Rare Breeds Conditions of Entry & Sale

Special Conditions of Entry and of Sale

York Auction Centre is subject to The Animal Gatherings (Interim Measure) (England) Order 2010 and has produced and operates as required under the above order a Standard Operating Plan (SOP). 

Cattle may be moved under the above order subject to the 6 day movement restriction accompanied by a “CattleMovement Document” obtainable from the auctioneers. 

Sheep must be accompanied by the ARAMS1 form obtainable from any market, abattoir or online. Pig movements must be recorded online to the eAML2 website. Sheep and Pigs are also subject to the 6 day movement rule. 

Entries must be submitted on the official Entry Forms obtainable from The York Auction Centre or the web site. Entry Forms will be sent by telephoning the number on the front cover of this schedule. All stock must be identifiable by ear-tag, brand or any other method of identification required by DEFRA and corresponds with the catalogue entry. Any animal not so will be rejected. Incomplete or illegible entry forms will be returned for correction and stock will not be accepted until the corrected form is returned 

Completed entry forms must be delivered to the office by the date printed on the front cover of this Schedule LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR THIS SALE. Entries will not be accepted unless entered on the official entry forms. No entries will be accepted on the day of the sale. Stock may be entered using the website at www.ylc.co.uk to arrive no later than the closing date stated on the front cover. ALL PEDIGREE STOCK ENTRY FORMS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PEDIGREE CERTIFICATE OR A PHOTOCOPY OF THE CERTIFICATE 

Entry Fees MUST be submitted at the time of entry otherwise entries may be refused. Cheques should be made payable to YORK AUCTION CENTRE. Entries may be made by using the website www.ylc.co.uk entries will only be accepted on receipt of the correct entry fee. All entry fees are non-refundable. 

Stock may be entered in four categories:- 

a) For Show & Sale 

b) For Sale only 

c) Cross Bred stock from one registered rare or minority breed parent. 

d) Cross Bred Stock 

Please enter the correct category on the correct entry form. Stock found to have been entered on the wrong? Entry Form may be rejected on arrival. 

The committee reserves the right to restrict or reject entries or to amalgamate, delete, curtail or expand classes for any section of the Show & Sale without being called upon to give reason for such action. 

All livestock entered for the Show & Sale must be registered or birth notified at the time of entry with the appropriate Breed Society and full registration details including EAR TAG NUMBERS must be entered on the official entry form. Incomplete entry forms will be returned for full details before they can be accepted. Where registration facilities for any particular breed do not exist the ruling of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust and the Show & Sale committee regarding the acceptance shall be final and binding. 

Entries for the Show & Sale are limited to breeds on the RBST Priority and Minority Lists at the time the schedule is???? compiled. In particular circumstances other breeds may be included from time to time as advised by Trust headquarters. 

Only the following categories are eligible for entry: 

a) Animals fully registered with the appropriate breed society or other registration authority. 

b)Cross-bred progeny at foot of registered females. 

c)Cross-bred animals with a registered rare breed parent (the registration details of which must be included in the catalogue entry). These animals must be clearly marked “NOT ELIGIBLE FOR REGISTRATION”. 

d)Pure-bred steers, wethers and other castrates, the progeny of registered parents (the registration details of which must be included on the entry form). These animals must be clearly marked “NOT ELIGIBLE FOR REGISTRATION” 

e)Crossbred, unusual and native breeds. 

Livestock entered for the sale must be the bona fide property of the vendor. The vendor warrants his or her right to sell the same and undertakes to indemnify the Auctioneers against all actions, proceedings, claims, demands, costs, charges and expenses to which may be exposed by reason of any defect in the vendors title. 

All animals entered for the show must conform to any Prize Schedule or Classification. 

Exhibitors who are showing stock are requested to wear a clean white coat at all times they are in attendance with their stock particularly during judging. 

