01904 489731

01904 489731

Malton Antique Sale

Wednesday 1st February



1.         A late 19th Century Japanese Imari pattern oval shallow Dish with crimped rim decorated with panels of flowers in orange blue and gilt.  14 1/2" (37cms) wide.     £40-60


2.         A Chinese Beaker Vase decorated in blue and white with figures etc and with four character mark to base.  10" (26cms) high.    £40-60


3.         A large Chinese Ginger Jar and cover decorated in blue and white with prunus.  9 1/2" (24cms) high.     £50-70


4.         A Chinese Ginger Jar decorated with vases etc in blue and white on a prunus pattern ground.  8 1/2" (22cms) high (cover missing).     £50-80


5.         A Moorcroft circular Pin Dish decorated with Hibiscus on a white ground and with paper label to base.  3 1/2" (9cms) diameter.     £30-40


6.         A 20th Century Japanese Charger decorated with figures, flowers, trees etc.  14 1/2" (37cms) diameter and a similar Japanese charger.     £30-50


7.         A Bretby Art pottery two handled Vase decorated with incised Oriental figures and with applied lizards.  13" (34cms) high.     £30-50


8.         A "Vienna" porcelain two handled Vase painted with an oval half length portrait of a classically draped female, signed "F Ferol" within an oval gilded border on a dark blue ground with gilt roses and leaves and with beehive mark to base.  12" (31cms) high.      £100-150


9.         A "Vienna" porcelain Plate, the centre painted with an elliptical panel of classical figures within a gilded surround and within a cream and gilt border with beehive mark to base.  9 1/2" (24cms) diameter.     £70-100


10.      A pair of 19th Century Continental porcelain seated Figures of Middle Eastern male and female figures on gilded shaped bases.  Each 6" (15cms) high (a/f).     £30-50


11.      A Victorian Royal Worcester two handled baluster Vase painted with sprays of flowers with gilded handles on a blush ivory ground.  9 1/2" (24cms) high, date code for 1887.     £50-80


12.      An early 20th Century Royal Worcester Potpourri, painted with roses with pierced gilded cover and internal cover.  5" (13cms) high, a Royal Worcester cylindrical vase painted with roses and a flask shaped vase of similar design with gilded collar and foot, signed Morris.  7" (18cms) high.     £70-100


13.      A Fielding & Co Royal Devon shaped oval Planter decorated with flowers on a blush ivory ground.  17" (44cms) wide, (cracked), a Masons Ironstone Nabob pattern bowl, a Limoges comport and two matching plates.      £30-40


14.      A Meissen porcelain standing Figure of a boy in a blue coat.  6" (15cms) high, one other German figure, Dresden Vase and cover, Dresden cabinet cup and saucer and two other continental vases (a/f)    £50-70


15.      A pair of Victorian pottery Mugs depicting the murderer Charlie Peace decorated in relief and with loop handle.  5" (13cms) high and two smaller Charlie Peace mugs.     £50-80


16.      A Worcester Flight Period trio of Tea Cup, tea bowl and saucer, of wrythen design decorated with flowers and leaves in blue and gilt with painted and impressed marks. A Flight Barr & Barr Worcester plate decorated with flowers a named Derby coffee can "Near Ashborne, Derbyshire"and a tea cup "Near Buxton, Derbyshire" (cracked).     £50-80


17.      A pair of early 19th Century Davenport plates decorated with flowers in red, blue, green etc, within a blue and gilt border.  10" (26cms) diameter, a matching soup plate and a matching oblong shallow dish (cracked).     £40-60


18.      A pair of Brameld "Castle of Rochefort" blue and white printed Soup Plates, a Rockingham trio of tea cup, coffee cup and saucer decorated with Chinese figures in blue and white and of moulded design with puce griffin mark and a 19th Century Davenport potpourri (a/f).     £40-60


19.      A pair of Victorian Wedgwood shell shape Dishes with a mottled green glaze, another Wedgwood shell shape dish, four Wedgwood green glaze leaf pattern plates and four others.     £50-70


20.      A Brameld leaf pattern Plate, another and various other leaf pattern plates.     £40-60


21.      A Brameld green glaze leaf pattern Plate, another and various other green glazed leaf pattern plates and dishes.     £30-40


22.      A Rockingham Tea Cup and Saucer of moulded design decorated in cream blue and gilt, pattern number 895 and with puce griffin mark, a matching plate 9" (23cms) diameter (hairline crack) and a Rockingham trio of tea cup, coffee cup and saucer decorated with trailing branches and with puce mark.     £30-50


23.      A Rockingham Trio decorated with a gilt border pattern number 457 with red griffin mark, a blue cream and gilt decorated tea cup and saucer, pattern number 653 with red mark, a puce marked Rockingham tea cup and saucer painted with a landscape panel and two other Rockingham tea cups and saucers.     £50-70


24.      A Rockingham Plate with shell and gadroon moulded border painted with a spray of flowers, pattern number 451 with red griffin mark, three puce marked Rockingham plates decorated with floral sprays and three other Rockingham plates.     £50-70


25.      A Brameld stone china Soup Plate printed with the India pattern in black and white, a matching soup plate with coloured decoration, three other Brameld soup plates and plates etc.     £30-50


26.      A Rockingham Tea Cup and Saucer decorated in blue and gilt with vine leaves and grapes and with puce griffin mark, a Rockingham trio with a gilt border pattern number 991 and two other Rockingham tea cups and saucers.     £30-40


27.      A Rockingham Tea Cup and Saucer decorated in blue and gilt, pattern number 1469 with puce griffin mark, another decorated with flowers, pattern number 1480 and two other Rockingham tea cups and saucers.     £30-40


28.      A number of decorative Plates including Worcester, Derby, Copeland etc.     £20-30


29.      An 18th Century Chelsea circular shallow Bowl decorated with sprays of flowers in pink yellow blue etc and with a crimped rim, red anchor mark to base.  9" (23cms) diameter, chipped.     £50-80


30.      A pair of 19th Century Staffordshire pottery Figures of male and female musicians each reclining on a sofa and reading a book.  8" (20cms) wide.    £60-80


31.      A Victorian Staffordshire pottery flat back Mantel Ornament in the form of a castle entrance.  9" (23cms) high.     £20-30


32.      A pair of late 19th Century Cantonese cylindrical Vases decorated with panels of birds, flowers and figures in famille rose and other coloured enamels.  9 1/2" (24cms) high (a/f).     £70-100


33.      A Pastille Burner in the form of a cottage with thatched roof.  4 1/2" (12cms) high and a smaller cottage pastille burner.     £50-60


34.      An 18th Century Worcester first period circular Bowl decorated with flowers in blue and white and with crescent mark to base.  4" (10cms)     £70-100


35.      A Fieldings Royal Devon Egg Stand fitted with six egg cups, decorated with flowers on a blush ivory ground, (one cup chipped), a Fieldings Crown Devon Erin pattern cheese dish and cover and a Crown Devon comport.    £30-40


36.      A pair of Crown Ducal graduated Jugs decorated with birds and flowers on a blush ivory ground, larger jug 8" (20cms) high, a set of three Victorian graduated pottery jugs and a Crown Ducal hair tidy.    £20-40


37.      A Fieldings floral decorated three division Hors d'oeuvre Dish, a Crown Devon two handled mug, a Crown Devon jar and cover and a Royal Devon plate.    £30-40


38.      A 19th Century Faience ware Box of serpentine outline with hinged lid, decorated in blue and white with figures in a landscape, within a floral border, the base decorated with coastal scenes and with gilt metal mounts, marked 'AR' to base.      £80-100


39.      A Beswick Model of a stoat in white winter coat, No. 1021, withdrawn 1963 (a/f).     £100-120


40.      A Belleek shell shape Jug on shell feet, similar bowl and three other pieces of Belleek.     £30-40


41.      A Beswick Model of a racehorse and jockey, No. 1037, second version, with the number 24 on the saddle cloth in brown gloss.     £150-200


42.      A Beswick Model of a huntsman on a brown horse, No. 1501.     £70-100


43.      A Beswick Model of Red Rum with Brian Fletcher up, from the Connoisseur Horses Series, No. 2511.     £100-150


44.      A Beswick Model of large shire foal in grey gloss, No. 951, a large brown foal, No. 947 and two small palomino foals No. 815.     £40-60


45.      A Beswick Model "Spirit of the wind" in brown gloss, No. 2688 and a Royal Doulton model of "Desert Orchid" on a wooden base.     £30-50


46.      A Beswick Model of a grey horse with head tucked, No. 1549, first version and a Beswick matt grey model "Spirit of the Wind", No.2688.     £30-50


47.      Four Beswick Fox Hounds, a Beswick fox and a Jack Russell Terrier     £30-40


48.      A Beswick Model of the racehorse "Bois Roussel", second version in brown gloss No. 701 and another in matt brown.     £30-40


49.      A Beswick Model of a grey mare, No.1991, first version another in brown gloss and another in matt grey, second version.     £50-70


50.      A Beswick Model of a small thoroughbred stallion No. 1992, in grey matt and another of a large thoroughbred stallion in grey gloss.     £30-50


51.      A Meissen circular shallow Dish decorated in gilt with a raised pattern of fruit, leaves, masks and scrolls on a white ground.  11 1/2" (29cms) diameter.     £40-60


52.      A Royal Doulton Figure of the Year 2000 "Rachel" HN3976, a Coalport figure "Special Birthday" and another "Jenny", all boxed.     £30-40


53.      A Royal Doulton Gloire-de-Dijon pattern Jardinière decorated in blue and white, 14" (36cms) diameter and an Oriental octagonal jardinière.    £50-80


54.      A Butley Pottery ceramic Bowl by Honor Hussey, decorated with pink and blue flowers on a blue ground.  13" (33cms) diameter.    £30-50


55.      A modern Leeds Creamware Ewer and Basin with moulded edge, the ewer with entwined handle.    £40-50




56.      A Victorian Royal Worcester early morning Tea Set decorated with sprays of spring flowers within a gilded border comprising tea pot, two handled sugar bowl and cover, milk jug, waste bowl, two cups and saucers and two plates. Date code for 1882.     £70-100


57.      A Poole Pottery Vase of compressed oval design decorated with a geometric abstract design in orange, blue, green etc. 10" (26cms) high.     £40-50


58.      A Slip ware Studio Pottery lidded jar and two studio pottery vases.     £20-30


59.      A pair of small Paragon floral decorated vases, 2 1/2" (6cms) high, a Copeland Spode hunting jug and a floral decorated cup and saucer.     £20-30


60.      A Royal Doulton Figure "Carrie" HN2800 from the Kate Greenaway Collection and a Tony Carter Limited Edition tea pot.     £20-30


