01904 489731

01904 489731

Malton Antique Sale

Wednesday 25th October



1.       A pair of Sitzendorf porcelain Figures from the seasons series.  4" (10cms) high, an early 19th Century Derby creamer decorated in blue and gilt, two 19th Century Derby coffee cans and a 19th Century chamber stick decorated in green and cream.  £40-60


2.       A Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern Teaset comprising six cups and saucers, six plates, teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl and a bread and butter plate, together with a matching Clock Plate, Calendar Plate, a Shoe Ornament and two Dishes.  £40-60


3.       A Fieldings Crown Devon Cigarette Box with musical movement decorated with hunting scenes and a Royal Copenhagen crackle glazed lidded jar, 4" (10cms) high.  £30-40


4.       A Border Fine Arts Group of a Shepherd and Sheepdog "Time for Reflection" by Ray Ayres and another figure by Ray Ayres of a black faced ewe and lambs.  £30-40


5.       A Goss Old Scarlet Jug decorated with verse, a Goss milk jug decorated with forget-me-nots, pot lid with Bisham Church and the old horse shoe with the arms of Southampton.  £40-50


6.       A large 19th Coalport two handled Loving Cup painted with sprays of flowers, 7" (17cms) high (cracked).  £30-40


7.       A Plant & Co. "New Japan" pattern Teaset comprising eleven cups, twelve saucers, twelve plates, two bread and butter plates, milk jug and sugar bowl.   £30-50


8.       A late Victorian Royal Worcester Jug painted with floral sprays on a blush ivory ground and with gilded handle, date code for 1894, 7 1/2" (19cms) high, and a Worcester shell shape Dish (chipped).   £50-70


9.       A late Victorian Royal Worcester Jug painted with floral sprays on a blush ivory ground and with gilded handle, 4" (10cms) high, date code for 1900, and one other Royal Worcester Jug.   £30-50


10.     A Shelley China Teaset printed and painted with floral sprays, comprising five cups, six saucers, six plates, milk jug, sugar bowl and bread and butter plate, pattern 12513.   £30-40


11.     Paul Young, a Studio Pottery Group including a mermaid, fish, trees, etc., on a platform base, 8 1/2" (22cms) high (damaged).  £30-40


12.     A Coalport limited edition Figure "True Love" no. 4328/12500, and two small Coalport Figures "Lady Sarah" and "Lady Eliza".   £20-30


13.     A Royal Worcester Figure "Carmen", a Royal Doulton Figure "Elaine" HN2791, and another Doulton Figure "Sweet Music" HN4302 (second).   £30-40


14.     A Continental tin glazed earthenware Bowl decorated in blue and white with a bull's head within a stylised floral border, 13 1/2" (35cms) diameter.   £70-100


15.     A large Royal Doulton Jardiniere decorated in blue and white with the briar rose pattern, 14" (36cms) diameter (hairline crack).  £70-100


16.     A Royal Doulton Figure "Cookie" HN2218, withdrawn 1975, and another "Peggy" HN2038, withdrawn 1979.   £30-40


17.     A 19th century continental Standing Figure playing the bagpipes with sheep at his feet and gold anchor mark to base, 7" (18cms) high; a matching Female Figure (a/f) and two other continental Figures.   £30-40


18.     A set of six Royal Worcester Coffee Cans and Saucers decorated with flowers and in presentation box.   £30-40


19.     A Minton Haddon Hall pattern Table Service, including plates in various sizes, teacups and saucers, coffee cups and saucers, dessert bowls, side plates, etc., approximately 84 pieces, first quality and seconds.  £50-100


20.     A French Ewer and Basin decorated with flower heads and leaves.   £30-40


21.     A Doulton Burslem Ewer printed with a scene of Penrhyn Castle with gilt handle, on a blue and gilt foot.  6 1/2" (16cms) high.  £30-40


22.     A Coalport two handled circular Dish, decorated with birds and flowers on a maroon ground.   £15-20


23.     A Japanese Imari Plate decorated with panels of birds and flowers in orange, blue and gilt.  13" (33cms) diameter.   £30-40


24.     A Royal Doulton Character Jug 'Toothless Granny' D5251, large size, another 'Smuggler' D6616 and one other 'Paddy'.  £50-60


25.     A W Fishley Holland Studio Pottery cylindrical Vase with slip ware decoration, 9 1/2" (24cms) high, and seven other pieces of Fishley Holland Studio Pottery.   £30-40


26.     James Walford (1913-2003); a Slip Ware oblong shallow Dish decorated with a cockerel.  12 1/2" (32cms) wide. ARR  £60-80


27.     An 18th Century Chinese export Coffee Pot for the American market decorated with a version of The Great Seal with a spread eagle surrounded by gilt stars and with an entwined strapwork handle.  8" (20cms) high, cover missing, handle cracked.   £150-200


28.     A Victorian oval Meat Plate by Whittingham, Ford & Riley, four pieces of early 19th Century Derby tea ware decorated with floral sprigs, a 19th Century floral decorated jug and two other pieces.  £40-60


29.     A Moorcroft Wall Plaque decorated with two white doves, framed, 8 1/2" (24cms) x 6 1/2" (16cms).   £80-100


30.     A large 20th century Japanese Vase decorated with a procession of figures and with bird handles, 30" (76cms) high (cracked).   £30-50


31.     A Copeland Spode "Wicker Lane" pattern Table Service with plates of various sizes, soup bowls and stands, vegetable dishes, teacups and saucers, coffee cans and saucers, etc., approximately 64 pieces.    £70-100


32.     A Maiolica Albarello decorated with figures in a classical landscape in blue, yellow, etc., 10" (26cms) high (a/f), and a large pottery Vase decorated with mottled purple glaze, 22" (56cms) high.   £40-60


33.     A Chinese Plate decorated with Famille Rose and other coloured enamels; Japanese Coffee Pot with Sugar Bowl and Milk Jug; copper lustre Jug, and other items (a/f).   £30-40


34.     A Victorian Royal Doulton Oil Lamp by Edith Lupton with the assistants mark of Alice Burlton, decorated in blue, green and brown flowers and branches on a pedestal base.   £150-200


35.     A Royal Doulton Jug decorated with a scene of a fishmonger, from the Friar Series designed by Cecil Nokes, 8" (20cms) high.  £30-40


36.     A Royal Doulton baluster Vase by Louisa Wakely, decorated with panels of stylised flowers.  5 1/2" (14cms) high, and a Doulton silicone three handled vase decorated with Aesop's Fables.  £40-60


37.     A Doulton Lambeth circular Bowl designed by Agnete Hoy and with incised decoration circa 1955.  8" (20cms) diameter and a Royal Doulton plate after C J Noke decorated with Isaac Walton. No. D2704.   £30-50


38.     A Royal Doulton Biscuit Barrel and Cover designed by Vera Huggins decorated with stylised flowers and leaves on a brown ground and with wicker wound handle, 7" (18cms) high.  £50-70


39.     A Royal Doulton Kakiemon pattern panel sided Vase, 11" (28cms) high (cracked), a Dudson relief moulded circular shallow Dish and a Royal Copenhagen Parian ware Plaque.  £30-40


40.     A Staffordshire Pottery Money Box in the form of a gabled cottage,4 1/2" (11cms) high, a smaller Cottage Money Box and three small Royal Doulton Character Jugs.   £30-40


41.     A Staffordshire Pottery Pastille Burner in the form of a Gabled Cottage, 6" (15cms) high, another with twin gabled roof, four other Staffordshire Cottage Ornaments and a Staffordshire Figure.   £30-40


42.     A 19th century Davenport Jug painted with a spray of flowers within a moulded gilt border and inscribed "Br J Wills, Durham 1860", 8 1/2" (21cms) high.   £40-60


43.     A Mintons circular Bowl decorated with floral garlands on a short pedestal foot, 8 1/2" (22cms) diameter; a Bing & Grondahl Vase, Wedgwood black Jasperware Bowl, and President Garfield Jug.   £30-40


44.     An Imari pattern Vase of waisted cylindrical design, decorated with panels of birds and flowers in orange, blue, etc., 17 1/2" (45cms) high (restored).   £40-60


45.     A pair of early 20th century Austrian Figures of a man holding a spade, the woman scattering seeds, each decorated with gilt highlights and on a naturalistic base, after a design by Theodore Schoop for the Bernard Bloch Studios, each 12 1/2" (32cms) high (one repaired).   £50-80


46.     A 19th century Tile painted with a coastal landscape, possibly Davenport, 9" (23cms) x 12" (31cms); two framed Tiles depicting river landscapes, and one other.   £30-50


47.     A Burleigh ware tube lined circular Bowl by Harold Bennett with stylised flowers in orange, black, etc., 10" (26cms) diameter; three Japanese Imari pattern Plates, an oriental blue and white Plate, and various others.   £30-40





48.     A 19th Century cut glass Vase on a square foot.  5" (12 1/2cms) high, pair of cranberry glass salts with enamelled decoration and a pair of glass toilet bottles of Art Deco design with green enamel covers.   £30-40


49.     A set of three glass two-branch Wall Lights with scroll branches and hung with button and pear lustre drops.   £40-60


50.     An early 19th Century Wine Glass with bucket shape bowl and cotton twist stem and a glass flute with baluster knop stem on a folded foot.   £150-180

51.     A set of six Waterford Coleen pattern small Tumblers, Royal Doulton Decanter, cut glass Jug and a cut glass Basket.   £50-80


52.     A peach coloured frosted glass Ceiling Light Bowl Shade decorated in relief with flowers, 14" (36cms) diameter.   £20-30


53.     A 19th Century glass Rummer with enamelled floral decorated bowl, cushion knop stem and square foot, another with etched decoration on a stepped square foot and five other rummers.   £150-200



54.     An 18th Century Cordial Glass etched with birds, vines etc. on a plain stem and folded foot, another etched with trailing leaves and one other.   £120-150