At the discretion of the judge or judges concerned prize or prize money may be withheld if, in their opinion the exhibit or exhibits concerned is or are of insufficient merit. Prize money will only be paid on stock that is sold. 

First and second prize winners (if required) in each class must compete for the breed championship. 

Breed Champions (and Reserve Champions where required) must compete for the Inter-breed Championship. 

All prize winners from shows held in conjunction with the York Rare Breed Show and Sale will be eligible to go forward to the Interbreed Championship. 

Cash prizes will be paid by the Auctioneers as soon as possible after the Show and Sale. The Auctioneers reserve the right to withhold prize monies for animals that are not sold. 


All stock entered for the show and sale must be accompanied by any licences or movement documentation that may be required by DEFRA at the time of the sale. This documentation MUST be handed to the stewards or government officials present BEFORE the animals are unloaded. Any animals arriving without the correct documentation will be refused entry into the market. 

Under the current DEFRA Animal Gatherings Order NO STOCK can be unloaded before 12 noon on Friday afternoon. The auctioneers ask for the co-operation of all vendors to ensure they arrive promptly so that unloading and inspections can take place immediately after the 12 noon deadline. All stock for the Show must be delivered to the sale premises before 8 am on Saturday morning.? Any Show stock arriving after the stewards have completed their inspection may at the discretion of the Show and Sale Committee be refused entry to the show. Stock for ‘Sale Only’ will be accepted from 6 am on Saturday. Judging will commence at 9 am on Saturday 7th October. 

All stock will be examined on arrival by Support Group inspectors who will have the right to reject any animals that do not conform to Breed Standards or which in their opinion are sub-standard or otherwise ineligible subject to Clause 25. 

Exhibitors must provide their own fodder, feeding stuffs, drinking utensils and grooming equipment. Straw for bedding will be provided free of charge. 

All animals will be numbered on arrival at the sale premises and must remain numbered throughout the sale. All stock will be numbered and penned and sold in catalogue order, unless any alteration is authorised by the Auctioneers. 


All stock will be inspected on arrival by an Inspection Panel appointed by the Show & Sale Committee and all owners or their appointed representatives must be present at the time their stock is being inspected. The Inspection Panel will reject from the Show & Sale any animal that is found to be suffering from any infectious or contagious disease, condition or disorder (warbles, ringworm, warts, mange, lice, scurf etc.) or is showing any sign of unusual external excretions. Any animal so rejected shall immediately be placed in isolation, will not be permitted to take part in the Show & Sale and must be transported back to the premises of origin at the expense of the Exhibitor. 

The committee reserves the right to reject any animal which it considers to be in poor condition or of a low standard of conformation or not of breed standard. In the event of a dispute with the decision of the Inspection Panel on the grounds of health, a Veterinary Surgeon will be called to arbitrate on the deposit of £30.00 which will be refundable if the stock is declared to be free of defects.? 


One or more representatives of the Trust may be in attendance. They shall have the power to inspect all animals and may reject any animal which in their opinion is ineligible, or which does not conform to breed standards, or for veterinary health reasons after consultation with a veterinary surgeon. 

If the inspectors reject a lot they shall complete a ‘REJECT’ card and inform the auctioneer and the vendor. Animals failing any aspect of inspection shall be removed from the premises or placed in isolation, and take no further part in the sale.? 


All stock must be transported and handled in a manner consistent with the latest Animal Welfare Regulations and the DEFRA Code of Practice for the Handling of Animals. 

29. The Steward may refuse to release to a Purchaser any stock if the steward considers that the proposed transport does not meet the requirements of the DEFRA Code of Practice. 


All Hebridean sheep will be inspected by the Hebridean Sheep Society. Judging will take place on Friday afternoon and all sheep MUST arrive after 12 noon Friday 

The Hebridean Sheep Society will award rosettes according to the numbers forward in each class and also special rosettes for Best Male and Best Female. 

Rosettes for the Breed Champion and Reserve Breed Champion will be awarded by York Auction Centre. 