61.      An Oriental circular Plate decorated with birds and flowers.  10" (26cms) diameter, a pair of Japanese eggshell cups and saucers, oriental figure etc.     £20-30


62.      A Roy Kirkham bone china floral decorated Tea Pot, matching tea cup and saucer, Masons ironstone Prince of Wales plate and two other pieces.     £20-30


63.      A Beswick Model of a Jersey cow and two Beswick pigs (a/).     £20-30


64.      A Beswick Highland pony in dun gloss, No.1644, leg damaged and three Beswick foals.     £20-30


65.      A late Victorian white glazed pedestal Jardinière with lion mask handles.  13 1/2" (35cms) diameter.    £30-50


66.      A Beswick model of a Charolais bull on a wooden plinth No. A2463A from the Connoisseur Cattle Series.     £50-80


67.      A Beswick model of an Airedale, No. 962 in gloss finish, a Beswick Great Dane No. 968 in gloss finish and a Beswick Dalmation No. 961, gloss.     £30-40


68.      A Beswick Model of an Aberdeen Angus bull, No. 1562 and a Beswick Ayrshire bull No. 1454B in gloss finish (horn damaged, one ear with small chip).      £50-80


69.      A Beswick Model of a Guernsey bull in gloss finish No. 1451 (ear chipped), a Hereford bull (ear chipped) and a Highland bull (horn repaired).     £40-60


70.      A Beswick Model of a Friesian calf No. 1249C, a Friesian bull No.1439A (horn chipped) and a Jersey bull (horn and ear with small chips).      £30-50


71.      A Beswick Model of pigeon No. 1383B second version in red gloss and a Beswick stag No. 981.      £30-40


72.      A Chinese export oval Tureen and Cover decorated with flowers and landscapes in blue and white and with hares head handles.  11" (28cms) wide.  (damage to lift and hairline crack).    £50-70


73.      A Japanese Jar decorated with birds and flowers, 7" (17cms) high, Cloisonné cylindrical vase, Chinese famille rose plate, a smaller Chinese saucer dish with a yellow ground and one other item.  (a/f).    £40-60


74.      A Royal Doulton Pastorale pattern Table Service including tea cups and saucers, coffee cups, plates in various sizes, two vegetable dishes and covers etc, sixty three pieces.     £50-80


75.      A pair of modern Hartley Green Leeds pottery Table Candlesticks on oval bases.  11" (28cms) high.    £20-30


76.      A pair of Crown Ducal Vases decorated with birds and flowers on a blush ivory ground.   9" (23cms) high.    £20-30


77.      A Crown Devon Vase in the form of a tied bag, a Franz teacup and saucer decorated with flowers, another and two other pieces.    £20-30


78.      A Royal Doulton Titanian two handled Sugar Bowl decorated with Tutankhamen's treasures; a Doulton 'tea party' pattern series ware Plate, and one other (a/f).    £20-30



79.      A Victorian glass two branch Table Lamp hung with spear and button cut lustre drops on a baluster turned column and dished foot.  15 1/2" (40cms) high (converted to electricity).     £70-100


80.      A cut glass electric Table Lamp with mushroom shape shade.  16" (41cms) high.     £50-80


81.      A Cranberry Glass Bowl on lappet feet.  5" (13cms) diameter and a cranberry glass jug.     £30-40


82.      A table Oil Lamp with frosted glass shade and clear glass reservoir on a metal base.     £30-40


83.      A glass Jug in the form of a 17th Century leather jack engraved with a crown and initials C.R and bearing the date 1646, registration number 75175, circa 1890.     £40-60


84.      An etched glass Decanter and stopper, French moulded glass comport, amber glass bowl decorated with kingfishers and other glassware.     £30-40


85.      A heavy cut glass Fruit Bowl,  9" (23cms) diameter, matching pedestal vase, cut glass biscuit barrel and two cut glass jugs.     £30-50


86.      An Edinburgh Crystal Cheese Knife, boxed, a pastry server boxed and a bread knife boxed together with other Edinburgh crystal items including salad servers, a small glass bowl and a preserve jar and cover.     £30-40


87.      A pair of Edinburgh Crystal Whiskey Tumblers, a pair of Royal Doulton hock glasses, Royal Doulton sugar caster, Stuart condiments and other items of cut glass.     £30-40


88.      A quantity of assorted Table Glass including seven Whiskey tumblers, six Brandy balloon, sherry glasses etc.     £40-60


89.      A Continental Studio glass Flower Holder decorated with pewter overlay.  9 1/2" (24cms) wide.    £20-30


90.      A large amethyst glass baluster Vase.  17" (43cms) high.  (small repair to rim).    £30-40


91.      A Lalique glass Lemonade Jug with clear loop handle above a triangular pattern base and on a circular foot, signature make to base.  8 1/2" (22cms) high.    £100-150




92.      A Victorian brass hearth Ornament in the form of a horse.  8" (20cms) high.     £20-30


93.      A Victorian copper two handled circular Dairy Bowl by Benham & Froud.  16" (41cms) diameter.    £50-80


94.      A pair of brass Carriage Candle Lamps inscribed 'G.W.R.'  13 1/2" (34cms) high.    £40-60


95.      An 18th Century pewter Plate by Burford & Green, 'The Poultry, London', the border bearing a shield with the royal coat of arms.  9 3/4" (25cms) diameter.    £20-30


96.      A brass cylindrical Coal Bucket with metal liner, ring handles and paw feet.     £30-40


97.      A set of Victorian brass and cast iron Beam Scales by Bartlett, Bristol.  2' 8" (82cms) high.    £100-150


98.      Another set of Victorian brass and cast iron Beam Scales.  2' 8" (82cms) high.    £100-150


99.      A large Victorian oval copper two handled Cooking Pan and lid.  25" (64cms) wide.    £80-100


100.    A wrought iron and mesh three division folding Spark Guard.     £20-30


101.    A Victorian copper Saucepan with steel handle and lid.  7" (17cms) diameter, a copper kettle and brass trivet.     £30-40


102.    Four pewter Baluster Measures, largest 1/3 of a pint and a pewter chamber candlestick.     £20-30


103.    A brass oblong Fire Curb of urn and rail design.  4' 4" (132cms) wide.     £30-40






104.    A Box containing books on fox hunting, including titles by F.A Stewart, Cecil Aldin and Lionel Edwards     £40-50


105.    Two boxes of books on hunting and horsemanship     £20-30


106.    Another two boxes of books on hunting and horsemanship     £20-30


107.    Another two boxes of books on hunting and horsemanship     £20-30


108.    Another two boxes of books on hunting and horsemanship     £20-30


109.    A large selection of 'Giles' Cartoon Annuals Paperbacks, from 8th series - 2005, and three hard backed copies.  (48)    £20-30


110.    A collection of 'The Perishers' Annuals, Daily Mirror cartoon characters 1907-1980, approximately 28, and a selection of children's annuals etc.   (2 boxes)    £30-50


111.    Three bound volumes of Picture Play Cinema Magazines 1927-1930 and two volumes of Photo Play 1928/29.     £20-30


112.    'The History of Southern & Central Africa' published Adam & Co. with tooled leather binding.      £20-30


113.    Shaw, Richard Norman; 'Architectural Sketches from the Continent', large folio, two volumes with black and white plates.    £30-40


114.    Stowe, Harriet Beecher; 'A Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin', published London 1853, 'Homerus-Glasguae' volume two, published 1778 and various other books.    £20-30


115.    A box of 19th Century Literature including Peveril of the Peak, four volumes published 1822, G.P.R. James; 'The Kings Highway' three volumes, published 1840 etc.    £20-30


116.    Baker, Samuel White; 'The Albert Nyanza Great Basin of the Nile', two volumes, published 1866, Montague, Edwin S.; 'An Indian Diary' and other mainly 19th Century travel books.    £30-40


117.    "Household Words Conducted by Charles Dickens" six bound Volumes and various other books.     £20-30


118.    G P R James; "The Smuggler" three Volumes published 1845 and other books.     £20-30


119.    FINN, FRANK; "The Game Birds of India and Asia" published Calcutta 1911, "The Water Fowl of India and Asia" by the same author published 1921 and other books in various subjects.     £30-40


120.    "The Fauna of British India" volume one only, published 1922, "Cattle Sheep and Deer" by Duncan McDonald, third edition and various other books.     £30-40


121.    Marryat;  "Snarley Yow" three volumes, first edition 1837 and other triple-decker volumes.     £30-40


122.    Dickens, Charles; "Domby and Son", published 1848. Burke, Edmund; "Reflections on the Revolution in France", published 1790 and various other leather bound and other books.     £30-50


123.    "The Encyclopedia of Steam and Rail" Whitehouse & Thomas; "The London, Midland and Scottish Railway" and various other railway books.     £20-30


124.    'Biblia Sacra and Aporcrypha', published Riga, September, 1739, on the back board is a black edged letter from Ralph Carr Ellison of Dunston Hill, dated 1877.  (a/f).    £20-30


125.    "Picture Stories from The Bible", New and Old Testament, two volumes, published 1943 with full colour illustrations.      £20-40


126.    The Admiralty Manual of Navigation, two volumes, Nicholl's Seamanship and Nautical Knowledge and other marine textbooks etc.     £30-40


127.    Fleming, Ian; 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Magical Car', illustrated by John Birmingham, adventures no. 1 and 2, both reprinted 1964, with pictorial dust wrappers.      £30-50



128.    George Poulson; 'The History and Antiquities of the Seigniory of Holderness' volumes one and two, first editions, published by Robert Brown, 1840, together with an addition volume one.    £60-80


129.    Shayo, Alberto; 'Chiparus', The Master of Art Deco and a number of other reference books in similar subject.    £20-30


130.    Balzac, Honoré de, 'Les Contes Drolatiques', illustrated by Gustave Doré, c.1861, Garnier Frères, Paris, 6th edition rebound in full red leather with gilding to boards and spine, marbled endpaper and edges.     £40-50


131.    Blackburn, Henry, 'The Pyrenees', illustrated by Gustave Doré, Sampson, Low and Marston, London, 1867, hard bound in brown cloth gilt to front spine and edges with marbled endpapers, author inscription opposite half-title. Also Saintine, X.B., 'La Mythologie du Rhin', illustrated by Gustave Doré, Hachette, Paris, c.1862, hard bound in brown cloth with gilt to spine and edges.     £60-80


132.    Cervantes, Miguel de Cervantes, 'The History of Don Quixote', illustrated by Gustave Doré, c.1868, Cassell, London, two volumes, bound in full green leather with gild to spine, marbled endpapers and edges. Previous owner's inscription opposite half-title. Also one volume edition, c.1870, Cassell, London, hard bound in red cloth with gilt to front and spine, aeg.    £80-100


