01904 489731

01904 489731

York Antique Sale

Wednesday 24th May



1.       A box of Leeds United Football Programs mainly 1960's and 70's.

2.       A Sterolist 1930's Bakelite Stereo Viewer with various slides in the original fitted case.

3.       A Postcard Album and contents of English and Continental vintage cards etc.

4.       A number of Rugby League Programs including Challenge Cup Finals etc.

5.       A Postcard Album and contents of vintage cards relating to the Calvert family of Middlesbrough.

6.       A tin of old Bus and Train Tickets.

7.       Two Postcard Albums and contents of cards relating to the Johnson family of Headingley.

8.       Nine boxes of Kodak Glass Slides including York, Malton etc.

9.       A Postcard Album and Contents of cards relating to the Robinson family of Howden including the Russian outrage in Hull 1905.

10.     Another Album and Contents of vintage cards relating to the same family.

11.     A box of Ephemera including postcards photographs, York City Rowing Club, photographs of road accidents etc.

12.     A Postcard Album and Contents and of vintage cards relating to the Atkinson's of Kippax.

13.     A set of four vintage Bowling Woods.

14.     Another set of Bowling Woods initialled ‘H.S.’

15.     Another set of Vintage Bowling Woods.

16.     A BR black and yellow painted Railway Lantern.

17.     A pair of large wooden Altar Candlesticks.  33 1/2" (85cms) high.

18.     A 19th Century convex wall Mirror in gilt frame.  22" (56cms) diameter.

19.     A bevel edge Wall Mirror in gilt frame.  21" (54cms) x 22" (56cms).

20.     A Trouser Press by Hope Brothers of London and a sewing bag.

21.     An Afghan Bokhara Rug of traditional elephants foot design on a beige field and boarded.  5' 8" (173cms) x 4' 2" (127cms).

22.     A Turkoman Rug with three rows of octagons on a red field and multi stripe border.  6' (183cms) x 4' 3" (130cms). 

23.     Another Turkoman Rug of similar design.  5' 9" (175cms) x 4' 1" (125cms).

24.     An Afghan Bokhara Rug of traditional design on a beige field and multi stripe floral border.  6' 3" (190cms) x 4' 4"(132cms).

25.     An Indian Prayer Rug with Mihrab panel on a green field and bordered.  4' 10" (148cms) x 3' (92cms).

26.     A Baluchi Rug of geometric design on a blue field and bordered.  4' 4" (132cms) x 3' 1" (94cms).

27.     Two boxes of old Cigarette Card Packs, tobacco tins etc.

28.     A box of assorted loose Cigarette Cards.

29.     A Stock Card with an interesting selection of mainly GB Victoria Stamps.

30.     A Stock Card very similar to the previous lot.

31.     An Optical Stereometer.

32.     A set of eight circular Table Mats, the centres painted with hunting scenes and within a lace border, each 7" (17cms) diameter.

33.     A Mauchline ware Snuff Box decorated with pheasants.

34.     A Mauchline ware Desk Blotter with views of Dryburgh Abbey.

35.     A Mauchline ware oblong Box with a scene of Colwyn Bay and a smaller box with St Mary's church.

36.     A collection of British Rail Items including train drivers cap, belt etc.

37.     An LNER Railway Telegraph Insulator and three others.

38.     A number of Topps Chewing Gum Football Cards.

39.     A Victorian walnut Sewing Box inlaid with Tunbridge ware banding and mother of pearl escutcheon.

40.     A box of Meccano Magazines from the 1950's.

41.     Five sets and various part sets of Cigarette and Trade Cards.

42.     A box of Stamp Albums, First day Covers and loose stamps.

43.     A box of Coins and miscellaneous items.

44.     A box of Football and other Sports Programs, some signed photographs etc.

45.     A box of Ephemera including 1951 Festival of Britain Times supplement and other items. 

46.     A box of Theatre Programs etc.

47.     A small quantity of pre 1920 silver Coinage three pence to florin, a few foreign silver and part silver coins and a small quantity of pre decimal and foreign coinage all various conditions.