55.     A glass Ale Flute with wrythen bowl, baluster knop and circular foot and three others.   £80-100


56.     A mottled glass Vase, 4" (10cms) high and a mottled glass bowl.   £30-40


57.     A Wine Glass with applied yellow prunts frilled knop and conical stem.   £40-50


58.     A cut glass circular shallow Bowl, 13" (33cms) diameter and two others.    £30-40


59.     A Caithness Rhythm n Blues pattern paperweight and a Phoenix Art glass paperweight.  £30-40


60.     A Waterford Crystal "King of Leinster" pattern Vase, 10" (26cms) high, in original box.   £120-150


61.     A Royal Doulton crystal Decanter with facet cup stopper in fitted box, and a pair of Webb cut glass Brandy Balloons, boxed. £30-40


62.     A quartz Mantle Clock in Waterford Glass case and fitted box.   £80-100


63.     An Art Nouveau design frosted glass Baluster Vase decorated with flower heads, 11 1/2" (29cms) high.   £30-50





64.     A large copper Jersey Jug by J Quenault, 12" (31cms) high, a similar smaller jug, and other items.   £50-80


65.     A brass Corinthian column Table Lamp with glass reservoir on a stepped square base and with electrical attachment, 21" (53cms) high.   £50-70


66.     A late Victorian brass Standard Lamp of Art Nouveau design with adjustable column, converted to electricity.   £70-100


67.     A pair of late 19th Century Japanese two handled baluster Vases with panels of birds and flowers, 5" (13cms) high.   £40-60


68.     A pair of Newlyn design Arts & Crafts oval shallow Trays engraved with fish and with crimped rims, 14" (36cms) long, and a similar Tray with stylised floral design, 18" (47cms) wide.   £50-80


69.     A copper and brass Ship's Port Lantern by G Morton of Hull converted to electricity, 18" (46cms) high.   £50-80


70.     A copper two handled Pan, 17" (43cms) diameter, a copper Kettle and a copper Box.   £30-40


71.     A box of assorted Brass ware including three pairs of candlesticks, etc.   £20-40


72.     A collection of assorted loose Horse Brasses.   £20-40


73.     A Continental pewter oval two handled Dish embossed with acorns, leaves, etc., 18" (46cms) wide, another pewter Dish on triple shaped supports, and two other items.   £30-40

74.     A Victorian oval Copper Kettle.   £30-40


75.     A Liberty Tudric pewter lidded Tankard of Art Nouveau design with raised stylised floral design and scroll thumb piece.    8 1/2" (21.5cms) high.   £300-400


76.     A set of three Victorian brass Fire Irons and a brass Poker.   £20-30


77.     A Chinese brass Bowl engraved with panels of flowers and with a reeded border, 10" (26cms) diameter.   £70-100





78.     Spon, Ernest; Workshop Receipts, four volumes, 1884-1895, and another 1926.  £20-40


79.     "Notes on the Grouse" published by the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries with the results of an enquiry on grouse disease. £20-30


80.     A box containing late 19th and early 20th century Trade Catalogues, including Nicholson's Catalogue of agricultural machinery 1888, Camera Catalogue for 1939, and various others.   £30-40


81.     "Incised Markings on Stone found in the County of Northumberland, Argyllshire and other Places by direction of His Grace, the late Algernon, Duke of Northumberland", published 1869, large folio with 32 plates.   £70-100


82.     "Encyclopaedia Britannica; or A Dictionary of Arts and Sciences compiled upon a New Plan by a Society of Gentlemen in Scotland" in two leather bound volumes 1771, first edition, together with a reprint of Volume 3.   £150-200


83.     Supplement to the Third Edition of the 'Encyclopaedia Britannica; or A Dictionary of Arts and Sciences and Miscellaneous Literature' by George Gleig in two leather bound volumes, 1801.   £20-40


84.     "The Ports, Harbours, Watering-Places and Coast Scenery of Great Britain", illustrated by W H Bartlett with descriptions by William Beattie, two volumes in one, leather bound, 1842.  £20-40


85.     The First Edition of the 'Writings of Charles Dickens, their Points and Values' by John Eckel, and The Reliques of Father Pront, with five other books.   £40-60


86.     Miller, Henry, "Tropic of Cancer", first American Edition, dust wrapper torn; Ovid's "Metamorphoses" published Amsterdam in Latin, bound in vellum, and other books.   £40-60


87.     Thompson, Robert, "The Gardener's Assistant", seven volumes published 1901 in green boards, and one other book on gardening.   £10-20


88.     "English Domestic Clocks" by Herbert Cescinksy and Malcolm R Webster, second edition 1914, half leather bound.   £20-40


89.     "Household Words: A Weekly Journal" conducted by Charles Dickens, nine volumes with marbled boards, 1850-1855.   £20-40


90.     Cuvier, Baron Georges, "The Animal Kingdom", published 1846, with marbled boards and leather spine; Saunders, Howard, An Illustrated Manual British Birds, published 1899; and Barclay's Dictionary, circa 1850 (3).   £30-50


91.     J S Fletcher, "Picturesque History of Yorkshire", six volumes in red and gilt boards.   £20-30


92.     Shepard, Ernest H, "Fun and Fantasy" Drawings from Punch, first edition, published 1927; J H Dowd "People of Importance" with dust wrapper, two other titles by the same author, and various other Books.   £30-50


93.     A number of 19th century leather bound volumes including Milton's Poetical Works; "Discourses on the Joys or Sorrows of Departed Souls at Death" published 1813, bound in tree calf; "Life and Epistles of St Paul" published 1867; and various other Books.   £50-80


94.     "Peter Rabbit's Book Shelf" containing 23 volumes, various dates.   £30-40


95.     Gore, Charles "Lux Mundi" published 1891 , and eight other Books.   £20-40


96.     Fitzgerald, Edward "Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam" , with tipped in coloured plates and other illustrations by René Bull.   £40-60


97.     Uriah Smith, "Daniel and the Revelation" published by The Stanborough Press 1921, 706 pages, good clean copy.  £20-40


98.     Ogilvie’s Encyclopaedia of Useful Information and World Atlas by George W Ogilvie, published by George W Ogilvie 1895, 653 pages, good content, showing signs of wear of the hard cover and spine.   £30-50


99.     Bernard Darwin "Six Golfing Shots by Six Famous Players", a number of Golf Club Handbooks circa 1930s and a copy of Dr Faustus with a sermon bound at the back of the volume.   £20-30


100.   "The National Shakespeare" illustrated by Sir J Noel Paton, published by William Mackenzie, undated, three volumes in green and gilt boards.   £50-80


101.   Webster's New International Dictionary, second edition in two volumes, publish 1947, and The Art Annual, three volumes covering the period 1884-1901, in red boards and leather spines.   £30-40





102.   A quantity of Platedware including Victorian circular Teapot, a pair of small Candlesticks, Cutlery, Salver, etc.   £30-40


103.   A plated two handled Hot Water Entrée Dish with gadrooned edge and side carrying handles.   £30-40


104.   A plated two handled Champagne Bucket inscribed Louis Roederer, 9" (23cms) high.  £40-50


105.   A canteen of Rat Tail plated Cutlery for twelve covers including bone handled knives, carvers, sauce and soup ladles etc, one hundred and six pieces (two dessert forks missing) housed in a mahogany bow fronted two drawer cutlery table.  2' (61cms) wide.  £200-300


106.   A plated on copper Mug made by Dennis Kirtley 1947, 4 1/2" (11cms) high.   £30-40


107.   A plated six division Egg Cruet, glass and plated four division Condiment Stand, various plated Condiments, Knife Rests, etc. £30-40


108.   Two plated Cake Dishes with swing handles, oval Entrée Dish and Cover, oblong Entrée Dish and Cover, etc.   £30-40


109.   A plated four piece Tea and Coffee Set engraved with flowers and a shield shaped cartouche, comprising coffee pot, teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl.   £30-40


110.   A Victorian plated oval Teapot of lobed design with ivory lift, oval two handled Tea Caddy with engraved decoration, plated oblong Teapot, etc.   £30-40


111.   A pair of Victorian plated on copper telescopic Candlesticks, plated Challenge Cup, Bottle Stand, etc.   £30-40


112.   A Sheffield plate Mug, plated three piece circular Teaset, assorted plated Cutlery, Toast Rack, etc.   £30-40


113.   A plated oval three piece Teaset, 19th century Mug with loop handle and pedestal foot, pewter Ladle, silver Inkwell (a/f), etc.  £40-60


114.   A quantity of assorted plated Cutlery including fish knives and forks, fish servers, bone handled knives, etc.  £30-40


115.   A late Victorian engraved silver Vesta Case, Birmingham 1899; three silver Buttons decorated in relief with figures, all Chester Assay, and a miniature silver Box.   £30-40


116.   An engine turned silver Purse with chain handle, Birmingham 1915, and a mesh Evening Purse.   £20-40


117.   An engine turned silver Pencil, three pairs of Christofle Knife Rests, hammered plated Bowl, Bangles, etc.   £40-60


118.   A circular lidded box, the cover embossed with a bust of George III, perhaps for snuff or gaming counters.  2 1/4" (6cms) diameter, tests as silver.    £50-80


119.   A George III silver Tablespoon with later embossed berry bowl, and five continental souvenir Teaspoons.  £30-40



120.   A George III silver circular Salt with embossed decoration and triple splay supports, and a glass Pepperette with silver collar and owl's head cover.   £30-50


121.   A silver circular Table Photograph Frame with reeded edge and easel stand.   £30-40


122.   A Victorian engraved silver Butter Knife with mother of pearl handle, Victorian silver circular salt, glove button hook and other items.   £30-40


123.   A miniature silver Tea and Coffee Set comprising teapot, coffee pot, milk jug, two handled sugar bowl, together with the oblong two handled tray, Birmingham 1966 and 1971, maker: W A Humphries Limited, 3.3 oz.   £50-80


124.   An embossed silver backed Hand Mirror and matching Hairbrush.   £30-40


125.   ***NO LOT***


126.   A set of four graduated Horn Beakers with silver rims, Sheffield 1924, maker: Frederick C Asman & Co., all with glass bases, tallest 5" (12.5cms) together with the damaged case.   £70-100


