01904 489731

01904 489731

York Antique Sale

Wednesday 12th July



1.            A red folder and contents of German Stamps.

2.            A Gucci Ballpoint Pen from the Accessory Collection, and in original Gucci box.

3.            A Schweppes Advertising Mirror and two gilt framed mirrors.

4.            An Eccles Miner’s Safety Lamp and two other lamps.

5.            Two fencing Masks, a jacket and a signed Fencing manual.

6.            Five 1960's canvas USA Mail bags.

7.            An Afghan Bokhara pattern Rug of traditional geometric design and multi-stripe border, 4' 6" (137cms) x 2' 8" (81cms) and one other rug.

8.            A Belgium cotton Indian pattern Rug of geometric design, 3' 11" (120cms) x 2' 3" (70cms), small Bokhara pattern rug and one other.

9.            A Thompson of Kilburn 'Mouseman' oak Book Trough with carved mouse signature.  18" (46cms) wide.

10.          A wooden three division Stationery Rack, Eastern carved wooden box, pair of nut crackers etc.

11.          A Victorian papier mache Letter Rack and four various papier mache jars.

12.          A brass Military Compass inscribed TG & Co London, 1940.

12A.       A Victorian walnut Sewing Box inlaid with Tunbridge ware banding and mother of pearl escutcheon and one other.

12B.       A collection of British Rail Items including train drivers cap, belt etc.

12C.       A Mauchline ware Snuff Box decorated with pheasants.

12D.       An LNER Railway Telegraph Insulator and three others.

13.          Three Glengarrys, a military tunic "Princes of Wales Own" and other items.

14.          A box of Football, Rugby and Speedway Programs together with some cricket scoring books.

15.          A box of Coins and various miscellaneous items.

16.          A box of Theatre Programmes and photographs including some with signatures.

17.          A box of Stamp Albums, First Day Cover albums and loose stamps.

18.          A set of fifty John Player R.A.F Badges Cigarette Cards, framed and three other framed sets of cigarette cards.

19.          A number of Cigarette and Trade Card Albums and various loose cards.

20.          A box of Comics including 1930's The Magnet etc.

21.          A gilt plaster Column with raised classical decoration.  2' 9" (84cms) high.

22.          A gilt plaster Wall Plaque of Juno.

23.          A box containing assorted Linen, tray cloths etc.

24.          A large embroidered linen Bedcover.

25.          A Railway Information Rack.  3' 1" (94cms) wide.

26.          An old Underwood manual Typewriter.

27.          An aneroid Barometer in oak case, leather covered tape measure by Rabone and a pair of military binoculars by Taylor Hobson dated 1941 and an oak book trough. 

28.          Two Chamber Sticks with glass chimneys, small mantel clock, Sparklets soda and an ice bucket.

29.          A quantity of assorted pre decimal Coins etc.

30.          An album of Victorian GB and Commonwealth Stamps.

31.          A Stockbook of GB Stamps.

32.          A yellow album of GB and Commonwealth Stamps.

33.          A Stanley Gibbons album of GB Stamps.

34.          A green album of mainly Commonwealth Stamps.

35.          A pair of 1930's oak spiral column Table Candlesticks, 10" (26cms) high and one other pair.

36.          A Corgi die cast 1-50 scale, limited edition, Presentation Pack, model no. CC99169, 'Barry Proctor Services Ltd.' 546/1500, as new, never unpacked.

