01904 489731

01904 489731

Malton Antique Sale

Wednesday 26th April

Boulton & Cooper




At The Milton Rooms, Market Place, Malton, North Yorkshire. YO17 7LX

VIEWING: Tuesday 25th April  from 10.00am – 7.00pm & on morning of sale from 9.00am




1.       A Chinese export Charger decorated in blue and white with the fence pattern and within a hatched border, 14" (36cms) diameter (fritting).    £50-80


2.       A Belleek Centre Piece in the form of a vase and cover, decorated in relief with cherubs, horses etc and on an entwined mermaid column and shaped base.  19" (48cms) high.     £300-400


3.       A 19th Century Continental standing female Figure playing a triangle, dress decorated in blue and gilt and on a rococo style gilt base with cross swords mark.  7 1/2" (19cms) high.     £40-60


4.       A Meissen oblong shallow Dish or pen tray painted with a centre river landscape the border painted with oval panels of further river landscapes within a gilt surround and with cross swords mark.  9" (23cms) wide.     £50-80


5.       A pair of Wedgwood green Jasperware circular Salts and with silver rims.  London 1914.     £30-40


6.       A Continental porcelain Inkstand, the oblong tray of serpentine outline, painted with flowers and with a gilt shell moulded border, fitted with two covered inkwells and a taper stick.  10" (26cms) wide.     £40-60


7.       A Samson panel sided Armorial Vase and Cover, 6 1/2" (16cms) high, a Samson figure of a sheep and a Samson octagonal plate decorated with Oriental birds and flowers.  9" (23cms) wide.    £30-40


8.       A 19th Century Copeland nautilus shell Spoon Warmer and a small Parian ware figure of a poodle.    £30-40


9.       A 19th Century double Inkstand with gilt metal inkwells and covers, decorated with small sprays of flowers on gilt metal bud base and with Sevres marks.  5" (13cms) wide.    £40-60


10.     A pair of 19th century Staffordshire Pottery Figures of gardeners in bocage, 6" (15cms) high (a/f); a Staffordshire Figure of a boy holding a basket of fruit and a 19th century pottery Hunting Jug decorated in relief and with a blue glazed collar and handle.    £30-40


11.     A Coalport Figure "Judith Ann", a pair of Sunderland lustre Saucer Dishes, Prattware Pot Lid, etc.    £30-40


12.     An extensive Dinner Service by Krautheim & Adelberg decorated with a turquoise and gilt border, comprising 32 dinner plates, 23 soup plates, 17 dessert plates, 20 side plates, various serving dishes, etc., 104 pieces in total.    £100-150


13.     A Wedgwood Dinner Service decorated in the Whitehall pattern with a border pattern of trailing vines, comprising six dinner plates, six dessert plates, two side plates, two serving plates and a jug.    £40-60


14.     A George Jones Crescent China Dinner Service decorated with a gilt trailing leaf border pattern, comprising eleven dinner plates, eleven dessert plates, seven side plates, twelve soup plates, vegetable dish, two vegetable dish covers, gravy boat and two stands.    £70-100


15.     A Beswick Model of a Highland pony, No. 1644 in gloss finish.     £30-50


16.     A Beswick Model of a racehorse, No. 701 second version in brown matt and another "Imperial" No. 1557 in brown gloss.      £30-40


17.     A Beswick Model of a thoroughbred stallion, No. 1772 in Palomino gloss and a mare No. 1812 in brown matt.      £30-40


18.     A Beswick prancing Arab type horse No. 1261 in grey gloss, first version and two other Beswick horses in matt Palomino finish.     £40-60


19.     A Royal Crown Derby wren Paperweight with gold stopper.     £20-30


20.     A Lladro Figure of a girl seated holding flowers, a Lladro Standing Figure of a girl holding flowers, and another of an angel.    £30-50


21.     A Lladro matt Standing Figure of a girl with a dog at her feet, 14" (36cms) high, and another Lladro matt Figure of an owl.    £70-100


22.     A Lladro Standing Figure of a girl holding flowers, another holding a lamb, and a Seated Figure with a turkey.    £40-60


23.     A Lladro Figure of girl wearing a crown, another holding a bowl of fruit and a Lladro angel.    £30-50


24.     A Lladro matt Figure of a girl with a puppy, and another Lladro Figure of a girl with two puppies.    £40-60


25.     A French porcelain heart shape Casket with hinged lid decorated with panels of flowers on a turquoise ground.  7" (17cms) wide (cracked).      £30-40


26.     A Japanese Kutani vase column table Oil Lamp decorated with panels of bamboo on an orange and gilt ground and with gilt metal mounts.  19" (49cms) high.     £50-80


27.     A Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern Plate, pattern 1128, a smaller derby plate 1126, a Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern cream jug and sugar bowl, a Wedgwood oval vegetable dish and cover of Imari design and a Vienna porcelain vase decorated with pheasants (cover missing).      £50-80


28.     A Royal Copenhagen Figure of a grouse, No. 2261 on a wooden base.  7" (18cms) long.     £50-80


29.     A Royal Copenhagen Figure of a white pig.  6 1/2" (16cms) high.     £40-60


30.     A Royal Copenhagen Figure of a perched Robin, No. 1516 and a Royal Worcester trinket box and cover painted with a blue tit.  2 1/2" (6 1/2cms) diameter.     £40-60


31.     A pair of Staffordshire King Charles Spaniel Mantel Ornaments with divided front legs and copper lustre decoration, 9" (23cms) high.    £30-40


32.     A Beswick Model of a cantering shire horse in brown gloss, no. 975, and a Beswick shire mare in brown gloss, no. 818.    £30-40


33.     A Goebel Model of a Pheasant, a Goebel Foal, a John Beswick Foal and Goebel Swan.    £20-30


34.     A Royal Copenhagen Group of two doves, no. 402.    £20-30


35.     A John Beswick Rabbit, John Beswick Blue Tit, Beswick Trout (a/f), etc.    £20-30


36.     A Lladro Figure of a Girl, Lladro Duck and a group of Nao Ducks.    £15-20


37.     A Coalport Model of "The Village School", another "Christmas Cottage", three others (cracked), and a Goss model of "Shakespeare's House".     £30-50


38.     A Minton blue and white oval Soup Tureen and cover, a Carlton ware cheese dish and cover, Ironstone two handled pail and a Grimwades ewer and basin.     £30-50


39.     A Paragon "Tree of Kashmir" Dinner Service including plates of various sizes, soup bowls and stands, three covered vegetable dishes, oval meat plate, sauce boats and stand etc, forty six pieces.     £50-100


40.     A Beswick Model of a large hunter in brown gloss, No. 1734 second version.     £30-50


41.     A Beswick Model of a Shire mare in brown gloss, No. 818 and another "Spirit of the Wind" No. 2688 in matt brown.     £30-40


42.     A Limoges seven piece Dressing Table Set comprising tray, covered jars, ring tree, hat pin holder and a pair of candlesticks.    £30-40


43.     An E Hughes & Co. Paladin china Teaset decorated with a border pattern of flowers and gilt comprising six tea cups and saucers, six plates, two bread and butter plates, milk jug and sugar bowl, together with a Davenport tea cup and saucer and a trio of cup, saucer and plate decorated with Chinese figures.    £30-40


44.     A Paragon Figure "Lady Evelyn", a Goebel Figure "Appletree Boy", and one other.    £20-30


45.     A Royal Doulton Figure of a Corgi, two Royal Doulton Cats, and a Beswick Model of a dog with a ball, no. 2951.    £20-30


46.     A Spode "Persia" pattern Table Service comprising plates in various sizes, vegetable dishes and covers, two handled soup bowls, coffee cans and saucers, and two sauce boats and stands, 53 pieces.    £50-100


47.     A Copeland's china two handled navette shape shallow Bowl, decorated in Imari colours with orange, blue and gilt.  12 1/2" (32cms) wide.    £50-70


48.     A Continental Vase formed of overlapping flower heads and leaves with two cherub supports and with cross swords marked base, 9" (23cms) high.    £30-40


49.     A 19th Century Chinese blue and white bowl with panels of urns, tables etc with in a prunus pattern border.  12" (31cms) diameter and a smaller Chinese blue and white bowl (a/f).     £40-60


50.     A Keeling & Co six piece Dressing Table Set decorated with flowers in orange, red, blue, etc., comprising tray, pair of candlesticks and three covered jars.    £30-40


51.     A 19th century Chinese Vase decorated with figures, script, etc., and converted for use as a table lamp, 18" (46cms) high (cut down).    £70-100


52.     A late Victorian Wedgwood Biscuit Barrel decorated with Japanese flowers in orange and gilt with plated cover and swing handle.     £30-40


53.     A glass Goblet by David Williams, etched with a three masted sailing ship, on a cushion knop stem, dated 1968.  7 1/2" (19cms) high.    £30-40


54.     A 19th century Bristol blue glass Brandy Bottle with traces of gilt decoration, a cut glass Water Jug and four Sherry Glasses with key pattern decoration.    £30-40


55.     A 19th century glass Tumbler inscribed "Robert Tonge" and with floral engraved decoration, a small glass Rummer inscribed "1894", a Venetian glass Scent Flask and other items.    £30-40


56.     A cranberry glass Table Bell the knop handle inset with a coloured glass spiral.  11" (28cms) high (clapper missing) and a cranberry glass sugar sifter with plated cover.     £20-30


57.     A Studio Glass Bowl decorated in green, blue, etc, 11" (28cms) diameter.    £40-50




58.     A number of brass Weights and an iron Trivet with turned wooden handle.    £30-40


59.     A brass Corinthian column electric Table Lamp and shade and one other.     £20-40


60.     A brass table Oil Lamp on an adjustable column and two other lamps.     £30-40


61.     A brass Oil Lamp with a large dimpled cranberry glass shade.  19" (49cms) high.     £40-60


62.     A set of three graduated Swedish brass Skultuna tulip pattern Candlesticks designed by Pierre Forsell, with slender stems and circular bases, numbered 1607.   Tallest 9" (23cms) high.    £30-40


63.     A large Indian brass baluster Vase with crimped rim and engraved decoration on a domed circular foot.   3' 2" (97cms) high.    £50-80


64.     A Victorian copper two handled Tea Urn with brass tap and circular foot.  13" (33cms) high.    £30-40


65.     Another similar two handled Tea Urn.    £30-40


66.     A set of brass Balance Scales by Day & Millward of Birmingham on a single drawer wooden stand, inscribed 'Taylor & Jones, Furnishing Ironmongers, Scarborough' together with various brass and iron weights.      £70-100


67.     Seven Victorian pewter graduated baluster Measures and a brass pestle and mortar inscribed '1761'.    £40-60


68.     A 19th century steel Footman with pierced top, a steel serpentine fronted Curb and a steel Fire Front.    £70-100


69.     A brass Fire Shovel and Tongs with urn finials, another Shovel and Tongs with engraved decoration and a Victoria brass adjustable Kettle Stand.    £40-60


70.     A brass Roasting Jack with key, and a brass Saucepan.    £30-40


71.     A pair of gilt brass oblong Panels with a raised pattern of leaves, etc., 14" (36cms) x 9" (23cms), and a pair of eastern brass Dishes, 14" (36cms) diameter.    £30-50


72.     A brass Table Oil Lamp with glass shade, and one other Lamp.    £30-40


73.     A Victorian brass Fire Curb decorated with scroll and shell panels, 4' 6" (137cms) wide.    £30-40




74.     Two boxes of Railway Books relating to LNER etc.    £30-40


75.     A box of various Children's Books with a majority of Biggles.    £20-40


76.     Red gauntlet A Tale of the Eighteenth Century, three volumes 1824.     £30-40


77.     Two Sieges, or Cuthbert Hartington's Adventures by G.A Henty.     £80-100


78.     Lord Goltho by Mrs Paul King, three volumes 1895.     £20-30


79.     A Study in Scarlet by A. Conan Doyle 1894 and another title by the same author. Seth Jones , or The Captives of the Frontier and another book.     £40-60


80.     A box containing various titles on mining from a variety of mining federations and organisations.     £20-40


81.     A box of Books relating to motoring including Monte Carlo or Bust!    £20-30


82.     A box of various titles including The Giraffe Hunters and Every Inch a Sailor.      £30-40


83.     A box of Books relating to the British countryside.    £20-30


84.     The Works of Shakespeare, Imperial Edition, by Charles Knight, two volumes.     £80-100


85.     A box of Books relating to animals and farming including The Pocket Farrier and Modern Ferreting.     £30-40


86.     A box of Books relating to Yorkshire including The Yorkshire Archeological Journal.     £30-40


87.     Two boxes of Folio Society Books.     £30-40


88.     Two boxes of Antiquarian Books.     £20-30


89.     A box of Folio Society Books.     £20-30


90.     A quantity of early Works by Charles Dickens.     £80-100


91.     The Return of The Native by Thomas Hardy, three volume set, 1878.     £80-120


92.     Two boxes of Penguin Books.     £20-30


93.     A box of Observer Books.     £10-20


94.     A collection of Old Companies Catalogues.     £10-20


95.     A box of Books relating to nature, hobbies and pastimes.      £10-20


96.     A tray of Cricket related Books.     £30-40


97.     A box containing a selection of Art Books including The Story of British Sporting Prints.     £40-60


98.     A box containing various Books on Britain including books on Ripon.     £20-30


99.     A box containing various Historical Books.      £20-30


100.   A box containing various Historical Books.     £20-30


101.   A box containing various Books on hunting.     £40-60


102.   A box containing various book on Hunting.     £40-60


103.   Old English Glasses by Albert Hartshorne 1897.     £80-100


104.   Kelly's Handbook to The Titled, Landed and Official Classes 1907.     £30-40


105.   The Anatomy of the Human Bones by Alexander Monro and an An Abridgment of Dr Goldsmith's History.     £30-40


106.   Reminiscences of the Great Mutiny 1857-59 by William Forbes Mitchell, 1893.     £20-30


107.   A Natural History of the Nests and Eggs of British Birds by Rev. F.O. Morris, three volume set, 1867.     £100-150