48.     A wood door Lock.

49.     A set of Drawing Instruments in a rosewood case.

50.     A collection of assorted loose Cigarette Cards etc.

51.     Three albums of Presentation Packs etc. dedicated to 'Jersey' 2013-2014, well presented (approx. 50)

52.     Two vintage Shooting Sticks.

53.     A collection of ten assorted Golf Clubs.

54.     An Irish Bodhran Drum 40cms (16") complete with beater, instructions etc.

55.     An upright Mirror in brass frame and easel stand and one other.

56.     A box containing a number of wooden Rolling Pins, brass candlestick, plated dish etc.

57.     Three proof Festival of Britain Crowns, one 1951 and two 1953, two 1960 and 1965 Churchill crowns and a collection of pre- decimal coinage- farthing to 1/2 crown.

58.     Two George IV Shillings, 1829, a Victorian Jubilee crown 1890, 1889 Double Florin and other pre 1920 and pre 1947 50% silver coinage.

59.     Two Australian Peace Medallions 1919, 1934 Centenary of Melbourne Medallion and items of foreign coinage.

60.     A Fforde 10/- note, (good e.f), and a number of unused postal orders 1/- to 11/-.

61.     An Album of mint and used George VI and other GB stamps.

62.     An Eastern design domed Wall Mirror with stone set copper frame.  18" (46cms) high.

63.     A bevel edge oval Wall Mirror in gilt frame.  21" (53cms) x 33" (84cms).

64.     An 1867 Vic. 5/- rose Stamp, clean with clear London JU-18-69 cancellation, Hi. Cat.

65.     An 1883 Vic. one 2/6 lilac, one 2/6 deep lilac and one 5/- rose, all nice clean stamps, also a card with a further fifteen Vic. stamps.  (18).

66.     Thirteen 1901 to 1910 Edward VII 1/2d to 2/6 Stamps, nice clean selection.  (13).

67.     A red loose leaf Album with GB Stamps 1953 to 1994, mint and used, also a blue loose leaf album with Royal related stamps, 1977 Jubilee, 1981 Royal Wedding etc mainly mint, few FDCs  (2+)

68.     A French 1876 pattern Bayonet.

69.     A collection of old Keys.

70.     An oak oblong two handled Tray  23" (58cms) wide and another oak tray.

71.     A carved wooden Vase inscribed "Newland's 1907," a pair of Victorian brass and plated candlesticks, a piece of malachite and other items.

72.     A mid 19th Century sarcophagus shape Tea Caddy printed with landscape panels within a floral border, the interior with two covered containers and bowl recess, with brass ring handles.  12" (31cms) wide.

73.     A Victorian walnut Sewing Box with interior lift out tray and one other box.

74.     A bevel edge oval Wall Mirror in mahogany frame and a gilt frame oval mirror.

75.     A set of Optician's Lenses in case and a J Heal violet ray generator.

76.     An old German hand Sewing Machine "The Oxford" with gilt decoration.

77.     A collection of six Cut Throat Razors by Joseph Rodgers and others.

78.     A mid 19th century rosewood sarcophagus shaped Tea Caddy, the interior with glass bowl and two covered containers.  12" (31cms) wide.

79.     A slip case containing eleven Ordnance Survey Maps of England and Wales, scale 4 miles to 1 inch and another case of ten Ordnance Survey maps of Scotland.

80.     A collection of Memorabilia including five World War I medals, watch chain with silver fob, various badges etc.

81.     A display of Naval Buttons, badges etc.

82.     Another display of Military Buttons and badges.

83.     Another display of Military Buttons and Badges, pocket watch etc.

84.     The Official collection of World Wildlife F.D.C.s in dedicated albums.  (144 covers).

85.     A set of old Kitchen Scales the ceramic plated inscribed Reuben Sutcliffe, Manchester together with various iron and brass weights and a set of household scales.

