01904 489731

01904 489731

Malton Antique Sale

Wednesday 14th June



1.       A Fieldings Crown Devon John Peel Mug with musical box movement.     £20-30


2.       A framed Prattware pot lid of the Albert Memorial another Holborn Viaduct and another Paris Exhibition 1878.     £20-30


3.       A Royal Crown Derby Tea Set decorated with trailing garlands within a blue and gilt border comprising nine cups and saucers, nine plates, muffin dish and cover, two bread and butter plates, milk jug and sugar bowl, date code for 1898.     £70-100


4.       A pair of Cantonese cylindrical Vases decorated with panels of figures birds and flowers.  9 1/2" (24cms) high (a/f).     £50-70


5.       A Royal Crown Derby Teal Duckling Paperweight for the Royal Crown Derby Collector's Guild with gold stopper.    £25-30


6.       A Royal Crown Derby Wren Paperweight with gold stopper.    £20-25


7.       A Royal Copenhagen figure of a Robin and a smaller Copenhagen Robin.    £25-30


8.       A Royal Copenhagen figure of a Wren.    £15-20


9.       A Royal Copenhagen standing figure of a Penguin, no. 1821.    £25-30


10.     A Border Fine Arts group 'The Christmas Tree Dance' from the World of Beatrix Potter Series, limited edition no. 437/500, with certificate.    £40-60


11.     Four large Beswick Beatrix Potter figures, all in a limited edition of 1947, comprising 'Peter Rabbit', 'Benjamin Bunny', 'Mrs Tiggywinkle' and 'Jemima Puddleduck'.    £40-60



12.     A group of six Beswick Ware Beatrice Potter figures comprising 'Peter Rabbit and the red pocket handkerchief', 'Jemima Puddleduck', 'Tim Kitten', 'Benjamin Bunny', 'Mrs Tiggywinkle' and 'Hunca Munca Sweeping'.    £30-40


13.     Three pieces from the Ashtead Pottery Christopher Robin Nursery Set comprising a plate inscribed 'Four Days later there was Pooh', 6" (15cms) diameter and a cup and saucer 'The Engineer' (cup damaged).    £50-80


14.     A Grimwades Beatrix Potter Nursery Teaset comprising two cups and saucers, six tea plates, two larger plates, teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl, together with a Grimwades Beatrix Potter oval nursery dish (worn).    £200-300


15.     A Victorian Tea Set decorated in pale green and pink comprising; eleven breakfast cups, seven tea cups, twelve saucers, two bread and butter plates,, sucrier with cover and stand. tea pot, milk jug and waste bowl.     £40-60


16.     A Studio pottery baluster Vase by Joanna Wason for the Bernard Leech St Ives Pottery.  5" (13cms) high and a Jan Burgess Mill Pottery Studio vase.     £40-60


17.     SETH CARDEW (1934-2016); for the Wenford Bridge Pottery, a stone ware Mug decorated with birds and with scroll handle.  7" (18cms) high.     £50-80   (ARR)


18.     A Yolande Beer pottery baluster Vase decorated with brush drawn nude figures.  4" (10cms) high and a glazed plate similarly decorated 7 1/2" (19cms) diameter.     £40-60


19.     A Chris Geall Grosmont Pottery Jar and cover decorated with landscape panels.  7" (17cms) high, a Chris Geall lidded vase with loop handle and one other studio pottery jar and cover.     £40-60


20.     MICK ARNUP (1925-2008); a Studio Pottery Bowl of mottled design.  7 1/2" (19cms) diameter, a studio pottery bowl by Allan Ball and two other pottery bowls.     £40-60


21.     A large Studio Pottery Charger decorated with hares.  14" (36cms) diameter, a pottery bowl decorated with flowers and signed Niel, two other signed pieces by the same potter and two other items.     £30-50


22.     W SALT; a Studio Pottery Plate with brush drawn decoration of birds and horses. 12" (31cms) diameter, a bowl by Nicola Werner and other items of Studio Pottery.     £40-60


23.     A Studio Pottery Plate painted with a purple fish on a yellow ground within a pastel border, the reverse with a yellow fish, signed with initials and with a paper label inscribed Vicki Walton, Charleston.  11" (28cms) diameter.     £50-80


24.     A pair of Studio Pottery Dishes with incised fish decoration, probably by Andrea King and John Bradley.  8" (20cms) diameter with a "fish signature, a pottery vase by Mike Dodd.     £40-60


25.     A quantity of Studio Pottery including a pair of bowl signed M.A (Molly Attrill?) a jug decorated with ducks and signed with initials S.W and three other items.     £40-60


26.     A Paragon china Playtime Series Nursery Bowl, a matching nursery plate, Heath Robinson bowl, two Minton tiles painted with Beatrix Potter Animals and other items.     £30-40


27.     A quantity of Wedgwood dolls Tea Ware decorated with Beatrix Potter figures, a pair of Winnie the Pooh bookends and one other pair.     £30-50


28.     HOI AN HOARD; a miniature Vase, 15th Century, painted in underglaze blue with birds in flight and leafy plants.  2" (5cms) high with Hoi An label No.118115.     £50-80


29.     An early 19th Century Pratt type oval pearl ware Plaque moulded in relief with figures and impressed "Sportive Innocence".  7 1/2" (19cms) high.     £100-150


30.     Another Pratt type pearl ware oval Plaque moulded in relief with a figure of an winged cherub holding a bird within a reeded border.  5" (13cms) high. (Chips to rim)    £50-80


31.     A pair of Chinese K'ang Hsi saucer dishes decorated with figures in blue and white, a K'ang Hsi small bowl.  2 1/2" (6cms) diameter and a K'ang Hsi miniature vase.  4" (10cms) high, all with labels from Denys Cowell Brighton.     £100-150


32.     A Chinese miniature blue and white Bowl.  2 1/2" (6.5cms) diameter, a blue and white vase  6" (15cms) high and four other blue and white items.     £70-100


33.     A Chinese Bowl decorated in blue and white with buildings, landscapes etc.  7 1/2" (19cms) diameter (cracked), a Cantonese bowl decorated with panels of figures and flowers.  9" (23cms) diameter and another smaller bowl (cracked).     £70-100


34.     An early 19th Century Creamware two handled Cup painted with flowers and inscribed 'Elizth Alton, 1802' on a pedestal foot, a 19th Century puzzle jug with floral painted decoration, two early 19th Century mess mugs with sponge ware decoration and inscribed 'Number 42' and 'Number 45' and one other item.  (a/f)    £40-60


35.     A Derby figure of a Cow and Calf in bocage, two other Derby bocage figures, a pair of small porcelain figures of sheep and two other items.   (all a/f)    £40-60


36.     An 18th Century Worcester Tea Bowl decorated in blue and white with flowers and insects, a sparrow beak blue and white jug (chipped) and other items of 18th Century Worcester, mostly with 'crescent' marks.    £70-100


37.     A Minton square Dish decorated in blue and white with the Lechlade Bridge pattern from the Minton miniature series, 4" (10cms) wide, a miniature blue and white oval meat plate probably by William Hackwood, together with a matching plate and other items of miniature blue and white tableware.   (15 pieces)    £50-80


38.     A 20th Century yellow ground Chinese Vase decorated with flowering prunus and birds.  14" (36cms) high.    £30-40


39.     A Wedgwood blue Jasperware Biscuit Barrel with plated cover and mounts.    £20-30


40.     A 19th Century Cantonese bullet shape Teapot decorated with panels of figures, flowers etc. in famille rose and other coloured enamels.  (a/f)    £40-60


41.     A 20th Century Oriental Charger decorated with figures, 13" (33cms) diameter and one other.    £30-40


42.     A Delft Plaque of oval serpentine outline with shell finial, decorated in blue and white, with figures sewing in a room interior.  13" (33cms) x 13" (33cms).  (a/f)    £50-80


43.     A Royal Worcester Jug with gilt loop handle, painted with sprays of flowers on a blush ivory ground, date code for 1897.   6" (15cms) high.    £30-40


44.     A 20th Century German porcelain figural Candlestick with crossed swords mark, 11" (28cms) high, a Sitzendorf vase and a pair of two handled covered vases.    £40-60


45.     A Burmantofts Jardiniere Stand decorated with over lapping rosettes on a yellow ground.   25" (63cms) high.   (chipped).    £30-40


46.     A rare Doulton Lambeth late 19th Century drum shape Spittoon, 1890-1900, signed by Emily J Partington, with blue, white, ochres and earthy brown tones.  (Small area of damage to bottom rim and small chip on top).    7 1/2" (19cms)    £80-120


47.     Three members of the Beswick Pig Band 'Michael', 'Christopher' and 'Andrew' and a Royal Doulton figure 'Star Performer' HN3950.    £30-40


48.     A Moorcroft circular shallow Dish decorated with magnolia on a cream ground, 4 1/2" (12cms) diameter, another with Hibiscus on a green ground (rim restored) and another of a Passion flower by Sally Tuffin.    £30-40


49.     A Poole pottery Aegean pattern leaf shape Dish, 12" (31cms) wide, a Poole pottery Conch shell, a Poole preserve jar and cover by Rene Brown and two other pieces.    £30-40


50.     A pair of Poole pottery Calypso pink lustre Vases, 8" (20cms) high, a Poole pottery Delphis dish and a Delphis planter.     £30-40


51.     A Poole pottery Delphis pattern Vase, 9" (23cms) high, a Tuscany pattern Poole pottery vase and one other.    £30-40


52.     A set of six Aynsley Coffee Cups and Saucers decorated in maroon and gilt and with six silver coffee spoons, Sheffield, 1923, cased.    £60-80


53.     A French Ewer and Basin decorated with flower heads and leaves.    £30-40


54.     A Royal Doulton figure 'The Ermine Coat' HN1981, withdrawn 1967.    £40-50


55.     A Doulton Burslem Ewer printed with a scene of Penrhyn Castle with gilt handle, on a blue and gilt foot.  6 1/2" (16cms) high.    £30-40


56.     A Coalport two handled circular Dish, decorated with birds and flowers on a maroon ground.    £15-20


57.     A modern Cantonese design circular Bowl decorated with panels of flowers.  10" (25cms) diameter.    £20-30


58.     A Japanese Imari Plate decorated with panels of horses, flowers, etc. in orange, blue and gilt.  12" (31cms) diameter.    £30-40


59.     Another Japanese Imari Plate decorated with panels of birds and flowers in orange, blue and gilt.  13" (33cms) diameter.    £30-40


60.     An Earthenware circular shallow Bowl decorated in blue and white, with an Eastern design, 14" (36cms) diameter and another bowl decorated in colours on a short pedestal foot.    £50-70


61.     A Royal Doulton Character Jug 'Toothless Granny' D5251, large size, another 'Smuggler' D6616 and one other 'Paddy'.    £50-60


62.     A 19th Century porcelain figure of a Bird with Meissen 'cross swords' mark, a Sitzendorf bird and a Spode bird (a/f).    £30-40


