Signet Ring with an oval onyx panel.   £50-80


199.   A 9ct. gold curb link Bracelet with padlock clasp and hung with various gold charms.  (37gms).   £300-400


200.   A 9ct. gold flat link Neckchain.  (14.8gms).   £120-150


201.   A 22ct. gold Wedding Band.  (3gms)   £50-80


202.   A 9ct. gold Signet Ring.  (3.5gms)   £30-40


203.   Two 9ct. gold stone set Dress Rings.   £30-40


204.   An 18ct. gold Dress Ring with a sapphire and two diamonds in a rub over stepped setting.   £80-120


205.   A fine link gold Neckchain, hung with two blue tourmalines.    £30-40


206.   A 9ct. gold oblong Pendant of pierced design, set with a small diamond and on a fine link neckchain.   £50-70


207.   A silver rope twist Neckchain, matching bracelet, other silver neckchains etc.   £30-40


208.   An engraved silver Bangle, an adjustable silver bangle, silver curb link bracelet with padlock clasp and one other.   £30-40


209.   A 9ct. gold link Bracelet with padlock clasp and a 9ct. gold rope twist neckchain.  (7.5gms)   £60-80


210.   A 9ct. gold belcher link Bracelet with padlock clasp.   (11gms)   £90-120


211.   A 9ct. gold fine link Neckchain, (4.2gms), a gilt metal adjustable guard chain and a gilt metal watch chain.   £40-60


212.   The Book of Common Prayer with an embossed silver cover 'The Light of the World', after Holman Hunt, Birmingham, 1905, maker Reynolds & Westwood.   £30-50


213.   A 9ct. gold gatelink Bracelet with padlock clasp.  (12.1gms).   £100-150


214.   A 9ct. gold rope twist Neckchain and a small gold bracelet with padlock clasp.  (19gms)   £170-200


215.   A late Victorian gold Sovereign, 1895, in a gold pendant surround and on a gold neckchain.  (total weight 17.9gms)   £250-300


216.   A late Victorian gold Half Sovereign, 1900, in a gold pendant fitting and fine link chain.    £90-120


217.   A Hefik ladies Wristwatch with square dial in 9ct. gold case, another gold cased ladies wristwatch and two others.   £50-80


218.   A 15ct. gold bar Brooch set with a single diamond within a filigree surround.   £70-100


219.   An amethyst and seed pearl Brooch, seed pearl bar brooch, oval hardstone brooch set with gilt flowers and other items.   £50-80


220.   A jet Necklace Pendant, silver fob on a silver chain, other fobs, silver gilt pendant etc.   £50-70


221.   A Cyma open faced Military Pocket Watch inscribed 'G S T P'   £50-60


222.   A Victorian open faced, key wind, Pocket Watch with subsidiary seconds dial in engine turned silver case, London, 1850.   £30-40


223.   A late Victorian open faced, key wind, Pocket Watch with subsidiary seconds dial in silver case, Chester, 1896.   £50-60


224.   A Cyma open faced Pocket Watch with white dial and another pocket watch inscribed 'A Yewdall, Leeds', in silver case, Birmingham, 1908.   £30-40


225.   A Swiss open faced Pocket Watch with white dial and subsidiary seconds dial in engine turned silver case.   £30-40


226.   Another open faced Pocket Watch in silver case, Chester, 1902.   £40-50


227.   An open faced Pocket Watch inscribed 'Graves, Sheffield' in silver case, Chester, 1901 and another inscribed 'Bevan, Birkenhead', in silver case.   £30-50


228.   A William IV open faced, key wind, Pocket Watch with subsidiary seconds dial in engine turned silver case, London, 1831, maker Charles Harle.   £50-70


229.   A Victorian open faced, key wind, Pocket Watch, the white dial inscribed 'A & J Kleiser, York' in silver case, Chester, 1870.   £50-70


230.   An open faced, key wind, Pocket Watch in engine turned silver case, London, 1875.   £30-40


231.   A Victorian Hunter Pocket Watch with white dial, subsidiary seconds dial, in silver case, Chester, 1887.   £40-60


232.   A box of various Pocket Watch Parts.   £20-30


233.   A Ladies Rolex Wristwatch in 18ct. gold case, no. 3297, on a Rolex flexible strap marked '15ct.'    £200-250


234.   A George V gold Half Sovereign, 1914.   £90-110









Collectors Items


235.   A box containing number of black and white Photographs of Steam Locomotives.   £20-30


236.   Two boxes of Trix 'OO' Gauge Railway.   £20-30


237.   A similar lot of 'OO' gauge Railway   £20-30


238.   A Trix 'OO' Gauge Train Set.  (boxed).   £15-20


239.   A number of British Rail Wagon Labels and some railway luggage labels.   £20-30


240.   A number of Trix 'OO' Gauge Mono Railway Signals.   £10-20


241.   A box of 'OO' Gauge Trix line side Figures etc.   £20-30


242.   An early 20th Century Distler clockwork tinplate open top Omnibus with driver, a wooden garage with shutter door and a petrol pump.   £120-150


243.   A pair of 19th Century Continental Spelter figures 'Faneur' and 'Bergere'.  25" (64cms) high.   £100-120


244.   A Japanese bronze Plate decorated with a raised pattern of figures and landscapes and with script mark to the reverse.  12" (31cms) diameter.    £50-70


