01904 489731

01904 489731

York Antique Sale

Wednesday 25th July



1.     A pair of Regency Face Screens printed with country houses and landscapes, the borders with figures, scrolls, etc., and with further landscapes to the reverse on knulled turned handles.    £30-50

2.     A brass Desk Lamp with etched pink glass shade on an engraved domed circular foot, 30" (76cms) high overall.   £40-60

3.     Another brass Desk Lamp with etched crimped glass shade, spiral column and domed circular foot, 32" (81cms) high.   £50-70

4.     A Victorian style child's oak small Wheelbarrow, 2' 7" (79cms) long.   £30-50

5.     A pierced brass Fire Curb, 3' 6" (107cms) wide, and Towel Rail.   £20-30

6.     An 18th century Indenture concerning the Manor of Pollington, dated 1775, 18" (46cms) x 22" (56cms).   £30-40

7.     A late 19th century ebonised Card Viewer with magnified lens, along with twenty four cards, inscribed "Souvenir de Paris".    £30-50

8.     An early 20th century oval Photographic Portrait of M Samways holding a violin, the surround set with her various medals and medallions.    £30-40

9.     A brass adjustable Desk Lamp with green enamel shade.    £20-30

10.   A cast iron floor standing Mangle by Andrews & Plumpton, Bury St. Edmunds (altered).    £40-60

11.   An early 20th century partridge wood Walking Stick with silver mounted crook handle, another, and a rustic stick with bone crook handle.    £30-40

12.   A cast metal two division Stick Stand formed as a dog seated at the base of the tree trunk, 28" (72cms) high.   £50-70

13.   A box of loose Postcards including seven World War I silks, topographical and greetings cards, etc.   £40-60

14.   A wooden Sack Barrow by Slingsby & Co.    £40-50

15.   A vintage metal Trunk with lift out interior tray.  3' 2" (97cms) wide.    £30-40

16.   A silver plated Trombone with engraved decoration, cased.    £70-100

17.   A Besson silver plated "Prototype Class A" Baritone Horn with engraved decoration, cased.    £150-180

18.   A Boosey & Co. silver plated Cornet with engraved decoration No.131622 in case.    £80-100

19.   A Besson & Co "Prototype" silver plated Cornet.    £40-60

20.   A quantity of Scalextric including cars, track and accessories etc.    £30-40

21.   A pair of tortoiseshell folding Lorgnettes and two other pairs of tortoiseshell lorgnettes.    £50-60

22.   A Taxidermy Group of cock and hen Pheasant in a glazed case.  2' 10" (87cms) wide.    £30-50

23.   A Chinese brass Plate with engraved decoration of dragons, etc., and with seal mark to base, 8" (20cms) diameter.   £20-30

24.   A Stratton Powder Compact decorated with flamingos; a Yardley Compact, and a Avon Cosmetics Box.   £20-30

25.   A small Suitcase and Contents including Red Cross and Girl Guide badges, mixed printed ephemera, including St John's Ambulance Association, fuel ration books, etc.   £15-20

26.   A collection of J Wix "Henry" Cigarette Cards, 52 in original album, plus various others; three part Cigarette Card Albums, loose cards, etc.   £20-30

27.   A small collection of Postcards including Mabel Lucie Attwell, topographical cards, etc.   £30-40

28.   Raphael Tuck 'Panorama' series, Robinson Crusoe with story and cut-outs, eight small portrait cards, greetings cards, etc.   £20-30

29.   A reproduction of an 18th century enamel oval Box, Halcyon Days enamel Box and two other items.   £30-40

30.   A part set of old Playing Cards, two copies of The Traveller's Guide, upright Photograph Frame and oddments.   £20-30

31.   A Northampton Regiment Badge, number of military brass buttons, etc.     £20-30

32.   A Plan of a Skid Dog and Car for Hot Bank, Penistone, drawn by Camell Laird & Co, Sheffield, 1921; a Plan of an Estate in Leeds, the property of Henry Wormald, 1863, and a copy of the Journal of The Yorkshire Agricultural Society 1933.   £40-60

33.   A pair of silk Programmes for Lloyd's Circus, Barrow, January 1890; a pair of silk Programmes for the Alhambra Theatre, Barrow-in-Furness, 1890, and another for Barrow High School for Girls, December 1889.   £30-40

34.   A painted wrought metal Stand with a figure of a stick gatherer by a wooden fence; a pair of Victorian brass Candlesticks, brass Shell Case and other items.   £40-60

35.   A 19th century mahogany Table-top Writing Slope, the interior fitted with small drawers, 20" (51cms) wide, and an oval Swing Toilet Mirror in mahogany frame and on three drawer bow fronted stand.   £30-40

36.   A box of Stamp Albums and Contents of GB and World Stamps.   £20-30

37.   A box of Football, Rugby and Speedway Programmes.   £15-20

38.   A box of Albums of assorted First Day Covers.   £20-30

39.   A box of die-cast Model Vehicles, lead Farm Animals, etc.   £15-20

40.   A Postcard Album and Contents of train related cards.   £15-20

41.   A Postcard Album and Contents of topographical cards.   £10-20

42.   A bag of assorted Marbles.   £10-20

43.   A number of Cigarette and Trade Card Albums, loose sets and part sets, etc.   £10-20

44.   A Victorian Photograph Album with musical box movement and lithograph pages, a scrapbook with prints and sketches and five small sketch books.    £30-50

45.   A box of die-cast Model Vehicles including Matchbox, Corgi and Dinky, plus assorted lead farm animals, etc.   £30-40

46.   A Japanese parquetry Jewellery Cabinet fitted with small drawers, 12" (31cms) wide, and one other.   £30-40

47.   A composition Doll with sleeping eyes and open mouth, 22" (56cms) high.   £20-30

48.   A Hornby '00' Gauge Box Set of two Railbus Coaches, Hornby Brake Coach, and a number of die-cast model vehicles.   £20-30

49.   A Victorian Petit Point Needlework Panel of the Holy Family, in a rosewood frame.  28" (72cms) x 24" (61cms).     £30-40

50.   A late Victorian adjustable brass Standard Lamp of Art Nouveau design raised on spade shape feet.    £40-60

51.   A Webley Service .22 Air Rifle Mark 2, with walnut stock, 42" (107cms) long, with canvas sleeve.   £200-300

52.   A large box and contents of Stamp Albums, loose stamps, etc.    £20-30

53.   A red folder and contents of Postal Town Marks from Queen Victoria.    £15-20

54.   A blue Stock Book and contents of George VI stamps, used and mint.    £20-30

55.   A Prestige Binder of used GB stamps.    £10-20

56.   A printed Windsor Album and contents of earlier issues.    £20-30

57.   A folder of Maltese Stamps from Queen Victoria.    £15-25

58.   A Trafalgar Stamp Album and contents of world stamps.    £10-20

59.   A well presented Album of Australian stamps.    £20-30

60.   A new age Stamp Album of Malayan Stamps.    £10-20

61.   Two Stamp Albums and contents of world stamps.    £15-20

62.   A number of Album pages and contents of Queen Victoria and Edward VII stamps.    £20-30

63.   A Stanley Gibbons Album and contents of mint GB stamps.    £20-30

64.   A Cavalier album and contents of world stamps.    £10-20

65.   A Wanderer Stamp Album and contents of world stamps.    £10-20

66.   Two Albums of mint stamps in part sheets.    £20-30

67.   A Cavalier Album of world stamps.    £10-20

68.   A Tower Stamp Album and contents of GB stamps.    £15-20

69.   An Album of First Day Covers.    £10-20

70.   A full sheet of George V Leeward Island Stamps.    £20-30

71.   A large gilt wood Picture Frame.  58" (147cms) x 49" (125cms), and two smaller gilt wood frames.    £70-100

72.   An Invalid Chair by the Gendron Wheel Company, Perrysburg, Ohio, with caned back and seat, flanked by hand-cranked chain-driven wheels with rubber tread and metal spokes, bearing a label inscribed "Gift of American People Thru The American Red Cross".    £70-100

