01904 489731

01904 489731

York Antique Sale

Wednesday 15th February



1.       A blue Alpha Major Album and contents of mint GB Stamps.

2.       A blue folder of Falkland Island, Gambia, Malaya and other World stamps.

3.       A green folder including two sheets of Granada Car Stamps, a set of Turks and Caicos Islands shipping stamps etc.

4.       A blue folder containing Gambia George VI stamps, Mauritius, Monserrat, Iraq and other stamps.

5.       A blue folder and contents of mint Royal Mail Greetings Stamps etc.

6.       A blue folder and contents of Channel Island German Occupation Stamps, Cyprus stamps 1938-43, Falkland Island etc.

7.       A folder of Commonwealth Stamps.

8.       A folder of mint and used World Stamps

9.       A folder of mint GB Stamps

10.     Another folder of mint GB Stamps

11.     A collection of Models of Yesteryear model vehicles, boxed, and various others.

12.     A Scalextric Super Speed model Motor Racing Game.  (boxed).

13.     A Mamod Traction Engine, boxed.

14.     A Diana Air Pistol, a Kukri with skinning knife in scabbard and one other knife.

15.     A Palitoy Merlin electronic Games Machine, boxed and a Radio controlled tank.

16.     A Dragon 32 Commuter with keyboard and disk drive unit.

17.     A Victorian Table Writing Box, ebonised African head and two other items.

18.     A pair of 8x32 Binoculars in leather case and a ladies gilt mesh evening purse.

19.     A folder of World Stamps, collection of pre decimal coins, cigarette cards etc.

20.     A ring binder and contents of topographical Postcards including some North Yorkshire views, etc.

21.     A small collection of lead Soldiers, Cavalry etc.

22.     A Britains lead model of a Cow, various other lead farm animals and figures etc.

23.     A Military Badge 'Services Rendered for King & Empire', various other military, police and assorted badges.

24.     A Victorian papier mache Snuff Box with inlaid decoration and another.

25.     A Postcard Album and contents of topographical views of Harrogate and the area, a 1930's advertising leaflet for "Wards Depositary Harrogate" etc.

26.     A volume of 32 reproduction Postcards of old London.

27.     A box of various Military Buttons, a badge inscribed 'Butlins, Filey, 1950', and various others.

28.     A box of assorted Cigarette Cards, full and part sets, in albums and a quantity of mixed loose cards.

29.     A Cigarette Card Album containing two full sets of Gallagher's Army Badges and Gallagher's Wild Flowers and another album of John Players Cricketers, 1938.

30.     Adrien-Hubert Brué; 'Carte de la France', a folding Map in two sections, dated 1830, bearing the label of James Wyld, Charing Cross.  Each section 22" (56cms) x 62" (157cms).

31.     A box of various sporting programmes.

32.     Three Albums of FDCs.

33.     A box of Stamp Albums, loose stamps etc.

34.     A box of various Coins, Badges etc.

35.     A box of Cigarette and Trade Card Albums, loose cards, sets and part sets.

36.     Five frames of Cigarette Cards and three others.

37.     Two albums of Postcards, greetings cards etc.

38.     A Stamp Album and contents of mainly 20th Century GB stamps.

39.     A Sony 'Short Wave' Radio model ICF-7600DS.

40.     The World Cup Tournament Brochure held in England, 1966.

41.     A box of loose Postcards

42.     A mother of pearl inlaid Box and contents of jewellery, banknotes etc.

43.     An American Cross retractable ball point pen in gilt case and original pouch.

44.     A collection of thirteen sets of Bamforth WWI Song Cards

45.     A collection of Military Photographs

46.     Two Stamp Albums, loose stamps and three photograph albums

47.     A pair of modern Chinese jade 'Worry Balls', boxed.

48.     A circular convex Wall Mirror in a Staffordshire pottery and gilt metal edged frame.  19" (48cms) diameter overall.

49.     A stoneware Jar inscribed "J W Falkner & Sons Limited", and a bread crock.

50.     A Sirram Wicker Picnic Basket, the interior fitted with small copper kettle, burner etc.

51.     An early 19th Century Needlework Sampler by Mary Elsworth, aged 10 years, 1831, with birds, trees, flowers etc.  17" (43cms) sq. and Paisley pattern table cover.

