01904 489731

01904 489731

Malton Antique Sale

Wednesday 6th December



1.     A pair of Dresden panel sided baluster Vases decorated with panels of figures and flowers, 9½" (25cms) high (one chipped).   £40-60 


2.     A Royal Copenhagen Figure of a puppy, No. 096.  2¼" (5 ½cms) high.    £25-30


3.     A Royal Copenhagen Figure of an otter with a fish, No.2333, 2¼" (5 ½cms) high and another of a squirrel No.982.    £30-40


4.     A Royal Copenhagen circular Vase decorated with flowers.  3½" (8.5cms) high, another decorated with swallows and an oval shallow dish decorated with snowdrops.    £30-40


5.     A Linthorpe Pottery Mustard Pot with plated cover inscribed "Hurst Sculls 1891" and a Royal Worcester two handled Bowl with cover and stand with the retailers mark of George Shreve & Co., San Francisco.    £40-50


6.     A Royal Copenhagen Bowl moulded with a lobster, No.3498, 7" (17cms) diameter; a small Royal Copenhagen Pin Tray (chipped) and a Bing & Grondahl Olympic Games Plate 1976.    £40-50


7.     A brown salt glazed stoneware Bellarmine with bearded mask and loop handle.  16" (41cms) high.    £70-100


8.     A late 19th Century treacle glazed snuff taking Toby Jug.  9½" (24cms) high.    £20-30


9.     A Beswick Model of a Jersey Bull, no. 1422; a Jersey Calf, Beswick matt black Foal, and one other foal.   £40-60


10.   A Lladro Figure of a girl holding a lamb, a Nao Figure of a girl and a German pottery Stein.   £20-40


11.   A Beswick fireside Model of a Dalmatian, No. 2271.    £40-50


12.   A Beswick Model of a Dalmatian No. 961 and a Royal Dux figure of a whale.    £20-40


13.   A Russian Model of a Saluki dog and two others.     £20-30


14.   A Moorcroft Windrush (Yellow) Iris pattern baluster Vase by Debbie Hancock.  11" (28cms) high.    £120-150


15.   A Whitby Harbour Side Pottery Jug, decorated with fish, 8½" (22cms) high a similar oval serving dish and cover and a large serving bowl, the cover with fish lift.    £40-60


16.   A collection of Amberley Studio Pottery, comprising six plates with various designs and a small bowl.    £30-50



17.   A Studio Pottery Bowl by Andrea King and John Bradley, 7" (17cms) diameter, a smaller similar bowl and five other pieces of Studio Pottery.    £30-40


18.   A Studio Pottery Plate by Mick Arnup, 9½" (24cms) diameter, another Studio Pottery plate decorated with a cat and three other pieces.    £30-40


19.   A Studio Pottery Bowl, the cover with an owl lift, a similar bowl and three Studio Pottery plates.    £30-40


20.   A collection of Studio Pottery including bowls, plates covered vase, etc.    £30-40


21.   A Studio Pottery Jug decorated with cattle signed “M A” (Mary Attrill?), 6" (15cms) high, a Studio Pottery platter painted with fish and three other items.    £30-50


22.   A Bernard Leach Studio Pottery Bowl with painted decoration, 4½" (12cms) diameter, and a Jeremy Leach mug.    £40-60  


23.   A Studio Pottery Tile decorated with a hare by Amanda Brier, another tile by Mary Attrill, and various others. (9)   £30-50


24.   A Muchelney Pottery Mug commemorating the Millennium, a Studio Pottery plate decorated with hares another with fish and various other pieces.    £50-80


25.   A collection of Amberley Studio Pottery including plates painted with poultry, another with an elephant and three others.    £50-80


26.   A small Royal Copenhagen Figure of a mouse on a block of cheese, No.062.  1½" (4cms) high, another small Copenhagen figure of a frog on a rock, No.190, a Copenhagen cylindrical small vase with crackle glaze decoration (chipped) and two other items.    £30-40


27.   An 18th Century English porcelain Plate decorated with sprays of flowers within a raised border and with brown anchor mark.  6½" (16cms) diameter.    £30-40