127.   A Danish tortoiseshell Jewellery Box, the hinged lid with silver corner pieces, divided and padded interior and on short ivory supports, maker Christian Hilstrom,  6" (15cms) wide (cracked).   £50-80


128.   An Edwardian cut glass Decanter and Stopper with silver collar, London 1906.   £60-80


129.   A glass Scent Flask of tapering design, engraved with a monogram and with silver cover, London 1879, 10" (26cms) long. £60-80


130.   A set of four glass Hunting Flasks with silver covers in a leather case, Birmingham 1903.   £60-80


131.   An engraved silver Pencil and silver dipping pen with ball finials, cased, Birmingham, 1907.   £80-100


132.   An Edwardian cut glass Claret Jug of compressed circular form with silver collar, cover and handle, London 1901, maker: Thomas Webb & Sons.   £80-100


133.   A silver circular Bowl of panel sided design with gilded interior, Sheffield 1970, maker: Cooper Brothers & Sons, 6 1/2" (16cms) diameter, 12.9 oz.   £100-150


134.   A small Victorian silver helmet shaped Cream Jug with loop handle and square base, London 1889.   £30-40


135.   A silver three piece Teaset of oblong design with gadrooned edge, reeded decoration and ball feet, the teapot with blackwood handle and lift, London 1918, 36 oz.   £300-400


136.   A pair of Chinese Teacups in pierced white metal frames and on octagonal white metal saucers with pierced borders.   £50-80


137.   A silver circular Ring Box, silver vase shape Pepperette, pair of plated Salts, etc.   £30-40


138.   A pair of silver Corinthian column Table Candlesticks on stepped square bases, London 1919, 10" (26cms) high (one a/f).  £50-80


139.   A George IV silver Milk Jug with embossed decoration, London 1822; a silver tapering Vase and two other items.   £80-120


140.   A pair of silver navette shape Salts, plated Milk Jug and Sugar Bowl, two plated Coasters, etc.   £30-40


141.   A set of six silver Coffee Spoons with coloured bead knops, Birmingham 1938, and set of six silver Coffee Spoons, Sheffield 1937.   £30-40


142.   A pair of silver backed Clothes Brushes, Chester Assay; a pair of silver handled Glove Stretchers, two silver handled Shoe Horns and silver Scent Bottle Cover.   £40-60


143.   A pair of Georgian silver Dessert Spoons later chased with leaves, scrolls, etc., a matching Sifting Spoon, Book of Common Prayer with silver cover, six silver handled Dessert Knives, and a pair of silver Pepperettes.   £70-100


144.   A silver spade shape Caddy Spoon with turned wooden handle, Sheffield 1926, and a three piece silver circular Condiment Set.   £40-50


145.   A silver and pink enamel Hand Mirror, silver backed Hairbrush, silver Cigarette Case, pewter Tea Caddy, etc.   £40-60


146.   An embossed oblong silver Pin Tray decorated with figures, London 1884, maker probably Stuart Clifford, 4" (10cms) wide. £40-60


147.   A pair of Continental five light Candelabra with scroll branches and circular bases, 9 1/2" (24cms) high, 39.6 oz.   £300-400





148.   A Gentleman's Hunter Pocket Watch with white dial and subsidiary seconds dial, in gold plated case, engraved with a monogram.   £40-60


149.   A Gentleman's Avia Wristwatch with baton numerals and sweep seconds hand, in 9ct gold case; a Lady's Omega Wristwatch, and one other Wristwatch.   £80-120


150.   A gold Dress Ring set with a large oblong cut citrine, together with a pair of matching Earrings, marked 18K, test as gold.   £100-150


151.   A three section Puzzle Ring, oval Brooch Frame marked 9ct, and other items.   £40-60


152.   A gilt oval Brooch set with a thistle, another with a stag's head, and two Bar Brooches.   £30-40


153.   A gilt metal Guard Chain, 49" (125cms) long; a gilt metal Necklace set with coloured stones; a pair of similar Ear Clips, etc. £30-40


154.   A platinum Ring with a solitaire diamond in a rub-over setting.   £70-100


155.   A paste Necklace and pair of matching Pendant Earrings, probably 1930s.   £30-40


156.   A box of assorted Costume Jewellery.   £20-30


157.   A similar lot of Costume Jewellery.   £20-30


158.   A Diamond Ring with a centre single brilliant cut diamond of approximately 0.55 carats, the shoulders each set with two baguette cut diamonds, the shank marked 'platinum'.   £300-500


159.   An 18ct gold Cluster Ring with a centre oval brilliant cut dark blue sapphire of approximately 2.37 carats, surrounded by ten round brilliant cut claw set diamonds.   £200-300


160.   A gold Bangle set with nine oval cabochon cut white opals and with sixteen diamond spacers, not marked but tests as 15ct. £500-800


161.   A two colour gold Bangle set with a double row of 57 round brilliant cut diamonds divided by three individual rows of polished gold and with a white gold bottom half, total weight approximately 32.8g.   £400-600


162.   A single strand Mikimoto Pearl Necklace of uniform size with a 9ct gold bow clasp, 26" (66cms) long.   £100-150



163.   A platinum Cocktail Watch set with pavé diamonds around the bezel, with four larger old cut diamonds at 12, 3, 6 and 9, on a 9ct white gold gate bracelet attached to the watch with diamond set stirrup shape lugs.  The case is not hallmarked but tests as platinum.   £500-800


164.   A diamond set Brooch in the form of a pair of pavé set diamond wings with 64 old cut diamonds beneath a spray of six further diamonds.   £500-800


165.   A gold Bar Brooch with a centre old cut ruby surrounded by a cluster of old cut diamonds, with a spray of five pavé set diamonds each side, and with a single ruby at each end, 2" (5cms) long.   £300-500


166.   A platinum Solitaire Diamond Ring with a single round old cut diamond measuring approximately 2.67 carats, K SI1, claw set, the shoulders each set with a single rub-over tapered baguette diamond.   £4000-6000


167.   A platinum half hoop Ring set with seven round brilliant cut diamonds, each approximately 0.10 carat.   £300-400


168.   A gold curb link Bracelet hung with various gold charms, 40.4g.   £300-400


169.   Another gold curb link Bracelet hung with various charms, 22.3g.   £200-250


170.   Three gold Half Sovereigns formed as a Bar Brooch.   £250-300


171.   A 15ct gold Pendant of scroll design set with seed pearls.   £70-100


172.   A scroll Pendant with a centre garnet and seed pearl set leaves and with a garnet drop, and a pair of garnet Earrings.  £70-100


173.   An 18ct gold Wishbone Ring, 4.3g.   £70-100


174.   A pair of Ear Studs each set with a facet cut aquamarine surrounded by a cluster of diamonds.   £100-150


175.   A 9ct. gold open link Watch Chain, 15" (38cms) long, 34.7g.   £300-400


176.   A 9ct. rose gold Albert with 'T' bar hung with a Russian Nicholas II gold Ten Rouble Coin, 1900, total weight 40.7g.  £350-400


177.   A Swiss open face Fob Watch with white dial in 800 standard silver case, another fob watch, an open face pocket watch and a silver fob.  £50-70


178.   A pair of 9ct gold Pendant Earrings, each set with a single opal.   £60-80


179.   A silver gilt Edwardian design Pendant set with opals.   £40-50


180.   A silver gilt Dress Ring set with garnet and cubic zirconias.  £30-40


181.   A pair of silver Stud Earrings set with a single pearl and cubic zirconias.   £25-30


182.   A silver Bracelet set with three rows of cubic zirconias.   £30-40


183.   A silver Dress Ring set with an opal surrounded by cubic zirconias.   £30-40


184.   A silver Dress Ring set with a peridot and marcasite.   £40-50


185.   A pair of silver Earrings each with an oval opal and cubic zirconias.   £20-30


186.   A silver gilt Dress Ring set with a centre opal surrounded by cubic zirconias.   £30-40


187.   A silver oval Pendant set with an opal and cubic zirconias on a fine link neck chain.   £40-50


188.   A silver gilt Dress Ring of coronet design.   £25-30


189.   A silver and enamelled Pendant in the form of a penguin set with marcasite.   £30-40


190.   A Victorian open face Pocket Watch, the white dial inscribed "Heartwell Woodhead, Whibsey", with subsidiary seconds dial, in silver case, Chester 1867, maker: Thomas Russell.  £30-50


191.   An Ingersoll chrome cased Dan Dare Pocket Watch with automaton arm movement and the Eagle Comic emblem to reverse (seconds hand missing, will not tick when wound).   £40-60


192.   A George II pair cased Pocket Watch, the movement inscribed "H Fish, Royal Exchange, London, no. 3085", London 1757, in an outer non-matching case, and a George III pair cased Pocket Watch by John Paxton, St Neots, in a silver case, missing outer case.   £70-100


193.   A Victorian open face key wind Pocket Watch in silver case, and a Waltham Pocket Watch in silver case.   £30-40


194.   An open face Pocket Watch by J Wright in silver case, and three other silver cased Pocket Watches (a/f).   £50-80


195.   A George III pair cased Pocket Watch by John Rentnow, London, no. 1954, in silver case, London 1809 (a/f) and two silver Pocket Watch Cases.   £50-80


196.   A pair cased Pocket Watch by F Welbourn, Thirsk, with white dial, subsidiary seconds dial, in silver case.   £50-70


197.   A collection of six various silver Dress Rings.   £20-30


198.   A quantity of assorted Costume Jewellery.   £20-30


199.   A pair of square silver Cufflinks and a number of silver Pendants.   £30-40


200.   A 9ct gold Heart shape Pendant, the border set with two rows of diamonds and on a fine link neck chain.   £400-500


