01904 489731

01904 489731

York Antique Sale

Wednesday 22nd November



1.            A wicker Basket and a woven oval basket.

2.            A pair of Yorkshire Masonic Arm Bands, sash etc.

3.            A small oak Collectors Cabinet fitted with four small drawers containing a number of drill bits etc. 9 1/2" (24cms) wide.

4.            A pair of African carved wood standing Figures, he is holding a spear she has a bowl on her head, each approximately 4'                 2" (127cms) high.

5.            A pair of oak spiral column Table Candlesticks on circular bases.  16" (41cms) high.

6.            A Fox Mask on a wooden wall shield, mounted by E Allen & Co of Stonegate, York.

7.            A brass mounted Spirit Level, brass Preserve Pan, vintage Hair Clippers, Cutlery Boxes, etc.

8.            A Music Box in rosewood case.  12" (31cms) wide and part of a larger musical box.

9.            A metal Uniform Case by Ede & Ravenscroft the brass plaque inscribed "Sir Benjamin Dawson Bart JP".  3' 4" (102cms)                   long.

10.          A Vintage Postcard Album of Swiss views with mountaineering scenes etc. and a Book of Hours calendar for 1936. 

11.          A box containing a quantity of Edison Phonograph Cylinders.

12.          A box of glass Magic Lantern Slides.

13.          A mahogany Plate Camera and four plates.

14.          A Bell & Howell Cine camera in case, a Pathe Baby Cine Camera and various others.

15.          A Britains horse drawn open cart, Lesney Commer bottle float, Lesney small horse drawn pasteurised milk vehicle and                     other items.

16.          An oak Inkstand with glass inkwell and pen tray.

17.          A Dunhill Table Lighter in the form of a tankard, a Colibri table lighter and one other.

18.          A Postcard Album and contents of approximately one hundred vintage topographical cards, Mabel Lucy Attwell greetings                 cards, Bruce Bairnsfather etc.

 19.         An unused return Railway Ticket from Husthwaite to Kirkbymoorside, another from Kirkbymoorside to Barton Le Street,                 ten NER pay cheques from a Hull Loco Shed, luggage and parcel labels etc.

20.          Five Daimler Hub Cap Centre Badges, three motor fuel ration books, Dunlop touring map etc.

21.          A number of Army Badges and buttons, including 4\7DG shoulder badges etc.

22.          A Cigarette Card Album containing 100 Players war decorations and medals Cards, and another Album of assorted Cards                 including Abdulla British butterflies, Players album of motor cars, Kensington silks etc.

23.          A box of miscellaneous Items including an early light bulb, darning mushroom, bone paper knife and an old players                         Navy cut paper clip.

24.          Two boxes of Sporting Programmes including football, rugby, horse racing etc.

25.          A box and contents including Coins, wrist watches etc.

26.          A box of Cigarette Card Albums, trade card albums and lose cards.

27.          A box of loose topographical Postcards.

28.          A box of Stamp Albums, covers and loose stamps.

29.          A Photograph Album and contents including circus performers, military etc.

30.          A Postcard Album and contents of vintage topographical cards.

31.          Three empty Frames for military badges.

32.          A box of Postcards, cigarette cards, photograph of the Isle of Man by George Dean etc.

33.          A plated Table Candlestick converted to electricity and a glass table lamp.

34.          A large envelope containing Stamps on sheets, cards, packets, covers etc.

35.          A box containing approximately nine hundred thematic Stamps, and a small stockbook etc.

36.          Two Stockbooks containing blocks of New Zealand and GB Stamps.

37.          Four Album Sheets of GB official overprints.

38.          An India Stamp Collection from Queen Victoria to the 1980's with later issues unmounted mint plus a few Burmese                         stamps.

39.          A black Stockbook and contents of Channel Islands and Isle of Man stamps.

40.          A black Stockbook and contents of approximately six hundred flower stamps.

41.          A red Stockbook and contents of world stamps in animal and bird themes etc.

42.          A box of Cigarette Card Albums, loose cards etc.

43.          Five Albums of Isle of Man presentation packs.

44.          A folder of GB Stamps including mint sheets etc.

45.          Two Albums and contents of German Stamps.

46.          Two albums of FDC's, box of mixed presentation packs and two Stanley Gibbons catalogues 2006.

47.          A blue Stockbook and contents of Queen Elizabeth II GB mint and never hinged stamps.

48.          A red Stockbook of British Empire stamps, Victoria to George VI.

49.          Four Stamp Albums and contents of world stamps.

50.          A full set of Texaco football Coins 1969.

51.          A Victorian rosewood Sewing Box with brass inlaid decoration and lift out tray.  12" (31cms) wide.

52.          A CWS Biscuit Tin, an old Coleman's mustard tin and a jewellery box.

53.          A floor standing wooden Dumb Waiter in the form of a painted figure of a butler holding a tray.  2' 11"  (89cms) high.