108.   The Fly-Fishers Entomology by Alfred Ronalds, third edition, 1844.     £70-100


109.   A box containing a collection of Books relating to insects.     £30-40


110.   A box of Antique related Books.    £20-40


111.   A box of Books relating to History.     £40-60


112.   A box of Books relations to Biography's and Autobiography's works.     £60-80


113.   The Works of Charles Dickens, National Edition, forty volume set and four other works by Charles Dickens.     £80-100


114.   A box of Books containing titles by Charles W. Whistler.     £40-60


115.   A box of Books relating to Biographical and Autobiographical works.     £30-40


116.   A box of Books relating to History.     £60-80


117.   The Land of Enchantment illustrated by Arthur Rackham, 1907.     £60-80


118.   Leaves from a Family Tree by Edgar Lambert, 1902.    £80-100


119.   A box of assorted Books.     £20-30


120.   A box of Christies Catalogues including The RFA Riesco Collection of Chinese Ceramics, The Collection of Chinese Porcelain from Julia and John Curtis etc.     £30-40


121.   Brown's Self Interpreting Family Bible in leather and gilt boards with brass clasps.    £30-40


122.   "The Lord God Made Them All" by James Herriot, signed by the author.     £40-60


123.   "My Brush with Fortune" by Ashley Jackson, signed by the author.     £10-20


124.   Three boxes of Books relating to Antiques.     £20-40




125.   A plated two handled Soup Tureen and Cover, a cased set of two pairs of Nutcrackers and Grape Scissors, and a few other items.    £30-50


126.   A Continental plated three division Decanter Stand with pierced and embossed decoration and fitted with three overlaid glass decanters with white metal mounts.     £70-100


127.   A pair of Victorian plated table Candlesticks with embossed decoration and polyfoil base.  9" (23cms) high.     £40-50


128.   An etched glass Cocktail Shaker with plated cover, and another with chromium plated cover.    £30-40


129.   A canteen of plated Table Cutlery by Taylor's "Eye witness" of Sheffield in fiddle thread and shell pattern for eight covers, sixty pieces in a mahogany box.     £80-100


130.   A Mappin Brothers plated three piece Teaset with engraved decoration, two plated cream jugs and an oak and plated galleried Tray.    £50-70


131.   A quantity of plated King's pattern Table Cutlery including soup ladle, soup spoons, dessert spoons, table forks and knives, etc., together with some additional pieces of assorted cutlery.    £50-80


132.   A set of twelve Fish Knives and Forks with engraved plated blades and bone handles in wooden case, and a plated three piece Teaset.    £40-60


133.   A pair of plated Entree Dishes and Covers with loop handles, another Entree Dish, glass Claret Jug with plated cover, and two plated Coasters.    £40-60


134.   A three piece bone handled Carving Set in case, plated circular Dish, Table Lighter and other items.    £20-30


135.   A glass and plated five bottle Cruet of circular design with key pattern border and loop handle, a four cup Egg Cruet, and a plated six division Toast Rack.    £30-40


136.   A glass and plated six division Hors d'oeuvres Dish, oval Entree Dish and Cover, cased set of Serviette Rings and other items.    £30-40


137.   A silver double Condiment Set comprising four oval salts, a pair of pepperettes and a mustard pot with various spoons in a fitted plush lined case.  Chester 1916, maker Z Barraclough & Sons.     £120-150


138.   A glass Hip Flask with silver cup and cover, London 1913, maker: Drew & Sons, and a silver Sauce Boat with crimped rim.    £70-100


139.   An early Victorian silver fiddle and thread pattern Fish Server with pierced blade, London 1843, maker: John & Henry Lias, 4.7 oz.    £50-80


140.   A French Toilet Set by G Keller comprising six glass jars with silver and silver gilt covers engraved with a monogram.    £80-120


141.   A Russian silver gilt and niello work Tea Glass Holder with pierced leaf decoration and marked "M875" and with a glass liner.    £50-80


142.   Six George III silver Tablespoons by Peter and Anne Bateman, all old English pattern, comprising a pair, 1791, marked with initials 'KWH'; another pair, 1791, unmarked, and two others, 11.7 oz.    £100-150


143.   Three early 19th century silver old English pattern Dessert Spoons, London 1820, maker: Joseph Willmore; a pair of Spoons by Josiah & George Piercy, London 1817, and a single Spoon, London 1783, 6.9 oz.    £70-100


144.   Four George III silver old English pattern Table Forks, London 1813, maker: Eley, Fearn & Chawner; a pair of Forks, London 1808 by Thomas Wilkes Barker, and single Fork, London 1799 by George Smith Junior, 15.2 oz.    £150-200


145.   A set of eleven George III silver old English pattern Table Forks, London 1810, maker: Eley, Fearn & Chawner, engraved with a crest, and three matching Dessert Forks, 27.1 oz.    £250-300


146.   A William IV silver old English pattern Soup Ladle, London 1835, maker: Mary Chawner, and engraved with a monogram, 7.6 oz.    £70-100


147.   A pair of George II silver old English pattern Sauce Ladles, probably London 1742, maker's mark possibly CW and engraved with crest, 4 oz.    £60-80


148.   A George III silver Sugar Spoon with bright cut decoration, London 1815; two George III Dessert Forks; a pair of silver Teaspoons, and two others, 5.5 oz.    £50-80


149.   Four George III silver old English pattern Teaspoons, London 1819, maker: Robert Rutland; and six Teaspoons by Stephen Adams, London 1784, 4.9 oz.    £50-70


150.   A set of four George III silver Salt Spoons engraved with an initial, London 1804, maker: Thomas Wallis II; a York silver Salt Spoon by Barber, Cattle & North, and three others.    £40-60


151.   A Queen Anne silver Tablespoon of transitional design with a rat tailed bowl and engraved with initials, London 1703, Britannia standard, maker: Henry Greene, and another Queen Anne Tablespoon in a Hanoverian rat tail pattern, London 1712, Britannia standard, maker: Isaac Davenport; 3.5 oz.    £100-150


152.   Four George I silver Tablespoons with rat tailed bowls and engraved with a crest, London 1724, 7.5 oz.    £100-150


153.   A set of four George II silver Hanoverian pattern Tablespoons engraved with a crest and a coronet, London 1751, maker: Marmaduke Daintrey, 7.2 oz.    £100-150


154.   A pair of George III silver Hanoverian pattern Tablespoons, London 1766, maker: Isaac Callard, 4.3 oz.    £50-80


155.   A group of six George III silver Tablespoons by Robert Sallam from 1765 to 1771, two with shell back bowls, 9.8 oz.    £150-200


156.   A set of four early George III silver Teaspoons, maker: Sumner & Crossley; a George II Teaspoon probably by Samuel Roby, two other Teaspoons and four mid-eighteenth century silver Salt Shovels, 3.6 oz.    £50-80


157.   A set of twelve Edwardian silver rat tailed Teaspoons, London 1901 to 1903, maker: Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company, in original box.    £50-80


158.   A set of six silver rat tailed Teaspoons and Tongs in case, Sheffield 1918, maker: Cooper Brothers & Sons, and two cases of silver Teaspoons with rat tailed bowls by Roberts & Belk, Sheffield 1964.    £70-100


159.   A collection of seven Victorian, Edwardian and later pairs of silver Sugar Tongs, 5.5 oz.    £50-80


160.   Four old English pattern silver Salt Spoons, London 1919, by William Hutton & Sons, and various other Salt Spoons, Mustard Spoons and Butter Knives, 5.5 oz.    £50-80


161.   A set of six silver old English pattern Egg Spoons, London 1918, maker: William Hutton & Sons; a set of six silver Teaspoons and Tongs by Cooper Brothers, Sheffield 1916, and a silver old English pattern Jam Spoon.    £50-70


162.   Three silver rat tail pattern Table Forks, Sheffield 1917, maker: Allen & Darwin and a Mappin & Webb silver Table Fork, London 1912, and a Victorian silver Pickle Fork, 10 oz.    £80-120


163.   Six Victorian silver rat tail pattern Coffee Spoons, London 1888, maker: George Jackson, and five other Coffee Spoons, London 1912, 4 oz.    £40-60


164.   Three silver rat tail pattern Teaspoons, four rat tail pattern Coffee Spoons and various other Teaspoons, 8.1 oz.    £80-120


165.   A Victorian engraved silver Snuff Box with inscription and gilded interior, Birmingham 1867, maker Frederick Marson.   2 3/4" (7cms) wide.    £100-120


166.   A late Victorian silver bladed and mother-of-pearl Fruit Knife, Sheffield 1899, maker: Arthur Staniforth, and an engraved silver Cigarette Case.    £40-60


167.   A set of six Far Eastern Napkin Rings with embossed decoration, test as silver.     £30-40


168.   A silver sauce boat with crimped rim scroll handle and triple shaped supports. London 1929, maker H. H Plante & Co London.  (5.3ozs).     £40-60


169.   A Dutch silver Miniature Spinning Wheel.  3 1/2" (9cms) high.     £40-60


170.   A Continental silver Bowl with mask and shell decoration with cranberry glass liner and spay feet.  4" (10cms) diameter.     £40-50


171.   An Edwardian silver Rose Bowl with embossed decoration on a short pedestal foot, London 1905, maker Charles Boyton & Sons.  8 1/2" (22cms) diameter. (14.4ozs).     £120-150


172.   A pair of silver Table Candlesticks with fluted stems and square stepped bases, London 1927, maker Thomas Bradbury & Sons.  4 1/2" (11cms) high.     £50-80


173.   A silver double Sovereign Case with engraved decoration, Birmingham 1912, maker William Neale & Son.     £50-80


174.   A set of six silver Coffee Spoons with cut stems, Birmingham 1949.     £20-30


175.   "Great British Regiments", a limited edition series of 52 silver Proof Medallions produced by the Birmingham Mint, together with the matching Badges, and housed in the original brass banded box with inscription, set no. 703.    £600-800


176.   The Book of Common Prayer with an embossed silver cover of five angel heads.  Birmingham 1904, maker William Comyns.     £50-70


177.   An Edwardian silver handled Shoe Horn, matching glove and boot button hooks in a fitted case, Birmingham 1901, maker Britton, Gould & Co.     £50-70


178.   An early 19th Century silver oblong Snuff Box with gilded interior and engraved with a monogram, Birmingham, circa 1827, maker Edward Smith.     £100-150


179.   A silver circular small Salver or card tray with shell moulded border on scroll feet, Sheffield 1924, maker Hawksworth Eyre & Co.  8" (20cms) diameter (11.9ozs).     £100-150


180.   A silver two handled circular Bowl, Birmingham 1929, maker: Deakin & Francis, 4" (10cms) diameter, and a small four division silver Toast Rack, 8.7 oz.    £70-100


181.   Two pairs of early 19th century silver Sugar Tongs and six pairs of plated Tongs.    £20-30


182.   Five Danish silver gilt Coffee Spoons with coloured enamel bowls; Egyptian white metal Photograph Frame, oval galleried Tray and two plated Egg Cups.    £30-40


183.   A pair of late Victorian silver Dressing Table Boxes of oval serpentine outline with embossed scroll and leaf decoration and gilded interior, Sheffield, 1897, makers Mappin & Webb.  6" (15cms) long.  (8.1ozs).    £80-120


184.   A Victorian silver cylindrical Tea Caddy with domed cover, embossed decoration, London, 1894, makers mark 'J N', retailed by Mappin & Webb.  4" (10cms) high.      £70-100


185.   A late Victorian engraved glass globe Scent Flask with silver collar, Birmingham, 1900.  7" (18cms) high.    £50-80


186.   A small cut glass globe Scent Flask with embossed silver cover, London, 1897, maker Mappin & Webb.    £40-60


187.   A plain silver Cigarette Case, Birmingham, 1918 and another with engraved decoration.  (4.3ozs).    £40-60


188.   A pair of silver vase shaped Pepperettes, Birmingham 1896; a pair of continental 830 standard silver Pepperettes, and two glass Salts with silver rims.    £30-50


189.   Five silver Coffee Spoons with scroll finials, a pair of silver Sugar Tongs, four silver handled Pastry Knives and number of plated Condiment Spoons, etc.    £30-50


190.   A pair of silver vase shaped Pepperettes, Birmingham 1896, three other silver Pepperettes, and a glass Sugar Sifter with silver cover.    £30-40