245.   A box of vintage topographical Postcards of Scottish views.    £40-60


246.   A box containing a collection of assorted vintage Postcards of overseas views.    £30-40


247.   Another box containing assorted world Postcards.    £30-40


248.   A set of late Victorian wooden Picture Blocks in original box with three printed pattern sheets.    £50-70


249.   A tin of glass Marbles in various sizes.    £20-40


250.   An Indo-Persian circular hide shield with four metal bosses.  21" (53cms) diameter.    £50-70


251.   An early 19th Century Flintlock double barrel Pistol by Cox & Weatherhead, Derby with over and under barrels, sliding safety and wooden grip.  6" (15cms) long overall.    £100-150


252.   An early 19th Century Flintlock Pistol by Calvert, Leeds with sliding safety and wooden grip.  6" (15cms) long overall.    £50-80


253.   Two Cellos, both in extremely poor condition.     £50-100


254.   An Etruscan design cast bronze Oil Lamp with loop handle and two bronze chariots.    £50-80


255.   A number of early 20th Century Posters including furniture and agricultural auctions, theatre, Tickhill garden fete etc.   £20-30


256.   A French JTL Violin labelled 'Celebre Vosgien', length of back 14 1/2" (37cms), with two bows, cased, (a/f) and one other violin, cased.   £40-60


257.   A Dolls House in the form of a three storey brick built house with double bay frontage.  38" (96cm) wide x 38" (96cms) high complete with furnishings and accessories and raised on a low stand.    £150-200


258.   A Black Forest folding Book Slide carved with bears.   £50-60


259.   An Air Ministry bubble Sextant in Bakelite case Mark IXBM6B/315 No. 3393/43.     £40-60


260.   A set of Jewellers Weights by Baird & Tatlock, Hatton Garden, London in a Bakelite case and a set of brass sovereign and half sovereign scales.    £40-60


261.   A 19th Century Needlework Sampler with buildings, flowers, birds, trees etc. by Sarah Illingworth.  13" (33cms) x 15" (38cms).   £40-60


262.   A Victorian brass banded walnut Table Writing Box with interior writing slope and presentation plaque, dated 1869.  18" (46cms) wide.   £40-60


263.   A large plush covered Teddy Bear.  26" (66cms) high.   £30-50


264.   An early 20th Century Autograph Book with drawings, verse, pressed flowers etc.   £20-30


265.   A 19th Century painted treen String Box in the form of a cottage inscribed 'A Brighton Trifle', a papier mache box and cover and a wooden box with sliding cover.   £30-40


266.   An ebonised Evening Cane, the ivory crook handle carved with a rat, fruit etc. and a shoehorn with carved wood Hare head handle.   £70-100


267.   An early 19th Century Staffordshire enamel circular Box, the hinged cover inscribed 'The gift is small but love is all' and with interior mirror, another snuff box inscribed 'A trifle from Dartmouth' and a Victorian mother of pearl notecase.  (a/f)   £40-60




268.   After SIR GEORGE FRAMPTON; a small gilt bronze copy of the statue of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens on a marble plinth.   height of statue 4" (10cms).   £50-80


269.   A Merrythought plush covered Toy Dog, a Chiltern toy horse, plush covered small teddy bear and a plush covered lion.   £30-50


270.   A pair of Thompson of Kilburn 'Mouseman' adzed oak Bookends with carved mouse signature.    £200-300


271.   •SALLY ARNUP (b.1930); a Bronze study of a greyhounds head on a square marble base, signed and numbered 1/X.  3 1/2" (9cms) high overall.  ARR   £200-250


272.   •SALLY ARNUP (b.1930); a Bronze study of a donkeys head, signed and numbered 111/X, on a marble base.  8" (20cms) overall.  ARR   £200-250


273.   •SALLY ARNUP (b.1930); a Bronze study of a hares head signed and numbered 111/X.  4" (10cms) high.  ARR   £100-150


274.   A bronze Study of a baby's head inscribed with initials 'G R' and on a marble plinth.  9" (23cms) high.   £150-200


275.   •SALLY ARNUP (b.1930); a bronze figure of a Shetland Pony on an oblong marble plinth, no. 1/X.  8" (20cms)  high.   ARR   £200-300


276.   •SALLY ARNUP (b.1930); a large bronze of a Retriever on a marble base.  14" (36cms) wide.   ARR   £300-400



277.   A small table top glazed Display Case and contents of small collectable items including silver book mark, gilt decorated glass scent flask, various lace bobbins, miniature dolls and other items.   £100-150


278.   An Edwardian oak Smoker's Cabinet with hinged top and pair of glazed doors, fitted with small drawers.  13" (34cms) wide.   £20-30


279.   After J PHILIPP; a modern bronze Figure of an Art Nouveau dancer on a marble plinth.  22" (56cms) high.     £100-150


280.   A pair of late 19th Century classical female Spelter Figures on oval bases. 16" (41cms) high.    £50-70


281.   A Japanese bronze Jardiniere decorated with a raised pattern of birds and flowers.  8" (21cms) diameter.    £50-70


282.   A Chinese pale green and russet Jade Carving of a mythical horned beast clutching a spray of lingzhi in its mouth.  2" (5cms) long, 18th Century.    £400-600


283.   An ancient Axe Head.  7" (17cms) long.   £40-60


284.   A 19th Century Sail Makers Seam Rubber of arched spade form.  8" (20cms) long.   £70-100


285.   An Eastern metal Prayer Wheel with wooden handle.   £20-30


286.   A 19th Century leather Photograph Album containing portrait photographs, mostly Polish, two smaller photograph albums with similar content and a framed portrait photograph.   £80-120


287.   Five Chisels, the wooden handles inscribed 'G Piercy', an ebonised cylindrical ruler, slide rule etc.    £20-30


288.   A wooden built scale model of a Farm Cart.  2' 5" (74cms) long.   £40-60


289.   A Thompson of Kilburn 'Mouseman' oak kidney shape Tray with carved mouse signature.  18" (46cms) wide.    £200-300


