Livestock Sale

Monday 11th January 2016



York Auction Centre had 1242 head of stock forward including 163 Cattle, 592 Sheep and 487 Pigs (including 168 deadweight) at their weekly sale of Prime stock.

43 Continental X Young Bulls sold to 212p/kg from England Bros and to £1480.58 from M & C M Addy; to average 186.1/kg
46 Non-Continental X Young Bulls sold to 182p/kg from W & M Birkley & Sons and to £1235.85 from D A Shirt & Sons; to average 149.9p/kg
8 Continental X Steers sold to 224p/kg from J R Hildreth and Wilton Lodge Farms and to £1341 also from J R Hildreth; to average 199.8p/kg
7 Non-Continental X Steers sold to 170p/kg from J W Pearcy and to £1189.25  from H W Cowling & Son; to average 140.4p/kg
39 Continental X Heifers sold to 248p/kg from A Barker and to £1396.80 from W & L Thompson; to average 207.2p/kg 
3 Non Continental Heifers sold to 207p/kg from P Gibson and to £108.79 from Mrs M Nicholson to average 186.2p/kg
17 OTM cattle sold to 180p/kg from Millington Limousins and to £1317.53 also from Millington Limousins; to average 101.9p/kg

Young Bulls

England Bros 212p/kg, 200p/kg; F E Bowes & Son 211p/kg; J W & J Robinson 210p/kg; M & C M Addy 205p/kg, 198p/kg; J B Potter & Sons 2045p/kg; J A & C A Ellerington 204p/kg; G J Taylor 200p/kg; R E Schofield 198p/kg        

Non Continental
W & M Birkley & Sons 182p/kg; W D Jackson 181p/kg, 178p/kg; S Thompson 177p/kg; G J Taylor 177p/kg; D A Shirt & Sons 174p/kg, 173p/kg, 170p/kg, 169p/kg; W & M Birkley & Sons 174p/kg      


J R Hildreth 224p/kg; Wilton Lodge Farms 224p/kg, 212p/kg (twice); W Cundall191p/kg; L Steele & Son 190p/kg (twice); S E Shields 167p/kg    

Non Continental
M R Cass 170p/kg; H W Cowling & Son 168p/kg, 129p/kg, 123p/kg; J W Pearcy 139p/kg, 130p/kg (twice)       

A Barker 248p/kg, 237p/kg, 236p/kg (twice); W & L Thompson 243p/kg (twice), 241p/kg, 235p/kg; R McCaie 237p/kg, 229p/kg; Edgar Bros 230p/kg; H Crossley & Sons 223p/kg                 

Non Continental
P Gibson 207p/kg; Mrs M Nicholson 180p/kg, 175p/kg  

Millington Limousins 180p/kg; W H Lockwood & Co 170p/kg, 98p/kg, 90p/kg (three times); Edgar Bros 147p/kg; F D Forth 120p/kg; P B Fox & Son 119p/kg; B A L Ackroyd 89p/kg  

592 Sheep were sold including 496 Old Season Lambs

496 Old Season Lambs sold to 240.7p/kg from R A Dobson and to £109 from Garrowby Estate Farms; to average 170.7p/kg

Spring Lambs Per Head
Garrowby Estate Farms £109, £108.50, £104, £103.50, £100.50, £100; R A Dobson £103.50; J H Tennant Ltd £99, £96, £94; J R Hawking £97; M & C L R Dale £94.50; R A & B Robinson & Sons £94; M J Lofthouse £93.50        

Spring Lambs Per Kg
R A Dobson 240.7p/kg; M & C L R Dale 210p/kg, 205.3p/kg; K W Story 208.9p/kg; K B & R P Harrison 202.3p/kg; M J Lofthouse 198.9p/kg, 198.8p/kg; J G Sowray & Son 199.1p/kg; N R Wild 198.8p/kg         

93 ewes sold to £80 from P Cass

3 ram sold to £75 from R C Reed & Sons   

281 pigs sold to 106p/kg from J T Horsley and to £113.36 from J T Horsley to average 87.4p/kg. Porkers averaged 91.5p/kg (-9.5p on last week). Cutters averaged 84.2p/kg (-2.4p on last week). Bacon pigs averaging 90.7p/kg (-1.2p on last week).

35 sows sold to 32p from G Wilson and to £95.17 from J T Horsley

3 boar sold to 30p from L Shuttleworth and to £82.80 also from L Shuttleworth

Deadweight Pigs

Baconers to 145p/kg

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