191.   A pair of Edwardian silver Sweetmeat Baskets with pierced and embossed decoration, Birmingham 1903, maker Sydney & Co.   (3.9ozs)    £30-50


192.   A pair of late Victorian silver heart shaped Sweetmeat Dishes, and a pair of Bud Vases.    £40-60


193.   A modern silver circular Hip Flask, 5.4 oz.    £70-100


194.   A set of three silver Bottle Stoppers in the form of a horse, a fish and a fox.    £150-200




195.   An ebonised Jewellery Box with silver mount and contents of Costume Jewellery.    £30-40


196.   A mahogany Jewellery Box and Contents of costume jewellery including bead necklaces, etc.    £30-40


197.   An 18ct. gold Solitaire Ring set with a yellow sapphire of 0.96 carats, with certificate.    £100-150


198.   A 9ct. gold fox and horseshoe Bar Brooch and two 9ct. gold stone set Dress Rings.    £50-70


199.   A jet Bracelet (for re-threading).    £30-40


200.   Three various 9ct. gold stone set Dress Rings.    £50-70


201.   Three further 9ct. gold stone set Dress Rings and a silver Ring.    £50-70


202.   ****NO LOT****


203.   A silver oval Pendant set with an opal and cubic zirconia on a fine link neck chain.    £50-70


204.   A silver gilt Dress Ring set with five coral.    £35-40


205.   A silver gilt cluster Ring set with opals.    £40-50


206.   A pair of silver Pendant Earrings set with marcasite.    £25-30


207.   A silver Dress Ring set with square opal and cubic zirconia.    £30-40


208.   A silver gilt Dress Ring set with a cluster of cubic zirconia.    £25-30


209.   A pair of silver gilt tied bow and pearl Earrings.    £20-30


210.   A silver Ring with pierced decoration.    £30-40


211.   A pair of silver Pendant Earrings set with red crystals and cubic zirconia.    £20-30


212.   A pair of silver Earrings set with opals and cubic zirconia.    £30-40


213.   A matched Cultured Pearl Necklace, each 9 to 9.5mm with an 18ct. diamond set clasp, and a pair of Pearl Earrings.    £200-300


214.   A pair of Edwardian Hat Pins decorated with mother of pearl and paste.     £30-40


215.   A silver and marcasite Brooch in the form of a racehorse and jockey.    £20-30


216.   A 22ct gold Wedding Band, 2 grams, and a 9ct gold Bar Brooch, 3.4 grams.    £50-80


217.   A Jewellery Box and Contents including gold mounted child's tooth, silver and enamel cufflinks, silver pendant, etc.    £30-40


218.   A Victorian Brooch of scroll design composed of fresh water and seed pearls hung with a pendant suspension and in original leather case.     £150-200


219.   An 18ct gold circular Pendant set with a single ruby and on an 18ct gold fine link Neck Chain.    £100-150


220.   A 9ct hollow gold Bangle, 15.2 grams.    £120-150


221.   A five strand seed pearl Choker with enamel and seed pearl clasp (incomplete), a marcasite and amethyst Necklace and a seed pearl Necklace clasp.    £50-70


222.   An oval Locket on a link guard Chain, paste set Buckle and items of costume jewellery.    £30-40


223.   A satinwood Jewellery Box and Contents of costume jewellery, including two silver fobs, enamelled badges, a pair of marcasite folding lorgnette, etc.    £40-60


224.   A 9ct gold riding crop Bar Brooch and an oval Locket set with a seed pearl and enamel cross.    £40-60


225.   An engraved gold oval Locket on a 9ct gold Neck Chain.    £50-70


226.   A Whitby jet oval Brooch and a 925 silver gilt Brooch.    £30-40


227.   A Victorian Brooch of scroll design with three amber coloured stones.    £30-50


228.   An engraved 18ct. gold Wedding Band.  (4.8gms).     £80-100


229.   A 9ct. gold Cluster Ring with a small diamond in an illusion setting surrounded by sapphires.     £30-40


230.   An 18ct. gold Dress Ring with an oval facet cut centre ruby surrounded by facet cut diamonds.     £150-200


231.   An 18ct gold Cluster Ring with a centre diamond surrounded by nine further diamonds.     £150-200


232.   A pair of white gold Pendant Earrings, each set with two diamonds.    £60-80


233.   A pair of gold spray Earrings each set with sapphires and diamonds.    £40-60


234.   A French jet Necklace, engraved silver oval Locket and Chain, silver plaid Brooch, etc.    £30-50


235.   A gilt metal oval Brooch set with seed pearls and a silver Victoria 1897 Jubilee Bar Brooch.    £30-40


236.   A 9ct. gold gate link Bracelet with padlock clasp and a gold padlock.  (3.8gms)    £30-50


237.   A 9ct. twisted gold Ring, gold pendant with navette shape citrine, pair of hoop earrings and a locket.    £40-60


238.   A ladies Rotary quartz Wristwatch with oval champagne dial, baton numerals in gold case and on a gold strap.  (9.9gms gross)    £70-100


239.   A ladies Rotary quartz Wristwatch with oval white dial, Roman numerals in a 9ct. gold case on a gold strap.  (11gms gross)    £70-100


240.   A 9ct. gold flat link Necklace.  18" (46cms) long.  (8.7gms)    £80-100


241.   A pair of 9ct. gold hoop Earrings with small diamonds and three other pairs of earrings.    £70-100


242.   A 9ct. gold gypsy Ring set with a sapphire and two diamonds and two other gold rings.    £50-70


243.   A 9ct. gold link Bracelet.  (10gms)    £80-120


244.   A 9ct. gold link Necklace.  16" (40cms) long.  (16.9gms).    £150-180


245.   A gold Pendant set with four pearls on a fine link chain and a diamond pendant.    £50-80


246.   A 9ct. gold eternity Ring, gold heart shape pendant and a pair of earrings.    £30-50


247.   An 18ct. gold Ring set with an emerald cut ruby and two diamonds.     £350-400


248.   A 9ct. gold Ring with a small diamond, two other gold rings and a pair of earrings.    £50-70


249.   A Thai silver and niello work Bracelet, 9ct. gold stone set Dress Ring and other items.    £30-40


250.   A double strand simulated Pearl Necklace with paste decoration and a matching Bracelet.    £20-30


251.   A 9ct gold "Heart and Hands" Signet Ring, 6.8 grams.    £50-80


252.   A 9ct gold Dress Ring set with a cluster of small diamonds and a 9ct gold Wishbone Ring  set with small diamonds.    £40-60


253.   An early 20th century 18ct gold Dress Ring set with a diamond and two sapphires.    £50-80


254.   An 18ct gold Engagement Ring set with baguette and brilliant cut diamonds.    £70-100


255.   A 9ct gold Dress Ring set with a solitaire diamond in an illusion setting and 9ct gold Wishbone Ring.    £30-50


256.   A silver spray Brooch, the flower heads and leaves set with thirteen old cut diamonds.    £200-300


257.   Three 9ct gold Dress Studs in a leather box, and two others, 3.6 grams.    £40-50


258.   A silver and marcasite cased Cocktail Watch and two others.    £40-60


259.   A Victorian oval ivory Brooch carved with the head and shoulders of a classical lady.    £50-80


260.   A Jewellery Box and Contents including an agate brooch, East Yorkshire bar brooch and other items.    £40-60


261.   A Jewellery Chest and Contents including a pair of silver earrings, crystal necklace, etc.    £30-40


262.   A gold Bar Brooch set with two diamonds, another stone set Bar Brooch and a silver Bar Brooch.    £50-70




263.   A collection of pre 1920 silver Coinage from George III Crown to silver Threepence including five half crowns, three florins, five shillings, four sixpences and twelve threepences, all various conditions.  (30).    £60-70


264.   A collection of thirty three George V Half Crowns, all dated 1920 - 1921, 50% silver, various conditions.  (33).    £70-80


265.   A collection of forty nine George V and George VI 50% silver Florins, mainly 1920-1921, all various conditions.  (49).    £80-90


266.   A collection of forty eight George V and George VI 50% silver Shillings, twenty two sixpences and eight silver threepences, all various conditions.   (76)    £50-60


267.   A 1957 series USA One Dollar Bill, together with a collection of 20th Century foreign and GB pre decimal Coinage, commemorative crown to farthing, all various conditions.    £15-20


268.   A Victoria 1844 gold Half Sovereign, shield reverse, fine condition.    £100-110


269.   A Victoria 1844 Crown, star stops on edge, fine condition.    £40-50


270.   A Victoria 1844 Half Farthing, fine, a small quantity of 50% silver coinage, a Churchill commemorative crown, a quantity of copper and bronze coinage, a Britannia Beale £1 note, Y71B and a Page £1 note, three 19th Century foreign coins and a collection of commemorative medals.    £20-30


271.   A James II 1688/7 Crown, about fine, engraved with 'Mary Robson Trewick 1786' on the obverse portrait of James.    £100-120


272.   A George IIII Crown Secundo on edge, 1821, together with a George III, 1817, shilling, a George III half crown, worn, and a William IV, 1836, half crown, various conditions.    £40-50


273.   A Victoria 1887 Jubilee Crown, e.f., plus an 1891, v.f. and an 1896 shilling, fine, a William III, 1698 sixpence and an 1877 threepence worn, two other Elizabeth II commemorative crowns, a 1939-1945 service medal and a shilling and sixpence, various conditions.    £50-60


274.   A George III, 1787, fifth head Spade Guinea, mounted, fine condition.    £250-300


275.   A William IV, 1833, gold Sovereign, mounted, v.fine condition.    £250-300


276.   A Victoria, 1887, Bun Penny, UNC with lustre, plus a George III Cartwheel two penny, fine and three other bronze 19th Century coins, various conditions.  (5).    £50-60


277.   A Britannia series red brown Beale 10/- Note H35Z, v.f., plus an O'Brien green £1 note E92L and a series 'D' Somerset £1, three Royal Bank of Scotland £1 notes, a Clydesdale and Bank of Scotland £1 note, 1980 to 1987, two foreign banknotes from Italy and British Armed Forces.     £15-20


278.   An Edward VII gold Sovereign, 1904, fine.     £200-220


279.   A George V gold Sovereign, 1912, fine.    £200-220


280.   A George V gold Sovereign, 1914, e.fine.    £200-220


281.   An Edward VII gold Half Sovereign, 1909, v.fine.    £100-110


282.   A George V gold Half Sovereign, 1911, v.fine.    £100-110


283.   A George V gold Half Sovereign, 1914, v.fine.    £100-110


284.   A George IIII Crown 1822 Tertio, plus a Victorian Jubilee, 1889 and old head 1899 Crown LXII all about fine, plus a  George V 1935 silver Jubilee crown, e.f.  (4).    £80-100


285.   Nine Commemorative £5 Coins 1990 to 2009, together with six commemorative crowns, 1953 to 1981.  (15).    £40-50


286.   A George V, 1928, Half Crown, UNC, a run of half crowns 1920 to 1946, nineteen in total various conditions.  (20).    £50-60


287.   A collection of twenty four George V and George VI Florins, 1920 to 1946, including a 1924, 1925 and 1926, all various conditions.  (24).    £40-50


288.   A Victoria 1887 and 1899 Shilling, together with twenty six George V and George VI shillings, 1920 to 1946, various conditions.  (28).    £20-30


289.   Two Victorian Sixpences, 1845 and 1900, plus a collection of twenty four George V, George VI sixpences to 1920 to 1946 and two Victorian Groats 1843 and 1854, forty pre 1920 silver threepences and fifteen post 1920 50% silver threepences, various conditions.    £40-60


290.   A Victoria, 1844, rare Half Farthing, E over N, in Regina, v.fine, together with twenty eight farthing, Victoria to George VI, various conditions, plus a 1902 penny UNC with some lustre to obverse.    £40-50


291.   Two Britains First Decimal Sets together with a collection of pre decimal coinage, half penny to half crown, all various conditions.    £20-30


292.   A 19th Century mahogany Coin Collectors Cabinet, the interior fitted with fifty three shallow sliding trays enclosed by a pair of panel doors and on a table stand with chamfered square supports.  22" (56cms) wide.      £700-900


293.   A rare Tamworth Old Bank £5 Banknote dated 17th June 1816, No. 6387 issued by Harding, Oaks and Willington, signed by Samuel Tuffley Harding.  Tamworth Old Bank was established in 1796 and it failed in 1819. This note had at some point been transported between bank branches in two pieces.  It was cut down the middle then one half was sent one day to the satellite branch, the other half was sent a few days later. This was one of the earliest forms of bank security to protect against robbery on the road which was rife at this time. It was then reassembled at the branch by bank staff with tape and stamped accordingly. Fair condition    £200-300


294.   A rare Tamworth Old Bank £5 Banknote dated 13th May 1816, No. 5364 issued by Harding, Oaks and Willington, signed by Charles Oaks.  Tamworth Old Bank was established in 1796 and it failed in 1819. This note had at some point been transported between bank branches in two pieces.  It was cut down the middle then one half was sent one day to the satellite branch, the other half was sent a few days later. This was one of the earliest forms of bank security to protect against robbery on the road which was rife at this time. It was then reassembled at the branch by bank staff with tape and stamped accordingly. Fair condition    £200-300


