01904 489731

01904 489731

Livestock Sale

Monday 21st February 2022


York Auction Centre had 653 head of stock forward including 201 Cattle, 381 Sheep and 71 pigs at their weekly sale of Prime stock.




49 Continental Young Bulls sold to 290p/kg from P & I Beal and to £2175 from D A Shirt & Sons; to average 241.15p/kg.

8 Native Breed Young Bulls sold to 237p/kg from P M Allen and to £1925.11 P M Allen from P M Allen; to average 209.38p/kg.


45 Black and White Young Bulls sold to 235p/kg from F E Brown & Son and to £1572.85 from J Brewster; to average 198.88p/kg.


23 Continental X Steers sold to 295p/kg from W Robshaw & Son and to £2054.40 from R Mccaie; to average 258.41p/kg.


11 Non Continental X Steers sold to 259p/kg from J & J Rycroft and to £1618.21 also from J & J Rycroft; to average 217.96p/kg.


46 Continental X Heifers sold to 309p/kg from T H Kilby & Son and to £1835.96 from G Lancaster & Sons; to average 264.24p/kg.


6 Non Continental X Heifers sold to 240p/kg from Grants Pro Agri and to £1374.73 also from Grants Pro Agri; to average 229.67p/kg.

13 OTMs sold to 199p/kg from J C & E A Bell and to £1341.86 also from J C & E A Bell; to average 138.9p/kg.


Young Bulls

P & I Beal 290p/kg, 281p/kg, 268p/kg, 261p/kg, 2606p/kg, 259p/kg; C J Kirby 282p/kg; Messers Skelton 280p/kg, 258p/kg; T H Kilby & Son 280p/kg; R E Schofield 275p/kg, 258p/kg; M & C M Addy 273p/kg, 245p/kg, 242p/kg; Wagstaff Bros 245p/kg, 240p/kg, 235p/kg, 230p/kg, 229p/kg; M Davison 245p/kg; P M Allen 243p/kg, 237p/kg; D R & S E Rivis 243p/kg, 233p/kg; Dale Farms 242p/kg, 237p/kg; J R Gowthorpe 239p/kg; G Baxter & Sons 237p/kg, 234p/kg, 233p/kg, 224p/kg; R Warkup Ltd 236p/kg, 234p/kg, 229p/kg; D A Shirt & Sons 235p/kg, 224p/kg; M & D Nicholson 233p/kg


Native Breeds
P M Allen 237p/kg; J Marshall 229p/kg, 208p/kg; F & R M Pickering 228p/kg; J B Jackson 202p/kg, 196p/kg; C J Tindall 201p/kg  


Black & Whites
F E Brown & Son 235p/kg; H Nichols & Son 230p/kg; M & D Nicholson 224p/kg; M Davison 223p/kg, 197p/kg, 183p/kg; A P & R A Dunn 218p/kg; R Brownbridge & C Kirkby 218p/kg, 210p/kg, 209p/kg, 204p/kg; G J Taylor 216p/kg, 210p/kg, 203p/kg, 202p/kg, 200p/kg, 199p/kg, 197p/kg, 195p/kg, 191p/kg; R Warkup Ltd 214p/kg; J Brewster 208p/kg, 194p/kg; A P & R A Dunn 208p/kg, 207p/kg, 195p/kg; H W Cowling & Son 207p/kg, 205p/kg, 199p/kg; Dale Farms 204p/kg, 192p/kg; D A Shirt & Sons 203p/kg; T W Clark & Sons 200p/kg, 197p/kg, 194p/kg; A Sykes 190p/kg, 181p/kg; C J Tindall 190p/kg



W Robshaw & Son 295p/kg, 292p/kg, 263p/kg; G Lancaster & Sons 279p/kg, 253p/kg; Wagstaff Bros 279p/kg; J F, J M & T Stephenson 276p/kg, 250p/kg; A E Guymer & Sons 275p/kg, 248p/kg; C W Foster 272p/kg; D G Johnson & Son 270p/kg; M & C L R Dale 269p/kg, 259p/kg; R Mccaie 268p/kg; C J Kirby 267p/kg, 241p/kg, 228p/kg; J & J Rycroft 254p/kg; James W Wake 240p/kg; M H & C Norman 236p/kg, 219p/kg; D Whitehead 222p/kg


