01904 489731

01904 489731

Livestock Sale

Monday 3rd April 2017



York Auction Centre had 1497 head of stock forward including 169 Cattle, 919 Sheep and 409 Pigs (including 60 deadweight) at their weekly sale of Prime stock.

46 Continental X Young Bulls sold to 225p/kg from P Gibson and J H Tennant Ltd and to £1843.38 from J H Tennant Ltd; to average 197.7p/kg

56 Non-Continental X Young Bulls sold to 192p/kg from D A Shirt & Sons and to £1376.055 from J Brewster; to average 158.6p/kg

16 Continental X Steers sold to 228p/kg from P B Fox & Son and to £1430.31 from J H Mewburn Ltd; to average 202.3p/kg

4 Non-Continental X Steers sold to 178p/kg from E Lazenby and J H Mewburn Ltd and to £1313.50 from J H Mewburn Ltd; to average 168.9p/kg

31 Continental X Heifers sold to 265p/kg from W & L Thompson and to £1444.17 also from W & L Thompson; to average 211.1p/kg

15 OTM cattle sold to 183p/kg from P B Fox & Son and to £1479.66 from A Oxtoby & Son; to average 127.8p/kg

Young Bulls

P Gibson 225p/kg; J H Tennant Ltd 225p/kg, 212p/kg, 210p/kg, 205p/kg; R E Schofield 216p/kg (twice); S Beachell & Son 213p/kg; J Bartram & Son 209p/kg, 205p/kg; D R & S E Rivis 209p/kg (twice); E Blenkhorn & Son 208p/kg; D Hardcastle & Sons 207p/kg; A R Henley & Son 207p/kg; G D Stephenson & Sons Ltd 204p/kg.

D A Shirt & Sons 192p/kg, 187p/kg; H W Colley & Son Ltd 189p/kg; J Brewster 189p/kg; H W Cowling & Son 188p/kg; R S & W A Howarth 184p/kg, 182p/kg; G J Taylor 181p/kg. 


P B Fox & Son 228p/kg; C A Potter 225p/kg (twice); J F & J M Stephenson 211p/kg; R H Dove (Farms) 209p/kg, 203p/kg; J H Mewburn Ltd 209p/kg (twice); H Walker & Son 207p/kg; J W & J Robinson 202p/kg.

E Lazenby 178p/kg; J H Mewburn Ltd 178p/kg.


W & L Thompson 265p/kg, 251p/kg, 250p/kg, 242p/kg, 230p/kg; P Gibson 256p/kg, 239p/kg; P B Fox & Son 248p/kg (three times); J F & J M Stephenson 230p/kg.

P B Fox & Son 183p/kg; J G Sowray & Son 175p/kg; J B Etherington 160p/kg; A H Grant & Sons 151p/kg; A Oxtoby & Son 136p/kg; Edgar Bros 134p/kg (twice).

919 Sheep were sold including 52 Spring Lambs and 706 Hoggs.

52 Spring Lambs sold to 267.5p/kg from G Benson & Son and to £112 from G Benson & Son and T R Craven; to average 228.7p/kg.

706 Hoggs sold to 247.6p/kg from R A Dobson and to £110 from D C Nesom & Son; to average 167.8p/kg.

Lambs Per Kg
G Benson & Son 267.5p/kg, 260.2p/kg, 253.9p/kg, 243.2p/kg, 240.5p/kg, 238.3p/kg, 236.8p/kg, 234.1p/kg; M A Lord 254.8p/kg, 242.2p/kg; T R Craven 254.6p/kg, 234.9p/kg, 233.0p/kg; M & P Cass 233.3p/kg.

Lambs Per Head
G Benson & Son £112, £108, £107, £103, £101; T R Craven £112, £106, £101; M A Lord £109, £107; D Pickles £108, £100; A J & J C Beckett £104, £100.

Hoggs Per Kg
R A Dobson 247.6p/kg; M & K Farrar 244.3p/kg, 231.3p/kg, 230.2p/kg; W Robshaw & Son 244.3p/kg, 230.3p/kg; T Farrar 240.9p/kg; F Wardell & Son 229.8p/kg; M & C L R Dale 228.6p/kg, 225.9p/kg, 220.5p/kg; D C Nesom & Son 224.5p/kg.

Hoggs Per Head
D C Nesom & Son £110; F Wardell & Son £109, £105; M & K Farrar £108, £107.50; W Robshaw & Son £107.50, £106, £105 (twice), £104; M Wills £107; T Farrar £106; M & C L R Dale £104; R A Dobson £104.

156 ewes sold to £130 from H & C W Burkill; to average £75.29.
5 rams sold to £90 from W D Harrison; to average £70.00.

319 pigs sold to 143p/kg from R Thompson & Son and to £158.40 also from R Thompson & Son; to average 123.4p/kg. Porkers averaged 122.5p/kg. Cutters averaged 129.2p/kg. Bacon pigs averaged 124.3p/kg.

28 sows sold to 66p/kg from R Thompson & Son; to average 59.2p/kg.
2 boars sold to 60p/kg from M E Peacock; to average 54.7p/kg.

Deadweight Pigs
60 pigs, Baconers to 164p/kg.