73.   An Ekco Radio in cream Bakelite case.    £20-40

74.   A Philips 14" Terrestrial Globe on a turned wooden stand.   £30-50

75.   A Perpetual Calendar in a silver frame, London 1910; a leather Photograph Frame and a Desk Blotter.   £20-40

76.   A carved oak Herm 12 1/2" (32cms) high being a section from a cupboard; a leather Jewellery Box, a pair of engraved glass Lamp Shades and a glass Spirit Decanter.   £30-40

77.   A brass Corinthian column Table Oil Lamp with cranberry glass reservoir and etched shade, on a stepped square base, 2' 9" (84cms) high overall.   £70-100

78.   A Corinthian column Table Lamp with applied cherubs and garlands, on a square marble base and paw feet, 19" (48cms) high.   £30-40

79.   A brass Table Oil Lamp with glass shade, Corinthian column and stepped square base, 31" (79cms) high.   £40-60

80.   A brass Table Oil Lamp with a Corinthian column and circular foot.  19" (48cms) high.     £30-40

81.   Another brass Table Oil Lamp.    £15-20

82.   A late 19th century rosewood Decanter Box inlaid with pewter and cut brass, the interior with decanter recesses and containing a number of liqueur glasses.  12" (31cms) wide.      £50-70

83.   A cast metal Model of an early racing car, possibly a Bugatti, 15" (38cms) long.    £30-40

84.   A Green River Knife with brass inlaid grip and scabbard, 5" (12.5cms) blade.    £30-40

85.   A Chinese carved Ivory model of an elephant, 2" (5cms) long, and two glass snuff bottles.    £40-60

86.   A Cretan olive wood Stick carved with three faces and inscribed "Kepknpa", 28" (71cms) long, and a carved short tribal staff, 25" (63cms) long.    £40-60

87.   A Victorian rosewood Tea Caddy inlaid with mother of pearl, the interior fitted with two covered containers and bowl recess.  13" (33cms) wide.    £30-40

88.   A Chinese Screen Stand with carved and pierced decoration, 19" (48cms) wide.    £30-50

89.   A French pewter Tappit Hen, another, two Guernsey jugs and a salt box.    £40-60

90.   A pair of Ross 10x50 Binoculars in leather case, a Glengarry WWII tin helmet and a mace.    £40-60

91.   An Islamic Rosewater Ewer, Japanese brass vase, soapstone ornament and a Chinese jug with pewter mounts.    £30-40

92.   A small  Doll in Italian costume with painted face and glass eyes, 8 1/2" (22cms) high.    £20-30

93.   A Photograph Album and contents of German photographs circa 1940's.    £20-30

94.   A late Victorian Child's Elbow Chair with rush seat.    £20-30

95.   A Bayko Building Set, boxed, and two Dinky Builder Boxes and contents.   £30-40

96.   A French Medio-Fino Violin with one piece back and scroll neck, length of back 14 1/2" (37cms), with bow, in case (a/f).   £50-80

97.   A Victorian Upright Swing Toilet Mirror in mahogany frame and on platform base, and bevel edge oval Wall Mirror in oak frame.   £30-40

98.   A brass Fire Screen with coloured and leaded glass panels, a pair of brass Implement Stands, a pair of Candlesticks, etc.   £40-60

99.   Three Victorian Photograph Albums with musical box movements, and two others.   £30-50

100. A Victorian Photograph Album with lithographed pages, and five others.   £30-40

101. A mid 19th century mahogany Tea Caddy, the interior with two covered containers, 8" (20cms) wide, and a rosewood Glove Box.   £30-40

102. An oak Box with baize lined interior and hinged cover, on bracket feet, 14" (36cms) wide, and another similar Box.   £30-40

103. An ebonised and glazed Table-top Display Case, 16" (41cms) wide, and a leaded and coloured glass circular Panel depicting Jesus Christ (a/f).   £30-40

104. An oak glazed Table-top Display Case, 21" (53cms) wide, and two others.    £30-40

105. A 19th century Pewter Capstan Inkwell, and a Rococo style brass Inkstand fitted with two covered inkwells.    £30-40

106. A pair of World War I Medals to Pnr P W Veale, Royal Engineers, no. 259165, and a World War I Iron Cross.   £50-80

107. A blue Stockbook and Contents of Europe, South America and USA Stamps, and another of GB, Commonwealth and Asia Stamps.   £20-30

108. A George III Indenture relating to the Pontifex family from Shoe Lane, East London, 1789, and with a large seal, 28" (71cms) x 32" (81cms), framed.   £70-100

109. Another George III Indenture relating to the Pontifex family, dated 1794, 24" (61cms) x 29" (74cms), framed.   £30-50







110. A central Asian Rug of geometric and floral design in blue, on a pink field and bordered, 9' 2" (280cms) x 3' 11" (120cms).   £50-80

111. A Persian Carpet of medallion and floral design on a red field and bordered and with script in border.  13' 1" (400cms) x 10' 1" (308cms)   £200-300

112. A Veramin Rug of an all over stylised floral design on a blue field and bordered.  4' 9" (145cms) x 3' 3" (100cms).    £80-100

113. A Kashan medallion Rug with flower heads on a red field and bordered.  7' 1" (216cms) x 4 '7" (140cms).    £100-150

114. A Hamadan Rug with a centre medallion surrounded by stylised animals and flowers on a brown field and bordered.  6' 8" (203cms) x 3' 11" (120cms).    £80-100

115. Another Hamadan Rug of lozenge design on a red field and bordered.  6' 3" (191cms) x 4' 6" (137cms).    £80-100

116. A Shiraz Rug with a centre medallion, with stylised flowers and animals in a three stripe border.  8' 7" (262cms) x 4' 7" (140cms).    £100-150

117. A Hamadan Rug, the centre medallion with a blue field surrounded by a stylised design on a red field and bordered.  6' 7" (200cms) x 4' 10" (148cms).    £80-120

118. A Hamadan Carpet of all over floral design on a blue field and bordered.  10' 6" (320cms) x 5' 8" (172cms).    £200-400

119. A Hamadan Runner with all over stylised floral design on a red field and bordered.  9' 11" (302cms) x 2' 9" (84cms).    £100-150

120. A Ziegler pattern Rug of floral design on a beige field and bordered.  7' 6" (230cms) x 5' 3" (160cms).    £50-70

121. A Keshan pattern Rug of medallion design in green, beige, etc., 7' 6" (230cms) x 5' 3" (160cms).   £50-70

122. A Heriz pattern Carpet of geometric and floral design on a red field and bordered.  7' 6" (230cms) x 5' 3" (160cms).    £70-100

123. A Keshan pattern Carpet of floral design on a beige field and bordered.  9' 2" (280cms) x 6' 6" (200cms).    £80-100

124. Another Keshan pattern Carpet on a blue field and bordered.  9' 2" (180cms) x 5' 6 (200cms).    £80-100




125. A Parian ware classical female Figure, 14" (36cms) high; a Spode Italian pattern two handled vase, and a cut glass biscuit box and cover.    £30-50

126. A pair of Plant Tuscan China Trinket Dishes and covers decorated with applied flowers and a Tuscan China clover leaf pattern dish.    £20-30

127. A 1930's Decoro Preserve Jar and Cover decorated with flowers, a Decoro apple shape preserve jar and cover and three others.    £30-40