295.   A collection of twenty five silver Three Pences from 1878 to 1940, various conditions.    £20-30


296.   Five Cheques including an American Pennsylvania Banking House for $315-75 cents, July 13th 1908, a Barclays Bank, Malton, 1928, Yorkshire Bank, York, 1964 and two travellers cheques.  (5).    £20-30


297.   A collection of approximately sixty, mainly 20th Century, World Banknotes including a quantity from Yugoslavia, all various conditions.    £30-40


298.   A RBS Commemorative Robert Louis Stevenson, 1994, £1 Note, UNC, a collection of pre decimal coinage, copper and bronze, a small collection of silver and part silver coinage, Maundy penny to florin.    £20-30


299.   An American standing Liberty Quarter type II obverse, 1917, 'S' mint mark, v.fine, together with an 1887 Morgan dollar and a collection of foreign coinage, all various conditions and a few various tokens and badges.      £30-40


300.   A collection of mainly copper and bronze Coinage from the 18th century to 20th century, in various conditions.    £30-50


301.   Seven Irish George I, 1723, Dei Gratia Rex harp to the right, copper farthings, v.f. or better.  (7).    £200-300


302.   Six Irish George I, 1723, Dei Gratia Rex harp to right, copper Farthings, v.f. or better.  (6).    £200-300


303.   A 1936 George V Penny, UNC, with lustre, together with a collection of pre decimal coinage, farthing to half crown, a small quantity of silver and 50% silver coinage, silver threepence to half crown, a 1951 Festival of Britain crown and a 1953 coronation crown, various conditions.    £20-30


304.   An American part silver 1964 Half Dollar with a 1956 souvenir from Guernsey set of five coins and a small collection of mainly bronze foreign coinage, together with two Fforde series 'C' portrait Ten Shilling Note, UNC, two Bank of Scotland £1 notes, two Royal Bank of Scotland £1 notes, all various conditions, and a Britains first decimal pack of coins.    £10-20


305.   Thirteen Japanese Occupation Banknotes, 100 dollars to 5 cents, nine other 1940's banknotes plus two red brown 10 shilling notes, all various conditions.  (24).    £10-20


306.   A collection of pre decimal Coinage, farthing to half crown, including an 1895 'bun' head farthing, forty three post 1920 50% silver sixpences, George V to George VI and a few foreign coins, various conditions.    £30-40


307.   Two Victorian Half Farthings, 1843 to 1844, both v.f, a quantity of farthings, 1773 to 1954 including an 1887,e.f with some lustre, all others various conditions.  (33).    £30-40


308.   Four 1897 Half Pennies, v.f. to UNC. plus seven pennies, 1892 to 1901, v.fine to UNC. and a collection of copper and bronze half pennies and pennies, various conditions.      £30-40


309.   Two 1953 Currency Sets, three 1953 coronation crowns, thirty other commemorative crowns including a 1960 example, two Britains first decimal sets and other coins, various conditions.    £30-40


310.   An Edward VII, 1903, silver Three Pence, e.f., two William IIII, 1836 and one Victoria, 1838, Groat, e.f. plus eleven silver three pences, 1881 to 1937, various conditions.  (15)    £60-80


311.   A Queen Anne VIGO Shilling, 1703, fine, together with a 1711 sixpence, fair and worn William III sixpence with a hole in.  (3).    £60-70


312.   Five Sixpences, 1825 to 1910, (two with holes in), four shillings, 1824 to 1900, a Gothic florin, 1873 and an Edward VII, 1907, florin, various conditions.  (11).    £30-40


313.   A George IIII, 1821, Secundo on edge, Crown, fine, plus a Victoria Jubilee, 1888, double florin, fine and an 1889 double florin, inverted 1 in second I in Victoria, fine.  (3).    £50-60


314.   A collection of post 1920 50% silver Coinage, George V and George VI sixpence to half crown, all various conditions.  (28).    £20-30


315.   A set of four Photographic Medals awarded to Window and Grove of London, including a silver Edinburgh Photographic society medal awarded in 1890, a silver Ventnor and Bonchurch Literacy and Scientific Institution Medal on in 1891 and a bronze 1908 and silver 1909 medal issued by the London Polytechnic Technical School won by Henry Arnaud for Window and Grove for colour finishing.  (4)    £40-60


316.   A collection of thirteen Foreign Banknotes including six from Cyprus £1 to £10, a 9th September 1934 Poland 100 Zlotych, a series 'C' Fforde portrait ten shilling and a series 'D' Somerset £1 note, various conditions.  (15).    £30-40


317.   A large quantity of 20th Century Foreign Coinage mainly American, France, Cyprus and Irish, all conditions.    £20-30


318.   A collection on Foreign silver and part silver Coinage, a quantity of 18th & 19th Century copper and bronze Foreign coinage including an 1858 Flying Eagle one cent SL and an 1864 two cent LM, all various conditions.      £40-50


319.   A quantity of Roman and Far Eastern Foreign Coinage including Spade fraction guinea tokens and some cut coins, all various conditions.    £20-30


320.   A James I copper Farthing Token, fine, and a Charles I copper Farthing Token, v.f.    £20-30


321.   An Edward VII, 1908, gold Half Sovereign, fine condition.    £100-110


322.   A George V, 1911, gold Half Sovereign, Perth mint mark, fine condition.    £100-110


323.   A George V, 1912, gold Half Sovereign, fine condition.    £100-110


324.   A George V, 1912, gold Half Sovereign, v.fine condition.    £110-120


325.   A George V, 1913, gold Half Sovereign, fine condition.    £100-110


326.   An Edward VII, 1910, gold Sovereign, fine condition.    £200-220


327.   A George V, 1912, gold Sovereign, v.fine condition.    £220-230


328.   A collection of 170 Libyan Banknotes, 1,5,10 Dinars, 2004 issue 6, plus a collection of 54 Libyan banknotes, 5,10,50 Dinars, 2008, issue 7, various conditions.  (224).    £100-120


329.   Eight Foreign Banknotes, plus a collection of mainly foreign coinage, late 20th Century from France, Italy etc., various conditions.    £10-20


330.   A quantity of 19th and 20th Century Foreign Coinage including a quantity of silver and part silver, all various conditions.    £20-30


331.   An 1893 Barber silver Half Dollar, mint mark 'O', v.f, together with six pages of foreign coins in a small collectors coin album, all various conditions.    £30-40


332.   A collection of twenty six Foreign Banknotes mainly first half of 20th Century including Japanese Government Occupation notes, German, French, Malaya and one series 'D' Somerset £1 note, all various conditions.    £30-40


333.   Seventeen Commemorative Crowns, 1965 to 1981 plus two commemorative £5 coins, 1993 to 1996.    £15-20


334.   A quantity of pre decimal Coinage, farthing to half crown, plus a presentation Lindeur case, farthing to decimal 5p, all various conditions.    £20-30


335.   Four Festival of Britain, 1951, boxed Crowns together with three coronation crowns, 1953, plus a 1953 currency set in a plastic case, a 1970 and 1989 Royal Mint proof sets in boxes and six Britains first decimal packs of coins.    £30-40


336.   A black Album of ten pages of English Coinage from William III, 1799, half penny to decimal £2 coin including an 1889 Jubilee crown and a 1935 silver Jubilee crown, all various conditions.    £40-50


337.   A Lindner tray of silver and 50% silver English Coinage, 6d to half crown, including an 1885, 1896 and 1903 florin, one 1914 and two 1916 half crowns, all various conditions.    £50-60


338.   Approximately fifty eight silver Three Pences, Victoria to George VI, all various conditions.  (58)    £20-30


339.   A Victoria 1897 gold Half Sovereign, fine condition.    £90-110


340.   A George V, 1912, gold Sovereign, v.f. condition.    £200-220


341.   A Pobjoy Mint Elizabeth II, 1973, Isle of Man gold Sovereign, UNC.    £200-220


342.   A Royal Mint Elizabeth II, 1981, gold Sovereign, UNC.    £200-220


343.   A Royal Mint Elizabeth II, gold Sovereign, UNC.    £200-220


344.   Six silver proof £1 Coins, three silver proof crowns, Guernsey 1978, a 1981 Royal Wedding and a Queen Mother 80th Birthday, all in presentation cases.  (9).    £80-100


345.   A silver proof six coin Presentation Set of Coinage, a five piece silver proof crown set and the other silver proof crowns, all issued by Pobjoy Mint, all in presentation cases.  (12).    £100-120


346.   Nine silver proof Crowns and a silver proof £1 coin, two Tonga proof one Panaga, in envelopes, and two reproduction packs of Roman Coins.      £80-100


347.   A gold Napoleon III, 1854, 10 Francs, Mint A, fine condition.    £40-50


348.   A Royal Mint 2015 Proof Premium Set of thirteen coins and one medal in a wooden Royal Mint case.    £100-120


349.   A Britannia issue Beale £1 Note, two portrait series Fforde ten shilling notes, two series 'D' Somerset £1 notes and a Page £5 note, plus three Scottish banknotes £20, £10 and £5, all various conditions.  (9)    £50-60


350.   One USA $10 Bill, three consecutive $5 bills 2013 series, five consecutive $1 2009 series and a 1995 $1 bill, all UNC.  (10).    £20-30


351.   A Canadian 25 Cents, 2nd January, 1900, signature Boville, together with four other modern Canadian banknotes and three Australian banknotes.  (9).    £50-60


352.   A collection of forty three mainly late 20th Century Foreign Banknotes, all about UNC.  (43)    £50-60


353.   A collection of twenty early 20th Century Hyper inflation German banknotes, together with six other foreign banknotes.  (26).    £20-30


354.   Two George VI, boxed, 1951 Proof Festival of Britain Crowns, together with two 1953 Coronation commemorative crowns and eight Britains first decimal coin sets.      £10-20


355.   Three silver gilt Bradford Exchange Commemorative crowns size Presentation Packs in cases, 'Birds of St. Helena', 'The Napoleonic Wars', 'The Crowning Moments of the Queen Elizabeth II', twenty two in total and reproduction pack of six silver coins of Edward VIII, all proof.    £40-50


356.   A Royal Mint definitive collection of Jody Clark 2015, eight coin Proof Set, a fortieth of an ounce gold 2015 gold Britannia coin and a 2014 Dylan Thomas 1.2gms Alderney gold £1 coin.    £80-100


357.   A USA Album of fifty state Commemorative Quarter Dollars with two silver proof sets of USA quarter dollars and a proof set of one dollar together with two Royal Mint circulation packs of £5 coins and £2 coins.    £30-40


358.   Three plastic magnetic Blocks for holding banknotes.   7" (18cms) x 5" (13cms).    £10-20


359.   A collection of 20th Century Foreign Coinage mainly American, European and Australian and a collection of pre decimal GB coinage, all various conditions.      £10-20


360.   A collection of pre decimal Coinage, farthing to 1980 commemorative crown including an 1821 George IIII, farthing to a few silver and part silver coinage, all various conditions.    £20-30


361.   A collection of 19th and 20th Century Foreign Coinage including a quantity of copper and silver 19th Century coinage, various conditions.    £30-40


362.   A collection of eighteen copper 18th and 19th Century Tokens, five penny, twelve half pennies and one farthing, various conditions.    £20-30


363.   Two USA ten dollars, two 5 dollars and nine 1 dollar Banknotes, 1977 to 1999 series, various conditions.  (13).    £20-30


364.   A Somerset £1 Note together with five Australian, five Singapore and fifteen other late 20th Century Foreign Banknotes.  (31).    £40-50


365.   A Queen Victoria, 1897, bronze 56mm Diamond Jubilee Medal in original Royal Mint box, an Edward VII, 1902, silver 31mm coronation medal, a George V, 1911, coronation 51mm bronze medal in original Royal Mint box.  (3).    £130-150


366.   A Victoria, 1844, Half Farthing, fine, together with a George IV, 1829, farthing, e.fine, and a rare, 1863, farthing, fine and five other farthings, 1754 to 1948, various conditions.  (8).    £50-60


367.   A George II, 1748, Half Penny, v.fine, together with a William IIII half penny, worn, a George III, 1775, half penny, fine and a George III cartwheel two pence, fine.  (4).    £60-80


368.   A collection of five 19th Century One Penny Tokens and a half penny with hole in.  (6).    £30-40


369.   An 1897 South Africa Two Shilling together with three other part silver coins and a collection of pre decimal penny to Churchill commemorative crown.      £10-20


370.   A French silver 1/12 Ecu (10 Sols) Louis XIII 1660 Diamond Mint mark, AIX, fine and a reproduction of an 1803 silver dollar, draped bust.  (2).    £20-30


371.   A George V gold Half Sovereign 1913 in a pierced 9ct. gold mount.    £80-120


372.   A Prince of Wales Investiture proof silver Medal, 1st July, 1969, in original case.    £20-30


373.   A Royal Mint 2008 Currency Set together with a Buckingham Palace, 1993, commemorative medal and twelve other commemorative medals, all in UNC and plastic cases.    £20-30


374.   Eight Commemorative Medals including three silver medals and a Royal Mint Domesday medal, 1086-1986, all in original cases.  (8).    £50-60