63.     A Meissen onion pattern part Service decorated in blue and white comprising oval fruit basket with pierced sides 14" (36cms) wide, a pedestal comport with pierced border, a pair of pierced circular two handled dishes and four plates.     £300-400


64.     A Booths four piece Hors d'Oeuvre Set decorated in blue and white with a Chinese pattern on a wooden circular tray base, with loop handle.    £30-40


65.     A late Victorian Teaset painted with sprays of flowers within a green and gilt border comprising twelve cups and saucers, twelve plates, milk jug, sugar bowl and two bread and butter plates.    £40-60


66.     A set of six Limoges Coffee Cans and Saucers of moulded and floral design, with gilt loop handles and a set of four wine glasses decorated with shamrocks and on a hollowed flared stem.    £30-40


67.     A Japanese Imari baluster Vase decorated in orange and blue, 10" (26cms) high and a Chinese export plate (a/f).    £20-30


68.     A 20th Century Chinese Tea and Coffee Set decorated with flowers, symbols etc comprising eleven tea cups, twelve saucers, twelve coffee cups, nine saucers, twelve plates, coffee pot tea pot, two handled sugar bowl and slop bowl.     £40-60


69.     A 19th Century Staffordshire pottery Mantel Ornament in the form of a two storey house with blue glazed roof and three other cottage ornaments.      £30-40


70.     A 19th Century Cup decorated with flowers and verse, 4" (10cms) high, another inscribed 'Bagshaw, 1847' and two others.  (a/f)    £30-40


71.     A Victorian Staffordshire pottery Mantel Ornament with male and female figures at the side of a river, Staffordshire figure of a sailor holding a flag and five other Staffordshire figures.  (a/f)    £40-60


72.     A 19th Century Ironstone panel sided Jug decorated with Japanese flowers, a smaller similar jug, Worcester blue and white jug with mask spout and two other 19th Century jugs (a/f).    £30-40









73.     A Lalique circular Dish, the pedestal formed as four birds.   5 1/2" (14cms) diameter.  (a/f)    £20-30


74.     An early 19th Century green glass Wine Glass with cushion knop stem and trumpet shape bowl, a blue glass liner and a glass bottle.


75.     A pair of Gillies Jones Rosedale glass Wine Glasses with spiral decoration on a circular foot and a Gillies Jones pink glass bowl.     £30-50


76.     A Studio glass baluster Vase decorated in blue, green, pink etc.  11" (28cms) high and five other Studio glass vases.     £40-60


77.     A glass Ships Decanter and three other various glass decanters.    £20-30


78.     A pair of blue satin glass Vases, 8" (20cms) high and an amethyst vase with silver overlay.    £20-30


79.     A glass Panel etched with a figure of leaping horse.  13" (33cms) x 10" (27cms).    £20-30


80.     A Victorian etched glass Smoke Bell.     £30-40


81.     Jean-Pierre Mateus; a glass baluster Vase with iridescent decoration in blue and pink etc.  8" (20cms) high, and a glass scent flask by Andrew Sanders, 6" (15cms) high.     £50-70


82.     Four 19th Century Liqueur Glasses with etched decoration, baluster knop stem and folded foot, two other folded foot glasses and six ice plates.    £50-70


83.     A Lalique model of a bird, 3" (8cms) high, and a Lalique 'Cactus' circular box and cover.  (both a/f)    £40-60


84.     An Amber Glass of tapering design etched with Masonic symbols.  5" (13cms) high.    £60-80


85.     A Bohemian glass Vase of tapering design decorated in enamel and gilt with a coaching a scene, signed 'Berndt'.     5" (13cms) high.    £50-70


86.     A 19th Century glass Rummer with enamelled floral decorated bowl, cushion knop stem and square foot, another with etched decoration on a stepped square foot and five other rummers.    £150-200


87.     An 18th Century Cordial Glass etched with birds, vines etc. on a plain stem and folded foot, another etched with trailing leaves and one other.    £120-150


88.     An 18th Century Cordial Glass with plain bucket shape bowl, tear drop stem and domed circular foot.      £70-100


89.     A glass Ale Flute with wrythen bowl, baluster knop and circular foot and three others.    £80-100


90.     A pair of 19th Century Sherry Glasses with ogee bowls and cushion knop stems and two jelly glasses.    £50-70


91.     A glass double necked Pilgrim Flask etched with ferns, donkeys etc. and inscribed 'B.J. Clay, 1893'.    £60-80


92.     A mottled glass Vase, 4" (10cms) high and a mottled glass bowl.    £30-40


93.     A Wine Glass with applied yellow prunts frilled knop and conical stem.    £40-50


94.     An Edward VIII Commemorative Coronation Mug inscribed 'May 12th, 1937', the base inscribed 'T. Goode & Co. no. 3354'.  5" (13cms) high.    £30-40


95.     A cut glass circular shallow Bowl, 13" (33cms) diameter and two others.    £30-40


96.     A Bohemian ruby flash lidded Stein decorated with a landscape panel with a stag etc. and with metal mounts.    £30-40


97.     An 18th Century design Cordial Glass with cotton twist stem, a pair of bucket shaped rummers etched with hunting scenes and a Victorian blue glass vase.     £30-40


98.     A glass barrel shaped Liqueur Decanter with five matching glasses and four silver cocktail sticks in the original Walker & Hall box.     £40-60




99.     A Victorian brass Hearth Ornament in the form of a curb.  8 1/2" (22cms) wide.     £25-30


100.   A pair brass three light Table Candelabra on circular bases.  16" (41cms) high.    £40-50


101.   A pair of brass and copper table Oil Lamps with cranberry glass reservoirs and on triangular bases.  20" (51cms) high (adapted for electricity).     £50-80


102.   An Arts and Crafts design pewter covered oblong Box with hinged cover and Ruskin type decoration with cabochon stones.  9" (23cms) wide.     £30-50


103.   A similar pewter Storage Stool with hinged lid, stylised floral and stone decoration inscribed "odds and ends".  15" (38cms) high.     £40-60


104.   A fluted painted metal column Candle Stand with leaf decoration on a circular foot.  5' (153cms) high.    £40-60


105.   A Liberty Tudric pewter lidded Tankard of Art Nouveau design with raised stylised floral design and scroll thumb piece.    8 1/2" (21.5cms) high.    £300-400


106.   A brass and copper two handled Tea Urn, a brass trivet and a small kettle.    £30-40


107.   A brass oblong Trivet, a 19th Century copper mug, an Indian brass bowl and other items.    £30-40


108.   A set of Victorian brass and cast iron Beam Scales by Bartlett, Bristol.  2' 8" (82cms) high.    £100-150


109.   Another set of Victorian brass and cast iron Beam Scales.  2' 8" (82cms) high.    £100-150


110.   A 19th Century cast iron fluted Pedestal with foliate decoration and on a square base.  4' 2" (127cms) high.    £50-70


111.   A large painted circular metal Skimming Dish with spout, 2' 8" (82cms) diameter, a metal canister and lid and a cast iron smoothing iron.     £50-70


112.   A Trench Art Shell Case, dated 1916, a brass travelling spirit stove, a brass box and a pestle and mortar.    £30-40


113.   A pewter Capstan Inkwell, five graduated baluster measures and a Victorian pewter mug.    £30-40


114.   A box of Miscellaneous Brass ware, geological specimens etc.    £30-40


115.   An Islamic silvered copper circular shallow Dish, the reverse with panels of calligraphy.  17" (43cms) diameter.     £40-60


116.   A Bergmann type Pin Cushion in the form of a dog seated on a carpet, a circular brass pin cushion and antimony box and a folding lighter.    £30-40


117.   A brass and wire mesh bow fronted Fire Front, a saucepan on a long flatten handle and a piece of leather harness with brasses etc.    £30-40




118.   Manfred; A Dramatic Poet by Lord Byron, hardback, rebound, 1817, 3rd issue.    £60-80


119.   'Dr. No' by Ian Fleming, 1st edition, 1958, hardback with dustjacket.    £80-100


120.   'Notes on Hospitals' by Florence Nightingale, 1859, 1st edition, hardback.     £100-150


121.   'The Handbook of British Birds' five volumes, hardbacks with dust jackets, 1938.    £30-40


122.   Perry's Directory of Great Britain and Ireland.    £10-20


123.   Collected Poems of Katharine Tynan, 1930, hardback with dustjacket together with a hand written poem "High Summer"..    £10-20


124.   THOMAS ASHE (Ed); "The Spirit of the Book" three volumes published 1811, bound in tree calf and with gilt spines; "Quentin Durward", three volumes published 1823 with red boards and calf spines and other three volume sets.  .    £80-100


125.   A box of various leather and other bound Works including "Social Distinction" by Mrs Ellis, three volumes; Alan Cunningham, Life of Sir D. Wilkie three volumes published 1843 etc..    £80-100


126.   A box containing volumes of Fun Magazine dating from 1869..    £10-20


127.   A box of early 20th Century Books on confectionery and baking.    £10-20


128.   A Fishing Diary for the River Bain 1931-1952 recording fish caught with weights etc and other sporting books..    £10-20


129.   Two boxes of biographical Books.    £20-30


130.   The Ledger of the Masonic Minerva Lodge, Kingston Upon Hull 1841-1848 and other local interest books.    £20-30


131.   A box containing a selection of Cairngorm Club Journals.    £20-30


132.   A box of mostly Dickens Works.    £20-30


133.   A box of G A Henty Books.    £10-20


134.   Richmal Crompton; a collection of 'Just William' Books and a number of P.G. Woodhouse novels.    £20-30


135.   'The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin', 'The Tale of Tom Kitten' and 'The Tale of Mrs Tittlemouse' by Beatrix Potter.    £80-100


136.   'Missee Lee' by Arthur Ransome, hardback, 1st edition, 1941.    £40-60


137.   Six early Beatrix Potter Books including 'Mrs Tiggywinkle', 1905, 'The Tale of Jemima Puddleduck'.   (a/f)  (6)    £40-50


138.   Six early Beatrix Potter Books including 'The Story of Miss Moppet', 'The Tale of Flopsy Bunny', 1909.   (a/f)   (6)    £40-50


139.   Another six early Beatrix Potter Books including 'The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit', 'The Tailor of Gloucester', 1903.  (a/f)    (6)    £40-50


140.   Another six Beatrix Potter Books including 'The Tale of Mr Jeremy Fisher', 1906, 'The Tale of Pigling Bland'.  (a/f)  (6)    £40-50




141.   A case set of six Fish Knives and Forks with bone handles, a case of six plated teaspoons and other items.    £15-20


142.   A plated three piece Teaset, a plated oval tray and other items.    £30-40


143.   A plated pedestal Cake Dish, a pair of plated fish servers with stag horn handles and other items.    £20-30



144.   A pair of plated oblong Entree Dishes and Covers, Victorian plated circular teapot, plated caster and other items.    £40-60


145.   A number of boxes of plated Cutlery including bone handled knives, fish knives and forks, carving set etc.    £30-40