128. A Tuscan Decoro Posy Basket, a Tuscan Montrose pattern posy basket and three other pieces.    £30-40

129. A 1930's Tuscan Decoro pottery Potpourri with pierced cover, another and a Decoro horse shoe shape flower trough.    £30-40

130. A Plant Tuscan Faience ware Vase.  6" (15cms) high, Faience shallow dish and two other Faience items.    £50-70

131. A Tuscan Decoro Lamp Base, a Decoro posy ring, Decoro dish and a Carlton ware dish.    £30-40

132. A Tuscan Decoro Posy Basket with loop handle, a Decoro vase and two other items.    £20-30

133. A Tuscan Decoro petunia pattern Cake Stand, a matching posy basket and a sweetmeat dish.    £70-90

134. A pair of Sadler black glazed King Charles Spaniel Ornaments with gilt decoration, 11" (28cms) high; a pair of Arthur Wood Spaniels and two other pairs of Spaniels.    £30-40

135. A Royal Crown Derby rabbit Paperweight and a smaller rabbit paperweight, both with gold stoppers.    £20-30

136. A Royal Crown Derby puppy Paperweight for the Collectors Guild with gold stopper, and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel paperweight with silver stopper.    £20-30

137. A Royal Crown Derby puffin Paperweight and a blue tit paperweight, both with gold stoppers.    £30-40

138. A Royal Crown Derby barn owl Paperweight and a smaller owl paperweight, both gold stoppers.    £30-40

139. A Royal Crown Derby Firecrest Paperweight made for the Collectors Guild, another Crown Derby bird paperweight and a mouse paperweight, all with gold stoppers.     £30-40

140. A Royal Crown Derby "Derby Ram" Paperweight with gold stopper and a chicken paperweight with silver stopper.    £20-30

141. A Royal Crown Derby grouse Paperweight with gold stopper and a bulldog paperweight with silver stopper.    £20-30

142. A Royal Crown Derby turtle dove Paperweight with gold stopper and a mandarin duck paperweight with silver stopper.    £20-30

143. A set of four Royal Crown Derby Christmas Plates 1991-1994, limited editions, 8 1/2" (22cms) diameter.    £50-80



144. A Royal Crown Derby "Old Imari" pattern Plate, 11" (28cms) diameter; a smaller plate with crimped rim; Derby Yorkshire Rose limited edition plate; a pair of 19th century Derby Imari pattern plates, and a Victorian Derby cup and saucer (cracked).    £50-80

145. A Beswick Model of a Pekinese Begging, no. 2982; a Beswick King Charles Spaniel, no. 2107B and another no. 2107A (leg repaired).   £30-50

146. A Beswick Model "Burnham Beauty" in brown matt, no. 2309.   £30-40

147. A Staffordshire Pottery Spill Vase "Robin Hood", 15" (38cms) high, a pair of Staffordshire Spaniel Spill Vases and two other items.   £20-40

148. A pair of Staffordshire Pottery King Charles Spaniel Mantle Ornaments, 9" (23cms) high, a single Spaniel, Staffordshire Pottery Watch Stand and one other item.   £20-30

149. A Royal Doulton Flambe Pickwick Jug with mask spout, a Doulton Isaac Walton Plate designed by Noke, a pair of Doulton golfing Plates, and two other Doulton items.   £30-40

150. A Royal Doulton Gaffer's Bowl, 9" (23cms) diameter, Rustic England oblong shallow Dish, and three other items.   £30-40

151. A Ruskin Pottery Vase of squat circular form decorated in pink, 4" (10cms) high.   £20-30

152. A Royal Doulton circular Bowl decorated with rural landscapes, 8" (20cms) diameter, D4987; a Doulton Preserve Jar and Cover, three other Doulton items and a Crown Devon miniature Tankard.   £20-30

153. A Studio Pottery cylindrical Vase by Bob Dawes, 5" (12.5cms) high; a Watcombe Pottery Plate painted with a Venetian landscape, and a glass Bowl.   £20-30

154. An Art Deco cube style earthenware Jar and Cover made by George Clews & Co for the Cunard Steamship Company (1879-1934), 5" (12.5cms) high.   £20-30

155. A Johnson Brothers 'Historic America' home for thanksgiving pattern oval Meat Plate, 19 1/2" (49cms) wide.   £20-30

156. A run of twelve limited edition Grand National Jugs 1989-1996 together with an additional jug for 1899.    £70-100

157. A run of eight limited edition Grand National Jugs 1991- 1998 and three others.    £70-100

158. A Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern octagonal Fruit Bowl, pattern no. 1128.  9 1/2" (24cms) diameter and a matching bowl (cracked).    £150-250

159. A Beswick Model of a girl on a jumping horse, no. 939, issued 1941-1965.   £100-150

160. A Hereford Group of bull, cow and calf, nos. 1363B, 1360 and 1827C.   £50-80

161. A Beswick Model of a racehorse, second version in brown gloss, no. 701, and a Beswick Model of 'Mill Reef' on a wooden plinth, no. 2422 (one hoof restored).   £30-40

162. A Beswick Model of a large brown foal with head down, no. 947, and a Palomino pony, no. 1197.   £30-40

163. A Beswick Model of brown shire foal, no. 951, and a Beswick brown Shetland pony, no. 1033 (ear tip chipped).   £30-40

164. A Beswick Model of 'Black Beauty' and Foal on a wooden plinth in matt finish, no. 2536, and a Royal Doulton Model of 'Black Beauty' and Foal in gloss finish on a wooden plinth (mare detached from base).   £30-50

165. A Beswick Model of a parakeet, no. 930; a Beswick cockerel from the Stylistic Models Series, no. 1001 (cracked), and a Beswick Ben Eagles small whisky flask.   £40-60

166. A Beswick Model of a pheasant, no. 1774, another of a pheasant settling, no. 850 (tail repaired), and a Beswick duck ashtray.   £30-40

167. A Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern Vase, 5" (13cms) high; an Imari pattern oval shallow Dish, 10" (26cms) wide, and an Imari pattern Plate, 10" (26cms) diameter, all pattern no. 1128.   £40-60

168. A Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern Preserve Jar and Cover, no. 2451, a matching Coffee Can and Saucer, an Imari pattern circular shallow Dish on a short pedestal foot, miniature Derby Vase and two other Derby items.   £50-80

169. A pair of Beswick Boars, no. 1453A, and a Beswick Sow, no. 1452A (ear repaired).   £20-30

170. A Beswick Model of a barn owl, no. 1046B in gloss finish, another in matt, a Beswick bullfinch, second version, and Beswick goldfinch.   £30-40

171. A Beswick Model of Sheepdog no. 1792 in gloss finish; a Beswick fox no. 1440, early version; a Beswick ginger kitten and a Royal Doulton spaniel.   £30-50

172. A Royal Standard Teaset decorated with floral sprays within a blue and gilt border, comprising twelve cups and saucers, twelve plates, two bread and butter plates, sugar bowl and two milk jugs.   £30-50

173. A Beswick Group of Jersey Bull, Cow and Calf, model nos. 1422, 1345 and 1249D.   £50-80

174. A Poole Pottery Charger decorated in orange, yellow, blue, etc., 16" (41cms) diameter.   £30-40

175. Another Poole Pottery Charger decorated with coloured segments in maroon, blue, yellow, black, etc., 16" (41cms) diameter.   £30-40

176. A Poole Pottery limited edition Charger "Eclipse", 13 1/2" (34cms) diameter.   £30-40

177. A Lorna Bailey Caster of conical form decorated in the 'Marshland Cottage' pattern, 5 1/2" (14cms) high, and another in the 'Flame' pattern.   £30-40

