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If you are experiencing problems logging into our website, please read this page to see if any of these solutions help. If you can still not progress please email rp@stephenson.co.uk.

I completed the registration page and now I can't login

Once you have completed the registration page of our website you will be sent an activation email to the email address you specified during registration. This email should provide you with a link that activates your registration and logs you in to the website for the first time. If you do not appear to have a link in your activation email, or the link doesn't appear to work, please see the points below.

I have just registered and haven't received my activation email

If you have completed the registration page successfully and have not yet received an activation email, there are one or two possibilities. You won't necessarily receive your activation email immediately upon registration as your email provider may be particularly busy, meaning your confirmation email might be delayed during this period. If you wait for an hour or two you should hopefully receive the email.

I registered quite a while ago and still haven't received my activation email

If you have already waited a long while for your activation email to arrive without success, your email provider might think that the email is spam or junk email. As the activation email is automated upon registration, email providers sometimes err on the side of caution and drop these emails in the 'Spam' or 'Bulk Mail' folder. You may be able to access your bulk mail folder either through your email client e.g. Outlook Express, or if you log on to view your email on line through your email provider's website.

My confirmation email doesn't have a confirmation link.

Your email/web mail client, e.g. Outlook Express or Yahoo, might not recognise the link in the activation email so it might simply appear as text within your email. If this is the case, please copy and paste the web address into your browser and hit 'Enter'. The activation web address will look likehttps://www.ylc.co.uk/confirm_registration.php?uid=999999&confirm_code=1a2b3c4d. Sometimes the web address may be on more than one line of your email like this:-
so please be careful to copy the entire address.

My activation link doesn't work

If you have clicked on your activation link without successfully being logged in to your website your email client may have mis-interpreted the link. This might be because the link is split over more than one line. If this is the case, as per the instruction above, please copy the entire link into your browser and hit 'Enter'. Your link might also not work if you have already activated your account. To see if this is the case please go to the login page and enter your email and password.

I have activated my registration but the login doesn't work.

If your registration has already been activated and you log in to the site without errors but it still doesn't give you access to the additional areas of the website, your web browser might be stopping you because it is blocking cookies. Cookies are small text files saved on your computer by a website in order that the website can track you for purposes such as a log-in facility. You should be able to allow cookies by adjusting your browser settings. In Internet Explorer for instance, you can click the 'Tools' menu at the top of the browser, followed by 'Internet Optins...'. Now click the 'Privacy' tab at the top and you should be able to see the settings for cookies. By updating these settings to allow cookies, then pressing 'OK', you should be able to log-in to the website successfully.

How Do I turn on the Automatic Logon Facility

When you turn the Automatic Logon facility on the web site sends your computer a friendly 'Cookie' so the next time you go to our web site it recognises you and you do not have to enter your user name and password. To change the setting logon on as normal and on the Home Page click on Remember Me Each time you go to www.ylc.co.uk your user name will be displayed.
For Automatic Logon to work your browser must be set to accept cookies. To check this start your browser and click Tools -> Internet Options and select the Privacy tab. Set the slider to either Medium High or Medium (but no lower) then click Apply.
Logon on to the web site again entering your user name and password as normal but this time your web browser will receive the cookie so you can logon to the web site in future without entering your details.

I have forgotten my password or login email address

If you have forgotten your password click on the Forgotten Password link on the Home page. Enter your login email address and we will send you an email with a web link to a web page where you can enter a new password. If you have forgotten the email address you used to register with. Fill in your Surname and Post Code and we will send you a link to your My Details page. Here you will see your email address you registered with and you can also change your password if you cannot remember it.

I am still having difficulty

If none of the above solutions help you, you may not be able to log-in to our website because your web browser is an old version. If you have Internet Explorer below version 5.0 or Netscape version 4.7 or below, you may need to upgrade your browser. To upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer, please click here and find the appropriate version for your computer.

If all else fails

Please send us an email with the email address you used as a login name so we can help you to get connected to our web site. rp@stephenson.co.uk

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