146.   *** NO LOT ***


147.   A plated oblong three piece Teaset with embossed decoration, two plated oblong entree dishes and a set of six mother of pearl handled pastry knives.    £20-30


148.   Two plated circular Trays, pair of candlesticks, two toast racks and other items.    £30-40


149.   A pair of plated telescopic Table Candlesticks, oval cake dish, entree dish and other items.    £30-40




150.   A set of six silver bead knop Coffee Spoons with shaped stems, cased, Birmingham, 1925.    £20-30


151.   A silver panel sided Sugar Caster with pierced cover, Birmingham, 1922.    (4.7ozs)    £40-60


152.   An engine turned silver Cigarette Case, Birmingham, 1930, a 1930's Colibri lighter and a pair of scissors in the form of a Dirk.    £30-40


153.   A silver four piece Tea Set of oval form, with a lightly engraved and stud pattern border decoration, the teapot and hot water jug with ivory handles and lifts, Birmingham, 1937/8, maker Adie Brothers Ltd.    (60.7ozs gross)    £500-800


154.   An engraved silver Double Sovereign Case, Chester, 1910, maker Charles Edward Adams.      £50-80


155.   A silver panel sided Sugar Caster with pierced cover, London 1906, maker Josiah Williams & Co and a silver sauce boat with scroll handle. (6ozs)    £50-80


156.   A silver three piece circular Condiment Set, Birmingham 1933, maker Blanckensee & Son and a silver shell shape butter dish with glass liner and silver knife.     £50-70


157.   An Edwardian engraved silver Cigarette Case, Birmingham 1902, another silver cigarette case and a silver vesta case. (6.1ozs)    £50-70


158.   A pair of plain silver Serviette Rings, Sheffield 1942, two other silver serviette rings, an 800 standard serviette ring and a silver circular ash tray. (4.1ozs)    £40-60



159.   A set of six silver Pastry Forks and serving fork, cased, Birmingham 1936, a pair of bead edge silver dessert forks and a pair of cased plated serviette rings.     £30-40


160.   A set of six silver Teaspoons with shaped finials, Birmingham 1915, cased and a set of six silver coffee spoons, cased.     £30-40


161.   A silver Christening Mug engraved with initials and with loop handle, London 1907 and a silver panel sided cream jug with angular handle and pestle foot, London 1906. (6.3ozs)    £60-80


162.   A George IV silver Vinaigrette with interior pierced and gilded grille and engraved with initials, Birmingham 1823, maker John Bettridge.     £100-150


163.   A George IV silver Vinaigrette with pierced and gilded grille, the cover with floral chased border and engraved with initials, Birmingham 1829, maker Taylor & Perry.      £100-150


164.   A silver circular Bowl with gadrooned decoration on a short pedestal foot, 6 1/4" (16cms) diameter, London, 1898, maker William Hutton & Sons.   (10.7ozs).    £100-150



165.   A pair of silver Wine Coasters with gadrooned edge and turned wooden base, Birmingham, 2001.   5 3/4" (14.5cms) diameter.    £50-80


166.   A George IV silver Christening Cup of campana shape, embossed with flowers and leaves and engraved with the name 'Ellen Chapman', with down swept handle and on a pedestal foot, London, 1827, makers mark 'W.H.'.   (3.2ozs).    £50-80


167.   A Christening Spoon and Fork engraved with initials 'M.J.W.' Chester, 1915, by Barker Brothers, another Christening spoon, London, 1949, cased and two silver serviette rings.  (4.9ozs).    £40-60


168.   A pair of Georgian design silver panel sided Pepperettes, London, 1898 and 1900, one other pepperette and a silver oval salt with blue glass liner, Birmingham, 1899.    £40-60


169.   An early Victorian silver cylindrical Pepperette with pierced decoration and blue glass liner, London, 1839, maker Barnard Brothers, an Edwardian salt of shaped oval design with blue glass liner, Birmingham, 1901, maker James Woods & Sons and a mustard pot with pierced decoration and blue glass liner, London, 1913.    £40-60


170.   A large Victorian Mustard Pot with blue glass liner and pierced decoration, Sheffield, 1853, maker James and Nathaniel Creswick and a plain oval mustard pot with angular handle, London, 1908, maker William Comyns, (liner missing).    £40-60


171.   A pair of Edwardian silver Mustard Pots decorated with pierced oval Art Nouveau design, with blue glass liners, London, 1902, maker Jackson & Fullerton and another mustard pot of similar design, London, 1902, makers Wakely & Wheeler.    £50-80


172.   A pair of Edwardian plain silver Mustard Pots with blue glass liners, London, 1906, maker C S Harris & Sons.    £40-60


173.   A silver circular Capstan Inkwell with engraved hinged lid.  5 1/2" (14cms) diameter.  (marks rubbed).    £50-70


174.   A George III silver navette shape Teapot Stand with bead edge decoration and engraved with a monogram, on scroll feet, London, 1794, maker Solomon Hougham.  7" (17cms) wide.  (3.7ozs).    £50-80


175.   An Edwardian silver circular Card Tray with raised edge scroll feet, London, 1910, maker George Heath.  6" (15cms) diameter.  (5.5ozs)    £50-70


176.   A small Edwardian silver Hot Water Jug with domed cover, blackwood handle and lift, Birmingham, 1905.  8" (20cms) high.  (9.3ozs gross)    £80-120


177.   A late Victorian cranberry glass panel sided Scent Bottle with embossed silver cover, a ruby glass scent bottle with silver cover and three glass dressing table bottles with silver mounts.     £40-60


178.   A late Victorian silver Sugar Caster of 17th Century design with pierced and chased cover and embossed floral decoration with animal handle on an octagonal base, 6 1/2" (16cms) high, London 1888, maker Horace Woodward & Co.  (8.75ozs)    £100-150


179.   A pair of George IV silver fiddle pattern Tablespoons engraved with a coat of arms, London, 1826, maker Richard Evans, another pair of fiddle pattern tablespoons, London, 1829, an 18th Century tablespoon by William Sumner and Richard Crossley and a Victorian silver fiddle pattern sauce ladle.  (12.2ozs)    £120-150


180.   A collection of 19th Century Teaspoons, various dates, (thirteen in all), plus one other teaspoon.  (6.6ozs)    £50-80


181.   A pair of silver Dressing Table Candlesticks, two others, six silver handled dessert knives, serviette rings etc.    £50-80


182.   An Edwardian embossed silver oval two handled Sugar Bowl, Birmingham, 1908, small silver cream jug, London, 1896 and a silver shell shape butter dish.  (6.9ozs)    £60-80


183.   A Victorian silver fiddle pattern Caddy Spoon, a pair of small silver upright table photograph frames, a plated frame and a silver circular dish.    £30-50


184.   A silver oblong Cigarette Box with hinged cover and on bracket feet.  6 1/2" (16cms) wide, Birmingham 1951, and a square silver cigarette box.     £50-80



185.   An engine turned silver Matchbook Holder, Birmingham, 1929 and a plain holder, Birmingham, 1930.  (2ozs)    £30-40


186.   A silver and tortoise shell Jewellery Box inlaid with silver pique decoration with hinged lid and shaped supports, London, 1919.  4" (10cms) wide.    £200-250


187.   A Danish tortoiseshell Jewellery Box, the hinged lid with silver corner pieces, divided and padded interior and on short ivory supports, maker Christian Hilstrom.   6" (15cms) wide.  (cracked)    £50-80


188.   An engraved silver Pencil and silver dipping pen with ball finials, cased, Birmingham, 1907.    £80-100


189.   A set of eight silver bladed Dessert Knives and Forks with mother of pearl handles in fitted case, Sheffield, 1938, maker John Sanderson & Sons.      £70-100


190.   A silver two handled Rose Bowl with presentation inscription, dated 1920, (12ozs) and a silver backed hand mirror.    £100-150


191.   A silver column table Oil Lamp with fluted stem square stepped base and cut glass reservoir with etched glass shade, Sheffield 1918, maker Hawksworth Eyre & Co. Height of column 12 (31cms).     £300-400


192.   A pair of silver oblong Salts with spoons and blue glass liners on pedestal feet and a pair of silver cylindrical pepperettes with blue glass liners.    £40-60


193.   A pair of Victorian Wedgwood circular Salts with silver rims decorated with Chinese designs, London, 1887, (one cracked), a small pray book with silver cover, Birmingham, 1904, various silver handled manicure implements etc.    £40-60


194.   A case containing two pairs of plated Nutcracks, a pair of kernel picks and a pair of grape scissors, together with a quantity of assorted plated cutlery, biscuit barrel and other items.    £30-40


195.   A Victorian silver panel sided Christening Mug with engraved decoration and scroll handle, Exeter, 1855, maker Josiah Williams & Co.   (4.6ozs)    £50-80


196.   A pair of Victorian silver Fish Servers with pierced blades and scroll handles, Birmingham, 1856, maker John Gilbert.    £70-100


197.   A George III silver Old English pattern Basting Spoon, London, 1785, and a pair of sauce ladles, London, 1819, maker Sarah and John William Blake.  (8.7ozs)    £80-120


198.   A pair of Victorian silver circular Salts with engraved decoration and ball feet, London, 1878, maker Walter & John Barnard, a pair of early 19th Century silver salt spoons by George Smith & William Fearn and one other salt spoon.     £40-60


199.   Seven silver Golf Club Teaspoons, a silver christening spoon and fork and various other items.   (13ozs)    £120-150


200.   A silver and glass Racing Trophy etched with a scene of a racehorse.  6" (15cms).    £30-40


201.   A silver four piece Tea Set of panel sided Art Nouveau design, the teapot and hot water jug with black wood handle and lift, Sheffield 1921, maker Sibray Hall & Co.   (65.9ozs gross)    £500-800


202.   A silver small Salver or Card Tray with raised border and scroll feet, engraved with signatures, Birmingham, 1931, maker Barker Brothers Ltd.  7" (17cms) diameter.   (7.3ozs)    £60-80


203.   A hammered silver circular shallow Dish with  flattened scroll handles and presentation inscription from the Leeds Law Society, Birmingham, 1925, maker Albert Edward Jones.  7" (17cms) diameter.  (6.1ozs)    £50-80


204.   A silver two handled circular Bowl with guilloche pattern border on a pedestal food with presentation inscription from Joshua Tetley & Son, Sheffield 1928, maker Joseph Round.  9" (23cms) diameter.  (37.6 ozs).     £300-400


205.   A square Capstan Inkwell with hinged cover inscribed 'Leeds Law Society Golf Tournament, Ganton, 1928', Birmingham, 1921, maker James Deakin & Sons.    £50-80



206.   A George III silver Cup with later embossed decoration and inscription 'Pocklington Show, 1865' on a pedestal foot, London, 1775, maker probably Thomas Ellis, another pedestal cup and a small challenge cup.  (13ozs)    £100-150


207.   A late Victorian silver oblong Cigarette Box, the hinged cover engraved with a monogram, Birmingham, 1897 and a smaller silver cigarette box.    £70-100