The Breed Champion will be awarded the Hebridean Sheep Society ‘Peter Cruddas Perpetual Trophy’ and will compete for the Primitive Interbreed Champion. 

Classes:- Senior Ram, Shearling Ram, Ram Lamb, Ewe, Gimmer Shearling, Ewe Lamb? 


The Shetland Sheep Society will award special rosettes for the Champion Male and Champion Female in this section of the show. 

Shetland Male & Female champions (and reserve champions if called) go forward to the Primitive Championship which in turn goes forward to the Interbreed Championship. 

Exhibitors of Shetland sheep should indicate on the entry forms the colour of their sheep. 



Sheep and Goats born before February 2003 MUST be double tagged with an origin mark (UK and the flockmark) and a unique individual number e.g. UK654321 000001 or 2 R tags. Sheep & Goats born between February 2003 and the 11 January 2008 must have 1 UK tag with an individual unique number. Sheep & Lambs born on or after the 11th January 2008 must have 2 ear tags. All breeding sheep born after the 1 January 2010 must have 2 ear tags 1 of which must be electronic. 

All sheep and goats must be accompanied with an ARAMS form, which is obtainable from any market, abattoir or online. 

Animals that are not correctly tagged according to the current legislation or arrive without an ARAMS will not be allowed into the market. Up to date information regarding all sheep and goat tagging & movements can be obtained from the DEFRA website. 

All ewes and ewe lambs within a breed class by a single Exhibitor will be grouped into suitable lots which will be at the discretion of the auctioneers and these groupings will be strictly enforced. 

Exhibitors of sheep warrant their entries to be sound in respect of mouth, feet and udder. This warranty shall run for 1 hour after the close of the days sale or until the stock is removed from the sale premises whichever is the sooner. Any purchaser wishing to register a complaint should notify the Sales Office as soon as possible within the time limits above. 

Facilities will be available for sheep in the DEFRA Maedi Visna Accredited Scheme. Entry forms should be marked clearly if the sheep are Maedi Visna accredited. MV Accredited Sheep will only be accepted into the market premises if they are accompanied by the necessary movement permits. 

All sheep must conform to the current legislation on tail docking. 

All sheep (except Down Breeds) must be presented in a normal untrimmed fleece. Sheep which have been 'backed down' will be considered to be faked, unless exempted by special conditions of the appropriate breed?? society. 

The sale committee reserves the right to split sheep classes with 8 or more entries 


All Cattle including calves must be accompanied by a Passport which must be handed over to the auctioneers or stewards on arrival. All cattle including calves must be accompanied with a relevant Cattle Movement Document duly completed and signed. Cattle arriving without Passports or signed Cattle Movement Documents will not be allowed in to the market premises. 

All calves must be registered with the Cattle Movement Service and have a valid passport. All calves must be over 7 days old when sold. 

All cattle must be double tagged in accordance with the current DEFRA regulations regarding primary and secondary ear tags. 


The Sale Committee reserve the right to reject from the sale any birds which are deformed or unhealthy. They also reserve the right to limit or refuse entries should the number exceed the accommodation available. 

All poultry and waterfowl must conform to breed standards where applicable. 

All breeds of poultry and waterfowl are acceptable. 

There will be a prize for the best in show pen of poultry and the best in show pen of waterfowl. 

All domestic breeds of poultry and waterfowl will be eligible for the best of breed. 

The legislation relating to the Poultry Breeding Flocks and Hatcheries (Registration and Testing) Order will NOT apply at this sale. All legislation relating to the sale and transport of live poultry will apply as usual. Further information regarding the Registration and Testing of laying flocks can be obtained from the regional DEFRA Veterinary Officer. 

There is no Ministry requirement to segregate salmonella tested birds from untested birds nor is there any guarantee given by the auctioneers as to the health status of any lot. 

