01904 489731

01904 489731

Malton Antique Sale

Wednesday 31st January



1.     A Victorian Paragon Ewer and Basin, 19th Century Davenport Willow Pattern serving dish, three Willow Pattern meat plates etc.  £30-40


2.     A Doulton Lambeth pottery Cream Separator produced for The Churn Company, Hailsham, titled "The Creamsep", impressed factory marks.  10" (26cms) diameter.  £40-60


3.     A pair of 19th Century Staffordshire Egg Crocks in the form of hens on nests with copper luster decoration one with chipped tail feathers, 12" (31cms) wide.  £50-70


4.     A Whieldon style 18th century Plate with a moulded border, 9" (23cms) diameter; a pottery Cow Creamer and a 19th century Staffordshire Mug decorated with an oriental pattern.   £30-40


5.     A Victorian Derby oval two handled Sucrier and Cover decorated in blue and white, a Victorian Derby Slop Bowl, Bursley ware Fairyland Jug and 19th century Pastille Burner (a/f).   £30-40


6.     A Royal Doulton Mr Pickwick Jug decorated with raised Dickensian characters and printed marked base, 5½" (14cms) high.   £20-30


7.     A Royal Copenhagen Figure of a boy seated on a rock whittling a stick, no. 905, 7" (18cms) high.   £30-40


8.     A Royal Copenhagen Figure of a kid goat on a rock, no. 4760, 4" (10cms) high.   £30-40


9.     A Royal Copenhagen Figure of a rabbit eating lettuce, no. 1019, 3½" (9cms) high.   £20-30


10.   A Royal Crown Derby large Teddy Bear Paperweight with gold stopper.   £35-40


11.   A Royal Crown Derby Bulldog Paperweight with a silver stopper.  £35-40


12.   A Royal Crown Derby Cottage Garden Cat Paperweight with silver stopper.   £30-35


13.   A Poole Pottery Vase decorated in the Delphis pattern, 4" (10cms) high, and a Poole Pottery Saucer Dish. £20-30


14.   A pair of Royal Crown Derby oval shallow Dishes decorated with flowers, and a pair of Grainger's Worcester shell shape Dishes.   £20-30


15.   A Royal Copenhagen Bowl moulded with a lobster, No.3498, 7" (17cms) diameter; a small Royal Copenhagen Pin Tray (chipped) and a Bing & Grondahl Olympic Games Plate 1976.  £20-30


16.   A collection of 18th and 19th Century Mugs including a small can inscribed "A Trifle for Sarah" another printed with a shooting scene, an early alphabet mug etc.  £40-60


17.   A Herend group of two ducks, another duck ornament and a pair of Continental standing figures.  6" (15cms) high.  £30-40


18.   A Jackfield type pottery Cow Creamer decorated in black and gilt and two Goebel cattle ornaments.   £30-40


19.   A Studio Pottery Plate painted with a landscape, another painted with animals, and various other pottery Plates and Bowls, etc.   £30-50


20.   A Studio Pottery Bowl decorated in yellow and green, 11" (28cms) diameter; a Bowl and Cover decorated with poultry, two other covered Bowls, and a plaster Wall Plaque decorated with a horse.    £30-40


21.   A Studio Pottery Noah's Ark by the Running Hare Pottery containing various animals; a pottery Model of a Church, and a pottery Plaque decorated with lambs.    £30-50


22.   A Fulham Pottery Mug by Vicky Walton painted with a continuous band of garlic cloves in pink and blue and with double loop handle, 3" (7.5cms) high, and two other Studio Pottery Cups.    £70-100


23.   Quentin Bell (1910-1996) Fulham Pottery Cup painted with a circular pattern in blue and red, etc., and with double loop handle, the base inscribed "Fulham Pottery, Quentin Bell", 3½" (9cms) high.    £100-150


24.   David Leach (1911-2005) a pottery Vase of waisted design with mottled green glaze and seal mark to base, 7" (18cms) high.    £30-50


25.   A glazed Studio Pottery triangular shape Vase signed with initials SLG and decorated with hares, 6½" (16cms) high; a Studio Pottery Model of a Hare, another inscribed "Jameson" and other similarly decorated items.    £30-40


26.   A number of Framed Pottery Shards variously painted with hares, dogs, etc.    £30-40


27.   A pottery Mouse by M. Leadbetter Cornwall, and various small items of Studio Pottery.     £20-30


28.   A collection of 19th Century Miniature Items including tea cups and saucers, mugs a jug etc. (a/f)    £30-40


29.   A John Beswick Nursery Bookend, a pair of pottery bookends in the form of hares and other items of pottery.     £30-40


30.   A Studio Pottery circular Stand decorated with hares, a Platter decorated with a blackbird and fruit, and other pieces of Studio Pottery.    £30-40


31.   A Burmantofts Faience Ware Jardiniere Stand of fluted blue glaze design together with an associated jardiniere (a/f).  3' 2" (97cms) high.     £40-60


32.   A Leeds Art Pottery Jardiniere and Stand decorated with a raised floral pattern in yellow and blue on a cream ground.  3' 6" (107cms) high (a/f).     £40-60


33.   A pair of blue and white square Vegetable Dishes and covers printed with the elephant pattern after a design by John Rogers & Sons and within a floral border.     £30-40


34.   A Victoria china Tea Set decorated with sprays of flowers, comprising twelve cups, eleven saucers, twelve plates, tea pot, milk jug, sugar bow and bread and butter plate.     £30-40


35.   A pair of Royal Doulton Chine pattern Vases with a dark blue collar and foot.  10" (26cms) high and a pair of Cauldon two handled baluster vases (one damaged).     £30-50


36.   A Victorian Tea Set decorated in copper luster with panels of flowers comprising twelve cups and saucers, tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, waste bowl and two plates together with a similar tea pot and cup and saucer.     £50-80



37.   A Copeland Cadogan Teapot moulded with leaves and berries, an Allervale chamber candle stick and two green glazed pottery vases of Linthorpe design.     £40-60


38.   A 19th century Wedgwood oblong two handled green glazed shallow Dish decorated with sun flowers, three other Wedgwood leaf pattern dishes and various other (a/f).     £30-40


39.   A Victorian Staffordshire Figure of Admiral Napier, 15" (38cms) high (a/f), and a Staffordshire Group of two Highlanders around a clock face, 14" (36cms) high.    £30-40


40.   An Italian Maiolica Albarello inscribed in blue "Pliris Arco" above a painted cockerel within a floral surround,

            5½" (14cms) high.     £70-100


41.   A Ridgways Sauce Tureen printed with the figures on a bridge pattern in blue and white complete with cover, stand and ladle.     £20-30


42.   A Staffordshire Pottery Egg Crock in the form of a hen and chick on a nest, 8" (20cms) wide and a smaller hen (a/f).      £25-30


43.   A 19th century Continental Ink well of circular design the hinged cover decorated with an applied flower head within a pink and gilt lattice border and painted with small sprays of flowers.  3" (7½cms) high and with Sevres mark to base.     £30-40


44.   A Wedgwood Black Basalt cylindrical Vase decorated with classical figures, trees etc. and the base signed John Wedgwood, 6" (15cms) high, a Wedgwood Black Basalt jug and a Wedgwood pen holder.     £30-40


45.   A Fishley Holland Pottery Loving Cup, commemorating the 1953 Coronation, 5½" (14cms) high, a similar small mug, and a 1977 Jubilee commemorative mug.     £35-40


46.   A near pair of copper lustre Goblets decorated with a band of flowers and a copper luster mug.     £20-30


47.   A Dunster Studio Pottery Vase decorated with flowers on a black ground.  4" (10cms) high, a Dunster pottery mug, Fishley Holland jug and other items. (eight in total).     £30-40


48.   Six Minton Coffee Cans and Saucers, Royal Doulton early morning tea set, Victorian tile, possibly Davenport and other items.     £40-60


49.   A Droitwich Studio Pottery Platter painted with fish, Studio Pottery mottled vase and eight other similar pieces.     £20-30


50.   A 19th Century Wedgwood black Basalt Cream Jug and sugar bowl decorated with union emblems, a Wedgwood green Jasper ware jar and cover, Copeland Spode bowl and a Wedgwood blue Jasper jug.     £30-40


51.   A pair of early 20th Century Wall Plaques painted with thrushes.  13" (33cms) diameter and a German wall plaque decorated in high relief.  13" (33cms) diameter.     £20-40


52.   Two 19th Century small Staffordshire King Charles Spaniel Mantel Ornaments, a Samson design baluster jar and cover, pair of standing figures and a Continental dog ornament.     £20-40


53.   A K'ang Hsi Saucer Dish with figures in blue and white, 4" (10cms) diameter; an 18th century small Chinese Bowl bearing a label from the Camau shipwreck, 2½" (6cms) diameter; a 19th century Chinese Bowl, 10" (26cms) diameter (a/f), and one other item.    £40-60


54.   A German pottery Figure of a woman playing a hurdy gurdy, 6" (15cms) high, and six other continental Figure ornaments (a/f).    £30-40


55.   A 19th century Cream ware oval Butter Tub with moulded decoration, 5½" (14cms) wide; a Cream ware circular shallow Dish, and three ceramic Bin Labels.    £30-40