52.     A box of Commemorative Ware

53.     A box of old Tins

54.     A box of Darning Mushrooms

55.     A wooden Yoke

56.     A cast iron Toy in the form of a steamboat.

57.     Three Fleams.

58.     A Pestle and Mortar.

59.     Six pair of Glasses.

60.     Four cut Throat Razors.

61.     A box of Cameras

62.     A tray of Miscellaneous Items

63.     A green Sirram Picnic Case complete with fittings.

64.     A pair of Canadian Inuit 'Wolf' Sculptures of figures.

65.     An electric Table Lamp in the form of a tortoise.

66.     A pair of pine Bookends in the form of ducks.

67.     An inlaid mahogany two handled oblong Tray inset with butterfly wings.

68.     A wooden built model of a Lowestoft Trawler with red and black livery.  3' (92cms) long.

69.     A folder and contents of New Zealand Stamps.

70.     An inlaid mahogany oblong two handled Tray. 22" (56cms) wide.

71.     A brass Bulb Horn and a model of a gondola with musical movement.

72.     A collection of mainly early 20th Century Postcards of various topographical scenes.

73.     A cased set of three Drawing Instruments by W Harling of London.

74.     A 1920's Switzerland Stamp Album and contents of Swiss stamps from the 1860 onwards.

75.     Yvert & Tellier Stamps Album and contents in a slip case.

76.     An Album of French Stamps.

77.     A green Stockbook and contents of Victorian and later Stamps.

78.     A blue Stockbook of GB Stamps.

79.     A printed Stanley Gibbons Switzerland Album and contents of Swiss stamps from the 1860's onward.

80.     A red Stockbook of mint Ghana Stamps.

81.     A small Stockbook of mint George VI Stamps etc.

82.     A large binder of mint and used Commonwealth Stamps.

83.     A Stanley Gibbons Album of mint New Zealand Stamps from George VI onwards.

84.     A Stockbook of GB Stamps.

85.     A Stockbook of World and Commonwealth Stamps.

86.     A large green Stockbook of duplicated British Stamps.

87.     A ring binder of GB Stamps.

88.     A Windsor GB Album and contents.

89.     A red Stockbook and contents of GB Stamps.

90.     A ring binder and contents of GB Stamps from the 1953 Coronation onwards.

91.     An Album of George VI mint Stamps etc.

92.     A 1953 Coronation mint Omnibus Collection.

93.     A box of Stamps, Banknotes etc.

94.     An 1897 Travelling Post Office addressed Envelope with a combination of three times 1/2d stamps.

95.     A quantity of FDCs with special cancellations.

96.     Eighteen complete Falkland Island Stamp Booklets

97.     A 1918 Royal Tank Corp Christmas Card.

98.     A box of Stockbooks, catalogues, loose stamps etc.

99.     A blue Stockbook and contents of mint GB stamps.

100.   A modern Cloisonné Vase and four other items.

101.   A small mahogany Wall Cupboard enclosed by single panel door.  13" (33cms) wide.

102.   An old Singer hand Sewing Machine in case and with instructions.

103.   An Edwardian oak Smoker's Cabinet, the interior with shelves and single drawer, enclosed by pair of bevelled glass doors.  15" (38cms) wide.

104.   A Thompson of Kilburn 'Mouseman' oak Fruit Bowl with centre carved mouse signature.  12" (31cms) diameter.

105.   An oak Book Trough by Wilf Hutchinson of Husthwaite, with carved squirrel signature.  18 1/2" (47cms) wide.

106.   A Royal Doulton Character Jug 'Falstaff', large size, a small Doulton jug 'Merlin' and various others.

107.   A circular wooden Solitaire Board with various coloured marbles.

108.   A large Stamp Album, various smaller albums, etc.


109.   A wall mounted brass Carriage Oil Lamp and a mirror.

110.   A Bakelite Flask and other items.

111.   A brass Inkwell in the form of an elephant with Howdah.

112.   A pair of Victorian brass Candlesticks with push ejectors, 12" (31cms) high, two other pairs of brass candlesticks and other items.