All birds must arrive before 9am on the morning of the sale with a completed and signed Poultry Declaration Form and be transported in suitable carrying boxes. Poultry cannot be accepted before the day of sale. Poultry judging will commence at 9:30 on the morning of the sale. 

Definition of Entries: 

PAIRS -1 Male and 1 Female or 2 Females 

TRIOS -1 Male and 2 Females or 3 Females 


a) You are confirming that the poultry you are presenting for sale are in good health and are from disease free stock. 

b) All stock should be checked prior to loading and placed in clean crates or boxes for travelling to this market 

c) The birds should not have originated from premises or areas which are under restrictions related to confirmation of a notifiable avian disease. 

d) All vendors must hold a valid account number which must be entered prior to entry. This can be obtained from the accounts office 

e) When booking in poultry you will be allocated the requested number of pens. Please place your stock in these pens only. PLEASE DO NOT EMPTY YOUR BOXES OR CRATES THAT MAY CONTAIN POULTRY FAECAL MATERIAL WITHIN OUR AUCTION AREA. 

f) All cages, crates and carrying boxes must be removed from the auction area as soon as the birds have been penned. 

g) Disposable boxes should be deposited in the bins provided at the entrance of the poultry area. Carrying crates can be washed out at the wash-down area located at the lorry wash. 

h) Please use the hand washing facilities provided and the biosecurity foot baths when entering and exiting the poultry areas. 

i) Poultry will be checked and any stock found to be unfit will be withdrawn. Stock suspected of carrying the Avian Flu disease will be subject to a vet inspection and the area will be closed to all movements, all costs incurred will be chargeable to the Vendor including the cost of additional bio-security procedures needed to be carried out on site. 

j) lt is recommended that poultry returning to your holding are placed in isolation for 7 days.? 


The sale and movement of pigs will be subject to DEFRA guidelines and movement restrictions in force at time of the sale. All pig movements must be recorded on the eAML2 website and be accompanied a printed movement document. 

Pigs will be sold subject to the Livestock Auctioneers Association Conditions of Sale. A full copy will be displayed in the accounts office on the day of the sale. 

All pigs MUST be tagged in accordance with the current DEFRA regulations, tattoos will not be accepted. 

All weaners entered for sale must be at least 10 weeks old and will be sold in suitable lots. 

Sows and litters WILL NOT be accepted for sale. The expected farrowing date of in pig sows and gilts must be at least 21 days prior to the date of the sale. 

Movement Permits for pigs will be issued during the sale. Pigs may not be moved from the Market without first obtaining a Movement Licence. 


Cross bred stock must be entered on the "Cross bred" entry form. All cross bred stock will be sold at the end of each section. Only cross bred stock that has one registered Rare or Minority Breed Parent can be accepted for sale. Cross bred stock is not eligible for show.? 


It is the responsibility of the Vendor to pass all documents relating to the registration or transfer of Pedigrees, and?? Passports including any other documentation required by DEFRA to either the Auctioneers or to the Purchasers at the time of sale and to pay any transfer or registration fees that may be required. 

The Auctioneers will forward all documents received to the respective Purchasers as soon as possible after the sale. The Auctioneers or their staff or members of the Show and Sale Committee will accept no liability for the registration or transfer of any pedigrees to the relevant breed societies. 

At the discretion of the judge or judges concerned any prize or prize money may be withheld if, in their opinion the exhibit or exhibits concerned is or are of insufficient merit. 

Exhibitors will be responsible for the care of their stock and for any damage or loss caused to or by their animals whilst on the sale premises. At least one person must be in charge of stock at all times. 

In the event of any alterations or additions to the catalogue particulars being necessary the Exhibitor must furnish full details of such alteration or addition to the Auctioneers before the commencement of the sale. Any statement made from the rostrum indicating such alteration or amendment shall take precedence over the catalogue particulars. 

Substitute stock will be allowed if the Auctioneers are notified in WRITING at least SEVEN days before the day of the sale. Substitutes must be of the same breed, sex and age as the original entry. No Substitutes will be allowed on the day of the sale. 