54.          A Stagg acoustic Guitar.

55.          A bevel edge frameless Wall Mirror.

56.          A Mamod Steam Tractor in original box.

57.          A Brexton Picnic Case complete with fittings.

58.          A Stamp Album and contents of New Zealand stamps including official overprints together with other Commonwealth                    stamps.

59.          An oak Collectors Cabinet. 14"(36cms) wide.

60.          A Poster for the Yorkshire Insurance Company Ltd, published by Ben Johnson of York.  24" (62cms) x 18" (47cms),                         framed.

61.          A box containing a quantity of North Yorkshire Bus Ephemera.

62.          A large Philips industrial Lamp with wall fittings.  22" (56cms) diameter.

63.          An old green enamel ceiling light Shade, a pottery ceiling lamp and other items.

64.          A crocodile skin Bag, fur stole and other items.

65.          A box of miscellaneous items, including a box of draughts, dominoes etc.

66.          A box of miscellaneous items including brass bellows, hip flask etc.

67.          A Meteor Stamp Album and contents of world stamps from Queen Victoria.

68.          A Wanderer Stamp Album and contents of early Commonwealth stamps from Victoria.

69.          A Strand Stamp Album and contents of early 20th Century stamps etc.

70.          A number of loose Album Pages containing various world stamps including early George V Australian heads.

71.          A County Cricket 1973 Medallic First Day Cover and a Royal Wedding Medallic cover both in original boxes.

72.          A tin containing various loose Stamps, envelopes etc.

73.          Two Albums of world Stamps.

74.          Five Albums of First Day Covers Etc.

75.          A box of Stamps in albums, packets, covers etc.

76.          A Covers Album and three stamp albums.

77.          A binder of early 10th Century Stamps.

78.          An Album of Post Office PHQ cards.

79.          Twelve complete USA Year Packs.

80.          A large box of Stamps, covers etc.

81.          An Edward VIII two shillings Stamp Booklet, complete.

82.          A 1964 Australia £2 Navigator FDC.

83.          A France 1868 40 cent Stamp SG number 119, high catalogue value.

84.          A Stamp Album and contents of Commonwealth stamps etc.

85.          A set of Taylor Ace bowling woods and jack.

86.          A Victorian leather Photograph Album and contents of portrait photographs with lithographed pages.

87.          Another Victorian Photograph album with lithographed pages containing portrait photographs by T Spencer, Fossgate                    York, Thomas Hare of Tadcaster, J Duncan of York and various others.

88.          A box containing a number of loose Postcards, Coronation Celebration for Gate Helmsley 1953 etc.

89.          An old Imperial office Typewriter.

90.          A collection of five metal Ammunition Boxes.

91.          A well filled blue Stock Book with a large collection of British Commonwealth Stamps.

92.          A collection of Australian Stamps in a Stanley Gibbons printed Australia Album.

93.          A green Stock Book and Contents of British Commonwealth Stamps.

94.          A Favourite Stamp Album and Contents of British Commonwealth Stamps.

95.          Another Favourite Album and Contents of Commonwealth Stamps.

96.          Another Favourite Album and Contents of Commonwealth Stamps.

97.          A red Stamford Stamp Album containing Commonwealth Stamps together with a few world stamps.

98.          A Stock Book containing GB Queen Victoria Penny Plates, two Twopenny Plates and small type Half Pennies.

99.          A large Stockbook and contents of many mainly used Malta stamps.

100.        A Hagner Binder containing mint and used Commonwealth stamps.

101.        A Stockbook and contents of used GB stamps.

102.        A pair of Ross 9 x 35 Binoculars in case.

103.        A box of Oil Lamp Parts.

104.        A stainless steel Propeller inscribed "17 x 10".

105.        Another similar Propeller.

106.        Four Stamp Albums and contents of world stamps.




107.        A brass Preserve Pan with loop handle.  12 1/2" (32cms) diameter, a smaller preserve pan and a brass trivet.

108.        A quantity of assorted metalware including half round kettle, circular kettle, pewter jug etc.

109.        A white enamel Bread Bin with black printed letters, a white enamel pail and a large brown enamel mug.

110.        A box of old Tins.

111.        A set of three brass Fire Irons and a pair of implement rests.

112.        A copper and brass Log Basket with swing handle and paw feet.

113.        A number of old Door Locks, ornate bath feet etc.


China & Glassware


114.        A late 19th Century Derby pattern Teaset decorated in orange blue and gilt comprising; twelve cups and saucers, twelve                plates, milk jug, sugar bowl and two bread and butter plates.