178. Eleven pieces of Studio Pottery including a square tile decorated with a mouse, a pair of bookends, various plates, etc.   £20-30

179. A Victorian Masons Ironstone Plate with painted and moulded decoration of birds and flowers,  9" (23cms) diameter, and a Portuguese Faience Ware model of a dog.    £30-40

180. An early 19th century Tea Bowl with the arms of MacNaughten, a Chinese spoon tray decorated with sprays of flowers, various Chinese tea bowls, etc.    £40-60

181. A Majolica cylindrical Vase 10" (26cms) high, a campana shaped Vase, three glass Lamp shades, various small continental figures, etc. (a/f).   £30-40

182. A set of six German green Hock Glasses with etched bowls and knulled stems.   £20-30

183. A set of six Rockingham Crystal large Tumblers, boxed, six Rockingham smaller Tumblers, boxed, Edinburgh Crystal Vase and other glassware.   £30-50

184. A cranberry glass Jug with reeded handle, 8" (20cms) high; a cranberry Claret Jug, cranberry Lamp Shade, and other items including glasses, small tumblers, etc.   £30-40

185. A pair of Victorian glass lily shape Vases decorated in pink, blue, etc., and in metal stands; a cranberry glass Vase with crimped rim and tapering stem, and two other items.   £30-40

186. A Tiffany style glass dragonfly pattern Lampshade, 16" (41cms) diameter.   £50-70




187. A large Aneroid Barometer and Thermometer in rope twist frame, 11" (28cms) diameter overall.   £30-40

188. An Art Deco design Clock, the dial inscribed "Rostron, Selby" within a mirrored tiled surround, 20" (51cms) x 27" (68cms) (movement missing).  N.B.  Rostrons were a paper mill at Selby and it is believed that this clock comes from the offices.   £50-80

189. A late 19th century Wall Clock with steel dial in inlaid case, 2' 8" (86cms) high.   £30-40

190. An 18th century Longcase Clock with steel and brass dial inscribed "Edward Lowe, Chester" with seconds ring and date aperture, and with eight day striking movement, in oak case with swan's neck pediment and fluted turned pilasters above a long trunk door with quarter round fluted mouldings, on bracket feet.  7' (213cms) high.    £300-400

191. A 19th century Vienna Wall Clock, the ivorine dial inscribed "Gt. Horton" in mahogany case, with eagle pediment and half round pilasters and with twin weight driven movement.  4' 2" (127cms) high.    £100-150

192. A substantial Victorian Longcase Clock, the arched dial inscribed "Butterworth, Rochdale" painted with a central hunting scene, with seconds ring, the spandrels with figures and harvesting scenes beneath a phases of the moon arch, eight-day striking movement, in figured mahogany case with swan's neck pediment, turned pilasters and Goncalo Alves crossbanding on bracket feet.  7' 10" (240cms) high.    £400-600

193. An Aneroid Barometer and Thermometer in incised oak case, 27" (69cms) high.    £30-50

194. An early 20th century Mantel Timepiece, the white dial inscribed "Inglis & Sons, York" in domed inlaid mahogany case, and a Mantel Clock with steel dial inscribed "Inglis & Sons, York", in an oak case, 9" (23cms) high.    £30-50

195. An early 20th century Mantel Clock with steel and brass dial, gong strike and architectural style walnut case with fluted side pilasters.  16" (41cms) high.    £50-80

196. An Aneroid Barometer and Thermometer in carved banjo pattern case.   £30-40

197. A Carriage Timepiece by Matthew Norman with white dial in oval brass and bevelled glass case, 5" (13cms) high, and an American Carriage Clock with bell strike and ivorine dial.   £40-60

198. An aneroid Barometer and Thermometer the dial inscribed J Leadbeater, Rotherham, in carved oak banjo patterned case.    £30-40

199. A brass Skeleton Clock with single fusee movement on an oak plinth and in a glazed case, 12" (31cms) high overall.   £100-150

200. A brass Skeleton Clock with single fusee movement, on a marble base and under glass dome shade.   £150-200

201. An early 20th century Mantle Clock with white dial and striking movement, in a brass case, with urn finial, decorated with masks, pierced scrolls and shells, on bracket feet, 16" (41cms) high.   £100-150

202. A Mantle Clock, the white dial inscribed "Comitti of London" in domed mahogany case, and another Mantle Clock with musical movement.   £30-40



203. A silver circular three piece Teaset of compressed form, the teapot with stained wood handle and lift, Birmingham, 1930, makers: Mappin & Webb, 28.5 oz gross.   £250-300

204. A suite of Viners Studio Cutlery by Gerald Benney for six covers, comprising soup spoons, dessert spoons, table forks, table knives, tea knives, teaspoons, etc., 49 pieces.   £50-80

205. A silver oblong Table Photograph Frame with embossed decoration, London 1985, 3 1/2" (9cms) x 4 1/2" (11cms), and a plain silver Frame, London 1987.   £40-50

206. A late Victorian pierced silver oval Sweetmeat Dish, Birmingham 1896; a small circular Sweetmeat Dish, and a Persian white metal Dish.   £30-40

207. A pair of silver Serviette Rings, Birmingham 1924, cased, and an engine turned Napkin Ring, Birmingham 1939, boxed.   £30-40

208. Six various silver Serviette Rings, and three North African Serviette Rings.   £40-50

209. A Mordan & Co engraved silver Pencil, an Eversharp Pencil (boxed), and three other items.   £25-30

210. A Chinese white metal Snuff Box with engraved decoration.   £40-50

211. A silver two-handled Billiards Trophy 1937, 7 1/2" (19cms) high on an ebonised plinth.   £100-150

212. A silver copy of the Armada Dish, London 1992.  8" (20cms) diameter. (13.2ozs)   £80-120

213. An engraved silver Matchbox Holder inscribed with initials and a silver serviette ring inscribed 1901-1926.    £30-40

214. A silver Christening Cup with inscription and dated 1922.  (2.7ozs)   £30-40

215. A pair of silver limited edition Goblets commemorating the founding of the city of York, engraved with the city's coat of arms, 4 1/4" (11cms) high, nos. 707 and 708, 9.4 oz.   £60-80

216. An Art Deco design silver four division Toast Rack, Birmingham 1936, and one other silver Toast Rack, 4.4 oz.   £40-50

217. A silver Sauce Boat with loop handle and triple shaped supports, Sheffield 1931, 3 oz.   £30-40

218. A modern silver Paper Knife.   £15-20

219. A plated Corinthian column Table Oil Lamp with moulded glass reservoir and etched shade, 29" (74cms) high.   £70-100

220. A Victorian silver Decanter Label by George Unite, a small French engraved silver cup and a wooden cigarette box.    £30-40

221. A number of cases of Plated Cutlery, loose Cutlery, etc.   £30-40

222. A number of cases of bone handled Knives, plated Fish Knives and Forks, and other Cutlery.   £30-40

223. Three glass Sugar Casters with plated covers, embossed plated Milk Jug and Sugar Bowl, and various other items.   £30-40

224. Six American Teaspoons by Rogers, engraved with names of various states; a pair of Victorian silver fiddle pattern Mustard Spoons, silver Serviette Ring, three 19th century silver Teaspoons and two other items.   £30-40

225. A mahogany box and contents of Plated Cutlery, Knife Rests, Table Bell, etc.   £30-40

226. An Edwardian silver Sauce Boat with 'C' scroll handle, Sheffield 1909, 6.4 oz.   £40-60

227. An Edwardian pierced silver Sweetmeat Dish, Birmingham 1902, and a silver Cream Jug, 3.2 oz.   £30-40

228. Five Victorian silver fiddle pattern Teaspoons, another, and a Mustard Spoon, 5.1 oz.   £40-50

229. Six Chinese Teaspoons with simulated bamboo handles, a pair of silver Sugar Tongs, two silver and enamel souvenir Teaspoons, etc.   £30-40