201.   A 9ct gold Dress Ring set with garnets and seed pearls.   £50-70


202.   A 9ct gold Dress Ring set with two pearls, and one other 9ct gold Ring.   £50-70


203.   A 9ct two colour gold Heart shape Pendant on a fine link neck chain.   £50-70


204.   A 9ct gold Dress Ring set with a tourmaline and two diamonds.   £60-80


205.   A 9ct gold half hoop Ring with seven diamonds in a rub-over setting.   £80-100


206.   A pair of 18ct gold Earrings set with a centre brilliant cut diamond surrounded by four baguette cut diamonds.   £800-1000


207.   An 18ct gold Engagement Ring set with three diamonds.   £200-250


208.   A Gentleman's Hunter Pocket Watch with white dial and subsidiary seconds dial in plain 9ct gold case.   £250-300


209.   A Lady's Open-faced Fob Watch with white "jewelled" dial and an engraved gold case marked 14ct.   £70-100


210.   A Gentleman's open faced Pocket Watch with white dial and subsidiary seconds dial in 9ct gold case, hallmarked for Birmingham 1923.   £250-300


211.   A Swiss open face Pocket Watch, the white dial with subsidiary seconds dial, and marked Fattorini & Sons, in engine turned silver case.   £40-50


212.   A pair of gold Cufflinks set with pearls and mother-of-pearl, marked 14ct, 7.5g gross weight.   £70-100


213.   A set of rolled gold Dress Studs and Cufflinks, each set with a single pearl on a black background, other Cufflinks, a Norwegian sterling and enamel Butterfly Brooch, etc.   £30-40


214.   A navette shape Dress Ring set with two old cut diamonds and four smaller stones, within a pierced setting.   £150-200


215.   An 18ct gold Ring of crossover design set with three diamonds.   £80-100


216.   An 18ct gold Ring pavé set with a centre sapphire surrounded by eight diamonds.   £80-120


217.   A Swarovski silver gilt Brooch in the form of a beetle in original box.   £30-40


218.   A 9ct gold Bracelet set with six jade oblong panels.   £60-80


219.   An Omega Seamaster Gentleman's Wristwatch with sweep seconds hand, baton numerals and date aperture, on a bracelet strap.   £150-200


220.   A Lady's Rotary Wristwatch with baton and Arabic numerals in a 9ct gold case, two other 9ct gold Lady's Wristwatches and one other Wristwatch.   £50-80


221.   A quantity of assorted Costume Jewellery including Bakelite brooches, 1950's flower brooches, etc.   £20-30


222.   A quantity of Costume Jewellery including bead necklaces, jet pieces, bangles, etc.   £30-50


223.   A Kabana 14ct gold Ring set with a large oval opal, the shoulders set with six diamonds.   £250-300





224.   A binder containing an interesting selection of Commonwealth Stamps, including South Africa pairs, New Guinea, Somaliland, Aden, etc., sets and part sets, mint and used, high face, high cat.   £40-60


225.   A binder containing an interesting selection of Commonwealth Stamps, including Gilbert and Ellis Islands post due, Dominica 1951, North Borneo, Brunei, Cayman Islands 1938, etc., sets and part sets, mint and used, high face, high cat.   £30-50


226.   A binder containing a varied selection of mainly Commonwealth Stamps, including Morocco Agencies, British Eritrea, Bahrain, Kuwait, Malta, Sierra Leone, etc., also Stamps from Liechtenstein and Luxemburg, sets and part sets, mint and used, high face, high cat.   £70-100


227.   A binder containing mainly GB Stamps, pre 1938 sets and part sets, mint and used, high face, high cat.   £150-200


228.   A binder containing a varied selection of Commonwealth Stamps, including Falkland Islands, Dominica 1938 and 1954, Burma 1939 and 1947, Bahrain 1951, Aden, B A Tripolitania 1950, etc., sets and part sets, mint and used, high face, high cat.   £70-100


229.   A binder containing mainly GB and commonwealth Stamps, including New Zealand Ins Stamps, Hong Kong, Burma 1947, GB 1939 2/6 - £1, Papua 1932 Air Stamps, Polska 1938 Warsaw Exhibition, etc., sets and part sets, mint and used, high face, high cat.   £40-60


230.   A binder containing an interesting selection of Commonwealth Stamps, including New Hebrides 1938, North Borneo BMA, New Zealand, Nyasaland, etc., sets and part sets, mint and used, high face, high cat.   £100-150


231.   A binder containing an interesting selection of Commonwealth Stamps, including Sarawak, Northern Rhodesia, Grenada, Dominica, Gold Coast, etc., sets and part sets, mint and used, high face, high cat.   £50-80


232.   A binder containing an interesting selection of Commonwealth Stamps, including a 2/- Rhodesia 1910, 1938, etc., sets and part sets, mint and used, high face, high cat.   £60-90


233.   Two World Wildlife Fund Albums, 1983-84, with good contents, FDCs, mint Stamps and literature, etc.   £20-40


234.   Two Albums containing assorted FDCs.   £15-25


235.   Four Albums and one Stockbook with a good mix of World Stamps.   £20-40


236.   A Stock Book and Contents of GB Stamps, an Album of World Stamps and three cover albums.   £30-40


237.   An interesting selection of GB Stamps, 1d red, blocks of George VI mint Stamps, etc., also 1953 Tonga 1d-£1 U/M SET, 1929 set 'Prince Farouk' 5mm-20mm M/M, etc., some high cat. values.   £40-60


238.   A Trump & Strand album of world stamps. (2)   £20-40


239.   A box of assorted cats, Albums (empty) etc.    £20-30


240.   A selection of GB Presentation Packs, etc.   £20-30


241.   A nice selection of Stamps from Switzerland, mainly pre 1950, some high cat. values and two other albums.  £30-50


242.   A nice selection of mainly GB FDC's, some early material, a few military air mails WWII etc.   £20-30


243.   A good selection of GB, Commonwealth and foreign Stamps, some sets etc. mint and used including some GB flawed stamps, all on stock sheets, some high face and high cat. values.  £50-70


244.   A wide and varied selection of mainly early GB Stamps, including 1d reds, 2d blues, etc., a few on covers.   £20-40


245.   Four Albums of commonwealth and world Stamps, including Falkland Islands, New Zealand, etc., mint and used.  £20-40


246.   Two Stock Books and one Album of commonwealth and world Stamps, some 19th century materials, Hong Kong, etc., mint and used.   £20-40


247.   Five Albums of GB, commonwealth and world Stamps, mint and used.   £20-40


248.   Five Stock Books of GB, commonwealth and world Stamps, mint and used.   £20-40


249.   A Stock Book and Contents of GB Victoria Stamps, etc., world blocks, and also 1$ 1928 Canada and a 5/- 1930s Australian 'Roo' Stamp, both fine used.   £30-50


250.   A box containing a large quantity of GB and world Stamps, FDCs, Presentation Packs, etc., mint and used.   £30-50


251.   A good selection of GB and World FDCs.   £20-40


252.   Four Albums containing various World Stamps, including GB Presentation Packs, FDCs, etc.   £20-40


253.   1986 Mexico World Cup Masterfile in official album, listing previous tournaments, qualifying rounds, and 1986 tournament preview, approximately 110 pages with mint Stamps, FDCs, etc., as new condition.   £40-60


254.   Another 1986 World Cup Masterfile in official album listing the 52 matches in the Mexico tournaments, 78 pages including mint Stamps, superstar information sheets, etc., as new condition.   £40-60


255.   A similar 1986 Mexico World Cup Masterfile in official album with 100 official commemorative covers, as new condition.  £40-60




256.   The Wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer 29th July 1981: the Official Invitation to Mr & Mrs D Sturgeon, together with two copies of the Ceremonial, Order of Service, Seat Tickets, Parking Ticket, etc., along with two Christmas Cards from Charles and Diana 1981 and 1985, and an Invitation to a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace July 1978.   £300-400


257.   A French Epée by Coulaux & Cie, Klingenthal, with colichemarde blade, cup hilt and twisted wire grip, with leather scabbard, 38" (97cms) long overall.   £100-150


258.   A British 1907 pattern Bayonet by Chapman, marked "1907", with scabbard, and one other Bayonet and scabbard.   £40-50


259.   A Victorian walnut dome topped Tea Caddy the interior fitted with two covered containers.  9" (23cms) wide.    £30-40


260.   A Victorian mahogany Needlework Box with banded decoration and lift out interior tray. 10 1/2" (27cms) wide.    £30-40


261.   A pair of electric Table Lamps with frosted glass shades, chromium columns and mirrored circular bases, each 9" (23cms) high, and two glass Lamp shades.   £20-30


262.   A number of plastic sheets containing a collection of Trade Tokens, 64 in total.   £30-40


263.   A Japanese Netsuke in the form of a carved ivory water buffalo, 2 1/2" (6 1/2cms) long.   £70-100


264.   A copper and brass Powder Flask of fluted design with screw off top and another with leaf decorated design.  £50-80


265.   A brass flintlock Pistol Lock Plate inscribed Freeman and a period spring clamp, probably to remove the main spring from a military musket.   £70-100


266.   A Pistol Powder Flask inscribed Sykes with screw off top and one other pistol powder flask.  £80-100


267.   A large 19th Century iron Bullet Mould marked 15 and a brass tool designed to measure gun powder.   £60-80


268.   A 19th Century burr yew wood circular Snuff Box with two interior compartments the top inset with a circular silver plaque baring the image of a gentleman, makers mark BM.  4" (10cms) diameter.   £50-80


269.   A miniature oval half length Portrait of a lady in 18th or early 19th Century dress within a gilt border and papier mache frame.  £150-200


270.   A collection of vintage Postcards including fourteen relating to East Gilling including hounds at Gilling Castle, garden party at Gilling Rectory August 1910 and various others.  £40-60


271.   A vintage wooden folding Boot Pull.   £40-60


272.   A Victorian mother-of-pearl Visiting Card Case and a small tortoiseshell Box.   £40-60


273.   To Major J Grover, Royal Marine Light Infantry, a pair of World War I Medals, War Medal and Victory Medal, together with three Dress Miniatures including the 1914/15 Star.   £50-80


