Store Report

Sat, 20th Jul 2024



York Auction Centre had 111 head of stock through the market including 91 store cattle, 3 calves and 17 breeding cattle.



Calves sold to £550 for a British Blue Bull Calf from R G Findlay.

Breeding cattle sold to £2900 for a Limousin X cow with a Limousin X Bull calf from R Barnard.

Heifers sold to £1480 for a Limousin X from S & K Asquith.

Steers sold to £1480 for a Limousin X from S & K Asquith.

Bulls sold to £1065 for a Limousin X from R Barnard.



York does it again with another week of over 100 store and breeding cattle sold with 100% clearance across all sections! 

More buyers than calves this week with some vendors just between calving patterns, but a handful of bull stirks from R Findlay and T Pearson selling to tops of £550 for a BRB X bull. Calves and stirks entered for the coming weeks but plenty can be handled every week! 

In the big ring, a packed out ringside of buyers from near & far saw cattle dearer again on the week! The final consignment of cows & calves from Robin Cornforth sold to a tremendous £1900 for a 2014 born BRB X cow with a super BRB bull calf at foot. All cows forward today met a fantastic trade, but the highlight of the breeding cattle saw R Barnard sell his Pure Limousin 1st calver with a superb bull calf at foot to £2900 to local buyers S & J Houlder. 

Another week with over 90 store cattle penned were once again very good to sell, with S&K Asquith taking the top spot for both steers and heifers with their strong Limousin crosses both selling to £1480. Not far behind were regular vendors the Foulston family who made the trip across the Humber again with their topping Simmental steers selling to £1450 with all steers in the consignment £1430 or better and Brian Basham sold his usual good strong BRB X steers to £1475/ head. 

Mid-term cattle once again sold well with cattle regularly around the £1300 mark with A P & R A Dunn taking the top spot in the category for a super pen of heifers selling to £1350/ head. Smaller summering cattle looked a stronger trade than ever selling to tops of 329.5pp/kg from the Fussey family for two super suckler bred steers, and other summering cattle sold to £1050/ head for a pair of Parthenais heifers from Allanson Ltd.

Not many bulls in today but buyers still out in force and looking to stock up with R Barnard taking the top spot with a Shapely little Limousin selling to £1065 or 300pp/kg, other bulls from M Wills sold to £1010 and a pair of Simmental x from the same home looked very well sold at £945/ head, black and white store bulls from A & A Wake sold to £825/ head. 

Plenty more cattle can be sold every week with some buyers even leaving with empty trailers today! Please call Edward Stephenson or James Kilner to discuss your requirements! 



Cows & Calves

A Limousin X cow with a Limousin X bull calf at foot sold to £2900 from R Barnard.

A British Blue cow with a British Blue bull calf at foot sold to £1900 from R E Cornforth.

A British Blonde X cow with a Limousin X heifer calf at foot sold to £1580 from T E & R Dent.

A British Blue heifer with twin British Blue steer calves at foot sold to £1980 from W E Massey.


A Aberdeen Angus cow sold to £1270 from Banklink LTD.

A British Blue cow sold to £1140 from R E Cornforth.





AA - £1325 Brian Basham; £1000 Banklink LTD; £870 F Atkinson & Son; £450, £400 Richard Nicholson LTD.

BRB - £1350, £1090 A P & R A Dunn; £1240 Brian Basham; £1175, £1145 J O & R W Sturdy; £1140 W E Massey; £580 J H & J Gore.

HE - £1165, £725 Banklink LTD.

LIM X - £1480 S & K Asquith; £1350, £1090 A P & R A Dunn; £1275, £1230, £1060, £1015 J B Catton; £1155, £965 E H Daniel & Son; £1140 C Ellwood & Son; £1025, £1005, £985 A Wiles.

PA - £1050 Allanson LTD.

SA - £1335 L A Clappison.

SIM X - £830 East Huntow Farm LTD; £815 M Wills.

STB - £940, £905 H Chapman & Son.



AA - £1340 Brian Basham; £875, £750, £625 Richard Nicholson LTD.

BRB - £1475 Brian Basham.

HE – £1360 L A Clappison.

LIM X - £1480 S & K Asquith; £1275, £1235 C Ellwood & Son; 1050 J B Catton & Son; £1005 East Huntow Farm LTD; £985 A Wiles.

SA - £1195 C Ellwood & Son; £1190 F Frankish & Son.

SIM X - £1450, £1445, £1430 J Foulston & Sons.

STB - £1360, £1245 F Frankish & Son.



HE - £685 J R Richardson.

HF - £825, £715 A & A Wake.

LIM X - £1065 R Barnard; £935, £910 C Sykes.

SIM X - £945 M Wills.



Edward Stephenson (Auctioneer) - 07801 685663

James Kilner (Auctioneer & Fieldsman) – 07984 400902
Rod Cordingley (Auctioneer) – 07801 685660
Stephen Burley (Auctioneer) - 07736 081785

James Kilner (Auctioneer & Fieldsman) – 07984 400902