37.          Two Stamp Albums and contents of World stamps including early issues.

38.          A box of First day Covers and presentation packs.

39.          A large box of assorted Stamps.

40.          A blue Stockbook and contents of Italian stamps.

41.          A red Album of European stamps.

42.          A Stockbook of Egyptian stamps from the 1920's.

43.          A large Album of Australian stamps from the 1920's including some high values.

44.          A green Stockbook and contents of Commonwealth stamps up to £1.

45.          A blue Stockbook and contents of George VI stamps etc.

46.          An Album of GB Queen Elizabeth II mint stamps.

47.          Two New Age Albums of British Empire and Commonwealth stamps.

48.          A Stockbook of mint GB stamps in blocks.

49.          A large Stockbook of early 20th Century German stamps.

50.          A heavily duplicated collection of GB Stamps.

51.          A yellow Folder of Asian stamps.

52.          A Royal Mail First Day Covers millennium issue Album.

53.          An Album of First Day Covers.

54.          A Lincoln Album and contents of mainly 19th Century stamps.

55.          A Stanley Gibbons Channel Islands collection of Jersey and Guernsey virtually complete from war issues including 1969 high values, pre decimal postage dues etc.

56.          Three Stamp Albums and contents of world stamps.

57.          A green Album and contents of mint and used GB stamps.

58.          A Stockbook of mint GB stamps from the 1920's.

59.          A number of loose Greetings Cards and postcards.

60.          Several Albums of Cigarette and Tea Cards, etc.

61.          A wooden Spinning Wheel.

62.          An Edwardian oval Wall Mirror with bevelled plate in inlaid mahogany frame, 2' 8" (81cms) wide and a framed photograph of a soldier.

63.          A Japanese two panel dwarf Screen decorated with applied birds and flowers.  2' 8" (87cms) high.

64.          An Edwardian inlaid mahogany Coal Box with hinged front panel and a linen box.

65.          An old hand Sewing Machine in wooden case.

66.          A Doll by the British National Doll Company, London with hard plastic head, sleeping eyes and open mouth.  16" (38cms) tall.

67.          An oak Biscuit Barrel with plated cover, Fieldings tea pot stand, crested model of Kepple's column and other items.

68.          An oak three tier folding Cake Stand and a 1930's oak and glass photograph frame.

69.          A box set of glass Table Mats, each inset with a printed hunting scene, boxed.

70.          A Wembley Board Game, Monte Carlo Stirling Moss rally game and other vintage games.

71.          A number of Postcards, cigarette cards, cribbage marker, dominoes etc.

72.          Three Lima 'OO' gauge Super Sprinter Coaches.  (boxed)

73.          A Hornby 'OO' gauge Intercity twinpack Power/Dummy Cars model no. R069.  (boxed)

74.          A Mantua Tyco 'OO' gauge Burlington Train, coach, travel coach and observation coach, unboxed.  (4).

75.          Two wooden Washboards and two stone hot water bottles.

76.          A rub-a-tub galvanised Wash Tub and an oval two handled tub.

77.          A Vintage leather Steamer Trunk by W H Smith, High Street Corner, Bath.  3' (92cms) wide.

78.          An Alfa electric Sewing Machine.

79.          An old Singer hand Sewing Machine with gilt decoration.

80.          A Remington portable Typewriter and pair of Avery kitchen scales.

81.          A Victorian design doll's wicker Pram with folding canopy.




82.          A cast iron Doorstop in the form of a lion.  15" (38cms) high and one other. 

83.          A copper two handled Coal Bucket on paw feet, a coal scuttle and a circular tray.

84.          Four leather Harness with twenty four horse brasses.

84A.        A brass Trivet, horse brasses and other items. 

85.          A World War One brass Shell Case inscribed "48th Heavy Battery RGA Loose September 1915", a Trench Art coal helmet                with engraved decoration and inscribed Somme and one other shell case.

