01904 489731

01904 489731

Livestock Sales - Operation Restrictions for conducting our Livestock Markets
due to the Coronavirus outbreaks

Following the governments announcement of a full lockdown starting on 5th November, livestock markets must reintroduce the following operating procedures;

. Attendance is restricted to buyers only

. Vendors must “Drop & Go” and not enter the market

. Face coverings must be worn at all times

. Café will only offer take-away service

. Buyers must register with accounts office on arrival 

Livestock Sales 

Our prime-stock market is held as a slaughter only market for cattle, sheep and pigs.  Sheep only markets are held on certain Bank Holidays under the 6-day standstill rules.  Please refer to the “Forthcoming Sales”  page for further details. 

The live auction provides a transparent market place and the ability to achieve the best price and a quality premium with competition from a wide range of retail and wholesale buyers.

Most importantly, payment is guaranteed and made on the day of sale.

Monday Sale Times:

09:30 - Prime Pigs followed by Sows & Boars

10:00 - Prime Lambs followed by Ewes and Rams

11:00 - Young Bulls followed by Prime Cattle and OTM's   


Our store and breeding stock market is held on a Thursday under the 6-day standstill rules.  There are calves and store cattle every week; Seasonal sheep sales and store pigs on the first Thursday of every month.

Thursday Sale Times:

11:00 - Store Pigs

11:00 - Calves & Stirks

11:30 - Store Cattle

13:00 - Store Sheep