86.     An old Rocking Horse with later painted decoration.

87.     A Telephone Handset in black Bakelite case.

88.     A number of Stockbooks of world Stamps etc.

89.     A Crystoleum of a lady seated on a veranda.  9 1/2" (25cms) x 7 1/2" (19cms) and a smaller Crystoleum portrait.

90.     An old red Road Works lamp with oil burner and three red bullseye lenses.




91.     A brass Preserve Pan with steel loop handle.  7" (17cms) diameter, another, a pair of brass candlesticks and a three light plated candelabrum 

92.     A collection of assorted Horse Brasses.

93.     A brass Door Knocker in the form of a Scottish Piper.

94.     A 19th Century pewter oval Snuff Box and a circular pewter box.

95.     A brass Trivet, horse brasses and other items.

96.     A pewter Toddy Ladle by John Yates, small 19th Century pewter tea pot sugar caster and other items.

97.     An Oil Lamp in brass and glazed case and a brass pan.

98.     A pair of brass and glass Coach Lamps with eagle finials.

99.     A two handled copper Boiler with domed lid and two taps.  29" (74cms) high.

100.   An early 19th Century pewter Charger.  16 1/2" (42cms) diameter, another similar and an Art Nouveau pewter dish.


China & Glass


101.   A Burley ware Tea pot decorated with a country scene; After Cecil Aldin; the base inscribed "Old Bell Tea Packers Gray Smith & Co" and two similar jugs.

102.   A Royal Doulton golden eagle decanter for Whyte and Mackay.

103.   Five Masons Ironstone Plates decorated with Japanese flowers, 9" (23cms) diameter, an Imari plate and a Minton bowl.

104.   A Booths baluster Vase decorated with flowers on a blue ground and an Adams ware Jasperware fruit bowl with raised figure decoration.

105.   A Samson panel sided Armorial Vase and Cover, 6 1/2" (16cms) high, a Samson figure of a sheep and a Samson octagonal plate decorated with Oriental birds and flowers.  9" (23cms) wide.

106.   A 19th Century Copeland nautilus shell Spoon Warmer and a small Parian ware figure of a poodle.

107.   A Coalport Figure "Judith Ann", a pair of Sunderland lustre Saucer Dishes, Prattware Pot Lid, etc.

108.   A Royal Doulton Whyte & Mackay Whiskey Flask in the form of an Osprey.

109.   A Beswick Whiskey Flask in the form of a kestrel.

110.   A Hummel Figure "For father" and another of a child playing an accordion.

111.   A Hummel Figure "Just Resting" and another "Wayside Harmony".

112.   A Royal Doulton Ewer and Basin decorated with wisteria (a/f).

113.   A Beswick Model of a swish tailed horse in brown gloss, first version No. 1182.

114.   A Fieldings Ouse pattern Ewer and Basin, a blue and white basin and one other.

115.   A Wellington china Tea Set with a cream and gilt border pattern, nineteen pieces and other tea and dinnerware etc.

116.   Six Crown Ducal chintz pattern Coffee Cups and saucers, Capodimonte vase, Spode coffee pot etc.

117.   A pair of Royal Dux Art Nouveau design baluster Vases decorated with applied figures of a girl and with applied flower heads on a luster ground.  13 1/2" (35cms) high (flower head chipped).

118.   A Royal Worcester two handled baluster Vase painted with floral sprays on a blush ivory ground and square base.  6" (15cms) high.

119.   A Royal Worcester two handled Vase with gilt handles painted with floral sprays on a blush ivory ground.  5" (12 ½cms) high.

120.   A Border Fine Arts figure of a gun dog by A Wall, another Border Fine Arts dog by Ray Ayres and an Aynsley model of a fox. 

121.   A Border Fine Arts Figure of a robin by Ray Ayres and another bone china figure of a Wren.

122.   A Copeland Spode Italian pattern blue and white pedestal Salt, blue Jasperware vase, Maling luster ashtray and other items.

123.   A Crown Derby Imari pattern circular Saucer Dish, Royal Doulton landscape pattern shallow dish, Coalport city of York limited edition vase (a/f) and other items.

124.   A quantity of Worcester Evesham Tableware including large oval tureen and cover, smaller tureen covered vegetable dish, oval serving dishes, ramekins etc. 

125.   A Victorian Parian ware Figure of a wood nymph with a deer and fawn by C B Birch dated 1864.  20" (51cms) high, chip to base and deer's front leg damaged.

126.   A Beswick Beatrix Potter Figure Squirrel Nutkin with gold backstamp, ear chipped and another Cousin Ribby with brown backstamp.