86.          A brass Chamber Stick, engraved brass tray and other items.

87.          A brass Coal Bucket and two possers.

88.          A brass Preserve Pan with loop handle, pair of brass candle sticks, three other candle sticks etc.

89.          A Victorian copper Coal Helmet with swing handle and a coal bucket.

90.          A brass Preserve Pan with loop handle, pair of brass bellows and other items.

91.          A brass oblong Trivet, a 19th Century copper mug, an Indian brass bowl and other items.

92.          A Victorian Copper Kettle and two others and a brass saucepan.

93.          A brass Preserve Pan, pair of brass candlesticks, brass bell, hunting horn and one other item.

94.          A 19th Century copper Warming Pan on a turned wooden handle.

95.          Five old copper Possers

96.          Six various old Flat Irons


China & Glassware


97.          A Capodimonte figure of a bird, a Capodimonte bust and a nautilus shell vase inscribed J Robertson.

98.          A floral decorated Ewer and Basin and a moss rose pattern ewer.

99.          A Beswick model of a grazing Shire Horse in brown gloss, no. 1050.

100.        A Beswick Shetland Pony, no. 1033 and a Shetland foal, no. 1034, both in brown gloss.

101.        A Beswick model of a Jay No. 2417.

102.        A Beswick model of a Barn Owl No.1046.

103.        A Royal Doulton Whiskey Flask in the form of a short eared owl for Whyte & Mackay.

103A.     A Beswick Whiskey Flask in the form of a kestrel.

103B.     A Hummel Figure "For father" and another of a child playing an accordion.

103C.     A Hummel Figure "Just Resting" and another "Wayside Harmony".

104.        An Edward VIII Coronation Jug, various coronation mugs and plates etc.

105.        A pottery frog Mug decorated with raised pattern of figures, a stoneware hunting jug, a relief moulded pottery jug and four others.

106.        A quantity of Tea Ware decorated with Chinese figures, early 19th Century tea bowl and saucer, blue and white tea cups etc.

107.        A Victorian Tea Set decorated with an orange border pattern and with moulded decoration comprising eight tea cups, eleven saucers, eleven smaller saucers, tea pot, sucre and cover, milk jug, two bread and butter plates and waste bowl.

108.        A floral decorated Cheese Dish and Cover, floral decorated sandwich set and an Old Foley cake stand etc.

109.        A Poole pottery shell shape Vase, another Poole vase, Poole pottery plate and a Shorter & Son Bowl.

110.        Three Royal Copenhagen Christmas Plates 1975, 1976 and 1978 and a continental oval box and cover.

111.        A seven piece Sandwich Set marked KPM and a miniature Coalport cup, saucer and plate.

112.        A quantity of Style Craft Midwinter Table Ware decorated with flowers within a green border, forty one pieces.

113.        A quantity of 19th Century blue and white Tea Ware, Royal Worcester floral decorated plate, Davenport willow pattern pedestal dish etc.

114.        Two Beswick Foxes, three Beswick Foxhounds, two damaged.

115.        A Crown Staffordshire part Tea Set and a New Chelsea pattern tea set.

116.        A floral and fruit decorated five piece Toilet Set.

117.        A pair of Orient pattern blue and white Vegetable Dishes and covers, blue and white ewer, basin, soap dish and cover.

118.        A Duchess china Winchester pattern Tea Set comprising six cups and saucers and a milk jug and an Elizabethan coffee set etc.

119.        A Victorian leaf pattern green glaze oblong shallow Dish and one other.

120.        A pair of Royal Dux Art Nouveau design baluster Vases decorated with applied figures of a girl and with applied flower heads on a luster ground.  13 1/2" (35cms) high (flower head chipped).

121.        A rare Doulton Lambeth late 19th Century drum shape Spittoon, 1890-1900, signed by Emily J Partington, with blue, white, ochres and earthy brown tones.  (Small area of damage to bottom rim and small chip on top).    7 1/2" (19cms)

122.        A Royal Doulton Character Jug 'The Poacher' D6429, large size and a Beswick Sairy Gamp.

123.        A Beswick Jug decorated with scenes from Hamlet, no. 1146, 8" (20cms) high, and a Beswick cup 'parting is such sweet sorrow'.

124.        A Beswick Collie Dog and a Beswick matt Collie (a/f).

125.        A Royal Albert Beatrix Potter Figure Jemima Puddle Duck and another, The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe Knitting.