230. A Waltham Hunter Fob Watch in gold plated case, another Fob Watch, two enamelled Buckles, Victorian Memorial Brooch, and a pair of gilt framed Spectacles in case.   £50-80

231. A Military Pocket Watch by Waltham, an Orient Diver's Watch and various other Wristwatches.   £30-40

232. A quantity of assorted Costume Jewellery including animal brooches and buttons, a silver Pocket Watch Case, and other items in an oak box.   £30-40

233. A quantity of assorted Costume Jewellery including silver bangle, silver pendant, locket, etc., and a few coins.   £30-40

234. A 9ct engraved gold hollow Bangle, 25.4g.   £200-250

235. A gold circular Religious Pendant marked "750", 2.8g.   £40-50

236. A number of Lady's Wristwatches, Coins, etc.   £10-20

237. A pair of 9ct. gold pendant Earrings each set with a single opal.    £70-80

238. A 9ct. gold Bar Brooch set with a single diamond.    £80-100

239. A pair of 9ct. gold Earrings each set with an oval cut tanzanite.    £120-150

240. A 9ct. gold Cluster Ring with a centre opal surrounded by garnets.    £60-70

241. A 9ct. gold Dress Ring with a single opal in an open work setting.    £80-100

242. A 9ct. gold Dress Ring with a centre amethyst and the shoulders set with cubic zirconia.    £50-60

243. A pair of silver pendant Earrings set with peridot and marcasite.    £35-40

244. A silver gilt Art Deco design Ring with a centre opal.    £35-40

245. A silver and marcasite Pendant set with black onyx and a centre opal.    £45-50

246. A silver and marcasite Art Deco style Ring.    £35-40

247. A silver stone set and marcasite Pendant on a fine link neck chain.    £30-40

248. A pair of silver oval Earrings each set with a single opal.    £20-30

249. A Gentleman's Waltham Hunter Pocket watch with white dial, subsidiary seconds dial and in 9ct gold case.    £200-250

250. A Gentleman's open faced Pocket Watch, the white dial inscribed "Waltham USA" with subsidiary seconds dial in 9ct gold case, engraved with a monogram, Birmingham 1924.    £200-300

251. An 18ct gold Engagement Ring set with three diamonds.   £100-150

252. A late Victorian 18ct gold Ring with three rubies and two diamonds in an open work setting, hallmarked Chester 1895.   £80-120

253. A 9ct gold curb link Watch Chain hung with a cornelian fob inset with a small compass, 61.8g.   £500-600

254. A 9ct gold belcher link Guard Chain, 62" (158cms) long, 39.2g.   £300-400

255. A pair of plain oblong 9ct gold Cufflinks, 5.9g.   £50-70

256. A Gentleman's 18ct gold Signet Ring engraved with a monogram, 6.8g.   £80-120

257. A Gentleman's Half Hunter Pocket Watch with white dial and subsidiary seconds dial, in a silver case, together with two silver Watch Chains.   £30-50

258. A Half Hunter Fob Watch in engine turned case with enamelled numerals, and a silver Watch Chain and Fob.   £20-30

259. A 9ct. gold child's Bangle with engraved decoration. (8.2gms)   £60-80

260. A Lady's Wristwatch with circular dial and Arabic numerals in 9ct. gold case, a 9ct. gold neckchain with a pearl pendant and a pair of pearl earrings.    £40-60

261. A gold belcher link Neckchain marked 9ct. (12.4gms)   £80-120

262. A Stratton Compact and a quantity of costume jewellery, including Ciro pearl necklace, etc.    £30-50

263. A high carat unmarked oval gold Locket, the hinged cover decorated with applied agate bands set with old cut diamonds.   £200-300



264. Max Muller "Chips for a German Workshop", four volume set, 1868, with half leather binding.   £60-80

265. John Ruskin, "Fors Clavigera", eight volumes, 1871, full leather binding.   £60-80

266. John Ruskin, "Our Fathers Have Told Us, Part 1" The Bible of Amiens, 1884, with full leather binding; James Thomson, "The Seasons", 1859, with half leather binding, and Letters written by The Late Right Honourable Philip Dormer Stanhope, volumes 2 and 3 only, 1774, with full leather binding.   £40-60

267. Patrick Fraser Tytler, "History of Scotland", 1841, nine volumes, with full leather binding.   £40-60

268. A quantity of printed Ephemera including three copies of "Buonapartes Confession of the Massacre of Jaffa", printed on one side and published by C Rickaby, Fleet Street. 22" (56cms) x 17" (43cms), a black and white engraving of an air balloon by E Williams, two copies of "Valerius's Address to the People of England" printed on one side by James Asperne and various other items.    £70-100

269. Theodore A Cook, "A History of the English Turf", six volumes published by Virtue & Company, in green black and gilt boards.    £50-80

270. "Names of the Noblemen, Gentlemen and Clergymen for the North Riding of the County of York", printed by George Sagg, Malton, 1802.   £30-50

271. A number of Pamphlets and Books including "Peace, A Poem" inscribed to Viscount Bollingbroke, second edition, 1713; four original Letters published 1739; "Mary Queen of Scots, An Historical Ballad by a Lady" published 1800, and various other items.   £50-80

272. F Edward Hulme, "That Rock Garden of Ours", published 1909, illustrated by the author, in green and gilt boards; G Flemwell, "Alpine Flowers and Gardens", published 1910, in floral decorated green boards, and various other early 20th century gardening books.   £30-50

273. Malcolm Saville, a selection of thirteen books, some first editions, including "Not Scarlet but Gold", "The Elusive Grasshopper" (signed by the author), "Seven White Gates", etc., seven with dust wrappers.   £40-60

274. W Shaw Sparrow, "In Rustic England", 1906, illustrated by Helen Allingham; Marcus B Huish "Happy England" 1909, illustrated by Sutton Palmer; A R Hope Moncrieff, "Surrey", 1906, illustrated, and V C Clinton-Baddley, "Devon", illustrated.   £20-40

275. Margaret Gilmour, "Trying Toby and the Punch & Judy Show", first edition, 1925, illustrated by Jack Orr, in decorative boards.   £40-60

276. H de Vere Stacpoole, "The Blue Lagoon", 1910, illustrated by Willy Pogany, in blue and gilt boards.   £40-60

277. Lewis Carroll, "Alice in Wonderland", illustrated by Mabel Lucie Attwell.   £40-60

278. Michael Fairless, "The Roadmender", 1911, illustrated; P H Ditchfield, "The Manor Houses of England", 1910, illustrated, and Oliver Goldsmith, "The Deserted Village", illustrated by W Lee Hankay.   £40-60

279. Robin Hopper, "Functional Pottery", second edition, 2000; Victoria and Michael Eden, "Slipware", first edition, 1999; Paul Scott, "Painted Clay", first edition, 2001, and Michael Cardew, "Pioneer Pottery", 2002, all complete with dust jackets.   £40-60

280. H R Robertson, "Plants We Play With"; Lydia Crowe "Hill Tops and Other Poems", illustrated, and Edmund Dulac's Picture Book for the French Red Cross.   £20-40

281. A A Milne, "The Christopher Robin Birthday Book", first edition, 1930; Robert Louis Stevenson "A Child's Garden Book of Verses", 1919, illustrated, and Sara Cone Bryant, "The Gingerbread Man and Other Stories", first edition, 1926.    £40-60

