01904 489731

01904 489731

Livestock Sale

Monday 23rd January 2017



York Auction Centre had 1373 head of stock forward including 133 Cattle, 799 Sheep, 4 Goats and 437 Pigs (including 160 deadweight) at their weekly sale of Prime stock.

21 Continental X Young Bulls sold to 216p/kg (twice) from J B Potter & Sons and to £1544.13 from F & R M Pickering; to average 189.9p/kg

45 Non-Continental X Young Bulls sold to 194p/kg from R S & W A Howarth and D A Shirt & Sons and to £1412.55 from D A Shirt & Sons; to average 163.2p/kg

8 Continental X Steers sold to 218p/kg from W Jibson & Son and to £1342.30 from L Steele & Son; to average 207.2p/kg

42 Continental X Heifers sold to 259p/kg from W & L Thompson and to £1472.40 from H W Cowling & Son; to average 209.9p/kg

1 Non-Continental X Heifer sold to 164p/kg and £905.79 from F & D Roberts.

16 OTM cattle sold to 133p/kg from J F Lambert and to £1103.34 from C R Farnaby & Son; to average 105.1p/kg

Young Bulls

J B Potter & Sons 216p/kg (twice); A V Etherington & Sons 205p/kg, 197p/kg; D Hardcastle & Sons 200p/kg; F & R M Pickering 200p/kg; D J Moxon 196p/kg; W & M Birkley & Sons 195p/kg; H W Cowling & Son 193p/kg; G J Taylor 190p/kg.   
D A Shirt & Sons 194p/kg, 178p/kg; R S & W A Howarth 194p/kg, 188p/kg, 177p/kg, 176p/kg; H W Cowling & Son 193p/kg; Banklink Ltd 192p/kg; G J Taylor 182p/kg; Rob Brownbridge & C Kirkby 179p/kg; R A Suddaby 175p/kg; D Hardcastle & Sons 175p/kg; W & M Birkley & Sons 175p/kg. 


W Jibson & Son 218p/kg, 216p/kg, 208p/kg, 203p/kg (twice); L Steele & Son 217p/kg, 212p/kg.

W & L Thompson 259p/kg, 238p/kg (twice); A Barker 248p/kg, 246p/kg, 240p/kg, 239p/kg; P B Fox & Son 240p/kg, 238p/kg, 233p/kg, 230p/kg, 224p/kg (twice), 221p/kg; P & F Wake 229p/kg (twice).

F & D Roberts 164p/kg.

J F Lambert 133p/kg, 127p/kg; C R Farnaby & Son 130p/kg; D J & S A Beal 129p/kg, 122p/kg; M G Piercy 114p/kg, 111p/kg; K G Clarke 113p/kg.

799 Sheep were sold including 749 Hoggs

749 Hoggs sold to 247.2p/kg from M & P Cass and to £100 from R A Dobson; to average 162.7p/kg.

Hoggs Per Kg
M & P Cass 247.2p/kg, 230.3p/kg, 224.4p/kg, 202.1p/kg, 200.0p/kg; M L Parvin 225.0p/kg, 217.3p/kg, 200.0p/kg; C B Jacklin & Co 222.4p/kg, 207.4p/kg; R A Dobson 222.2p/kg, 214.3p/kg; I & K Smith 208.3p/kg; Steven Bristow 200.0p/kg.

Hoggs Per Head
R A Dobson £100, £90; M L Parvin £98, £97, £96, £94.50; M & P Cass £97, £93.50; C B Jacklin & Co £95, £92.50, £92; Garrowby Estate Farms £92; W Robshaw & Son £91, £90.50.

48 ewes sold to £95 from F Bristow & Son; to average £59.79.
2 rams sold to £50 from Garrowby Estate Farms; to average £37.50.

Thanks must go to everyone who donated the sheep and produce sold and financial donations in aid of Yorkshire Air Ambulance, and a special thanks to Paul Cass for organising the sale.

254 pigs sold to 121p/kg from J T Horsley and £132.25 also from J T Horsley; to average 105.0p/kg. Porkers averaged 105.6p/kg. Cutters averaged 105.4p/kg. Bacon pigs averaged 106.3p/kg.

22 sows sold to 60p/kg from M E Peacock; to average 52.0p/kg.
1 boar sold to 44p/kg from M E Peacock.

Deadweight Pigs
160 Pigs, Baconers to 154p/kg.