126.        A Nao Figure of two children sitting on a bench and another of a girl holding two puppies.

127.        A Royal Doulton Rondelay pattern tea set comprising six cups and saucers, thirteen tea plates, tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl and cover and cake plate.

128.        A Bridgwood Dinner service decorated with sprays of flowers, including graduated oval meat plates, vegetable dish and cover, sauce tureen and cover etc.

129.        A Sarreguemine large size character Jug.

130.        A Wedgwood Susie Cooper design Coffee Set decorated in the glen mist pattern, comprising six cups and saucers boxed.

131.        Seven Border Fine Arts Pig Ornaments and four others.

132.        A Royal Doulton figure 'Claire' HN3209 and a Coalport figure 'Emma Hamilton'.

133.        A Coalport figure 'Gail' and two small Coalport figures.

134.        A Royal Doulton limited edition Character Jug of Napoleon, D7237 and two Continental porcelain standing figures of Napoleonic soldiers.

135.        A Nao figure holding a sword and a book, 15" (38cms) high, a pair of small Continental figures, glass commemorative tumbler and other items.

136.        A Fieldings Royal Devon and Devon Ware Toilet Set comprising ewer and basin, pail with wicker handle, pair of chamber pots, toothbrush holder and four other pieces.

137.        A Staffordshire pottery Spaniel Ornament with feathered orange glaze another and five other Staffordshire Spaniels.

138.        An early 19th Century Staffordshire pottery standing Figure, another of a shepherd and two 19th Century nursery plates.

139.        A 19th Century Cup "Remember the Sabbath Day", an early 19th Century mottled glazed plate, two Continental figures and three other items.

140.        A 19th century Bristol blue glass Brandy Bottle with traces of gilt decoration, a cut glass Water Jug and four Sherry Glasses with key pattern decoration.

141.        A cut glass Candle Lamp and shade, glass decanter, paperweight and other items.

142.        A pair of glass Decanters, square glass spirit decanter, tinted glass lemonade set and other items of table glass.

143.        A cranberry glass Claret Jug, five cranberry glasses and other items of table glass.

144.        A cut glass Ships Decanter.

145.        A set of eight Webb Corbett cut Claret Glasses and other items of table glass.

146.        A Victorian marbled glass ceiling light Bowl Shade





147.        A Mantel Clock with steel dial and striking movement in oak case and a carriage clock (a/f).

148.        A late Victorian Mantel Clock with white dial and striking movement in black marble case.  11" (28cms) high.

149.        An aneroid Barometer inset into an aeroplane propeller boss.

150.        A Mantel Clock with steel dial and striking movement in oak case, inscribed Walker & Hall and an aneroid barometer.


Plated & Silverware


151.        A quantity of assorted plated Cutlery.

152.        A plated "candlestick" column Table Lamp on a circular base, and a brass table lamp.

153.        A plated Entrée Dish and Cover, plated oval tray, tea pot, coffee pot and other items.

154.        A plated helmet shape Cream Jug, plated fruit dish, various plated condiments etc.

155.        A quantity of assorted Cutlery including bone handled knives, silver mounted stag horn carving set etc.

156.        An engraved plated circular Tray, plated vases, tea pot and other items.

157.        A plated oval Inkstand with two glass and plated inkwells.

158.        A cut glass globe Scent Flask with silver cover and three glass dressing table jars with silver covers.

159.        A cased set of six plated fish knives with bone handles, plated hand mirror, plated tea pot and other items.

160.        A pair of silver trumpet shape Vases, 8 1/2" (21cms) high, London 1901 and one other pair of silver vases (a/f) and a single vase.

161.        A set of six Edwardian silver Coffee Spoons and tongs, Birmingham 1904, boxed.

162.        A set of six silver handled Pastry Knives, five piece stag horn handled carving set and two cases of knives.

163.        A glass and leather covered Hip Flask with plated cup and cover, another, a number of plated mugs etc.

164.        A set of six plated bead edge Table Forks, six matching dessert forks, six dessert spoons, quantity of Kings pattern cutlery etc.