208.   An Edwardian engraved silver oval Christening Mug and two others.   (8.9ozs)    £70-100


209.   A pair of small silver circular Pedestal Bowls with border decoration, Sheffield, 1920 and an engine turned silver cigarette case.  (11.8ozs)    £80-120


210.   A pair of pierced silver Sweetmeat Dishes, silver ashtray, pair of silver pepperettes and other items.    £40-60




211.   An 18ct. gold Dress Ring set with a large facet cut oval amethyst with pierced shoulders.    £100-150


212.   A gold Engagement Ring with a centre oval facet cut sapphire, flanked by four diamonds and two further sapphires.    £200-300


213.   A gold Bar Brooch with a centre opal and two small diamonds.    £50-80


214.   An 18ct. white gold Ring of crossover design, set with two diamonds.    £70-100


215.   A Gentleman's Waltham open face Pocket Watch with white dial and subsidiary seconds ring in plain 9ct. gold case.    £250-300


216.   A 9ct. gold Watch Chain with oblong open links and 'T' bars.  (54.5gms)    £400-600


217.   A Rolex Oyster Ladies Wristwatch with subsidiary second dial, in a stainless steel case, no. 112772/3121.    £300-400


218.   A Gentleman's plain 18ct. gold Wedding Band, hallmarked 'Birmingham, 1939'.  (5.9gms)    £80-120


219.   An 18ct. gold Solitaire diamond Ring.    £400-600


220.   A 22ct. gold Wedding Band.  (2.4gms)    £50-80


221.   Another 22ct. gold Wedding Band.  (6.2gms).    £150-200


222.   An 18ct. gold Dress Ring of crossover design set with a centre brilliant cut diamond and with diamond set shoulders.    £300-400


223.   A Gentleman's open face Elgin Pocket Watch with white dial and subsidiary seconds dial, in a gold plated case.    £30-50


224.   A Gentleman's open face Pocket Watch with white dial and subsidiary seconds dial, in 9ct. gold case engraved with a monogram.    £250-300


225.   Two bead Necklaces, two Stratton powder compacts, three fountain pens etc.     £30-50


226.   A Thai silver pheasant Brooch, silver and enamel white rose brooch and other items.     £20-30


227.   An amber graduated bead Necklace, 24" (62cms) long and two other amber necklaces.    £50-70


228.   A 9ct. gold Signet Ring and two wedding bands (unmarked).    £50-80


229.   A 9ct. gold curb link Bracelet with padlock clasp.  (15.5gms)    £120-150


230.   A 9ct. gold oval Locket on a fine link neck chain, a jet swivel brooch in a silver frame and one other silver brooch.    £50-80



231.   A cultured pearl and black onyx bead Necklace, Rosita Mercado pearl necklace with 9ct. gold clasp and a pair of pendant earrings.    £30-50


232.   An 18ct. gold Dress Ring set with five facet cut garnets.    £70-100


233.   A silver gilt Dress Ring set with a single opal and cubic zirconias.    £40-50


234.   A silver gilt Pendant of floral design, set with opals.    £50-60


235.   A silver gilt seven stone opal Dress Ring.    £40-50


236.   A silver navette shape Dress Ring set with large opal and cubic zirconias.    £40-50


237.   A silver gilt oval Pendant of floral design.    £40-50


238.   A silver cubic zirconia Princess cut Tennis Bracelet.    £60-70


239.   A pair of 9ct. gold Earrings set with opal drops.    £50-60


240.   A silver gilt Dress Ring set with opals and cubic zirconias.    £40-60


241.   A pair of silver Art Deco style pendant Earrings set with lapis and marcasite.    £40-60


242.   A silver Pendant set with single opal and surrounded by cubic zirconias.    £60-80


243.   A silver Eternity Ring set with three rows of cubic zirconias.    £30-40


244.   A pair of silver square drop Earrings set with cubic zirconias.    £30-40


245.   A silver Pendant set with central black onyx and marcasite and on a fine link neck chain.    £30-40


246.   A pair of silver drop Earrings set with peridot and marcasite.    £30-40


247.   A silver Gentleman's Ring set with cubic zirconias.    £30-40


248.   A pair of silver round drop Earrings set with cubic zirconias.    £30-40


249.   A silver Dress Ring set with cubic zirconias.    £30-40


250.   A pair of silver Earrings, each set with a black onyx drop and cubic zirconias.    £30-40


251.   A silver Dress Ring set with a single opal.    £30-40


252.   A George V gold Sovereign 1912.     £170-200


253.   A Victorian gold half Sovereign 1899.     £80-100


254.   An Edward VII gold half Sovereign 1909.     £80-100


255.   A 9ct. gold curb link Bracelet with padlock clasp (12.3gms).     £100-150


256.   A 22ct. gold Wedding Band. (3.7gms).    £50-80


257.   An 18ct. gold Engagement Ring set with three diamonds.    £70-100


258.   An 18ct. gold Dress Ring of entwined heart design, set with a ruby and sapphire and surrounded by small diamonds.    £100-150


259.   An old gold Ring set with five graduated amethysts.    £70-100


260.   A Ladies Everite Wristwatch with circular dial in 9ct. gold case and gold strap and another gold cased ladies wristwatch.    £70-100


261.   An Acme Lever Swiss open faced Pocket Watch with subsidiary seconds dial on a silver watch chain with two fobs.    £30-50


262.   A Gentleman's open face Pocket Watch inscribed 'George Ness, Kirby Moorside' in a silver case and with a silver watch chain.    £30-50


263.   An early 19th Century pair cased Pocket Watch by John Blades of Kirby Moorside with white dial in silver case.    £50-80


264.   Another 19th Century pair case Pocket Watch, a silver fob watch and two watch chains.    £40-60


265.   A 9ct. gold fine link Neckchain, a rolled gold bangle, curb link bracelet and other items.    £50-70


266.   A box of Costume Jewellery including a jet brooch, bead necklaces, cameo pendant etc.    £50-80


267.   An 18ct white gold Engagement Ring, the oblong setting with a centre facet cut sapphire, surrounded by diamonds.     £250-300


268.   A silver star shape Pendant set with diamonds on a fine link neck chain.     £50-80


269.   A pair of Art Deco design silver pendant Earrings with mother of pearl and marcasite.     £20-30


270.   A 9ct. gold stone set dress Ring and one other.     £80-100


271.   A 9ct gold half hoop Ring set with diamonds.     £200-250


272.   An 18ct. gold Engagement Ring with a single brilliant cut diamond and with diamond set shoulders.     £500-600


273.   An 18ct. gold Cluster Ring with a centre diamond surrounded by nine further diamonds.     £100-150


274.   A Victorian silver Collar of continuous bead design.  14" (36cms) long.    £130-150


275.   *** NO LOT ***


276.   A collection of Lovelinks jewellery including silver necklet, bead necklace, bracelet and earrings.      £40-60


277.   A Mondaine gentleman’s Wristwatch in stainless steel case and various other wristwatches.     £30-40


278.   An open face Pocket Watch and chain, silver stamp box and a silver bladed and mother of pearl fruit knife.     £30-50


279.   A quantity of assorted Costume Jewellery including agate brooch, Iranian white metal bracelet, two eastern metal bracelets and other items.     £50-80


280.   A 9ct gold emerald and diamond cluster Ring, a pair of gold stone set earrings and a gold pendant.     £50-80


281.   A 9ct. gold open link Bracelet (8.2gms).     £70-100




282.   A quantity of Matchbox and other model Cars.    £10-20


283.   A Hornby 'OO' gauge three rail electric Train Set.  (boxed)    £20-30


284.   A quantity of 'OO' gauge Railway Catalogues etc.    £20-30


285.   A painted miniature Chiffonier with raised back, fitted with four small drawers, with two long and two short drawers under.  15" (38cms) wide.    £30-50


286.   A Doll's Victorian Elbow Chair with spindle turned back and rush seat and a child's cane seated chair.    £30-40


287.   An old clockwork Toy Horse, another, a clockwork dog and a Schucco type clockwork bird.    £40-60


288.   An old wheeled Horse pull along Toy and a wheeled elephant.    £30-40


289.   A push along Toy Engine in red and black livery, 15" (38cms) long and a galloping horse toy on a metal stand.    £40-60


290.   A wheeled Elephant push along Toy, 21" (53cms) long, a Chiltern push toy dog and a dapple grey toy horse on a wooden stand, 21" (53cms) high.    £50-80


291.   A Hornby 'O' gauge Tank Locomotive and tender, no. 3435, in red and black livery, four Hornby carriages, a quantity of track etc.    £30-40


292.   A Corgi die cast 1-50 scale, limited edition, Presentation Pack, model no. CC99169, 'Barry Proctor Services Ltd.' 546/1500, as new, never unpacked.    £80-120


293.   A Corgi die cast 1-50 scale, limited edition, Presentation Pack, model no. CC99169, 'Barry Proctor Services Ltd.' 547/1500, as new, never unpacked.    £80-120


294.   Three boxed 1-50 scale Corgi Classics comprising of a 59601 Eddie Stobart Box Van, a 97319 ERF Bass Tanker and a 98454 Mack Series Van 'Wilton Farm', all as new with paperwork etc.  (3).    £15-25


295.   A Corgi 1-50 scale C O'Brien & Sons Tower Crane, a JCB Brit. European MAN/ERF unit and a Matchbox Super Kings Denver K-9 Fire Tender, all three are unboxed, showing little signs or wear.  (3).    £30-40


296.   A boxed Corgi Classic model no. 99808 Ford Popular Van, a Corgi 1-76 scale truck 35507 'Russell of Bathgate' ERF Flatbed and a Corgi 1-76 scale truck 37001 'James Hemphill Ltd' Foden tanker, all as new, also five boxed and three unboxed mainly LLEDO die cast Walkers Crisps Vans, a Dinky toy wheelbarrow etc.  (11)    £30-50


297.   A Danbury Mint 1-24 scale 1964 Aston Martin DB5 metallic red, also a Danbury Mint World War II Jeep replica MB1 1994, a Corgi 1-18 scale M.G. MGF open top metallic Brit. racing green car and an 'air' signature 1-48 scale Messerschmitt ME 262A model no. 99098 jet fighter.  All four are unboxed showing little signs of wear.  (4).    £80-120


298.   A Pelham Sailor Puppet, another and two google eyed dolls.    £30-40


299.   An old long haired, plush covered Teddy Bear with pointed snout, 13" (33cms) high and one other bear.    £30-50


300.   A large collection of Corgi Metrobus 675 series, all boxed, as new.  (approx. 20)    £40-60


301.   A large selection of mainly Corgi Metrobus series, plus others, all boxed.  (approx. 20)    £30-50


302.   A collection of Corgi Yorkshire Rider series, all box, as new.  (12)    £30-50


303.   A large selection of die cast model Cars of various marques:- onyx, Burago, Corgi, Metann etc. all boxed.  (approx. 50).    £40-60


