Livestock Sale

Thursday 7th April 2016


York Auction Centre had 155 head of stock through the market including 25 calves, 118 store cattle, 2 Cows and Calves and 10 store pigs at their weekly Store Stock market.

Bullocks sold to £940 for a Aberdeen Angus Cross from D & A J Sellars & Son.

Heifers sold to £1140 for a British Blue from N E Masterman & Son.            
Bulls sold to £770 for a British Blue from Dean Partnership.

AAX-£940 D & A J Sellars & Son; CHX-£925 (twice), £875 (three times) J W & J Paxton; HEX-£860 B Basham; SMX-£860 B Basham, £745 F W O Richardson & Son; LIM-£810, £790 B Basham, £745 (twice), £720 (twice) Firthfield Farm Ltd, £720 (twice) J S Hanson; BAX-£755 Dean Partnership; BRB-£750 Dean Partnership, £720 F W O Richardson & Son; PAX-£745 L A Clappison.

BRB-£1140, £1040 N E Masterman & Son, £1030 A Raines & Son, £960 (twice), £840 B Quarton, £825 B Basham; AAX-£930 D & A J Sellars & Son; BAX-£900, £865 J B Hornby; LIM-£860 (three times), £830 (twice) Nick Asquith, £855 (three times) B Basham; CHX-£850 (twice) J W & J Paxton, £820 (twice), £805 (twice) J F Lambert; CH-£850 (twice) J F Lambert.

BRB-£770 Dean Partnership; SMX-£600 (three times), £595 (three times) M Wills.

Cows and Calves sold to £1110 for a Limousin with a heifer calf at foot from J D Grantham.

Calves sold to £390 for a female British Blue; to average £190.24.

Store pigs sold to £21 from T Lister.

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