133.    'The Holy Bible' illustrated by Gustave Doré, four volumes, Cassell, London, c. 1870, half bound in leather with gilt spine and edges.     £100-200


134.    'Les Contes de Perrault', illustrated by Gustave Doré, J. Hetzel, Paris, c.1870, hard bound in full red leather, with gilt to spine, front and edges.     £50-60


135.    Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner', illustrated by Gustave Doré, 1889, Henry Altemus, Philadelphia, hard bound in blue cloth with gilt to front, with another modern edition     £40-60


136.    Two titles illustrated by Gustave Doré, 'The Works of Rabelais', c.1876, Chatto and Windus, London, half bound in leather with gilt to the spine. Also 'Oeuvres De François Rabelais', 1854, J. Bry Ainé, quarter bound with black cloth     £30-40


137.    Three titles illustrated by Gustave Doré, 'Geoffrey the Knight: A Tale of Chivalry', 1869, T. Nelson and Son, London, hard bound in green cloth with gilt to front and spine; 'Stories of the Days of King Arthur', 1882, T. Nelson and Son, London, hard bound in brown cloth with gilt to front and spine, presentation bookplate to endpaper and 'Cressy and Poictiers or The Story of the Black Prince's Page', c. 1900, Ward Lock and Co, London, fully bound in green leather with gilt to spine.     £30-40


138.    Three titles illustrated by Gustave Doré, 'The Poetical Works of Thomas Hood' c.1873, Moxon, London, rebound in leather with gilt to front, spine and edges. 'Thomas Hood' 1870, Moxon, London, hard bound in red cloth with gilt to front and spine, aeg and 'The Days of Chivalry or the Legend of Croquemitaine' translated by Tom Hood, Cassell, London, hard bound in blue cloth with gilt to front and spine.    £50-60


139.    Four titles illustrated by Gustave Doré, 'Atala' by Chateaubriand, c. 1880, Cassell, London, previous owner's inscription to the half-title page, hard bound in red cloth with gilt to spine. 'The Adventures of Baron Munchausen' c.1880, Cassell Petter and Galpin, London, quarter bound with red leather. Lafon, Mary 'Fierabras', 1857, Librairie Nouvelle, Paris, hard bound in cloth with gilt to spine. 'Le Nouveau Paris Histoire de Ses 20 Arrondissements', c.1860, quarter bound with marbled endpapers and fold out map.     £40-50


140.    Alighieri, Dante 'The Vision of Hell' and 'The Vision of Purgatory and Paradise' 1904, illustrated by Gustave Doré two volumes, Cassell, London, hard bound in red cloth with gilt to front, spine and edges.    £50-80


141.    Milton, John 'Paradise Lost' illustrated by Gustave Doré c.1880, Cassell Petter and Galpin, London, half bound in leather with gilt to front and spine, aeg, and 'Dore Gallery', with memoir of Doré etc. by Edmund Ollier, c. 1890, Cassell and Company, London, hard bound in green cloth, aeg.     £40-50


142.    Box of books illustrated by Gustave Doré including Tennyson, Alfred 'Idylls of the King' 1868, Edward Moxon and Co. London, four parts loose housed in a custom box, 'London: A Pilgrimage', 1872, Grant and Co, London, half bound in leather, spine damaged and binding loose. 'London: A Pilgrimage', 1890, Harper brothers, New York, hard bound in cloth, spine damaged and binding loose. 'The Legend of the Wandering Jew', c.1880, Cassell Petter and Galpin, London, binding loose.  Also modern edition of 'Doré's London', 2008, Chartwell books and some loose Doré illustrations.(a/f)    £40-50


143.    A box of books relating to Gustave Doré and his work    £20-30


144.    Fowler, Rev. W. W., 'The Coleoptera of the British Isles', 1887, L. Reeve and Co. London, first edition complete in six volumes, rebound in red leather with gilt to spine and marbled ends.    £150-200


145.    Fowler, Rev. W. W., 'The Coleoptera of the British Isles', 1887, L. Reeve and Co. London, first edition complete in six volumes, hard bound in brown cloth     £100-150


146.    Joy, Norman H., 'A Practical Handbook of British Beetles', Witherby, London, 1932, 1st edition, two volumes, hard bound in cloth. Also companion piece Hodge, Peter J. and Jones, Richard A. 'New British Beetles: Species not in Joy's Handbook', British Entomological and Natural History Society, 1995    £50-60


147.    Shuckard, R.S. and Spry, W., 'The British Coleoptera Delineated' W. Crofts, London, 1840, hard bound in green cloth with gilt spine, pencil annotations throughout.     £30-40


148.    Walton, John, 'On The British Insects of the Family Curculionidae Order Coleoptera, Being an Attempt to Determine the Species and to Correct the Nomenclature and Synonymy of the Indigenous Curculionites' 1844, printed by Richard and John E, Taylor, London. Half bound in leather with marbled boards.    £50-60


149.    Reitter, Edmund, 'Fauna Germanica Die Käfer des Deutschen Reiches' 1908, K.G. Lutz, Stuttgart. Five volumes, hard bound in cloth.     £50-60


150.    Two boxes of books on British entomology    £40-50


151.    Tate, Ralph and Blake, J. F. 'The Yorkshire Lias', 1876, John Van Voorst, London, rebound in blue cloth with large folding map     £60-80


152.    'Yorkshire Type Ammonites' Edited by Sydney Savory Buckman, William Wesley, London, 1909-1919, complete in nineteen parts, loose bound in paper folders, housed in a custom box.     £80-100


153.    A box containing books about palaeontology and geology     £20-30


154.    English, Thomas H. 'An Introduction to The Collecting and History of Whitby Prints', 1931, Horne and Son, Whitby, two volumes, each hard bound in white cloth with Arms of Whitby in gilt to front boards. Limited edition of 210 copies signed by author of which this is number 151. Volume one contains fold out linen map of Whitby and has two loose letters from the author.     £200-300


155.    Charlton, Lionel 'The History of Whitby and of Whitby Abbey', 1789, printed by A. Ward, York. Rebound in half leather with gilt to spine. Contains fold out linen map and three engraved plates. Two prints of Whitby c. 1900 have been pasted onto blank pages towards the end of the book.     £100-150


156.    Young, George, Rev. 'A Geological Survey of the Yorkshire Coast', 1828, second edition, R. Kirby Whitby, half bound in leather with gilt to spine. Contains coloured maps and eighteen coloured plates.     £80-100


157.    Weatherall, Richard 'The Ancient Port of Whitby and its Shipping', 1908, Horne and Son, Whitby, hard bound in green cloth with gilt to spine and Browne, H.B. 'Chapters of Whitby History 1823-1946', 1946, A. Brown and Son, Hard bound with dust jacket.     £50-60


158.    A box of books relating to Whitby and the surrounding area including 'Whitby Lore and Legend', 'Round and About the North Yorkshire Moors' and 'Memorials of Old Whitby'  (13 titles)    £30-40


159.    Another box of modern books relating to Whitby and the surrounding area    £20-30


160.    A box of old guide books, maps and pamphlets on Whitby, including Horne's Guide to Whitby, Ward Lock red guides and Ordnance Survey map.    £30-40


161.    Another box of books and pamphlets relating to Whitby and the surrounding area    £20-30


162.    A box of books and auction catalogues on Japanese Netsuke and inro     £20-30


163.    Another box of books and catalogues on Japanese lacquer     £20-30


164.    A box of books relating to the work of Carl Fabergé     £20-30


165.    Another box of books relating to the work of Carl Fabergé     £20-30


166.    Another box of books relating to the work of Carl Fabergé     £20-30


167.    A box of books on art including Parian ware and the Pre-Raphaelites     £20-30


168.    A box of books containing some travel titles and books on stamps.    £20-30




169.    A mahogany Box containing a matched set of twenty four 'finger blade' Knives and an oak box containing twenty four bone handled knives.    £40-60


170.    A set of twelve bone handled Knives by John Wigfall, six dessert knives and a three piece carving set and an small oak box containing six dessert knives and forks.    £30-40


171.    A set of 1930's plated Table Cutlery for six covers, including bone handled knives in an oak box and a cased set of six knives and forks.    £30-50


172.    A set of six plated Fish Knives and Forks in oak box, another set in a mahogany box and a box containing six table knives and forks.    £30-40


173.    A box containing thirty six Table and Dessert Knives, by various makers and another box of twenty four knives.    £30-50


174.    A box containing thirty two Table and Dessert Knives by various makers and one other box of thirty two knives.    £30-50


175.    A set of six plated Dessert Knives and Forks with mother of pearl handles in a wooden box and a silver handled cheese knife.     £30-40


176.    A plated Egg Cruet in the form a cauldron, plated hot water jug, sugar caster, a few items of cutlery etc.     £30-40


177.    A set of plated Kings Pattern table cutlery for six covers together with some additional pieces, 92 in all, in a wooden box.     £40-60


178.    A suite of plated Table Cutlery with shell finials, comprising sixteen table knives, eight dessert knives, eight table forks, eight dessert forks, eight dessert spoons, eight soup spoons, three tablespoons, eight teaspoons, six grapefruit spoons, six small dessert spoons and a sauce ladle.        £50-80


179.    A case set of six plated Fish Knives and Forks by Pearce & Sons, with bone handles (cased), a pair of plated fish servers, a set of six table knives by Mappin & Webb and other plated cutlery.    £30-40


180.    An oval two handled Tray made with mahogany from HMS Dreadnought with a pierced plated gallery, a plated over tureen and cover and a plate entree dish and cover.    £30-40


181.    A set of six plated Fish Knives and Forks with mother of pearl handles (a/f), two more cases of fish cutlery and a set of six plated teaspoons.      £20-30


182.    A WMF plated Strainer and Stand, plated mug, plated egg boiler and other items.      £30-40


183.    A pair of late Victorian glass globe Scent Flasks with silver covers, Birmingham 1900, glass dressing table jar with silver and four other items.     £50-80


184.    An Indian white metal oblong Box, the hinge cover decorated in relief with figures riding elephants, the base with animals and birds.  5 1/2" (14cms) wide.    £250-300


185.    A silver mounted Decanter cork Stopper with wreath design loop handle, London, 1911.    £30-50


186.    A George III silver oblong Snuff Box, the hinged lid inscribed 'To A. Casey from the Clerks of Shaw & Co. Bank, March 1815', assay for Birmingham, 1812, maker Joseph Willmore.  2' 1/4" (5.5 cms) wide.    £150-180