375.   A Victoria Jubilee, 1891, Shilling together with a collection of pre 1920 100% silver sixpences and three pences, a quantity of pre 1947 50% silver sixpences and three pences, a quantity of pre decimal coinage, farthing to 1953 coronation crown including two Heaton pennies, 1912, 1918 and a 1918 KN penny, all various conditions.    £30-40


376.   An 1884 Morgan Dollar, New Orleans mint mark, e.f., together with a collection of foreign coinage, mainly American, Spanish and Irish including a number of part silver coins and a small bronze Constans Roman coin, all various conditions.    £30-40


377.   A collection of approximately ninety six George V and George VI Farthings, all various conditions.  (96)    £20-30


378.   A collection of pre decimal Coinage, including a large quantity of bronze half pennies and pennies, 1860-1967, some brass threepences, shillings and half crowns and a Coronation Crown, 1953 in original box, all various conditions.    £20-30


379.   A George V, 1930, Half Crown, fine, a small quantity of George V and George VI 50% silver coinage, sixpence to half crown.      £30-40


380.   A Confederate States of America $100 Dollar Note issued 1st December, 1862, Richmond Virginia, v.f. condition.    £60-80


381.   A 1980's brass Money Box for 5p, 10p and 20p coins, in the form of three vertical columns.     £10-20


382.   A Currency Set in presentation case, together with eight commemorative crowns 1965-1977, a quantity of pre decimal coinage, half penny to half crown, various conditions.    £10-20


383.   A collection of approximately 140 silver Threepences, Victoria to George VI, a few other silver and part silver coinage, Groat to Half Crown, all various conditions.    £60-80


384.   A collection of Foreign Coinage including four silver and part silver coinage from Germany to India, all various conditions.     £10-20


385.   Five Peppiatt blue Britannia issue March 1940 £1 Notes, together with two mauve October 1940, 10/- notes, various conditions.  (7).    £40-50


386.   A Beale Green Britannia issue £1 Note, March 1950, plus three Beale red brown 10/- notes, plus an O'Brien £1 note and 10/- note and three series 'C' portrait O'Brien red brown 10/- notes, various conditions.  (9).    £30-40


387.   Four series 'C' portrait brown £10 Notes including 1964 Hollom A29, two 1967 Fforde A67, A68, and a 1971 replacement Page MO3 prefix, plus three Hollom 1963 red brown 10/- notes, together with five Fforde 1967 10/- notes and a Fforde £1 note E647 with small G on the reverse Goebel Machine, all in various conditions. (13).    £60-80


388.   A Republic of Ireland Jonathan Swift £10 Note, 4/4/1986 plus an Ulster Bank, V. Chambers £5 note 1/2/1988, a Gibraltar £1 1975, a Jersey blue £1 and two Guernsey green £1 notes D Trestain, various conditions.  (6).    £20-30


389.   Three Clydesdale Banknotes, a Cole Hamilton £10 note 18/9/1987, a Goodwin £5 note 1/2/1997, a Fairburn £1 note 1/3/1971, plus a Royal Bank of Scotland Winter £5 note 3.1.1985 and five £1 notes A56 to C60 1988 to 1996 and a Bank of Scotland Lord Clydesmuir £5 note 5/9/1973.  (10).    £60-80




390.   A Stock Card with an interesting selection of mainly GB Victoria Stamps.    £40-60


391.   A Stock Card very similar to the previous lot.    £40-60


392.   Two ring binders with a good selection of World Stamps, some interesting early material, hi cats, also an original 'United States' Vietnam Service Medal in box.    £50-70


393.   A Grafton loose leaf Album with a nice selection of GB Victoria Stamps and Covers, possible postal history, etc.    £40-60


394.   A small Album with interesting selection of mainly GB, German and Channel Islands Occupation Stamps and covers, etc., some hi cat, also small Stock Book and a few FDCs.    £40-60


395.   A selection of four Album with World Mix Stamps, also a collection of matchbox covers in album.    £20-40


396.   S.G. Windsor GB Album (little content), two stockbooks with GB mint and used stamps, also a small stockbook.    £20-30


397.   Three albums of mainly GB FDCs etc.    £15-25


398.   A collection of Cigarette & Tea Cards etc.    £15-25


399.   Three Albums of GB and Foreign F.D.C.s etc. quantity.     £20-40


400.   Seven Royal Mail Special Stamp Year Books - 1984 to 1990 (nos. 1-7) complete with stamps.    £40-60


401.   Seven Royal Mail Special Stamp Year Books - 1991 to 1997 (nos. 8-14) complete with stamps.    £40-60


402.   Six Royal Mail Special Stamp Year Books - 1998 to 2003  (nos. 15-20) complete with stamps.    £80-120


403.   Six Royal Mail Special Stamp Year Books - 2004 to 2009  (nos. 21-26) complete with stamps.    £120-180


404.   Eight United States Postal Services Stamp Yearbooks - 2000 to 2009 (2007 missing) complete with stamps    £50-70


405.   Eight United States Postal Services Stamp Yearbooks - 1992 to 1999 complete with stamps also twelve commemorative stamp folders 1979 to 1989 (stamps not included).    £50-70


406.   A pair of 2d blue Stamps with lines type E1 imperf. 'M I' white letters in two corners, ivory head on reserve, also 2d blue with lines prefed. 'H I' in four corners, six plate.  (3).    £40-60


407.   A medium sized Stockbook with a large quantity of GB Stamps, decimal and pre decimal, mint and used.      £30-50


408.   A large red Stockbook with a wide and varied selection of mainly Britain Commonwealth Stamps, mint and used, minimum sheets etc., few foreign.      £30-50


409.   A 1924 Everest Expedition Postcards signed J B W Noel, dated Calcutta 30th October 1924, with special Everest stamp, also with British Empire Exhibition post mark.    £80-120


410.   A selection of Jersey and Guernsey F.D.C.s Presentation Packs etc.    £20-30


411.   The Lincoln Stamp Album, c.1900, with a nice selection of good early material.    £40-60


412.   Three Stamp Albums with world mix stamps, plus a few GB F.D.C.s    £20-40


413.   A selection of F.D.C.s from British Virgin Islands, some with BEPO cancellations also mint stamps from Antigua etc.    £15-25


414.   A British South Africa Company, Rhodesia Cover, dated 10th Feb. 1911 with thirteen franked stamps 1/2d - 2/-, good clean material.    £60-80


415.   A Wanderer loose leaf Album with an interesting selection of World Stamps.    £20-40


416.   A Stockbook of European stamps from the late 19th Century.     £20-40


417.   An old Strand Album of 19th Century and later stamps.     £20-30


418.   A well filled Stockbook of GB stamps including Victoria, Edward VII etc.     £30-50


419.   A large box of Commonwealth Stamps on loose pages and paper etc.     £20-30


420.   A packet of official Overprints etc.     £30-40


421.   A green Stockbook and contents of unmounted mint New Zealand stamps.     £20-30


422.   An Errimar Album of Commonwealth stamps.     £20-30


423.   An Album of Rhodesian stamps on envelopes.     £20-30


424.   An Album of late 19th and 20th Century European stamps.     £20-30


425.   An Album of mint and used George VI and other GB stamps.     £30-40


426.   An Album of GB and Commonwealth stamps including some high values.     £40-50


427.   An Album of George VI mint Commonwealth stamps with values to ten shillings.     £40-50


428.   An Album of mint George V GB stamps.     £40-50


429.   A box containing decimal and pre decimal Presentation Packs.     £20-30


430.   A very interesting collection of Malayan Territories B.M.A Postal History, well presented in dedicated Lindner album.   Album no. 1 (approx. 140 covers).  Hi. Cat.    £100-150


431.   A very similar Lot to above in Album No. 2, (approx. 130 covers).  Hi.Cat.    £100-150


432.   Two Stockbooks dedicated to B.M.A. including covers (approx. 30) used Stamps etc. (2).    £40-60


433.   Three volumes of The Postal History of British Malaya' by Edward B Proud, pub. Proud Bailey 1982-84, as new, invaluable ref. material.  (3).    £80-120


434.   Four Stockbooks with assorted world mix of stamps, mint and used, quantity.  (4).    £30-50


435.   Three Stockbooks, similar to previous lot.  (3).    £30-50


436.   Three Stockbooks, similar to the previous lot.  (3).    £30-50


437.   Four Stockbooks, similar to previous lot.  (4).    £30-50


438.   Four S.G. STRAND Albums with varied mix of world stamps. (4).    £20-40


439.   A collection of Benham silk Postcards, c.1982-91, (approx. 60) and a collection of Benham small silk covers 1984-91 (approx. 70).   (two boxes).    £60-80


440.   A collection of Benham Covers, c.1978-2016, (approx. 100), a Benham limited edition album of Charles and Diana Wedding, also a small quantity of The White Lion Society cover, (approx. 10).    £40-60


441.   Four Post Office Year Books, no. 5, 6,13 & 14, complete with stamps.  (4).    £30-50


442.   A large selection of mainly S.G. Catalogues etc. (approx. 40).    £20-30


443.   A set of S.G. 'Stamps of the World' Catalogues (5) also a S.G. 'Commonwealth & Empire Stamps' catalogue.    £20-30


444.   A very impressive set of S.G. 'Windsor Sovereign' Albums comprising of 6 x 2 albums in slip case, as new, with good content 1953-2016, earlier material patchy.  (12).    £400-600


445.   A quantity P.H.Q. used cards, the majority F.D.I.  (one box)    £20-40


446.   Three boxes of used P.H.Q. Cards, all numbered as issued, well presented.  (3).    £60-80


447.   A large quantity of mostly used, unused P.H.Q. Cards plus two other albums.    £20-40


448.   A box of sorted unused P.H.Q. Cards ranging from 1985-2000.    £20-40


449.   Four Albums of GB F.D.C.s ranging from c.1952-1983, large quantity, well presented.    £30-50


450.   Four Albums of GB F.D.C.s ranging from c.1984-2000, large quantity, well presented.  (4).    £30-50


451.   Five Albums of GB F.D.C.s ranging from c.2001-2016, large quantity, well presented.  (5).    £40-60


452.   A collection of Definitive Presentation Packs ranging from 1970's to 2016, some high face values (approx. 60), a large quantity of regional F.D.C.s in album and loose, also a quantity of F.D.C.s with Windsor post mark.    £80-100


453.   Three dedicated Olympic Albums including a 1992 Games, a History of the Games with contents, and a collection of F.D.C.s from London 2012 Games showing gold medal winners, also from the Paralympic Games.  (3).    £40-60


454.   Two dedicated Album of GB Presentation Packs ranging from 1964-1984, large quantity, well presented.  (approx. 130).  (2).    £80-120


455.   Two dedicated Albums of GB Presentation Packs ranging from 1985 - 2000, large quantity, well presented.  (approx. 100).  (2).    £80-120


456.   Two dedicated Album of GB Presentation Packs ranging from 2001 - 2009, large quantity, well presented.  (approx. 60).  (2).    £60-100


457.   Two dedicated Albums of GB Presentation Packs ranging from 2010 - 2016 quantity, well presented.  (approx. 75).  (2).    £60-100


458.   Two dedicated Albums of GB Gutter Pairs including an album of GB mint traffic pairs, an album of GB F.D.C.s gutter pairs etc. together with an album of assorted presentation packs.  (3).    £40-60


459.   An Album containing a well presented collection of Royal Mail Prestige Booklets, ranging from c. 1980 - 2016, Hi. Cat.  (approx. 50).    £150-200


460.   An Album containing a well presented collection of Post Office Stamp Booklets, ranging from c.1950s - 1980, containing approx. 70 pre decimal and over 200 decimal, some Hi. Cat.    £100-150


461.   An Album containing a well presented collection of Post Office Stamp Booklets ranging from 1980 - 1985, some Hi. Cat.  (approx. 190).    £150-200


462.   An Album containing a well presented collection of Post Office Stamp Booklets ranging from c.1987 - 2013, Hi. Cat. and Hi. Face values.  (approx. 190).    £200-250


463.   A new Davo Album dedicated to Alderney good content with U/M stamps, also a small selection of F.D.C.s etc.    £40-60


464.   Two new Davo Albums dedicated to Guernsey, good content with U/M stamps etc.    £80-120


465.   A collection of Guernsey Presentation Packs (approx. 40) also a large selection of stamp booklets and a quantity of FDCs.    £20-40


466.   Three new Davo Albums dedicated to Jersey, good content of U/M stamps etc.    £100-140


467.   A collection of Jersey Presentation Packs (approx. 80) also a quantity of stamp booklets.      £40-60


468.   A large selection of Jersey F.D.C.s c.1970-2016 in three albums and some loose.  (3).    £30-50


469.   Three new Davo Albums dedicated to Isle of Man, good content of U/M stamps etc. (3).    £100-140


470.   A large quantity of Isle of Man Presentation Packs, c.1973 - 2000 in eleven albums, good clean material.  (11).    £100-140


