01904 489731

01904 489731

Livestock Sale

Monday 13th December 2021




York Auction Centre had 515 head of stock forward including 208 Cattle, 170 Sheep and 137 pigs at their weekly sale of Prime stock.


Back to normal numbers today. Black and white bull trade was back quite a bit, however well fleshed types were still over 200p/kg


The best continentals were a very strong trade topping at 300p/kg for a magnificent British Blue from Chester Brown, weighing 836kg and grossing a heavy £2503.


The handy weight clean cattle, both heifers and steers, were a very good trade, up to 319p/kg for a 560kg heifer adding up to £1783 from W & L Thompson, Middleton who had 5 continental heifers in and averaging an amazing 313p/kg.


Steers up to £2052 from W Robshaw & Son and heifers up to £1882 from H Crossley & Sons.




50 Continental Young Bulls sold to 300p/kg from C Brown and to £2503.82 also from C Brown; to average 237.68p/kg.

12 Native Breed Young Bulls sold to 262p/kg from C Brown and to £1903.72 also from C Brown; to average 223.50p/kg.


47 Black and White Young Bulls sold to 218p/kg from G J Taylor and to £1419.33 from Wagstaff Bros; to average 182.06p/kg.


38 Continental X Steers sold to 306p/kg from W Robshaw & Son and to £2052.96 from W Robshaw & Son; to average 251.74p/kg.


48 Continental X Heifers sold to 319p/kg from W & L Thompson and to £1882.44 from H Crossley & Sons; to average 270.27p/kg.

12 OTMs sold to 172p/kg from J R Edgar and to £1502.49 from L Dale & Son; to average 138.54p/kg.


Young Bulls

C Brown 300p/kg; S Beachell & Son 288p/kg, 278p/kg, 273p/kg, 269p/kg; Dale Farms 285p/kg, 240p/kg, 239p/kg, 228p/kg;  R E Schofield 268p/kg, 267p/kg, 262p/kg; D Hardcastle & Sons 266p/kg, 245p/kg; D Mitchell 266p/kg; D G Johnson & Son 263p/kg; J M Summerson 263p/kg, 247p/kg, 227p/kg; R Addy 257p/kg, 253p/kg; G Baxter & Sons 255p/kg, 250p/kg, 238p/kg, 228p/kg; Agri Tec EDC Ltd 255p/kg, 242p/kg, 230p/kg; M & D Nicholson 250p/kg, 234p/kg; F & R M Pickering 247p/kg, 228p/kg; J D Lumley 246p/kg; D R & S E Rivis 239p/kg; D A Shirt & Sons 233p/kg, 226p/kg, 217p/kg; J K Nattrass 231p/kg; H W Cowling & Son 220p/kg, 218p/kg


Native Breeds
C Brown 262p/kg; H W Cowling & Son 256p/kg; I & J L Smith 242p/kg, 230p/kg; Agri Tec EDC Ltd 238p/kg; J Brewster 231p/kg; M & D Nicholson 227p/kg; Dale Farms 216p/kg; R A Suddaby 210p/kg, 185p/kg; M Davison 206p/kg; J F & J M, T Stephenson 185p/kg


Black & Whites
G J Taylor 218p/kg, 212p/kg, 209p/kg, 198p/kg, 183p/kg; R Brownbridge & C Kirkby 210p/kg, 185p/kg, 180p/kg; M & D Nicholson 202p/kg; Robin Warkup Ltd 199p/kg, 193p/kg, 188p/kg, 186p/kg, 179p/kg; Wagstaff Bros 199p/kg, 196p/kg, 192p/kg, 186p/kg; A Sykes 198p/kg; R A Suddaby 195p/kg; A Sykes 190p/kg; J B Jackson 186p/kg, 177p/kg; J M Summerson 185p/kg, 183p/kg, 181p/kg; D A Shirt & Sons 182p/kg; J D Lumley 180p/kg, 165p/kg; M Davison 177p/kg, 170p/kg, 166p/kg; H W Cowling & Son 174p/kg; J Brewster 174p/kg; S Thompson 167p/kg; A H Grant & Sons 166p/kg, 164p/kg



