Livestock Sale

Thursday 6th October 2016


York Auction Centre had 342 head of stock through the market including 29 calves, 109 store cattle, 10 cows and calves, 32 pedigree cattle, 23 store pigs, 130 store lambs and 9 pedigree sheep at their weekly Store Stock market.

Bullocks sold to £1185 for a Limousin from W B & A Kilby & Son. 

Heifers sold to £985 (three times) for a Limousin from L Thompson & Sons.
Bulls sold to £900 (four times) for a Charolais Cross from R W Inglis.
Cows sold to £1040 for an in calf Blond D’Aquitaine Cross from B T Barrett.

LIM-£1185, £1150, £1075, £1000, £950 W B & A Kilby & Son, £1015, £970 R Midgeley, £930 (four times) S Barnes, £850 A Nicholson, £840 Rose Bros; CHX-£1130, £830 D F Swinglehurst; BAX-£890 M & K Farrar.
LIM-£985 (three times) L Thompson & Sons, £980 (four times) S Barnes, £945 W B & A Kilby & Son, £910 (twice) Rose Bros, £825 D F Swinglehurst; LR-£965 (twice) C Humphrey; CHX-£960 (three times) A Nicholson, £945 D F Swinglehurst; BAX-£880 M & K Farrar; BRB-£850 K W & R J Wilson.

CHX-£900 (four times) R W Inglis; SMX-£895 (twice) R W Inglis.

BAX-£1040 B T Barrett.

Cows with calves at foot sold to £1240 for a Blonde D’Aquitaine Cross with a male calf at foot from B T Barrett.

Calves sold to £485 for a Female Limousin from Wrelton Sawmill; to average £229.41.

A good entry of cattle today and a large crowd ringside. The sale was topped by S Tate, Easingwold, York with their 2015 born Hereford bull – Blackwood Northan Boy – selling to 1600gns purchased by H M M & H P Langthorne, Brompton, Northallerton.


          Hereford              - 1600gns S Tate
          Limousin              - 1500gns P W Oxley
                                     - 1220gns W Hill & Son

          Blond D’Aquitaine  - 1100gns B T Barrett
          Saler                    - 1000gns C Ellwood & Sons
                                     - 1000gns C Ellwood & Sons
Cows and Calves:
          Blond D’Aquitaine - 1500gns B T Barrett
                                    - 1150gns B T Barrett
          Beef Shorthorn    - 1450gns Maxwell Bros (twin calves)
          Limousin             - 1200gns Maxwell Bros

A very strong trade for store lambs today, selling to £68.50 (twice) for a pen of 10 wethers from J P Towse and a single wether from M Towse; to average £59.80.

Texel gimmer lambs sold to £102 for a pen of 3 from G E Metcalfe.
Texel gimmer shearlings sold to £146 for a pen of 3 from G E Metcalfe.
Mule gimmer shearlings sold to £143 for a pen of 10 from S Bristow.
Suffolk x Mule gimmer shearlings sold to £130 for a pen of 13 from S Bristow.

A good show of Accredited Rams, selling to 270gns for a Charolais Shearling from James Danforth.
Suffolk shearlings sold to 250gns from A E Lacy.
Charolais lambs sold to 175gns from James Danforth.
Texel lambs sold to 150gns from J S Lodge.

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