01904 489731

01904 489731

Horse Sale

Friday 22nd March






1       Bodorgan Hooray Henry    SPSBS                NO VAT

          Skewbald            Colt            DOB 28.04.18    32”

          Sire   Hermits Melanite

          Dam Bogs Babycham

Passport Number: 8260 39000 BF1543

Henry is a sweet natured colt, worming up to date.



2       Witcombe Leonardo                    SPSBS                NO VAT

          Bay & White        Colt            Yearling               29”

          Sire   Eiger Jupiter

                             Eiger Charlie       Kerswell Tiara

          Dam Abrilla Nutkin

                             Mullacott Boris    Kirkstall Nodule

Passport Number: 8260 39000 BF0584

Good quality colt, lovely head, well put together. Should do well in show ring. Stallion potential.



3       Edern Elenora                      SPSBS                NO VAT

          Skewbald            Filly            DOB 13.05.18    31”

          Sire   Edern Sardis BB0400

          Dam Edern Eirys Aur AY2151

                             MGS Edern Boris Huws AR1706

                             MGD Edern Llinos Aur AN0416

                             MGGS Edern Guto Goch AN1953

Passport Number: BF0684

Eye catching skewbald yearling filly. Both parents palomino and white. Slight blemish on right eye. Wormed, feet trimmed and treated with Deosect.



4       Edern Poppet                       SPSBS                NO VAT

          Piebald                Filly            DOB 03.08.18    28”

          Sire   Hermits Prince Charming AT0917

          Dam Edern Heledd AM0912

                             MGS Edern Prysor AG0043

                             MGD Southsands Delilah 014346

                             MGGS Little Jo of Green Meadows 003301

Passport Number: BF1419

Sweet little piebald pony. Late foal from last year. Wormed, feet trimmed and treated with Deosect.



5       Bybeck Makita                     SPSBS                NO VAT

          Piebald                Colt            DOB 18.05.16    30” approx.

          Sire   Romany Sebastian

          Dam Bybeck Jemima BA0086

                             MGS North Wells Little Fella AF0921/S98-077

                             MGD Strathlene Unique AO0721/M11

                             MGGS Bogs Lord Mack AE0857/S98-029

Passport Number: 8260 3900 BD0400

Miniature 3 year old entire colt. Ready to forward for VVE inspection. A real stallion prospect. He is full of Romany breeding.



6       Edern Swift                           SPSBS                NO VAT

          Piebald                Colt            DOB 22.09.18    28”

          Sire   Hermits Prince Charming AT0917

          Dam Edern Gwyddfyd AH1956

                             MGS Edern Hywel AC1348

                             MGD Endrick Faithful 017395

                             MGGS Scheihallion of Annandale 003674

Passport Number: BF1420

Small piebald colt, good markings. Late foal from last year. Wormed, feet trimmed and treated with Deosect.



7       Fairview Maggy May            SPSBS                NO VAT

          Strawberry Roan         Filly   DOB 14.05.14    29”

          Sire   Balier Blue AW1569/S14

          Dam Edern Merial AW1051/M15

                             MGS Edern Tywyn AR1703/S07-160

                             MGD Edern Meillionen AM1955/M01-183

                             MGGS Toyhorse Prince Champas AA0035/S97-001

Passport Number: 8260 39000 BC0094

Maggy May is a fun loving little character. Easy to handle, good to box, trim feet and lead. Has been shown a couple of times as a foal and excelled in her class. Wormed to date and microchipped.



8       Fairview Indy Skye              SPSBS                NO VAT

          Skewbald            Filly            DOB 02.05.16   

          Sire   Hermits Tuxedo AW0212/S11

          Dam Edern Meriel AW1051/M15

                             MGS Edern Tywyn AR1703/S07-160

                             MGD Edern Meillionen AM1955/M01-183

                             MGGS Toy Horse Prince Champus AA0035/S07-001

Passport Number: BD1363

Indy Skye is a delightful little filly, fun loving and full of character. Easy to handle in every way, has been handled from birth. Good to box, lead and have feet trimmed. Wormed beginning of March 2019 and is microchipped.



9       Wharmton Zephyr               SPSBS                NO VAT

          Black                   Colt            DOB 23.05.18    to make 39”

          Sire   Hose Endeavour AJ1652/S01-028

                             Drum Majestic AC2759/S97-152

          Dam Millquoy Vogue AY1769/M18

                             Shoormal Vaara AJ1139/M03-480

Passport Number: 8260 39000 BF0895

"Breeze" (his pet name), featured in the Yorkshire Vet series 7 episode 12 when his mother had difficulty in discharging her afterbirth. He is easy to handle and good with the farrier. His mother originally came from the Orkney Isles with a good mix of Marshwood Wells and Drum blood lines. On his fathers’ side he has a strong Wells, Hose and Drum bloodlines He has the potential to make a good show pony or even stallion status should anyone be so interested. Retirement hence the reluctant sale.