290.   A pair of Victorian portrait Photographs of a lady and gentleman in folding leather frames.   £20-30


291.   An enamel Railway Sign 'Romsey'.   13" (33cms) x 44" (112cms).   £50-80


292.   A Doll's House in the form of a two storey house with gables and shuttered windows, together with various contents.  24" (61cms) wide.  £50-70


293.   A printed Map of New Malton.   12" (31cms) x 10" (25cms).   £20-30


294.   A green onyx circular Bowl with variegated pattern on a pedestal foot, 8" (20cms) diameter.   £50-70


295.   A figured walnut Box with baize lined interior and brass handles.  16" (41cms) wide.    £40-60


296.   A Plan of the freehold building land at Ravenscar, Yorkshire, April 1918.   2' 8" (81cms) x 40" (102cms).   £30-50


297.   A coloured Plan of the Harwood Wood Estate, Yorkshire, September, 1930, forming part of the auction sale details.  3' 3" (99cms) x 29" (74cms).   £30-50


298.   A Victorian Needlework Panel of Religious figures with painted paper faces, the gilt slip inscribed 'Albina Katharine Brownlee' and in a broad rosewood frame.  22" (56cms) x 19 1/2" (50cms).   £50-80


299.   A Plan of the Brompton Estate, Yorkshire, 1953, forming part of the auction sale details by Knight Frank & Rutley.  2' 5" (74cms) x 3' 1" (94cms).   £40-60


300.   A pair of Victorian mahogany circular Foot Stools, with needlepoint tops and compressed bun feet.     £40-60


301.   An early 19th Century Political Poster regarding the election of Wilberforce and Lasselles, published 1807 and another poster regarding Mr Lasselles concerning slavery published by Leeds Mercery.   £70-100


302.   A 19th Century Map of Central Asia, published by C. Smith of London, another of Polynesian Islands, published 1840 and two other maps, all unframed.   £15-20


303.   An Oboe by Hawkes & Sons, in original wooden case.   £180-220


304.   A silver plated Super Monopole Soprano Saxophone by Couesnon & Co. Paris, no. 52491 & 10184, cased.     £200-300


305.   An Armand Marseille Bisque Doll with sleeping eyes, open mouth and dressed in Highland costume, model No. 390.  18" (46cms) high.     £50-80


306.   A quantity of Dolls House Furniture including gate leg table, Jacobean design chairs dressers etc.    £70-100


307.   Two pairs of Turkish ornamental Slippers, two hand painted Oriental fans, gilt and leather jewellery box and other items.    £30-50


308.   A red Documents Box with brass swans neck handle and Bramah lock.  18" (46cms) wide.    £30-40


309.   A Vintage leather Hat Box with various old luggage labels and a leather suitcase.    £30-40


310.   A pair of Chinese embroidered silk Panels.  Each 13 1/2" (34cms) x 8 1/2" (22cms).    £30-40


311.   A pair miniature oval head and shoulders Portrait Photographs of a Military officer and his wife with some over painting and housed in a leather case, each portrait 2 1/2" (6cms) x 2" (5cms).    £50-80


312.   A Cantonese ivory Box with carved decoration the cover pierced for use as a marker and containing seventy seven mother of pearl counters with engraved decoration.  Length of box 5" (13cms).    £200-300


313.   A Chinese black lacquer Games Box decorated in red and gilt with figures and buildings, the interior fitted with seven covered boxes and four counter trays and raised on paw (one missing).   14" (36cms) wide.   £70-100


314.   A plated Sandwich Box by Swaine & Adeney, London, in a leather pouch, another Swaine & Adeney box engraved with initials 'M S' and dated 1920 and one other.   £30-50


315.   A malachite Jewellery Box with hinged cover and padded interior, 5 1/2" (14cms) wide, a gilt metal desk seal with malachite handle, pair of malachite and brass candlesticks and a plated model of a kangaroo on a malachite base.   £100-150


316.   A pair of Japanese bronze Candlesticks in the form of water lilies and pads, one with a frog and the other a bird.  8" (20cms) high (one a/f)   £30-50


317.   A pair of 19th Century Cantonese ivory cylindrical Vases carved and pierced with small figures, 4" (10cms) high, a Cantonese ivory paper knife carved with figures and flowers and five serviette rings.   £70-100


318.   A 19th Century Continental carved ivory group of a Shepherd his sheep and a dog, on a wooden base, various other small carved ivory animals including elephants, dogs, birds, etc. and various other items.   £150-200


319.   AFTER THE ANTIQUE; a small bronze of a naked male seated on a rock, 4" (10cms) high.   £50-80


320.   A bronze figure of Mercury on a wooden plinth and with presentation plaque, dated 1925.  11" (28cms) high.   £50-80


321.   A Mabie Todd self filling Fountain Pen in black case and a propelling pencil.   £20-30


322.   An ebonised Evening Cane with 800 standard silver crook handle.   £40-50


323.   A brass and leather covered, three draw, Telescope by A Ross, London.   £40-60


324.   A 19th Century Ledger covering the period from 1845 detailing various transactions, debits and credits etc.   £30-40


325.   A Suitcase and contents of Masonic Regalia, books, etc.   £40-50


326.   A brass circular three branch rise and fall Light Fitting with frosted glass shades, 19" (48cms)  diameter.   £30-40


