01904 489731

01904 489731

Livestock Sale

Monday 28th May 2018


York Auction Centre had 269 head of sheep forward at their Bank Holiday sale of Prime stock.

269 sheep were sold including 137 spring lambs and 99 hoggs.

137 spring lambs sold to 297.5p/kg from M L Parvin and to £124 fromJ B Potter & Sons; to average 261.2p/kg.

99 Hoggs sold to 208.8p/kg from D C Lewis and to £95 from R W Clark; to average 192.2p/kg.

Spring Lambs Per Kg
M L Parvin 297.5p/kg, 284p/kg, 278.6p/kg, 273.2p/kg, 269.2p/kg, 265p/kg; P A & N S Tattersall 285.7p/kg, 279.1p/kg, 275.8p/kg; J B Potter & Sons 285.1p/kg, 279.1p/kg, 275.6p/kg; C D Crossley 267.5p/kg; T R Craven 265.9p/kg; Ellerington Partners 265.2p/kg, 265.2p/kg. 

Spring Lambs Per Head
J B Potter & Sons £124 four times, £120 four times; P A & N S Tattersall £123 five times, £120 eight times; M L Parvin £119 twice, £117 twice, £115 four times, £112 twice; Ellerington Partners £118 four times; T R Craven £116 three times, £113 four times; A J & J C Beckett £112 six times; C D Crossley £111 four times.

Hoggs Per Kg
D C Lewis 208.8p/kg, 194.6p/kg; W D Harrison 202.6p/kg, 192p/kg, 188.6p/kg; R W Clark 202.1p/kg, 193.9p/kg; D Wilson 195.5p/kg; J F Lambert 189.1p/kg, 183.5p/kg; S Burley 186.1p/kg.

Hoggs Per Head
R W Clark £95 fifteen times; J F Lambert £90 ten times, £80 eleven times; D Wilson £86 eleven times; W D Harrison £82 ten times, £77 twelve times; S Burley £80 four times; D C Lewis £72 five times, £71 eight times.

27 cull sheep sold to £117 from K S Bailey; to average £87.22.