01904 489731

01904 489731

Livestock Sale

Monday 23rd April 2018


York Auction Centre had 692 head of stock forward including 165 Cattle, 402 Sheep and 125 Pigs at their weekly sale of Prime stock.

31 Continental X Young Bulls sold to 228p/kg from J H Mewburn LTD and to £1517.04 from F & R M Pickering; to average 203kg.

35 Non-Continental X Young Bulls sold to 200p/kg from D A Shirt & Sons and to £1424.43 from D A Shirt & Sons; to average 174.4/kg.

25 Continental X Steers sold to 248p/kg from I Mitchell and to £1555.72 from J & J Rycroft; to average 216.5p/kg.

8 Non-Continental X Steers sold to 194p/kg from J H Dixon and to £1130.04 from J H Dixon; to average 169p/kg.

44 Continental X Heifers sold to 266p/kg from W & L Thompson and to £1520.12 from R W Rooke & Sons; to average 217.8p/kg.

19 OTM cattle sold to 174p/kg from I Mitchell and to £1145.21 from W H Lockwood & Co; to average 132.2p/kg.

Young Bulls
J H Mewburn LTD 228p/kg, 226p/kg, 220p/kg; Quarryside Farms LTD 225p/kg, 223p/kg, 220p/kg; K Rennison 223p/kg; A P & R A Dunn 214p/kg, 213p/kg; S & C R Battye 213p/kg; H W Cowling & Son 213p/kg; J R Gowthorpe 213p/kg.
D A Shirt & Sons 200p/kg, 188p/kg; H W Cowling & Son 197p/kg, 188p/kg; J Marshall 195p/kg; B & S V Walker 194p/kg, 188p/kg; G J Taylor 188p/kg; J R Gowthorpe 188p/kg; J Brewster 187p/kg.

I Mitchell 248p/kg; C A Potter 235p/kg, 224p/kg, 234p/kg; P Rhodes Feed Services LTD 231p/kg; R H Dove (farms) 230p/kg, 229p/kg; R W Rooke & Sons 225p/kg; J & J Rycroft 224p/kg, 219p/kg; G Coward 220p/kg.
J H Dixon 194p/kg, 183p/kg, 181p/kg, 163p/kg, 162p/kg; J D Jackson 161p/kg.

W & L Thompson 266p/kg, 260p/kg, 254p/kg, 251p/kg; R McCaie 255p/kg, 248p/kg, 246p/kg; R W Rooke & Sons 248p/kg; H Crossley & Sons 243p/kg.

I Mitchell 174p/kg; W H Lockwood & Co 160p/kg, 145p/kg; J H Dixon 154p/kg; R P Rhodes 145p/kg; P Rhodes Feed Services LTD 144p/kg, 143p/kg, 138p/kg; D T & I D Jackson 142p/kg, 138p/kg.

402 sheep were sold including 78 spring lambs and 223 hoggs.

78 spring lambs sold to 395p/kg from G Benson & Son and to £164 from G Benson & Son; to average 333.4p/kg.

223 Hoggs sold to 332.5p/kg from M & P Cass and to £160 from W Robshaw & Son; to average 245.1p/kg.

Spring Lambs Per Kg
G Benson & Son 395.2p/kg, 390p/kg, 378.6p/kg, 365.1p/kg, 360p/kg twice; M L Parvin 382.9p/kg, 360.5p/kg; N Hall & Son 373.2p/kg, 372.7p/kg.
Spring Lambs Per Head
G Benson & Son £164, £162, £159, £157, £156; N Hall & Son £164; M L Parvin £161, £157, £155; T R Craven £155.

Hoggs Per Kg
M & P Cass 332.5p/kg, 278.4p/kg; W Robshaw & Son 321.7p/kg, 308.3p/kg, 306p/kg, 294.9p/kg, 289.7p/kg, 278.8p/kg; P A & N S Tattersall 275.1p/kg; W Robshaw & Son 274.1p/kg.
Hoggs Per Head
W Robshaw & Son £160, £155, £153, £151, £148 three times, £146; P A & N S Tattersall £145, £141; M & P Cass £142.

101 cull sheep sold to £109 from R A Dobson; to average £80.62.

105 pigs sold to 149p/kg from J T Horsley and to £175.26 also from J T Horsley; to average 116/7p/kg. Porkers averaged 113.8p/kg. Cutters averaged 117.4p/kg. Bacon pigs averaged 114.6p/kg.

20 sows sold to 41p/kg from D Angus; to average 36p/kg.