115.        A St. Michael bone china Teaset decorated in orange blue gilt etc. comprising; six cups, five saucers, six plates, milk jug                and a bread and butter plate together with a Royal Venton teapot a Continental oval tea pot and a wall pocket.

116.        A Victorian Amherst Japan pattern Bowl on a short pedestal foot.  121" (31cms) diameter and two smaller matching                      bowls.

117.        A Melba china part Teaset decorated with floral sprays, seventeen pieces and a Royal Albert crown china teaset,                            nineteen pieces.

118.        A Cantonese cylindrical Teapot decorated with floral sprays and with wicker wound handle (a/f) a Sarreguemines                           character jug, Prattware mug and other items.

119.        A Belleek Rossmore pattern Planter.  7" (17cms) diameter (chipped) and a Locke & Co Worcester Vase in the form of                    three tapering turrets with blush ivory decoration.

120.        An Old Willow pattern Fruit set, seven pieces, six Royal Albert Jubilee Rose pattern dessert bowls and a Govancroft                         luster jug and a similar bowl.

121.        A Beswick Model of a standing Stag, No.981.

122.        A Beswick model of a Doe, No.999A and a fawn No.1000B.

123.        A Royal Worcester model of a Thrush, No.3234.

124.        A Royal Worcester Cream Jug and sugar bowl, pattern number 1034 and a Royal Worcester milk jug painted with a bull                   finch by E Townsend (spout cracked) etc.

125.        A Royal Copenhagen Figure of a boy leading a calf by Christian Thomson, No. 772.  6 1/2" (16cms) wide (ear chipped).

126.        A Staffordshire Pottery King Charles Spaniel, a Creamware two handled Bowl, Biscuit Barrel and a Tile.

127.        A pair of Phoenix ware Vases decorated with flowers in blue and gilt, 13" (33cms) high.

128.        A Duchess china Winchester pattern Tea Set comprising six cups and saucers and a milk jug and an Elizabethan coffee                  set etc.

129.        A Royal Lancastrian turquoise glazed circular Bowl.  11" (28cms) diameter, three pieces of Studio pottery and two                          stoneware jars.

130.        A Doulton Lambeth harvest Jug with silver rim (a/f), a Fieldings preserve jar with cover and stand, Wedgwood vegetable                dish and cover etc.

131.        A Royal Copenhagen baluster Vase decorated with flowers.  9" (23cms) high.

132.        A Royal Albert "Crown China" Tea Set and a quantity of Coalport "Revelry" coffee ware.

133.        A Continental Vase, a number of pin dishes, Waterford cake slice and other items.

134.        A Beswick model of a Pug, No.1998.

135.        A Royal Doulton Character Jug "Sir John Falstaff", large size; a middle size Jug "Pied Piper", and two others "The                            Poacher" and "Gone Away".

136.        A Royal Doulton Character Jug "Captain Henry Morgan", another "Neptune", another "Falstaff", all medium size, and two                Beswick Character Jugs.

137.        A Royal Doulton Figure "Winter Welcome" HN3611, another "Fleur" HN2366, and another "Amy's Sister" HN3445.

138.        A Royal Doulton Figure of the Year for 1994 "Jennifer" HN3447, a Coalport limited edition Figure "Cinderella", and two                    Coalport Plates.

139.        A pottery Horse and Dray, a horse and cart and a Leonardo model of a horse.

140.        Four Royal Doulton Bramley Hedge Figures.

141.        A Nao figure of a girl holding a puppy.  9" (23cms) high and one other Nao figure.

142.        A Royal Doulton Character Jug "John Peel", and another "Drake" both large size.

143.        A pair of Thelwell pony Ornaments "Groom Daily" and two others.

144.        A pair of small Beswick Mallard ornaments, two others and a pheasant. 

145.        A Royal Doulton Figure "Captain Cuttle", a Beswick matt finish model of a robin, Royal Doulton and Beswick cat                              ornaments and a Beswick studio sculpture "Mr Jeremy Fisher".