304.   A selection of mainly performance die cast model Cars of various marques:- Burago, Polistil etc. mostly boxed.  (approx. 18).    £30-50


305.   A box of Power Units, control panels, speed regulators etc. by Hornby & others.    £20-40


306.   A box of Hornby 'OO' gauge Scenery, buildings, platforms, R410 operating turntable, Humbrol air brush kit etc.    £30-50


307.   Two boxes of assorted 'OO' gauge Rolling Stock, die cast models of tractors, agricultural machinery etc.  Britains, Matchbox, Super Kings etc.    £15-25


308.   A Mantua Tyco 'OO' gauge Burlington Train, coach, travel coach and observation coach, unboxed.  (4).     £30-50


309.   Jouef 'OO' gauge Train, no. 8912, boxed.    £20-40


310.   Four Jouef 'OO' gauge Intercity Coaches including two no. 5751, one 5752 and one 5753, boxed.  (4).    £20-40


311.   Two Jouef 'OO' gauge Cargo Wagons, no. 673, boxed.  (2).    £10-20


312.   Two Dapol 'OO' gauge Intercity Coaches, MK IID 1st Class and MK IID 2nd Class, also two Replica Railways 'OO' gauge pieces comprising a Network South East coach, no. 12123 BSK and a no. 14102 47T GLW Hopper, all boxed.  (4).    £20-40


313.   Mainline Railway 'OO' gauge diesel Train, no. 1CO-CO1 blue, named 'The Manchester Regiment', boxed.    £20-40


314.   Mainline Railway 'OO' gauge Diesel Train, no. 1CO-CO1 class 45, named 'Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers', boxed.    £20-40


315.   Mainline Railway 'OO' gauge; a selection of eight boxed lots of Rolling Stock, no. 37-138, 37-171 etc.  (8)    £30-50


316.   GMR Airfix 'OO' gauge Diesel Loco, no. AIA-AIA blue, no. 541006, boxed.    £10-20


317.   GMR Airfix 'OO' gauge; two Intercity Coaches, no. 54206-3 and 54200-5, a further three pieces of rolling stock, no. 54333-4, 54301-7 and 54347-3, all boxed.   (5)    £20-30


318.   Lima 'OO' gauge; two Diesel Trains 'Wilton Coalpower' and 'The Coal Merchants - Scotland', both boxed.  (2)    £20-40


319.   Lima 'OO' gauge; two Diesel Trains 'Eagle' and 'British Steel - Teeside', both boxed.  (2).    £20-40


320.   Lima 'OO' gauge; two Diesel Trains 'Fair Rosmond' and 'Mammoth', both boxed.  (2).    £20-40


321.   Lima 'OO' gauge; two Diesel Trains 'Royal Anglian Reg.' and 'Firefly', both boxed.  (2).    £20-40


322.   Lima 'OO' gauge; two Diesel Trains 'Ballymoss' and an Intercity no. 37-130, both boxed.  (2).    £20-40


323.   Lima 'OO' gauge; two Diesel Trains 'Earl Mountbatten of Burma' and a shunter, no. 8576, both boxed.  (2).    £20-40


324.   Lima 'OO' gauge; two Diesel Trains 'Cock of the North' and a breakdown crane, no. 30-9059, both boxed.  (2).    £20-40


325.   Five Lima 'OO' gauge Intercity Coaches, all boxed.  (5).    £30-50


326.   Three Lima 'OO' gauge Network South East Coaches, all boxed.  (3).    £20-40


327.   Three Lima 'OO' gauge assorted Coaches etc., two parcel bogies and a Trans Pennine coach, all boxed.  (3).    £20-40


328.   Five Lima 'OO' gauge assorted boxed lots of Freight Wagons comprising 'Tarmac', 'Amey Roadstone', 'Tilcon' etc.  (5).    £15-35


329.   Hornby 'OO' gauge Train, no. R845, 'Flying Scotsman', boxed.    £20-30


330.   Hornby 'OO' gauge Train, no. R063, 'Britannia', boxed.    £20-30


331.   Two Hornby 'OO' gauge Trains, BR Bo-Bo Electric R242 and a Diesel R316 'Lady Diana Spencer', both boxed.  (2)    £20-40


332.   Hornby 'OO' gauge BR twin Railbus, R867, boxed.    £30-50


333.   Two Hornby 'OO' gauge Trains, Electric Bo-Bo 'Phoenix' no. R360 and a Diesel/Electric no. R326, both boxed.  (2).    £40-60


334.   Two Hornby 'OO' gauge Trains, a Diesel Shunter, no. R156, boxed and a Diesel/Electric 'Royal Scot Grey', no. R369, not in original box.  (2).    £40-60


335.   Hornby 'OO' gauge Diesel Multipack comprising one train and one coach no. R700, not in original box and also a test unit pack, no. R751.  (2).    £30-50


336.   Four Hornby 'OO' gauge assorted Coaches, nos. 438, 428, 929, 938, all boxed.  (4).    £30-50


337.   Four Hornby 'OO' gauge assorted Coaches, including two mail coaches and two passenger coaches.  (2).    £20-40


338.   Five Hornby 'OO' gauge assorted Wagons and Vans, nos. R249, R722, R042, R728, R249 and a Wren no. 5009, all boxed.  (6).    £10-20


339.   Six Hornby 'OO' gauge assorted Wagons and Vans, nos. R669, R234, R247, R235, R248 and R249, all boxed.   (6)    £10-20


340.   A box containing a selection of seven various Coaches, unboxed, four Hornby 'Pugh' coal wagons, a train and a tender.  (13).    £20-40


341.   A box of Model Railway Magazines, catalogues etc. from early 1980's.    £10-20





342.   A Vintage Postcard Album and content of various topographical cards including seven views of York by Guy and various others.    £90-120


343.   A box containing approximately three hundred and fifty Yorkshire Postcards including the Leeds "Pals" Battalion recruiting car 1914, various views of the sea front Scarborough, Scarborough Pierrots, Bridlington and Whitby harbours etc.     £200-300


344.   A Vintage Postcard Album and contents of topographical views, including 'The Wreck of the North Pier, Scarborough', 'Record Wave at Scarborough', 'Market Place, Pickering' etc. together with a number of loose cards and photographs.    £50-80


345.   Another Postcard Album and contents of postcards and greetings cards including Donald McGill 'two tucks' Gramophone Record cards etc.    £50-80


346.   A collection of loose Postcards including Royal Engineers photographic cards, other military cards, souvenir album of Vimy cards, after the war etc.    £40-60


347.   Sixteen 'real photographic' Postcards of York Military Sunday Parades.       £50-70


348.   Twelve 'real photographic' Postcards of York Military Tattoo.       £20-30


349.   Eight 'real photographic' Postcards of aerial views of York.     £15-25


350.   Seventeen early Postcards of York and Strensall Camp.      £40-50


351.   Ten 'real photographic' Postcards of York Events, parades, Jubilee Celebrations etc.    £80-100


352.   Eight 'real photographic' Postcards of York Minster and the bells.     £20-30


353.   Twelve 'real photographic' Postcards of York Pageants and others of interest.    £30-40


354.   Twenty seven 'real photographic' and printed Postcards of York Street Scenes.       £60-80


355.   Four Postcards including 'real photographic' of York Tank Week.      £30-40


356.   Six 'real photographic' Postcards of York Heroes of the Great War.    £40-50


357.   Approximately 250 Postcards of York views.    £40-50


358.   Approximately 250 Postcards of York views.    £40-50


359.   Twenty three Aviation Postcards including 'real photographic' early aircraft.    £80-100


360.   Sixteen Postcards of early road transport including 'real photographic'    £80-100


361.   Twenty five Postcards of Shipping interest including Naval, shipwreck and The Titanic.    £90-110


362.   Fourteen Social History related Postcards including 'real photographic' mines, lifeboats etc.    £50-70


363.   Eighteen Postcards depicting early street scenes including 'real photographic'.    £40-60


364.   A collection of fifty five Postcards with a military theme, mainly World War I.    £30-40


365.   Six Postcards of Pickering and Goathland including 'real photographic'.    £20-30


366.   Seven Postcards of Scarborough including First World War damage.    £20-30


367.   Six Postcards of Yorkshire Dales interest (five real photographic).    £20-30


368.   Twenty one Postcards of the East Riding of Yorkshire, including 'real photographic' streets, disasters and canal.    £80-100


369.   Ten 'real photographic' Postcards of the West Riding of Yorkshire and one map postcard.    £30-40


370.   Six Postcards of the Middlesbrough area including 'real photographic'.    £40-50


371.   Seventeen Postcards of villages in the Malton and Thirsk area, including 'real photographic' view of Hovingham, Norton, Ampleforth etc.    £80-100


372.   Thirteen Postcards of village in the York and Harrogate area, including 'real photographic' views of Naburn, Ripley, Boston Spa etc.    £60-70


373.   Seven 'real photographic' Postcards of Farndale, Bransdale and Rosedale.    £10-20


374.   A collection of approximately 320 Postcards of Yorkshire interest.    £120-140


375.   A box containing approximately 300 Postcards including transport, comic and foreign.    £60-80


Collector’s Items


376.   A box of assorted Railway Paperwork relating to Highland Railways, etc.    £15-20


377.   A similar lot of Railway Paperwork.    £15-20


378.   A similar lot of Railway Paperwork.    £15-20


379.   A similar lot of Railway Paperwork.    £15-20


380.   A similar lot of Railway Paperwork.    £15-20


381.   A Railway hand Lamp inscribed 'BR (M)'.    £30-40


382.   A Swan Fountain Pen, the brown case with 18ct. gold band, engraved with an inscription, dated 1931 and one other Swan fountain pen.    £20-30



383.   A 19th Century Map of Lancaster by Greenwood & Co published 1830.  25" (64cms) x 27" (69cms).     £40-60


384.   A Georgian oak two division Cutlery Tray with integral handle.  15" (38cms) wide.     £50-80


385.   A satinwood Box with crossbanded domed hinged cover, printed with a landscape panel.  6" (15cms) wide.     £80-100


386.   A pair of WWII Medals and ribbons in box of issue.    £20-30


387.   A Japanese bronze Tsuba decorated with two silvered metal monkeys, the reverse with a man and a monkey and with character mark.  3 1/2" (9cms) x 3" (8cms).     £100-150


388.   A horn oval Snuff Box and cover decorated with a pressed profile of an 18th Century mans head and shoulders, possibly of Charles I, 4" (10cms) x 3" (7.5cms), the box contains a piece of paper suggesting a connection with John Obrisset.     £120-150


389.   A George III navette shape Ivory Box the hinged lid set with an interior mirror and with a gilt metal cartouche and hinge.  3 1/2" (9cms) long.     £100-150


390.   A George III blonde tortoise shell navette shape lidded Box decorated with gilt stars within guilloche border and with an engraved cartouche (crack to base).  4" (10cms) long.     £100-150


391.   A 19th Century papier mache circular Snuff Box the lid decorated with the head and shoulders of a bearded man wearing a coat with a large fur collar.  3 1/2" (9cms) diameter, together with a tortoise shell circular snuff box inlaid with a gilt roundel.      £40-60


392.   A small case shaped leather Snuff Box, another and a gilt metal snuff box with an agate cover.     £40-60


393.   A Photograph of the Australian Cricket Team, 1884, with the names in ink, including Frederick Spofforth, 7 1/2" (19cms) x 10" (25cms) and a photo collage by P Dawson; of Hamilton, Victoria, produced to promote the 1868 Aboriginal Cricket Team Tour, 22" (56cms) x 18" (46cms).     £70-100


394.   A 19th Century Percussion Pistol with octagonal barrel and wooden grip.  8" (20cms) long.  (a/f)    £30-40


395.   A set of late Victorian wooden Picture Blocks with pattern sheets in original box.     £40-60


396.   A cast iron Railway Sign "Any Person Who Omits to Shut and Fasten This Gate...".  40" (102cms) wide.     £40-60


397.   Another cast iron Sign "Postal Telegraph Office" 29 1/2" (75cms) wide.     £50-80


398.   A collection of Correspondence relating to the work of Octavia Hill including 'Association of House Property Managers', 'Liverpool Improved Houses Ltd.' with minutes of meetings, copies of speeches etc, together with other various correspondence.