327.   A metal hanging Ceiling Light Fitting with scroll brackets and glass shade.   £20-30


328.   After The Antique; a bronze figure of the Venus De Milo on a veined marble base.  20" (51cms) high.   £150-200


329.   A 19th Century miniature oval Portrait on ivory of the head and shoulders of a young man with inscription to the reverse and dated 1841?   £40-60


330.   A Continental gilded copper Panel decorated in high relief with the head and shoulders of Jesus Christ and in an ebonised frame.  4" (10cms) x 3" (8cms).    £80-120


331.   A set of travelling balance Scales, miniature portrait, corkscrew, clock winder and other items.    £3-40


332.   A photograph Album and contents of mainly 1930's photographs including Viceroy's Challenge Cup Polo, Simla 1937, other Indian photographs, Staff College Camberley in the 1940's etc.    £40-60


333.   A pair of 20th Century Chinese soapstone Dogs of Fo.   Each 5" (13cms) high.   £40-60


334.   A Photograph Album and contents of military photographs including Indian scenes, Royal Military Academy etc. circa 1920s.   £50-70


335.   A group of eleven Halcyon Days Valentines Day enamel Boxes.    £100-120


336.   A group of seven Halcyon Days enamel Boxes variously decorated.    £60-80


337.   A George V Short Sword for the Queens Bodyguard to Scotland, the Royal Company of Archers with double edged fullered blade, etched with a Royal Cipher and coat of arms by J Stewart George Street Edinburgh with a heavy brass hilt and foliate cast grip and cross guard with leather scabbard.  Length of blade 20" (51cms).    £100-150


338.   A 19th Century Continental porcelain Etui formed as a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and with white metal mounts.  4 1/2" (11cms) long.    £150-200


339.   A 19th century Continental agate Cup with loop handle.  2 1/4" (6cms) high.    £50-80


340.   A tortoise shell and ivory bordered Cigarette Box with divided interior.  7" (18cms) long.    £70-100


341.   A Shagreen square Cigarette Box with ivory borders.  4 1/2" (11cms) wide.    £50-80


342.   *** NO LOT ***


343.   A brass oblong Box engraved with 18th Century figures, 4" (10cms) wide, a number of brass curtain rings, lacquered triangular shape box and a pair of lacquered finger plates.   £30-40


344.   An early 20th Century oak Picnic/Card Table with fold over baize lined top, the interior comprehensively fitted with chromium and glass fittings, cutlery, unused packs of playing cards etc. and on a folding leg stand.  2' 3 1/2" (70cms) wide.   £150-200


345.   A mid 19th Century rosewood sarcophagus shape Tea Caddy, 10" (26cms) wide and an unusual mahogany two division caddy with loop handle and single drawer.   £50-80


346.   An onyx Inkstand with perpetual Calendar and mounted with a horseshoe and another inkstand with hinged inkwell and cold painted bronze figure of a horse.  6" (15cms) wide.   £50-80


347.   An onyx Pen Tray with a cold painted bronze figure of a horse and a perpetual calendar mounted on an onyx base.   £50-80


348.   A collection of five small glass circlet Light Shades, each hung with spear and button cut lustre drops.   £50-80


349.   A set of fifteen small table Lamp Shades, each hand painted with hunting scenes.   £50-80


350.   A pair of Candlesticks, each hung with button and spear cut lustre drops on bronze bases, each with a reclining greyhound.  8"  (20cms) high.   £80-120


351.   A pair of Empire design gilt metal, two branch, Table Candlesticks, hung with spear and button cut lustre drops, on marbled bases and paw feet.  11" (28cms) high.   £50-80


352.   A pair of Ross 10 x 50 Binoculars inscribed 'The Lord Irwin, Swynford Paddocks, Six Mile Bottom, Newmarket' in a leather case inscribed 'W Callaghan & Co., Clifton Street, WI'   £50-70


353.   A mahogany fluted column Candlestick Table Lamp, 21" (53cms) high, another, a pair of similar lamps and a vase column table lamp.   £40-60


354.   A leather Attaché Case by John Peck & Son, Southwark, London, with a Bramah lock and with the Royal Cypher of George VI, the brass name plate inscribed 'Lord President of the Council'.  (one strap missing)   £50-80


355.   A set of forty Ordnance Survey folding Maps of England and Wales in leather case.    £50-80


356.   A similar lot of Ordnance Survey Maps.    £50-80


357.   A set of thirty four Ordnance Survey folding Maps of Scotland in a leather case and a number of other folding maps in a small suitcase.    £40-60


358.   A Hardy three piece graphite Salmon Fly Deluxe Rod.  15' 4" (long).   £80-100


359.   An Edwardian Hall Mirror with upright bevelled plate and glove box under.   £15-20


360.   A pair of 17th Century design gilt wood Table Lamps with scroll feet.  19" (49cms) high.   £40-60


Pictures & Prints


361.   An unsigned still life Oil on Canvas of a vase of pink roses, 17" (44cms) x 14" (36cms) and an old master print.   £30-40


362.   JOHN PEATY; two boats on the Ure, Oil on Board, signed.   15" (38cms) x 23 1/2" (60cms).   £50-80


363.   An unsigned Watercolour of Dover Harbour with Castle on the hill side.  8 1/2" (22cms) x 12" (31cms).   £20-40


364.   Indistinctly signed, late Victorian English School Oil on Canvas of figures seated by a river bank.  13 1/2" (34cms) x 17" (43cms).   £150-200


365.   An unsigned Victorian Oil on Canvas of man seated at an office table, holding a quill pen.  16" (41cms) x 12" (31cms).  (unframed)   £50-80


