01904 489731

01904 489731


Wednesday 5th September


5th September 2018  AT 10 A.M



1.    Please note that a buyer’s premium will be charged at the rate of 1.5% plus VAT on the hammer price for each lot

2.    The basis of sale for all lots will be as follows unless specifically stated otherwise at the time of sale:-

  • Trees & shrubs on a price per plant
  • Bulbs on a price per bag or tray

    3.    Purchasers must take the total quantity in the lot being sold.

    4.    VAT will be charged at the standard rate on all lots marked with a v.

    5.      All lots must be paid before removal from the sale area.


v1-10          10 Laurels

v11-20        5 Roses

v21-22        5 Lonicera Bagisons Gold

v23-24        5 Ivy

v24A-24B  5 Lavender

v25-27        5 Lupins

v28-32        4 Salvia Hot Lips

v33-36        4 Herbaceous plants

v37-38        10 Box bushes

v39-40        10 Lawsonii screening conifers

v41-45        10 Thorn hedging

v46-48        10 Scotch pine

v49-51        10 Christmas trees

v52              1  Salix Contorta twisted willow

v53              1 Sweet chestnut

v54              1 Eucalyptus tree

v55-57        1 Larch tree

v58-60        1 Silver birch

v61-63        1 Sorbus Aucuparia

v64-66        1 Acer Crimson King

v67-76        10 Laurels

v77-86        10 Green Leylandii

v87-91        10 Golden Leylandii

v92              2 Box cones

v93-96        8 Hawthorn hedging plants

v97              8 Rosa Rugosa

v98-101      8 Beech hedging plants

v102            8 Scots pine trees

v103            2 Box cones

v104            1 Silver birch

v105            1 Hornbeam tree

v106            1 Lime tree

v107            1 Cherry tree

v108            1 Copper beech tree

v109            1 Green beech tree

v110            1 Pyracantha

v111-112   2 Laurel

v113            2 Escalonia

v114-115   1 Pampas grass

v116            1 Hebe Buxifolia

v117-118   2 Weigela purpurea

v119-120   2 Philadelphus virginal

v121            2 Climbing fuchsia

v122-129   4 Packs of winter pansies