               N.B. Octavia Hill was a pioneer of affordable housing and is seen as a founder of modern social work.     £50-100


399.   Thomas Dix; 'A New Map of the County of York', folding hand coloured Map mounted on linen, published by William Darton, 1820, in slip case, 24" (61cms) x 28" (71cms), a coloured folding map of Ireland, published by M.H. Allen, Dublin, 1832, in slip case and other maps.    £50-80


400.   A dapple grey Rocking Horse with the remains of the leather harness and saddle.  3' 4" (102cms) wide.    £100-150


401.   A 19th Century miniature Table Globe on turned wooden stand.  5" (12.5cms) high.    £50-80


402.   A Victorian figured walnut and satinwood banded Table Writing Box with fold out writing slope inscribed 'Miss Elizabeth Helen, 1872'.  13" (33cms) wide.    £50-80


403.   A Thompson of Kilburn 'Mouseman' oak Ashtray with carved mouse signature.    £30-40


404.   Frans Wesselman; a leaded and stained glass panel with a duck, figures etc., signed, 12" (31cms) sq., three smaller Wesselman panels and a small oval panel of a hare (unsigned).    £100-150



405.   SALLY ARNUP (b.1930); a Bronze study of a greyhounds head on a square marble base, signed and numbered 1/X.  3 1/2" (9cms) high overall.     £300-500   (ARR)


406.   SALLY ARNUP (b.1930); a Bronze study of a donkeys head, signed and numbered 111/X, on a marble base.  8" (20cms) overall.     £300-400   (ARR)


407.   SALLY ARNUP (b.1930); a Bronze study of a hares head signed and numbered 111/X.  4" (10cms) high.     £200-300   (ARR)


408.   A Bronze model of a reclining greyhound with crossed front paws, signed Todd.  6" (15cms) wide.     £100-150


409.   An unsigned Bronze of a hare raised on its haunches.  5 1/2" (14cms) high.     £50-70


410.   A Thompson of Kilburn Mouseman oak octagonal Tea Pot Stand with carved mouse signature.  7 1/2" (19cms) wide.     £100-150


411.   A wooden half model Boat Hull of the Hartlepool Pilot Boat 'Seeker' on wooden board,  8" (20cms) x 19" (48cms) overall and another of the 'Betty Sheader'.    £70-100


412.   A Frame containing a number of old Jeweller's watch labels, a small piece of lace dated 1786, a miniature version of the Lord's Prayer and a small frame containing a single label.    £30-50


413.   FRANCOIS LOUIS VIRIEUX; A Bronze standing figure of a child.  3' 3" (99cms) high.     £300-500


414.   A gilt Bronze standing figure of a hare by Michael Storey. 4" (10cms) high, a small bronze of two boxing hares signed with initials D.M.  2 1/2" (6.5cms) high and two other small bronzes both initialed D.M.     £70-100


415.   An Austrian coal painted Bronze of a rabbit with a carrot in its mouth.  1 3/4" (4cms) high, mark rubbed but probably Bergmann, a small bronze of a pig 2 1/2" (6cms) long and other small animal ornaments.     £50-80


416.   A small box with eleven Seals, coloured and plain, variously engraved with crests etc.    £70-100


417.   A brass Table Screen with needlework banner.    £20-30


418.   A William IV Night Stick with painted gilt decoration.  26" (66cms) long.    £30-50


419.   A late Victorian leather bound Photograph Album and contents of family photographs and two others with similar contents.    £50-80


420.   An 1930's Boosey & Hawkes Imperial Cornet in case.    £40-60


421.   A modern Jazz brass Trumpet in case.    £50-70


422.   A treen circular Box and Cover commemorating the fiftieth year of the reign of George III, the cover with a raised bust of the king, the interior with a tortoiseshell base.  3" (8cms) diameter.    £80-120


423.   An Arts & Craft beaten metal Photograph Frame, a brass frame and a folding mirror.    £20-30


424.   The Illustrated London News 'Panorama of the Great Exhibition, 1851', a scroll featuring panoramic display of engraved scenes from the exhibition.     £100-150


425.   A mid 19th Century mahogany sarcophagus shaped Tea Caddy the interior fitted with two covered containers and a Victorian table writing box.     £40-60


426.   A group of thirty original Fashion Illustrations in pen, ink and colour wash by Roz Jennings, formally an illustrator for Laura Ashley, examples of her work can be seen in the Laura Ashley archive.     £50-80


427.   Another group of thirty Fashion Illustrations by Roz Jennings in pen, ink and colour wash.    £50-80


428.   Another group of thirty Fashion Illustrations by Roz Jennings.     £50-80


429.   A box of thirty La Corona Cigars and ten Backgammon cigars.   (unopened)    £20-40


430.   A glass Smith's Crisp Jar and cover.  10" (26cms) high.    £50-70


431.   A WWI Princess Mary Gift Tin complete with cigarettes and tobacco, Christmas card and photograph, pipe, bullet pencil and original outer cardboard box.    £200-250


432.   A large Gros Point Needlework Panel with figures, buildings, etc.  31" (80cms) x 24" (61cms) in a gilt frame.    £50-70


433.   A Victorian Gros Point Needlework Panel of religious figures, the gilt slip inscribed 'Mary Pickard's Work, aged 14 years, 1860'.  31" (79cms) x 23 1/2" (60cms).    £50-70


434.   An 18th Century oak Bible Box with hinged lid and carved decoration and engraved with initials.  24 1/2" (63cms) wide.    £50-80


435.   A Continental pine circular low 'Cheese' Table on sled shape base, 27" (69cms) diameter and a Continental pine bucket.    £30-50


436.   A carved ivory Stanhope and a paper knife.    £30-40


437.   An oval horn Snuff Box with silvered metal cartouche and three other snuff boxes.      £50-70


438.   A Victorian papier mache Snuff Box with decorated hinged cover and a papier mache pin box.      £60-80


439.   A pair of Spectacles in a Victorian papier mache case and various others.    £40-50


440.   A 19th Century wooden Snuff Box in the form of a shoe with stud work decoration.  3 1/2" (9cms) wide.    £60-80


441.   A pair of ivory Glove Stretchers, a cheroot holder and other items.    £30-40


442.   An onyx Ashtray surmounted by a bronze model of a Scottie Dog.    £40-50


443.   A Victorian treen Bobbin Stand and Candlestick.  10" (26cms) high.    £70-100


444.   A Chinese ivory Chess Piece in the form of a King and another of a Queen.  (height of King 6 1/2" (16.5cms)).    £120-150


445.   A Ukulele Banjo, cases.    £50-70


446.   A Jeweller's Scale inscribed 'City of York' and in wooden case.    £25-30


447.   A Peerless Sewing Machine by Louis Ronte with gilt decoration.       £30-40


448.   Another early Sewing Machine with gilt decoration, no makers mark but with Victorian registration mark.    £30-40


449.   An 18th Century Indenture Document another appointing a notary public and two legal pictures.    £20-30


450.   A Stags Head on a wooden wall shield.    £40-60


451.   A 19th Century Map of Central Asia, published by C. Smith of London, another of Polynesian Islands, published 1840 and two other maps, all unframed.    £30-40


452.   Thomas Conder; a Chart of the North West Coast of America explored in the years 1778 and 1779, 9" (23cms) x 14" (36cms) and another Conder chart of the Society Isles, discovered by Captain Cook, 1769, 8" (20cms) x 14" (36cms).    £40-50


453.   An Oboe by Hawkes & Sons, in original wooden case.    £350-400


454.   An Oboe by Leslie Sheppard of Sussex, in fitted case.      £50-70



455.   A silver plated Super Monopole Soprano Saxophone by Couesnon & Co. Paris, no. 52491 & 10184, cased.      £400-500


456.   A silver plated 'C' melody Saxophone by Thibouville-Lamy, Paris, in later soft case.    £400-500


457.   A late Georgian rosewood sarcophagus shape Tea Caddy, inlaid with brass stringing and with brass keyplate, the interior with further stringing and with two covered containers and centre glass bowl.  12" (31cms) wide.    £100-150


458.   A 19th Century teak Box inlaid with brass banding and brass handles, the interior fitted with small covered containers.  19" (49cms) wide.    £100-150


459.   A brown Lizard skin Handbag.    £30-40


460.   A mid 19th Century rosewood sarcophagus shape Tea Caddy with mother of pearl inlay and ring handles, the interior with two covered containers and on compressed bun feet.  8" (20cms) wide.    £40-60


461.   A Victorian rosewood oblong Box, the hinged cover inscribed 'Envelopes' in mother of pearl and one other box.    £30-40


462.   A set of brass Postal Scales and weights by Mordan & Co, London on coromandel wood oval base.     £30-40


463.   A Barograph in glazed case.  14" (36cms) wide.     £100-150


464.   A brass Microscope by Baker, High Holborn, London, in a mahogany case.    £70-100


465.   An old wooden circular Hat Box with some old labels including Flying Scotsman, Southern Railway, etc.   18 1/2" (47cms) diameter.    £40-60


466.   A 1941 British Steel Helmet and a Paratrooper's helmet.    £20-30


467.   A Dorset Shire Regiment Helmet Plate Centre, Grenades Guards brass belt buck, various military badges and a Victorian Manchester Regiment swagger stick.    £40-60


468.   An Army and Navy Stores folding Bowie type Knife with horn grips and leather sheath.     £100-150


469.   'The Beer from the Country', an Advertising Poster for Russell's Brewers, Malton, with an angler in the foreground with a Russell's Brewery lorry and further figure.  17" (43cms) x 23" (59cms).    £70-100


