Livestock Sale

Monday 8th August 2016



York Auction Centre had 1064 head of stock forward including 162 Cattle, 506 Sheep and 396 Pigs (including 150 deadweight) at their weekly sale of Prime stock.

43 Continental X Young Bulls sold to 208p/kg from A W & A Turnbull and to £1642.50 from J H Tennant Ltd; to average 187.8p/kg

47 Non-Continental X Young Bulls sold to 175p/kg from F & R M Pickering and to £1197.07 also from F & R M Pickering; to average 148.1p/kg

15 Continental X Steers sold to 232p/kg from W & L Thompson and to £1350.51 from L Dale & Son; to average 201.4p/kg

3 Non-Continental X Steers sold to 162p/kg from H W Cowling & Son and to £843.03 also from H W Cowling & Son; to average 149.9p/kg

41 Continental X Heifers sold to 253p/kg from P B Fox & Son and to £1382.63 from J M Walker; to average 217.3p/kg

13 OTM cattle sold to 174p/kg from J M Walker and to £1249.20 from J M Walker; to average 119.2p/kg

Young Bulls
A W & A Turnbull 208p/kg, 204p/kg, 203p/kg; P Gibson 207p/kg, 205p/kg, 204p/kg, 201p/kg; B Quarton 207p/kg, 200p/kg; H W Cowling & Son 204p/kg; P D & S E Johnson 199p/kg, 196p/kg; J H Tennant Ltd 197p/kg; A Sykes 197p/kg. 

Non Continental
F & R M Pickering 175p/kg; D A Shirt & Sons 174p/kg, 164p/kg, 163p/kg, 161p/kg; D A Jones 174p/kg; M & D Nicholson 174p/kg; J W & J Robinson 172p/kg (twice); I & S Clough 169p/kg; G J Taylor 164p/kg, 160p/kg; J Marshall 160p/kg.

W & L Thompson 232p/kg; L Dale & Son 226p/kg, 207p/kg; J F & J M Stephenson 213p/kg, 207p/kg; H W Cowling & Son 207p/kg; Askham Bryan College Co Ltd 205p/kg, 204p/kg.

H W Cowling & Son 162p/kg, 144p/kg; J F & J M Stephenson 146p/kg.


P B Fox & Son 253p/kg, 249p/kg, 244p/kg, 239p/kg, 237p/kg, 235p/kg (twice), 234p/kg (twice); Wilton Lodge Farms 246p/kg; W & L Thompson 244p/kg, 238p/kg; N Hall & Son 244p/kg, 240p/kg (twice); L Dale & Son 239p/kg.

J M Walker 174p/kg, 162p/kg; J F Lambert 139p/kg, 130p/kg; M G Piercy 121p/kg, 118p/kg; P & K M Mellor 117p/kg, 115p/kg, R Inman & Sons 116p/kg, 107p/kg (twice).

506 Sheep were sold including 446 Spring Lambs.

446 Spring Lambs sold to 238.0p/kg from M J Lofthouse and to £100 from R A & B Robinson & Sons; to average 191.1p/kg

Lambs Per Kg
M J Lofthouse 238.0p/kg, 235.0p/kg; R A Dobson 229.3p/kg, 213.8p/kg; G Benson & Son 221.5p/kg; R A & B Robinson & Son 219.8p/kg, 210.5p/kg; C B Jacklin & Co 212.5p/kg; Garrowby Estate Farms 212.5p/kg.

Lambs Per Head
R A & B Robinson & Sons £100, £94.50 (twice); J T Horsley £98; H Nichols & Son £98; C B Jacklin & Co £98; K B & R P Harrison £98, £90.50; M J Lofthouse £94 (twice); R A Dobson £94; F Wardell & Son £93.50; R Coe £93; J B Potter & Sons £90; T W Wilson & Sons £90.

57 ewes sold to £107 from F Wardell & Son; to average £65.18.
3 rams sold to £105 from J Simpson; to average £93.33.

226 pigs sold to 126p/kg from J T Horsley and to £134.32 from K D Voakes; to average 114.6p/kg. Porkers averaged 111.9p/kg (-4.4p on last week). Cutters averaged 116.9p/kg (+2.9p on last week). Bacon pigs averaged 116.1p/kg (+4.6p/kg on last week).

18 sows sold to 54p/kg from T Beevers; to average 49.8p/kg.
2 boars sold to 50p/kg. from J T Horsley; to average 44.8p/kg.

Deadweight Pigs
Cutters to 135p/kg and Baconers to 135p/kg.

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