165.        A gold Bar Brooch with a centre opal and two small diamonds.

166.        A Rolex Oyster Ladies Wristwatch with subsidiary second dial, in a stainless steel case, no. 112772/3121.

167.        A silver gilt dress Ring set with an opal and cz's.

168.        A silver gilt band Ring set with cz's.

169.        A pair of silver pendant Earrings each set with opals.

170.        An Edwardian design silver gilt Pendant set with an opal.

171.        A silver dress Ring set with a purple stone and cz's.

172.        A pair of silver heart shape Earrings set with cz's.

173.        Another pair of silver Earrings each set with a single opal.

174.        A silver cluster Ring set with cz's.

175.        A pair of silver pendant Earrings set with cz's.

176.        A pair of silver gilt circular Ear Studs set with cz's.

176A.     A Continental Hunter Pocket Watch with white dial in 935 standard silver case, on a watch chain with swivel fob, together with various watch keys etc.

176B.     An open face Smiths Pocket Watch, number of wristwatches, a number of boxed Ronson lighters etc.

176C.     A quantity of assorted Costume Jewellery, cuff links, coronation sovereign medallions, spirit hip flask and other items.

177.        A 9ct. gold pearl set Dress Ring and a stone set pendant on a gold neckchain.

178.        A silver Ingot Pendant, 900 standard silver bracelet and other items.

179.        A Jewellery Box and contents including a gilt metal locket, dress rings etc.

180.        A quantity of Costume Jewellery, assorted wristwatches etc.

181.        A rope twist Bracelet marked 9K and a 9ct. gold fine link neckchain.  (6.4gms)

182.        A quantity of assorted Costume Jewellery including earrings, pendants etc.

183.        Another quantity of Costume Jewellery etc. in two boxes.

184.        Two small boxes of Costume Jewellery.

185.        A Continental open faced Pocket Watch in 800 standard silver case and two other pocket watches.




186.        W J TURNER; a pair of oil Paintings on canvas of rural landscapes.  9" (23cms) x 13 1/2" (35cms) and other pictures.

187.        L W OWENS; Vivers Mill, oil on canvas.  20" (50cms) x 30" (76cms) and one other picture.

188.        A still life oil Painting of fruit, an oil of a lake landscape and two prints.

189.        A pair of Redoute floral Prints and various others.

190.        Two reproduction Maps and a number of prints.

191.        After Munnings; a coloured Print of a hunting scene.

192.        An indistinctly signed Victorian Oil Painting on Canvas of a rural landscape with ducks by the village pond etc. and gilt frame.  12" (30cms) x 23 1/2" (60cms).

193.        An artist signed Etching of Eastgate, Chester and another of Stanley Palace.

194.        After Cecil Aldin; a pair of coloured Prints of Chichester and Lincoln cathedral and various other pictures.

195.        An unsigned oil on board of a Continental Landscape,  23" (58cms) x 35" (89cms) and one other picture. 




196.        A small mahogany Chest of two long Drawers on cabriole supports .  1' 11" (58cms) wide.

197.        A mahogany pedestal Desk with tooled leather top and nine drawers under on bracket feet.  4' (123cms) wide. 

198.        A mahogany Corner Cupboard with dentil cornice, glazed upper section and cupboard under on bracket feet.  2' (61cms) wide.

199.        A 19th Century mahogany 'D' end Side Table on square tapering supports and spade feet.  3' 4" (102cms) wide.

200.        A painted frame upholstered Dressing Stool.  2' 9" (83cms) wide.

201.        A mahogany Dressing Table with triple swing mirror, five drawers under on shaped supports, together with a cane topped stool.