127.   A Maling Bowl oval Flower Trough decorated with flower heads on a scaled green ground and a pottery cat ornament.

128.   A Border Fine Arts Figure of a Kingfisher another and various other animal ornaments.

129.   A Carlton ware Australian pattern leaf shape Dish, Carlton ware oval dish decorated with blackberry's and other pieces.

130.   A crested Model of a cat and a pottery dog.

131.   A Royal Worcester Figure "Grandmothers Dress" No. 3081, modelled by FG Doughty.

132.   A Royal Doulton Figure Loretta HN2337 and another Lori HN2801.

133.   A Royal Doulton Rondelay pattern tea set comprising six cups and saucers, thirteen tea plates, tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl and cover and cake plate.

134.   A Royal Albert Primulette pattern tea set comprising; six cups, five saucers, six plates, milk jug, sugar bowl and bread and butter plate.

135.   A Tile Picture of a rural landscape with badgers made up of ten tiles.  12" (31cms) x 30" (76cms).

136.   Another Tile Picture of sheep in a moorland landscape. 12" (31cms) x 30" (76cms).

137.   A set of seven Eskdale Pottery clam shape Dishes decorated in cobalt blue and gilt.

138.   A pair of Victorian Mugs inscribed "Reverend H Newton" and "Mrs H Newton", both dated July 17th 1867 and painted with floral sprays.

139.   An Edward VIII Coronation Mug, a Royal Doulton Edward VII coronation beaker two other mugs and various plates etc.

140.   A pair of Noritake two handled baluster Vases decorated with sprays of flowers on a blue and gilt ground.  10" (26cms) high.

141.   A Bridgwood Dinner service decorated with sprays of flowers, including graduated oval meat plates, vegetable dish and cover, sauce tureen and cover etc.

142.   A Bursley ware Ewer and Toothbrush Holder decorated with stylised fruit, a French Art Nouveau design pottery ewer and a wash basin and pail decorated with flowers.

143.   A floral decorated Ewer and Basin, Crown Devon drainer and stand, blue and white jardinière etc.

144.   A Wellington china Tea Set decorated with sprays of flowers comprising; twelve cups and saucers, eleven plates, two bread and butter plates, milk jug and sugar bowl.

145.   A Stoneware Jar with loop handle inscribed W Pearn Wine & Spirit Merchant Winchester and another stoneware jar.

146.   A glass Goblet by David Williams, etched with a three masted sailing ship, on a cushion knop stem, dated 1968.  7 1/2" (19cms) high.

147.   A 19th century Bristol blue glass Brandy Bottle with traces of gilt decoration, a cut glass Water Jug and four Sherry Glasses with key pattern decoration.

148.   A set of eight Webb Corbett cut Claret Glasses and other items of table glass.

149.   A Stuart Crystal etched glass pedestal Dish, two cut glass water jugs, Stuart crystal jug and two cut glass vases.

150.   A square glass Spirit Decanter, glass sherry decanter and a Victorian mallet shaped decanter.

151.   Two Carnival glass Dishes and other items of coloured glass.

152.   A quantity of assorted Table Glass including liqueur glasses, hock glasses, grapefruit dishes, knife rests etc.


Clocks & Barometers


153.   A Mantel Timepiece with white dial in brass and bevelled glass case.  4" (10cms) high.

154.   Two 19th Century French Mantel Clocks (a/f).

155.   A Vienna Wall Clock with white dial in mahogany case.  3' 8" (112cms) high.

156.   An Aneroid Barometer and Thermometer in carved oak banjo pattern case.


Silver, Platedware & Jewellery


157.   A plated Hot Water Jug with stag horn handle and a plated circular tea pot.

158.   A collection of twenty four Eastern white metal ornamental Spoons.

159.   A W.M.F plated Cigarette Box, plated oval entrée dish and cover etc.

160.   An embossed plated Vase, plated circular Tea pot and other items.

161.   An engraved plated three piece oval Tea Set and three cases of plated cutlery.

162.   A Canteen of plated Cutlery in walnut case including bone handled knives etc.

163.   A set of twelve Fish Knives and Forks with engraved plated blades and bone handles, glass and plated hors d'oeuvres dish etc.