28.   A Copeland & Garrett Felspar Plate painted with a view of Rotterdam, a Bloor Derby two handled Sucrier, Victorian Mug painted with flowers, and various other items (all damaged).    £30-40


29.   A 19th Century Minton Parian ware Figure of a kneeling child holding The Holy Bible, 9" (23cms) high (foot chipped), and another 19th Century Parian ware figure of a boy holding a book, 11" (28cms) high (book damaged, base cracked, etc.)   £50-70


30.   A large Victorian Meat Dish by Copeland with border pattern, dated 1861, 21" (53cms) wide.   £30-40


31.   A quantity of Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" pattern Tableware comprising six cups and saucers, six plates, six dinner plates, coffee pot, two teapots, sauceboat and stand, and other items, 36 pieces.   £70-100


32.   Two early 19th century Mason's Ironstone Ewers decorated with Japanese flowers, etc, 11" (28cms) high.   £80-100


33.   A pair of large early 20th century Satsuma two handled baluster Vases, decorated with bamboo, 24" (61cms) high and with old labels.   £250-300


34.   A Royal Crown Derby Limited Edition Bald Eagle paperweight, commissioned by Harrods, No.141/300 with gold stopper and certificate.    £80-120


35.   A Royal Crown Derby Red Kite Paperweight with gold stopper, boxed.    £80-120


36.   A Royal Crown Derby Labrador Paperweight with gold stopper, boxed.    £40-60


37.   A Royal Crown Derby "The Cat" Paperweight, with ceramic stopper, and another of a sleeping kitten with gold stopper.    £40-50


38.   An Oriental baluster Vase decorated with panels and birds and flowers in blue and white.  19" (48cms) high.    £40-60


39.   A Bisque standing Figure of a fisherman on a circular base and a companion figure.  10" (25cms) high.    £40-50


40.   A Royal Dux standing Figure of a female water carrier.  10" (26cms) high.    £30-40


41.   A 19th Century Prattware Pot Lid, printed in colours with a Continental landscape and one other pot lid and base.     £20-30


42.   A pair of Masons Ironstone "Black Chinese" pattern Chamber Pots and a matching soap dish and drainer. (a/f).    £30-40


43.   A Fishley Holland Studio Pottery Jug with incised and painted decoration of fish.  8" (20cms) high and five other Fishley Holland items.    £20-30


44.   A pair of pottery baluster Vases of Linthorpe design with mottled green decoration and crimped rims, Numbered 197.    6" (15cms) high.    £30-40


45.   A Royal Doulton Figure "Paisley Shawl" HN1988, another "Babie" HN1679, and another "Marie" HN1370.   £30-50


46.   A Royal Doulton Figure "Katrina" HN2327 and another of a wood nymph HN2192.    £30-50


47.   A Royal Doulton Figure group "Afternoon Tea", HN1747 and another "The Bridesmaid" HN2196.    £30-50


48.   A Clarice Cliff cylindrical Vase of ribbed design decorated with moulded flower heads and branches, 6" (15cms) high; a black glazed pottery standing Model of a Cat, and an opaque porcelain Teapot Stand decorated with classical figures.   £30-40


49.   An extensive late Victorian/Edwardian Dinner Service by Booths of Staffordshire with Royal semi-porcelain body, decorated with sprays of flowers, comprising 42 dinner plates, 69 dessert plates, 12 soup plates, 49 side plates, 3 covered vegetable dishes, soup tureen with cover and ladle, open vegetable dish, sauce tureen and stand, turkey plate, and 8 various graduated meat and serving platters.   £200-400


50.   A Continental standing Figure of a girl holding a mask wearing a floral dress on a naturalistic base.  12" (31cms) high.    £40-60


51.   A Meissen small oval shallow Dish and similar Jug (marks scratched through), a miniature continental Cabinet Cup and Saucer, small continental oval Dish and three other items.   £50-80


52.   A pair of Naples blanc de chine Standing Figures, 4½" (11cms) high; a pair of miniature continental florally decorated Vases, 3" (7.5cms) high; two Worcester miniature Bowls, and other small items.   £70-100


