01904 489731

01904 489731

Livestock Sale

Thursday 11th May 2017


York Auction Centre had 157 head of stock through the market including 9 calves, 111 store cattle, 30 cows & calves and 8 ewes & lambs at their weekly Store Stock market, held alongside the Spring Store-stock Fayre.

Steers sold to £1235 for a British Blue from N E Masterman & Son.

Heifers sold to £1145 for a Limousin from G W Wrigglesworth & Son.
Bulls sold to £790 for a Simmental X from S & J Houlder.


BRB-£1235 N E Masterman & Son; £1155 D F Swinglehurst; £835 W Hill & Son.

AA-£1150 (twice), £1075 (twice) Dalby Farms Partnership; £1075 J A Bullock.
CHX-£1140 H E Stubbins & Sons Ltd; £990 (three times), £890 (three times), £875 (twice) R I Webb; £935 R B Hardy.
LIM-££1140, £1075 (twice) D F Swinglehurst; £840 (three times) J B Catton & Son; £805 (twice) G Ellis.
LIM-£1145 (twice), £1135 G W Wrigglesworth & Son; £970 N E Masterman & Son; £860 (twice) J B Catton & Son; £805 (twice) A P & R A Dunn.

CHX-£1065 H E Stubbins & Sons Ltd; £980 (three times), £935 (twice) J F Lambert; £860, £820 (four times), £810 (twice) D H Sparrow & Son.
BRB-£1020 (three times) J Myers; £990 R E Cornforth.
AA-£940 (three times) Dalby Farms Partnership.
SMX-£790 S & J Houlder.

LIM-£780 S & J Houlder.
BFX-£780 (twice) Vale Farming.

Cows with calves at foot sold to £1890 for an Limousin with a steer calf at foot from Emily Elliott.

Calves sold to £600 for a male Limousin from D Mitchell; to average £374.44.

Ewes with lambs at foot twice sold to £220 for a Ewe with 3 lambs at foot from N Pinder.

The Spring Store-stock Fayre including Suckler Cow & Calf Turnout Sale saw 139 head of cattle presented. Judge Robert Kealey had a tough choice but eventually selected his winners; in the Steer Class a Limousin from D F Swinglehurst, Stillingfleet, a pen of 2 Limousin Heifers from J B Catton & Son, Atwick and a Simmental Bull from S & J Houlder, Bubwith.

Steers -      1st-Limousin from D F Swinglehurst to H Kealey & Sons for £1140.
                 2nd-2 Limousins from D F Swinglehurst to S Wildman for £1075.
                 3rd-3 Limousins from J B Catton & Son to G Coward for £840.

Heifers -     1st-2 Limousins from J B Catton & Son to T R Craven for £860.
                 2nd-3 Charolais from J F Lambert to D J & J E Wilson for £980.
                 3rd-2 Limousins from G W Wrigglesworth & Son to J Bowling & Son Ltd for £1145.

Bulls -        1st-Simmental from S & J Houlder to E R Hyde & Sons for £790.
                 2nd-Limousin from S & J Houlder to D A Shirt & Sons for £780.