Livestock Sale

Thursday 9th March 2017


York Auction Centre had 175 head of stock through the market including 36 calves, 102 store cattle, 2 cows and calves and 37 pedigree cattle at their weekly Store Stock market.

Steers sold to £1280 for a Limousin from N E Masterman & Son.

Heifers sold to £1035 for a Beef Shorthorn from A Pinkerton.
Bulls sold to £880 for a Hereford X from W H Lockwood & Co.

LIM-£1280 N E Masterman; £1070 L A Clappison; £990 Nick Asquith; £890 (twice) J B Catton & Son; £860 (twice) C Ellwood & Sons; £860 A Pinkerton; £855 Monument Farm; £770 J Myers; £755 R E Cornforth; £740 (five times) F P Sturdy.

SM-£1190 N E Masterman; £845 Mrs J Lamming.
BRB-£1060, £995 Dean Partnership; £815 J Myers.
CHX-£850 (three times) J B Catton & Son. 
BSH-£1035 A Pinkerton.

LIM-£995, £950 (three times), £935 E Lund; £965, £960, £955, £895 A Pinkerton; £925 Nick Asquith; £875 (twice) F Sellars.
CHX-£945 K B & R P Harrison.
SM-£830 A Pinkerton.
AAX-£810 A Pinkerton.
SDX-£810 A Pinkerton.
HEX-£880 W H Lockwood & Co.

SMX-£835 C Leedham; £830, £710 (twice), £700 (twice) M Wills; £730 Monument Farm.
BRB-£725 Monument Farm.
LIM-£710 R E Cornforth.

Cows with calves at foot sold to £1000 for a Beef Shorthorn with a bull calf at foot from T R Hodges.

Calves sold to £485 for a South Devon X bull from Oxton Farm; to average £244.83.

37 head of cattle forward, including 12 bulls and 20 females, also 5 calves at foot. The champion Bull was a Limousin presented by D & M L P Woolhouse, North Dalton and sold to G Gilleard, Thorne for 3,400gns. Female Championship went to an Aberdeen Angus presented by Pearson Brothers, Belton and was bought for 1,280gns by C W Foster, Bishop Wilton.

LIM-  3,400gns D & M L P Woolhouse

         3,200gns E Blenkhorn & Son
         2,900gns J Cardwell
HE-   1,200gns Mr D Reynolds
SM-   1,300gns Mrs J Lamming

         1,280gns Mrs J Lamming
         1,150gns Mrs J Lamming
         920gns Mrs J Lamming
         900gns Mrs J Lamming
AA-   1,280gns Pearson Brothers
         910gns Pearson Brothers
Cows & Calves
SM-   1,750gns A K & R J Steele

         1,520gns Mrs J Lamming
         1,380gns Mrs J Lamming

Bulls Overall - £2431.80

          LIM Bulls - £3325.00
          HE Bulls - £1260.00
Females Overall - £1120.88
          AA Females - £1149.75
          SM Females - £1111.25
Cows & Calves Overall- £1627.50

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