56.   A pair of Dresden circular covered Jars with floral encrusted decoration, various other small Jars, continental Cups, etc (a/f).    £30-40


57.   An early Victorian Minton and Boyle part Dinner Service decorated with Japanese flowers within a blue border comprising; ten soup plates, six other plates in various sizes, a dessert bowl, oblong meat plate and a smaller meat plate.     £40-60


58.   A German porcelain three light Candelabrum in white glaze with applied flowers and a cherub to the base.  14" (36cms) high.    £30-50


59.   A collection of four early Vietnamese pottery Ink Pots, variously decorated in blue etc. seven small flasks and one other item.     £100-150


60.   A Group of seven Royal Doulton Character Jugs including 'Robin Hood', 'The Falconer', 'Smuggler', etc., all large size.    £30-40


61.   A Royal Doulton Character Jug 'Aramis', another 'Viking', another 'Falstaff', two others, all mid-size, and a Beswick Character Jug.    £20-30


62.   A Lalique Ange pattern Champagne Flute with signature marked base. 8" (20cms) high.     £50-70


63.   An early 19th Century glass triple ring neck Decanter with gilt decoration and replaced stopper.     £20-30


64.   A 19th Century glass Goblet on a cushion knop stem, another, a pedestal oval salt and three other pieces.     £20-30


65.   An etched and coloured glass Liqueur decanter with three glasses together with a gilt decorated circular glass tray, two further liqueur glasses and a sherry decanter.     £30-40


66.   A Venetian glass shell shape Dish decorated with lattice and twisted cane work. 6" (15cms) wide.      £30-40


67.   A Loetz style green glass baluster Vase with metal cover and a red and orange Studio Glass bowl and a frosted glass comport base.      £20-30


68.   An etched glass Cheese Dome and stand.     £20-30




69.   A Miner's Safety Lamp by The Protector Lamp & Lighting Company, Eccles, no. 366, 9" (23cms) high.    £30-40


70.   A 19th century copper circular Kettle and Stand, 19th century side pouring Coffee Pot, copper Mug and other items.    £30-40


71.   An early 20th century Belgian cast iron Coal Scuttle with high relief decoration and hinged cover.     £50-70


72.   A Victorian copper Two Gallon Measure with loop handle.     £20-40


73.   A brass Fire Curb, pair of Fire Dogs and various implements.    £40-60


74.   A number of Horse Brasses on leather straps, loose brasses, etc.     £30-40


75.   A quantity of hammered pewter Tea Ware, pewter mugs, etc.     £20-30


76.   A pair of Victorian brass Table Candlesticks, 7" (17cms) high; a chamber candlestick, copper and brass powder flask, etc.     £30-40


77.   A collection of twenty four Horse Brasses of various designs.     £30-50


78.   A 19th century copper oval Tea Caddy with crescent shape lift by J. Picard & Co. Regent Street, a copper oval kettle, copper hot water jug, brass hot water can and other items.     £40-60


79.   A cylindrical copper Log Bin.  14" (36cms) diameter.     £80-100


80.   A collection of thirteen brass Hub Caps including Kirkstall Forge Company Leeds, Wellington Co-op Society etc.     £30-40


81.   A pair of Victorian Gothic style wrought iron ornamental Door Straps.     £30-40


82.   A 19th century Dutch pattern brass oval Jardiniere with lion mask ring handles and paw feet.  18" (46cms) wide.     £70-100


83.   Two Coaching Horns, ornamental brass Box, brass Candlesticks, and other items.    £30-40




84.   Rev. Robert Tyas "Beautiful Birds Described", three volumes, circa 1860 with green boards, small octavo.     £30-50


85.   Leni Riefenstahl "Schonhet im Olympischen Kampf" with many photographic illustrations, gilt decorated cloth boards, published Berlin 1937, 4to.     £30-50


86.   E Kay Robinson (ed.) "The Countryside Magazine" bound in four volumes, 1905-1907 with gilt decorated green boards.     £30-40


87.   The Ballet Annual, four volumes from 1947; Ballet Design Past and Present, and other books.    £30-40


88.   Walter Wells "A Souvenir of Sir Arthur Sullivan" published 1901; World War 1914-18, volume 1 only, and other books.    £20-30


89.   A box of assorted Books including "Giles, A Life in Cartoons", Weekly Hansard February 1946, and various other books.    £20-30


90.   Nicolaus Visscher "The Sacred Histories of the Old and Neu Testament Represented by Very Artificial Figurs", illustrated with black and white engravings, published in Amsterdam (boards detached etc.)    £100-150


91.   "The Trade Catalogue of Garden Furniture and Ornament" by John P White, The Pyghtle works Bedford, Henry Liverseege a Volume of engravings, a Trade Catalogue of Chinese Art Old English Silver and Fine Paintings for Spink & Sons London and other books.     £50-80


92.   Theo Marzials, "Pan Pipes, A Book of Old Songs", illustrated by Walter Crane, published 1883; The Louis Wain Nursery Book published by James Clarke & Co, London, and other Children's Books.    £50-80


93.   E Beresford Chancellor, "The Lives of the Rakes", two volumes, limited edition, no. 43/300, signed by the author, published 1924.      £30-40


94.   A series of six Miniature Books from the Vade Mecum edition, two Miniature Religious Tract volumes, a 1906 Pocket Diary and Alessandro Manzoni Miniature Copy of I Promessi Sposi, all contained in a set of miniature gilded book slides and a number of other miniature books.    £30-40


95.   RACKHAM ARTHUR (Illustrator); "The Romance of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table" by Alfred W Pollard, published 1917, with coloured plates and black and gilt boards.      £50-80


96.   RACKHAM ARTHUR (Illustrator); "Irish Fairy Tales" by James Stephens, published 1920, with coloured plates and green and gilt boards.     £50-80


97.   RACKHAM ARTHUR (Illustrator); "Andersen's Fairy Tales" by Hans Christian Andersen, first edition, published 1932, with coloured plates and red and gilt boards.     £50-80


98.   RACKHAM ARTHUR (Illustrator); "A Wonder Book" by Nathaniel Hawthorne, published by Hodder & Stoughton Ltd, with dust jacket and coloured plates.     £50-80


99.   RACKHAM ARTHUR (Illustrator); "English Fairy Tales" retold by Flora Annie Steel, published by Macmillan & Co. Ltd 1918, with coloured plates and red and gilt boards.     £40-50


100. RACKHAM ARTHUR (Illustrator); "The Compleat Angler" by Izaak Walton, published by George G Harrap & Co. Ltd 1931, with coloured plates and dust jacket.     £50-80


101. RACKHAM ARTHUR (Illustrator); "Siegfried & The Twilight of the Gods" by Richard Wagner and translated by Margaret Armour, published by William Heinemann 1911, with coloured plates and cream and gilt boards.     £50-80


102. RACKHAM ARTHUR (Illustrator); "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving, published by George G Harrap & Co. Ltd. 1928, with coloured plates and dust jacket.     £50-80


103. RACKHAM ARTHUR (Illustrator); "Aesop's Fables" translated by V. S. Vernon Jones and with an introduction by G. K. Chesterton, published by William Heinemann 1912, with coloured plates and green and gilt boards.     £50-80


104. RACKHAM ARTHUR (Illustrator); "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll, published by William Heinemann, with coloured plates and green and gilt boards.     £40-50


105. RACKHAM ARTHUR (Illustrator); "Tales from Shakespeare" by Charles & Mary Lamb, published by J. M. Dent & Co. Ltd 1909, with coloured plates and green and gilt boards.     £30-50


106. RACKHAM ARTHUR (Illustrator); "Tales of Mystery & Imagination" by Edgar Allen Poe, published by George G. Harrap 1935, first edition, with coloured plates and black and gilt boards.     £50-80


107. RACKHAM ARTHUR (Illustrated); "Gulliver's Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World" by Jonathan Swift, published by J.M. Dent & Co. Ltd 1909, with coloured plates and black and gilt boards.     £50-80


108. PARRISH MAXFIELD (Illustrator); "Poems of Childhood" by Eugene Field, published by John Lane, with coloured plates and red and gilt boards.     £40-50


109. RACKHAM ARTHUR (Illustrator); "A Dish of Apples" by Eden Phillpotts, published by Hodder & Stoughton, with coloured plates and dust jacket and another "Mother Goose the Old Nursery Rhymes", published by William Heinemann, with coloured plates.     £40-50


110. RACKHAM ARTHUR (Illustrator); "The Springtide of Life; Poems of Childhood" by Algernon Charles Swinburne, published by William Heinemann 1918, with coloured plates and green and gilt boards and another "Poor Cecco" by Margery Williams Bianco, published by Chatto & Windus 1923,  with coloured plates and orange and red boards.      £50-80


111. RACKHAM ARTHUR (Illustrator); "The Ring of Niblung, The Rhinegold and The Valkyrie" by Richard Wagner, translated by Margaret Armour, published by William Heinemann 1939, first edition with coloured plates and blue and black boards.      £50-80


112. TARRANT MARGARET (Illustrator); "An Alphabet of Magic" by Eleanor Farjeon, with dust jacket, another "The Magic Lamplighter" by Marion St. John Webb, with coloured plates and yellow and black boards and "Rhymes of Old Times", with coloured plates and dust jacket, all published by The Medici Society.     £50-80