W Robshaw & Son 306p/kg, 291p/kg, 290p/kg; C A Potter 289p/kg; M & C L R Dale 287p/kg, 286p/kg, 281p/kg, 268p/kg, 261p/kg; L Dale & Son 287p/kg, 232p/kg; C W Foster 286p/kg; J F, JM & T Stephenson 284p/kg, 250p/kg, 240p/kg; F W & J M Douglas Ltd 281p/kg, 272p/kg, 251p/kg, 248p/kg, 241p/kg; J M Douglas 278p/kg, 265p/kg; H W Cowling & Son 275p/kg, 222p/kg; D J & H B Walshaw & Son 274p/kg, 229p/kg; Dale Farms 271p/kg, 259p/kg; H Crossley & Sons 234p/kg, 225p/kg; J Cawkwell 224p/kg;  L Steele & Son 220p/kg, 204p/kg; J M Summerson 206p/kg; E A Hughes 170p/kg, 166p/kg, 160p/kg




W & L Thompson 319p/kg, 318p/kg, 311p/kg, 309p/kg; L Dale & Son 299p/kg, 290p/kg; P B Fox & Son 297p/kg, 290p/kg, 288p/kg; L Dale & Son 297p/kg, 293p/kg, 284p/kg, 260p/kg; R Mccaie 292p/kg, 290p/kg; C W Foster 290p/kg, 286p/kg, 282p/kg; H Crossley & Sons 289p/kg, 288p/kg, 284p/kg; F W & J M Douglas 287p/kg, 264p/kg, 250p/kg, 248p/kg; D G Johnson & Son 280p/kg, 250p/kg; J M Douglas 280p/kg; Dale Farms 277p/kg, 264p/kg; I Mitchell 275p/kg, 268p/kg; I & J L Smith 273p/kg; C A Potter 270p/kg; J Cawkwell 248p/kg



J R Edgar 172p/kg; L Dale & Son 160p/kg, 155p/kg; Edgar Bros 156p/kg; I Mitchell 151p/kg; W B & A Kilby & Son 150p/kg; J F, J M & T Stephenson 150p/kg, 141p/kg; J & J Rycroft 144p/kg; J R Gowthorpe Ltd 108p/kg



Excellent show of lambs forward. The champion pen went to M R Cass, weighing 43.6kg selling at 642p/kg, grossing £280. This is one of the highest prices achieved for a considerable time. Reserve champion was taken by R A Dobson, weighing 47.3kg selling at 543p/kg, totalling £257. Both the champion and reserve was purchased by Knavesmire butchers, York.


Best pen of ewes went to S Beachell & Son Selling at £170 each.


Special mention to Sophie Gittus who took the young producer award and produced lambs for every weight section, she should be very proud.


132 lambs sold to 642p/kg from M R Cass and to £280 also from M R Cass; to average 314.58p/kg.


35 cull sheep sold to £170 from S Beachell & Son.   


Lambs Per Kg

M R Cass 642p/kg, 376p/kg, 340p/kg, 333p/kg, 324p/kg, 318p/kg, 317p/kg, 285p/kg, 282p/kg; R A Dobson 543p/kg, 365p/kg; Gilson & Co 361p/kg, 293p/kg, 278p/kg; R Wilson 358p/kg, 317p/kg; Banklink Ltd 340p/kg, 316p/kg, 302p/kg, 290p/kg, 276p/kg, 267p/kg; Riseborough Farming 331p/kg, 317p/kg, 300p/kg; B Pearson 318p/kg, 276p/kg; Mr & Mrs Thompson 315p/kg, 281p/kg; T S Watson 304p/kg, 250p/kg;  K G Clarke 274p/kg, 252p/kg; G B Harrison 266p/kg, 252p/kg, 229p/kg




The champion pen of pigs was presented by Mark Horsley of Skirpenbeck, who supports the market 52 weeks of the year. The judge, Luke Swales of Knavesmire Butchers, York awarded the best in show to a pair of pigs weighing 125kg each and selling at 260p/kg or £325 per head to the judge.

The reserve champion pigs also went to Mark Horsley with a pair of 108kg pigs selling at 216p/kg or £233 per head.



128 pigs sold to 260p/kg from J T Horsley and to £325 also from J T Horsley.


Gilts sold to 260p/kg from J T Horsley; to average 103.45p/kg


Baconers averaged 92.79p/kg


9 cull pigs sold to 9p/kg from D Angus.







Edward Stephenson (Auctioneer) - 07801 685663

David Moxon (Auctioneer) - 07885 353925

Rod Cordingley (Auctioneer) – 07801 685660


Stephen Burley (Auctioneer) - 07736 081785


Monday 20th December 2021