471.   A large quantity of Isle of Man F.D.C.s in five albums, also a quantity of P.H.Q. cards.  (5).    £40-60


472.   A selection of Isle of Man Stamp Booklets, special packs etc.    £20-40


473.   Three Albums of GB F.D.C.s Presentation Packs of Go-Stamps, mini sheets etc. quantity.  (3).    £30-50


474.   Three Albums of GB F.D.C.s, wide ranging, well presented, quantity.  (3).    £30-50


475.   One Album of GB F.D.C.s, also a large quantity of GB covers in box.  (approx. 300).    £30-50


476.   An assorted lot of new and used Albums including Lindner, Davo, S.G. etc.  (11)    £30-50


477.   A Stockcard with one 1d black with red Malt. Cross and two 2d Blues with black Malt. Crosses, line engraved stamps also four 1d reds and one 1/2d 1890 stamp.  (4).    £40-60


478.   An 1855-67 Vic. 6d purple embossed Stamp, fine used, three clear margins, Hi. Cat.    £80-120


479.   An 1867 Vic. 5/- rose Stamp, clean with clear London JU-18-69 cancellation, Hi. Cat.    £80-120


480.   An 1883 Vic. one 2/6 lilac, one 2/6 deep lilac and one 5/- rose, all nice clean stamps, also a card with a further fifteen Vic. stamps.  (18).    £60-80


481.   An 1887 Vic. £1 green Jubilee Stamp, quite heavy cancellation otherwise nice stamp, Hi. Cat.    £100-140


482.   Thirteen 1901 to 1910 Edward VII 1/2d to 2/6 Stamps, nice clean selection.  (13).    £40-60


483.   A red loose leaf Album with GB Stamps 1953 to 1994, mint and used, also a blue loose leaf album with Royal related stamps, 1977 Jubilee, 1981 Royal Wedding etc mainly mint, few FDCs  (2+)    £30-50


484.   A Triumph Album and black loose leaf Album, both with good world mix of stamps.  (2).    £30-50


485.   A very interesting collection of Documents from "Indore State Court" complete with a variety of official Court Fee Stamps ranging from 1920s to 1940s (approximately 16), also a selection of GB covers 1920s to 1930s, possible postal history.    £40-60


486.   Five Official Albums of World Wildlife Fund in slip cases, complete with F.D.C.s information sheets etc. 1983 - 1991.  (5).    £40-60


487.   The Official collection of World Wildlife F.D.C.s in dedicated albums.  (144 covers).    £30-50


488.   Six Royal Mail Special Stamp Year Books - 1984 to 1989 (nos. 1-6) complete with stamps.    £30-50


489.   Six Royal Mail Special Stamp Year Books - 1990 to 1995 (nos. 7-12) complete with stamps.    £30-50


490.   Six Royal Mail Special Stamp Year Books - 1996 to 2001 (nos. 13-18) complete with stamps.    £70-100


491.   Six Royal Mail Special Stamp Year Books - 2002 to 2007 (nos. 19-24) complete with stamps.    £100-140


492.   An Album of GB Stamp Booklets, pre decimal and decimal, well presented.  (approx. 140).    £40-60


493.   An Album dedication to Royal Mail Post and Go Presentation Packs etc.  2008 - 2016.  (approx. 44).    £40-60


494.   Five Lindner Albums dedicated to Jersey, 1969 to 2012, containing a very comprehensive collection of mint stamps, in pairs, blocks etc.  (5).    £100-140


495.   Three Albums of Presentation Packs, miniature sheets, FDCs etc. of Jersey, well presented.     £30-50


496.   A large collection of Jersey FDCs, 1980 to 2012, quantity.    £40-60


497.   Three Albums of Presentation Packs etc. dedicated to Jersey, 2013 to 2014, well presented.  (approx. 150).    £30-50


498.   Three Albums of Russian Stamps, large quantity of sets, miniature sheets etc. mint and used, well presented.  (3).    £40-60


499.   Two Albums of Russian Stamps ranging from 1943-1966 in blocks, sets, etc.     £30-50


500.   Three Albums dedicated to West German First Day Cards 1977-1982.  (approx. 145)    £30-50


501.   Five Stockbooks with good World mix of stamps, miniature sheets, 1976 Canadian Olympic collection in two volumes, signed by Trudeau etc.    £30-50


502.   A Leuchtturm Albenveriag Album dedicated to Germany Deutschland Berlin 1949 - 1990, good content with mint and used stamps.    £60-100


503.   Two large Stockbooks dedicated to German Democratic Republic 1949 - 1990, mint and used stamps, miniature sheets etc. some Hi. Cat. values.  (2).    £60-100


504.   A large Stockbook with a collection of German Federal Republic Stamps, miniature sheets, booklets etc. mint and used, c.1949-2000.    £40-60


505.   A large Stockbook with German Third Reich Stamps 1920s to 1945 including countries under occupation etc. mint and used, good content, some Hi. Cat. values.    £60-100


506.   Three Albums of German Stamps, mint and used, good selection.  (3).    £30-50


507.   A large Album dedicated to GB miniature sheets 1978 - 2016.  (approx. 140).    £80-120


508.   Three Albums of Royal Mail Prestige Stamp Books 1969 - 2016.  (approx. 57).    £70-100


509.   Four Stockbooks with GB stamps Victoria to 2016, small amount of pre decimal, gutter pairs etc. mainly U/M, quantity.  (4).    £80-120


510.   Two loose leaf Albums with a well presented collection of GB Machins stamps, booklets panes etc. c. 1967-1990.     £40-60


511.   A large blue Album of GB Presentation Packs, mainly regional definitives, Hi. Face etc.  (approx. 68) few FDCs.      £80-120


512.   A large red Album of GB Presentation Packs mainly decimal, some Hi. Face. (approx. 80).    £80-120


513.   Forty assorted GB Presentation Packs.    £15-20


514.   Four Albums dedicated to GB 'Fourpenny Post Series' FDCs c. January 1997- June 1999.  (239 covers).    £30-50


515.   Four Albums dedicated to GB 'Fourpenny Post Series' FDCs c. July 1999-2003.  (248 covers).    £30-50


516.   Four Albums with a large quantity of GB FDCs c. January 1994 - March 1995.  (219 covers)    £30-50


517.   Three Albums with a large quantity of GB FDCs c.April 1995 - May 1996.  (245 covers)    £30-50


518.   Two Albums with a large quantity of GB FDCs c. May 1996 - June 1997.  (approx. 208 covers).    £30-50


519.   Four Albums with a large quantity of GB FDCs c. June 1997 - November 2006.  (approx. 320 covers)    £40-60




520.   An LMS black painted Railway Lamp and two others.     £40-50


521.   A box of Paperwork relating to the Great Northern Railway including late 19th Century luggage and consignment labels etc.     £30-40


522.   Another box of Railway related Paperwork including LNER, Midland Railway etc.     £20-30


523.   Another box of Railway related Paperwork including LMS, Highland Railway etc.     £20-30


524.   A wooden Fishing Reel.  4" (10cms) and four others.     £20-30


525.   A number of Elastolin Cowboy and Indian Figures.     £30-40


526.   A quantity of Hornby O gauge Model Railway including rolling stock, signal box, track etc.     £50-70


527.   A small Stationary Engine by the Signal Engineering Company Limited.  4" (10cms) wide and another similar.     £50-70


528.   A quantity of Meccano including instruction book, Marklin Construction book etc.     £40-50


529.   A number of brass Cartridge Filling Tools with turned wooden handles, etc.    £40-60


530.   An Optical Stereometer.    £30-40


531.   A Cribbage Marker, boxwood and other Draughts, Dice, Scrabble, Dominoes, etc.    £30-40


532.   A set of eight circular Table Mats, the centres painted with hunting scenes and within a lace border, each 7" (17cms) diameter.    £30-50


533.   A gilt wood Table Photograph Frame with easel stand, a gilt metal Table Photograph Frame, and a painted face Fan with gilded handle.    £30-50


534.   A 19th century French Fashion Montage, framed, 8 1/2" (20cms) x 6 " (15cms), and a Needlework Panel.    £30-40


535.   A 19th century Miniature oval Portrait of a boy wearing a black coat in an iron and brass frame, the reverse inscribed "W Baldwyn", and an oval Silhouette heightened in gilt of a girl.    £50-70


536.   An octagonal horn Box with a gilt metal interior, 4" (10cms) wide; a three bladed brass Fleam and a Cutthroat Razor in case.    £30-40


537.   A Pacific Islands Wooden Club of serrated design.  25 1/2" (65cms) long.     £200-300


538.   An African Axe with wooden haft and half moon blade.  19" (48cms) long.     £30-50


539.   A German Violin labelled 'Christian Hoffmann, Sachsen, 1897' with two-piece back, length of back 14 1/2" (37cms), with a bow in case, and one other Violin.    £70-100


540.   A Violin Bow marked "Forster" another marked "Vuillaume, Paris" and sixteen other violin bows, all worn.    £70-100


541.   A tray of Vintage Postcards, mainly Yorkshire views.      £70-100


542.   A box containing miscellaneous topographical Postcards.    £30-40


543.   A box of Vintage Postcards, mainly humorous.    £40-60


544.   A box of Magic Lantern Slides, including war ships at sea, a number from the Transvaal in War series etc.    £50-70


545.   A box containing a collection of 19th Century Scraps and an album of scraps.    £30-40


546.   A series of four Cabinet Doors, each inset with leaded and coloured glass panels, with figures, winter landscapes, insects etc. within a geometric surround of coloured panels in blue, red, yellow, green etc. and the borders with stylised leaves.   Two 4' 5" (135cms) x 2' 1" (64cms) with two smaller panels, each 3' 4" (102cms) x 2' 1" (64cms).    £500-700


547.   Two boxes of Shells, including some named examples, in small boxes, etc.    £40-60


548.   A box containing a wooden Stereoscopic Viewer, two folding Cameras, glass Camera Plates, etc.    £40-60


549.   After JACK MERRIOTT, a British Railways Poster "Teesdale" showing the Tees at Barnard Castle, printing by Chorley & Pickersgill Limited, Leeds, 40" (102cms) x 25 1/2" (65cms), and another "Lincolnshire" depicting Somersby Rectory and published by Jordison & Co.    £100-150


550.   A set of ten brass Handbells with tooled leather strap handles in a pine box.    £150-200


551.   A collection of eighteen Phonograph Discs.    £30-40


552.   A Victorian walnut table Writing Box, the interior fitted with a tooled leather writing slope and with brass corner pieces.  14" (36cms) wide.     £30-50


553.   A walnut Stationery Box by Asser & Sherwin, 18 Strand, London, with applied brass mounts, hinged sloping cover and divided interior.  9 1/2" (24cms) wide.    £50-80


554.   A small oak Cupboard, the interior fitted with two drawers and enclosed by panelled door with strap hinges.  10 1/2" (27cms) wide.    £20-30


555.   A Victorian walnut Table Writing Box with Tunbridge ware banding.  20" (51cms) wide.    £30-40


556.   Three dogs head Walking Stick Handles, balance scales and other metal ware.    £50-70


557.   A copper Military Bugle and one other.  (a/f)    £30-40


558.   A modern Birdcage Automaton Clock.    £30-40


559.   A chromium plated Car Mascot in the form of a jaguar.  11" (28cms) long.     £40-50


560.   After PREISS: a modern Bronze Figure of a girl ballet dancer on marble plinth.  12 1/2" (32cms) high.     £100-120


561.   A Parker Fountain Pen and other calligraphy items.     £30-40


562.   A two storey Doll's House in the form of a thatched cottage with furniture and accessories, 2' (61cms) high x 2' 6" (76cms) wide.    £50-70


563.   A dapple grey Rocking Horse with saddle and harness, on a wooden stand, 3' 9" (150cms) long.    £200-250


564.   A Victorian taffeta short Cape with beadwork decoration, another similar, a number Christening Gowns, etc.    £40-60


565.   A number of horn Coat Hooks on an oak board.  3' 8" (112cms) wide.     £50-70


566.   A Vellum Suitcase.  27 1/2" (70cms) wide.    £30-40


567.   A box of Table Linen including embroidered cloths etc.     £30-40


568.   A Victorian papier-mache Cheroot Case decorated with bird flowers and gilt and a papier-mache spill vase.     £30-40


569.   A Tunbridge ware Paper Knife and a Mauchline ware string box.     £30-40


570.   A small 19th Century Bronze Figure of a Greek warrior holding a spear and shield and on an oblong base.  5 1/2" (14cms) high.     £40-60


571.   A wooden fox head Page Turner.  15" (39cms) long.     £40-60


572.   A pair of Cloisonné panel sided Vases decorated with flowering trees, 6" (15cms) high and two Cantonese enamel saucer dishes (a/f).      £20-40


573.   A World War II British Sighting Telescope no. 22C Mark 2, dated 1942, for a six pound anti-tank gun, 13 1/2" (35cms) long.    £20-30


574.   A 19th century ebonised Wall Bracket with a three quarter pierced brass gallery, 14" (36cms) wide.    £50-80


575.   A Victorian papier mache Writing Box by Jennens & Bettridge inlaid with mother of pearl, the interior with leather writing slope and pen tray and with gilt decoration.  9 1/2" (24cms) wide.    £50-70


576.   A group of twenty six real photograph Postcards including Harrogate, Coventry, Cambridge, etc.    £20-30


577.   An Early 20th Century oak and brass banded eight spoke Ships Wheel inscribed "Brown's Patent Telemotor, Rosebank Ironworks, Edinburgh".  27" (69cms) diameter.     £200-250