113. SPOONER DIDBIN M. (Illustrator); "The Golden Staircase, Poems for Children chosen by Louey Chisholm" published by T. C. & E. C. Jack with coloured plates and cream and gilt boards, SMITH WILLCOX JESSIE (Illustrator) " A Child's Garden of Verses" by Robert Louis Stevenson, published by Charles Scribners Sons, with coloured plates and blue boards.      £50-80


114. THOMPSON HUGH (Illustrator); "She Stoops to Conquer or The Mistakes of a Night" by Oliver Goldsmith, published by Hodder & Stoughton, with coloured plates and green and red boards and ROBINSON CAYLEY F. (Illustrator) "The Blue Bird, a Fairy Play in Six Acts" by Maurice Maetorlinck, published by Methuen & Co. Ltd. 1911, with coloured plates and blue and gilt boards.    £50-80




115. ANDERSON A. (Illustrator); "Aucassin and Nicolette" translated by Harold Child, published by Adam & Charles Black 1911, with coloured plates and cream and gilt boards, another version ARMFIELD MAXWELL (Illustrator), translated by Eugene Mason, published by J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd. 1910, with coloured boards and cream, gilt and blue boards.     £50-80


116. "The Story of Ida: Epitaph on a Etrurian Tomb" by Francesca and with preface from John Ruskin, published by George Allen 1883, HENDERSON KEITH & WILKINSON NORMAN (Illustrators) "The Romaunt of the Rose" by Geoffrey Chaucer, published by Chatto & Windus, with coloured plates and grey and gilt boards.     £50-80


117. W Graham Robertson "A Masque of May Morning", published 1904 and illustrated in colour by the author, with dust wrapper "Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh and Other Pageants" by the same author, published 1907, in original pictorial blue boards.     £60-80


118. Oscar Wilde "A House of Pomegranates" with illustrations by JESSIE M KING, published 1915 in original blue boards, Percy Bysshe Shelley "The Sensitive Plant" illustrated by CHARLES ROBINSON in original decorative gilt boards and Tennyson's Dream of Fair Women and other Poems illustrated by FLORENCE HARRISON. 


119. EILEEN A SOPER "Happy Rabbit" published 1947 by MacMillan & Co, written and illustrated by the author and inscribed in pencil "Kindly Return to Eileen A Soper, Harmer Green, Welwyn, Herts", and another copy of the same book without dust wrapper.    £70-100


120. John Ruskin "The King of the Golden River", Christina Rossetti "Goblin Market" and Robert Browning "The Pied Piper of Hamlin" all illustrated by ARTHUR RACKHAM, paperbacks, circa 1930s.    £40-60


121. Agnes & Egerton Castle "Our Sentimental Garden" illustrated by CHARLES ROBINSON, published 1914; W Heath Robinson "Bill the Minder", and H Fielding-Hall "Margaret's Book" illustrated by CHARLES ROBINSON.    £60-80


122. Thomas Rose "Westmorland, Cumberland, Durham and Northumberland Illustrated" in tooled leather boards, A.E.G.    £40-60


123. Clifford Mills "Where the Rainbow Ends" illustrated by LEO BATES; George MacDonald "At the Back of the North Wind" illustrated by JESSIE WILLCOX SMITH, published 1919, and Grace Rhys "In Wheelabout and Cockalone" illustrated by MARGARET TARRANT, published 1918.    £60-80


124. "Let's Pretend", poems by Georgette Agnew illustrated by ERNEST H SHEPARD, limited edition no. 118/150, signed by the author and the illustrator in quarter vellum boards.    £70-100


125. Fiona McLeod (William Sharp) "The Immortal Hour" published 1939 by The City of Birmingham School of Printing, and Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale "Golden Book of Songs and Ballads" in green and gilt boards.    £40-60


126. Lady Margaret Sackville "The Dream Pedlar" illustrated by FLORENCE ANDERSON and CLARA SHIRLEY HAYWARD, published 1920; Fiona Malcolm "My Fairy Land" published 1917, and Githa Sowerby "Yesterday's Children" illustrated by MILLICENT SOWERBY, published 1908.    £40-60


127. Kate Greenaway "Pictures from Originals" presented by her to John Ruskin and other personal friends with an appreciation by H M Cundall, published Frederick Warne & Co. 1921, in original green and gilt boards; Kate Greenaway "Under the Window", first edition, and Kate Greenaway's Painting Book, paperback.    £40-60


128. A box of Antiques Reference Books.    £20-30


129. "Mother Goose" illustrated by JESSIE WILLCOX SMITH, first printing 1938; Charles Kingsley "The Water Babies" illustrated by JESSIE WILLCOX SMITH; "Corners of Grey Old Gardens" illustrated by MARGARET WATERFIELD, first edition, 1914, and various other illustrated books.    £30-50


130. Constance Armfield "Sylvia's Travels" illustrated by MAXWELL ARMFIELD; Shakespeare's "The Winter's Tale" illustrated by MAXWELL ARMFIELD, and other books.    £30-40


131. Samuel Taylor Coleridge "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" presented by Willy Pogany and published by George Harrap in grained Morocco, and five other illustrated books.    £50-80


132. Joan Aiken "A Kingdom Under the Sea and Other Stories" illustrated by JAN PIENKOWSKI, first edition, 1971 with dust wrapper; A A Milne "The King's Breakfast" illustrated by ERNEST H SHEPARD, first edition 1925 with dust wrapper; Catherine and Percival Perry "The Island of Enchantment" illustrated by WINIFRED BROMHALL, and M Nightingale "Tony-O'-Dreams" illustrated by C T NIGHTINGALE, published 1919.    £60-80


133. Eleanor Farjeon "An Alphabet of Magic" illustrated by MARGARET TARRANT, published by The Medici Society; two copies of Tommy Tregennis by Mary Phillips illustrated by M V WHEELHOUSE, and Charles Kingsley "The Heroes or Greek Fairy Tales for my Children" illustrated by W RUSSELL FLINT, published 1914.    £40-60


134. Louey Chisholm "The Enchanted Land, Tales Told Again" illustrated by KATHARINE CAMERON, published 1906 in original green and gilt boards.    £40-60


135. Harriet Lyle Sefton "The Dream Imp and Others" illustrated by GERTRUDE E MACQUIGG; Christine Chaundler "The Golden Years" first edition, published 1950, and "Easter Eggs", from the German, illustrated by M V WHEELHOUSE, published 1908.    £40-60


136. Dorothy Clewes "Henry Hare and the Kidnapping of Selena Squirrel" illustrated by Patricia Turner with dust wrapper; two volumes by Ernest Aris "Three Bad Ducklings" and "The Mystery of Cabbage Patch House", and Agness Cash "Foxy Brush-tail" published 1933.    £40-60


137. Lucy Dawson "Neighbours", published 1946 with dust wrapper; "Peter Pan's ABC" illustrated in colour by FLORA WHITE, and "The Robber Bridegroom" illustrated by H S OWEN from a fairy tale by Grimm, 1922.    £40-60


138. "Elfin Song" a book of verse and pictures by Florence Harrison, published Blackie & Son, 1912, in original grey and gilt boards.    £60-80


139. Dora Owen (ed.) "The Book of Fairy Poetry" illustrated by Warwick Goble, published 1920; Charles Kingsley "The Water Babies" illustrated by MABEL LUCIE ATTWELL circa 1930, and Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales illustrated by CECILE WALTON.    £60-80


140. ERNEST H SHEPARD "Drawn from Memory", first edition, published 1957, signed by Shepard and dated 1957, and "Drawn from Life" by the same author, first edition, 1961, both with dust wrappers.    £40-60


141. Frances Hodgson Burnett "The Secret Garden", illustrated by CHARLES ROBINSON, published Heinemann, London, 1911, in original green and gilt boards.    £60-80


142. H Fielding-Hall, "Margaret's Book", illustrated by CHARLES ROBINSON, in red and gilt boards; Lilian Gask "The Fairies and the Christmas Child", illustrated by WILLY POGANY, and Eugene Field "Lullaby-Land", illustrated by CHARLES ROBINSON, with inscription dated 'Xmas 1906'.    £60-80


143. Marie, Queen of Rumania, "Peeping Pansy", illustrated by MABEL LUCIE ATTWELL, published by Hodder & Stoughton in red and gilt original boards.    £60-80


144. A A Milne, "Winnie-the-Pooh", illustrated by E H SHEPARD, first edition published Methuen 1926 with dust wrapper and map end papers. and A A Milne, "The House at Pooh Corner", first edition 1928 in red and gilt boards.    £200-300


145. Mervyn Peake, "Titus Groan", "Gormenghast" and "Titus Alone", the three volumes of the Titus Trilogy, all first editions with dust wrappers, and Maeve Gilmore "A World Away", a memoir of Mervyn Peake, published 1970 with dust wrapper.    £200-300


146. A box of Antiques Reference Works.    £20-30


147. A box of assorted Novels, poetical works, reference works etc. mainly quarter leather bound, some with the name of the binder S. Howe of Guilford.     £30-40


148. "The Temple Shakespeare" twenty seven volumes, published by J Dent circa 1905, in original red and gilt boards and eight volumes of Robert Browning's works published by Smith, Elder & Co.     £40-50