113.   A 19th Century two handled copper Dairy Bowl.  13" (33cms) diameter.

114.   A 19th Century copper Saucepan with steel handle and another copper saucepan with copper handle.




115.   A Royal Doulton figure 'Kirsty' HN2381, and five Carltonware figural serviette holders.

116.   A Duchess china Teaset decorated with sprays of flowers, comprising six cups and saucers, six plates, milk jug, sugar bowl and bread and butter plate.

117.   A Shelley Teaset decorated with leaves and flowers, comprising twelve cups and saucers, twelve plates, two bread and butter plates, milk jug and sugar bowl.   (pattern no. B293)

118.   A Goss model of Roman Ewer with the arms of Birmingham, Willow Art model of Mary Queen of Scots chair with the arms of Scarborough and other crested china.

119.   A Goss model of Burns Cottage and a larger Continental model of Burns Cottage.

120.   A Royal Doulton Kingsware Tobacco Jar decorated with a raised figure.  6" (15cms) diameter.  (chipped).

121.   A large Goebel model of an Alsatian.  16" (41cms) long

122.   A Royal Doulton model of an Alsatian, HN1116, in gloss finish.

123.   A Beswick model of a Horse, no. 1812, in brown gloss.

124.   A 19th Century Creamware Jug decorated in copper lustre with acorns and leaves, 5" (12cms) high and a 19th Century two handled sucrier.

125.   A late Victorian Teaset of moulded design decorated with sprays of flowers comprising six cups (one damaged), six saucers, eight plates and a bread and butter plate and six teacups and saucers decorated with poultry.

126.   A Sevres oblong Box and cover decorated with roses and with metal mounts.

127.   A Limoges oblong Meat Plate decorated with sprays of flowers, matching sucrier and cover, oblong shallow dish and a soup plate.

128.   A Shelley Cream Jug and sugar bowl decorated with fleur de lys, and in a plated frame, a Poole pottery preserve jar and cover decorated with stylised flowers and a few other items.

129.   Sargadelos pottery figure, a Royal Doulton figure 'Cissie' and various other items.  (a/f).

130.   A Royal Doulton circular Jar decorated with Horatio Nelson designs, on a blue ground, by Ethel Beard.  2 1/2" (6cms) high.

131.   A Victorian Earthenware Soup Tureen and Cover printed in blue and white (cracked).

132.   A Poole pottery Vase decorated in red, white etc.  9" (23cms) high and a Victorian pottery jug with plated cover.

133.   A set of three Masons Ironstone Mandalay pattern graduated Jugs and a matching plate.

134.   A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure Tabitha Twitchett, brown backstamp and a Hummel figure of a girl in a tree.

135.   A Grimwades Royal Winton basket shape Dish decorated with lustre flowers, a Maling garland pattern oblong two handled dish and a Maling ashtray.

136.   A modern Leeds Creamware Ewer and Basin.

137.   A Studio pottery lidded Jar and two pottery vases.

138.   A Masons Ironstone Plate, Roy Kirkham teapot, three animal ornaments etc.

139.   A Royal Doulton figure 'Carrie' HN2800 and a Tony Carter limited edition teapot.

140.   A large Shire Horse Ornament and one other.

141.   A large Country Artists Model of a seated sheep dog, Border Fine Arts group of hedgehogs, and two other items.

142.   A Royal Doulton Figure "Seaside Bunnykins" and another "Girl Skater Bunnykins".

143.   A Poole Pottery Dolphin, a Poole Pottery Seal and two Poole Plates.

144.   A Royal Worcester Figure of a robin, two Aynsley robins, and three other bird ornaments.

145.   A Fauna Eastgate Pottery Vase, Beswick leaf moulded dish and various other items.

146.   A group of seven Owls on a wooden stand.

147.   A Border Fine Arts Peter Rabbit Figure, a Peter Rabbit frame and three other items.

148.   A pair of small Chinese blue and white Vases, Chinese bullet shape teapot, leaf shape pickle dish etc.

149.   A Paragon china Teaset decorated with birds and flowers, comprising six cups and saucers, five tea plates, six side plates, bread and butter plate, milk jug and sugar bowl.