146.        A Bing and Grondahl Figure of a seated cat and two Beatrix Potter items. 

147.        A Border Fine Arts Figure of mice, another and various other animal ornaments.

148.        A Hummel Figure "Autumn Harvest" (a/f) and three other Hummel items.

149.        Five Wedgwood Plates decorated with owls (one a/f).

150.        Three Lladro duck Ornaments.

151.        A Nao Figure Group of a bride and groom, another Nao figure of a boy holding a rabbit and three others.

152.        A pair of Satsuma baluster Vases decorated with panels of figures in orange and gilt.  6" (15cms) (one a/f), an Oriental                  bowl and cover and a mother of pearl inlaid box.

153.        A Coalport Limited Edition cobalt Goblet commemorating the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana 1981, boxed.

154.        An Adams ware Edward VIII Coronation commemorative Mug, a 1937 coronation beaker inscribed "Newcastle on Tyne",                an amber glass 1935 Silver Jubilee mug and two other items.

155.        A Royal Doulton figure "The Coachman" HN2282 and another "Grace" HN2318.

156.        A Royal Doulton mid size Character Jug, "John Peel" another "Mr Pickwick" and four other Doulton character jugs.

157.        Four Poole Pottery bird Ornaments.

158.        A set of eight Royal Albert Marlborough pattern Coffee Cups and Saucers and a cheese dish and cover.

159.        A Studio Pottery figure Group of two children, the base signed" J C C, York 1/25 1981".  7" (17cms) high.

160.        A Burgess Brothers Carlisle ware Tea pot and stand, plated tea pot and various others.

161.        A Paragon china preserve jar and cover in a plated frame, a pair of glass candlesticks and other items.

162.        A Roslyn china Teaset decorated with a border pattern of flowers comprising; twelve cups and saucers, twelve plates,                    milk jug, sugar bowl and two bread and butter plates.

163.        A large quantity of Wood & Son's Yuan pattern Tableware including plates in various sizes, two covered                                         vegetable dishes, open serving dish, tea cups and saucers, graduated oval meat plates, tea pot etc. approximately fifty                   five pieces.

164.        A cut glass Fruit Bowl.  8 1/2" (21cms) diameter, three cake stands and a glass decanter.

165.        Three various glass Decanters, coloured glass lily pattern vase, one other vase and a mantel clock in a glass case.

166.        A Waterford glass Vase.  5 1/2" (14cms) high, pair of blue glass vases and other items.

167.        A 1930's Joplin glass plate and an eight piece dressing table set.

168.        A glass Ships Decanter and a glass cake stand.

169.        A pair of vaseline glass lily pattern Vases and a coloured glass cockerel.

170.        A glass column Table Lamp with glass shade and two other lamps.


Clocks & Barometers


171.        An oak box containing various Carriage Clock Parts etc.

172.        A box of pocket watch parts, a clock makers tool etc.

173.        A box of assorted Pocket Watch Parts.

174.        Two boxes of Pocket Watch Parts etc.

175.        A box of Pocket Watch Glasses and other watch parts.

176.        A box of assorted Clock and Pocket Watch Parts etc.

177.        A Victorian Mantel Clock with white dial in architectural style black marble case.  11 1/2" (29cms) high and one other.

178.        A large Victorian Mantel Clock with black and gilt dial in architectural style black marble case.  13 1/2" (34cms) high and                two Victorian clock cases.

179.        A Victorian Mantel Clock with engraved brass dial in black marble case.  8" (20cms) high and one other.

180.        Two more Victorian Mantel clocks.

181.        A Dutch Wall Clock and a spelter clock case.

182.        A 19th Century Wheel Barometer in mahogany case. (a/f)

183.        A Viners plated melon shape Teapot matching coffee pot and a pair of plated candlesticks.


Plated and Silverware


184.        A quantity of assorted plated cutlery etc.

185.        A quantity of assorted plated Cutlery.

186.        A quantity of assorted plated Cutlery, serviette rings etc.

187.        A silver six piece double Condiment Set of panel sided design, Chester 1929, cased.

188.        A pair of silver handled and ivory Glove Stretchers, Birmingham 1900, another pair of glove stretchers with silver                           handles, Chester 1906 and three ebonised glove stretchers.

189.        A plated oblong Tea Kettle on a spirit heater stand.

190.        An engraved plated hot Water Jug and seven Mappin & Webb knives with plated handles.

191.        Two silver handled Shoe Horns, a pair of plated grape scissors etc.

192.        A plated oval Teapot, plated milk jug and sugar bowl, a Britannia metal pedestal hot water jug and a plated oval tray. 