149. "The Works of William Makepeace Thackeray" published by Thomas Nelson 1900-1906, ten volumes in leather bindings with gilt decoration.     £30-50


150. "The Makers of Florence" by Mrs Oliphant, published by McMillan & Co. 1892, in full calf; "Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow" published 1882 and "The Pilgrims Progress" by John Bunyan published 1890.     £40-60


151. Yoshio Markino "My Idealed John Bullesses", first edition published 1912 and Karl Vollmoeller "Turandot Princess of China" both in original pictorial boards and various other books.     £30-40


152. The Beano Book 1954, Girls Crystal Annual 1947 and three other books.     £20-30


153. The Park Cattle Herd Book, an incomplete run of nine volumes from 1921-1944, The British White Cattle Herd Book, various volumes from 1946, eight British Friesian Herd Books from 1958 and various others.     £50-70


154. William Lambard "A Perambulation of Kent Conteining the Description, Hystorie and Customs of that Shyre" published 1576 and including a map at the beginning of the volume, rebound in full calf.     £400-600


155. Raphael Holinshed "The Chronicles of England, Ireland & Scotland" bound in two volumes, 1592 pages, from the reign of William I to Elizabeth I, finished in January 1587, and "printed in Aldersgate Street at the sign of the Starre".    £800-1200


156. Raphael Holinshed "The Chronicles of England, Scotland & Wales, bound in one volume, 464 pages, finished in 1587 and "printed in Aldersgate Street at the sign of the Starre".    £800-1200


157. E Atkinson "Elementary Treatise of Physics, Experimental and Applied" published 1875 in full calf with the "The Leys School" boards and Joseph Priestly "Experiments and Observations of Different Kinds of Air" published 1774, rebound in full calf with folding frontispiece.     £150-200


158. W G Collingwood "The Life and Work of John Ruskin" with portraits and other illustrations, two volumes, published 1893 in tree calf, "The Poetical Works of William Cowper" two volumes published 1854 in full calf and "The Works of Sheridan" published two volumes 1873.     £100-150


159. "The Poetical Works of Lord Byron", complete in one volume, published 1845 in full calf, "The Works of Edmund Spenser", published 1845 and four other volumes of poetical works in leather bindings.     £80-100


160. William Hargrove "History and Description of the Ancient City of York", published 1818 in two volumes with marbled boards and leather spines; Edmund Bogg "Higher Wharfland and Lower Warfland" two volumes published 1904 and C B Night "History of the City of York" first edition published 1944.     £80-100


161. Winston S Churchill "A History of the English Speaking Peoples" four volumes with dust wrappers and two sets of "The Second World War" by Winston Churchill.     £50-70


162. Markus - Eliezer Bloch "Fishes" published by the Ariel Press 1959, paperback with dust wrapper.     £50-60




163. A pair of WMF plated Bottle Stands with embossed decoration, and a pair of plated Vases.    £20-30


164. A pair of Art Deco plated table Candlesticks with square section, tapering stems and on a spreading square foot,  8" (20cms) high.     £30-40


165. A Sheffield plate oblong bread Basket with pierced sides and shell moulded handles.  11" (28cms) wide, plated cheese dish and cover with glass liner, plated toast rack and a pair of plated snuffing scissors.     £30-40


166. An engraved plated Vesta Case, large table Vesta Case and two Lighters.    £20-30


167. A suite of plated rat tail pattern Table Cutlery comprising twelve table forks, eleven dessert spoons, twelve fish knives and forks, and twelve bone-handled knives.    £40-60



168. A set of six plated Dessert Knives and Forks with mother-of-pearl handles, boxed, and other boxes of plated Cutlery.    £30-40


169. A set of twelve plated Teaspoons and Tongs with pierced finials, a silver bead edged Christening Spoon and Fork, and set of six plated Teaspoons and Tongs.    £30-40


170. A quantity of assorted plated Cutlery, bone-handled Knives, etc.    £30-40


171. A quantity of plated Cutlery, Lobster Picks, Berry Spoons, etc.    £30-40


172. A number of plated Sugar Tongs, plated Cutlery, bone-handled Knives, etc.    £20-30


173. A plated Sauce Boat, various plated Challenge Cups, two Berry Spoons and other items.    £20-40


174. A Dutch plated baluster Vase, three-piece Carving Set, plated oval Teapot and other items.    £30-50


175. A plated baluster panel-sided Hot Water Jug with matching sugar bowl and milk jug, plated oval entree dish and cover, pedestal mustard pot, etc.     £30-40


176. A silver upright Photograph Frame with moulded edge and oval aperture, Birmingham 1912, and one other silver Frame.    £60-80


177. An engraved silver Vesta Case, another, silver case pencil and one other item.     £30-50


178. A set of five early Victorian silver fiddle pattern Table Forks engraved with an initial, London 1838, maker Charles Shipway; a pair of matching dessert forks and three other dessert forks, London 1900.  (21.8ozs.)    £170-200


179. A silver backed three-piece Dressing Table Set with embossed decoration, Birmingham 1971, and a similar Comb.    £20-30


180. A pair of cast silver Candlesticks with stylised leaf decoration, Birmingham 1907, maker Elkington & Co. 9" (23cms) high.     £200-250


181. A George III silver circular four bottle Cruet with pierced sides on claw and ball feet and with loop handle, fitted with three glass cruets, one with a hallmarked silver cover, the stand assayed for London 1771.     £80-120


182. A pair of Georgian design silver table Candlesticks with shell moulded decoration on a cushion knop stem and square base, London 1916, maker Reid & Sons.  9" (23cms) high.     £300-400


183. A 19th century continental white metal oval shallow Dish with scroll handles, decorated in high relief with classical figures, cherubs, warriors, etc., 15" (39cms) wide overall.    £100-150


184. A pair of silver heart shape Dishes with shell moulded borders and a set of five plated Candlesticks each 8" (15cms) high.    £40-60


185. A silver three piece circular Condiment Set comprising a pair of salts and mustard pot, each with blue glass liner, London 1938, maker Edward Barnard & Sons.     £30-40




186. A gold curb link Bracelet hung with various gold charms, 40.4g.    £300-400


187. Another gold curb link Bracelet hung with various charms, 22.3g.    £200-250


188. An 18ct. gold Wedding Band.  (3.1gms) and a pair of 9ct. gold oval cufflinks (4.1gms).     £70-100


189. A plain 22ct. gold Wedding Band (5.1gms).     £100-120


190. A 9ct. gold Eternity Ring set with square cut rubies and diamonds.     £70-100


191. An 18ct. gold Dress Ring with a pave set cluster of small diamonds.     £50-80


192. Two Lady's Wristwatches in 9ct. gold cases.     £40-60


193. A Gentleman's Rotary Wristwatch with baton numerals and various other Wristwatches.    £20-30


194. A quantity of assorted Costume Jewellery including bead necklaces, earrings, etc.    £20-30


195. A 9ct. gold curb link Watch Chain, (38.6gms).     £300-400


196. A 9ct. gold Wedding Band, 9ct gold signet ring and two other gold signet rings (split). (8.9gms).    £70-100


197. A George III Gold Sovereign, 1817.    £300-400


198. An 18ct gold Solitaire Diamond Ring in a bifurcated setting and an 18ct gold sapphire and diamond Ring (one stone missing).    £100-150


199. A Lady's Wristwatch in 9ct gold case, another, and a gold flexible Watch Strap.    £70-100


200. A 9ct gold Bar Brooch set with rubies and seed pearls.    £50-70


201. A 9ct gold Brooch in the form of a hand holding a flower set with a ruby, and gold wishbone Brooch.    £50-80


202. An open face Pocket Watch by Thomas Russell & Sons, Liverpool, with original guarantee; a Garrard Wristwatch with baton and Arabic numerals and subsidiary seconds dial in a 9ct gold case with presentation inscription, and a Gentleman's Longines Wristwatch.    £70-100


203. A Jewellery Box and Contents of assorted costume jewellery.    £20-30


203A. A 9ct. gold gate link Bracelet with pullback clasp. (15.8gms).  £120-150


204. A pair of 9ct gold Pendant Earrings each set with a single opal.    £60-80


205. A 9ct gold Dress Ring set with a single opal.    £60-80


206. A pair of silver gilt tied bow Earrings each set with a single opal and seed pearl.    £30-40


207. A silver gilt opal set Pendant on a fine link neck chain.    £25-30


208. A silver gilt Dress Ring set with a centre opal in Art Deco design surround.    £35-40


209. A silver gilt Dress Ring set with a cubic zirconia.    £25-30


210. A pair of silver circular Earrings each set with opal and cubic zirconias.    £30-40


211. A pair of silver Pendant Earrings set with a pearl and cubic zirconias.    £25-30


212. A silver cubic zirconia Pendant on a fine link rope twist neck chain.    £25-30


213. A silver Dress Ring of Art Deco design set with marcasite.    £35-40


214. A pair of silver and marcasite Pendant Earrings.    £25-30


215. A Gentleman’s open face key wind Pocket Watch with white enamel dial and subsidiary seconds dial in engine turned gold case marked 9c.      £150-200