274.   A set of six Wedgwood Buttons decorated with flower heads within a gilded border, together with four gilt metal stone set Watch Keys.   £50-70


275.   A Parker Fountain Pen, the nib marked 14K; a Waterman's Fountain Pen and various others.   £20-30


276.   A Fulton's Military Handkerchief, a pair of Chinese embroidered Silk Panels, and two others.   £30-40


277.   Two Victorian Documents promoting Alfred Eastfield Wilkinson to Captain of a Troop in the Light Dragoons, 1858 and 1859, a Letter purporting to be from Muhammad Mahdi, another Letter with a gilt and floral border, and a Sealed Letter.   £50-80


278.   An Album of Vintage Lace Samples entitled "Newest Laces" by P B & B Limited.   £30-50


279.   A folder containing a collection of Bookmark Silks, etc., in various designs.   £50-80


280.   Two boxes of Stereoscopic Cards including a number of Boer War Cards by Underwood & Underwood, English and Continental views, etc.   £50-80


281.   An African wood Axe Handle, a Tribal Paddle Club, and two other items.   £100-150


282.   Seven World War I Victory Bonds Posters.   £50-80


283.   A number of early 20th century Circus and Theatre Posters, including Grand Theatre Doncaster, The Royal Continental Circus, The Picture Palace Bawtry, etc.   £50-80


284.   After Preiss; a modern Bronze Figure of a child ballet dancer on a marble plinth, 12" (31cms) high.   £80-100


285.   A metal Stick Handle in the form of a dogs head with a pheasant, another, galloping horse corkscrew and other items.   £40-50


286.   A pair of Binoculars, old copper bugle, etc.   £30-40


287.   An old Cycle Lamp, a 'Raleigh Authorised Supplier' metal Sign and other items.   £30-40


288.   A Victorian Greetings Card in a maple frame, two other Cards in a single frame, and a stitched silk Bookmark.   £30-40


289.   An Illuminated Page, possibly French 16th century, the border painted with fruit, 5 1/2" (14cms) x 3 1/2" (9cms); an Heraldic Letter "A" by Neil Bromley and two other Illuminated Pages.   £40-60


290.   Four Beatrix Potter cold painted bronze Figures including Jemima Puddleduck, Hunca Munca, etc., tallest 1 1/2" (4cms) high, and four smaller Beatrix Potter Figures, tallest 3/4" (2cms) high.   £70-100


291.   A 19th century oval straw-work Box, the cover inset with a bone panel carved with a child, the reverse inscribed with the initial 'M'; and a small treen circular Box, the cover set with a porcelain panel painted with a child.   £70-100


292.   A pair of carved ivory Figure of Zebu, 1 1/2" (3.5cms) high, a small carved ivory Skull, and two other items.   £30-50


293.   A silver gilt and enamel miniature Box with hinged cover, the interior containing a figure of a baby, 800 mark; another miniature Box of similar design; small green hardstone Panel, and four other items.   £50-80


294.   A miniature gilt metal Picture Frame containing four small circular panels painted with birds, 2 1/2" (6cms) high; a matching Frame containing a piece of lace; another Frame containing a panel of miniature script and a gilt filigree Frame containing a photograph of Shanklin.   £50-80


295.   A miniature Photograph Album and Contents of portrait photographs, a miniature Book published by the Religious Tract Society and three other items.   £20-40


296.   A 19th century oval enamel Plaque inscribed "Hannington & Sons, Brighton, Houses Furnished", 1 1/2" (3cms) long, and a miniature Visiting Card for General Tom Thumb.   £30-50


297.   A number of Britains and other lead Animals, etc., and a number of carved wooden small Animal and Figure Ornaments.   £40-60


298.   A 19th Century head and shoulders miniature oval Portrait of a child on an ivory panel and in ebonised frame.    £50-70


299.   A Georgian Apprentice Piece in the form of an Elbow Chair with shell carved cresting rail, solid splat back and swept arms with drop in seat on shell carved cabriole supports and pad feet.  Height 12" (30cms) probably circa 1800.    £300-500


300.   A papier-mache Shop Display Figure of Peter Rabbit by Pytram Limited, 18" (46cms) high.   £50-80


301.   A Shaeffer Fountain Pen, boxed; Parker Pen and Pencil Set, and various others.   £30-40


302.   A collection of assorted Fountain Pens including Parker, Osmiroid, etc.   £30-40


303.   A number of Cigarette Card Albums including Wills The Reign of George V, Players Film Stars second series, Players Film Stars first series, and various others.   £20-40



304.   An 18th Century Needlework Sampler decorated with a verse inscribed "To the Young Ladies" within a floral border, by Frances Dawson October 28th 1767, 17" (43cms) by 12 1/2" (32cms).   £70-100


305.   A two-storey Dolls House with pillared front porch, 21" (53cms) wide, converted from a wall cupboard.   £50-80


306.   An early 20th century two-storey half-timbered Dolls House, the sloping tiled roof with a dove cote, 2' (62cms) wide.   £80-120


307.   A leather four division Cartridge Box with leather strap and initials, 13" (33cms) wide.   £50-80


308.   The Albermarle Telescope by J H Steward, Strand, London in leather case.   £50-80


309.   A glass Hunting Flask with plated mounts and in a leather case, with a further leather case attached to it containing a plated Sandwich Box by Swaine & Adeney Limited.   £50-70


310.   A plated Sandwich Box by James Dixon & Sons in a leather case, another by Harrods Limited and one empty leather case.  £40-60


311.   A leather Marker Case by Asprey, London; a leather Cartridge Bag and three other leather Cases.   £40-60


312.   A brass three draw Telescope by Ross of London, no. 28785, made for Barton, Son & Company, Bangalore, in outer leather case.   £50-80


313.   A pair of Field Glasses by Callaghan, London, in leather case; a folding Magnifying Glass in leather case, plated telescopic Tumbler Cup in leather case, and a Berry's patent Light.   £50-80


314.   A brass three draw Telescope by J H Dallmeyer, London, in outer leather case.   £50-80


315.   A Thompson of Kilburn "Mouseman" oak oval Cheeseboard with carved mouse signature.   £80-120


316.   A Hondo 2 model H732VL vintage Electric Guitar, late 70s/early 80s, finished in pink.   £40-60


317.   A vintage Parker Beacon shagreen lift arm petrol Cigarette Lighter (Dunhill patt.) together with a Ronson Queen Anne silver plated petrol Table Lighter circa 1970s.   £40-60


318.   A vintage Watermans Ideal Fountain Pen in red and gold marbled case with 14K nib; a vintage Conway Stewart Universal no. 476 Fountain Pen in marbled case with 14K nib; a 1930/40s Parker Jewel vacumatic Fountain Pen, and two vintage Propelling Pencils in marble cases (5).   £30-50


319.   A Coronet twelve-20 vintage Camera in original case; a Lubitel 2 vintage Camera as new in original case, and a Coronet folding vintage Camera with achromatic lens (3).   £20-40


320.   A pair of Tasco 7X-21 x 40 Binoculars with zoom as new in original case; a pair of Tasco 20-2327 Opera Glasses in black and brass livery as new in original case, and a pair of Pentax 7 x 35 PCF Binoculars in original case (3).   £20-40


321.   A collection of assorted vintage Tins, Boxes, etc.   £20-40


322.   Ten sets of mainly pre 1940's Cigarette Cards including, 'Allman', 'Carreras', 'Churchman' etc. all in display sheets. (10)   £60-80



323.   Ten sets of mainly pre 1940's Cigarette Cards including, 'Gallagher', 'Mitchell', 'Ogden's' etc. all in display sheets. (10)   £60-80


324.   Ten sets of mainly pre 1940's Cigarette Cards by 'Players' all in display sheets. (10)   £60-80


325.   Another Ten sets of mainly pre 1940's Cigarette Cards by 'Players' all in display sheets. (10)   £60-80


326.   Another Ten sets of mainly pre 1940's Cigarette Cards by 'Players' all in display sheets. (10)   £60-80


327.   Ten sets of mainly pre 1940's Cigarette Cards including 'Players', 'Wills' etc all in display sheets. (10)   £50-70


328.   Ten sets of mainly pre 1940's Cigarette Cards by 'Wills' all in display sheets. (10)   £50-70


329.   Ten sets of mainly pre 1940's Cigarette Cards by 'Wills' all in display sheets. (10)   £40-60


330.   Ten sets of mainly pre 1940's Cigarette Cards by 'Wills' all in display sheets. (10)   £40-60


331.   Ten sets of mainly pre 1940's Cigarette Cards by 'Wills' all in display sheets. (10)   £50-70


332.   Ten sets of mainly pre 1940's Cigarette Cards by 'Wills' all in display sheets. (10)   £50-70


333.   Ten sets of mainly pre 1940's Cigarette Cards by 'Wills' all in display sheets. (10)   £50-70


334.   Nine sets of mainly pre 1940's Cigarette Cards including 'Wills', 'Turf' and 'F & J Smith's' Football Club Records 1921-22. (9)  £80-100


335.   Approximately twenty eight near complete sets of mainly pre 1940's Cigarette Cards in display sheers, also various booklet sets.    £40-60


336.   A box of assorted Cigarette Cards of various brands sets, part sets etc. some early material.   £30-50


337.   A box of assorted Cigarette Cards of various brands sets, part sets etc. some early material.   £30-50


338.   A stock book containing an interesting selection of Cards, part sets etc. also a quantity of 'Silks' on display sheets.  £30-50


339.   After E Carlier; a spelter figure of Napoleon seated at his desk on a marble base titled "Veille De Bataille", wired for use as a table lamp, 10" (26cms) long.   £50-80


340.   A set of brass Avery Postal Scales on a mahogany plinth.   £50-60


341.   A brass three draw Telescope by Salom & Co., Edinburgh, 16" (41cms) extended length.   £40-60


342.   A 19th century ivory Toothpick Holder with gilt pinhead decoration and interior mirror, 3" (7.5cms) long.   £70-100