366.   JOAN K DODDS; Pastel Drawing of a winter woodland scene, signed.  15" (36cms) x 21" (53cms).   £20-30



367.   MARY HELEN SHAW; a cobbler seated in a rush seat chair working on a shoe, Oil on Board, signed and dated 1893.   35" (89cms) x 27" (69cms).   £300-500


368.   LLAH. TREBOR; pack horse bridge with cattle in the foreground, Oil on Canvas, signed and dated 1894.   19 1/2" (50cms) x 29" (74cms).   £200-300


369.   GEORGE WEATHERILL (1810-1890); Whitby Abbey, Watercolour, signed.  4 1/4" (11cms) x 8" (20cms).   £300-400


370.   A series of five unsigned Pencil Drawings of local views including Yedingham, Norton, Flamborough etc., each 4 1/2" (11cms) x 8 1/2" (16cms) and three other pencil drawings in similar subjects, circa 1930.   £50-70


371.   WILLIAM GREAVES; shepherd and sheep on a country lane, Oil on Board, signed and dated 1918.  13" (33cms) x 19" (49cms).   £50-80


372.   An unsigned 19th Century English School Oil on Canvas of a hunting scene with a figure on horseback, two dogs etc.  16 1/2" (42cms) x 21" (53cms).   £70-100


373.   W E TAYLOR; sheep and sheep dog on a country path, Oil on Board, signed and dated 1908, 15 1/2" (39cms) x 24" (61cms) and an unsigned oil of a farmyard scene.   £50-80


374.   18th Century English School; 'The Political Raree Show, the 1779 Election', in the form of twelve satirical panels published for the West Minster Magazine, June 1779, by Fielding & Walker, 9 1/2" (24cms) x 13" (33cms) and an authentic view of the Crystal Palace at Sydenham, a coloured print, 6" (15cms) x 17" (43cms).   £70-100


375.   A set of six Bachelors Hall coloured Hunting Prints in reeded ebonised frames.     £30-50


376.   COOK after HOGARTH; five 18th Century black and white Engravings, "The Rakes Progress" and another from a different series.    £40-60


377.   After WILLIAMS; a set of four 19th Century coloured Hunting Prints.    £20-40


378.   Style of Armfield, a pair of Oil Paintings on canvas of sporting dogs. Each 7 1/2" (18cms) x 10 1/2" (27cms).    £70-100


379.   After GEORGE MORLAND; a coloured Print, "Return from Market" another "The Door of The Village Inn" and one other print.    £30-50


380.   Harris after Alken; "The First Steeplechase on Record", four coloured Prints published 1839.    £40-50


381.   A pair of coloured Hunting Prints after Alken, two other hunting prints, a pair of Cries of London prints and others.    £30-40


382.   Ernest Albert Chadwick (1876-1955); "Wellington Near Hereford from the Cottage Homes of England", watercolour, signed.  7" (17cms) x 10" (25cms).    £100-150


383.   A 19th Century Watercolour of Tudor and Medieval buildings. 11" (28cms) x 16" (41cms).     £30-50


384.   A Turner; "Westminster from The River Thames", watercolour, signed.  6 3/4" (17cms) x 10" (26cms) and an Edgar Leuchars, another watercolour of Grayshott, Surrey.  8" (20cms) x 10" (26cms).    £40-60


385.   A Victorian Watercolour heightened in white of a child seated with a dog in oval mount.  17" (43cms) x 13" (33cms) and two watercolours.    £40-60


386.   H G GRAY; 'Dome of the Rock', Jerusalem, Watercolour, signed.  24" (61cms) x 18" (46cms) .   £80-120


387.   Circle of THOMAS PHILLIPS; 'Samuel Buck, of Carnaby & Ulley Esq.' Oil on Canvas.  29" (74cms) x 24" (61cms).   £400-600


388.   An unsigned half length Oil Portrait of a lady in large gilt frame, 32" (81cms) x 26" (66cms) and an overpainted portrait.   £150-200


389.   ANGELA DOUGLAS CONNER; 'Donkey' a Pen & Ink Study.  14" (36cms) x 18 1/2" (47cms) with Tryon Gallery label.   £100-150


390.   BAKER after PEARCE; black and white Engraving 'Lord Hawke', to the members of the Badsworth Hunt and a print of the Liverpool steeplechase, 1852, in a tray frame.   £30-40


390A. After ZOFFANY; a coloured Print 'Colonel Mordaunt's Cock Match' and a coloured print of Mr C Davis, his Majesty's Huntsman.    £30-50


391.   MAGGIE WOOD; still life Pencil Drawing, a floral coloured print and two frames.   £20-30


392.   After ROWLANDSON; a hand coloured Print 'A Dog Fight', a Vanity Fair print 'The Postmaster General' and one other.   £20-30


393.   A modern Oil Painting on panel of Victorian children in a heavy gilt frame.  11 1/2" (29cms) x 15 1/2" (39cms).   £50-70


394.   ALBERT THOMAS PILE (1882-1981); an album of Pen & Ink Drawings of the Birmingham area, sketched when staying in Solihull in the 1970s.   £100-150


Clocks & Barometers


395.   A Victorian Mantel Clock with white dial in architectural style black marble case, the dial inscribed 'Dallas, Inverness' and with presentation plaque.  20" (51cms) wide.   £50-80


396.   A small early 20th Century Mantel Timepiece, the brass dial inscribed 'Tarratt, Leicester' in mahogany case.  6" (15cms) high.   £20-30


397.   A 19th Century Longcase Clock the arched dial painted with a figure and flowers, with eight day movement in mahogany case, with swans neck pediment, baluster turned pilasters, the trunk with a small door and half round pilasters on bracket feet.  7' 9" (237cms) high.    £200-300