216. a Gentleman’s open face key wind Pocket Watch the white dial inscribed "The Express English Lever, J.G. Graves, Sheffield" with subsidiary seconds dial in silver case, Birmingham 1901.     £30-50


217. A Gentleman’s open face key wind patent leaver Pocket Watch with subsidiary seconds dial in engine turned silver case, Birmingham assay.     £30-50


218. Another Gentleman’s open face key wind Pocket Watch, the white dial inscribed "William Agar, Bury", with subsidiary seconds dial in silver case.     £30-50


219. A gold Pendant formed as two swallows on a fine link neck chain.    £50-70


220. Another Pendant of leaf design hung with a single amethyst.    £50-80


221. A pair of Continental silver and silver gilt pendant baroque Earrings each set with nineteen old cut diamonds and a number of smaller stones, each 4" (10cms) long.     £500-700


222. A silver and silver gilt Bangle set with a large facet cut garnet within an open work surround, set with ten diamonds.     £150-200


223. A Stick Pin of horse shoe design set with nine diamonds and two other stick pins.     £40-60


224. A pearl set Stick Pin, cased and two other stick pins.     £20-30


225. A sterling silver Ring in the form of a large cluster of opals and marcasite, and a child's 18ct gold Solitaire Diamond Ring.    £50-80


226. A late Victorian 18ct. gold Gypsy Ring set with three rubies and two diamonds, assayed for Chester 1900.     £70-100


227. Another 18ct. gold Gypsy Ring set with three rubies and two diamonds, assayed for Birmingham 1911.     £70-100


228. An 18ct gold three stone diamond Ring by Cropp & Farr, the graduated brilliant cut diamonds in illusion settings.    £150-200




229. An album and contents of European Medals and medallions including Austro-Hungaria, Italy, German states etc. 15 in total.     £80-120


230. Another album and contents of European Medals including Poland, Czechoslovakia etc., 15 in total.     £50-80


231. Another album and contents of European Medals including French, Croix De Guerre, German and Italian war medals etc. 12 in total.     £40-60


232. An interesting selection of Stamps from The Vatican, Ceylon, Hong Kong etc. sets and part sets, mint and used, high face and high cat.     £40-60


233. An interesting selection of Stamps from Greece circa 1947-1980, sets and part sets, mint and used, high face and high cat.     £50-70


233A. An interesting collection of Commonwealth and world Stamps, sets and part sets, mint and used. £25-40


233B. An collection of Stamps from Canada and Newfoundland, mint and used. £20-40


233C. An interesting collection of German and Polish Stamps, sets and part sets, mint and used some Hi. Cat. £60-80


233D. An collection of Stamps from New Zealand etc. sets and part sets, mint and used.  £40-60


233E. An interesting collection of Stamps from India, overprints etc. sets and part sets, mainly mint. £65-90


233F. An interesting collection of Commonwealth Stamps, India and Gibraltar etc. mint and used.  £45-70


234. A 19th century single barrel Sporting Gun with engraved lock, 27" (69cms) barrel length.    £100-150


235. A 19th century oak Cutlery Box with lift out interior tray, the lid inset with a brass plaque inscribed "From the Honourable Mrs Bielby Thompson 1833".  16" (41cms) wide.     £30-40


236. An Archibald Kenrick "Mrs Potts" Sad Iron and one other.     £20-30


237. A 19th century Silhouette head and shoulders Portrait of E Brooksbank of Healaugh Manor with gilt highlights, circa 1840.     £50-70


238. A pair of carved wooden Bookends in the form of Angel Fish by Laszlo Hoenig Studio, London, each 7½" (19cms) high, both stamped ‘Laho, London’.     £100-150


239. A Poupard Bisque Head Doll, the reverse inscribed "Y B Y" her velvet dress hung with bells, and on a turned and wooden handle.  12" (30cms) high.     £80-120


240. A 19th century Toleware oval Collar Box, hand mirror and hairbrush with poker work decoration, and a hat brush inscribed "K Lowther, Hatter, Llanelly".     £30-40


241. A World War One bronze Death Plaque inscribed to Arthur Bootland and in an oak frame, together with a copy of the memorial register of Vis-en-Artois British Cemetery which mentions Private Arthur Bootland No.64830 9th Battalion Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 24th August 1918 aged 24, together with a scroll showing the memorials.     £50-70


242. A group of four WWII Medals comprising; War Medal, Defence Medal, 1939/1945 Star and Africa Star in box of Issue addressed to Mr J.R Kidd.     £40-60


243. A complete set of 200 Ogden's Guinea Gold Cigarette Cards of notable world figures, etc., 1902.    £100-120


244. A collection of 19th century Newspapers including copies of The Times, The Guardian, The Albion, etc.    £50-70


245. A Postcard Album and Contents of approximately 200 vintage topographical cards including Seaton Carew Golf House 1903, funeral of Sir George Wombwell of Newborough Priory in Coxwold 1913, other views of Staithes, Grosmont, etc.    £80-120


246. An early 20th Century German tin plate clockwork Model of a Rowing Eight with cox in blue and yellow livery, probably Gunthermann.  14" (36cms) long.     £200-300


247. An early 20th Century Photograph by J S Tulley & Co. of Sheffield showing the removal vehicle fleet of John Walsh Ltd. of Sheffield including two St. Pancras patent wagons. N.B. John Walsh Ltd were a department store founded in Sheffield in 1875 and eventually becoming part of the House of Fraser group.  12" (31cms) x 14" (36cms).      £30-40


248. A Lapland Knife in bone scabbard decorated with reindeer, a folding knife with bone sheath and one other item.     £30-40


249. An African Assegai, an African paddle spear and other items.      £70-100


250. A Japanese bronze Hand Mirror moulded with cranes, trees and script.  9½" (24cms) diameter.     £30-40


251. A Chauffeur's peaked Cap with a Daimler badge.      £20-40


252. After the antique; A Bronze standing classical male Figure on a circular base.  13" (33cms) high.     £100-150


253. A Marine vertebrae Walking Stick.  34" (87cms) long.      £30-40


254. A pair of Rams Horns each fitted with a mouth piece for use as a musical instrument.     £30-40


255. A box of Vintage loose Postcards including early flight, topographical etc.     £50-80


256. A 1930's B.G.L (British Games Limited) electric Speedway Game, 19½" (50cms) x 12" (30cms) (a/f).    £30-50


257. A Spithead Series Postcard of Titanic, the message on the reverse dated 26th June 1912, a Rotary Photographic Series Titanic card and nine other vintage cards on a shipping theme.     £40-60


258. A collection of nine 19th century portrait Photographs, four in folding cases.     £50-70


259. A quantity of early 20th century Auction Sale Posters, including "Plant and Buildings at Grimsby, June 1928", "Sale of Timber at Scunthorpe Market, 1913", "Furniture and Effects at the Corn Exchange, Grimsby 1928" etc.     £50-80


260. An Autograph Book including Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chester and other theatrical performers, and bearing the business card of Stanley Pitcher of the Variety Artistes Federation, and with many of the autographs annotated "To Stan".      £100-150


261. A large Victorian Scrap Album and contents of scraps, greetings cards, etc.     £40-60


262. An 18th century vellum bound Volume handwritten with details of the Estates of Thoresby in the possession of the Duke of Kingston-upon-Hull, with details of Parish appointments, etc, another volume entitled Thoresby Collection Day Book 1784, and four other books in similar subjects.     £50-80


263. "The Flying Scotchman" a boxed board game with folding board and six metal train playing pieces; "Upidee The Great Race Game", "Our Pets Lotto", and two other games.    £40-60


264. A poster for the Great Show at Doncaster, July 1894 printed in colours by Henry Garnett & Company.  20" (51cms) x 12½" (32cms).     £50-80


265. A Victorian Portrait Photograph in a folding leather case; an oak Box made from the timbers of Selby Abbey in 1906; a silver and mother of pearl Fruit Knife and one other Fruit Knife.    £30-40


266. A mahogany Box containing assorted Postcards, World War I Silks, Photographs, etc.    £30-50


267. An oriental carved wood Figure holding a stick, 17" (43cms) high, used as a table lamp.    £30-40


268. An oak Book Trough and a two division magazine rack.     £20-30


269. A Slater’s mahogany Fishing Reel, a brass reel and other items.     £30-40


270. A 19th century Needlework Sampler with alphabet, numerals, verse, etc. by Elizabeth Matthews, aged 12 years. 12" (31cms) x 13" (33cms).     £40-60


271. A 19th century Petit Point needlework Picture of children at a garden gate, inscribed "By M A Wayballs, November 8th 1838", 6½" (16cms) x 5" (13cms) in a maple frame, and two other small needlepoint panels.     £30-40


272. An early 19th century oval embroidered silk panel of Elijah being fed by the ravens in a Verre Églomisé frame,  13" (33cms) x 10" (26cms); an embroidered silk work panel of a garden scene with peacocks, 5" (13cms) x 27" (69cms), and a floral silk work panel.     £50-80


273. An album of children's Postcards by Millicent Sowerby, Jessie Willcox Smith, Sybil Barham and others, approx. one hundred and thirteen cards.      £70-100


274. Another Postcard Album and contents of children's cards by Margaret Tarrant, Cicely Mary Barker, Mabel Lucie Attwell etc. approx. one hundred and thirty cards.     £80-120


