Livestock Sale

Monday 25th January 2016



York Auction Centre had 1449 head of stock forward including 152 Cattle, 816 Sheep and 481 Pigs (including 150 deadweight) at their weekly sale of Prime stock.

42 Continental X Young Bulls sold to 210p/kg from J Bartram & Son and to £1681.42 from Garrowby Estate Farms; to average 183.4p/kg
25 Non-Continental X Young Bulls sold to 176p/kg from F & D Roberts and to £1175.85 also from F & D Roberts; to average 151.1p/kg
7 Continental X Steers sold to 205p/kg from C Walker & Son and to £1167.06 from L Steele & Son; to average 185.8p/kg
5 Non-Continental X Steers sold to 156p/kg from H W Cowling & Son and to £960.99 also from H W Cowling & Son; to average 133.7p/kg
55 Continental X Heifers sold to 244p/kg from A Barker and to £1365 from R W Rooke & Sons; to average 191p/kg 
4 Non Continental Heifers sold to 164p/kg from M R & C F Bowes and to £971.19 also from M R & C F Bowes to average 147.9p/kg
13 OTM cattle sold to 115p/kg from M G Piercy and to £785.47 also from M G Piercy; to average 84.1p/kg

Young Bulls
J Bartram & Son 210p/kg, 200p/kg; A R Henley & Son 208p/kg (twice); J M Summerson 198p/kg; P R Walker & Son 197p/kg; S Beachell & Son 197p/kg; H W Cowling & Son 194p/kg; J C Aconley & Sons 193p/kg;          

Non Continental
F & D Roberts 176p/kg; D R & S E Rivis 175p/kg; D A Shirt & Sons 170p/kg, 164p/kg, 155p/kg ; D A Jones 165p/kg, 161p/kg; G J Taylor 160p/kg; A P & R A Dunn 158p/kg; S Thompson 154p/kg          

C W Walker & Son 205p/kg, 204p/kg, 184p/kg; L Steele & Son 184p/kg; H W Colley & Son Ltd 183p/kg; H Crossley & Sons 180p/kg      

Non Continental
H W Cowling & Son 156p/kg; S Thompson 137p/kg; J W Pearcy 130p/kg, 127p/kg, 122p/kg

A Barker 244p/kg, 243p/kg, 235p/kg, 228p/kg; G J Taylor 237p/kg; J F & J M Stephenson 235p/kg, 212p/kg ; R W Rooke & Sons 228p/kg; Edgar Bros 228p/kg, 220p/kg; R H Dove 214p/kg                       

Non Continental
M R & C F Bowes 164p/kg; J Bartram & Son 150p/kg; H W Colley & Son Ltd 140p/kg; F & D Roberts 140p/kg    

M G Piercy 115p/kg; J A & C A Ellerington 107p/kg; J W & J H Galtrey & Sons 106p/kg; Mrs M Allen 106p/kg; B A L Ackroyd 83p/kg     

816 Sheep were sold including 681 Hoggs

681 Hoggs sold to 230.5p/kg from D J Grassam and to £105.00 from J Fairweather; to average 175.9p/kg

Hoggs Per Head
J Fairweather £105 (twice); R G Brader £104, £102, £101 (twice); £100; W Robshaw & Son £103, £100; R A Dobson £101.50; D J Grassam £100.50; J Dale £100.50; D T & A J Watson & Son £100        

Hoggs Per Kg
D J Grassam 230.5p/kg; J Dale 228.8p/kg, 222.5p/kg; R A Dobson 222.5p/kg; W Robshaw & Son 215.3p/kg, 210.5p/kg; G B Harrison 208.2p/kg; C B Jacklin & Co 206.4p/kg; C L P Hockley 206.3p/kg; M Kendra & Sons 204.6p/kg; M & C L R Dale 204.3p/kg           

127 ewes sold to £101 from R A Dobson  

309 pigs sold to 106p/kg from J T Horsley and to £105.55 also from J T Horsley to average 80.4p/kg. Porkers averaged 81.3p/kg (-13.2p on last week). Cutters averaged 82.8p/kg (-8.2p on last week). Bacon pigs averaging 78.1p/kg (-11.9p on last week).

19 sows sold to 31p from L H Otterburn to average 27.1p/kg

3 boars sold to 28p from G Wilson   

Deadweight Pigs
Cutters to 118p/kg and Baconers to 118p/kg

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