Non Continental

J & J Rycroft 259p/kg; J W & J H Galtrey & Sons 238/kg, 224p/kg; H W Cowling & Son 236p/kg, 216p/kg, 184p/kg; James W Wake 233p/kg; C J Kirby 220p/kg; C Foster & Sons 200p/kg; D Whitehead 197p/kg; N P Turnbull 196p/kg




T H Kilby & Son 309p/kg, 300p/kg, 294p/kg; M & C L R Dale 305p/kg, 258p/kg; C W Foster 300p/kg, 240p/kg; L Dale & Son 300p/kg, 294p/kg, 282p/kg, 291p/kg, 280p/kg, 277p/kg, 273p/kg, 269p/kg, 255p/kg; J & J Rycroft 296p/kg; G Lancaster & Sons 291p/kg, 260p/kg; R Mccaie 288p/kg; D G Johnson & Son 288p/kg, 279p/kg; H Crossley & Sons 287p/kg, 285p/kg, 274p/kg, 268p/kg; J F, J M & T Stephenson 278p/kg; C W Foster 275p/kg, 275p/kg; A E Guymer & Sons 270p/kg; R T Hudson & Son 265p/kg, 260p/kg; J E & H J Gilbertson 260p/kg, 241p/kg; Wagstaff Bros 258p/kg; A R Henley & Son 248p/kg; C Foster & Sons 235p/kg; J R Holliday 232p/kg; D Whitehead 228p/kg


Non Continental

Grants Pro Agri 240p/kg, 235p/kg, 234p/kg, 228p/kg, 225p/kg, 219p/kg



J C & E A Bell 199p/kg; R H Mason 184p/kg, 142p/kg; M Kendra & Sons 156p/kg; T H Hobson Ltd 147p/kg, 146p/kg, 131p/kg, 190p/kg; C Foster & Sons 145p/kg; A & A Wake 140p/kg, 119p/kg



296 Hoggs sold to 340p/kg from Green Farm and to £153 also from Green Farm; to average 257.86p/kg.


85 cull sheep sold to £162 from D C Nesom & Son.   


Hoggs Per Kg

Green Farm 340p/kg; R A Dobson 332p/kg, 313p/kg, 292p/kg, 283p/kg, 267p/kg; D C Nesom & Son 324p/kg, 292p/kg, 290p/kg, 280p/kg, 274p/kg, 269p/kg, 237p/kg; A J & E Philip 313p/kg, 287p/kg, 262p/kg; M L Parvin 312p/kg, 282p/kg, 256p/kg; Green Farm 310p/kg, 298p/kg, 288p/kg, 274p/kg; H & B Beevers & Sons 309p/kg, 302p/kg, 297p/kg, 296p/kg, 277p/kg, 275p/kg, 270p/kg, 269p/kg, 254p/kg, 249p/kg, 244p/kg, 237p/kg, 235p/kg; Mr & Mrs Thompson 289p/kg, 252p/kg; C E & S Mills 258p/kg; JRS Farms Ltd 258p/kg, 251p/kg, 239p/kg; W H Lockwood & Co 254p/kg, 252p/kg, 243p/kg, 238p/kg; K G Clarke 253p/kg; H Sergeant & Sons 252p/kg, 248p/kg, 240p/kg, 235p/kg



70 pigs sold to 120p/kg from J T Horsley and to £126.67 also from J T Horsley.


Gilts sold to 120p/kg from J T Horsley; to average 101.94p/kg


Baconers averaged 101.20p/kg


1 cull pigs sold to 22p/kg from J T Horsley.




Edward Stephenson (Auctioneer) - 07801 685663

James Kilner (Fieldsman) – 07984 400902


Richard Tasker (Auctioneer) - 07801 685662
Rod Cordingley (Auctioneer) – 07801 685660


Stephen Burley (Auctioneer) - 07736 081785


Monday 28th February 2022



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