398.   An 18th Century Longcase Clock, the steel and brass dial with date aperture and inscribed 'John Rogers, Leominster', with eight day movement in oak and mahogany case, with shell inlaid door on bracket feet.   6' 11" (211cms) high.   £300-400


399.   A 19th Century Longcase Clock, the painted arched dial inscribed 'C Skelton, Malton' with 30 hour movement in oak case, with domed top, plain turned pilasters and long trunk door, with canted corners on bracket feet.  7' (214cms) high.   £300-400


400.   A Dial Clock with white dial in stained wooden case.  12" (31cms) diameter.   £50-70


400A. A 19th Century French Garniture, the mantel clock with a white dial and floral painted decoration in a brass case raised on brass white marble pilaster and on a marble base, together with a pair of matching two branch candlesticks.  Height of clock 16" (41cms)   £400-600


401.   An aneroid Barometer inscribed Wilson & Sharp, Princes Street, Edinburgh in a classical brass case with three candle sconces, lion mask and leaf decoration etc.  19" (48cms) high.     £50-80



Carpets & Rugs


402.   An Afghan Bokhara Rug of traditional elephants foot design on a beige field and boarded.  5' 8" (173cms) x 4' 2" (127cms).   £60-80


403.   A Turkoman Rug with three rows of octagons on a red field and multi stripe border.  6' (183cms) x 4' 3" (130cms).     £60-80


404.   Another Turkoman Rug of similar design.  5' 9" (175cms) x 4' 1" (125cms).    £60-80


405.   An Afghan Bokhara Rug of traditional design on a beige field and multi stripe floral border.  6' 3" (190cms) x 4' 4"(132cms).    £60-80


406.   An Indian Prayer Rug with Mihrab panel on a green field and bordered.  4' 10" (148cms) x 3' (92cms).    £50-60


407.   A Baluchi Rug of geometric design on a blue field and bordered.  4' 4" (132cms) x 3' 1" (94cms).    £60-80


408.   A Keshan pattern Rug with a centre floral medallion on a beige field and bordered.  6' 3" (190cms) x 4' 7" (140cms).   £60-80


409.   A Bokhara pattern Rug of traditional elephants foot design on a green field and bordered.  6' 3" (190cms) x 4' 7" (140cms).   £60-80


410.   A Heriz pattern Rug with a geometric centre medallion on a beige and red floral field and bordered.  7' 6" (230cms) x  5' 3" (160cms).   £80-100


411.   A Bokhara Rug of traditional design on a blue field and multi stripe border.  7' 6" (230cms) x 5' (152cms).   £80-100


412.   A Keshan pattern Rug with an all over floral design in red, blue, cream etc.  7' 6" (230cms) x 5' 3" (160cms)   £80-100




413.   An early 19th Century mahogany Cottage Dining Table with oblong drop leaves on square supports.  5' 1" (155cms) x 3' 6" (107cms).   £20-30


414.   A George III oak bow fronted Corner Cupboard enclosed by a pair of panel doors.  2' (61cms) wide.    £60-80


415.   A Victorian figured walnut oval Dining Table with quarter veneered top on a baluster column and quartette splay supports with scroll terminals.  4' 8" (143cms) x 3' 7" (110cms).   £200-250


416.   An early Victorian mahogany Linen Press, the upper section fitted with sliding trays and enclosed by a pair of panelled doors, with two long and two short drawers under on a shaped apron and splay supports.  4' 3" (130cms) wide.   £150-200


417.   A Regency mahogany Tea Table with 'D' shape fold over top, line inlaid decoration on square tapering supports.  2' 11 1/2" (90cms) wide.   £50-80


418.   *** WITHDRAWN LOT ***


419.   An 18th Century oak Dresser with boarded canopy Delft rack, above three frieze drawers, two cupboard under enclosed by fielded panel doors on stile supports.   5' 7" (170cms) wide.   £500-800


420.   A Globe Wernicke oak six tier sectional Bookcase enclosed by glazed up and over doors.  2' 9 1/2" (85cms) wide.   £200-300


421.   A Minty oak five tier sectional Bookcase enclosed by leaded glass and panelled doors.  2' 11" (89cms) wide.   £200-300


422.   A Victorian mahogany Chest of three long and two short drawers with turned pull handles and turned supports.   3' 6" (107cms) wide.   £50-80




423.   An Edwardian Cheval Mirror with bevelled plate, with the suppliers label of Blower Ltd., Shrewsbury, in mahogany frame, with ebony and boxwood stringing and on splay supports.     £100-150


424.   An early Victorian mahogany bow fronted Chest of three long and two short graduated drawers with turned pull handles, shaped apron and splay supports.  3' 5" (105cms) wide.   £80-120


425.   An Edwardian mahogany, Adam design, Display Cabinet inlaid with a faux dentil cornice and enclosed by single glazed tracery and panelled door, flanked by glazed side panels, with inlaid decoration and undertier on square tapering supports and spade feet, bearing the label of Maple & Co.  4' 4" (132cms) wide   £100-150


426.   An early 18th Century oak Coffer with plain hinge lid and three panel front, with lozenge and scroll carved decoration and with the initials 'H A' on stile supports.  4' (122cms) wide.   £100-150


427.   A Regency mahogany Tea Table with folder over top, on turned centre column and quartette splay supports.  2' 11" (89cms) wide.   £80-120


428.   Three Victorian mahogany frame bar back Dining Chairs, another with fluted turned supports and one other chair.   £40-60