282. A selection of Small Children's and Religious Books including Kate Greenaway's "Birthday Book for Children", "Baby Mine" and "Whitby Wild Flowers".   £40-60

283. "Queen Mab's Fairy Realm" illustrated by H Cole, Agarth Jones, H R Millar, A Rackham and R Savage, 1901, with gilt decorated blue boards.   £100-150

284. Chris Wadsworth, "The Painted Lives of Percy Kelly", first edition, 2004, and "The Man Who Couldn't Stop Drawing", first edition, 2011, signed, both with dust jackets.   £40-60

285. Gillian Naylor "Bloomsbury - The Artists, Authors and Designers by Themselves", 1990; Jane Renouf, "Alfred Heaton Cooper, Painter of Landscapes" 1997; Richard and Hilary Myers, "William Morris Tiles" 1996, and Jude Burkhouser, "Glasgow Girls, Women in Art and Design 1880-1920", first edition, 1990, all with dust jackets.   £40-60

286. Robert Musil, "Tonka and Other Stories", first edition, 1965; Racey Helps, "Two from a Tea-Pot" 1954, both with dust jackets, and Carine Cadby "The Dolls' Day", first edition, 1915.   £40-60

287. Halliwell Sutcliffe, "The Striding Dales", 1929, illustrated by A Reginald Smith, and Michael Temple, "The Gytrash of Goathland and other Yorkshire Legends", 1928.   £20-40

288. Professor J Wortley Axe, "The Horse, Its Treatment in Health and Disease", published by Gresham Publishing Company in nine volumes in green and gilt boards.   £40-60

289. T E Lawrence "Seven Pillars of Wisdom", published Jonathan Cape 1935 in a hand embroidered slip cover and an album of ephemera.     £20-30

290. G Dunston, "The Rivers of Axholme with a History of the Navigable rivers and Canals of the District".   £40-60

291. J Horsfall, "Ancient Bingley or Bingley its History and Scenery" 1897, illustrated; "The Social History and Antiquities of Barton-upon-Humber", 1856, in leather bound boards, and Rev. H C Cradock, "A History of the Ancient Parish of Birstall, Yorkshire", 1933, illustrated.   £40-60

292. W H Maxwell, "History of the Irish Rebellion in 1798", fourth edition, 1854; Martin Haverty, "The History of Ireland Ancient and Modern", 1860, in leather bound boards, and Stephen Gwynn, "A Holiday in Connemara", first edition 1909, illustrated.   £80-100

293. W Peck, "A Topographical Account of the Isle of Axholme", Volume 1, 1815, in leather bound boards.   £60-80

294. W B Stonehouse, "The History and Topography of the Isle of Axholme", 1839, illustrated, in leather bound boards.   £80-100

295. Edward Miller, "The History and Antiquities of Doncaster and its Vicinity", illustrated, in leather bound boards.   £40-60

296. Donald Woodward, "The Farming and Memorandum Books of Henry Best of Elmswell, 1642", complete with dust jacket, and John Percival, "Wheat in Great Britain", 1934, illustrated.   £40-60

297. Charles Swainson, "The Folk-Lore and Provincial Names of British Birds", 1886, with leather binding; E B Wedmore, "A Manual of Beekeeping", 1942, illustrated, with dust jacket, and W Herrod-Hampsall, "The Anatomy, Physiology and Natural History of the Honey Bee", 1943, illustrated.   £40-60

298. Richard Jeffries, "Hodge and His Master", two volumes, 1880.   £20-40

299. William White: History, Gazetteer and Directory of the East and North Ridings of Yorkshire, 1840, in leather bound boards; C Forrest, "The History and Antiquities of Knottingley", 1871, illustrated, rebound, and J N Worsfold, "History of Haddlesey, Its Past and Present", 1894, illustrated, with quarter leather binding.   £60-80

300. George Lawton, "Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum de Diocesi Eboracensi", 1842, rebound, and "The Religious Houses of Yorkshire", 1853, illustrated, together with Marmaduke Prickett, "An Historical and Architectural Description of the Priory Church of Bridlington", 1831, illustrated.   £60-80

301. A N Cooper, "The Tramps of the Walking Parson", 1905, and four other books by the same author.   £20-40

302. William Smith, "A Yorkshireman's Trip to Rome in 1866"; John Phillips, "The Rivers, Mountains and Sea Coast of Yorkshire", 1853, illustrated, and Thomas Burton, "The History and Antiquities of the Parish of Hemingbrough in the County of York", 1888, illustrated.   £40-60

303. William Smith, "A Yorkshireman's Trip to the United States and Canada, 1892" in red and gilt boards.   £40-60

304. Joseph Hunter, "South Yorkshire", two volumes, 1974 republished, with dust jacket.   £60-80

305. W Eastmead, "Historia Rievellensis", 1824, illustrated, heavily damaged.   £60-80

306. H Rider Haggard, "The Days of My Life", two volumes, 1926, illustrated.   £40-60

307. John Tomlinson, "Doncaster from the Roman Occupation to the Present Time", 1887.   £20-40

308. A G Ruston and Denis Witney, "Hooton Pagnaell", 1934, illustrated with dust jacket; J R Boyle, "The Lost Towns of the Humber", 1889, and Rowland Jackson, "The History of the Town and Township of Barnsley", 1858.   £40-60

309. A box of The Yorkshire Archaeological Society Journals together with a set of Lectures by the Society and some books containing records of the Society.   £40-60

310. A large selection of Parish Registers mostly of Yorkshire Parishes such as Pontefract, Sheffield and Hooton Pagnell some volumes in paperback form.   £40-60



311. T FALMER; a modern Oil on Canvas of a wooded landscape with pond in foreground, 19 1/2" (50cms) x 29" (74cms).   £30-50

312. D ROSS; River Landscape with figures on a bridge, Oil on Canvas, signed, 15 1/2" (39cms) x 23" (59cms), and a Print "Alfred Jingle".   £20-40

313. A Spy Vanity Fair Print "The Huntsman", another caricature print "The Quorn", and five others.    £30-40

314. After JOHN LEECH; a coloured hunting print "A Capital Finish", 17" (43cms) x 24" (61cms), another after CECIL ALDIN "The Sweetest Music in All The World", and one other hunting print.    £30-50

315. After C THOMPSON; a coloured Print of a Bengal Lancer tent pegging, 25" (64cms) x 20" (51cms), and an artist's proof print of Thomas Parrington, Master of the Sinnington Hunt.    £30-50

316. JULES JACQUET after MEISSONIER; an engraving of a Cavalier signed by the engraver, a silk print of a gentleman smoking, and a French coloured hunting engraving.    £30-40

317. After DENDY SADLER; a coloured print "Tally Ho", a print after "The Tout" " Leading in the Derby Winner", and three other prints.    £30-40

318. BARRINGTON BRAMLEY; Study of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel "Kem", Watercolour, signed and dated 1981, 14" (36cms) x 19" (48cms).   £70-100

319. A pair of oval coloured Aquatints of Classical figures in oval metal frames.  9" (23cms) x 8" (20cms).    £20-30

320. HUBERT HERBERT COUTTS (1851-1921); Moorland Landscape with figure, Watercolour, signed, 14" (36cms) x 20" (51cms) in gilt frame.    £70-100

321. An unsigned 19th century Oil on Panel of a saddled horse with hunting scene in middle ground, 8" (20cms) x 10" (26cms).   £70-100

322. EMANUEL BOWEN; a hand coloured Map of the West Riding of Yorkshire, the cartouche inscribed to Thomas Wentworth. 21" (54cms) x 28" (71cms).    £50-80