187.    A small George III silver Box in the form of a book with engraved wriggle work decoration, Birmingham, 1809, maker Cocks & Bettridge and a navette shape silver box with gilded interior and engraved decoration, Birmingham, 1818, maker John Bettridge.    £120-150


188.    A silver oblong Snuff Box with engraved decoration and a shield shape cartouche, Birmingham, 1898, maker Joseph Gloster.  2 1/2" (6.5cms) wide.    £40-60


189.    A George III silver Match or Snuff Box with gilded interior and engraved decoration, date letter rubbed, maker Thomas Willmore.    £150-180



190.    A silver circular Powder Box and cover with gilded interior, with mirrored lid, Birmingham, 1927, maker C.E. Williams & Son.  2" (5cms) diameter.    £40-50


191.    An Edwardian engraved silver Vesta Case, Birmingham, 1907, maker John Thompson & Sons and a George III silver oblong box with hinged cover and engraved decoration, Birmingham, 1811, maker Thropp & Taylor.    £70-100


192.    A set of three George III silver table Candlesticks with detachable oval sconces vase turned nozzles and fluted oval bases, two marked for Sheffield 1797 one marked 1793, maker George Ashworth & Co.  12" (31cms) high.     £1200-1500


193.    A pair of Victorian silver table Candlesticks, the Corinthian columns decorated in relief with Acorns and oak leaves on square bases, decorated in relief with Campana shape urns, leaves etc. London 1898/99, maker Thomas Bradbury & Sons  9 1/2" (24 1/2cms) high.     £400-600


194.    A pair of Edwardian silver table Candlesticks of 18th Century design, with knopped and panelled columns and concave angled square bases, Birmingham 1909, maker Elkington & Co.  9 1/2" (24cms) high.     £400-600


195.    A single Victorian silver table Candlestick with fluted Corinthian column and square base decorated in relief with a Campana shape vase, foliage etc. London 1898/99, maker Thomas Bradbury & Sons  10" (25cms) high.     £200-300


196.    A set of four George I Britannia standard silver Tablespoons, Hanoverian pattern with rat tailed bowls, engraved on the reverse with the remains of an armorial containing initials, London, 1721, maker Philip Roker II.   (8.4ozs).    £170-200


197.    Another pair of early 18th Century silver Hanoverian pattern Tablespoons by Philip Roker II, each engraved to the front with the letter 'G', date marks worn but circa 1720's to 1730's.  (4.5ozs).    £80-120


198.    A pair of George I Britannia silver Hanoverian pattern Tablespoons with rat tailed bowls, each engraved to the reverse with the initials 'IS' makers mark 'CO' possible Samuel Colvill, London, 1719.  (3.5ozs).     £80-120


199.    A George I Britannia silver Tablespoon with rat tailed bowl and engraved to the reverse 'EP' makers mark 'AR', possibly Andrew Archer, London, 1715 and a George II Hanoverian pattern silver tablespoon, the reverse with a small shell springing from the drop, London, 1737, maker Edward Bennett I.  (2.9ozs).    £80-120


200.    A George II Hanoverian pattern Tablespoon, the reverse engraved with the initials 'AP' and with a scallop shell springing from the drop, London, 1750, maker James Wilks and a George III Hanoverian pattern tablespoon with a shell and scroll back, engraved to the reverse with the initials 'MS', London, 1778, maker Hester Bateman.   (3.6ozs).    £80-120


201.    A George I Britannia silver Hanoverian pattern Tablespoon with rat tailed bowl, the reverse engraved with initials 'DRM', London, 1712, makers mark rubbed but contains an 'H' possibly for Richard Chapman or Alice Sheene and a George III silver Hanoverian pattern tablespoon engraved to the front with the initial 'W', London, 1764, maker Benjamin Cartwright II.   (2.9ozs).    £80-120


202.    A George III Hanoverian pattern Tablespoon, the reverse engraved with the initials 'EWB', London, 1751, make Elizabeth Oldfield and another George III Hanoverian pattern silver tablespoon, London, 1754, maker probably Robert Perth.    £80-120


203.    A George III silver Cream Jug with reeded loop handle and engraved decoration, London 1800.     £50-80


204.    Another George III silver Cream Jug decorated with an engraved band of flowers and with angular handle, London 1809 maker Duncan Urquhart & Naphtali Hart.      £50-80


205.    A set of six silver Lobster Picks, Sheffield 1917, makers Harrison Brothers & Howson.  (6.1ozs)    £100-150


206.    A Continental glass Claret Jug overlaid in silver in an Art Nouveau design with silver collar and handle.  8 1/2" (22cms) high.     £120-150


207.    A set of six Art Nouveau silver Buttons, each decorated with a raised pattern of flowers, Birmingham, 1901, makers Mappin & Webb and in original box.    £70-100


208.    A pair of Chinese silver Tazza with pierced and floral chased decoration on pedestal bases, marked 'WH90'.  4 1/2" (12cms) diameter.    £30-50


209.    A three piece silver backed Dressing Table Set with engraved decoration, comprising hairbrush, clothes brush and hand mirror, Chester, 1925.    £30-40


210.    A William IV silver three piece Tea Set of fluted circular design, raised on shell moulded feet the teapot with a floral lift, London 1831, maker Richard Pierce and George Burrows.  (43.8ozs).     £400-500


211.    A set of six late Victorian silver Teaspoons with shell bowls, London 1895, maker Josiah Williams & Co.     £30-40


212.    A set of six Victorian silver fiddle pattern Teaspoons, London 1880, maker George Angel, a sterling silver three pronged pickle fork, matching sauce ladle and three other items of silver cutlery.  (7.6ozs)     £60-80


213.    A German Gateau Set comprising pastry slice and six forks, with '800' marked handles and a Gateau plate.    £50-70


214.    An Edwardian cut glass Claret Jug with star cut decoration and spear cut stopper with silver collar and handle, Sheffield 1901, maker Walker and Hall (stopper chipped).     £70-100


215.    A silver oblong Teapot with blackwood handle and lift, gadrooned edge and ball feet, with presentation inscription, London, 1915 and a matching milk jug.  (24ozs).    £200-250


216.    A silver oval Sweetmeat Dish with pierced sides, loop handle, Chester, 1910, maker Charles Cook.  (3.4ozs).    £30-50


217.    A silver three piece Condiment Set of pierced circular form with blue glass liners in fitted case, Birmingham, 1922/23, maker Docker & Burn Ltd.    £40-60


218.    Five Old English pattern silver Teaspoons, Sheffield, 1931 and five others 1935, both sets by Francis Howard Ltd.  (5.7ozs).    £40-60


219.    A Georgian silver Punch Ladle with oval bowl and twisted whale bone handle (a/f), a George IV Scottish silver toddy ladle, Edinburgh, 1826 and six various 19th Century silver teaspoons.      £40-60


220.    A silver oval Milk Jug with half body reeded decoration and angular handle, Sheffield, 1926, maker Francis Howard and a silver sauce boat with crimped rim and engraved decoration, Sheffield, 1952.  (6.8ozs).    £50-80


221.    A set of six silver handled Pastry Knives with stainless steel blades, four pastry knives with kings pattern silver handles and a silver handled bread knife, all cased.      £30-40


222.    A pair of small silver circular Table Photograph Frames, three glass dressing table jars with silver covers, three silver serviette rings and a silver golfing ashtray.    £30-50


223.    A silver tapering Vase with embossed decoration, 6 1/2" (16cms) high, date letter rubbed, maker William Comyns, an Art Nouveau silver upright table photograph frame (a/f) and a small silver sweetmeat dish (split).    £40-60


224.    A Limited Edition silver Beaker to commemorate the 1977 Jubilee with engraved inscription, No.348/1250, makers Tessiers Ltd.  (6.1ozs)    £60-80


225.    A silver trumpet shape Vase with moulded edge on a dished circular foot, Sheffield 1916, maker Sipray, Hall & Co Ltd.  10" (26cms) high.  (11.2ozs)     £80-120


226.    A silver and mesh Evening Purse and an engraved silver vesta case.     £40-60


227.    A silver and green enamel four piece Dressing Table Set comprising hairbrush, clothes brush, hand mirror and comb, Birmingham, 1939, maker Adie Brothers, (cased).    £40-60


228.    A three piece silver mounted and pink enamel Dressing Table Set comprising hand mirror, clothes brush and hair brush, Birmingham, 1936/7, the Daniel Manufacturing Company.    £30-40




229.    A 9ct. gold curb link Bracelet hung with a 9ct. gold fob.  (16.9gms)    £150-200


230.    A ladies Roamer Wristwatch with baton numerals and on 9ct. gold flexible strap.    £100-150


231.    A pair of 9ct gold pendant Earrings, each set with a single opal.     £40-50


232.    A silver gilt Dress Ring set with three opals and cz's.     £40-50


233.    A silver gilt Pendant in the form of a butterfly set with peridot and opals.     £70-100


234.    A pair of sterling silver oval Earrings each set with an opal and cz's.     £35-40


235.    A pair of sterling silver pendant Earrings each set with oval amber.     £30-40


236.    A pair of sterling silver Cufflinks each set with an enameled foxes head.     £40-50


237.    A silver oval Pendant set with an opal and cz's on a fine link neck chain.     £40-50


238.    A pair of sterling silver pendant Earrings of Art Deco design set with green tourmaline and marcasite.     £30-40


239.    A pair of silver oval Earrings each set with a blue opal.    £20-30


240.    A pair of Art Deco design silver Earrings set with black onyx and marcasite.     £20-30


241.    An Omega gentleman’s automatic Wristwatch with date aperture and baton numerals, the reverse with engraved inscription.     £200-250


242.    A 9ct. gold Brooch set with a spray of six garnets and another brooch set with seed pearls.    £40-60


243.    A 19th Century Memento Mori Brooch set with a hair panel and seed pearls and inscribed '1837', a navette shaped brooch with seed pearl and enamel and a three stone garnet brooch.    £40-60


244.    A Victorian Memento Mori Brooch with a centre ivory and seed pearl panel, within a gilt pique surround 'In Memory of Sarah Ann Ellis, 1852', another memorial brooch inscribed 'Mary Haigh, 1845, aged 10yrs' inset with a hair panel and one other brooch.    £70-100


245.    A 19th Century seed pearl and blue enamel Memorial Brooch, another inscribed 'To Mary Taylor, 1847' and four other brooches.    £70-100


246.    A jet oval Brooch, a tortoise shell brooch with gilt floral decoration and various other brooches.    £70-100


247.    A Victorian tortoise shell circular Brooch inset with flowers, a sterling silver and blue enamel oval brooch, a cameo brooch and various others.    £50-70