429.   A mahogany bow fronted corner Washstand with galleried back, white marbled top and undertier, bearing the trade label of Bell & Coupland, Lancaster, 2' 8" (81cms) wide, together with three pieces of toilet china.   £40-60


430.   A Victorian beech and elm Windsor Elbow Chair with panelled seat and turned supports.     £50-80


431.   A Victorian mahogany Tea Table with fold over oblong top, dummy frieze drawer and turned supports.  3' 7" (110cms) wide.   £70-100


432.   A 19th Century mahogany circular tilt top Supper Table on a gun barrel column, triple splay supports.  3' 1" (94cms) diameter.   £80-120


433.   A 19th Century mahogany frame Elbow Chair with rail back, upholstered seat and square supports with the inventory label of Sir R B Graham, Bart, Norton Conyers.     £50-80


434.   A mahogany circular Occasional Table on a baluster turned column and triple splay supports.  23" (58cms) diameter.   £30-40


435.   A George III mahogany Bureau with hinged fall and fitted interior, four long graduated drawers under on bracket feet.  3' 4" (102cms) wide.   £100-150


436.   An early 19th Century oak and mahogany banded Corner Wall Cupboard with dentil cornice and inlaid panelled door.  2' 7" (79cms).   £30-40


437.   A set of seven Georgian design mahogany frame Dining Chairs with pierced splat backs drop in seats and square tapering supports (one Carver).    £150-200


438.   An early 19th Century Square Piano Case, adapted for use as a serving table with three drawers, with painted floral decoration on fluted turned supports.  5' 6" (170cms) wide.   £100-150


439.   A Georgian oak and pine Bureau with later carved decoration, hinged fall, fitted interior, four long graduated drawers under on bracket feet.  3' 6" (107cms) wide.    £50-100


440.   A late 19th Century Continental oak Sideboard with carved border, single centre drawer above an open kneehole, flanked by a pair of cupboards with carved decoration.  5' 7" (170cms) wide.   £40-60


441.   A George III oak Bureau Cabinet, the upper section with dentil cornice, mahogany banding and enclosed by a pair of cross banded panelled doors, cross banded hinged fall under, with a fitted interior above three long and two short graduated drawers, on bracket feet, 3' 8" (112cms) wide.   £300-400


442.   E GOMME - a G Plan oak drawleaf Dining Table on baluster turned supports and with the 'E G' label, 3' (92cms) x 6' (83cms) extended length, together with a set a six panel back dining chairs with drop in seats on baluster turned supports.     £150-200


443.   A late 18th Century oak Dresser Base with three frieze drawers above two cupboards with fielded panel doors on stile supports.  6' (183cms) wide.   £150-200


444.   An early 19th Century oak and mahogany banded Corner Wall Cupboard enclosed by a single panel door.  2' 4" (71cms) wide.   £40-60


445.   An 18th Century design oak Coffer with plain hinged lid, triple panel front, on stile supports.  3' 11" (120cms) wide.   £100-150


446.   An early 19th Century oak Corner Wall Cupboard with dentil cornice enclosed by single panelled door.  2' 3" (69cms) wide.   £30-50


447.   A Regency mahogany Tea Table with fold 'D' shape top, with cross banded decoration on a baluster turned column and quartette splay supports with brass terminals.  3' 4" (102cms) wide.   £200-250


448.   A 19th Century mahogany two part Campaign Secretaire Chest with fall front writing drawer, the interior fitted with small drawers and pigeon holes, with long drawers under on bracket feet.  2' 9" (84cms) wide.   £200-300


449.   A Lebus four tier oak sectional Bookcase, the upper section with a raised three quarter gallery and a dentil cornice and enclosed by glazed up and over doors.  2' 11" (89cms) wide.   £200-250


450.   A 20th Century walnut Collector's Cabinet inset with burr walnut panels, fitted with a centre cupboard and an arrangement of fourteen small drawers, with patent locking mechanism, reeded canted corners and short cabriole supports.  2' (61cms) wide.   £200-250


451.   A 19th Century oak Corner Wall Cupboard with serpentine front shelves enclosed by clear glass door.  2' 1" (64cms) wide.   £40-60


452.   An 18th Century oak Chest of three long and two short graduated drawers with brass handles on bracket feet.  3' (92cms) wide.   £150-200


453.   A Victorian figured walnut three division Canterbury Whatnot of serpentine outline, with pierced fret carved panels, single base drawer on short turned supports.  22" (56cms) wide.   £150-200


454.   A small Chest of eight drawers with glass handles and turned supports.  20 1/2" (52cms) wide.   £50-70


455.   An Edwardian inlaid rosewood and mahogany Armchair with upholstered seat and back on square tapering supports, two Victorian balloon back chairs and a 19th Century mahogany dining chair.   £50-80


456.   An Edwardian Foot Stool with upholstered top, a small Victorian upright swing toilet mirror and an oak two division magazine rack.   £20-40


457.   A pair of 18th Century oak Dining Chairs with fiddle splat backs, panelled seats and chamfered square supports.   £30-40


458.   A 1920's oak Partners Desk with tooled leather top and fitted with various drawers and cupboards.   4' 6" (137cms) x 3' 6" (107cms)   £100-150


459.   An early 20th Century oak Corner Cabinet, the upper section enclosed by a clear glass door with further clear glass door under on bracket feet.  3' (92cms) wide.   £70-100


460.   A George III mahogany circular tilt top Occasional Table with pie crust top on a baluster turned column and triple splay supports on claw and ball feet.  2' 3" (69cms) diameter.  (later carved).   £70-100