275. Two albums containing approximately thirty Victorian Greetings Cards, bookmarks etc.     £40-60


276. A Turkestan Child's Circumcision Dress decorated with stitched pieces of Jewellery, an embroidered silk panel, a carpet work bag, Kilim panel etc.     £50-80


277. A 19th century child's Patchwork Cot Cover, a Victorian fine beadwork purse, a frame containing two small pieces of antique needlepoint, and various other items.     £40-60


278. A 19th century ceramic Bin Label No. 5 by Farrow & Jackson of London, a treen box in the shape of an apple, two small crocodile skin purses, early 19th century pin cushion and other items.     £50-80


279. A box of small Nursery Items, including Royal Doulton Little Miss Muffet plate, small plush covered dog, wooden cottage, etc.     £30-40


280. A circular Panel painted with Beatrix Potter figures, 11½" (29cms) diameter; six Beatrix Potter Centenary edition books; a Peter Rabbit Race Game box and a Peter Rabbit Push-Along Toy.     £30-40


281. An 18th century Needlework Panel of the Lord’s Prayer by Phillis Page, 21st September 1736, 7" (18cms) x 6" (15cms), and an 18th century panel of the XXIII Psalm in silk thread dated 1727(?), 12" (31cms) x 10" (26cms).     £100-150


282. "Gospel Recreations for Sabbath Evenings", By R Mimpris comprising a book and a number of printed cards with biblical scenes in a slip case, published 1836 and an 18th Century eight page religious pamphlet.     £20-30


283. A Cardboard Box with printed cover "Le Secret" and bearing a Swiss bookseller's label, the interior containing various Victorian greetings cards, envelopes, etc, and a small circular centre box housing a collection of Ackermann & Co enamelled wafers and various other small collectable items.    £70-100


284. Tuck's Zag-Zaw Jigsaw Puzzle, boxed, various other old Puzzles, number of wooden Alphabet Blocks, etc.    £50-80


285. An early 20th century Autograph Album, a 1940s Album with various sketches, some early Postcards and Photographs of Whitby, etc.    £30-40


286. A quantity of Hornby and Lima double 'O' gauge Model Railway including locomotives, rolling stock, track etc.     £50-80


287. A 19th century oak Misericord carved with stylised flowers and leaves.  23" (58cms) wide overall.     £100-150


288. A Folk Art Walking Stick with painted decoration and with an entwined serpent stem.  3' (92cms) long.     £60-80


289. Another Folk Art Walking Stick with an entwined serpent stem.  33" (84cms) long.     £30-40


290. A Boulle Box and cover decorated with cut brass and tortoiseshell.  4½" (11cms) wide, an agate box and two porcelain boxes.     £40-60


291. A folding commercial and political Map of Southern Scotland and Adjacent Counties, published by Geographia.  3' 5" (105cms) x 4' 4" (133cms).      £30-40


292. A malacca Walking Stick with silver collar and ivory crook handle, another with antler crook handle and one other.     £50-70


293. A group of fifteen WWI Silk Greetings Cards, framed.  18" (46cms) x 17½" (45cms).     £30-40


294. An 19th Century Needlework Sampler by Maria Webster aged 12, with alphabet and with trees, flowers, etc., dated 1838.  11½" (29cms) square.     £40-60


295. A late Victorian Oil Lamp with cast iron base, green glass reservoir and duplex twin burner with an etched glass shade.     £20-30


296. A mahogany Jewellery Box with lift out tray, a sewing box with Parquetry decoration and a lacquered box.      £30-40


297. A pair of Praktica 8x32 Binoculars, a pair of Skybolt 10x50 binoculars, one other pair and a pair of opera glasses.     £30-40


298. A set of Tarot Cards, boxed "The National Gallery" card game by Jaques & Son and other vintage games.     £30-40


299. A 19th Century ivory Paper Knife inscribed "Christmas 1878" with French silver mount.     £40-60


300. A Japanese four panel small Screen decorated with birds and flowering trees.  3' (91cms) high, and two modern Oriental scrolls.     £80-100


301. A 19th century Percussion Musket, possibly Indian made, and with 32" (81cms) length barrel.    £100-120


302. A pocket compensated Barometer by Heath, Plymouth, in a brass case and outer leather travelling case.  2¾" (7cms) diameter.     £100-120


303. A 19th Century six draw brass Monocular by John Bleuler, London. 4" (10cms) extended length.     £250-300


304. A brass and ivory two draw Monocular by Bardou of Paris.  6" (15cms) extended length with leather travelling case.     £300-400


305. A Mauchline Ware Watch Holder decorated with a scene of the Royal Hotel Hayling, a casket shaped box with a scene of Weymouth and a barrel shape money box with Ryde Pier.       £80-100


306. A Victorian turned ivory Wig Powderer.  4" (10cms) high.     £30-40


307. A 19th Century treen Snuff Box in the form of a shoe and a similar shoe shaped pin cushion.     £50-70


308. A small olive wood Box inscribed Jerusalem, a papier mache snuff box, another snuff box and a stamp box.     £50-70


309. A late Victorian papier mache Hall Mirror decorated with flowers and butterflies with an arched bevelled plate and glove box under.  10" (25cms) wide.     £50-70


310. A pair of black leather Riding Boots with wooden trees by Rowell & Sons, Melton Mowbray, believed to be size 10.    £40-60


311. A pair of black and brown leather Hunting Boots with wooden trees, believed to be size 10.    £30-50


312. A large two storey Dolls House with first floor full length balcony.  32" (82cms) wide x 31" (79cms) high.     £50-80

313. A folding wooden Boot Jack.     £40-50


314. A pair of 19th century black Japanned Coach Lanterns with glazed panels.  16" (41cms) high.     £100-120


315. A child's old Toy Mangle.  14" (36cms) wide.     £40-50


316. An early 20th century Austrian Collectors Cabinet with fall front and ornate lock; a patent wooden cigarette dispenser, leather collar box and a Japanese lacquer box.      £30-40


317. An Otter Tail, the metal mount inscribed "Castle Hill, June 1914".     £30-40


318. A black lacquered Pocket Sextant by F. Barker & Son, London, stamped ‘1916 3038’, in leather case.      £70-100


319. A number of vintage Card Games etc.     £20-30


320. A Compass inscribed "Airguide, Chicago, USA", a desk seal with rosewood handle, perpetual calendar inscribed "A.B.P" and other items.     £20-30


321. A thirteen-piece ebony Dressing Table Set, including brushes, silver mounted button hook, candlesticks, etc.     £30-40


322. A brass Cribbage Marker, set of travelling scales, Princess Mary gift tin, epaulet, etc.     £40-60


323. BETTS'S New Railway and Commercial folding Map of England and Wales, published 1845, PHILIPS’ Cyclists Map of Yorkshire and an Infantry Training Manual 1902.     £30-40


324. A part set of Indian bone Chess Pieces.     £20-30


325. A 19th century circular papier mache Snuff Box, the cover decorated with the head of a man; three glass paperweights; cold painted bronze and onyx ashtray, etc.     £30-50


326. A collection of 19th century Wooden Joiner’s Planes by King & Peach of Hull, Maples & Co of Sheffield and various others.     £80-120


327. A collection of Spirit Levels, marking gauges, chisels, etc., including a rosewood and brass inlaid marker.     £40-60


328. A pair of chromium plated Callipers by Reynolds & Branson of Leeds, two other pairs of callipers, two cork screws, old padlocks etc.     £30-40


329. A Chinese cream silk embroidered Shawl with deep knotted fringe.     £40-60


330. A George III brass mounted wooden Knight Stick inscribed "G.R 1812, T. Bramley".  18" (46cms) long.     £50-70


331. A Crocodile Skin Handbag containing the original purse and crocodile backed mirror, in deep red brown (handle damaged), and one other crocodile skin handbag.     £40-60


332. A WWI Infantry Officers Sword with wire wound grip and brass hilt.  36½" (93cms) long.     £50-80


333. An oak Box and Contents including military badges, a number of clay pipes, Dutch engraved brass box and other items.    £40-60


334. A miniature Victorian Chest of Drawers with raised back, ceramic handles and feet. 8½" (22cms) wide.     £40-50


335. An old Jacob's Biscuit Tin in the form of a coffer with sloping lid, an AA badge, and a barometer in a stirrup frame.     £25-30


336. A Japanese horn and tortoiseshell Box and Cover with applied decoration, 4" (10cms) wide and a matching circular box.     £50-80


337. An onyx Inkstand with perpetual Calendar and mounted with a horseshoe and another inkstand with hinged inkwell and cold painted bronze figure of a horse.  6" (15cms) wide.    £40-60


338. A quantity of Graham Farish 'N' gauge Model Railway, including locomotive, rolling stock, track accessories etc.     £30-50


339. A Photograph Album of British Troops in Belgium 1919, another album of portrait photographs, unframed watercolour, legal documents etc.     £40-60


340. A quantity of Hornby 'OO' Model Railway, including Mallard locomotive and tender, tank locomotive, rolling stock, track etc.     £40-60