248.    A Jewellery Bag and contents including tortoise shell circular Brooch, a dogs head brooch, Victorian oval brooch and various others.    £50-80


249.    A 19th Century oval Cameo, finely carved with the head and shoulders of a classical female, another cameo carved with three figures and one other.  (all unmounted).    £70-100


250.    A Piajet ladies Wristwatch with Arabic numerals in gold case, a ladies Tissot wristwatch, a Girard Perregaux wristwatch and one other.     £70-100


251.    A Pinchbeck Fob Seal with cornelian panel and six other fob seals variously carved with script, busts etc.    £80-120


252.    A navette shape Ring, later set on an 18ct. gold shank, a 18ct. gold memorial ring (a/f) and a seed pearl pendant on a fine link chain.    £100-150


253.    A leather Jewellery Box and contents of costume jewellery including a coral bead necklace hung with a figure of a Peruvian Sun God, a gilt metal bracelet, ivory serviette ring etc.    £40-60


254.    A single strand pearl Necklace, the clasp set with four diamonds and in a leather case.    £70-100


255.    Two amber bead Necklaces.    £30-40


256.    A Gentleman's open face Pocket Watch, the white dial with Arabic numerals and subsidiary seconds dial in a 14ct. gold case, inscribed 'Louis Eschholz, Hannover' and with an engraved inscription, dated 1895, Cape of Good Hope.    £200-300


257.    An Oris Wristwatch with baton and Arabic numerals, date aperture and a gilt metal case.     £20-30


258.    A five stone Engagement Ring set with three diamonds and two sapphires.    £50-80


259.    A 22ct. plain gold Wedding Band.  (5gms)    £100-150


260.    A ladies Omega Wristwatch with baton numerals, in gold case and on gold flexible strap.    £150-200




The collection of the late Richard Moore’

The following twelve lots contain a superb collection of early ‘real photographic’ Postcards

by the renowned Whitby Photographer J. T. Ross.


261.    Ninety four Real Photographic Postcards including Yarm, Egglescliffe, Rounton, Brampton, Nunthorpe, Great Ayton, Stokesley and Great Broughton.    £250-350


262.    Sixty one Real Photographic Postcards including scenes of Egton Bridge, Lealholm, Danby, Ainthorpe and Castleton.    £150-200


263.    Fifty eight Real Photographic Postcards of Social History interest including lifeboats, railway stations, shipwrecks, disasters, WWI bombardments and local characters all relating to the North Riding of Yorkshire and including a rare Ross postcard of Pickering.    £400-500


264.    Seventy one Photographic Postcards including scenes of Runswick Bay, Ellerby, Hinderwell and Staithes.    £250-350


265.    Ninety Real Photographic Postcards including scenes of Robin Hoods Bay, Thorpe, Saltwick, Rounthwaite, Sandsend, Mulgrave, Lythe and Kettleness.    £300-400


266.    Ninety eight Real Photographic Postcards including scenes of Ruswarp, Glenesk, Sneaton, Falling Foss, Ugglebarnby, Lowdale, Sleights and Aislaby.    £300-400


267.    Seventy five Real Photographic Postcards of Whitby Social History interest including lifeboats, local hawkers and characters, WWI bombardments etc.    £500-600


268.    Ninety two Real Photographic Postcards of scenes within Whitby Town.    £350-450


269.    Ninety seven Real Photographic Postcards of Whitby Harbour, sands and pier.    £400-500


270.    Ninety four Real Photographic Postcards including scenes of Beckhole, Darnholme and Goathland.    £150-250


271.    Eighty four Real Photographic Postcards of Whitby, St. Mary's Abbey, Parish Church and greetings, also a postcard sent to Mr J.T. Ross, himself and a photocopy of a photograph of Mr Ross and his wife, c.1905.    £150-180


272.    Eighty Real Photographic Postcards including scenes of Whitby, Goathland and Sleights.    £250-350


Also from the collection of the late Richard Moore


273.    A collection of fifty nine Vintage and Modern Postcards from the Scottish Island of Raasay.    £30-50


274.    A collection of Postcards, cabinet cards and cdvs by J.T. Ross, mostly portrait studies.  (41).    £30-40


275.    A collection of CDVs, cabinet cards and rail tickets relating to Whitby.    £80-100


276.    An interesting collection of one hundred and eight CDVs and cabinet cards portraying ladies wearing jewellery made from Whitby jet.    £50-80


277.    A similar collection of one hundred and twenty CDVs and cabinet cards portraying wearing jewellery made from Whitby Jet.    £60-80


278.    A collection of Postcard Albums containing modern postcard and postcard photocopies.    £10-20


279.    A collection of Whitby related Ephemera to include retail bill heads, solicitor's letter, estate letters and shipping cheques.    £80-120


280.    A large Folio containing a copy of the Whitby Times, June 25th, 1880 and another June 24th, 1887, Whitby Gazette, May 2nd, 1913, The Jubilee Supplement for 1904 and two folders containing a copy of John Thomas Ross birth, marriage and death certificates, two copies of the Whitby Gibbet and various other items.    £50-80



281.    A ring binder and contents of topographical Postcards including some North Yorkshire views, etc.    £50-70


282.    An album containing a collection of Bamforth Hymns and Song Cards.    £30-50


283.    Another album of Bamforth Hymn and Song Cards.    £30-50


284.    Another album of Bamforth Hymn & Song Cards.    £30-50


285.    A Vintage Postcard Album and contents of approximately 180 topographical and greetings cards including Lockwood Station 1910, the King and Queen passing through Lockwood 1912 etc.     £60-80


286.    A Postcard Album with early 20th Century topographical cards.    £25-30


287.    A blue Postcard Album and contents of mainly vintage topographical cards including Bridlington Pavilion Gardens, Blackpool Tower etc.    £50-70


288.    A collection of forty Vintage Postcards in motoring subjects including the Church Army Lincoln van, another Church Army van, a novelty card 'We are going the pace at Sheffield' and various others.    £50-80


289.    A collection of twenty six Vintage Postcards featuring various disasters including the electric train Crash at Hall Road, 1905, another at Grantham, 1906, SS Ansonia, the ship Mino damaged by the Russian fleet, 1904 and various others.    £50-80


290.    A collection of twenty four Vintage Postcards of Suffragettes including Mrs Pankhurst arrested in Victoria Street, 1908, the suffragette Caravan etc.    £70-100


291.    A collection of twenty one Vintage Postcards featuring poultry.    £30-40


292.    A collection of twenty Vintage Postcards with a cycling theme, including an advertising card for Keen's Eclipse bicycle, Blackburns 1909 show etc.    £40-60


293.    A collection of approximately sixty five Railway Postcards and Photographs including railway stations, locomotives, railway station staff etc.    £50-80


294.    A collection of twenty five Vintage Postcards of animals.    £20-30


295.    A collection of sixteen Novelty Postcards including bas relief photo card, pocket novelty cards etc.    £30-40


296.    A box of loose Postcards in various subjects.    £30-40


297.    A box of loose Postcards of Devon and Cornwall scenes.    £30-40


298.    A collection of mainly early 20th Century Postcards of various topographical scenes.     £20-30


299.    A Japanese Postcard Album, the lacquer boards applied with decoration of bird of prey and a mouse containing vintage Cornwall topographical cards.    £40-60




300.    An album containing 198 different Vintage Railway Luggage Labels including 48 from the North Eastern region.     £40-60


301.    A London and North Western Railway Horse Brass and a LNER plated cream jug.    £20-30


302.    A Powertone B Flat Tenor Saxophone imported by Boosey & Hawkes, London in case.     £50-80


303.    A box of various Fossils, stone etc.     £30-40


304.    A Victorian rosewood oblong Box the hinged cover decorated with a Tunbridge ware scene of a castle.  6" (15cms) wide.     £100-120


305.    A Treen Tazza with dished top and compressed knop stem on a circular foot.  5" (13cms) diameter (a/f).     £30-40


306.    A Treen Cup of baluster form with knop stem and circular foot.  6" (15cms) high (rim chipped).     £50-70


307.    A George III mahogany Cheese Coaster inlaid with brass stringing with scroll ends and on a revolving base.  16" (41cms) wide.     £300-400


308.    An early 19th Century oak two division Cutlery Tray with integral loop handle.  15" (38cms) wide.     £50-70


309.    An early 19th Century mahogany oblong Tea Caddy with ivory key plate.  8" (20cms) wide.     £40-50


310.    An Antique design oblong metal Planter with integral stand, small bronze baluster vase and two glass dishes.    £70-100


311.    A 19th Century circular ivory Plaque carved in relief with a head and shoulders of a classical female.  4" (10cms) diameter.    £150-200


312.    A Chinese Cinnabar red lacquer Box with hinge cover, carved with figures, landscapes etc.  3 1/2" (9cms) wide.    £100-150


313.    A 19th Century Table Thermometer in gilt brass frame and stand, inset with a painted porcelain panel and on an oval base.  6" (13cms) high.    £100-150


314.    A Chinese carved Ink Stone decorated with leaves, birds, etc.  4 1/2" (12cms) wide.    £200-250


315.    A 19th Century fruit wood circular Box and cover, engraved 'I.Graves, December 1st, 1816', the base similarly engraved.  4 1/4" (11cms) diameter.    £80-120


316.    A 19th Century horn and burr wood circular double tiered Snuff Box, the cover inset with a circular panel, embossed with a bust of a gentleman bearing a Hanau silver mark.    £100-150


317.    An ebonised Conductors Baton with silvered metal mounts and presentation inscription to "J Cheatter" by G Butler, Haymarket London.  19" (49cms) long in original mahogany box.     £50-80


318.    A child's Violin with two piece back.  12" (31cms).     £40-60


319.    A folding Map "Shewing the line of direct Northern Railway from London to York, with its Branches and Connections", 1845, John Miller, Engineer.    40" (102cms) x 30" (76cms).    £50-80


320.    Adrien-Hubert Brué; 'Carte de la France', a folding Map in two sections, dated 1830, bearing the label of James Wyld, Charing Cross.  Each section 22" (56cms) x 62" (157cms).    £70-100


321.    A Victorian Scottish Game Book from 1889-1896 and including a few photographs with leather binding by Houghton & Gunn, New Bond Street.    £70-100


322.    Four 19th Century Legal Documents relating to the Brooksbank family including a mortgage, abstract of title and surrender of term etc. together with various other legal documents.    £50-70


323.    A 1920's Perpetual Calendar advertising the silent film star Harry Langdon, on an easel stand.    £30-40


324.    A bone oblong Box decorated with marine scenes, 4" (10cms) wide and a white metal oblong box with rounded ends.     £40-50