53.   A Berlin porcelain Parfumier, the upper section with a pierced cover and two handles, decorated with panels of cherubs with gilded scrolling supports, 7" (18cms) high.   £70-100


54.   A small continental Teapot decorated with panels of figures and gilt, and with angular handle; a French cylindrical basketwork container, the cover with a bird lift and decorated with flowers, and a Dresden baluster Vase, 5" (12.5cms) high.   £50-70


55.   A quantity of Foley china Teaware commemorating Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee, including cups and saucers in various sizes, tea plates, bread and butter plates, milk jugs, moustache cup, etc., 55 pieces.   £50-80


56.   A Lladro Figure of a boy with a puppy in a kennel, 8" (20cms) high.   £30-40


57.   A Lladro Group of a child holding a group of puppies.   £30-40


58.   Another Lladro Figure of a boy reading a book and playing with a puppy.   £30-40


59.   A Royal Doulton Puppy eating from a plate and another playing with a ball.   £20-30


60.   A 15th Century Vietnamese Bowl from the Hoi An Hoard with Butterfield's Auction House labels. 5" (13cms) diameter, a Nankin blue and white tea caddy, a Cantonese plate and a pottery vase.      £40-60


61.   A Doulton Lambeth slip cast Bowl by Lily Partington decorated with incised leaves on a blue ground.  10" (26cms) diameter.     £40-60


62.   A pair of Royal Doulton Plates decorated with birds and stylised flowers, pattern No. D4602.  10" (26cms) diameter and a Royal Doulton oblong shallow dish decorated with Clematis.    £30-40


63.   A Newport Pottery Clarice Cliff "Crocus" pattern Honey Pot and cover with bee lift and of ribbed design.  4" (10cms) high.    £60-80


64.   Another Clarice Cliff Honey Pot in the "Delecia" pattern with bee lift.  4" (10cms) high (cracked).    £20-30


65.   A Clarice Cliff "Bizarre Crocus" pattern Cup and Saucer. 


66.   A Clarice Cliff "Rodanthe" pattern Plate of ribbed design.  10" (26cms) diameter.    £60-80


67.   A Clarice Cliff "Bizzare Swirls" pattern octagonal Plate, decorated in orange, yellow, blue, black etc.  9½" (24cms) diameter.    £80-100


68.   A Clarice Cliff "Bizzare Delecia" pattern Preserve Jar and Cover, decorated in shades of green.    £50-70


69.   A Clarice Cliff " Fantasque Melons" pattern Plate decorated in yellow, blue, green etc., 7" (17cms) diameter and a Clarice Cliff "Bizzare" bowl.    £30-40


70.   A Beswick model of Black Beauty and foal on a wooden base from "The Connoisseur Series". No. A2466.    £30-40




71.   A pair of glass Sherry Decanters and stoppers and three spirit decanters.    £30-40


72.   A glass Rummer engraved with hares, signed D Smylie 1981, two other smaller glasses by the same artist 1982 and a small coloured leaded and painted hanging decorated with scenes from Winnie the Pooh.    £20-40


73.   A set of six Royal Doulton Wine Glasses, boxed; a pair of Thomas Webb 'Cries of London' glass Vases, boxed, and an Edinburgh Crystal Fruit Bowl, 8" (20cms) diameter.   £30-40


74.   A set of six Edinburgh Crystal highland pattern Sherry Glasses, Edinburgh Crystal circular shallow Dish, Edinburgh Glass Preserve Jar and one other item.   £20-30


75.   A Stuart Crystal cut glass Vase on a pedestal foot, 9" (23cms) high; a Royal Doulton cut glass Vase and Waterford Tumbler, all boxed.   £20-30


76.   A pair of Regency glass oval Spirit Decanters with star etched decoration and facet cut stoppers.  9½" (24cms) high.    £30-50


