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Our prime Fatstock Market held on a Monday is a Slaughter Only Market for cattle, sheep and pigs .  There are no markets held on Bank Holidays so please refer to the “Forthcoming Sales”  page for further details. 

The live auction provides a transparent market place and the ability to achieve the best price and a quality premium with competition from a wide range of retail and wholesale buyers.

Most importantly, payment is guaranteed and made on the day of sale.

Monday Sale Times:    

9.30am Pigs followed by sows & boars
10.00am Prime Lambs followed by ewes and rams
11.00am Young Bulls followed by clean cattle, then over 30 month cattle

The stores and breeding stock market is held on a Thursday under the 6 day standstill rules. There are calves and store cattle every week, seasonal sheep sales and store pigs on the first Thursday of every month.


Thursday Sale Times:    

11.00am Store Pigs
11.00am Calves
11.30am Suckler Cows & Calves, followed by store cattle

Store & Breeding sheep



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