325.    An Aircraft Compass mounted on a wooden board.     £30-40


326.    A brass and wooden covered Telescope on a tripod stand.     £30-50


327.    An engraved brass circular Tray, brass and enamelled jardinière and various other items.     £30-40


328.    A Victorian mahogany sarcophagus shape Tea Caddy with brass keyplate and compressed bun feet.  10" (25cms) wide.    £30-40


329.    A coopered wooden Sinton's patent Butter Churn by Geo. Forster, Durham on a pine stand.    £150-200


330.    A pair of World War One Binoculars by Tubeuf, Paris in leather case.     £20-30


331.    After Blaeu; a reproduction coloured Map of The British Isles, another of Yorkshire and a set of eighteen reproduction maps after Jeffery; (unframed).    £30-50


332.    A French Pigeon Timing Clock by Doise No. 15953 in oak case.     £20-40


333.    A Lucas Side Lamp, possibly from a military vehicle and two BR lamps.     £30-50


334.    An oak and metal banded Barrel Log Bin.  19" (48cms) diameter.     £30-40


335.    Pierre Diamantopoulo (Egyptian/ British 20th Century) stoneware Sculpture of a hare incised "Pierre No. 1/1" dated 1994.  7" (17cms) high (some repairs)     £50-80


336.    An album of Silk Cigarette Cards of national flags and nine sets of cigarette cards.     £15-20


337.    A quantity of British Commonwealth and foreign Coins including George V South African five Shillings, Edward VII 1908 one Indian Rupee, George V 1927 Australian Florin a few foreign notes etc.     £30-50


338.    A small selection of GB Coins including two Victorian Gothic Florins, Edward VII Half Crown 1935, various other crowns etc.     £60-80


339.    A pair of vintage Noctovist Mark II 8x30 binoculars in case and a pair of Bushnell 8x42 waterproof binoculars.     £20-40


340.    A Type 81 Telephone mounted on a wooden wall bracket with circuit diagram and fixing bolts and a World War II field telephone.     £50-80


341.    A Chinese pale green and russet carved Jade Kylin with its young.  4" (10cms) wide.    £2000-2500


342.    An oak three tier Spoon Rack.  26" (66cms) high.    £30-50


343.    A late Georgian rosewood sarcophagus shape Tea Caddy, inlaid with brass stringing and with brass keyplate, the interior with further stringing and with two covered containers and centre glass bowl.  12" (31cms) wide.    £100-150


344.    A twelve point Stags Head mounted on a wooden wall shield.    £100-150


345.    A ten point Stags Head mounted on a wall shield.    £100-150


346.    A Ringtons Tea Tin of hexagonal design, decorated with Japanese figures.  7 1/2" (29cms) high.    £20-30


347.    A log cabin shaped lithographed Biscuit Tin, probably by S Henderson & Sons, with embossed decoration and hinged roof.   6 1/2" (17cms) wide.    £30-40


348.    A 19th Century teak Box inlaid with brass banding and brass handles, the interior fitted with small covered containers.  19" (49cms) wide.    £100-150


349.    A pair of Japanese carved Ivory Okimono in the form of gardeners harvesting crops. 7 1/2" (19cms) high.      £70-100


350.    A late 19th Century Japanese carved ivory Figure of a farmer with a bag across his shoulder and a chicken at his foot.  6" (15cms) high, signature mark to base.     £70-100


351.    A late 19th Century Japanese carved ivory Netsuke in the form of a seated sage holding a scroll.      £50-80


352.    Another Japanese ivory Netsuke in the form of a bearded man and one other.     £50-80


353.    An early 20th Century Indian carved ivory Night Light with scenes of the Taj Mahal and on a wooden base.  9 1/2" (24cms) high and another Indian carved ivory night light , base missing.  6" (15cms) high    £70-100


354.    An early 19th Century ivory Box of oval design, the hinged cover inset with a hair panel and with a plush padded interior.  2 1/4" (6cms) high.     £50-80


355.    A late 19th Century Japanese carved ivory female Figure holding a parasol and a bag.  6 1/2" (16cms) high and another similar figure, both signed (damage to parasols etc).     £50-80


356.    A late 19th/ early 20th Century Indian carved Ivory Group of two Asian elephants on an oblong wooden base.  4" (10cms) wide, a single ivory Asian elephant and a carved ivory African elephant on a wooden base.  2 1/2"  (6 1/2cms) long.     £50-80



357.    A late 19th Century Japanese carved Ivory Group of a father and son harvesting Persimmons, the boy at the top of the tree, the father at the base holding a basket.  11 1/4" (29cms) high, signature mark to base and another Japanese carved ivory group of a father with his son on his shoulders.  10" (26cms) high, signature mark to base, (both with minor damage)    £100-150


358.    A late 19th Century Japanese carved ivory Figure of a fisherman holding a basket of fish with a cormorant on his shoulder and on a naturalistic base.  9 1/2" (24cms) high.     £100-150


359.    A Victorian ivory Pepper Mill with silver mounts (a/f) and an ivory parallel ruler.     £30-40


360.    A miniature Victorian cast iron and brass Fireplace, possibly a factory sample.  12" (31cms) high x 13" (33cms) wide.     £70-100


361.    A Shona, Zimbabwe short Sword with wooden scabbard, hatch carved and wire work decoration, 32" (81cms) long overall and a Shona Knobkerrie with similar wire wound decoration.  31" (78cms) long.     £70-100


362.    An African Congo Spear, the wooden haft with carved decoration, 61" (155cms) long and another Congo spear, 72" (183cms) long.    £80-120


363.    An Alpine Walking Stick with various badges including two Bodensee Nazi badges.    £30-50


364.    A wooden built model of a sailing vessel.  22" (56cms) long.  (incomplete)    £20-30


365.    A reproduction Cretan Icon of Jesus Christ 'The Tree of Life', 14" (36cms) x 11" (28cms) and a decorative wooden picture frame.    £20-30


366.    A mahogany Box containing six 12" boxwood Rulers and six 2" rulers by Adie, Broadway, Westminster.    £30-40


367.    An early 19th Century ivory single draw Monocular by Birge, London, late Ramsden with gilt metal mounts and a leather plush lined case.  4" (10cms) extended length.    £100-150


368.    Two Swiss eight day travelling Watches, a miniature oval portrait, Mauchline ware needle case and other items.    £30-50


369.    A set of chemical Balance Scales by George & Becker Ltd. in a glaze oak case and complete with a box of weights.    £50-70


370.    A Victorian figured mahogany table Writing Box, brass edged and with brass key plate.  15 1/2" (40cms) wide.     £120-150


371.    A wooden Cribbage Marker, cigarette card album with copper cover of York scenes and three wooden pattern stamps.    £20-30


372.    Four Stained Glass Panels in wooden frames.     £30-50


373.    JOHAN BLAEU, a 17th Century hand coloured Map "The North Riding of Yorkshire.  15" (38cms) x 18" (49cms).     £100-150


374.    A Dentists mahogany Cabinet with hinged lid and six drawers under, containing a collection of dental instruments.  13" (33cms) wide.     £100-150


375.    A 19th Century coloured Map of the North Riding of Yorkshire by C & J Greenwood.  24" (61cms) x 29" (74cms).    £50-80


376.    A large collection of Autograph Books and contents, mainly theatre actors and actresses, musicians etc.    £70-100


377.    A similar lot of Autograph Books and contents.    £70-100


378.    A similar lot of Autograph Books and contents.    £70-100


379.    A similar lot of Autograph Books and contents.    £70-100


380.    Four lever arch files of Theatre Programmes, mainly Leeds International Classical Concerts circa 1980-1990, many with signatures and a file book with similar contents.    £50-80


381.    Four more lever arch files containing mainly Programmes from the Leeds International Classical Concerts circa 1970-1990, some with signatures and one other folder of classical concert programmes for 1949-1992.    £70-100


382.    A small lever arch file and contents of Leeds Grand & Empire Programmes, 1948-1959 with signatures, a folder of theatre leaflets, some with signatures, together with a file of leaflets for the lost musicals.    £30-50


383.    Three other small lever arch files and contents of various Theatrical Programmes, some with signatures and dating from 1947 to 1987.    £30-50


384.    A small lever arch file containing letters and signed photographs from actors and musicians including Bob Hope, Michael Palin, Liberace etc., another album of autographs and two folders containing theatrical correspondence to Tom Crawford, 1907-1969.    £50-70


385.    A small lever arch file containing Letters, Autographs and Photographs of theatrical figures, a small folder of signed photographs and two others.    £50-80


386.    A number of framed photographs of theatrical figures, mostly with signatures, including Frankie Vaughan, Charlie Chaplin, George Formby, etc. together with another photograph of Charlie Chaplin with a printed signature and two small folders of signed photographs, letters and postcards.    £50-80


387.    Five small lever arch files and contents of Theatre Programmes.    £30-40


388.    A small lever arch file of Seaside Theatre Programmes, 1940's-1980, two other folders of theatre programmes and another folder of programmes from the London theatres with various signatures.    £40-60


389.    Two lever arch files and contents of Correspondence from various theatrical characters to Mrs Corney, a folder of signed theatrical flyers and a folder of theatre programmes.    £40-60


390.    A small lever arch file and contents of 19th Century Letters including examples from Sir Charles Barry, Sir John Burke, Paul Delaroche etc. and a folder of 19th Century London theatre programmes etc.    £50-80


391.    An album of World War II signed Letters, a telegram from Fred Astaire and other items, an album of theatrical and musical autographs, signed nightclub programmes from the 1960's and two other miscellaneous albums.    £50-80


392.    A small lever arch file and contents of political related Letters and Autographs, including Anthony Eden, Edward Heath, Stafford Cripps, Winston Churchill etc. together with a signed photograph of Dorothy Tutin at her investiture at Buckingham Palace and a signature of Mary, Princess Royal, 1941.    £50-80


393.    The Visitors Book from Newcastle upon Tyne Liberal Club, from December, 1903 containing many signature including Gladstone, Winston Churchill, Lloyd George, Duke of Devonshire, together with a folder of letters relating to the club, and the visitors book of Lord Mayor of Newcastle upon Tyne Alderman J W Telford, 1957/58.    £70-100


394.    A walnut Humidor with glazed lid, a box of twenty five Brevas Havana Cigars, twenty Cusano Dominican Cigars and a box containing eighteen Bolivar Cuban Cigars.     £100-150


395.    An English Violin by Dennis G Plowright, with makers label inscribed 28 Raleigh Road Exmouth No. 150, 1992, with two piece back, in plush lined case.  14" (36cms) .     £200-250



(ARR) - Artist Resale Rights may apply - for further details please refer to www.dacs.org.uk