77.   A late 19th Century glass comport with etched leaf decoration on a pedestal foot. 8" (20cms) diameter.    £20-30


78.   Five Penny Lick Ice Cream Glasses, two glass Salts and three Jelly Glasses.    £30-40


79.   A cut glass mallet shape Decanter with silver collar, Birmingham 1971.    £50-70


80.   A 19th Century triple ring neck glass Decanter, an etched glass sherry decanter and one other.    £30-40


81.   A brown glass Wine Bottle, the plated collar and cover chased with fruiting vines.  14" (36cms) high.    £30-40


82.   A Waterford Crystal "King of Leinster" pattern Vase, 10" (26cms) high, in original box.    £100-120


83.   A quartz Mantle Clock in Waterford Glass case and fitted box.   £60-80


84.   A Lalique Jamaica pattern glass Ashtray with a relief moulded border.  5½" (14cms) diameter with signature mark to base (small chips) and a Georgian design cut glass jar and cover on a stepped square base.  12" (31cms) high.     £40-60


85.   A part set of Stuart Crystal Richelieu pattern Table Glass comprising five wine glasses, six sherry glasses and five liqueur glasses.    £30-50


86.   A pair of blue glass Vases with enamelled floral decoration.  9" (23cms) high and one other pair.    £30-40





87.   An early 19th Century brass and mesh Fire Curb on stepped feet.  4' 4½" (134cms) wide.    £40-60


88.   A pierced brass oblong Trivet, chestnut roaster, skimmer and other items of metal ware.    £20-40


89.   A pewter Hot Water Jug to a design by Archibald Knox with a raised sinuous design and a wicker wound handle, not marked for Tudric but inscribed "English Pewter 0231", 8" (20cms) high.   £50-80

90.   A pair of Japanese bronze two handled Vases with a raised pattern of birds, etc., 15" (38cms) high.   £70-100


91.   A Japanese brass Model of a crayfish, 19" (48cms) long.   £40-50


92.   A Victorian pierced brass Trivet and a heavy pierced brass kettle stand.    £40-50


93.   A set of five graduated copper Saucepans and lids, largest 8" (20cms) diameter.    £50-80


94.   A pair of late 18th Century pewter Plates by Pitt & Dadley, 10" (26cms) diameter; three other pewter plates and two tankards.    £30-40


95.   A Tudric pewter two handled circular shallow Dish with pierced shamrock pattern borders No.0287.  11" (28cms) diameter.    £30-40


96.   A Tudric hammered pewter circular Bowl on a pedestal foot, No.0831.  7" (18cms) diameter.    £30-40


97.   An early 19th Century Dutch pattern brass oval Jardinière with lion mask handles raised decoration on paw feet. 10" (26cms) wide.    £50-70


98.   A set of four graduated copper Measures, half gill to quart.   £30-40


99.   A cylindrical copper Log Bin.  14" (36cms) diameter.    £80-100


100. A number of Horse Harness Mounts including brass triple bell swingers, pair of Edward VII coronation swingers, swingers with coloured horse hair plumes, etc.   £50-80


101. A box of loose Horse Brasses of various designs including bull's eye, crescent, etc.   £50-80


102. A number of leather Horse Harnesses hung with various brasses.   £70-100


103. A number of small pieces of leather Harness hung with various brasses.   £70-100



104. A small brass Preserve Pan with loop handle.  8½" (22cms) diameter another brass saucepan and a pair of heavy brass candlesticks.    £30-40


105. Three sets of old Kitchen Scales together with various weights and a brass Shell Case.   £30-40


106. A hammered pewter four piece tea set of circular design together with a matching two handled oval tray.    £40-50




107. Morris, Joseph; "The West Riding of Yorkshire" with illustrations and maps, a number of 19th Century essays and poetical works, Ruskin pamphlets etc.    £30-40


108. Gazetteer and Directory of the County of Derby, published 1857; Young, Francis Brett "Portrait of a Village" published 1937 illustrated with wood cuts and various other books. Sold with all faults and not liable for return.    £30-40


109. Fuller, Thomas "The Family Dispensatory" published 1739, Salmon, William "A Compleat System Physick" published 1686 and other leather bound books etc. Sold with all faults and not liable for return.    £40-60


110. "The Book of Common Prayer", printed by Thomas and John Buck, published Cambridge 1630, bound with "The New Testament", published by Robert Barker 1607 (pages torn stained etc). Sold with all faults and not liable for return.    £100-150


