Livestock Sale

Monday 24th October 2016



York Auction Centre had 1005 head of stock forward including 179 Cattle, 365 Sheep, 9 Goats and 452 Pigs (including 175 deadweight) at their weekly sale of Prime stock.

30 Continental X Young Bulls sold to 218p/kg from D J & S A Beal and to £1713.87 from D A Shirt & Sons; to average 189.7p/kg

67 Non-Continental X Young Bulls sold to 188p/kg from J C Aconley and to £1371.80 from J Brewster; to average 158.2p/kg

18 Continental X Steers sold to 231p/kg from D & L Sellars and to £1391.08 from Wilton Lodge Farms; to average 206.8p/kg

5 Non-Continental X Steers sold to 167p/kg (twice) from H W Cowling & Son and to £1098.90 also from H W Cowling & Son; to average 150.3p/kg

45 Continental X Heifers sold to 266p/kg from W & L Thompson and to £1486.75 from J R Hildreth; to average 214.0p/kg

14 OTM cattle sold to 159p/kg from D A Shirt & Sons and to £1810.07 also from D A Shirt & Sons; to average 107.6p/kg

Young Bulls
D J & S A Beal 218p/kg, 207p/kg, 205p/kg; H W Cowling & Son 211p/kg, 208p/kg, 207p/kg, 197p/kg; D A Shirt & Sons 206p/kg; A B Brown 204p/kg, P D & S E Johnson 196p/kg. 

J C Aconley & Sons 188p/kg; R S & W A Howarth 186p/kg, 183p/kg, 178p/kg, 175p/kg; D M, W & A J Cook 182p/kg, 177p/kg, 175p/kg; J Brewster 181p/kg; A R Henley & Son 179p/kg (twice); P M Allen 178p/kg; G J Taylor 178p/kg.

D & L Sellars 231p/kg, 220p/kg, 216p/kg, 211p/kg, 206p/kg; J P Towse & Sons 230p/kg, 228p/kg, 225p/kg; Wilton Lodge Farms 210p/kg, 208p/kg; H Crossley & Sons 206p/kg, 201p/kg.

H W Cowling & Son 167p/kg (twice)


W & L Thompson 266p/kg, 255p/kg, 245p/kg, 237p/kg; A Barker 254p/kg, 240p/kg, 235p/kg (twice); J P Towse & Sons 244p/kg, 237p/kg; N Hall & Son 242p/kg; J R Hildreth 238p/kg, 234p/kg; Wilton Lodge Farms 235p/kg, D J & S A Beal 233p/kg.

D A Shirt & Sons 159p/kg; M Mullins 142p/kg; F & A Town 133p/kg; M G Piercy 130p/kg; Mrs M Allen 107p/kg; D & J Pape 105p/kg; Liz Hogg 100p/kg.

365 Sheep were sold including 302 Spring Lambs.

302 Spring Lambs sold to 209.1p/kg from P Cass and to £100 from R A & B Robinson & Sons; to average 176.9p/kg.

Lambs Per Kg
P Cass 209.1p/kg, 208.3p/kg, 202.4p/kg, 196.8p/kg; R A Dobson 201.3p/kg, 193.8p/kg; J G Sowray & Son 198.7p/kg, 190.9p/kg, 190.1p/kg; C B Jacklin & Co 197.7p/kg; Garrowby Estate Farms 194.1p/kg, 191.7p/kg.

Lambs Per Head
R A & B Robinson & Sons £100, £93, £89; C L Rowland £95; P Cass £92.50, £92, £90; Garrowby Estate Farms £92, £90; J G Sowray & Son £91, £88; C B Jacklin & Co £91; F Frankish & Son £88.50; William Bridge Ltd £88 (three times).

63 ewes sold to £90 from C Hall; to average £56.17.

9 goats were sold to £63 from Playdale Farm Park; to average £55.22

277 pigs sold to 135p/kg from R Thompson & Son and to £151.98 from K D Voakes; to average 120.2p/kg. Porkers averaged 123.6p/kg (+4.6p on last week). Cutters averaged 121.6p/kg (-3.1p on last week). Bacon pigs averaged 121.0p/kg (-2.7p/kg on last week).

15 sows sold to 56p/kg from M E Peacock, D Yorke (twice) and R R & J M Till & Sons (twice); to average 54.4p/kg.
2 boars sold to 47p/kg from W Creaser; to average 45.2p/kg.

Deadweight Pigs
175 pigs, Baconers to 147p/kg.

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