396.    LEWIS CREIGHTON; sheep in a moorland landscape, Oil on Board, signed.  15 1/2" (39cms) x 19 1/2" (49cms).     £40-60


397.    JOHN BARRETT (1822-1893); moorland landscape probably Dartmoor, Watercolour, signed.  10 1/2" (27cms) x 22" (56cms).     £40-60


398.    RAMON BARNARDOS; Still Life oil on canvas of a table with artists brushes art reference books etc, signed.  19" (48cms) x 23" (59cms).     £70-100


399.    A pair of 19th Century unsigned Oil Paintings on canvas of spaniels, inscribed on the reverse "Painted by E Fletcher, Pimlico, 1862" each 10" (25cms) x 12" (31cms).     £70-100


400.    REEVE after POLLARD; 'Ascot Grandstand, The Coming In', coloured Print and another horse racing print 'Mundig, Winner of the Derby Stakes, 1835'.    £30-40


401.    COUSINS after RICHMOND; a Portrait Engraving of William Wilberforce in a maple frame.    £30-40


402.    A half length Portrait of a lady in 17th Century dress with a large ruffed collar.  4" (10cms) x 3" (7 1/2cms)    £70-100



403.    DAVID HOCKNEY; an Exhibition Poster "A Year in Yorkshire" with a view looking south to Warter, September/ October 2006, signed by the artist 24" (61cms) x 29" (74cms) overall.      £50-100


404.    FANNY PATTISON, "Loch Etive" oil on panel, inscribed on the reverse and in gilt frame.  8" (20cms) x 10 1/2" (27cms).      £70-100


405.    STEWART SKELTON; Bempton Cliffs, oil on canvas, signed, inscribed on the reverse.  20" (51cms) x 16" (41cms).     £100-120


406.    •MICHEL DE GALLARD (French 1921-2007); "Neige", a winter landscape with buildings, oil on canvas, signed.  31 1/2"(80cms) x 39" (99cms).    ARR    £500-700


407.    FRANK GORDON; "Landscape Fantasy", oil on canvas, inscribed on the reverse.  23" (58cms) x 19" (48cms).     £100-150


408.    •JAMES TAYLOR (born 1930); "L'entree", oil on board, signed.  36" (92cms) x 25" (64cms).      ARR    £200-300


409.    ALFRED MONTAGUE (1832-1883); a Continental town scene, oil on board, signed.  9" (23cms) x 7 1/2" (19cms).     £100-150


410.    •DAPHNE VULLIAMY (1921-2010); "Japanese Anemones", watercolour, signed, 10" (26cms) x  7" (18cms) and another still life watercolour by the same artist.     ARR    £100-150


411.    •ROBERT PUMMILL (American born 1936); "Yellow Bandana", oil on board.  11 1/2" (29cms) x 7 1/2" (19cms).    ARR    £500-700


412.    JON VAN ZYLE; "Coming In On The River, Alaska", oil on board, signed and dated 85.  6" (15cms) x 11 1/2" (29cms).     £100-150


413.    •DAPHNE VULLIAMY (1921-2010); Spider Chrysanthemums, watercolour, signed.  14 1/2" (37cms) x 11" (28cms).   ARR    £80-100


414.    DAVID HOWELL; "Snow at Alston", watercolour, signed.  7" (17cms) x 13" (33cms).     £100-120


415.    DAVID NEWBOULD; "The Flower Seller", pastel, signed and dated 92'.  18" (46cms) x 21" (54cms).     £30-40


416.    FRANK GORDON; "The Mythology of Landscape: Icon II", acrylic on wood and canvas in an arched frame.  22" (56cms) x 15" (39cms) overall.      £100-120


417.    PHILIP HILL; "Patterdale", Watercolour, signed.  20" (52cms) x 14" (36cms).     £100-120


418.    FRANK GORDON; "Monolith Triptych" Oil on wood and canvas.  27" (69cms) x 33" (84cms) overall.     £100-150


419.    JEAN TILLEY; "Still life of Mimosa in a Vase", Watercolour, signed.  12" (31cms) x 8 1/2" (21cms), J LORD "Enchanters", oil, 17" (43cms) x 11" (28cms) and a small oil by J LORD "Moon Shadows".     £40-60


420.    SUSAN BROWN; "Steps at Robin Hoods Bay", Watercolour, signed and dated 1987.  14 1/2" (37cms) x 10" (26cms). GRAHAM EVERNDEN artist signed limited edition etching of a cornfield No. 140/200, a collage "Yellow Moon" and one other.     £30-50


421.    VANESSA MILNE; seated female figure wearing a red dress, Watercolour, signed and dated 1988.  15" (38cms) x 19" (48cms) and a smaller drawing of cherries by the same artist.     £50-70


422.    FRANK GORDON; " A Doorway in Aix-En-Provence" oil on canvas and in a painted frame.  13" (33cms) x 15" (38cms) overall.     £100-120


423.    FRANK GORDON; "Anatomy of a Tree" oil on canvas, signed.  29 1/2" (75cms) x 21 1/2" (55cms).     £100-120


424.    FRANK GORDON; "Icon XII, The Mythology of Landscape" a mixed media study of gabled form.  18" (46cms) x 49" (125cms)    £150-200


425.    FRANK GORDON; "Three Standing Stones, Monolythic Triptych", oil on canvas and with painted frame.  27 1/2" (70cms) x 33" (85cms) overall.     £100-150


426.    FRANCIS CRAIG; "Earlswood Common" oil on canvas with figures outside a cottage, signed  10" (26cms) x 17" (43cms).    £40-60


427.    TONY BRUMMELL SMITH (born 1949); "Main Street Howarth", oil painting, signed and dated 75.  16" (41cms) x 24" (61cms).      £100-200


428.    GEORGE TURNER (1843-1910) "A Rippling Brook" with two figures fishing on a river bank oil on canvas, signed inscribed on the reverse "A Rippling Brook, George Turner 1879".  9 1/2" (24cms) x 14 1/2" (37cms).     £200-300


429.    C WESTERN; two dogs by a babies wicker crib, Oil on Canvas, signed.  11 1/2" (29cms) x 9 1/2" (24cms).    £50-80


430.    WILLIAM H MILNES JNR; "An old Lady Knitting", watercolour, signed, with old Titus Gallery label verso.  9 1/2" (24cms) x 7" (18cms).     £150-200


431.    A set of twelve coloured "Cries of London" Prints, each 10" (26cms) x 7 1/2" (19cms).     £30-50


432.    WILLIAM LODGE; a black and white Engraving "The Ancient and Loyall Citty of York".  7 1/2" (19cms) x 18 1/2" (47cms), After DRAKE a black and white engraving of a terrace walk dedicated to the city of York and one other print.      £50-80


433.    After Robert Havell Jr (1793-1878); a set of four coloured Aquatints; Pheasant Shooting, Black Park near Uxbridge, Partridge Shooting near Windsor, Wild Duck Shooting near Cowley and Snipe Shooting near Uxbridge.  Each  8" (20cm) x 12" (31cms)    £40-60


434.    After WARD; a coloured Print 'Outside of a Country Ale House'.  18" (46cms) x 23" (58cms).    £30-50


435.    After BENNETT; a series of three coloured Prints, a small engraving of Byland Abbey and an oil on canvas of a garden scene.    £20-40




436.    A 19th Century French Wall Clock, the white enamel dial, inscribed 'Bailly cadet, Mareigny, in an embossed brass case decorated with figures and flowers and with a large brass pendulum.   Diameter of dial  9" (23cms)     £100-150



437.    A 19th Century Wheel Barometer with hydrometer, thermometer, mirror and spirit level, in mahogany banjo pattern case, with 8" (20cms) diameter dial.    £50-70


438.    A small Carriage Timepiece, the white dial decorated with figures and inscribed Elliott & Son London in brass and bevelled glass bamboo pattern case.  3" (7cms) high.     £90-120


439.    A Dial Clock with white dial and fusee movement in mahogany case.  7 1/2" (19cms) diameter dial.     £120-150


440.    An Edwardian Mantel Clock with white dial in domed mahogany case and on bracket feet.  12" (31cms) high.    £40-60


441.    An Edwardian Mantel Clock with white dial and German movement with gong strike in domed inlaid mahogany case. 12 1/2" (32cms) high.     £40-60


442.    A Long Case Clock Movement, the circular dial inscribed R Hudson, Wrenton.  13" (33cms) diameter dial.     £50-80


443.    A Victorian Mantel Clock, the white dial inscribed 'Hry Marc, Paris' with striking movement in architectural style veined marble and slate case.  16" (41cms) wide.    £50-80


444.    An early 20th Century Mantel Clock, the steel dial inscribed James Ramsay, Dundee with strike silent and slow fast rings in domed mahogany case with canted corners.  12" (31cms) high.     £70-100


445.    A late 19th Century four glass Mantle Clock, the 4" (10cm) white chapter ring with Arabic numerals, French movement with gong strike, in brass and bevelled glass case.  12 1/2" (32cms) high.     £100-150


446.    A French Carriage Timepiece, the cream dial with blue numerals in brass and bevelled glass case and outer leather carrying case.     £50-80


447.    A 19th Century Wheel Barometer with hydrometer, thermometer, mirror and spirit level inscribed J Croce, York in mahogany case with swans neck pediment.  8" (20cms) diameter dial.     £50-70


448.    An 18th Century Longcase Clock the brass arched dial inscribed "John Rigg Gisborough" (sic) with eight day movement, date aperture and silvered chapter ring, in an oak case with dentil cornice and on a plinth base.  6' 10" (210cms) high.     £400-500




449.    A Heriz Carpet with a lozenge shape centre panel, surrounded by stylised leaves on a red field and bordered.  9'4" (285cms) x 7" (4" (224cms).    £200-300


450.    A Hamadan Rug with stylised trees and flowers on a red field and bordered.  6' 7" (193cms) x 3' 9" (114cms).    £60-80


451.    A Hamadan Rug of geometric design on a blue field and bordered.  6' 6" (198cms) x 4' 5" (135cms).    £100-150


452.    A Balouchi Rug of geometric and floral design on a blue field and bordered.  7' 4" (223cms) x 3' 1" (96cms).    £100-150


453.    A Hamadan Rug of all over floral design on a red field and bordered.  4' 9" (170cms) x 2' 11" (89cms).    £100-150