150.   A Royal Grafton bone china Coffee Set decorated in blue and gilt, comprising six cups and saucers, coffee pot, milk jug and sugar bowl.

151.   A Paragon bone china Teaset decorated with floral sprays and gilt, comprising twelve cups and saucers, twelve plates, two bread and butter plates, milk jug and sugar bowl.

152.   A Crown Staffordshire Teaset decorated with a band of flowers and birds, comprising six cups and saucers, six plates, teapot and milk jug.

153.   A quantity of Copeland Spode Chinese Rose pattern Tableware including vegetable dish and cover, teacups and saucers, teapot, coffee pot and other items.

154.   A Minton silver scroll pattern Dinner Service comprising ten dinner plates, six dessert plates, six dessert bowls, five side plates, vegetable dish and cover, oval meat plate and a sauce boat and stand.

155.   A large Masons Ironstone panel sided Jug decorated with an Oriental design, 11" (28cms) high.

156.   A pair of modern Oriental baluster Vases decorated in blue and white foliage, 13" (33cms) high, another blue and white Oriental vase and a Chinese panel sided vase.

157.   A Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern Tea Plate, a pair of Minton plates with a green and gilt border pattern, various other decorative plates, etc.

158.   A set of seven Eskdale Pottery clamp shape Dishes decorated in cobalt blue and gilt.

159.   A Royal Doulton figure 'Margery' HN1413, mounted for use as a table lamp.

160.   A Ruskin pottery Vase of compressed circular form decorated in beige, blue etc and inscribed "1927".  4 1/2" (11cms) high.

161.   A Continental pottery figure of a Pelican, the body formed of overlapping brass scales.  11" (28cms) high.

162.   A Chinese Gourd shape Vase decorated with panels of figures in blue and white and with four character to mark to base.  11 1/2" (29cms) high.

163.   A Japanese Charger decorated with figures in orange and gilt, 14" (36cms) diameter and one other.

164.   A small Chinese baluster Vase decorated with figures and with four character mark to base, 5" (13cms) high, another similar, a Japanese vase and four other items.

165.   A Thuringian standing figure of girl holding a basket of flowers, another Continental figure of a cherub and a goat, an 18th Century Newhall tea bowl and a small Worcester pin dish.

166.   A Copeland Spode Italian blue and white Bowl, Masons Ironstone panel sided jug, Fieldings Crown Devon mug and other items.

167.   A set of eight glass Champagne Flutes with ball knop stems and circular feet and a pair of glass custard cups.

168.   Five glass Flowers

169.   A square glass Spirit Decanter and six Brandy glasses.

170.   A glass Paperweight in the form of a mouse, and various others.

171.   A cut glass six piece Dressing Table Set including tray, covered scent bottles and covers etc.

172.   A green glass Dumpy Paperweight inset with air bubbles.   6" (15cms) high.

173.   A smaller similar Dumpy Paperweight.  5 1/2" (14cms) high.

174.   Another green glass Dumpy Paperweight, inset with a pot of flowers.  4" (10cms) high.

175.   A Millefiori glass Paperweight and three others.

176.   A Millefiori glass Paperweight with white star shape canes and one other.

177.   A quantity of assorted Table Glass in various sizes, a glass globe scent flask, two glass vases etc.

178.   A cut glass Decanter with spear cut stopper, two other decanters, a Victorian blue glass bottle decorated with lilies of the valley and four other glass bottles.

179.   A Cranberry glass Jug, a green glass jug decorated with enamel flowers, two Cranberry glass salts and other coloured glassware.




180.   An Aneroid Barometer and Thermometer in oak banjo pattern case, with carved decoration.

181.   A Smith's Mantel Clock in oak case and a 365 day clock.

182.   A late 19th Century Carriage Clock with gilt and ivorine dial, in brass and bevelled glass case.  6" (15cms) high.