323. •DOUGLAS STANNUS GRAY (1890-1959); Still Life of a vase of flowers and a book on a table top, oil on canvas laid down, signed. 20" (51cms) x 17 1/2" (44cms).    ARR   £200-300

324. •GEORGE JOSEPH STIMART (Belgium 1886-1952); Sun breaking through the clouds, oil on panel.  9 1/2" (24cms) x 11" (28cms).   ARR   £90-120

325. 19th century French School, figures on a woodland path, Watercolour.  11" (28cms) x 12 1/2" (32cms).    £40-60

326. G R RADFORD; Rural landscape with horse beneath a tree, oil on board, signed, 16" (41cms) x 20" (51cms) (unframed).    £40-60

327. •ROBERT LESLIE HOWEY (1900-1981); Rosebery Topping?, pastel and charcoal sketch, signed.  10" (25cms) x 11 1/2" (29cms).  ARR   £40-60

328. Continental School figure in a landscape, mixed media.  10" (26cms) x 12" (31cms).    £30-40

329. An unsigned Watercolour of an American landscape with figures outside a cabin, 14 1/2" (36cms) x 10 1/2 " (26cms), inscribed in pencil on the back board "Elizabeth Fisher Clay".    £30-40

330. D M BLAND; Lake and river landscapes, watercolours, a pair, signed, each 10 1/2" (27cms) x 14 1/2" (37cms).    £20-30

331. JOHN MACKIE (b. 1955); A Dutch landscape with windmills, sheep, etc., pastel, signed.  22" (56cms) x 30 " (76cms).    £150-200

332. ROYCE HARMER; Blacksmith Shoeing a Horse in stable interior, Oil on Board, signed, 19" (48cms) x 23" (59cms).   £40-60

333. ROYCE HARMER; Children Feeding Calves in front of a thatched cottage, Oil on Board, signed with initials and dated '88, 20" (51cms) x 16" (41cms).   £40-60

334. ROYCE HARMER; Haymaking Scene, Oil on Board, signed, 12" (31cms) x 14" (36cms).   £20-30

335. ROYCE HARMER; Stable Interior with horse, poultry, etc., Oil on Board, signed, 15 1/2" (40cms) x 19" (49cms).   £30-40

336. WILFRED JENKINS (1857-1936); "In the Highlands" and companion picture "Gouache Studies", a pair, signed, each 12 1/2" (32cms) x 8" (20cms).   £40-60


337. RONALD MOORE; "Polperro", watercolour of a harbour scene with fishing boats, cottages, etc., inscribed on the mount.  13" (33cms) x 17" (43cms).    £50-80

338. DJH; a series of four small Oil Paintings "Fire Fall" 1-4 - 57, and two others by the same artist "Autumnal Reflections", each 3" (7.5cms) square, uniformly framed.   £20-30

339. CLAUDE MURRILLS (1915-2006); "Waxham, Norfolk", Watercolour, signed and inscribed verso, 5 1/2" (14cms) x 7 1/2" (19cms), and FRANCIS GORDON FRASER (1879-1931); "Near Godmanchester", Watercolour, signed and inscribed, 3" (7.5cms) x 11 1/2" (29cms).   £30-40

340. LUCY MCMILLAN-SCOTT; Portrait of a lady seated, in a black dress, oil on canvas, signed with initials.  24" (61cms) square.    £70-100

341. HARDRESS WALLER; "A View Towards Torrenieri, Tuscany", oil on canvas, signed and dated 2010.  19" (48cms) x 35" (89cms).     £50-80

342. •VICTORIA ACHACHE (b.1952); "Enclosed Garden Number 1, '97/88", oil on canvas, inscribed on the reverse.  23" (58cms) x 28" (70cms).   ARR   £150-250

343. CHD. Untitled pencil drawing signed with initials and dated '87, 16" (41cms) square, and H WALLAR; pencil and crayon drawing of an interior scene.    £30-40

344. ANTHONY EARNSHAW (1924- 2001); "Secret Alphabet No. 7" third edition 5/30, monochrome reproduction and a French poster.    £20-30

345. ALFRED BIRD; "The Old Fish Pier Whitby", with the abbey on the hilltop, oil on board, signed.  14" (35cms) x 19" (49cms).    £50-80

346. PAUL JOHNSON; "Kenwood House", watercolour, signed and inscribed 1988, 6 1/2" (16cms) x 5" (15cms).  ESSIE MANGLE; "Cul-De-Sac, Paddington" oil on board; a needlework picture "Dame Trot", and a photograph.    £30-40

347. A series of eight coloured Engravings of military uniforms, 8" (20cms) x 5" (13cms), uniformly framed.    £30-40

348. A set of four 19th century coloured Engravings of cavalry uniforms published by D Ash, Fetter Lane, London.  8" (20cms) x 7" (17cms).     £30-40

349. T L DODSON; Farm Buildings in a rural landscape, Oil on Canvas, signed, 10 1/2" (27cms) x 13 1/2" (35cms), and a Watercolour of a lake landscape by T H McKay.   £30-40

350. E H MALTBY; Path through a Woodland, Watercolour, signed, 8 1/2" (22cms) x 12" (31cms), and a Watercolour of a rural landscape by J Allen Hill.   £30-40

351. A Chinese painting on silk of figures in a landscape, 12" (31cms) square.    £40-60

352. A late Victorian oil on canvas of a lake landscape, 16" (41cms) x 23" (59cms), and a coloured print of The Harbour of Port Cornwallis.    £20-30

353. A series of three coloured Military Prints "First Dragoons", "Tenth Hussars", and "Eleventh Hussars".    £20-30




354. A glazed Shop Display Cabinet inscribed "Whitegrove Stores, The Headrow, Leeds", 18" (36cms) wide, and another 16" (41cms) wide.   £30-50

355. A French Kingwood Display Cabinet enclosed by a pair of glazed doors, 6' (183cms) wide (altered and adapted).    £50-70

356. A Chinoiserie decorated folding Bridge Table by Ferguson Bros. Manufacturing Company of Hoboken, New Jersey, with baize lined top, 2' 6" (76cms) square.    £30-40

357. A Cheval Mirror in mahogany frame and on splay supports.    £30-50

358. An early 20th century oak Sideboard with raised mirrored back, three centre drawers and two cupboards under, on short shaped supports.  4' 9" (145cms) wide.    £70-100

359. A Ercol Golden Dawn elm circular Dining Table with extension leaf, and a set of four ladder back dining chairs.    £100-150

360. A Ercol Golden Dawn elm Dresser, the upper section with adjustable open shelves flanked by a pair of display compartments, with drawers and linen fold cupboards under.  5' 1" (155cms) wide.    £150-200

361. A Ercol Golden Dawn elm standing Corner Cupboard, the upper section with open shelves, and with cupboard under.    £50-70

362. A pair of early 20th century mahogany frame elbow chairs with pierced splat backs, upholstered seats and shaped supports.    £30-40

363. An Edwardian two tier Sutherland Tea Table on splay supports, 2' (61cms) wide.    £40-60

364. A walnut oblong two tier Occasional Table on shaped supports, 2' 5" (74cms) wide, and a Victorian dining chair.    £30-40

365. An early 20th century open Armchair with upholstered seat and back, on shaped supports, and a wall cupboard with poker work decoration.    £30-40

366. An oval beech wood Stool.  21" (53cms) wide.    £20-30

367. A figured walnut bow fronted Wardrobe enclosed by three panelled doors.  6' (183cms) wide.    £70-100

368. An early 20th century mahogany occasional Table of serpentine outline with four pullout trays and undertier, on turned and block supports, 23" (58cms) wide.    £30-50