The Auctioneers shall for all purposes be deemed to sell as agents for a disclosed principle. 

All Rare and Minority and crossbred breed stock will be sold in guineas (105 pence) and a commission of 5 pence in the guinea plus VAT will be charged by the Auctioneers on all sales. Commission of 10% plus VAT will be charged on Poultry. There will be a buyer’s premium of 10% inc VAT on all poultry sold. 

There will be no "upset" price on any stock sold. Vendors shall have the right to fix a reserve price for any or all of their entries. Such reserve prices MUST BE NOTIFIED TO THE AUCTIONEERS in writing on the day of the sale at least 30 MINUTES before the commencement of the sale. Reserve prices cannot be accepted on any of the entry forms. 

Half commission on the reserve price may be charged on unsold lots at the discretion of the Auctioneers or the Sale Committee. 

Animals which fail to reach the reserve price fixed by the vendor may be sold by private treaty after the auction. Full commission will be charged on all such transactions which must pass through the Auctioneers. 

No animal may be sold privately prior to the sale but must be passed through the sale ring. 

Every vendor or authorised representative is responsible for presenting his or her own stock to the sale ring at the correct time. Any animal not presented for sale in the correct order may be sold at the end of the sale. 

Vendors may not bid directly or indirectly or through any agent other than the Auctioneers for any of their own animals. 

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to check the identity, ear numbers or tattoos and documents of their purchases before they remove from the sale premises. 

Any purchaser inadvertently removing an animal other than that purchased will be responsible for the full cost of the return of the animal to its rightful owner and such return must be made within 72 hours of notification of the mistaken delivery to the Auctioneers. 

All purchases shall be paid for on the day of the sale direct to the Auctioneers before the removal and no lot is to be removed without the written authority of the Auctioneers. No lot will be allowed from the sale premises until the sale has finished in that section. Payment may be made by Debit or Credit Card. There will be a surcharge of 2% plus VAT on all Credit Card payments. 

Cheques will NOT be accepted unless prior arrangements with the Auctioneers have been made. Where a purchaser?? defaults in payment the Auctioneers reserve the right to re-sell the lot and to charge the purchaser with any expenses and loss incurred by reason of the failure of the purchaser to complete his purchase. The Auctioneers reserve the right to charge interest at 3% over the Lloyds Bank Base Rate on any outstanding accounts from the day of the sale unless special prior arrangements have been made with the Auctioneer in this respect. 

There will be no payment to vendors on the day of the sale. Payment will be forwarded by cheque or BACS within 7 days of the sale. 

Breed Society levies and Transfer Fees where appropriate will be deducted from Vendors' accounts. 

Any disputes over warranties, pedigrees, catalogue descriptions or the transfer of registration or matters not dealt with specifically in this schedule will be settled by the Auctioneers in conjunction with the Sale Committee in accordance with the rules of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust or the relevant Breed Society or the Auctioneers Conditions of Sale. 

The Auctioneers or the Sale Committee accept no liability for the errors of description or omissions in the Sale catalogue. 

Cattle and Sheep will be sold subject to these Special Conditions of Sale. Where these conditions are silent Cattle Sheep & Pigs will be sold under the Conditions of Sale approved by the Livestock Auctioneers' Market Committee. Copies of which will be displayed around the market or may be viewed at the Accounts Office. 

The Show and Sale Committee may appoint, at their discretion, an arbitrator acting under the Arbitration Act for the time being in force in order to resolve any dispute. 

In each case the person having the reference shall have full power to include in his award provisions for costs and expenses including the keep and transport of the animal. 

Without prejudice to the discretion of any person making an award as aforesaid the purchaser shall be responsible for the cost of returning the animal to the sale yard or elsewhere at the Auctioneers' discretion and the vendor shall pay reasonable lairage until collection of the lot. 

July 2022