183.   A Vienna wall Clock with white dial and twin weight driven movement in architectural style case and a French electric mantel clock.  (a/f)

184.   A Mantle Timepiece in inlaid mahogany case, and an Aneroid Barometer in inlaid frame.

185.   An early 20th Century French Mantel Clock with white dial and bell strike in a gilt brass and black case with applied decoration and splay feet.  9" (23cms) high.

186.   An Edwardian Mantel Clock with steel dial and striking movement in domed mahogany case and with brass bracket feet.  12 1/2" (32cms) high.

187.   A Mantel Clock with German movement steel dial and gong strike in "Napoleon hat" mahogany case.  21" (53cms) wide.

188.   A Mantel Timepiece, the steel dial inscribed 'W Greenwood & Sons', with eight day movement in oak case and an Elliott mantel clock.

189.   A 1920's German Wall Clock with steel and brass dial in glazed oak case.  29" (74cms) high.

190.   A Mantel Clock with striking movement in oak case.

191.   An Aneroid Barometer and Thermometer in carved oak banjo pattern case.

192.   An early 20th Century German Mantel Clock with steel and brass dial and striking movement in an architectural style carved oak case.  13" (33cms) high.




193.   An engraved silver Cigarette Case, Birmingham, 1953.   (3.8ozs).

194.   A set of six silver rat tail Coffee Spoons, Sheffield, 1922.

195.   A pair of silver Dressing Table Candlesticks, Birmingham, 1951, 5" (12.5cms) high and a pair of small silver upright photograph frames.

196.   A silver Sugar Bowl of panel sided design with swing handle and pedestal foot, London, 1893.  (5.6ozs).

197.   A pair of early 19th Century silver Mustard Spoons, pair of silver sugar tongs, silver and enamel coronation spoon, serviette ring etc.

198.   A ladies silver mounted Cigarette Holder in an outer engraved case and a silver mounted horn brooch.

199.   A silver Perpetual Calendar, Chester, 1902 and a silver table photograph frame.

200.   A small silver Rose Bowl, silver cased fountain pen, silver dipping pen and a silver propelling pencil.

201.   A silver Key, two silver thimbles and other items.

202.   An engraved plated Hot Water Jug, cased set of six knives and forks, etc.

203.   A silver trumpet shape Vase on a circular foot by Mappin & Webb, 5 1/2" (14cms) high.

204.   A plated pedestal Fruit Dish, plated circular bowl, pair of vases, etc.

205.   A plated Sugar Caster, two plated salvers, etc.

206.   A glass Claret Jug with plated cover and a pair of engraved plated fish servers in case.

207.   A set of six silver rat tail Coffee Spoons, Sheffield 1924, in original Mappin & Webb case.

208.   A set of six silver Coffee Spoons with spear finials, Birmingham 1932, cased.

209.   A pair of engraved plated Fish Servers in case.

210.   A silver and tortoiseshell three piece Dressing Table Set with silver pique decoration, Birmingham 1929.

211.   The silver Frame from a table photograph frame.

212.   A silver baluster Cream Jug with scroll handle.  (3.6ozs).

213.   A plated three piece Teaset of circular design.

214.   A silver tapering Vase with embossed decoration, 6 1/2" (16cms) high, date letter rubbed, maker William Comyns, an Art Nouveau silver upright table photograph frame (a/f) and a small silver sweetmeat dish (split).