164.   A plated oblong two handled Tray, plated desert stand, biscuit barrel and two silver serviette rings.

165.   A ruby glass spear shape Scent Flask with silver cover and a mother of pearl fruit knife.

166.   A quantity of assorted plated Cutlery.

167.   A plated three piece Tea Set, plated candlesticks etc.

168.   An Edwardian silver table Photograph Frame on easel stand, Birmingham 1907.

169.   Three 9ct. gold stone set Dress Rings and a silver Ring.

170.   A silver gilt Pendant set with opals.

171.   A silver gilt dress Ring with centre oval jade panel surrounded by opals.

172.   A pair of silver and marcasite pendant Earrings each set with a single opal.

173.   Seven various silver dress Rings.

174.   A pair of circular silver Earrings each set with cubic zirconia.

175.   A silver dress Ring with a centre oval opal surrounded by cubic zirconia.

176.   A pair of silver and marcasite pendant Earrings.

177.   A silver dress Ring with a centre opal surrounded by cubic zirconia.

178.   A pair of silver and opal stud Earrings.

179.   A pair of silver, marcasite and mother of pearl pendant Earrings.

180.   A 9ct. gold belcher link Neck chain and one other.  (6.9gms)

181.   A quantity of assorted Costume Jewellery.

182.   A box of assorted Costume Jewellery.

183.   Another box of Costume Jewellery.

184.   A large eight day Pocket Watch inscribed Barrett & Sons Piccadilly in plated case, silver cased pocket watches etc. 

185.   A 9ct. gold flat link Necklace and a similar gold bracelet.  (9gms).

186.   A ladies quartz Wristwatch with oval champagne dial and baton numerals in gold case and on 9ct gold strap.  (8.6gms gross weight).

187.   A ladies Wristwatch with circular dial and gold case, another and various other wristwatches.


Books, Pictures & Prints


188.   A box of Books relating to antiques and collectables.

189.   'Princess Mary's Gift Book' and other books.

190.   HENRY STEELE; "Beggars Bridge, Glaisdale", Watercolour, 15 1/2" (39cms) x 21" (53cms), and one other Picture.

191.   BAZ WARD; a collection of eight framed coloured Prints of York scenes.

192.   LEONARD OWENS; "Sheep grazing near Buckden", Oil on Canvas, signed.  12" (31cms) x 20" (50cms) and another smaller oil painting by the same artist.


193.   A 19th Century black and white Engraving of Scarborough Castle, a coloured map after Robert Morden and other prints.

194.   A set of four coloured Hunting Prints uniformly framed.  Each 23" (58cms) x 12" (31cms).

195.   A large coloured Hunting Print "Starting from the Kennels" and a pair of horse racing prints.

196.   An artist signed Etching of Eastgate, Chester and another of Stanley Palace.

197.   A Victorian oval head and shoulders Portrait the reverse inscribed "Bessie Buss, Founder of the London Collegiate for Girls".  17" (44cms) x 14" (35cms).

198.   An 18th Century black and white Engraving "Pomona, dedicated by Richard Blome".  13" (33cms) x 8 1/2" (22cms).

199.   A MALTON; a pair of Oil Paintings on board of coastal landscapes , signed and dated 1912 and in gilt frames.  6 1/2" (17cms) x 8 1/2" (22cms).

200.   N PATTERSON; "Old Cottages at Forge Valley" and companion picture, a pair of Oil Paintings on canvas, signed and dated 1921.  11 1/2" (29cms) x 17 1/2" (44cms).

201.   A pair of unsigned Victorian Oil Paintings on canvas of Terriers, each 20" (51cms) x 24" (61cms) in gilt frames.

202.   An unsigned Oil on Board of a village landscape with stone bridge etc.  12" (31cms) x 18" (46cms).

203.   Six floral Botanical Prints in mahogany frames.




204.   A cast iron Britannia Pub Table with circular wooden top.  23" (59cms) diameter.

205.   A late 19th Century French walnut Salon Chair with pierced splat and cane seat on fluted turned supports.

206.   A walnut oval two tier Occasional Table with quarter veneer top and shaped supports.  2' 6" (76cms) wide.

207.   A Victorian mahogany frame Dining Chair with carved bar back, upholstered seat and turned supports.

208.   A mahogany drop leaf Dining Table on square supports.  3' 3" (99cms) wide.

209.   A set of six Georgian design mahogany frame Dining Chairs with pierced splat backs, drop in seats and square supports (two carvers).