578.   A ships brass Propeller mounted on a wooden stand and inscribed "Turtle".     £50-70


579.   An engraved plated Snuffbox, a simulated burr wood snuffbox and one other.      £50-60


580.   A pair of leather covered Military Binoculars in a leather case.     £30-40


581.   A Hardy Sovereign 2000 Fishing Reel in zip case and a spare spool.     £120-150


582.   A leather covered four draw Telescope by J H Steward Ltd, London, inscribed "Quick Focus Marksman".  Total length 29 1/2" (75cms).     £50-70


583.   A set of five pairs of steel Scissors by Joseph Rogers & Sons, in the original tooled leather case, inscribed LB 1913 and a set of bone sewing implements in a leather case.     £50-70


584.   A large paisley Cover with a cream centre, approximately 10' 9" (325cms) x 5' 2" (79cms).    £80-120


585.   A near pair of Eastern Wall Hangings with stylised floral design, each approximately 4' 6" (137cms) x 3' (92cms).    £30-40


586.   A North African Wall Hanging with an all over pattern of red flower heads, 6' 10" (210cms) x 3' 11" (120cms).    £150-200


587.   A North African, possibly Egyptian, square Wall Hanging with geometric centre design, the border with script and rosettes, 4' 3" (130cms) square.    £150-200


588.   Another Wall Hanging of similar design with geometric centre panel surrounded by script, stylised flowers, etc, 9' (275cms) x 4' 8 " (143cms).    £150-200


589.   Another Wall Hanging with an all over floral pattern in blue, green, red, etc, on a beige field, 5' 1" (155cms) x 3' 6" (107cms).    £70-100


590.   A Chinese embroidered Cover with figures, buildings, etc., 7' 3" (220cms) x 4' 6" (136cms).    £40-60


591.   A number of embroidered Runners, Cushion Covers, etc.    £50-80


592.   A 1960's Parker 75 Ciselle sterling silver Fountain Pen and a French Otis Creek N Creek fountain pen.     £40-60


593.   An Agfa Karat vintage Camera circa 1948 an Agfa Agnar camera and three light meters.     £40-60


594.   A collection of English and continental Postcards, Carte de Visite, etc.    £30-40


595.   A green onyx circular Bowl with variegated pattern on a pedestal foot, 8" (20cms) diameter.    £50-70


596.   Three miniature Jambiya.    £30-40


597.   A pair of oak Book Ends mounted with spelter busts of Shakespeare and a pair of "Praying Hands" brass Book Ends.    £30-40


598.   An Egyptian wooden Bowl with antelope head carving, an Egyptian Trinket Box and a blue circular Bowl.    £20-30


599.   A modern dome top Jewellery Casket inlaid with mother-of-pearl, a pair of brass Candlesticks  and other items.    £20-30


600.   A Masonic gilt metal and enamel Chain of Office inscribed Clarence Lodge No. 256.     £30-40


601.   A Victorian walnut Jewellery with Tunbridge ware banding and lift out tray.  12" (31cms) wide.    £20-40


602.   Several Albums of Cigarette and Tea Cards, etc.    £20-40


603.   A selection of general topographical Postcards (146).    £40-60


604.   Two Albums of interesting Postcards with varied subjects.    £140-180


605.   Twelve World War I Silk Postcards.    £30-40


606.   A selection of Postcards with various subjects (65).    £10-20


607.   A good selection of topographical Postcards of Yorkshire (20).    £80-100


608.   Five good topographical Postcards of north east locations.    £10-20


609.   Twelve good general topographical Postcards.    £30-40


610.   A Victorian Photograph Album with lithograph pages, embossed leather cover and musical movement.    £30-50


611.   A miniature Georgian design mahogany Chest of four long graduated drawers on bracket feet.  11" (28cms) wide.    £40-60


612.   A large metal Coffee Grinder, 27" (69cms) high and a Victorian brass and wooden pill roller.    £50-80


613.   A brass circular three branch rise and fall Light Fitting with frosted glass shades, 19" (48cms)  diameter.    £40-60


614.   A metal hanging Ceiling Light Fitting with scroll brackets and glass shade.    £30-40


615.   After The Antique; a bronze figure of the Venus De Milo on a veined marble base.  20" (51cms) high.    £300-400


616.   A World War II German Luftwaffe combined pilot and observers Badge by Gebruder Wegerhoff with a flying eagle and swastika and makers mark to the reverse.      £150-200


617.   An Afghan Pulwar with curved blade and down curved hilt with brass pommel, overall length 35" (90cms).     £100-150


618.   An Indian Tulwar with curved blade and lion mask guard, overall length 32" (81cms).     £50-70


619.   A straw work oblong Box and Cover, small swing toilet mirror, two prints and other items.     £30-50


620.   After the Antique; a bronze two handled Urn decorated with a continuous raised band of grapes and vine leaves, the loop handles with acanthus leaf and figural decoration on a pedestal foot and on a black marble base.  8" (20cms) diameter x 10" (26cms) high.     £200-250


621.   A folder containing Postcards related to Edwardian Theatre Actresses and a folder containing an array of cigarette cards.     £30-40


622.   Two folders containing Signatures on cards mostly actors, actresses and sports personalities.     £40-60


623.   Two folders containing Signatures on cards mostly actors, actresses and opera stars.     £40-60


624.   Two folders containing Signatures on cards mostly actors, actresses, musical performers and singers.    £40-60


625.   A large folder containing Signatures on card of mostly actors, actresses and musicians.     £30-40


626.   Two folders containing Signatures including Julie Andrews, Lionel Blair and Michael Redgrave.     £40-60


627.   Two folders containing Signatures of which some are facsimiles of actors and actresses.      £20-30


628.   Three folders containing Signatures of actors, actresses, singers and dancers such as Lena Horne and Richard Attenborough.     £40-60


629.   Two folders containing signed Photographs including Jeremy Brett, Sammy Davis Jr, Ken Dodd and Brian Blessed.     £40-60


630.   Two folders containing signed Photographs from singers, actors and actresses.     £40-60


631.   Two folders containing signed Photographs from actors and actresses such as Laurence Olivier, Charlton Heston, Maggie Smith and Edward Fox.     £40-60


632.   Two folders containing signed Photographs from actors, actresses, musicians and signers.     £40-60


633.   Two folders containing signed Photographs from actors and actresses such as Joseph Fiennes, Kevin McNally, Clint Eastwood, Charles Dance and Roger Moore.     £40-60


634.   A framed Theatre Poster for the Queens Park Hippodrome, another for the Town Hall Alness and one other (a/f).     £100-120


635.   A Stagg brass Tenor Saxophone, cased.    £50-80


636.   A Thompson of Kilburn "Mouseman" oak Bread Board of octagonal design with a carved mouse signature, 12" (31cms) wide.    £100-150


637.   A seven piece ivory backed Dressing Table Set in a leather case with watered silk interior, and a nine piece ivory Dressing Table Set with monogram and including covered jars, glove stretchers, etc.    £50-80


638.   A Dressing Table Mirror in Chinoiserie decorated frame with easel stand, and an upright Wall Mirror in mahogany frame.    £30-50


639.   Five Postcards with field censor postmarks and a number of other Postcards.    £20-30


640.   A number of English and American Postcards featuring actors and actresses, some with autographs including John Inman, Mollie Sugden, etc.    £30-40



(ARR) - Artist Resale Rights may apply - for further details please refer to www.dacs.org.uk


641.   PETER BAILEY; large Oil on Canvas of horses drinking from a trough, signed, 38" (97cms) x 46" (117cms).    £250-300   ARR


642.   A Victorian oval still life Watercolour of a spray of flowers, signed and dated 1879, 8" (20cms) x 6" (15cms) in a gilt frame.    £30-40


643.   WLADIMIR BITSCHKOWSKY; a set of four Oil Paintings on canvas of rural landscapes, signed and in gilt frames, each 7" (17cms) x 9" (23cms).    £50-80


644.   WLADIMIR BITSCHKOWSKY; a Still Life Oil on canvas of a vase of flowers, signed, 23 1/2" (60cms) x 19 1/2" (49cms,) and a landscape Oil Painting by the same artist.    £50-80


645.   WLADIMIR BITSCHKOWSKY; continental lake landscape, Watercolour, 15" (38cms) x 11 1/2" (29cms), and two Still Life Watercolours by the same artist.    £40-60


646.   MAJOR A CATTLEY (1896-1978); The Racehorse 'Rio Santo' in a field with his lad, Oil on Board, signed and dated 1965.  16 1/2" (42cms) x 23 1/2" (60cms).    £70-100


647.   MAJOR A CATTLEY (1896-1978); a study of a racehorse 'Woodstown', Oil on Board, signed and dated 1966.  15 1/2" (40cms) x 21 1/2" (54cms).    £70-100


648.   An unsigned Watercolour of a mountainous landscape, the mount inscribed Kyffin Williams Gwernan Valley.  6" (20cms) x 10 " (26cms).     £50-100


649.   FRANK ROUSSE (fl 1897-1917); "Landing the Catch", watercolours, a pair, signed each 10" (26cms) x 17" (43cms).    £200-300


650.   •CLARENCE E BLACKBURN (1914-1984); Bridlington Harbour with fishing boats, figures etc, watercolour, signed.  20" (51cms) x 28 1/2" (73cms)   ARR    £200-300


651.   •FLORENCE MABEL HOLLAMS (1877-1967); study of a racehorse in a field, the saddlecloth marked 5, oil on board, signed.  15 1/2" (39cms) x 19 1/2" (50cms).    ARR    £300-500


652.   WILFRID BAILEY; study of a racehorse in a field, Oil on Canvas, signed and dated 1956, 19" (49cms) x 23" (59cms).    £70-100


653.   LEONARD CARR COX (fl 1900-1909), "Bolton Abbey Yorkshire", Oil on board, in gilt frame and with information verso.  17" (43cms) x 23 1/2" (59cms).     £100-150


654.   JAMES NORTH; Still Life Oil on Canvas of a vase of flowers, signed, 19 1/2" (49cms) x 15 1/2" (39cms), and a series of three small Gouache drawings framed as one.    £30-50


655.   S E HALL; "Lower Lake, Killarney", Watercolour, signed, 5" (13cms) x 19" (48cms) and one other Watercolour titled "On the Caledonian Canal".    £30-40


656.   •JAMES TAYLOR (born 1930); "L'entree", oil on board, signed.  36" (92cms) x 25" (64cms).      ARR    £200-300


657.   ALFRED MONTAGUE (1832-1883); a Continental town scene, oil on board, signed.  9" (23cms) x 7 1/2" (19cms).     £100-150


658.   •ROBERT PUMMILL (American born 1936); "Yellow Bandana", Oil on Board.  11 1/2" (29cms) x 7 1/2" (19cms).    ARR    £500-700


659.   JON VAN ZYLE; "Coming In on The River, Alaska", Oil on Board, signed and dated '85.  6" (15cms) x 11 1/2" (29cms).     £100-150


660.   •DAPHNE VULLIAMY (1921-2010); Spider Chrysanthemums, Watercolour, signed.  14 1/2" (37cms) x 11" (28cms).   ARR    £80-100


661.   EDWARD G CARLTON; huntsman with his horse and hound sitting in a country landscape, Oil, signed.  15" (38cms) x 23" (59cms).    £100-150


662.   Late Victorian English School; unsigned Oil on Canvas of a dog in a babies crib with a terrier and a cat at its side, in gilt frame.    13 1/2" (35cms) x 16 1/2" (42cms).    £100-150


663.   S HEBDEN; Still Life with fruit, a plate, a vase, etc, Watercolour, signed, 13" (33cms) x 20" (51cms) in gilt frame.    £50-70


664.   W HOYER; Moorland Landscape with sheep, Watercolour, signed, 9" (23cms) x 17" (43cms) and a large Morland Print.    £30-40


665.   J A BENNETT; Military Officer leading his horse, inscribed "R H A, 1815", Oil on Board, signed, 18" (46cms) x 15" (38cms).    £30-40


666.   LIONEL EDWARDS; an artist signed coloured reproduction The Middleton Hunt at Stittenham Wood published by Eyre & Spottiswoode.     £50-70


667.   LUCILLA JONES; "Desert Orchid at The Cheltenham Gold Cup", Watercolour, signed with a monogram and inscribed on the reverse.  18" (46cms) x 23 1/2" (60cms).     £60-80


668.   H GRESLEY; a pair of Watercolours of river landscapes with waterfalls and figures on the bank, circular, signed, 8 3/4" (22cms) diameter.    £100-150


669.   After WILLIAM DANIELL, a series of four 19th century Coloured Prints of Flamborough Head, Yorkshire; Scarborough; Tynemouth and Gair-loch Head; and a large pair of Landscape Prints.    £40-60




670.   An Aneroid Barometer and Thermometer in a carved oak banjo pattern case and one other aneroid barometer in a circular case.    £30-40


671.   A Fusee Wall Clock with white dial in mahogany case.  10" (26cms) diameter dial.    £120-150


672.   A small Carriage Timepiece, the enamel dial decorated with cherubs and in brass bamboo pattern case, with bevelled glass panels.  4 1/2" (11cms) high.    £90-120


673.   A Carriage Timepiece the white dial inscribed Mathew Norman, London, in brass and bevelled glass case.  5" (13cms) high.     £70-100