10     Wharmton Bliss                            SPSBS                NO VAT

          Black                   Filly            DOB 12.06.18    to make 39”

          Sire   Hose Endeavour AJ1652/S01-028

                             Drum Majestic AC2759/S97-152

          Dam Ravenside Wisp AZ1386/M18

                             Laddyll Farthing AG2747/M02-386

Passport Number: 8260 39000 BF0894

"Bliss" is a very sweet filly with a lovely head and is very easy to handle. First at the gate in the field and good with the farrier. Retirement forces the reluctant sale. On the fathers’ side there are strong Wells, Hose and Drum bloodlines. On the mothers’ side there are Wells, Marshwood and Hedderwick blood lines.



11     Trindod Invictus                  WPCS                 NO VAT

          Grey Roan                    Colt            2 yrs                    11.2hh

          Sire   Tamevalley Tigga

                             Highflown Japhet

          Dam Tanlan Yrorau

                             Tanlan Ffansi

Passport Number: 104131

Smart home bred Section A 2yo colt. Sire is a Royal Welsh winner, multi silver and bronze medal winner. Dam has bred a HOYS driven pony and many times BDS Driving Champion, Trindod Wildcat. Invictus is correct, easy to do and ready for the show ring. Only for sale as cutting down.


12     Tynderw Llew “Ralph”       WPCS                 NO VAT

          Grey                    Gelding      11 yrs                  12hh

          Sire   Criccieth Cymro

                             Penal Mark

          Dam Snowdon Falmai

                             Snowdon Rebeca

Passport Number: 8260 4601 0075 510

Excellent lead rein pony, or older child's second pony. Occasionally puts in an exuberant buck when excited. Has never bolted, bitten, kicked or been dirty. Well schooled with flashy moves. Lives in or out, alone or in company. Hacks out alone or in company. Good with heavy farm machinery and traffic and turbines. Has very good jump. Trained this season for mounted games, seen all equipment and has a lot of potential. Good to load and travel. Good with farrier. Up to date with worming and vaccinations. Very sweet pony.




13     Wolverton Glory                                               NO VAT

          Black                   Gelding      DOB 15.05.09    11.3hh

          Sire   Bushmoor Lord Brocket

          Dam Hayton Sian

Passport Number: 8260 4601 0083 357

Wolfy was bought last year for a riding school and was used for both lead rein and off lead rein, in the indoor school and out hacking. He proved to be nice and steady off lead rein in walk and trot for little riders. He is not getting enough work at the moment and not being turned out so has got a bit a bit fresh and can occasionally buck. Wolfy will be sadly missed by some the little riders.




14     Brenda                                                               NO VAT

          Black                   Mare          8 yrs                    12.3hh

Passport Number: 8260 6900 0215 757

Bee is a cob mare who has previously been re-broken and was bought for the grand kids but they have lost interest. She was being walked and trotted off lead rein; she is still green but will be a great kids pony or driving pony when going. She is good on the lunge and long rein. She is good to do in all ways; feet, clip, load, teeth, catch and great with kids.



15     Dot to Dot                                                                    NO VAT

          Leopard Spot Appaloosa     Mare          7 yrs           13.2hh

          Sire   White Hawk I Spotted You

Passport Number: 8260 7300 1320 860

Strikingly marked mare by 'White Hawk I Spotted You', one of the most prolific Appaloosa Event Stallions. Dot is good to catch, shoe and in traffic. Easy to do, lives in or out. Mixes well with mares and geldings. Snaffle mouth.



16     Trindod Biaggi           WPCS                           NO VAT

          Chestnut             Colt            Yearling               13hh

          Sire   Lauttom Rossi

                             Parvadean Roberto

          Dam Synod Rosie Crystal

                             Synod Rosie Jones

Passport Number: 106576

Very smart home bred Section C yearling colt. Chestnut, with 4 whites, to make 13hh plus. Sire is a Royal Welsh winner and dam has bred some really nice stock which have gone under saddle and also been sold abroad. Fantastic bloodlines, Parvadean and Synod, on both sides. Definitely one for the show ring. Only for sale as cutting down.



17     Comberton Ciaran                                           NO VAT

          Black                   Gelding      9 yrs                    13.2hh

          Sire   Blaircourt Franko

          Dam Comberton Cristabelle

Passport Number: 8260 3701 1086 873

Super Registered Riding Pony. Very well-schooled, has shown with success both in hand and under saddle. Jumps well and really enjoys it. Good to box, catch, farrier and in traffic. Ideal all-round pony club pony for lots of fun or for more serious showing. Snaffle mouth, no known vices. Sweet and kind pony that can be handled easily by children.