343.   A carved ivory Stanhope and a paper knife.   £30-40


344.   A pair of Spectacles in a Victorian papier mache case and various others.   £40-50


345.   A pair of ivory Glove Stretchers, a cheroot holder and other items.   £30-40


346.   An onyx Ashtray surmounted by a bronze model of a Scottie Dog.   £40-50


347.   A Chinese ivory Chess Piece in the form of a King and another of a Queen, height of King 6 1/2" (16.5cms).   £120-150


348.   An oak and plated three division Tantalus fitted with three square glass spirit decanters.   £180-200


349.   A plan of The Kilnwick Percy Estate and two other plans.  £20-40


350.   Adrian Sorrell (1932-2001) bronze of a bird on a square base, signed and numbered 2/10, 4" (10cms) high.   £150-200


351.   A George III mahogany Knife Box of serpentine outline with checker banded borders and canted corners, with brass handles (interior removed), 14" (36cms) high.   £70-100


352.   A Wilesco Live Model Steam Engine, model no. D161, boxed.   £70-100


353.   An Accucraft Live Steam 'Linton & Barnstaple' 2-6-2 Locomotive "Lew" finished in Southern livery, no. 188, together with an Accucraft Southern Railway Brake/Composite Compartment Coach, both boxed and appear unused.   £800-1200


354.   A Mar Toys Super Chief Locomotive, clockwork Moonrider Spaceship, Dinky Toys Trojan Van with Chivers Jelly's livery, and other vintage toys.   £30-50


355.   A Postcard Album and Contents of vintage cards including Malta, Port Said, Alexandria, etc.; a number of loose Cards, Cigarette Cards, etc.   £30-40


356.   A World War I Notebook by W Tayler, Royal Flying Corp, no. 43296, with pencil drawings of aircraft, handwritten notes, etc., and one other Notebook by W Tayler with similar contents.   £30-40


357.   A leather Box and Contents including two fleams, metal skirt hem lifter, wooden nut crackers carved in the form of a wolf's head, and two corkscrews, etc.   £40-60


358.   A cased set of Drawing Instruments including ivory and parallel rulers, etc., and a box of Chemist's Weights.   £30-40


359.   An unusual 19th century miniature cast iron Fireplace decorated with Masonic symbols, 11 1/2" (19cms) high, possibly a factory sample.   £70-100


360.   A bag of assorted Linen and Lace.   £20-30


361.   A yew wood Truncheon with ribbed handle, 19" (49cms) long.   £50-80


362.   A tribal wooden Model of a Sailing Boat, possibly Pacific Islands, 26" (66cms) long.   £70-100


363.   A Swallow Zoom Telescope on tripod stand, Brownie Box Camera, and three others.   £30-40


364.   A Japanese Wakizashi, the Tsuba decorated with waves and in a lacquered scabbard, 24" (61cms) long overall.   £200-300


365.   An oriental black lacquer Bowl with gilt line decoration, 17 1/2" (45cms) diameter.   £30-50


366.   British War and Victory Medal Pairs to 38266 Pte F Scott, West Yorkshire Regiment, 29645 Pte T Bond, West Yorkshire Regiment, and 78175 Pte S S Young, West Yorkshire Regiment, together with a 1914/15 Star to 13156 Pte H Evetts, West Yorkshire Regiment.   £70-100


367.   Two pairs of Spurs by Coe of Pall Mall, London, military leather Belts, etc.   £30-40


368.   A number of designer Silk Scarves including Pierre Cardin, Moschino, Jacqmar, etc.   £30-40


369.   Another collection of Silk Scarves including Christian Dior, Le Duc Paris, etc.   £30-40


370.   A number of bisque china Christmas Cake Decoration in the form of Father Christmas, Snowmen, etc., probably 1920/30s.  £40-60


371.   A Continental Half Doll with a lace dress, a number of Lace Pieces and small Ornamental Items, etc.   £20-30



372.   A Kashmiri walnut oblong two handled Tray decorated with a raised pattern of birds and with a pierced border, 22" (56cms) wide.   £30-40


373.   Brevet Col C D Allderidge, DSO TD, his Dress Miniatures together with his Territorial Decoration, National Artillary Association King's Prize Medal and an Edward VII Coronation Souvenir Medallion, together with his silver Cigarette Case with inscription, dated 1936.   £150-200


374.   A World War I German Iron Cross, First Class.   £100-150


375.   An Edwardian mahogany oval Tray with shell inlaid centre panel and brass handles, 22" (56cms) wide.   £40-60


376.   A 19th Century oak Cutlery Box, the interior divided into four sections and with brass loop handle, 15" (38cms) wide.  £40-60


377.   A sectional ivory Walking Stick with knop handle, 33" (84cms) long.  £70-100


378.   A gilt brass Plaque bearing a relief profile portrait of Napoleon after Rogat and in an ebonised frame, 2" (5cms) diameter, and a Staffordshire Figure of Napoleon.   £30-50


379.   A case of exotic Stuffed Birds under a glass dome shade, 18" (46cms) high.   £50-70


380.   An Army Long Service & Good Conduct Medal to Sergeant J Hudson, Grenadier Guards No.3412.   £100-150


381.   A marine vertebrae Walking Stick with knop handle, 33" (84cms) long, and another Walking Stick with carved camel head handle.   £40-60


382.   A late Victoria Malacca Cane with silver collar and crook handle, and another Malacca Cane with silver top.   £30-50


383.   A German Cane with organ stop handle, a Norwegian Stick and two African Sticks.   £40-60


384.   An ebonised Evening Cane with silver collar and crook handle, another carved with a serpent, and two other Sticks.   £30-40


385.   A late Victorian Horse Measuring Stick, the folding right angle inset with a spirit level, with silver collar and horn handle, hallmarked for London 1900.   £70-100


386.   A brass Grain Sampling Stick by W Reeves & Company Limited, London, with three apertures and wooden crook handle.  £70-100


387.   A Walking Stick, the handle formed as a hand holding a ball, another Stick carved with fish, and two others.   £40-60


388.   A wooden Stick Stand to hold 36 sticks, 29" (74cms) wide.   £50-70


389.   A Ransome's Patent Travelling Inkwell for De La Rue & Co, with swivel action, engraved silver Vesta Case, various other Vesta Cases, Snuff Box, etc.   £50-80


390.   A leather Cigar Case, plated Cigar Case, Cigarette Case, leather Visiting Card Case with silver corners, amber Cheroot Holder, and a plated Cigar Cutter.   £40-60


391.   A silver Brooch in the form of a torpedo inscribed "H M T B No. 25", a Trench Art Knife inscribed "Lens 1918", a Trench Art Matchbox Holder inscribed "Ypres", and a Vesta Case inscribed "Hamburg".   £30-40


392.   A Group of three oriental bronze Standing Figures on a wooden plinth, 3 1/2" (9cms) high, two carved wooden Figures and an Indian carved wooden Box.   £40-60


393.   A set of brass Sovereign Scales in case, two small silver Snuff Spoons, a Pipe Tamper bearing a label inscribed "Gold Coast 1925", and various other items.   £50-80


394.   A collection of twenty Whistles, including the Metropolitan inscribed "Liverpool City Police" by J Hudson, various other Metropolitans, two EMCA Boy Scout Whistles, and various others.   £70-100


395.   Another group of twenty various Whistles, including ACME Thunderers, Birmingham City Police Whistle by T Keane, ARP Whistle and various others.   £70-100


396.   Four various Bosun's Whistles.   £40-60


397.   Another group of twenty Whistles including Metropolitan Police Whistle by Hudson & Co., City Police or Fire Whistle, Railway Whistle inscribed "B R (E)", and various others.   £70-100





398.   BARTOLOZZI, after GUERCINO, an engraving of Bandits Quarreling, another of St Peter and St Paul, and another of the Circumcision of Baby Jesus (unframed).   £50-80


399.   After BARTOLOZZI, an 18th century coloured Engraving of Agustino Carracci at Bologna, another of the Circumcision of the Baby Jesus, and two other 18th century Engravings.   £70-100


400.   An 18th century Engraving "La Catedra de St Pietro", another in religious subject, an Engraving after GUERCINO, and one other, all unframed.   £50-80


401.   An 18th century Engraving of figures on a bridge, another in similar subject and three others, all unframed.   £40-60


402.   After J Burford and others; a Series of six early 19th century Black and White Engravings from the Cambridge University Almanack of six of the colleges, various dates but uniformly framed, each 12" (31cms) x 17" (43cms).   £70-100


403.   S EMPSON; a Watercolour of a Butterfly "Papilio Erymanthis" landing on a flowering branch, signed and dated 1816, and a collection of other mainly 19th century Watercolours of insects and flowers, 18 in total, all unframed.   £50-80


404.   "The Hunting Alphabet", a series of twenty-four Watercolours bound in one volume depicting amusing hunting scenes, each approximately 8" (20cms) x 10" (26cms).   £200-250


405.   HARRIS after ALKEN; five Coloured Prints from Fores' Hunting Sketches uniformly framed, each 11" (28cms) x 15" (38cms).  £40-60


406.   TOM DUDLEY (1857-1935); View of York from the City Walls towards Monks Bar, Watercolour, inscribed "Sketch by T Dudley", 6 1/2" (16cms) x 9" (23cms).   £80-100


407.   FRANK WOOD; "Monk Bar, York", Oil on Board, signed and inscribed, 15" (38cms) x 11" (28cms).   £50-80


408.   GEORGE FALL (1848-1925); "Lendal Bridge, Guildhall, York", Watercolour, signed and inscribed, 8" (20cms) x 11" (28cms).  £80-120


409.   CHARLES WYATT WARREN (1908-1993), View of Snowdon, Oil on Board, signed, inscribed verso, 9 1/2" (24cms) x 22" (56cms).   £80-120


410.   JOHN HENRY BOEL (fl. 1884-1922), Lake and Mountain Landscape, Oil on Canvas, signed and dated 1915, 8" (20cms) x 15" (38cms).   £80-120


411.   PHILIP HOBBS (fl. 1900-1925), Study of a Seated Puppy, Watercolour, signed, 6" (15cms) x 4 1/2" (11cms).    £80-120