461.   A Regency mahogany centre Table with moulded edge and rounded corners, with egg and dart decoration, on panel end supports with turned stretcher and on fluted turned supports.  2' 9" (84cms) wide.   £150-200


462.   An early Victorian satinwood Writing Table in the style of Gillows, with tooled leather writing surface and two frieze drawers with mahogany mouldings, raised on fluted turned columns and fluted stretcher on splay supports with scroll terminals.  3' 6" (107cms) wide.   £300-400


463.   A 19th Century mahogany oval tilt top Breakfast Table on turned column and triple splay supports, 3' 9" (116cms) wide and a Victorian rosewood circular occasional table, 18" (46cms) diameter (a/f).   £50-80


464.   A late Victorian walnut Cupboard with a raised back and enclosed by pair of panel doors on a plinth base.  2' 6" (76cms) wide.   £30-50


465.   An 18th Century oak Chest of three long and two short graduated drawers with brass swans neck handles on bracket feet.  2' 9" (84cms) wide.   £80-120


466.   An 18th Century walnut Chest of three long and two short drawers with cross banded drawer fronts and oak sides on bracket feet.  3' 1" (94cms) wide.  (adapted).   £100-150


467.   A late Victorian mahogany breakfront kneehole Sideboard, the seven drawers with cross banded decoration, oval handles and on splay supports.  4' 4" (132cms) wide.   £70-100


468.   A Regency mahogany Pembroke style Supper Table with drop flaps and rosewood crossbanding, fitted with a single end drawer on baluster turned column and quartette splay supports.   3' (92cms) wide.   £100-150


469.   An early 19th Century mahogany Cupboard with dentil cornice, enclosed by a pair of panelled doors, 3' 1" (94cms) wide and a small Victorian mahogany glazed wall cupboard, 20" (51cms) wide.   £50-80


470.   A Regency mahogany Supper Table with drop leaves on a baluster turned column and quartette splay supports, formed from a larger table.  4' 9" (145cms) x 3' 4" (102cms)   £80-120


471.   An Edwardian mahogany Linen Press inlaid with satinwood banding, the interior with sliding trays enclosed by panelled doors, beneath an arched cornice, with two long and two short drawers under on shaped apron and splay supports.  4' 1" (125cms) wide.   £300-400


472.   A 17th Century oak Coffer with six panel hinged top and four panel front carved with stylised flowers etc. on bun feet.  5' (153cms) wide. £200-300


473.   A George III mahogany Chest of four long and two short graduated drawers on bracket feet.  3' 7" (109cms) wide.   £80-120


474.   A late Georgian mahogany upright swing Toilet Mirror fitted with a small centre drawer and flanked by two deeper drawers and one other swing toilet mirror.   £40-60


475.   A Georgian design upright Wall Mirror with gilt eagle pediment and gilt slip in fret carved mahogany frame, 33" (84cms) high and a smaller similar mirror.   £40-60


476.   An Edwardian mahogany Sheet Music Cabinet with blind fret carved decoration, enclosed by a single panel door on turned cluster columns.  22" (56cms) wide.   £30-50


477.   A 19th Century mahogany Corner Cupboard with stepped and dentil cornice, enclosed by a single glazed tracery door.  2' 5" (74cms) wide   £40-60


478.   A Victorian mahogany circular tilt top Breakfast Table on a baluster turned column and triple splay supports.  3' 11" (120cms) diameter.   £100-150


479.   An oak Office Filing Chest of eight drawers, believed to have been used in Russell & Wranghams Brewery.  18 1/2" (47cms) wide.   £50-80


480.   A small Oriental black and gilt lacquered Cupboard decorated with landscapes and enclosed by a pair of panelled doors with single drawer.  15 1/2" (40cms) wide.   £40-60


481.   A mid 19th Century oblong swing Toilet Mirror in mahogany frame and on three drawer stand, with compressed bun feet.      £30-50


482.   An early 20th Century oak folding Writing Table, the interior with leather mounted desk blotters, inscribed 'Leuchars & Son, Piccadilly, London' on splay supports.  2' (61cms) wide.   £50-80


483.   A low Victorian mahogany Sewing Table with two frieze drawers, dummy drawers to the reverse and drop leaves, on a baluster turned column and platform base.  19" (49cms) wide.   £70-100


484.   A Continental Bedstead of Biedermeier design, originally with a canopied top.   3' 6" (107cms) wide   £50-80


485.   *** NO LOT ***


486.   A small 19th Century upright swing Toilet Mirror in mahogany frame and skeletal stand and wall mirror with arched mahogany frame.   £30-40


487.   An oval swing Toilet Mirror in mahogany frame with chequer banded decoration and skeletal stand, one other toilet mirror and a convex wall mirror (a/f).   £50-70


488.   A Georgian design upright Wall Mirror with bevelled plate, gilt slip and fret carved mahogany frame with eagle pediment, 29" (74cms) high and one other bevel edged wall mirror in a gilt frame.   £30-50


489.   An Edwardian walnut Davenport with hinged stationery compartment and tooled leather writing slope with four side drawers on turned front columns.  21" (54cms) wide.   £50-80


490.   An Edwardian mahogany frame Elbow Chair with inlaid decoration, upholstered seat and splay supports.    £30-40


491.   A Victorian mahogany frame spoon back Nursing Chair with carved cresting rail, upholstered seat and back and cabriole supports.   £50-80


492.   A Victorian tub shape Armchair with button upholstered back and seat on short turned supports.     £30-40


493.   A mahogany Display Cabinet enclosed by a pair of glazed tracery doors on short shaped supports and claw and ball feet.   3' 5" (104cms) wide.   £30-40







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