674.   A 19th Century Longcase Clock the arched dial painted with a figure and flowers, with eight day movement in mahogany case, with swans neck pediment, baluster turned pilasters, the trunk with a small door and half round pilasters on bracket feet.  7' 9" (237cms) high.     £300-400


675.   An Aneroid Barometer with steel dial in octagonal oak case, with carved decoration.  13 1/2" (35cms) wide.    £30-40


676.   A Victorian Aneroid Barometer and Thermometer, the dial inscribed "Robson & Co, Newcastle-on-Tyne" in mahogany banjo pattern case.    £30-50


677.   An Aneroid Barometer and Thermometer inscribed "Thomas Wallis & Co, Holborn Circus" in carved oak banjo pattern case.    £30-50


678.   A Wall Clock in brass mounted square oak case, 15" (38cms) square, and an Aneroid Barometer and Thermometer in oak case.    £30-40


679.   A Vienna Wall Clock with white dial and single weight driven movement, in mahogany case with canted corners, 3' 6" (107cms) high.    £50-70


680.   A 19th century oak Long Case Clock Case with domed hood.    £40-60


681.   A Victorian Mantel Clock in architectural style black slate case, and one other.    £40-60


682.   A Victorian Mantel Clock in architectural style black slate case, 14" (36cms) high and a smaller Timepiece.    £40-60


683.   A large Victorian Mantel Clock with white dial in architectural style slate and marble case, 20" (51cms) high.    £40-60


684.   A Victorian Wall Clock with ivorine dial and weight driven movement, in walnut case with eagle pediment, side mirrors and folding display shelves, 4' 6" (137cms) high.    £50-80


685.   An Aneroid Barometer in leaf carved oak case, and another in metal and wooden case.    £30-40


686.   An Aneroid Barometer and Thermometer in carved oak case, and one other Aneroid Barometer in circular case.    £30-40


687.   An Aneroid Barometer and Thermometer, the dial inscribed "R Clark, Newcastle-on-Tyne" in carved oak banjo pattern case.    £30-40


688.   Another Aneroid Barometer and Thermometer in leaf carved oak banjo pattern case.    £30-40


689.   A reproduction Mantel Clock in a figured walnut caddy-top case with brass mounts, 9" (23cms) high.    £30-40




690.   A central Asian Rug of stylised floral design on a red field and bordered.  6' 2" (188cms) x 4' 1" (126cms).     £50-80


691.   A Hamadan Rug of geometric design on a blue field and bordered.  6' 6" (198cms) x 4' 5" (135cms).    £100-150


692.   A Balouchi Rug of geometric and floral design on a blue field and bordered.  7' 4" (223cms) x 3' 1" (96cms).    £100-150


693.   A Hamadan Rug with a centre repeating lozenge design on red field.  7' 8" (234cms) x 3' 7" (110cms).    £80-100


694.   An Afghan Bokhara Rug of traditional elephant's foot design on a red field and bordered, 4' 3" (130cms) x 3' (92cms).    £40-60


695.   A Central Asian Rug of medallion design decorated with stylised flowers on a red field and bordered, 7' 6" (228cms) x 4' 7" (140cms).    £50-80




696.   A Victorian figured walnut Sewing Table with moulded edge, fitted with a single compartmented drawer above a pull-out well, on turned supports and splay feet.   20 1/2" (52cms) wide.    £120-150


697.   A Chinoiserie decorated Standard Lamp decorated with figures and a 19th century Pole Screen Stand.    £30-40


698.   A small gilt wood oblong Footstool with upholstered top and simulated bamboo supports, together with a regency design small upright swing Vanity Mirror with arched frame and turned mahogany supports.    £50-70


699.   Am Art Deco Mirror of scalloped arched design the side and bottom rails in pink tinted glass.  3' (92cms) x 22 1/2" (57cms).     £70-100


700.   A Nest of four oriental design, graduated oblong Occasional Tables decorated with figures, etc., largest table 20" (51cms) wide.    £50-80


701.   A pair of Victorian mahogany frame Dining Chairs with pierced splat backs, drop-in seats and turned supports.    £20-40


702.   A 20th Century oak Bookcase fitted with adjustable shelves and enclosed by pair of glazed and panelled doors on bracket feet.  2' 8" (82cms) wide.    £50-70


703.   A Child's smokers bow Chair with spindle turned back, panelled seat and turned supports.      £50-70


704.   A 1930s Armchair of antique design with pink and gold chenille upholstery on short cabriole supports.    £80-100


705.   A late 19th Century Mahogany Vitrine enclosed by single glass door with gilt metal mounts, on spiral turned supports.  2' 4" (72cms) wide.     £200-300


706.   An early 19th Century oak Corner Cupboard with parquetry and floral marquetry inlay enclosed by a panel door and raised on later square supports.   2' 3" (66cms) wide.     £40-60


707.   An 18th Century Lowboy, the reeded edge with indented corners, fitted one long and two short drawers around a centre kneehole, on turned tapering supports and pad feet.  2' 6" (76cms) wide.    £200-300


708.   A mid 19th Century beech and elm low back Windsor Elbow Chair, inscribed 'Nicholson, Rockley', with panel seat, crinoline stretcher and turned supports.  George Nicholson is recorded working at Rockley, Nottinghamshire, c.1840.    £200-300


709.   An antique design oak Coffer with plain hinged lid, four panel front and bracket feet.  3' (92cms) wide.    £70-100


710.   An Edwardian inlaid mahogany open Armchair with scroll arms, oval seat and splay supports and one other Edwardian open armchair.    £40-60


711.   An early 19th Century mahogany circular tilt top Occasional Table with inlaid decoration, baluster turned column and triple splay supports.  2' 1" (64cms) diameter.    £70-100


712.   A Victorian mahogany Sideboard with two frieze drawers on a pair of pedestal cupboards and plinth base, 4' 8" (142cms) wide.    £70-100


713.   A bevel edge oblong Wall Mirror in a painted and gilt wood frame, 31" (79cms) x 54" (137cm).    £50-70


714.   A Victorian mahogany Pedestal with a stepped square base, 4' 4" (132cms) wide, and a cream fluted column Standard Lamp.    £30-40


715.   An antique oak Coffer with four panelled lid and front, on stile supports, 4' 4" (132cms) wide.    £80-120


716.   An early 20th century double drop end Chesterfield Settee on short shaped supports, 5' 10" (178cms) wide.    £100-150


717.   An oblong Fender Stool with upholstered top, on short shaped supports, 5' 6" (168cms) long.    £40-60


718.   A Victorian mahogany tilt top Occasional Table the shield shape top inset with an embroidered and woolwork panel, raised on a baluster turned column, circular platform base and scroll terminals.  19" (48cms) wide.     £80-100


719.   An early 18th century oak Coffer with plain hinged lid and three panelled front carved with lozenge and triangle, on stile supports, 4' 1" (125cms) wide.    £200-300


720.   Three Victorian walnut framed Dining Chairs with pierced splat back, upholstered seats and cabriole supports.    £50-70


721.   A 19th century mahogany semi-circular Tea Table with cross banded border, fold-over top and square tapering supports with spade feet, 3' 1" (94cms) wide.    £100-150


722.   An Edwardian mahogany Towel Rail on splay supports, 2' 3" (69cms) wide.    £30-40


723.   An Edwardian mahogany two tier square top Occasional Table inlaid with a circular panel of flowers within a satinwood banded border, and on square tapering supports, 14" (36cms) wide.    £40-60


724.   A Regency mahogany pine sided Chest of three long and two short graduated drawers beneath a reeded edge, and on bracket feet, 2' 9" (84cms) wide.    £150-200


725.   A George III oak Bureau Cabinet, the upper section with dentil cornice, mahogany banding and enclosed by a pair of cross banded panelled doors, cross banded hinged fall under, with a fitted interior above three long and two short graduated drawers, on bracket feet, 3' 8" (112cms) wide.    £300-400


726.   A Georgian design mahogany Pedestal Desk with tooled leather top and concave fronted frieze drawer, flanked by eight further drawers, on bracket feet, 4' 3" (130cms) wide.    £300-500


727.   An early 19th Century mahogany Chest of three long and two short graduated Drawers with inlaid frieze, oval brass handled and bracket feet.  3' 4" (102cms) wide.     £100-150


728.   A small early 18th Century oak Coffer with hinged triple panel lid, the double panel front carved with stylised flowers and leaves and on a stile supports.  2' 11" (89cms) wide.    £200-250


729.   An 18th Century oak Dresser Base fitted with three frieze drawers, with further drawers and cupboards under, with fielded panelled doors, on stile supports, surmounted by an associated open plate rack.  6' 3" (190cms) wide.    £400-500


730.   An 18th Century oak Bureau, the interior fitted with a well, small drawers, pigeon holes and cupboard with two long and two short drawers under, on bracket feet.  3' (92cms) wide.     £200-300


731.   A Regency rosewood Sofa Table with 'D' shape drop end flaps, crossbanded border and two frieze drawers, with dummy drawers to the reverse, on panel end supports and splay feet.  2' 10" (87cms) wide.    £200-300


732.   A set of six Georgian oak Country Dining Chairs, with pierced splat backs, panelled seats and chamfered square supports.     £200-250


733.   An early 19th Century mahogany Tea Table with fold over 'D' shape top, knulled column and quartet splay supports, with brass paw terminals.  3' 2" (97cms) wide.    £100-150


734.   An 18th Century oak Delft Rack with dentil and pierced cornice, fitted with open shelves.  6' 3" (190cms) wide.    £100-150


735.   A mid 19th Century mahogany oblong tilt top Occasional Table on baluster turned column and inverted triple splay supports.  2' 1" (64cms) wide.    £40-60


736.   A 19th Century mahogany Corner Cupboard with stepped and dentil cornice, enclosed by a single glazed tracery door.  2' 5" (74cms) wide.    £40-60


737.   A Victorian mahogany circular tilt top Breakfast Table on a baluster turned column and triple splay supports.  3' 11" (120cms) diameter.    £100-150


738.   An early 19th Century mahogany Washstand with three quarter gallery and undertier, with a single drawer, on square supports.  2' (61cms) wide.    £40-60


739.   A Georgian design oak Delft Rack, fitted with open shelves.  4' 8" (142cms) wide.    £30-50


740.   A Georgian design oak Cottage Dining Table with 'D' shape drop leaves and gated supports, on splay feet.  2' 6" (76cms) wide.    £40-60


741.   A Georgian design mahogany Display Cabinet with raised back, enclosed by pair of glazed tracery doors on columnar square supports.  4' (122cms) wide.    £50-70


742.   A Victorian walnut Piano Stool with circular top on turned cluster column and triple splay supports and a Victorian mahogany circular tilt top occasional table.    £40-60


743.   A pair of Victorian walnut frame Dining Chair with pierced and carved splat backs, upholstered seats and cabriole supports, together with a pair of ebonised frame low salon chairs.      £40-60


744.   An 18th Century oak gateleg Dining Table with 'D' shape drop leaves and baluster turned supports with oblong stretchers.  3' (92cms) wide.    £100-150


745.   An ebonised fluted column Pedestal on a square base and a smaller similar pedestal.    £40-60


746.   An ebonised fluted Pedestal on a stepped square base and another similar.    £40-60


747.   A small 19th Century oak Delft Rack, with arched recesses and open shelves beneath a stepped cornice.  3' 10" (117cms) wide.    £50-70


748.   An early 20th Century mahogany circular two tier Occasional Table of serpentine outline on shaped supports.  2' 5" (74cms) wide.    £30-50


749.   An oak two tier Umbrella Stand with metal liner and a spiral turned supports together with an oak jardinière stand.    £30-50


750.   An early 19th Century oak Cupboard with mahogany banding and enclosed by pair of panel doors on bracket feet.  3' 8"  (112cms) wide.    £50-70


751.   A mahogany two tier Occasional Table with moulded edge and indented corners, on pierced splay supports.  2' (61cms) wide.    £30-40


752.   A set of four painted cast iron Garden Chairs with splay supports.     £150-200


753.   A painted cast iron small Garden Bench Seat.   2' (62cms) wide.    £70-100


754.   A pair of painted cast iron Pedestals on stepped square bases and a pair of cast iron pillar finials.    £70-100


755.   A Japanese two tier circular Occasional Table carved with flowers and leaves.  17" (43cms) diameter.     £20-40


756.   A pair of 20th century beech and elm Windsor high back Elbow Chairs with panel seats and turned supports.    £70-100


757.   Another pair of Windsor Chairs of similar design.    £70-100


758.   An Edwardian mahogany Washstand with white marble top, the base with three frieze drawers above a pair of cupboards and on a plinth base.   3' 11" (120cms) wide.    £100-150


759.   An early Thompson of Kilburn "Mouseman" dark oak kidney shape Cow Stool raised on three panel sided splay supports with a carved mouse signature, 19" (49cms) wide, 18" (46cms) high, depth of seat 2" (5cms).    £300-400


760.   A continental design bleached walnut frame open Armchair with floral carved cresting rail, upholstered seat and back, swept arms and fluted turned supports, bearing the trade label of "Robert Strahan & Co of Dublin" together with a pair of matching Standard Chairs.    £150-200