341. A Postcard Album and contents of vintage topographical cards including some Yorkshire views etc.     £40-60


342. A Postcard Album and contents of topographical and greetings cards, photographs etc.     £30-40


343. A Scrapbook compiled by Cecil Crofton, a late 19th Century theatre actor, including cuttings, telegrams and theatrical notices until the end of the 1920's and a Sammy Davis Jr. concert program 1981 with signed cover.     £30-40


344. A folder of 20th Century Shipping Charts including South Atlantic Ocean from the 1948 Edition, Indian Ocean etc. British coastal water charts and various others.     £50-80




345. An early 20th Century unsigned Oil on Board of a lake landscape.  19" (48cms) x 27" (69cms).     £30-40


346. FRANCIS NICHOLSON (1753-1844); 'Layerthorpe Poston, York' Lithograph, printed by Rowney & Forster.  11" (28cms) x 15" (38cms).    £20-30


347. A pair of unsigned Victorian Watercolours of botanical specimens and insects, each 6" (15cms) x 4" (10cms).    £20-30


348. HERBERT DICKSEE; an Etching of a family of bloodhounds.  13" (33cms) x 25" (63cms)    £50-80


349. EDWARD SHARLAND; an artist signed Etching of Liverpool Cathedral, 15½" (40cms) x 8½" (21cms), and a pair of small artist signed Etchings of town scenes.    £20-30


350. BARBARA SHAW; "Monk Bridge, Malham", Watercolour, signed, 11" (28cms) x 15" (38cms); a Textured Print of a girl after Walter Allcott, and three other Prints.    £20-30


351. HARRY WANLESS (circa 1872-1934); "The Italian Gardens, Scarborough", Watercolour, signed.  10" (26cms) x 8" (20cms).     £70-100


352. WILLIAM OUTHWAITE; "A Bit of Old York, Pump Court", Watercolour, signed, inscribed on the reverse.  13½" (34cms) x 9½" (24cms).      £50-80


353. GEORGE FALL (1848-1925); "Minster, York", Watercolour with figures in foreground, signed and inscribed "Minster York".  7" (18cms) x 10" (25cms).     £120-150


354. An unsigned Watercolour of a view near Ravenscar, 13" (33cms) x 21" (53cms), and one other watercolour.     £20-30

355. A pair of shooting and hunting Prints, and one other.     £25-30


356. •JESSIE MARION KING (1875-1949); Woman by a cottage, ink and pencil on vellum.  5" (13cms) square with Ewan Mundy Fine Art label verso. Provenance: From the estate of Merle Taylor of Kirkcudbright who was the artist’s daughter.  ARR    £300-400


357. •DONALD GREIG (1916-2009); "The Shared Seat (Show Day)", watercolour, signed.  7" (17cms) x 4½" (11cms) and another watercolour of a child playing on the beach signed with initials D.G.  5½" (14cms) x 3½" (9cms).  ARR    £70-100


358. •DIANA ARMFIELD (B. 1920); "Clouds over the Berwyns", pastel, Market Place Gallery, Collyton, Devon label verso.  4" (10cms) x 7½" (19cms).  ARR    £100-150


359. CHARLES HENRY MILEHAM (1837-1917); "Church Street, Whitby", pencil drawing dated '81, CLAUDE ROWBOTHAM; an aquatint of Whitby Harbour; R NICHOLLS; an artist signed etching of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens dated 1930 and one other print of Peter Pan.     £30-40


360. ARTHUR JAMES STARK (1831-1902): A Pencil Sketch of a Scotch sheep, the frame with a Spink & Sons label,  2½" (6cms) square; two further pencil sketches of animals possibly by the same hand and three other pencil sketches.     £30-40


361. •SUSAN EINZIG (1922-2009); Illustration for "Toms Midnight Garden" in pen and ink, signed in pencil and dated '59.  6" (15cms) x 5½" (14cms).   ARR    £50-80


362. BERENICE BUTLER (fl. 1930-1950), Watercolour Sketch of a squirrel, 4" (10cms) x 5½" (14cms), and Watercolour after Joshua Reynolds "Angels Heads", 12" (31cms) x 10½" (27cms).    £40-60


363. A small pen and ink Drawing of a wren on a branch, 4½" (11cms) x 3" (7cms); a small oil painting of a lake and mountain landscape; pair of 18th Century miniature oval engravings of the Prince and Princess of Wales in period frames, and three other pictures.     £50-80


364. J BARRIE HASTE (1931-2011); Rural landscape with farm buildings, watercolour, 8" (20cms) x 11" (28cms) and MICK CARTER, watercolour of The Ivy Clad Oak, Great Ayton.     £30-40



365. GEORGINA WARNE; A limited edition print of a hare No.18/25 another No.11/25, another limited edition print of a hare by SALLY COTTIS No.1/10, and four other pictures of hares.     £30-40


366. D.S; A small watercolour of fruit and a cake; TRACEY PHILLIPS watercolour "Winter Graze, Farndale" and three other pictures.     £20-40


367. J L; a pen and ink Book Illustration of a raven, another of an owl and one other.     £20-40


368. An early 19th Century circular Pencil Drawing of figures in front of a ruined abbey and in gilt frame, 3" (7½cms) diameter and a watercolour of a girl in the doorway of a building holding a sign saying ‘donations thankfully received’.  5½" (14cms) x 3½" (9cms).     £40-60


369. C BAKER; Artist signed limited edition print "Running Hare", another by the same artist "Sitting Hare", SARAH MCDONALD watercolour of a horse’s head and various other pictures and prints.     £40-60


370. An 18th Century black and white print "The Hearty Goodfellow".  14" (36cms) x 10" (25cms).     £30-40


371. ALFRED SCHOLLAERT (Belgian 1905-1987); study of the head of collie dog, Oil Painting, signed and dated 1947.  17" (44cms) x 16" (41cms).    £100-150


372. A. V. IRWIN (early 20th Century); Coastal landscapes with views along the cliffs, watercolours, a pair, signed.  Each 4½" (11cms) x 7" (8cms) and a coloured print.     £30-50


373. An early 20th Century Pears coloured Print "The Young Cricketer" .  27" (70cms) x 18½" (47cms).     £40-60


374. After THOMAS BARBER; A black and white portrait Print of Lord Denman in a gilt frame.     £30-40


375. PAUL MARNY (1829-1914); A pair of watercolours of Brittany scenes, one signed, each 10½" (27cms) x 16" (41cms).     £80-100


376. PAUL MARNY (1829-1914); A Continental harbour scene with fishing boats etc. watercolour, signed.  11" (28cms) x 16" (41cms) (unframed).     £30-40


377. JOHN HOLLOWAY; "College Street, York", watercolour, signed.  13" (33cms) x 16" (41cms) (unframed).     £40-60


378. •ERNEST WILLS (fl.1930-1970); "The Estuary, Graves End", watercolour, signed.  9" (23cms) x 13" (33cms).   ARR    £30-40


379. THOMAS DUDLEY (fl. 1879-1910); "The River Ouse at York", watercolour, inscribed "York, Sketch by Tom Dudley".  9" (23cms) x 6" (15cms).     £120-150


380. WILLIAM J BODDY (1832-1911); "All Saints Church, North Street, York", watercolours, a pair, signed and dated 1894.  9½" (25cms) x 6" (15cms).     £150-180



381. After JOHANN MICHAEL SELIGMANN (1720-1762); A series of three 18th Century coloured ornithological Book Plates.     £30-40


382. After WARD; A 19th Century coloured Print "Outside of a Country Alehouse" in a gilt frame.  19" (48cms) x 24" (61cms).     £30-50


383. After REMBRANDT; "The Raising of Lazarus", etching with dry point, signed in the plate.  14" (36cms) x 10" (25cms), two small prints after HOLLAR, a print after DURER and one other, all unframed.     £100-150


384. G BENTLY (early 20th Century); River Landscape with cattle, watercolour, signed.  13" (33cms) x 20" (51cms).     £50-70


385. AUBREY RAMUS; Lake Landscapes with sailing boats, watercolours, a pair, signed. Each 8" (20cms) x 16" (41cms).     £70-100


386. •EDWIN ST JOHN (1878-1961); Continental lake landscape with fishing boats buildings etc, Watercolour signed.  10" (25cms) x 17½" (45cms).    ARR    £150-200


387. A half length Portrait Print of a lady in a large gilt frame, 32" (81cms) x 26" (66cms) and a partly overpainted portrait.     £100-150


388. MAGGIE WOOD; still life Pencil Drawing, a floral coloured print and two frames.    £20-30


389. After RANDOLPH CALDECOTT; a series of eight coloured Prints "A Lovers’ Quarrel" each 9" (23cms) x 10" (26cms), uniformly framed.      £100-120




390. A reproduction bird cage Automaton Clock.  7" (17cms) high.      £40-60


391. A modern dial Clock with Fuseé movement in mahogany case.  7½" (19cms) diameter dial.     £100-120


392. A German Mantel Clock in arched stained pine case and one other mantel timepiece.     £20-30


393. An early 19th Century Longcase Clock, the painted dial with the phases of the moon arch and inscribed J. Agar, Malton, seconds ring, date aperture and eight day movement in oak and mahogany case with swans neck pediment.  7' (214cms) high.     £150-200


394. An 18th Century Longcase Clock with painted square dial, thirty hour movement and date aperture in oak case with plain turned pilasters. 6' 5" (196cms) high.     £200-300




