01904 489731

01904 489731

Livestock Sale

Monday 4th December 2017


York Auction Centre had 900 head of stock forward including 176 Cattle, 406 Sheep and 318 Pigs (including 60 deadweight) at their weekly sale of Prime stock.

The 2017 Christmas Fatstock Show was sponsored this year by Lloyds Bank, Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors and Bishopton Vets.  The Lord Mayor of York, Mrs Barbara Boyce, and the Vice-Chairman of Ryedale, Mr Rob Wainwright and his wife were in attendance to present the prizes.

The Judges were Tony Wasteney and his colleague Robert Smith from Wasteney Butchers of Grenoside, Sheffield, who had a very difficult job choosing between over 40 show cattle. The supreme champion for this year’s show went to the Thompson Family of Middleton, Pickering, who produced a wonderful, strong, meaty heifer, weighing 640kg, making 370p/kg, and adding up to £2,364.80. This was purchased by David Penny for M&K Butchers (the Kneafsey family) of Bishopthorpe Road, York.

The reserve champion and Limousin champion was also a heavyweight heifer, shown by Wagstaff Bros from Sutton on the Forest, weighing 570kg, and selling for 322p/kg, again bought by David Penny for M&K Butchers.

The Lord Mayor made the annual appeal for support for her charities, which again took the form of donations and a raffle. Four very large hampers were kindly donated by David Wilson, M&K Butchers, Fletchers of Malton, and Tony Wasteney. An excellent total of over £750 was raised. 

The show was supported by 20 Exhibitors, and exhibiting for the first time was the Brown Family (F E Brown & Son) from Raskelf, who won the Black & White Bull Class.

In addition to the Pork Pie Competition was a new competition for sausages. There were 8 entries for the Pork Pie Competition, being won yet again by David Wilson, and 7 Entries for the Inaugural Sausage Competition, which was won by Tony Wasteney.

Supreme Champion - British Blue Heifer from W & L Thompson, 640kg at 370p/kg to M & K Quality Butchers Ltd.

Reserve Supreme Champion - Limousin Heifer from Wagstaff Bros, 522kg at 325p/kg to M & K Quality Butchers Ltd

Champion Steer - British Blue from W & L Thompson, 524kg at 285p/kg to D Wilson Family Butcher Ltd.

Reserve Champion Steer - Charolais from Wagstaff Bros, 684kg at 275p/kg to R Pearson.

Champion Young Bull - British Blue from N R Wild, 622kg at 272p/kg to R Pearson.

Reserve Champion Bull (and Best Homebred) - Limousin from Edgar Bros, 554kg at 248p/kg to N Bramall & Son Ltd.

Best Black & White Bull - Holstein Fresian from F E Brown & Son, 582kg at 196p/kg to Thompson Wholesale Meat Ltd.

Principal Prices
37 Continental X Young Bulls sold to 272p/kg from N R Wild and to £1828.75 from G Haslehurst & Son; to average 214.9p/kg.

49 Non-Continental X Young Bulls sold to 207p/kg from D Hardcastle & Sons and to £1385.53 from D A Shirt & Sons; to average 173.1p/kg.

21 Continental X Steers sold to 285p/kg from W & L Thompson and to £1877.58 from Wagstaff Bros; to average 228.4p/kg.

6 Non-Continental X Steers sold to 189p/kg from N J Sellers and to £1086.75 from J W Pearcy; to average 154.8p/kg.

42 Continental X Heifers sold to 370p/kg from W & L Thompson and to £2364.80 also from W & L Thompson; to average 239.4p/kg.

6 Non-Continental X Heifers sold to 216p/kg from P Ownsworth Farms and to £1202.49 also from P Ownsworth Farms; to average 197.1p/kg.

15 OTM cattle sold to 164p/kg from W H Lockwood & Co and to £1322.46 from R P Rhodes; to average 126.1p/kg

Young Bulls
N R Wild 272p/kg; Edgar Bros 248p/kg, 247p/kg, 238p/kg; J B Potter & Sons 246p/kg; F D Forth 245p/kg; G Haslehurt & Son 244p/kg, 238p/kg, 225p/kg, 224p/kg, 223p/kg; Dale Farms 233p/kg; A S Leedham 232p/kg; J Marshall 227p/kg; H W Cowling & Son 224p/kg. 

D Hardcastle & Sons 207p/kg; D A Jones 202p/kg; F E Brown & Son 196p/kg; B Quarton 196p/kg; M & D Nicholson 193p/kg; D M, W & A J Cook 189p/kg; H W Cowling & Son 188p/kg; R S & W A Howarth 188p/kg; Morris & Son 188p/kg; Rob Brownbridge & C Kirkby 187p/kg; G J Taylor 187p/kg.

W & L Thompson 285p/kg, 278p/kg; Wagstaff Bros 275p/kg; P B Fox & Son 272p/kg, 239p/kg; H Crossley & Sons 270p/kg, 260p/kg; L Dale & Son 255p/kg; H & B Beevers & Sons 250p/kg; J & R Morley Ltd 223p/kg.

N J Sellers 189p/kg; J W Pearcy 173p/kg.

W & L Thompson 370p/kg, 310p/kg; Wagstaff Bros 325p/kg, 322p/kg; P B Fox & Son 300p/kg, 288p/kg, 256p/kg; L Dale & Son 278p/kg, 245p/kg (twice); H Crossley & Sons 272p/kg, 247p/kg; J B Etherington 258p/kg; J H Mewburn Ltd 252p/kg, 249p/kg, 246p/kg.

P Ownsworth Farms 216p/kg; J F & J M Stephenson 210p/kg, 190p/kg; A E Guymer & Sons 199p/kg.

W H Lockwood & Co 164p/kg, 148p/kg; R P Rhodes 140p/kg; W F Kay & Son 138p/kg, 126p/kg; R E Schofield 134p/kg; R T & G C Headley & Sons 131p/kg; J A & C A Ellerington 130p/kg; Morris & Son 124p/kg; W Hill & Son 120p/kg.

406 sheep were sold including 345 Lambs.

345 Lambs sold to 226.8p/kg from R A Dobson and to £99 from Garrowby Estate Farms; to average 173.7p/kg.

Lambs Per Kg
R A Dobson 226.8p/kg, 219.8p/kg, 207.8p/kg; R Wilson 214.8p/kg; C B Jacklin & Co 208.3p/kg; K Story & Son 204.9p/kg; M & P Cass 201.8p/kg; Steven Bristow 201.3p/kg.

Lambs Per Head
Garrowby Estate Farms £99, £95, £90.50; R Wilson £94.50; R A Dobson £94.50, £93; C B Jacklin & Co £92, £90; M & P Cass £92, £90; Steven Bristow £90.

61 cull sheep sold to £100 from S Beachell & Son; to average £61.21.

239 pigs sold to 121p/kg from J T Horsley and to £138.04 from R Thompson & Son; to average 100.3p/kg. Porkers averaged 96.5p/kg. Cutters averaged 100.2p/kg. Bacon pigs averaged 100.2p/kg.

19 sows sold to 57p/kg from R R & J M Till & Sons; to average 45.1p/kg.

Deadweight Pigs
60 pigs, Baconers to 156p/kg.