202.        A mahogany Torchére with circular top and splay supports and a small lamp table.

203.        Three small Wine Tables and a circular stool.

204.        An oak Coffer with panelled hinged lid and front.  3' (92cms) wide.

205.        An 18th Century design mahogany frame Open Armchair with upholstered seat and back, swept arms on shell carved cabriole supports and claw and ball feet.

206.        A mahogany serpentine front Corner Cupboard with dentil cornice, glazed upper section and cupboard under on bracket feet.  2' (61cms) wide.

207.        A Georgian design mahogany twin pillar Dining Table with centre leaf, a set of six mahogany frame dining chairs, with drop in seats on square tapering supports and spade feet and a mahogany sideboard.

208.        A mahogany Dressing Stool, a wine table and a circular occasional table.

209.        A mahogany oblong Occasional Table on square tapering supports, 22" (56cms) wide and a mahogany wine table.

210.        A Georgian design upright Wall Mirror in fret carved oak frame.  26" (66cms) high.

211.        Another Georgian design wall mirror in a mahogany frame and with bevelled plate.  25" (64cms) high.

212.        A mahogany circular tilt top Occasional Table on a baluster turned column and triple splay supports.  2' (61cms) diameter.

213.        A mahogany serpentine fronted Writing Desk with tooled leather top, with a centre drawer flanked by eight smaller drawers on bracket feet.  3' 9" (115cms) wide.

214.        An oak open four shelf Bookshelf.  4' (122cms) wide.

215.        A large Jacobean design oak Sideboard with raised back, fitted with three centre fielded panelled drawers, flanked by a pair of cupboards, raised on spiral turned supports and volute feet.  6' (183cms) wide.

216.        A pair of Chippendale design mahogany frame Dining Chairs with drop in seats and cabriole supports.

217.        A mahogany Delft Rack fitted with three drawers.  3' 3" (99cms) wide.

218.        A mahogany Bureau with hinged fall, two drawers under on cabriole supports.  2' 6" (76cms) wide.

219.        An oak Bookcase enclosed by pair glazed doors on short shaped supports.  3' (92cms) wide.

220.        A mahogany Sheet Music Cabinet with three fall front drawers beneath a 3/4 gallery.  21" (53cms) wide.

221.        An Edwardian mahogany Dressing Chest with bevelled swing mirror, two trinket drawers, two long and two short drawers under on square tapering supports.  3' 6" (106cms) wide.

222.        An early 20th Century mahogany Dining Table with centre leaf on cabriole supports, together with a set of four dining chairs with fiddle splat backs, drop in seats and cabriole supports.

223.        A set of four mahogany frame Dining Chairs with pierced splat backs, drop in seats and square tapering supports. 

224.        A mahogany Wall Cupboard enclosed by a single glazed door.   2' 2" (66cms) wide.

225.        A mahogany Jardinière with inlaid decoration, metal liner and splay supports.

226.        An upright Hall Mirror with bevelled plate and single drawer and a spinning chair.

227.        An early 20th Century mahogany mirror back Sideboard with oval bevelled plate and six short drawers under on shaped supports.  4' 6" (137cms) wide.

228.        A set of six oak framed Dining Chairs with panelled backs, upholstered leather seats and on baluster turned supports (one carver).

229.        An antique design oak Court Cupboard enclosed by panel doors with drawers and cupboards under on square supports.  4' (122cms) wide.

230.        An antique design oak refectory style drawer leaf Dining Table on pierced panel end supports. 3' (92cms) wide x 9' 9" (298) extended length.

231.        An Edwardian Purdonium with turned wooden handles, fall front and shovel.

232.        An Oriental carved wood Side Cabinet/Buffet decorated with elephants, figures, etc. with fold out top, the base fitted with cupboard, drinks compartment etc.  3' 4" (102cms) wide.

233.        A nest of mahogany quadrant Tables, beneath a larger circular table.  2' 5" (74cms) diameter.

234.        Three Edwardian mahogany frame Salon Chairs with carved and inlaid decoration, upholstered seats on fluted turned supports.