369. A pine standing Corner Cupboard with stepped cornice, enclosed by single panel door on a plinth base.  3' 2 1/2" (98cms) wide.    £50-80

370. A pair of Carolean oak Hall Chairs with carved decoration and spiral turned pilasters, upholstered seats and backs on turned and block supports.    £50-80

371. A William IV rosewood frame Elbow Chair with shell carved cresting rail, drop-in seat, scroll arms and fluted turned supports, (probably Colonial).    £40-60

372. A bamboo frame Elbow Chair with upholstered seat.    £40-60

373. A Victorian oak Hall Stand with scroll carved decoration, bevelled slip mirror and glove box, with two umbrella wells beneath, 2' 6" (76cms) wide.    £70-100

374. An Edwardian mahogany Wardrobe with stepped cornice, centre cupboard with inlaid decoration above four drawers, flanked by a pair of hanging compartments, enclosed by oval bevel mirror panel doors on a plinth base.  6' 3" (190cms) wide.    £100-150

375. An early 19th century oak Chest with moulded edge fitted with four long drawers on bracket feet.  3' 5 1/2" (105cms) wide.    £100-150

376. A 19th century mahogany Dining Chair with carved bar back and drop-in seat on sabre supports and a Victorian dining chair.    £20-30

377. A Victorian mahogany bow fronted Chest fitted with four long Drawers, the turned pull handles with mother of pearl centres, and carved side pilasters, on compressed bun feet. 3' 10 1/2" (117cms) wide.    £70-100

378. A Victorian figured mahogany Chest of four long and two short graduated Drawers with turned pull handles on a plinth base.  3' 8" (113cms) wide.    £70-100

379. A Victorian mahogany wing Wardrobe, the centre section with a scroll carved frieze above six long and two short graduated drawers, flanked by a pair of hanging compartments, on compressed bun feet.  7' 8" (235cms) wide.    £200-300

380. An Edwardian mahogany Sutherland Tea Table with oblong drop leaves, on splay supports.  2' 3" (68cms) wide.    £30-40

381. An oak twelve sided Stool by Thomas "Gnomeman" Whittaker of Littlebeck, carved with a Yorkshire rose, on splay supports, with carved gnome signature.  12" (31cms) wide.    £100-150

382. An adzed oak oblong Occasional Table by Stan "Woodpecker man" Dodds (1928-2012) on panel end supports, with carved woodpecker signature.  24" (61cms) wide.    £150-200

383. A Victorian mahogany Chest of three long and two short graduated drawers with carved side pilasters and short turned supports.  4' (122cms) wide.    £70-100

384. A Victorian oak Wellington Chest fitted with six graduated drawers with turned pull handles and locking side pilasters, on a plinth base.  2' 4" (72cms) wide.    £100-150

385. A Victorian mahogany sarcophagus shape Wine Cooler with beaded border and hinged lid, on compressed bun feet (liner missing).  2' 5" (74cms) wide.    £150-200

386. A Victorian walnut oval Occasional Table with quarter veneered inlaid top, turned cluster column and splay supports.  2' 10" (86cms) wide.    £40-60

387. A Victorian figured walnut Wellington Chest with a stepped top above eight graduated drawers with turned pull handles and locking side pilasters, on a plinth base.  2' (61cms) wide.    £200-300

388. A Victorian brass Standard Lamp with adjustable column on scroll decorated triple supports and platform base.    £50-80

389. A Victorian figured walnut Sewing Table, the top inlaid with floral panels, the interior with covered compartments and well, on a panel sided tapering column and quartet splay supports.  19" (48cms) wide.    £150-200

390. A Victorian mahogany circular tilt-top Breakfast Table on a baluster turned column and carved triple splay supports.  3' 5" (104cms) wide.    £100-150

391. A 19th century oak and Elm high back Windsor Elbow Chair with pierced splat panel seat and turned supports.    £50-80

392. A Victorian figured walnut Secretaire Wellington Chest with a fall front, writing drawer fitted with two small drawers, and pigeon holes, with five further graduated drawers with turned pull handles, locking side pilaster, on a plinth base.  23" (58cms) wide.    £300-400

393. A George III mahogany Bureau Bookcase, the upper section with a swan's neck pediment above a pair of glazed tracery doors, hinged fall under, with shell inlaid decoration and fitted interior, two drawers and two cupboards under, on bracket feet, the whole inlaid with satinwood banding.  4' (122cms) wide.    £300-500

394. An Edwardian mahogany seven piece Salon Suite comprising settee, pair of elbow chairs and four standard chairs, all with pierced splat backs and on splay supports.    £100-150

395. A Victorian oak Hall Stand, the raised back with three rows of hat and coat hooks, the shaped base with two frieze drawers and two umbrella wells, on fluted turned supports.  5' 5" (166cms) wide.    £150-200

396. An Edwardian mahogany Display Cabinet with ebony and boxwood stringing, enclosed by a centre bow fronted clear glass door with single drawer and under tier beneath, on cabriole supports.  4' 4" (132cms) wide.    £150-200

397. A large Victorian mahogany circular Dining Table with a patent extending mechanism by Joseph Fitter of Birmingham with four extension leaves, raised on five fluted turned supports,  5' 1" (156cms) diameter, 11' 6" (350cms) when extended.    £500-800

398. A 1920s mahogany frame three-piece Drawing Room Suite with blind fret carved decoration, on claw and ball feet.   £100-150

399. An Edwardian mahogany Sideboard of Georgian design with raised back and bow fronted centre section fitted with three drawers, flanked by a pair of cupboards, on square tapering supports and spade feet, 5' (153cms) wide.     £50-100

400. A 19th century mahogany corner wall cupboard with serpentine shelves enclosed by single glazed door, 2' 7" (79cms) wide.    £20-30

401. A Georgian mahogany frame high back Sofa raised on eight tapering supports with brass casters, with bolsters and loose covers.  6' 6" (196cms) wide.    £200-300

402. A 19th century beech frame Folding Chair with carved decoration and cane seat and back.    £30-50

403. A Victorian gilt wood six panel Draught Screen carved with leaves, scrolls, etc., and floral embroidered panels, each panel 6' 6" (198cms) high.    £300-400

404. A Victorian mahogany breakfront Wardrobe with stepped cornice, the centre section fitted with sliding trays and two long and two short drawers, flanked by a pair of hanging compartments, on a plinth base.  8' 6" (260cms) long.    £100-150

405. A rosewood Jardiniere or Torchere Stand in the style of Thomas Hope with leaf shape gilt metal mounts with a removable inset bowl, raised on triple gilt wood scroll supports with paw feet, on a tricorn base with scroll terminals. 14" (36cms) diameter ( altered).     £200-300

406. A Victorian mahogany Sideboard of inverted breakfront design with moulded edge, fitted with a centre drawer above a pair of panelled cupboards, flanked by two further cupboards, on a plinth base.  6' (183cms) wide.    £100-150

407. A Victorian mahogany Washstand with three quarter gallery and small frieze drawer, on baluster turned supports, 4' (122cms) wide.    £70-100

408. A late Victorian mahogany Bedside Cupboard with marble top and panelled door, on a plinth base, 14" (36cms) wide, and a Victorian mahogany cylindrical commode.    £40-60

409. A small Georgian Design mahogany bow fronted Chest with crossbanded decoration, fitted with four long graduated drawers, shaped apron and splay supports, 2' 9 1/2" (85cms) wide.    £80-120

410. A Victorian mahogany Dining Table with moulded edge and rounded corners, on fluted turned supports, 3' 9" (115cms) x 3' 4" (102cms).    £50-80

411. A Victorian mahogany Chest of three long and two short Drawers with turned pull handles, and turned supports, 3' 5" (104cms) wide.    £50-70