215.   A silver Travelling Watch Case, Birmingham 1908.

216.   A sterling silver circular Bowl with moulded edge, 6" (15cms) diameter, 7.4oz.

217.   A George III silver circular Salt on triple shaped supports, and a pedestal pepperette with glass liner.

218.   A glass and silver Match Holder, two glass and silver mounted toilet bottles, etc.

219.   A set of six plated feather edge Teaspoons, plated vase, items of plated cutlery, etc.

220.   Two wooden Boxes and content of costume jewellery.

221.   A mother of pearl inlaid Jewellery Box and contents of costume jewellery and a plastic case of costume jewellery.

222.   Two wooden Jewellery Boxes and contents of jewellery and other items.

223.   A 9ct. gold pearl set Bar Brooch, another gold bar brooch and a silver brooch.

224.   A 9ct gold belcher link Neck Chain, 11.7g.

225.   A 9ct gold open link Neck Chain, 5g.

226.   A French jet Bead Necklace, various other bead necklaces and costume jewellery.

227.   A 9ct gold Bar Brooch, another bar brooch, cameo brooch, etc.

228.   A silver gilt Pendant of oval design with a centre peridot surrounded by opals, and on a fine link neck chain.

229.   A silver gilt five stone coral set Dress Ring.

230.   A silver gilt Dress Ring of Art Deco design set with a large opal and cubic zirconias.

231.   A pair of silver oval stone set Earrings.

232.   A silver enamel and marcasite Brooch in the form of a penguin.

233.   A pair of silver Earrings each set with a single opal.

234.   A silver Dress Ring set with three opals.

235.   A pair of silver oval stone set Earrings.

236.   An Omega gentlemans automatic Wristwatch with date aperture and baton numerals, the reverse with engraved inscription.




237.   "Picture Stories from The Bible", New and Old Testament, two volumes, published 1943 with full colour illustrations. 

238.   John Cleese; 'So Anyway', limited edition, signed by the author; Michael Vaughan; 'Calling the Shots', signed; Dennis Child; 'Painters in the Northern Counties' and various other books.

239.   A number of Masonic Books, a Masonic jewel etc.

240.   A number of Cricketing Books including Wisdon 1966, Playfair Annuals 1950's and 60's etc.

241.   JOHN BREBBLE; a Watercolour and Pen Drawing of Rommel, signed and dated 1951.  10" (25cms) x 7" (17cms).

242.   M S DEVASAHAYAM; Watercolour of a Indian Temple, signed and dated '61.  12 1/2" (32cms) x 9 1/2" (24cms), a watercolour of Kuwait and an oak picture frame.

243.   A Chinese Wash Drawing of a prancing horse, 12" (31cms) x 16" (41cms), with artists seal mark.

244.   ALAN HARDY; a 1960's Watercolour of a dancing girl, signed verso.  15" (38cms) x 18" (46cms).

245.   A coloured Print of Low Petergate, York, a modern landscape oil painting and a coloured print.

246.   A pair of heightened Photographic Portraits by Freeman Brothers of Manchester in carved oak frames.

247.   A Pears Annual coloured Print 'Christmas 1894' and another '1909'.

248.   A Map of the West Riding of York by C & J Greenwood, published 1834.

249.   A set of three Coloured Prints by Alan Stuttle.

250.   After HIROSHIGE, a series of four Japanese coloured Prints.

251.   After GILLRAY, a coloured Print "A New Way to Pay the National Debt" and a coloured engraving of the accident to M de Groof.

252.   After WARD; a coloured Print 'Outside of a Country Ale House'.  18" (46cms) x 23" (58cms).




253.   An Edwardian walnut mirror back Sideboard, the raised back with a bevelled oblong plate and serpentine fronted shelf, with two drawers and cupboards under on a plinth base.  4' 6" (137cms) wide.

254.   An antique design mahogany Dresser with boarded canopy plate rack, three drawers and three cupboards under on style supports.  5' 6" (168cms) wide.

255.   A pink Loom Linen Basket.  18" (46cms) wide.

256.   An Art Deco design circular convex Wall Mirror with pink and green glass.  23" (58cms) diameter.

257.   An oak gateleg Tea Table with carved decoration on spiral turned supports, 3' 6" (107cms) wide and three Chippendale design mahogany frame dining chairs.

258.   An oak Spinning Chair heavily carved with dragons, leaves etc. and on knulled supports.

259.   A reproduction mahogany Sofa Table with drop flaps, two frieze drawers on lyre end supports.  2' 10" (86cms) wide.

260.   A reproduction Victorian style mahogany Dining Room Suite by Waring and Gillows, comprising table with moulded edge, rounded corners and centre leaf on baluster turned supports, 3' 3" (99cms) wide x 6' 8" (203cms) extended length, a set of six balloon back dining chairs with upholstered seats and turned supports and a sideboard fitted with three drawers and cupboards, 5' 5" (165cms) wide.

