01904 489731

01904 489731

Livestock Sale

Monday 12th February 2018



York Auction Centre had 1005 head of stock forward including 150 Cattle, 750 Sheep and 105 Pigs at their weekly sale of Prime stock.

29 Continental X Young Bulls sold to 228p/kg from R E Schofield and to £1571.25 from D A Shirt & Sons; to average 201.7p/kg.

47 Non-Continental X Young Bulls sold to 200p/kg from D A Shirt & Sons and to £1703.73 also from D A Shirt & Sons; to average 170.4p/kg.

14 Continental X Steers sold to 234p/kg from H W Cowling & Son and to £1629.91 from C Sweeting; to average 208.1p/kg.

4 Non-Continental X Steers sold to 201p/kg from A & M Beevers & Sons and to £1259.14 also from A & M Beevers & Sons; to average 186.7p/kg.

36 Continental X Heifers sold to 249p/kg from D J Grassam and to £1575.49 also from D J Grassam; to average 219.7p/kg.

5 Non-Continental X Heifers sold to 197p/kg from B & S V Walker and to £1047.96 also from B & S V Walker; to average 174.3p/kg.

15 OTM cattle sold to 128p/kg from J B Etherington and to £1134.75 also from J B Etherington; to average 107.0p/kg.

Young Bulls
R E Schofield 228p/kg; P D & S E Johnson 223p/kg; D R & S E Rivis 220, 209p/kg; G Baxter & Sons 215p/kg (twice); 214p/kg, 209p/kg; D A Jones 214p/kg; D J Moxon 210p/kg; D A Shirt & Sons 210p/kg; Morris & Son 204p/kg; D Hardcastle & Sons 203p/kg; G J Taylor 201p/kg.

D A Shirt & Sons 200p/kg, 199p/kg (twice), 194p/kg, 191p/kg, 185p/kg; D J Moxon 193p/kg; D A Jones 190p/kg; I Mitchell 184p/kg; Robin Warkup Ltd 183p/kg.
H W Cowling & Son 234p/kg; J R Hildreth 224p/kg; R H Dove (Farms) 221p/kg, 213p/kg, 210p/kg, 209p/kg, 208p/kg, 204p/kg; D J Walshaw 215p/kg, 213p/kg; A & M Beevers & Sons 205p/kg.

A & M Beevers & Sons 201p/kg; H W Cowling & Son 189p/kg.
D J Grassam 249p/kg, 227p/kg; P B Fox & Son 248p/kg, 246p/kg (twice), 240p/kg, 233p/kg, 232p/kg, 231p/kg, 226p/kg, 224p/kg, 223p/kg, 221p/kg; H Crossley & Sons 239p/kg; R E Schofield 228p/kg; J R Hildreth 228p/kg.
B & S V Walker 197p/kg, 185p/kg, 184p/kg.

J B Etherington 128p/kg; R W Rooke & Sons 126p/kg (twice), 124p/kg, 116p/kg; T H Hobson Ltd 119p/kg; G W Wriglesworth & Son 114p/kg; R Inman & Sons 110p/kg.

750 sheep were sold including 710 hoggs.

710 Hoggs sold to 260.0p/kg from R A Dobson and to £134 from W Robshaw & Son; to average 199.0p/kg.

Hoggs Per Kg
R A Dobson 260.0p/kg; W Robshaw & Son 241.2p/kg, 241.0p/kg, 224.3p/kg, 220.4p/kg; M L Parvin 227.5p/kg; J Cawkwell 223.5p/kg, 215.9p/kg; C B Jacklin & Co 219.7p/kg, 219.3p/kg, 218.4p/kg; L Thompson 216.7p/kg; Garrowby Estate Farms 215.7p/kg.
Hoggs Per Head
W Robshaw & Son £134, £123, £119, £118; M & C L R Dale £122, £114, £111; F Wardell & Son £112, £110 (six times); C E & S J Mills £111; S Burley £110.

40 cull sheep sold to £100 from D C Nesom & Son; to average £71.88.

86 pigs sold to 108p/kg from R Thompson & Son and to £105.08 also from R Thompson & Son; to average 88.4p/kg. Porkers averaged 88.7p/kg. Cutters averaged 91.3p/kg. Bacon pigs averaged 86.1p/kg.

18 sows sold to 54p/kg from D Yorke; to average 35.8p/kg.
1 boar sold to 35p/kg from J Farrington.