470.   A Hardy three piece graphite Salmon Fly Deluxe Rod.  15' 4" (long).    £100-120


471.   A brass and leather covered, four drawer, Telescope.       £40-60


472.   A large Map of the World by W Johnston Ltd. on a roller, 6' 3" (190cms) wide, a Philips roller map of Lancashire & Yorkshire and five other roller maps.    £100-150


473.   A Vintage brass three branch Ceiling Light hung with mesh shades inset with reflective glass panels and one other glass light shade.    £40-60


474.   Blaeu after Timothy Pont; a hand coloured Map 'Lidalia' from the Atlas of Scotland.  16" (40cms) x 21" (53cms) and another 'Cuninghamia'.    £100-150


475.   John Speede; a hand coloured Map of Hertfordshire, sold by Henry Overton at The White  Horse Without, Newgate, London.   16" (41cms) x 21" (53cms)    £70-100


476.   A wooden half model Boat Hull.   19" (48cms) long.    £30-40


477.   A Victorian figured walnut and herring banded Sewing Box, a mahogany sarcophagus shaped tea caddy and a leather jewellery box.     £30-50



478.   A Victorian coromandel Sewing Box inset with a mother or pearl panel inscribed Annie, the interior fitted with a lift out tray, cotton reels etc.  12" (31cms) wide.     £40-60


479.   A coromandel wood Toilet and Jewellery box with a lift out leather tray fitted with three square glass scent bottles, a blue and red glass scent bottle and fall front.  9" (23cms) wide.     £50-80


Pictures & Prints


480.   GEORGE WARNER ALLEN (1916-1988); 'Cardinal Hume' Oil Painting, signed and dated 1980.  23" (59cms) sq.    £70-100  (ARR)


481.   GEORGE WARNER ALLEN (1916-1988); a pair of coloured Prints in neo-romantic style and in gilt frame.    £70-100  (ARR)


482.   G WARNER; a series of five landscape Watercolours, each 11" (28cms) x 15" (38cms), uniformly framed.    £30-50


483.   WILLIAM MELLOR (1851-1931); 'Stockghyll Force, Ambleside', Oil on Canvas, signed.  36" (92cms) x 28" (71cms).    £500-800


484.   G C BARLOW; 'Bolton Bridge' Oil on Board, signed and with artist's label verso.  19" (49cms) x 23" (59cms).    £60-80


485.   PETER BAILEY; a series of four Oils on Canvas of French Shooting Scenes 'Ca va Tourner au vinaigre si personne n'intevient', housed in a single frame.   23" (58cms) x 53" (135cms) overall.    £250-300


486.   GEORGE NICHOLSON (1787-1878); cattle watering in a river with a thatched cottage beyond, Watercolour, signed.  10" (26cms) x 15" (38cms).    £50-70


487.   GEORGE NICHOLSON (1787-1878); 'The Grammar School, Old Malton', Watercolour, dated May 25th 1849 and titled in pencil, inscribed on the reverse 'Founded by Archbishop Holgate, 1554'.  6 1/2" (16cms) x 9" (23cms).    £50-80


488.   FRANCIS NICHOLSON (1753-1844); 'Layerthorpe Poston, York' Lithograph, printed by Rowney & Forster.  11" (28cms) x 15" (38cms).    £20-30


489.   GEORGE NICHOLSON (1787-1878); 'Whitby Abbey, Yorkshire' Lithograph.  7 1/2" (18cms) x 10" (25cms).    £20-30


490.   A pair of unsigned Victorian Watercolours of botanical specimens and insects, each 6" (15cms) x  4" (10cms).    £30-40


491.   PETER GHENT (1857-1911); haymaking scene, Oil on Canvas, signed.  35" (89cms) x 48" (122cms).    £500-800


492.   CRESWICK BOYDELL A.R.C.A. (ex.1899-1916); river landscape with cattle watering, Oil on Canvas, signed, in gilt frame.  20" (51cms) x 40" (101cms).    £100-150


493.   J VAN COUVER (b.1869); 'Maassluis, Holland', a harbour scene with fishing vessels, windmill etc. Watercolour, signed.  14 1/2" (37cms) x 21" (53cms).    £70-100


494.   After WHEATLEY; a set of eleven Cries of London coloured Prints.      £70-100


495.   LIZ GARNETT-ORME; 'A Study of a little Owl', signed and dated 1996.  8" (20cms) x 6 1/2" (16cms)    £30-40


496.   EMERSON MAYES (b.1972); Tree Study, November IV, mixed media drawing, signed.  5 1/2" (14cms) sq.    £50-80   (ARR)


497.   HARRY WELLER; "A Campden Letterbox", a Watercolour, signed, 13 1/2" (35cms) x 10" (26cms) and another Cotswold watercolour by the same artist.     £50-80


498.   LESLIE KNIGHT; "Slad near Stroud" Watercolour, signed and dated '81, 10" (26cms) x 14" (36cms) and a water colour by Harry Weller of Sudeley Hill Farm.     £50-80


499.   LESLIE KNIGHT, "Overbury Gloucestershire" Watercolour, signed and dated '83.  9" (23cms) x 13" (33cms).     £40-60


500.   JONATHAN SAINSBURY; an artist signed Limited Edition Print of Gun dogs, no. 131/850.    £15-20


501.   A framed Lithograph by Kapp of his honour Mr Justice Avory, dated 1924.     £30-40


502.   ROBERT RICHARD CAMPBELL (Australian 1902-1972); 'On the Parramatta River, Early Morning', Watercolour, signed and dated 1926.  10" (25cms) x 8" (20cms).    £40-60   (ARR)


503.   GEORGE FALL (1848-1925); view of the Minster, York, Watercolour, signed.  12" (31cms) x 9" (23cms).    £120-150


504.   An unsigned Oil on Panel of a man holding key.  20" (51cms) x 16" (41cms).    £100-120


505.   ARCHIBALD THORBURN; Limited Edition Print of a stag, published by the Tryon Gallery, no. 121/500.  14" (36cms) x 18" (46cms).    £40-50


505A. FRANK PASH (Australian 1920-1990); watercolour and body colour, inscribed "To Ken and Members of Second Battalion Parachute Regiment."  17" (43cms) x 24" (61cms).     £100-150   (ARR)

506.   A modern Oil Painting on panel of Victorian children in a heavy gilt frame.  11 1/2" (29cms) x 15 1/2" (39cms).    £80-100


507.   CHARLES ROUSSE (fl.1870-1890); street scene, possibly The Shambles, York, Watercolour, signed.  8" (20cms) x 5" (13cms).    £40-60


508.   GEORGE FALL (1848-1925); York scene with the river and water tower in the foreground, Watercolour, signed.  8 1/2" (21cms) x 6" (15cms).    £80-120


509.   M W SPENCER; horse and cart on a country lane, Oil on Canvas, signed and dated 1908.   16 1/2" (42cms) x 21" (53cms).    £50-80


510.   W GRAY; lake landscape with castle ruins, Oil on Canvas, signed.  14" (36cms) x 19 1/2" (49cms)    £40-60


Clocks & Barometers


511.   An early 20th Century Mantel Clock in oak case.  (movement replaced)    £20-30


512.   A Carriage Clock with white dial and gong strike in brass and bevelled brass case.  5" (13cms) high.    £70-100


512A. A 19th Century Longcase Clock with arch dial painted with landscapes and inscribed 'John Blackburn, Gateshead' with seconds and date rings, eight day movement in mahogany case with spiral turned pilasters.  7' 2" (219cms) high.    £300-400


513.   A 19th Century Mantel Clock with bell strike and floral decorated ivorine dial, in a spelter case, with a figure representing Science.  16" (40cms) high.    £70-100


514.   A 19th Century Wheel Barometer with thermometer, hydrometer and spirit level by Cattaneo of Malton in rosewood case.   8" (20cms) diameter dial.    £50-70


515.   A 19th Century French Mantel Clock the white dial inscribed Henry Marc, Paris, in a bronze case surmounted by a scholar and inset with marble panels.  19" (49cms) wide.     £150-200


516.   A 19th Century Longcase Clock the square dial with painted decoration and inscribed R Pugh, Newtown with date aperture and thirty hour movement in mahogany case with swans neck pediment, fluted side pilasters and on bracket feet.      £80-120


Carpets & Rugs


517.   A Meshed Carpet of floral and medallion design on a red field and bordered.  8' 6" (260cms) x 6' 2" (188cms).    £150-200


518.   A Baluchi Rug with an all over geometric design on a red field and bordered.  6' (184cms) x 3' 2" (97cms).    £80-100


519.   A Baluchi Runner of geometric design on a red field.  6' 6" (224cms) x 1' 9" (53cms).    £40-60


520.   A Malayer Rug of geometric and floral design in blue, black, red etc.  6' (184cms) x 4' (123cms).    £80-100


521.   A Heriz Rug with geometric panels on a red field and bordered.  6' 6" (198cms) x 5' 9" (176cms).    £100-150


522.   An Ahar Carpet of floral design with a medallion centre in blue, red, beige, etc.  10' 9" (325cms) x 6' (183cms)    £150-200


523.   A Keshan pattern Rug of traditional design on a blue field.  6' 3" (190cms) x 4' 6" (140cms).    £40-60


524.   Another Keshan Rug on a red field.   6' 3" (190cms) x 4' 6" (140cms).    £40-60


525.   A Keshan Carpet of similar design on blue field.  7' 6" (230cms) x 5' 3" (160cms).    £60-80


526.   A Ziegler design Rug of floral design on a blue field and bordered.  6'3" (190cms) x 4'7" (140cms).     £40-60


527.   An Afghan Bokhara Rug of traditional design on a red field and bordered, 3' 6" (107cms) x 3' (92cms) and one other small rug.    £30-50




528.   A late 19th Century beech and elm Smoker's Bow Chair with spindle turned back, panelled seat and turned supports.      £30-40


529.   An Edwardian mahogany Chest by Waring & Gillow, fitted one long and two short drawers with cross banded decoration, on splay supports.  3' 9" (114cms) wide.  (adapted).    £50-70


530.   A Victorian mahogany Chest of three long drawers with turned pull handles and turned supports.   3' 1" (94cms) wide.    £50-80


531.   A pine Pew.    8' 10" (267cms) wide.    £50-80


532.   A Victorian mahogany oblong Library Table on baluster turned supports and splay feet.  5' 3" (160cms) wide.    £100-150


533.   A mid 19th Century mahogany circular tilt top Dining Table on panel sided column and tricorn base with paw feet.  4' 6" (137cms) diameter.    £100-150


534.   An Overmantel Mirror in gilt frame with shell carved pediment.  3' 10" (117cms) x 4' 4" (132cms).    £50-70


535.   A 19th Century mahogany Sewing Table with 'D' shape drop leaves, single fitted drawer and with bag under, on ring turned supports.  18" (47cms) wide.    £170-200


536.   A small early 19th Century mahogany Tea Table with fold over oblong top on chamfered square supports.  2' 4" (71cms) wide.    £100-150