412.   JOSEPH RICHARD BAGSHAWE (Staithes Group 1870-1909), Sailing Boats at Sea, Charcoal Sketch, unsigned, 7 1/2" (18cms) x 6" (15cms); Pybus Fine Arts label verso, inscribed "From a Sketchbook by J R Bagshawe".  £100-150


413.   •DIANA M ARMFIELD (b. 1920), "Sunset at Llwynhir", Pastel, signed with initials and inscribed verso, 3 1/2" (9cms) x 7" (17cms).  ARR   £100-150



414.   THOMAS NICHOLSON TYNDALE (exh. 1902-1911) "A Herbaceous Border", Watercolour, from the studio of the Artist with Fosse Gallery label verso, 4" (10cms) x 8" (20cms).   £80-120


415.   CECIL ALDIN (1870-1935), Study of a Sleeping Dog, Watercolour on ivorine, signed, 4" (10cms) x 5" (12cms).   £200-300



416.   •ELIZABETH RICE; Ladybird on a Daisy, Watercolour, 4 1/2" (12cms) x 4 1/4" (11cms), and an unsigned Watercolour of a Rose.  ARR   £30-50


417.   GEORGE WEATHERILL (1810-1890) "Entrance to Whitby Harbour", Watercolour with Pybus Fine Arts label verso, 4 1/2" (12cms) x 5 1/2" (14cms).   £200-300


418.   •JOHN LAWRENCE (b. 1933), "Tame Rabbits" Pencil Drawing, signed and dated August 1975, 9" (23cms) x 12" (31cms), and a Pen and Ink study of a Rabbit by the same artist, 4" (10cms) x 5 1/2" (14cms).  ARR   £30-50


419.   •MARGARET W TARRANT (1888 - 1959), "Birthday Suite", the cover for Piano Sheet Music by Barbara Kirkby-Mason with children playing musical instruments, Watercolour, 12" (31cms) x 10" (25cms).  ARR   £200-300


420.   •MARGARET W TARRANT (1888 - 1959), the Publisher's Artwork for "Music Time", Six Pieces for Piano by Eric Grey, published by Bosworth & Co., with a stuck-in centre section with the title, the border in Watercolour by Margaret Tarrant with pixies in trees playing musical instruments, etc., 12 1/2" (32cms) x 10" (25cms).  ARR   £150-200


421.   •MARGARET W TARRANT (1888 - 1959), the Cover Design for a piece of sheet music, the border painted with elves, fairies, etc., signed, 13" (33cms) x 10" (25cms).  ARR   £100-150


422.   JOHN ATKINSON (Staithes Group, 1863 - 1924), Pencil Sketch of a seated Dog with T, B & R Jordan label verso, inscribed "John Atkinson from one of his Sketchbooks", 7" (18cms) x 4" (10cms).   £70-100


423.   W S GRAY, Views of Whitby Abbey, Watercolours, a pair, signed and dated 1868, 5" (13cms) x 8" (20cms).   £70-100


424.   •EILEEN ALICE SOPER (1905 -1990), a Pencil Sketch of Cairn Terriers inscribed in pencil on the reverse "Eileen Soper, Pencil Sketch, her own Cairn - either Puck or Tigger", 9" (23cms) x 7" (17cms).  ARR   £70-100


425.   JOSEPH NEWINGTON CARTER (1835 -1871) "Watermill in South Devon", Pencil Drawing with Pybus Fine Arts label verso, 4 1/2" (11cms) x 7" (17cms).   £50-70


426.   •GEORGE BUSBY (1926 - 2005), "Low Nest Farm, Keswick", Watercolour, signed, 5 1/2" (13cms) x 7" (17cms).  ARR  £30-40


427.   LES PACKHAM, "Whitby Harbour", Watercolour, signed with a monogram, 6 1/2" (16cms) x 4 1/2" (11cms).   £20-30


428.   THOMAS FRANCIS WAINWRIGHT (1794 - 1883), River Landscape with cattle watering, Watercolour, signed, 4 1/2" (11cms) x 7" (18cms), and another early 19th century Watercolour of a drover with cattle and sheep by a thatched cottage, in an oval mount, 4 1/2" (11cms) x 5 1/2" (14cms).   £50-80


429.   Style of Eileen Alice Soper, Child at Play with toys, etc., Watercolour, 5 1/2" (14cms) x 12" (31cms).   £50-80


430.   •DONALD GREIG (1916-2009), "The Harbour at Low Tide", Watercolour on grey paper, signed and with label verse, 7" (18cms) x 13" (33cms).  ARR   £40-60


431.   An Indian Watercolour on paper depicting a tiger hunt the reverse with script and the border of the reverse painted with animals and birds. (torn)  4 1/2" (11cms) x 10" (26cms).    £50-70


432.   19th century English School, a pair of unsigned Oils on wooden panels of rural landscapes with figures, thatched cottage, etc., each 3 1/2" (9cms) x 4 1/2" (11cms).   £70-100


433.   •CICELY MARY BARKER (1895-1973); "Cheering Her Up with Christmas Tree Fruits", Watercolour with pencil, signed with initials and inscribed with the title below the mount and with Chris Beetles label verso, exhibited: The Illustrators 1800-1991, 10 1/2" (27cms) x 7 1/2" (19cms).  ARR   £200-300


434.   •CICELY MARY BARKER (1895-1973); The Virgin Mary showing the Baby Jesus to a crown of people, titled in the border "Who For Us Men and For Our Salvation Came Down from Heaven", Watercolour, signed with initials, 8" (20cms) x 10" (26cms).  NB. An envelope to the reverse of the picture contains a label inscribed "Cicely M Barker, 23 The Waldrons, Croydon".  ARR   £150-200


435.   •EILEEN ALICE SOPER (1905-1990); "Happy Rabbit" design for a book cover, Watercolour, pen and ink; exhibited: The Art of George & Eileen Soper 1995, with Chris Beetles label verso, inscribed "MacMillan, London 1947, Front Cover", and second label inscribed "The Estate of George & Eileen Soper", 12 1/2" (32cms) x 19" (49cms).  ARR   £300-400


436.   •EILEEN ALICE SOPER (1905-1990); Moonlit River Scene with a sleeping shrew, bird on a branch, etc., Watercolour, signed, 9" (20cms) x 5" (12.5cms).  ARR   £150-200


437.   •MARGARET W TARRANT (1888-1959); "Carol Singers", Watercolour with pen, signed with initials, and exhibited at The British Art of Illustration 1800-1994, with Chris Beetles label verso, 3 1/2" (19cms) x 5" (12cms).  ARR   £150-200


438.   •HONOR CHARLOTTE APPLETON (1897-1951); "Josephine Reads the Newspaper", Pen and Ink, signed with initials, and with Chris Beetles label verso, illustrated: Josephine and her Dolls by Mrs E H C Cradock published 1916, 4" (10cms) x 7" (18cms).  ARR   £100-150


439.   •MICHAEL BENNETT (b. 1934), "Winter" from the Black Combe Series, no.4, Oil on Paper, signed and dated 2007, with various labels verso, 10" (26cms) x 11" (28cms).  ARR   £120-150


440.   •ANNIE FRENCH (Scottish, 1872-1965); "The Lady who would be a Peacock", Pen, Black Ink and Body Colour on Vellum, signed, 6 1/2" (16cms) x 10" (26cms) with Neil McRae label verso.  ARR   £150-200


441.   A primitive style Oil on Canvas of a man holding a horse, 14" (36cms) x 18" (46cms), and two other Oil Paintings, all unframed. £30-40


442.   •OWEN BOWEN (1873-1967); Railway Viaduct, Knaresborough, oil on canvas signed "Sketch by Owen Bowen".  12" (30cms) x 17" (43cms).  ARR   £200-300


443.   •SIR HUGH CASSON (1910-1999), Mediterranean Landscape with stone steps, Watercolour, bearing a faint signature, 5" (13cms) x 7" (17cms).  ARR   £70-100


444.   JOHN SYER (1846-1913); 'High Goathland Moor, Nr. Whitby', Watercolour, signed, 14" (36cms) x 20" (51cms).   £80-120


445.   19th century Italian School, a pair of Views of busy Neapolitan Harbour Scenes, one with Vesuvius in the background, Oil Paintings, 5 1/2" (14cms) x 8" (20cms).   £300-500


446.   WILLIAM FOXLEY NORRIS (b.1859) "Bootham Bar, York", watercolour with Royal Institute of painters label verso, signed and dated 1929, 10" (26cms) x 14" (36cms).   £200-250


447.   AUBREY RAMUS (F E JAMIESON 1895-1950); Lake and mountain landscape oil on canvas.  19 1/2" (50cms) x 29 1/2" (75cms).  £200-250


448.   A EDWARDS; a 19th Century watercolour "Idle Moments" with a girl holding a butterfly in a woodland setting, titled and inscribed verso.  13" (33cms) x 9" (23cms).    £100-120


449.   An unsigned late Victorian oil on canvas of two dogs sniffing at a hedgehog.  24" (61cms) x 18" (46cms).   £200-250





450.   A late 19th Century Wall Clock with white dial and bell strike in inlaid mahogany case with glazed door and leaf carved pediment.  3' (92cms) high.   £50-80


451.   A reproduction Automaton Clock with birds in a bird cage, 6" (15cms) high and a timepiece in a Continental ceramic case.   £40-50


452.   A reproduction Fusee Dial Clock in mahogany case with 8" (20cms) dial.  £80-100


453.   A late 19th Century Cuckoo Clock, the white dial inscribed "Camerer Kuss & Co, Number 2 Broad Street", the white dial with a blue background and painted pilasters and with a twin weight driven movement, 12" (31cms) high.  £70-100


454.   An early 20th Century aneroid Barometer and timepiece in a carved oak frame with acorns fleur de lis, etc., 19" (49cms) high. £50-80