210.   An oak Display Cabinet enclosed by a pair of leaded glass doors on short shaped supports.  2' 11" (89cms) wide.

211.   A mahogany Bureau with hinged fall, three drawers under on cabriole supports and claw and ball feet. 3' (92cms) wide.

212.   A mahogany Sideboard with bow fronted centre fitted with a single draw, flanked by two drawers and cupboards on cabriole supports.  5' (153cms) wide.

213.   A mahogany open three shelf Bookcase.  4' 1" (125cms) wide.

214.   An Antique design oak Wardrobe enclosed by centre bevelled mirror panelled door, the interior fitted with drawers, sliding trays and for hanging and with further carved panelled doors on compressed bun feet.  6' (183cms) wide.

215.   A beech frame tub shape Low Chair with caned back.

216.   A reproduction mahogany small Sofa Table with two frieze drawers drop end leaves and splay supports.  2' 8" (82cms) wide.

217.   An Edwardian mahogany frame tub shape Corner Chair with pierced splats boxwood strung decoration and slender turned supports.

218.   A mahogany Bureau with fitted interior hinged fall, three drawers under and on square supports.  2' 6" (76cms) wide.

219.   An Edwardian mahogany tub shape Chair with upholstered seat and square tapering supports and spayed feet and a mahogany wine table.

220.   A pair of Victorian oak Hall Chairs with carved splat backs and cane seats on shaped supports.

221.   An inlaid mahogany three tier folding Cake Stand and an oak two tier jardinière stand. 

222.   A mahogany chair back Piano Stool with hinged lid and inlaid decoration on shaped supports.

223.   A Victorian mahogany Pembroke Table with single end drawer ‘D’ shape drop leaves and turned supports.  3' (92cms) wide.

224.   An oak frame Firescreen with embroidered panel and a towel airer.


225.   A four panel Draft Screen 5' 6" (168cms) high.

226.   An Arts and Crafts design mahogany side Chair with pierced splat back and one other mahogany side chair.

227.   A pair of Victorian mahogany frame Dining Chairs with carved bar backs, upholstered seats and cabriole supports.

228.   A painted pine Blanket Box with hinged lid.  3' 2" (97cms) wide.

229.   A pine Kitchen Cupboard the upper section enclosed by a pair of clear glass doors with panelled cupboard under on a plinth base.  5' 4" (163cms) wide.

230.   A Victorian pine Pembroke style Kitchen Table with single end drawer with drop leaves and turned supports.  5' (153cms) wide.

231.   A George III oak bow fronted Corner Cupboard enclosed by a pair of panel doors.  2' (61cms) wide.

232.   A George III small oak Chest of three long and two short graduated Drawers on bracket feet.  2' 11" (89cms) wide.

233.   An Edwardian oak  Desk with a centre hinged writing slope, the pedestals each fitted with four drawers with locking side pilasters on a plinth base, the base of one drawer inscribed "John Taylor & Son, Edinburgh."  4' 4" (132cms) wide.

234.   A mahogany Sheet Music Cabinet with inlaid decoration fitted with a leaded glass door beneath a single frieze drawer and on square tapering supports.  19" (48cms) wide.

235.   A mahogany kneehole Desk or Washstand with raised back and two small centre drawers flanked by twelve further drawers on square tapering supports.  3' 4" (102cms) wide.

236.   A 19th Century oak and elm low back Windsor Elbow Chair with panel seat crinoline stretcher and turned supports. 

237.   A painted Britannia cast iron Pub Table with wooden top.  2' (61cms) diameter.

238.   A Victorian mahogany frame tub shape Armchair with upholstered seat and back on turned supports.

239.   A late Victorian mahogany frame open Armchair with inlaid decoration, shield shape back and upholstered seat and arms on turned supports.

240.   Another Victorian open Armchair with spindle turned arm rests and turned supports. 

241.   A Victorian mahogany Pier Cabinet with gilt metal mounts enclosed by mirror panel door.  2' 7" (79cms) wide.

242.   A late Victorian ebonised and ivory inlaid Firescreen, centre glazed panel on splay supports.