Livestock Sale

Monday 6th June 2016



York Auction Centre had 1487 head of stock forward including 241 Cattle, 762 Sheep and 484 Pigs (including 150 deadweight) at their weekly sale of Prime stock.

69 Continental X Young Bulls sold to 210p/kg from J R Edgar and to £1567.01 from J H Tennant Ltd; to average 183.4p/kg

58 Non-Continental X Young Bulls sold to 171p/kg from R A Suddaby and to £1182.44 from H Chapman & Son; to average 144.1p/kg

15 Continental X Steers sold to 224p/kg from J R Hildreth and to £1251.60 also from J R Hildreth; to average 184.9p/kg

2 Non-Continental X Steers sold to 157p/kg from J F & J M Stephenson and to £867.01 also from J F & J M Stephenson; to average 147.4p/kg

70 Continental X Heifers sold to 244p/kg from C A Potter and to £1352.70 from L Dale & Son; to average 198.8p/kg

5 Non-Continental X Heifers sold to 198p/kg from R H Dove (Farms) and to £992.68 from Robin Warkup Ltd; to average 151.9p/kg

22 OTM cattle sold to 162p/kg from J Marshall and to £1039.18 from E A Hughes; to average 113.0p/kg

Young Bulls
J R Edgar 210p/kg; P Gibson 204p/kg, 198p/kg; Edgar Bros 204p/kg, 200p/kg; A W & A Turnbull 203p/kg, 200p/kg; R & G Newby 200p/kg; J H Tennant Ltd, 199p/kg; J Bartram & Son 198p/kg; H Thompson & Son 198p/kg; J Dale 197 p/kg; T H Kilby & Son 194p/kg, 191p/kg; England Bros 193p/kg; D G Johnson 191p/kg. 

Non Continental
R A Suddaby 171p/kg, 163p/kg; M & D Nicholson 168p/kg; D M, W & A J Cook 167p/kg, 159p/kg; H Chapman & Son 167p/kg, 163p/kg; J Marshall 166p/kg; G J Taylor 165p/kg, 164p/kg; D A Jones 164p/kg 161p/kg; D M Shirt 164p/kg, 160p/kg; Nigel M Ogg 160p/kg; J Brewster 160p/kg.


J R Hildreth 224p/kg; G & J Y Marshall 211p/kg, 202p/kg; J W & R Mothersdale 210p/kg; M R & C F Bowes 186p/kg, 181p/kg; C A Potter 184p/kg; W Cundall 181p/kg; G Coward 180p/kg.

Non Continental
J F & J M Stephenson 156p/kg.

C A Potter 244p/kg; N Hall & Son 241p/kg; P B Fox & Son 239p/kg, 236p/kg, 230p/kg, 229p/kg; W & L Thompson 235p/kg, 234p/kg, 229p/kg; L Dale & Son 232p/kg.  

Non Continental
R H Dove (Farms) 198p/kg; G & J Y Marshall 177p/kg.

J Marshall 162p/kg; Robin Warkup Ltd 139p/kg; T E & M Powley 135p/kg; Maxwell Bros 134p/kg, 127p/kg, 123p/kg; F Wardell & Son 128p/kg.

762 Sheep were sold including 118 Hoggs and 433 Spring Lambs.

118 Hoggs sold to 164.8p/kg from J P Towse & Sons and to £94 from D Hood; to average 143.7p/kg

433 Spring Lambs sold to 263.2p/kg from S Beachell & Son and to £111 also from S Beachell & Son; to average 200.2p/kg

Lambs Per Kg
S Beachell & Son 263.2p/kg, 258.1p/kg, 245.1p/kg; R H Dove (Farms) 242.0p/kg; M A Lord 235.4p/kg.

Lambs Per Head
S Beachell & Son £111, £100.50, £100, £99; P Cass £110, £105; A P & R A Dunn £99; R H Dove (Farms) £98.

Hoggs Per Kg
J P Towse & Sons 164.8p/kg, 158.7p/kg, 152.4p/kg, 148.9p/kg; G Baxter & Partners 152.3p/kg; K D Voakes 147.1p/kg, 146.9p/kg; M & J Smith 145.8p/kg.

Hoggs Per Head
D Hood £94; G Baxter & Partners £83, £74, £70; J P Towse & Sons £74, £73, £70; K D Voakes £72; M & J Smith £70.

211 ewes sold to £98 from P B Fox & Son; to average £69.16.

298 pigs sold to 131p/kg from R Thompson & Son and to 129.20 from J T Horsley; to average 99.5p/kg. Porkers averaged 98.5p/kg (+1.0p on last week). Cutters averaged 101.6p/kg (+5.6p on last week). Bacon pigs averaging 100.3p/kg (-0.4p on last week).

35 sows sold to 40p from R W & G M Ellis (twice) and R R & J M Till; to average 35.5p/kg.

1 boar sold to 33p from M Wood.

Deadweight Pigs
Cutters to 120p/kg and Baconers to 120p/kg.

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