261.   A Regency design mahogany twin pillar Dining Table with cross banded edge, centre leaf and raised on vase turned columns and reeded triple splay supports.  3' 6" (107cms) wide x 6' 3" (190cms) extended length.

262.   An Edwardian satin walnut Wardrobe with shaped cornice, enclosed by a single bevelled mirror panelled door on bracket feet.  3' 4" (102cms) wide.

263.   A late Victorian mahogany Side Table fitted with a single frieze drawer on turned supports.  3' 5" (104cms) wide.

264.   A beech frame Piano Stool with upholstered lifting seat on square supports.

265.   An oak frame Fire Screen, inset with an embroidered panel.

266.   An Edwardian satin walnut Chest of two long and two short drawers on a plinth base.  3' 3" (99cms) wide.

267.   A pair of Edwardian inlaid mahogany rail back Salon Chairs with upholstered seats on turned supports and another Edwardian chair of similar design.

268.   A mahogany frame oblong Dressing Stool with upholstered top on cabriole supports.

269.   An elm topped low Stool and a rush seat stool.

270.   A Victorian mahogany Towel Airer on spiral turned supports.

271.   A small slated seat folding Stool.

272.   A beech and elm Smoker's Bow Chair with spindle turned back, panelled seat and turned supports.

273.   A Victorian pine Scottish Chest fitted three long and two short drawers with turned pull handles, beneath a cushion front drawer and on a plinth base.  3' 11" (120cms) wide.

274.   A small pine Dresser with boarded canopied plate rack, two drawers and cupboards under on bracket feet.  3' 3" (99cms) wide.

275.   A pine circular Breakfast Table on a vase turned column and triple splay supports.  4' 4" (132cms) diameter.

276.   A Victorian mahogany bow fronted Chest of three long and two short drawers with turned pull handles and turned supports.  3' 6" (107cms) wide.

276A. An early 20th Century oak Sideboard with raised back, above three centre drawers, flanked by pair of cupboard on bracket feet.  6' (183cms) wide.

276B. A late Victorian mahogany frame Chaise Longue, upholstered in buttoned red Dralon on turned supports.

276C. A Victorian mahogany frame Armchair upholstered to match the previous lot.

276D. A similar Victorian Armchair.

277.   An early 19th Century mahogany Corner Washstand with single drawer and fitted with a 19th Century blue and white Earthenware bowl and jug.

278.   A Victorian walnut frame Nursing Chair with carved side rails, upholstered seat and back and cabriole supports.

279.   A Victorian mahogany Side Table fitted with two frieze drawers on turned supports.  3' (92cms) wide.

280.   A Victorian mahogany frame Nursing Chair with button upholstered back and seat on turned supports. 

281.   A small Regency design oblong Stool with upholstered top and splay feet.  12" (31cms) wide.

282.   An early 19th Century oak corner Wall Cupboard enclosed by a single panelled door.  2' 1" (63cms) wide.

283.   A small Regency mahogany Washstand, the top with a bowl recess, dummy frieze drawer and ring turned supports.  20" (51cms) wide.

284.   An early 19th Century mahogany corner Washstand with raised back, bowl recess and under tier fitted with a single drawer and on splay supports.  24" (61cms) wide.

285.   A Regency design mahogany twin pillar Dining Table with centre leaf, moulded edge on gun barrel columns and quartet splay supports.  3' 6" (107cms) wide x 6' 6" (198cms) extended length.

286.   A Victorian walnut frame Nursing Chair with carved cresting rail, button upholstered back and serpentine fronted seat on cabriole supports.

287.   A Victorian Nursing Chair with button upholstered back and serpentine fronted seat on turned supports.

288.   A set of four Victorian walnut frame Dining Chairs with floral carved decoration, shaped bar back and upholstered seats on cabriole supports and one other Victorian chair upholstered to match.

289.   A Victorian mahogany circular tilt top Supper Table on a baluster turned column and triple splay supports.  3' 6" (107cms) diameter.