454.    A Hamadan Rug with a centre repeating lozenge design on red field.  7' 8" (234cms) x 3' 7" (110cms).    £80-100


455.    A Keshan pattern Rug of traditional design on a blue field.  6' 3" (190cms) x 4' 6" (140cms).    £60-80


456.    Another Keshan Rug on a red field.   6' 3" (190cms) x 4' 6" (140cms).    £60-80


457.    A Keshan Carpet of similar design on blue field.  7' 6" (230cms) x 5' 3" (160cms).    £80-100


458.    A Ziegler design Rug of floral design on a blue field and bordered.  6'3" (190cms) x 4'7" (140cms).     £40-60




459.    A 19th Century mahogany Bureau with hinged fall, four long drawers under on bracket feet.  3' 9" (114cms) wide.    £70-100


460.    An early Victorian mahogany Centre Table fitted with two frieze drawers, raised on leaf carved turned tapering columns and cross stretcher and on carved bun feet.  4' 4" (132cms) wide.     £200-300


461.    An early 19th Century oak corner Wall Cupboard enclosed by single fielded panel door.  3' 3" (99cms) wide.     £30-40


462.    An early 19th Century mahogany cross banded bow fronted Chest of four long graduated drawers with oval brass handles, shape apron and splay feet.  3' 6" (107cms) wide.    £400-500


463.    A Regency mahogany Sewing/Writing Table with 'D' shape drop leaves, two end drawers, one fitted with an adjustable writing slope and sliding bag beneath, on pierced lyre end supports and leaf carved splay feet with brass paw terminals.  19" (49cms) wide.    £450-500


464.    A set of four Victorian mahogany frame Dining Chairs with scroll carved cresting rails, pierced and carved bar backs and serpentine fronted upholstered seat on cabriole supports.    £170-200


465.    A 19th Century oak and elm Windsor high back Elbow Chair with pierced splat panel seat and splay supports.      £220-250


466.    An early 19th Century mahogany oblong top Reading Table with an adjustable column and on triple splay supports.  16" (41cms) wide.    £350-400


467.    A William IV figured mahogany circular Occasional Table on a panel sided baluster column and circular foot.  15" (38cms) diameter.    £250-300


468.    A set of open Wall Shelves.  2' 4" (72cms) wide.    £20-30


469.    An early 19th Century oak and elm circular Cricket Table.  2' 2" (66cms) diameter.    £180-220


470.    A Lloyd Loom Linen Basket by Lusty & Sons in original silver finish and a cylindrical waste paper basket.     £40-60


471.    A small 20th Century Chinese black lacquer Cabinet with applied and painted floral decoration and enclosed by pair of panelled doors with brass keyplates.  23" (59cms) wide.    £50-80


472.    A 1930's Art Deco design triple division Dressing Table Mirror with arched plates and pink glass border.     £50-80


473.    A Flemish design oak Side Table with raised back, carved decoration and single drawer and on square tapering supports, 3' 6" (107cms), together with a similar chair.    £70-100


474.    An 18th Century oak Coffer with plain hinge lid, triple panel front on stile supports.    £100-150


475.    An early 19th Century mahogany 'D' end Dining Table with a drop leaf centre section on square tapering supports.  3' 9" (115cms) wide x 9' 2" (280cms) extended length.    £150-200


476.    An early 20th Century oak Sideboard with raised back, above three centre drawers, flanked by pair of cupboard on bracket feet.  6' (183cms) wide.    £50-80


477.    A Victorian Footstool with adjustable upholstered top on short turned supports.      £30-40


478.    An early 20th Century carved oak Spinning Chair with panelled seat and splay supports and a Victorian ebonised music stool.      £30-50


479.    A late Victorian mahogany frame Chaise Longue, upholstered in buttoned red Dralon on turned supports together with two Victorian mahogany frame armchairs, upholstered to match.     £150-200


480.    A 19th Century oak Bureau with hinged fall, three drawers under.  3' 3" (99cms) wide.     £30-40


481.    An oak four tier sectional Bookcase with glazed sliding door.  3' (92cms) wide.     £30-40


482.    A 19th Century mahogany oblong swing Toilet Mirror in mahogany frame and on three drawer stand with compressed bun feet.     £40-60


483.    An early 19th Century mahogany circular Occasional Table on a vase turned column and carved triple splay supports with claw and ball feet.  2' 7 (79cms) diameter.    £150-200


484.    An early 19th Century mahogany two tier circular Dumb Waiter with moulded edge on a vase turned centre column and triple splay supports.  22" (56cms) diameter.     £200-300


485.    A leather seated tripod Stool.     £30-40


486.    A Chippendale design mahogany Serving Table with reeded edge, carved pierced frieze on column square supports.  2' 1 1/2 (133cms) wide.  (originally part of a larger table).    £100-150


487.    A Victorian beech and elm tub shape rail back Desk Chair with panelled seat on ring turned supports.     £50-70


488.    An Edwardian satin walnut Washstand, the raised back fitted with Art Nouveau tiles above a rouge marble top with single drawer, cupboard and under tier beneath on turned supports.  3' (92cms) wide.      £70-100


489.    A Victorian beech and elm Windsor high back Elbow Chair with pierced splat panelled seat and turned supports.     £50-80


490.    An early 19th Century oak corner Cupboard with stepped cornice enclosed by a pair of fielded panel doors and on bracket feet.  3' 7" (109cms) wide.     £70-100


491.    A Duchess design mahogany Dressing Table of serpentine outline with single frieze drawer, carved cabriole supports and undertier.  4' (122cms) wide.    £70-100


492.    A four panel Draft Screen with floral covering.  5' 3" (160cms) high.    £40-60


493.    An early 19th Century mahogany serpentine front night Commode with hinged upper shelf and seat with liner recess on square supports.  23" (59cms) wide.     £150-200


494.    A small early 18th Century oak Coffer with hinged triple panel lid, the double panel front carved with stylised flowers and leaves and on a stile supports.  2' 11" (89cms) wide.    £200-300


495.    A Victorian pine oblong Kitchen Table with single end drawer on turned supports.  3' 9" (114cms) x 2' 8" (82cms).    £70-100


496.    A Victorian tub shape Armchair with buttoned blue upholstery on turned supports.      £50-80



497.    An 18th Century oak Dresser Base fitted with three frieze drawers, with further drawers and cupboards under, with fielded panelled doors, on stile supports, surmounted by an associated open plate rack.  6' 3" (190cms) wide.    £400-600


498.    An Edwardian mahogany octagonal two tier Occasional Table inlaid with satinwood banding on square tapering supports and brass castors.  2' 5 1/2" (76cms) wide.    £50-80


499.    A late Victorian walnut octagonal Occasional Table with circular galleried undertier on turned supports.   2' 6" (76cms) wide.    £30-50


500.    An Edwardian ebonised envelope top Card Table, the baize lined interior with counter wells, a single frieze drawer, pierced cross stretchers and square tapering supports.   22" (56cms) wide.    £40-60


501.    A 19th Century burr wood circular Occasional Table on a vase turned column and triple splay supports.  22" (56cms) diameter.    £300-400


502.    An early 19th Century oak standing two tier corner Cupboard, the upper section with stepped cornice and enclosed by single fielded panel door, with double cupboard under.  3' 11" (120cms) wide.    £200-300


503.    A 19th Century spindle back Rocking Elbow Chair with rush seat.    £50-80


504.    A 19th Century mahogany Cutlery Table with inlaid floral decoration, fitted with a hinged cutlery box and centre handle on slender ring turned supports.  21" (54cms) wide.    £200-250


505.    A 19th Century child's oak wing back Rocking Chair.    £100-120


506.    A child's 19th Century Commode Elbow Chair with bar back and hinged seat.     £60-80


507.    A 19th Century walnut Stool with upholstered top on knull turned supports and stretchers.  17" (43cms) wide.    £30-50


508.    A Georgian design upright Wall Mirror in walnut frame and gilt slip, 26" (66cms) x 17 1/2" (39cms) and a small oblong stool.    £20-30


509.    A Regency design mahogany serpentine fronted Sideboard with centre drawer, flanked by two cupboards on square tapering supports and spade feet.  6" (183cms) wide.    £30-40


510.    A small George III mahogany Chest of four long graduated Drawers with ivory key plates, oval brass handles and bracket feet.  2' 9 1/2" (85cms) wide.     £200-300


511.    A Georgian design mahogany bow fronted Sideboard with crossbanded border fitted with a centre drawer flanked by two drawers on square tapering supports.  4' 6" (138cms) wide.     £100-150


512.    A George III mahogany Chest of three long and two short graduated Drawers with brass handles and bracket feet.  2' 10 1/2" (87cms) wide.     £150-250


513.    An early 19th Century mahogany Tea Table with fold over oblong top, single small frieze drawer and square tapering supports.  3' (92cms) wide.     £100-150


514.    An early 19th Century mahogany side Table with single frieze drawer on square tapering supports.  2' 8 1/2" (83cms) wide.     £100-150


515.    A set of five Regency mahogany frame Dining Chairs with reeded bar backs upholstered seats and turned supports.     £200-300


516.    A 19th Century mahogany frame Elbow Chair with bar back reeded arms and drop in seat on reeded square tapering supports, the seat covered to match the previous lot.     £50-80


517.    An early 19th Century mahogany bow fronted side Table inlaid with box wood stringing, fitted with a single frieze drawer o square tapering supports.  2' 6" (76cms) wide.     £100-150


518.    A Victorian beech and elm Windsor high back Elbow Chair with pierced splat paneled seat and turned supports.     £50-80


519.    A George III mahogany Card Table the D shape fold over top with satinwood crossbanding and baize lined interior on square tapering supports and spayed feet.  3' (92cms) wide.    £150-200


520.    An early 19th Century oak corner Wall Cupboard enclosed by a single panelled door.  2' 1" (63cms) wide.     £30-40


521.    Five various 19th Century beech and elm Kitchen Chairs with bar backs, panelled seats and turned supports.     £100-150


522.    A small Regency mahogany Washstand, the top with a bowl recess, dummy frieze drawer and ring turned supports.  20" (51cms) wide.     £50-80


523.    An early 19th Century mahogany corner Washstand with raised back, bowl recess and under tier fitted with a single drawer and on splay supports.  24" (61cms) wide.    £40-60


524.    A small mahogany bow fronted corner Wall Cupboard enclosed by a pair of panel doors.  20" (51cms) wide.     £40-60


525.    A set of 19th Century mahogany Wall Shelves with raised back and three open shelves and with reeded side rails.  2' 5" (74cms) wide.     £50-80


526.    An oak wall Shelf with open shelves.  2' 2" (66cms) and a smaller wall shelf with pierced decoration.     £40-60


527.    A Regency design mahogany twin pillar Dining Table with centre leaf, moulded edge on gun barrel columns and quartet splay supports.  3' 6" (107cms) wide x 6' 6" (198cms) extended length.     £200-250


528.    A Victorian cast iron Fire Surround with tile inserts.    £30-40