Livestock Sale

Wednesday 25th April 2018

York Auction Centre

York Auction Centre had 240 head of stock through the market including 68 calves and 173 store cattle and 5 cows and calves at their weekly store stock market.

Steers sold to £1390 for a British Blue from N E Masterman & Son.
Heifers sold to £1100 for a Charolais from R I Webb.
Bulls sold to £850 for a Limousin from S & J Houlder.
Cows and calves sold to £1820 for a British Blue with calf at foot from J R Leak.
Calves sold to £450 for a British Blue heifer from R Plews; to average £205.07.

BRB- £1390, £1160 N E Masterman; £1040 twice B Basham.
LIM- £1180 S Barnes; £1080, £1030, N J Sellars; £1055 twice B Basham.
BAX- £1160 F Sellars.
SM- £1155 L A Clappison; £1020 twice B Basham.
CH- £1110 twice, £1095 three times, £1085 twice, £1050 three times R I Webb.

CHX- £1110 R I Webb; £1070 D F Swinglehurst.
LIM- £1100, £1030 F Sellars; £1095 B Quarton; £1095 A Pinkerton; £1055 twice D F Swinglehurst; £1015 Maxwell Bros; £1000 twice S Barnes; £965 three times J M Walker.
BRB- £1035, £985 N J Sellars.
SAX- £990 N J Sellars, £965 five times S Barnes.
SD- £990 A S & L Leadbeater.
BAX- £975 S Barnes.

LIM- £850 twice S & J Houlder.
SM- £820 twice R W Inglis.
CH- £800, £780 twice R W Inglis
BAX- £800 three times, £765 Messers Skelton.

Cows & calves
BRB- £1820 and £1780 J R Leak
AAX- £1110 J R Leak
SMX- £1110 Oxton Farm
DS- £920 Oxon Farrm

BRB- £450 twice R Plews; £430 T R Hodges; £398, £350, £315, £310 R S & W A Howarth.
AA- £440, £420, £330, W R Ireland & Son; £385, £330, £325 A Nicholson; £315 three times T R Hodges.

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