18     Sophie                                                                NO VAT

          Brown                  Mare          9 yrs           14hh

Passport Number: 8260 38NFEQ 04132

Sophie is an Appaloosa x. Was bought her for a riding school but she needs to be out doing more. Would suit one to one rider as she has a very light mouth and struggles with novice hands. She loves jumping and has proved excellent at hacking.



19     Jake                                                                    NO VAT

          Black                   Gelding               7 yrs                    14.2hh

Passport Number: 8260 6900 0196 843

Jake is a 7 year old black heavyweight cob gelding. He has lived most of his life on the farm where he was broken and ridden by a teenage girl who would hack him around the quiet village on a weekend. She has since lost interest and he is very sadly for sale to finance her first car.




20     Roweena                                                            NO VAT

          Chestnut             Mare                              7 yrs                    14.2hh

Passport Number: 8260 6900 0227 159

Broken and riding away. Needs more time putting into her schooling. Has been introduced to hacking, is green alone, better in company. Will ride happily over coloured poles and shows willing over a fence. Offered for sale due to lack of time and other commitments. Experienced home essential, not suitable for novices.



21     Skye                                                                    NO VAT

          Chestnut Roan   Mare                    6 yrs                    15hh

Passport Number: 8260 6900 0229 223

H/W Cob mare rising 7, good to box, clip and shoe. Excellent to handle, very sweet and kind. She has exceptional paces for a horse of her type and will make an excellent project for an experienced rider as she is still very green and not suitable for a novice.



22     Lexi                                                                     NO VAT

          Grey                              Mare                    13yrs          15.2hh

Passport Number: 5115 138

Irish sports horse. Lexi is a forward going ride and is off the leg and listens well to voice command. She has good brakes, works in a lovely consistent outline and is very soft in the mouth, with three collected paces. However, Lexi can put her ears back in transitions and do a tiny buck but nothing else, they don’t unseat you and she doesn’t do it all the time. Lexi hacks out by herself and with others; she isn’t fazed by anything and will happily go in any position; however she does prefer the front and does get a little impatient when asked to stop out hacking, However doesn’t do anything, just wants to walk on . Lexi has a very scopey jump and really loves this! She has jumped around 1M . Lexi has competed at some local shows and always placed! Lexi is good for the dentist and farrier and is updated with everything and is fully shod. Lexi is also good to catch and lives out in a mixed herd and this doesn’t bother her. She can live in or out, it doesn’t make a difference to her. Lexi also has massages every 6 months and the masseur is very happy with her and says her back is good.



23     No Penny                                                           NO VAT

          Bay            Gelding               12 yrs                  15.3hh

Passport Number: 3724 1400 5498 582

Hacks alone and in company. Competed WH and SJ last summer. Cubbed and hunted with the Middleton. Would suit one to one. Sad sale but due to new work commitments and time wasters he is now for sale today.



24     Zach                                                                    NO VAT

          Black          Gelding               DOB 24.05.10    16hh

          Sire   Overbury

          Dam Mays Delight

Passport Number: 8260 GB45169 599T

Attractive unraced TB gelding. Good to deal with, a genuine kind and loving horse. He has been with us for a few months and in that time has been brought on slowly and correctly. Schooling nicely in the arena and working over poles. Good to hack in company, not fussed by traffic or machinery. Unfazed by most things but can be sharp at times, so not suitable for novice. Knowledgeable home sought for this lovely boy to continue his education and bring him to his full potential.



25     Spruce Up                                                         NO VAT

          Bay            Gelding               9 yrs                    16.1hh

          Sire   Alhaarth (IRE)

Passport Number: 8260 GB45131 127T

Ideal schoolmaster point to pointer for novice rider. Would make hunter or riding club competition horse. Excellent jumper. Good to box, clip, show and in traffic.



26     Gillyflower                                                          NO VAT

          Bay            Mare                    5 yrs           16.2hh

          Sire   Grape Tree Road

          Dam Falcon’s Tribute

Passport Number: 8260 GB4522 758T

Lovely mare, easy to do, good to box, catch, clip, shoe and in traffic. Kind natured horse, turns out in mixed herd without issue. Ready to bring on in any sphere, all basics are there, snaffle mouthed.



27     Spring Pools “Minnie”                                    NO VAT

          Dark Chestnut    Mare          8 yrs                    16.2hh

Passport Number: 372IRE 4518 0040T

Minnie is a beautiful natured mare with plenty to offer someone. She is a pleasure to have on the yard. Wonderful stable manners. Easy to work with in all ways. She rides well under saddle in arena, and with a little bit extra schooling work would do well in the dressage arena. She hacks out alone or in company and is good in any traffic. Has done XC schooling and many pleasure rides. She is good to box, shoe, catch and clip. Would happily live in or out of stables. No vices. Up to date with all vaccinations. Is only for sale due to owner giving up riding so a good home is been asked for.