455.   A Bavarian Cuckoo Clock with weight driven movement, and one other.   £30-40


456.   An early 20th century Mantle Timepiece with white dial in inlaid mahogany balloon shape case, 9 1/2" (24cms) high, and another Timepiece in inlaid mahogany case.   £40-60


457.   A Victorian Mantle Clock with striking movement in simulated marble case, one other Mantle Clock and a Vienna Regulator Clock Movement.   £30-40


458.   A 19th century French Mantle Clock with white dial in gilded spelter case, inset with a floral painted porcelain panel, 15" (38cms) wide.   £50-80


459.   An early 20th century Mantle Clock, the steel dial inscribed "A & J Thompson, Scarborough" in inlaid mahogany case, and one other Mantle Clock.   £30-40


460.   A reproduction Dutch Wall Clock with twin weight driven movement, and one other Wall Clock.   £40-60


461.   An early 20th century Mantle Timepiece with white dial in inlaid mahogany case, and a Smith's Sectric electric Mantle Clock.  £30-40


462.   A late 19th century Cartel Clock, the circular white enamel dial inscribed "Charles Frodsham, New Bond Street", no. 20542, the gilt metal case decorated with tied ribbons and buds, etc., diameter of dial 8" (20cms).  N.B. Movement replaced with battery type.   £200-300


463.   A Stick Barometer with brass register inscribed "T Gobbi & Co" in a mahogany case with broken arch pediment and circular cistern cover.   £70-100


464.   An early 19th century Long Case Clock, the arched dial inscribed "Jas Fielding, Boston" with seconds ring and date aperture, painted with a hunting scene, with eight-day movement, in cross banded mahogany case with swan's neck pediment, fluted pilasters and reeded canted corners, on bracket feet, 7' 6" (229cms) high.   £300-400


465.   A 19th century Wheel Barometer and Thermometer, the brass dial inscribed "G Croce" in inlaid mahogany case with broken arch pediment and 8" (20cms) diameter dial.   £70-100


466.   A Liberty & Co pewter Carriage Clock by Archibald Knox numbered 0721 with a copper and blue enamel dial with Arts and Crafts floral decoration, 5" (13cms) high.   £1000-1500


467.   An Edwardian Mantle Clock, the German movement with gong strike, steel and brass dial and architectural style walnut case, 17" (43cms) high.   £50-70


468.   A 19th century Wheel Barometer and Thermometer, the brass dial inscribed "T Molton, Norwich" in a shell inlaid mahogany case, 8" (20cms) diameter dial.   £70-100





469.   A Hamadan Rug with a centre medallion in red, blue and cream, etc., 6' 6" (200cms) x 4' 4" (132cms).   £100-150


470.   A central Asian Rug decorated with flowers, bird, etc., on a pink field and bordered, 5' 2" (157cms) x 3' (92cms).  £40-60


471.   A Hamadan Runner of geometric and floral design on a blue field and bordered, 12' 10" (390cms) x 3' (92cms).  £70-100


472.   A Keshan pattern Rug with a centre floral medallion on a beige field and bordered, 6' 3" (190cms) x 4' 7" (140cms).  £40-60


473.   A Heriz pattern Rug with a geometric centre medallion on a beige and red floral field and bordered, 7' 6" (230cms) x 5' 3" (160cms).   £60-80


474.   A Keshan pattern Rug with an all over floral design in red, blue, cream etc., 7' 6" (230cms) x 5' 3" (160cms).   £60-80



475.   A Bokhara pattern Rug of traditional elephant's foot design on a blue field and bordered, 6' 3" (190cms) x 4' 7" (140cms).  £50-80


476.   A Ziegler pattern Rug of floral design on a red field and bordered, 6' (390cms) x 4' 7" (140cms).   £50-70


477.   A Keshan pattern Rug of medallion design on a green field bordered, 7' 6" (230cms) x 5' 3" (160cms).   £60-80


478.   A Bibibaff collection Bedouin Abrash woven oriental Carpet of floral design in red, blue, etc., 11' (340cms) x 8' (240cms). £100-150





479.   A 19th century oak Delft Rack with two open shelves beneath a stepped cornice, 3' 5 1/2" (105cms) wide.   £50-80


480.   An antique design oak Dresser Base fitted with three long and two small frieze drawers, on turned and block supports, 6' (183cms) wide.    £150-200


481.   A 19th Century mahogany Bookcase enclosed by a pair of glazed doors and fitted with adjustable shelves, 4' 4" (132cms) wide.   £30-50


482.   An adzed oak refectory style Dining Table by Sid Pollard, on panel end supports, 6' (183cms) x 3' (92cms).   £600-800


483.   A set of six adzed oak lattice back Dining Chairs by Sid Pollard, with hide seats, on panel sided supports (one carver).  £600-800


484.   A Victorian oak Secretaire Bookcase, the upper section enclosed by clear glass doors, writing drawer and three further long drawers under on turned supports, 4' 2" (127cms) wide.   £80-120


485.   An early 20th Century Cheval Mirror in oak frame and on splay supports.   £30-50


486.   A pair of mahogany three tier open wall shelves. 21" (53cms) wide and another wall shelf with a small cupboard.   £30-50



487.   An early 19th Century mahogany two tier Bedside Table fitted with a single drawer on chamfered square supports, 13" (33cms) wide.    £30-40


488.   An Edwardian white painted small Chiffonier with raised mirrored back enclosed by a single clear glass door, 2' (61cms) wide and a white painted oak open bookcase.    £40-60


489.   An early 20th Century glazed oval Counter Unit with plate glass centre shelf, 4' (122cms) wide.   £100-150


490.   A late Victorian walnut Wall Cupboard with inlaid decoration and gilt metal mounts enclosed by a single clear glass door, 20" (51cms) wide.   £80-120


491.   A Victorian Centre Table, the rectangular walnut finished top with semi-circular ends and fitted with two frieze drawers, on fluted turned supports and scroll feet, 3' 5" (104cms) wide.   £70-100



492.   A Victorian mahogany pine sided Chiffonier, the raised back with an open shelf above two cupboards enclosed by panel doors on a plinth base, 4' (122cms) wide.    £50-80


493.   A set of four 19th Century rosewood frame Dining Chairs with carved cresting rail upholstered seat and back and on cabriole supports, (one a/f).   £70-100


494.   A small antique design oak gateleg Occasional Table with D shape drop leaves on baluster turned supports, 18" (46cms) wide.  £40-60


495.   An Edwardian mahogany frame Elbow Chair inlaid with box wood stringing and with pierced splat back, upholstered seat, square tapering supports and splayed feet.    £30-50


496.   A late 18th Century oak Elbow Chair with pierced splat back, drop in tapestry covered seat, scroll arms and chamfered square supports.    £40-60


497.   An Edwardian mahogany Wardrobe inlaid with satinwood banding and boxwood stringing with faux dentil cornice, with centre bevelled mirror panelled door flanked by two panelled doors, fitted for hanging and with shelves, and on a plinth base, 6' 3" (190cms) wide.   £100-150


498.   A George III mahogany kneehole Sideboard fitted with a centre frieze drawer, flanked by a drawer and cupboard and on chamfered square supports with brass castors, 4' 4" (132cms) wide.   £150-200


499.   A set of eight William IV mahogany Dining Chairs with scroll carved cresting rails, bar backs, and upholstered seats on panel sided and turned supports (two carvers).   £400-600


500.   A Victorian mahogany Wardrobe, the interior fitted for hanging and with two drawers under, enclosed by a pair of panelled doors, on a plinth base, 5' (153cms) wide.   £100-150


501.   An early 20th century mahogany Wardrobe with stepped cornice and centre bevelled mirror panelled door, flanked by a pair of oval panelled doors inlaid with boxwood stringing, the interior fitted for hanging, small drawers and sliding trays, on bracket feet, 6' (183cms) wide.   £150-200


502.   An Edwardian walnut Wardrobe of break front design, the centre section enclosed by a pair of bevelled glass doors with drawers under, flanked by two mirror panelled doors, on a plinth base, 6' (183cms) wide.   £70-100


503.   A Regency design mahogany Bedside Cupboard enclosed by single panel door and on ring turned supports, 15" (38cms) wide.   £30-40


504.   An Edwardian mahogany small Side Cabinet with moulded edge and single drawer with glazed cupboard under on square tapering supports, 2' (61cms) wide.   £30-50


505.   A nest of four mahogany oblong Occasional Tables inlaid with boxwood stringing, on slender square tapering supports, 16" (41cms) wide.  £40-60


506.   An early 18th Century oak Chest of three long and two short graduated Drawers with brass handles, on bracket feet, 36 1/2" (93cms) wide.   £150-200


507.   An antique design oak Side Cupboard enclosed by two fielded panel doors with further panel doors under, 2' 9" (84cms) wide. £50-80


508.   A Victorian mahogany pedestal Desk with tooled leather top and a centre frieze drawer flanked by eight further drawers on plinth bases, 5' (153cms) x 2' 7" (80cms).  NB. The desk has been raised on higher than usual plinths but the original lower plinths are still present.    £100-150


509.   A 19th Century pine Side Table fitted with two frieze drawers on square tapering supports, 4' (122cms) wide.  £70-100


510.   An early 19th Century Linen Press in the form of a bank of fourteen drawers with replaced turned pull handles beneath a stepped cornice and on bracket feet. 4' 5" (135cms) wide.   £200-300


511.   A 19th century stained pine Standing Corner Cupboard, the single glazed door with arched tracery, with panelled cupboard under, on bracket feet, 3' 1" (94cms) wide.   £100-150


512.   A small early 20th century oak Corner Wall Cupboard enclosed by a carved single door, 22" (56cms) wide; a mahogany circular Occasional Table and an oriental design Vase Stand.   £40-60


513.   A Bijouterie Table with glazed top and sides, on fluted turned supports, 17" (43cms) wide.   £30-50


514.   A Victorian oval swing Toilet Mirror in mahogany frame the serpentine fronted platform base with glove box.   £20-30


515.   A pair of Victorian ebonised circular Footstools with upholstered tops on compressed bun feet.   £30-40