193.        A plated oval Entree Dish and cover, plated sugar bowl, milk jug and other items.

194.        A number of silver and plated souvenir Spoons and various tea and coffee spoons.

195.        A glass globe Scent Flask with silver cover, Birmingham 1912, three silver mounted dressing table jars and a silver                        backed hairbrush.

196.        A set of six silver seal top Tea Spoons.

197.        A silver three piece circular Condiment Set, Chester 1921.

198.        A pair of silver Serviette Rings, silver circular salt with blue glass liner, pepperette and a pair of pewter circular salts.

199.        A silver Cigarette Case inscribed "Bombay 1921" and another with inscription "To Staff Sergeant Peacock,                                    Satara 1921".  5.3ozs.

200.        A square silver Inkwell with hinged cover.

201.        A set of six plated Fish Knives and Forks with bone handles and the servers in an oak case.




202.        An 18ct. white gold heart shape Pendant set with small diamonds.

203.        A 9ct gold link Bracelet (6gms).

204.        A 9ct. gold fine link Neckchain. (6.2gms)

205.        A silver "Truth" bangle set with various charms and silver pendant and neck chain.

206.        A George V gold Sovereign, 1912, mounted in a 9ct. gold ring.  (total weight 14.8gms)

207.        A silver gilt Dress Ring set with seven opals.

208.        A pair of silver gilt pendant Earrings of leaf design and set with opals.

209.        A silver gilt navette shape Ring set with opals and amethysts.

210.        A silver gilt Pendant of Edwardian design set with a single opal.

211.        A pair of silver gilt stud Earrings set with cz's.

212.        Six various silver stone set Dress Rings.

213.        A silver Dress Ring of Art Deco design.

214.        A silver Pendant set with an opal and cz's.

215.        A silver Ring set with Masonic emblems and one other.

216.        A pair of silver oblong stud Earrings set with opals and cz's.

217.        A silver Dress Ring set an opal and cz's.

218.        A pair of silver pendant Earrings set with cz's.

219.        A 9ct. gold flat link Necklace (7.2gms).

220.        A 9ct. gold three strand link Neckchain. (25.2gms)

221.        A Gentlemans Hunter Pocket watch with white dial, subsidiary seconds dial in gold plated case and with gilt metal watch                chain.

222.        A Gentlemans Longines Wristwatch with black dial and gilt baton numerals in a stainless steel case and a Mimo                               wristwatch.

223.        A Gentlemans Rotary Wristwatch in stainless steel case, two Tissot ladies wristwatches and two others.

224.        A pair of 9ct gold oval cufflinks and three gold dress studs (4.1gms) together with a gilt metal neck chain etc.

225.        A 22ct. gold Wedding band (4.3gms).

226.        A 9ct. engraved gold Wedding Band and a 9ct. gold spray brooch. (7.6gms)

227.        A silver Serviette Ring, Yorkshire Regiment badge, quantity of costume jewellery etc.

228.        A 15ct. gold bar Brooch with pierced design set with three sapphires.

229.        An oval Cameo Brooch in gilt metal frame, engraved gilt bangle and other items.

230.        A silver and marcasite Ring, oval pendant and other items of costume jewellery.


Books & Pictures


231.        Brown's self interpreting Family Bible," The History of Haddlesey" by the Reverend J N Worsfold published 1894 and four                 other books.

232.        A box of Theological Lecture Pamphlets.

233.        Two boxes of Religious Books.

234.        A box of mostly French Books.

235.        A box of miscellaneous Books.

236.        A box of Books on Religious Thought.

237.        BANKS; watercolour of a dog "The Boy", signed and dated 1924.  9" (23cms) x 11" (28cms)

238.        An unsigned Victorian oil painting of a river landscape.  10" (26cms) x 21 1/2" (55cms), a black and white print of the                    porch of St. Margaret's Church Walmgate York and one other.

239.        F W HUME; watercolour of a figure on a woodland path, signed and dated 1869.  24" (61cms) x 18"(46cms). 

240.        RACHEL REYNOLDS; a series of three watercolours of birds and other pictures.

241.        A PEARS Print of an interior scene, a print of poultry and a gilt framed mirror.

242.        An overpainted Print of an early 19th Century hunting scene.

243.        A coloured Lithograph of Buckingham palace from St. James Park.

244.        A Cecil Aldin coloured coaching Print "The Angel Inn Woolhampton", a coloured print after Bennett "the Last Wood" and                  other pictures.

