01904 489731

01904 489731

Livestock Sale

Monday 15th January 2018



York Auction Centre had 924 head of stock forward including 177 Cattle, 532 Sheep and 215 Pigs (including 60 deadweight) at their weekly sale of Prime stock.

41 Continental X Young Bulls sold to 218p/kg from F E Brown & Son and to £1689.52 from G Haslehurst & Son; to average 194.4p/kg.

65 Non-Continental X Young Bulls sold to 177p/kg from J B Jackson and to £1120.81 from N R Wild; to average 153.5p/kg.

4 Continental X Steers sold to 241p/kg from P B Fox & Son and to £1441.37 from A H Ridsdale; to average 224.7p/kg.

1 Non-Continental X Steer sold to 166p/kg and £1271.04 from E C Wilkin.

50 Continental X Heifers sold to 256p/kg from W & L Thompson and to £1446.13 also from W & L Thompson; to average 215.1p/kg.

16 OTM cattle sold to 171p/kg from R B & I C Thornhill and to £1152.55 from R T & G C Headley & Sons; to average 126.3p/kg.

Young Bulls
F E Brown & Son 218p/kg; G Haslehurst & Son 216p/kg, 215p/kg, 211p/kg; J B Potter & Sons 214p/kg, 212p/kg; P D & S E Johnson 211p/kg; J M Summerson 210p/kg; M & C M Addy 208p/kg, 206p/kg; D Hardcastle & Sons 207p/kg; Wagstaff Bros 205p/kg.

J B Jackson 177p/kg; N R Wild 174p/kg, 172p/kg; J M Summerson 168p/kg; A H Grant & Sons 168p/kg; D Mitchell 168p/kg; D Hardcastle & Sons 168p/kg; G J Taylor 167p/kg (twice); Robin Warkup Ltd 167p/kg.
P B Fox & Son 241p/kg, 239p/kg; Wilton Lodge Farms 219p/kg; A H Ridsdale 207p/kg.

E C Wilkin 166p/kg.
W & L Thompson 256p/kg, 247p/kg, 246p/kg; P B Fox & Son 244p/kg, 238p/kg (twice), 236p/kg (twice), 235p/kg, 232p/kg, 230p/kg, 229p/kg (twice); Mrs G Stephenson 243p/kg; Wilton Lodge Farms 233p/kg.

R B & I C Thornhill 171p/kg, 164p/kg; Rory Kemp Ltd 141p/kg, 125p/kg; J G Pears Farmers 130p/kg, 129p/kg (twice), 127p/kg; R T & G C Headley & Sons 130p/kg; A H Ridsdale 128p/kg.

532 sheep were sold including 417 hoggs.

417 Hoggs sold to 236.4p/kg from R A Dobson and to £109 from W Robshaw & Son; to average 183.4p/kg.

Hoggs Per Kg
R A Dobson 236.4p/kg, 225.0p/kg; W Robshaw & Son 235.4p/kg, 224.4p/kg; G & A Gaythrope 232.1p/kg; M & P Cass 231.7p/kg; Steven Bristow 230.9p/kg, 224.8p/kg, 221.3p/kg; A J & E J Philip 230.7p/kg.
Hoggs Per Head
W Robshaw & Son £109, £105.50, £101; R A & B Robinson & Sons £104; R A Dobson £103.50, £100; C B Jacklin & Co £103; A J & E J Philip £101.50; J Fairweather £100.50.

115 cull sheep sold to £96; to average £61.46.

126 pigs sold to 126p/kg from J T Horsley and to £140.10 also from J T Horsley; to average 102.6p/kg. Porkers averaged 100.2p/kg. Cutters averaged 98.4p/kg. Bacon pigs averaged 115.4p/kg.

27 sows sold to 41p/kg from D Angus; to average 36.0p/kg.
2 boars sold to 35p/kg from M E Peacock; to average 32.8p/kg.

Deadweight Pigs
60 pigs, Baconers to 151p/kg.