537.   A mid 18th Century mahogany circular tilt top Breakfast Table raised on a bird cage bracket baluster turned column and triple splay supports.  3' (90cms) diameter.    £200-300


538.   A 19th Century oak Bedside Table with 3/4 gallery, open shelf and single small drawer on cabriole supports. 16" (41cms) wide.    £50-80


539.   An Antique design oak oblong Joynt Stool with moulded edge and knulled supports.  17" (43cms) wide.    £40-60


540.   A 19th Century Occasional Table with octagonal tilt top, baluster turned slender column and triple splay supports.  16" (41cms) wide.    £40-60


541.   A Regency design mahogany Occasional Table, the octagonal top with reeded edge, spiral turned column and reeded triple splay supports.  20" (52cms) wide.    £50-80


542.   A 17th Century design oak low back Hall Chair with carved foliate decoration, panel seat and turned and block supports.    £40-60



543.   A small 19th Century mahogany frame wing back Settee with loose squab cushion, turned supports and square stretchers with volute feet.  2' 9" (84cms) wide.    £200-300


544.   An 18th Century oak Side Table with moulded edge and single frieze drawer on shaped supports.  2' 4" (72cms) wide.    £150-200


545.   A Child's Victorian mahogany frame low Chair with spindle turned back, tapestry upholstered seat on short turned supports.      £40-60


546.   An early 19th Century Dutch marquetry Wall Cupboard with arched cornice, fitted with serpentine fronted shelves and enclosed by a single glazed tracery door with glazed side panels.  2' 6" (76cms) wide.    £100-150


547.   A set of Chemist's Drawers fitted with fifteen drawers in two sizes with turned pull handles and glass labels (one missing) Bearing the label of Ward & Puckin, Baxtergate Whitby.  3' (92cms) wide.    £200-300


548.   A Victorian low Chair with fan shaped back, upholstered in floral tapestry and on short turned supports, the casters inscribed 'Cope & Collinson Patent'.    £50-80


549.   Another Victorian low Chair with floral loose covers on short turned supports.      £30-50


550.   A Victorian mahogany Dressing Stool with tapestry covered top on cabriole supports.      £50-80


551.   A pair of Georgian design mahogany frame Dining Chairs with rail backs, tapestry covered seats, square tapering supports and spade feet and three other rail back dining chairs.    £40-60


552.   An early 19th Century oblong tilt top Occasional Table inlaid with chevron banding on a ring turned column and triple splay supports, 16" (41cms) wide and a 19th Century mahogany oblong stool with upholstered top.    £50-80


553.   A Victorian mahogany Piano Stool with upholstered adjustable seat on fluted turned supports and a Georgian design mahogany dressing stool.      £40-60


554.   A George III mahogany circular tilt top Occasional Table on a bird cage bracket, baluster turned column and triple splay supports.  2' 4" (71cms) diameter.    £100-150


555.   An early Victorian rosewood Sewing Table with octagonal crossbanded top, single frieze drawer and square column on a platform base with bun feet.  18" (46cms) wide.    £70-100


556.   A stained beech frame open Armchair with cane panel seat and back on turned supports and a rail back elbow chair with wicker seat.    £50-80


557.   A 19th Century elm Country elbow Chair with rail back, panel seat and square supports, a Chippendale design mahogany frame dining chair with tapestry seat and one other rail back chair.    £50-80


558.   A mahogany Standard Lamp with fluted baluster column and circular base.    £30-50


559.   An early 18th Century oak Coffer, the interior with candle box and with a three panel hinged lid and three panel front carved with lozenge and rosettes on stile supports.  3' 5" (104cms) wide.    £150-200


560.   A square gilt frame Foot Stool with tapestry upholstered top and shape supports.    £30-40


561.   A mahogany frame Armchair with blind fret carved square front supports, upholstered in blue velvet.    £50-80


562.   An 18th Century oak Side Table with moulded edge and single frieze drawer on chamfered square supports.  2' 7" (78cms) wide.    £100-150


563.   A 19th Century camphor wood Box with brass handles and plain hinged lid.  3' (92cms) wide    £70-100


564.   An early 19th Century mahogany Cupboard enclosed by single panel door on bracket feet.  2' 8" (81cms) wide.    £50-80



565.   A George III small mahogany Chest with moulded edge, fitted four long drawers on bracket feet.  2' 4" (71cms) wide.  (altered)    £100-150


566.   A 19th Century elm and yew wood Windsor low back Elbow Chair with pierced splat back, panelled seat and crinoline stretcher.     £200-300


567.   An 18th Century oak gateleg Dining Table with 'D' shape drop leaves, on turned and blocked supports.  3' 6" (107cms) wide.    £100-150


568.   An oak Box Stool with hinged lid, carved panel front and turned supports.  20" (51cms) wide.    £50-60


569.   A Thompson of Kilburn 'Mouseman' oak oblong Coffee Table on panel sided supports with carved mouse signature.  3' (91cms) x 40 1/2" (37cms).    £300-400


570.   A Sheraton period mahogany half moon Sideboard with cross banded, boxwood and ebony strung border, with a centre drawer, flanked by cellarette, deep drawer and two smaller cupboards on square tapering supports and spade feet.    6' 3" (190cms) wide.    £300-400


571.   A set of four Victorian rosewood frame Salon Chairs with tied ribbon and inlaid over splat backs, upholstered seats and turned supports.     £70-100


572.   *** NO LOT ***


573.   An Edwardian mahogany Pedestal Desk with leather top and nine drawers under on bracket feet.  4' (122cms) wide.    £80-120


574.   A George III mahogany Bureau with hinged fall and fitted interior, four long graduated drawers under on bracket feet.  3' 4" (102cms) wide.    £150-200


575.   A mid 19th Century mahogany elbow Chair with scroll arms on turned supports.      £40-60


576.   A set of five Edwardian mahogany frame Salon Chairs with satinwood banding, inlaid splats and square tapering supports (one carver) and a matching open armchair.    £100-150


577.   A pair of Victorian mahogany frame Dining Chairs with bar backs and turned supports.      £20-30


578.   A 19th Century Pembroke Table with single end drawer, oblong drop leaves, on reeded square tapering supports.  3' (92cms) wide.    £50-70


579.   A Chippendale design upright Wall Mirror in fret carved mahogany frame.  29" (74cms) high.    £20-30


580.   An early 19th Century oak Chest of three long and two short graduated drawers with turned pull handles on bracket feet.  3' 6" (106cms) wide.    £80-120


581.   A Child's 19th Century oak elbow Chair and a child's stick back chair.    £40-60


582.   A Child's 19th Century elm high Chair with stick back, panelled seats and foot rest on turned supports.      £50-80


583.   A Victorian mahogany frame spoon back Nursing Chair with upholstered seat and back on cabriole supports.     £50-80


584.   A Victorian mahogany Chest of three long and two short drawers with turned pull handles on turned supports.  3' (92cms) wide.    £70-100


585.   A mainly 18th Century oblong Box with hinged lid and carved front panel.  2' 4" (71cms) wide.    £50-80


586.   A Regency convex Wall Mirror with ebonised slip in a leaf decorated gilt frame.  29" (74cms) diameter.    £150-200



587.   An antique oak Coffer with four panelled lid and front, on stile supports.   4' 4" (132cms) wide.    £80-120


588.   An early 19th Century oak and mahogany banded Corner Wall Cupboard with dentil cornice and inlaid panelled door.  2' 7" (79cms).    £40-60


589.   An early 19th Century Square Piano Case, adapted for use as a serving table with three drawers, with painted floral decoration on fluted turned supports.  5' 6" (170cms) wide.    £150-200


590.   A 19th Century mahogany Chiffonier with two open shelves above a cupboard base enclosed by arch panelled doors, on short turned supports.  3' (92cms) wide.    £70-100


591.   A late Georgian oak and mahogany banded Chest of three long and two short drawers with ivory keyplates, half round side pilasters and splay supports.  4' (124cms) wide.    £100-150


592.   A small 19th Century mahogany Cupboard enclosed by panel door and with open book shelves above.  25" (64cms) wide.    £50-80


593.   A 19th Century gilt wood oblong Stool with caned top, fluted turned supports and shaped stretchers.  3' (92cms) wide.    £50-80


594.   *** NO LOT ***


595.   *** NO LOT ***


596.   *** NO LOT ***


597.   An Edwardian oak Wall Bracket with open shelves and cupboard, with strapwork hinges of Art Nouveau design.  22" (56cms) wide.    £30-40


598.   A Georgian oak and pine Bureau with later carved decoration, hinged fall, fitted interior, four long graduated drawers under on bracket feet.  3' 6" (107cms) wide.     £100-150


599.   A late 19th Century Continental oak Sideboard with carved border, single centre drawer above an open kneehole, flanked by a pair of cupboards with carved decoration.  5' 7" (170cms) wide.    £70-100


600.   A late Victorian carved oak Corner Table with single drop leaf and an oblong fender stool.      £50-70


601.   An early Victorian mahogany frame Elbow Chair with carved bar backs, scroll arms, upholstered seats and turned supports.   (top rail replaced)    £30-40


602.   An early 18th century oak Coffer with plain hinged lid and three panelled front carved with lozenge and triangle, on stile supports, 4' 1" (125cms) wide.    £180-220


603.   An Edwardian mahogany triangular top 'handkerchief' Table with drop leaves, on ring turned supports.     £30-40


604.   A 19th Century mahogany Cutlery Table with inlaid floral decoration, fitted with a hinged cutlery box and centre handle on slender ring turned supports.  21" (54cms) wide.    £200-250


605.   A child's 19th Century Commode Elbow Chair with bar back and hinged seat.     £60-80


606.   An 18th Century design oak Dresser Base with a single drawer above a centre knee hole flanked by four further drawers on cabriole supports.  5' 6" (168cms) wide.     £100-150


607.   A Regency design mahogany frame low Prie Dieu Chair with upholstered seat and rail on ring turned supports.      £30-50


608.   A Victorian brass Gong in a carved oak floor standing frame, with lion mask and floral carved decoration.  3' 7" (109cms) high.    £100-150


609.   A late 19th Century mahogany Towel Airer with folding side rails, on splay supports.      £30-50


610.   A Regency mahogany Washstand with three quarter gallery above two frieze drawers and on ring turned supports.  3' 6" (107cms) wide.    £100-150


611.   An early 19th Century mahogany enclosed Washstand with folding divided top, cupboard and pull out drawer under on chamfered square supports.  20" (51cms) wide.  (interior adapted)    £50-80


612.   A small 19th Century mahogany square Stool with upholstered top and turned supports.    £20-30


613.   A 19th Century mahogany swing Toilet Mirror in mahogany frame on an inverted breakfront base, fitted with three drawers on short turned supports.       £40-60


614.   A pair of late Victorian ebonised frame Bedroom Chairs with cane seats and turned supports.      £20-30


615.   A pair of Victorian mahogany frame Dining Chairs with pierced splat backs, upholstered seats and cabriole supports.    £30-40