01904 489731

01904 489731

Request Buyer Number Terms & Conditions

  1. A buyer’s number and card is solely for the purposes of simplifying administration, both for customers and ourselves. 

  2. It can be used when making enquiries, entries or purchases at auction sales to save having to give full address and details each time.

  3. It will remain the same and can be used at all of our auction sales.

  4. A buyer’s number and card does NOT give any form of credit account, nor payment guarantee. Payment arrangements must still be complied with.

  5. All terms and conditions of sale still apply.

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York Storestock Market

YORK STORESTOCK MARKET THURSDAY 28th JANUARY 2021 to include 2 Lim Bulls, 2 Lim HFRs, all named sires. 1 Bull & HFR born Nov, 1 Bull & HFR born Dec. *** 4 x Suckler bred AA steers, 20 months with named sire, Farm assured *** 5 Cont x Steers 20/22m 8 AAX    10Months 5 AAX Steers 20 Months with named sire 8 AAX 12/14 Months with Named Sires 5 Lim YB 12-16 Months  *** 10 Ewe Lambs, 1 year old, Kerry Hill’s.  *** 6 Gloucester & Shetland cattle *** 2 LIMX bulls, around 9 months old For further information:Edward Stephenson 07801 685663David Moxon 07885 353925

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