245.        JOHN PEATY; two boats on the Ure, Oil on Board, signed.   15" (38cms) x 23 1/2" (60cms).

246.        WILLIAM MONK (1863-1937); "Among the Caves, Horn Hill, Co. Donegal", watercolour, signed.  18 1/2"(47cms) x 13"                  (33cms).

247.        BECKER; a large Oil Painting of a river landscape.  17" (43cms) x 57" (145cms). 

248.        An advertising Poster Print for Kit Kat.

249.        A coloured Print after Heaton Cooper, four coloured Prints after David Andrews and one other.

250.        After POLLARD; a coloured fox hunting print, a number of other prints and a volume of British Sporting Prints published                  by Ariel Press in slip case.

251.        After S DADD; a Victorian black and white print and a painted mirror.




252.        A 1930s Atsonia folding triple division Dressing Table Mirror with scrolling Lucite decoration and with original  label.

253.        A mahogany three tier folding Cake Stand.

254.        An early 19th Century mahogany Cottage Dining Table with oblong drop leaves on square supports.  5' 1" (155cms) x 3'                6" (107cms).

255.        A mahogany fluted column Standard Lamp.

256.        An early 19th Century mahogany Cottage Dining Table with oblong drop leaves on square supports.  5' 1" (155cms) x 3'                6" (107cms).

257.        An Edwardian walnut Wardrobe enclosed by a single mirror panelled door with drawer under, on a plinth base, 4' 8"                      (142cms) wide.

258.        An Edwardian satin walnut Chest of three long and two short drawers, on short turned supports, 4' (122cms) wide.

259.        An Edwardian walnut Bedroom Pair comprising wardrobe enclosed by a pair of bevelled mirror panelled doors with                         carved  decoration and single drawer under, 4' 1" (125cms) wide and dressing chest with oblong bevelled mirror, two                     trinket drawers and two long and two short drawers under.

260.        A set of four Edwardian walnut Dining Chairs with pierced splat backs, upholstered seats and turned supports.

261.        An antique design wedge shape Corner Wall Cupboard enclosed by a panelled door, 2' 3" (69cms) wide.

262.        An oak Bureau Bookcase, the upper section enclosed by a pair of glazed tracery doors, hinged fall and drawers under.                    2'   8" (82cms) wide.

263.        An industrial design metal Trunk with hinged lid 3' 4" (102cms) wide.

264.        A metal frame Cot with pierced scrolled sides, 4' 11" (150cms) wide.

265.        A set of four early 20th century Dining Chairs with leather panelled seats and backs, on turned supports, bearing the                     trade label of James Shoolbred, London.

266.        An oak gate leg Dining Table with D shape drop flaps on spiral turned supports.  3' (92cms) wide.

267.        A set of six oak frame Dining Chairs with rail backs, drop in seats, spiral turned supports (two carvers).

268.        A mahogany Bookcase fitted with adjustable shelves and enclosed by a pair of  clear glass doors on turned supports.  3'                8" (112cms) wide.

269.        A swivel Chair with plywood seat by The Chair Company.

270.        Three Edwardian mahogany frame Salon Chairs with carved and inlaid decoration, upholstered seats on fluted turned                     supports.

271.        A Rackstraw reproduction mahogany twin pillared Dining Table with centre leaf on splay supports, 3'(92cms) wide x 7'                   9"  (236cms) extended length.

272.        An oak gate leg Dining Table with D shape drop leaves on spiral turned supports.

273.        A mahogany Cupboard enclosed by single panel door on splay supports.

274.        A pair of small pine open Bookcases on bracket feet. Each 17" (43cms) wide.

275.        A 19th Century Burmese carved circular Occasional Table with pierced border and heavily carved stem with triple splay                  supports.  23" (58cms) diameter.

276.        A Georgian design gilt wood Pediment.  6' 5" (195cms) long.

277.        ***NO LOT***

278.        A set of six Victorian mahogany frame Dining Chairs with upholstered seats and backs and turned supports.

279.        An early 20th century oak Dining Table with cut-off corners, on fluted turned supports, 3' 11" (120cms) x 5' 9"                              (176cms).

280.        An oak Monks Bench with folding table top and box seat.

281.        A 19th Century circular Occasional Table on a baluster turned column and triple splay supports.

282.        A set of six  Edwardian oak Dining Chairs with upholstered seat and backs and turned supports.

283.        A 19th Century oak Corner Wall Cupboard with dentil cornice enclosed by single panel door.