395. A central Asian Rug of stylised floral design in faded red and cream.  7' (213cms) x 4' 5" (135cms).     £40-60


396. A Hamadan Rug with a centre medallion in red, blue and cream, etc., 6' 6" (200cms) x 4' 4" (132cms).     £100-150


397. A Bokhara pattern Rug of traditional elephants foot design on a red field and bordered.  6' 3" (190cms) x 4' 7" (140cms).     £60-80


398. A Ziegler pattern Rug of floral design on a beige field and bordered.  7' 6" (230cms) x 5' 3" (160cms).     £70-100


399. A Keshan pattern Rug of medallion design in blue, beige etc.  9' 2" (280cms) x 6' 6" (200cms).     £80-100


400. A Ziegler design Rug of floral design on a red field and bordered.  9' 2" (280cms) x 6' 6" (200cms).     £80-100


401. A Bokhara pattern Rug of traditional elephant's foot designs on a green field and bordered, 6' 3" (190cms) x 4' 7" (140cms).    £50-70


402. A Keshan pattern Rug of medallion design in green, beige, etc., 7' 6" (230cms) x 5' 3" (160cms).    £60-80




403. A pair of Yorkshire oak Elbow Chairs by Sid Pollard with panelled backs and hide seats on panel sided supports.     £180-220


404. A set of six antique design oak Dining Chairs with carved ladder backs, drop-in seats, turned and block supports (two carvers).     £100-150


405. An early 20th century walnut Dining Table with centre leaf cut off corners and fluted turned supports.  3' 4" (102cms) wide x 4' 9" (145cms) extended length.     £50-70


406. A Georgian design small mahogany bow fronted kneehole Sideboard with crossbanded top, three drawers and on square tapering supports and spade feet.  4' 6" (137cms) wide.     £100-150


407. A set of six early 20th century walnut frame Dining Chairs of Queen Anne design with fiddle splat backs, drop in seats and carved cabriole supports with claw and ball feet (two carvers).     £200-300


408. An oak circular Occasional Table with carved decoration on turned and block supports.  24" (61cms) diameter.     £20-30


409. A set of six Georgian design mahogany frame hoop back Dining Chairs with pierced splats and carved husk decoration with serpentine fronted seat and chamfered square supports (two carvers), together with a matching smaller chair.     £200-300


410. A Victorian mahogany Side Table, fitted with two frieze drawers, on turned supports.  3' (92cms) wide.     £40-60


411. An Edwardian mahogany frame three Panel Screen with glazed and fabric covered panels and inlaid with box wood stringing.  5' 6" (167cms) high.     £70-100


412. A set of six Victorian walnut frame Dining Chairs, the circular backs with carved decoration, upholstered serpentine fronted seats and cabriole supports.     £200-250


413. A Georgian design figured mahogany tilt top Dining Table with cross banded decoration on a turned column and quartet splay supports.  5' (153cms) wide.     £100-150


414. A Victorian mahogany Pedestal Desk with tooled leather top, fitted with nine drawers, on a plinth base, 4' (122cms) wide.    £100-150


415. A brass framed, marble topped Occasional Table, 3' 7" (110cms) wide.    £40-50


416. An early 20th century mahogany Four Poster Bed with canopy, 4' (122cms) wide.    £100-150


417. A mahogany two division Plan Chest fitted with nine shallow drawers.  4' (122cms) wide.     £100-150


418. An antique design oblong Wall Mirror with triple division plate and gilt frame.  17" (43cms) x 32" (81cms).     £30-40


419. An early 19th Century two tier square Washstand with bowl recess, single drawer and on ring turned supports.  15" (38cms) wide.     £30-40


420. An early 20th Century oval Wall Mirror with bevelled plate and carved oak frame.  3' (92cms) x 2' 1 " (64cms).     £30-40


421. A Cairene engraved brass circular Tray on a folding table stand.  23" (58cms) diameter.     £20-30



422. An Edwardian inlaid mahogany Piano Stool with hinged seat, on square tapering supports, and one other Piano Stool.    £30-40


423. A mahogany Wash Stand/ Bedside Cupboard with tray top and open shelf on chamfered square supports.  18" (46cms) wide.     £30-40


424. An antique design upright Wall Mirror with shaped plate in a gilt leaf and scroll pattern frame.  25" (64cms) x 18" (46cms).     £40-60


425. Another upright Wall Mirror in leaf pattern gilt frame.  20" (51cms) x 16" (41cms).     £20-40


426. An Edwardian octagonal Occasional Table inlaid with a border pattern of trailing leaves on turned cluster columns and quartet splay supports.  2' 4" (71cms) wide.     £80-100


427. A Victorian beech and elm Windsor Elbow Chair with pierced splat back, panelled seat and turned supports (cut down).     £40-60


428. A 19th Century mahogany Side Table with single frieze drawer, square tapering supports.  2' 6" (76cms) wide.     £40-60


429. A small oak three shelf Delft Rack.  2' 7" (79cms) wide.      £30-50


430. A Victorian mahogany circular Occasional Table with dished top on spiral turned column and triple splay supports.  19" (49cms) diameter.     £30-50


431. A Victorian mahogany Pedestal with spiral turned column and stepped square base.     £40-60


432. An 18th Century oak Elbow Chair with pierced splat back, swept arms, drop in seat and chamfered square supports.     £50-80


433. An 18th Century oak Dresser with three frieze drawers and two candle drawers above two further centre drawers flanked by a pair of panelled cupboards on styled supports.  6' 1" (185cms) wide.     £300-500


434. A reproduction oak Coffer with panelled front, styled supports.  3' 5" (104cms) wide.     £50-70


435. A reproduction mahogany bow fronted Chest of four long Drawers on bracket feet.  2' 7" (79cms) wide.     £50-80


436. An 18th Century design oak Chest with dentil cornice, fitted with four long graduated drawers and raised on a three drawer stand with cabriole supports.  3' 5" (104cms) wide.     £200-250


437. A pine Wardrobe, the interior fitted for hanging and enclosed by a pair of panelled doors with a single drawer under on a plinth base.  4' 1" (125cms)    £120-150


438. An early 20th century rail back Office Chair with swivel and tilting action, hide covered arms and seat, and on splay supports.    £50-80


439. An Edwardian satin finish mahogany Display cabinet the raised back inlaid with trailing garlands, enclosed by single door with bevelled glazed panels and undertier on square tapering supports.     £70-100


440. A Continental stained pine Kitchen Cupboard with painted decoration broken arch cornice and two small drawers, the base fitted with a single drawer and two panelled cupboards on short turned supports.  3' 9" (113cms) wide.     £100-150


441. A 20th Century figured walnut Bureau with hinged fall and four drawers under on short shaped supports.  2' 6" (76cms) wide.     £30-50


442. A set of twelve Continental oak Dining Chairs with upholstered seats and backs on turned tapering supports.     £350-400


443. A 19th Century beech and elm rail back Rocking Chair with panel seat and turned supports.     £40-60


444. An early 19th Century oak rail back Elbow Chair with panel seat and square supports together with a pair of matching standard chairs.     £50-80


445. A Victorian mahogany frame spoon back Nursing Chair with button upholstered back and seat on cabriole supports.     £50-80


446. A Victorian papier mache oval Occasional Table of serpentine outline, painted with flowers and inlaid with mother of pear on a baluster turned column and circular foot.  2'3 (69cms) wide.     £70-100


447. A simulated bamboo gilt wood Firescreen with upholstered panel.  28" (71cms) wide.     £20-40


448. An open Wall Shelf fitted with three small drawers.  28" (71cms) wide.     £20-30


449. A Refectory style Dining Table on panel end supports.  7' 3" (220cms) x 2' 10" (87cms).     £100-150


450. A pair of French Armoire panelled Doors with brass lock plates.  6' 3" (190cms) x 1' 11" (59cms).     £40-60


451. A Victorian upright swing Toilet Mirror in mahogany frame with spiral turned pilasters and serpentine fronted platform base.     £30-40


452. A Charles II walnut Side Table with single frieze drawer on bobbin turned supports and stretchers, on turned and block supports.  2' 11" (89cms) wide.     £200-300


453. A 19th century oak oblong Box with hinged cover, 3' 1" (95cms) wide, and a mahogany Occasional Table.    £30-50


454. A pair of early 20th Century oak Hall Chairs of Liberty style, the panel backs inlaid with stylised peacock feathers above panelled seats and on square supports.     £100-150


455. An 18th century Side Chair a Vono folding card table and a nursing chair.     £30-50


456. A Chinese crimson lacquer and hard wood Cupboard, the interior fitted with two small drawers and enclosed by a pair of panelled doors on square supports.  4' 2" (127cms) wide.      £200-300


457. A pair of oak Bench Seats with raised panel backs and book rest.  Each 6' 8" (203cms) wide.     £100-150


458. A late 19th century walnut Cabinet, the upper section enclosed by a pair of carved panelled doors and with fluted turned pilasters, with two drawers and panelled cupboards under on compressed bun feet.  4' 7" (140cms) wide.     £100-150


459. An early 20th century Chinese crimson lacquered cupboard the interior with shelves and two small drawers enclosed by a pair of panelled doors with brass lock plates.  3' 5" (104cms) wide.     £200-250