235.        An Edwardian mahogany Side Table with raised back, two frieze drawers and on fluted turned supports. 2'9" (84cms) wide.

236.        A nest of three mahogany oblong Occasional Table with inlaid decoration.

237.        A pair of Edwardian mahogany frame Salon Chairs with upholstered seats and cabriole supports and a small oak circular occasional table.

238.        A Victorian mahogany Side Table with tooled leather top, the frieze with two false drawers and on fluted turned supports.  3' 10" (117cms) wide.

239.        A bow fronted Loom Bedside Cupboard.  15" (38cms) wide.

240.        A Victorian mahogany Pembroke Table with single end drawer D shape drop leaves and turned supports.  3' (92cms) wide.

241.        A Victorian beech and elm Farmhouse Elbow Chair with spindle turned arm rests, panelled seat and turned supports.

242.        A pitch pine two division Pew with panelled back and seat.  7' 6" (230cms) wide.

243.        An early 19th Century mahogany bow fronted Chest of three long and two short graduated Drawers with oval brass handles, ebony stringing and shaped apron with splay supports.  3' 5" (104cms) wide.

244.        An early 19th Century mahogany Side Table with single drawer on chamfered square supports.  2' 9" (84cms) wide. 

245.        An Edwardian inlaid mahogany Elbow Chair with pierced splat back, upholstered seat, square tapering supports and spade feet and a mahogany bedroom chair.

246.        A Victorian mahogany frame tub shape Armchair with upholstered seat, back and arms on short turned supports.

247.        A Victorian mahogany tilt top oval Breakfast Table with moulded edge on a baluster turned column and quartette splay supports.  4' 4" (133cms) wide.

248.        An early Victorian mahogany oblong tilt top Occasional Table on a baluster turned column and triple splay supports.  2' 8" (82cms) wide.

249.        A 17th Century design oak Hall Chair with carved back, panelled seat, turned and blocked supports.

250.        A 19th Century mahogany square top Occasional Table on a baluster turned column and inverted triple splay supports.  18" (46cms) wide.

251.        A Georgian design mahogany oval Centre Table with moulded and shaped supports.  3' 8" (112cms) wide.

252.        An early 19th Century oak frame Elbow Chair with pierced splat back, upholstered seat and square tapering supports.  

253.        A late Victorian walnut oval tilt top Breakfast Table with inlaid decoration, turned cluster columns and quartette splay supports.  3' 4" (102cms) wide.

254.        An Edwardian mahogany Wardrobe with shaped cornice and inlaid with trailing garlands, enclosed by a pair of bevelled mirror panelled doors, with single drawer under on a bracket feet.  4' 1" (125cms) wide.

255.        A set of five Victorian mahogany frame Dining Chairs with oval carved backs upholstered serpentine fronted seats and on cabriole supports.

256.        A Victorian figured walnut Credenza with gilt metal mounts and inlaid decoration with a centre cupboard, enclosed by a panelled door, flanked by a pair of glazed side compartments on a plinth base.  4' (122cms) wide.

257.        An oak circular tilt top Occasional Table on a baluster turned column and triple splay supports.  18" (46cms) diameter.

258.        A 19th Century mahogany Bureau with hinged fall, and four long graduated drawers under on bracket feet, surmounted by a mahogany cupboard enclosed by a pair of panelled doors.  3' 9" (115cms) wide.

259.        A George III mahogany four division Canterbury, fitted with two shallow drawers on short turned supports.  18" (46cms) wide.

260.        A pair of 17th Century design oak Hall Chairs with carved and pierced backs, cane panelled seats and baluster turned supports with cross stretchers.

261.        An early 19th Century mahogany Bureau with hinged fall and fitted interior, with four long graduated drawers on bracket feet.  3' (92cms) wide.

262.        A Georgian design wing back Armchair with squab cushion on short shaped supports and claw and ball feet.