111. Roscoe, Thomas "The Italian Novelists", two volumes only, published 1825, Bailer N "English and Latin Exercises for Schoolboys" published 1706 and other assorted books.     £40-60


112. A number of Tracts and Pamphlets, including "A Dialogue Between Farmer Trueman and His Son George About The Cannibals in India", pamphlet for "The Beaux Stratagem, a Comedy at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane" 1755; "Theodosius or the Force of Love" at The Dukes Theatre 1756 and various others.    £50-80


113. Peter Rabbit's Bookshelf containing a collection of Children's Book including Magic Flowers illustrated by Margaret Tarrant and published by the Medici Society, the Insect Fairies by Margaret Tarrant and published by the Modern Art Society, and other illustrated Books by Cicely Mary Barker, etc.   £50-80


114. A number of children's Books including "The Baby's Bouquet" and "The Baby's Opera" both illustrated by Walter Crane, R Caldecott's "Picture Book Number Two, "The Book of Nonsense" by Edward Lear and "The Jumblies" by Edward Lear.    £40-60


115. James Cook "A Voyage Towards The South Pole and Round The World, performed in His Majesty's Ships The Resolution & Adventure in The Years 1772, 1773, 1774 & 1775" volume two only of the fourth edition, published 1784, with illustrations (front cover missing). Sold with all faults and not liable for return.    £300-500


 116. White, Reverend Gilbert, "The Natural History of Selborne, New Edition" in two volumes, published 1813 with a hand coloured plate of a hybrid bird and other illustrations in full calf, the spine with gilt and black detail.    £50-80


117. Cobbett, James Paul; "A Ride of Eight Hundred Miles in France", published 1824, Smith's "Wealth of Nations" in three volumes, published 1799, "Rameses" three volumes published 1824, "The Arabian Nights Entertainments" translated by G S Beaumont, four volumes in one third edition published 1813 in full calf and John Keats Poetical Works, published 1859.     £50-70


118. The Bible published by John Day, circa 1553, with bindings but in distressed condition. Sold with all faults and not liable for return.    £50-80


119. "The Works of William Hogarth", containing one hundred and fifty nine engravings with a comment by the Reverend John Trusler, a new edition, revised and corrected, published in two volumes London 1821, folio with gilt tooled full Morocco.     £100-150




120. Lenygon, Francis "Decoration in England from 1640-1760", second edition, revised, published B T Batsford; Thoresby, Ralph "Diary" published in two volumes 1830, marbled boards and carved spine, Thoresby's correspondence two volumes published 1832 in matching boards and Livius, Titus The History of Rome" third edition in six volumes, published 1822, full calf.    £100-150


121. Siltzer "The Story of British Sporting Prints", Nash "The Age of Rembrandt & Vermeer" and various other art reference works.    £20-30


122. "Little Journeys To The Homes of English Authors" "Alfred Tennyson" by Elbert Hubbard, signed, Limited Edition, No.640/940, signed by the author, published 1901.    £40-60





123. A plated Bacon Dish with revolving cover, hammered plated three handled Vase, and other items.   £30-40


124. A pair of plated Vases with pierced rims and a three piece plated Teaset.   £20-30


125. A heavy plated circular Salver with engraved decoration and scroll moulded border on shaped supports, makers mark MB.  15" (38cms) diameter.    £140-160


126. An Art Nouveau design plated three piece Tea Set with a raised pattern of stylised flowers and with angular handles.    £180-200


127. A small plated three piece Teaset with heavily engraved decoration and vacant shield-shaped cartouche.   £30-40


128. A set of six Dessert Knives and Forks with engraved plated blades and ivory handles and a suite of rat tail plated cutlery for six covers, forty two pieces.    £50-80


129. A pair of plated Fish Servers with engraved blades and ivory handles, cased.    £25-30


130. A 1920's oak floor standing Cutlery Cabinet containing a suite of Old English pattern plated cutlery for twelve covers, the knives with composition handles and with a presentation plaque, with a few losses.    £200-300


131. An engraved plated oval two handled Tray, a pair of plated Vases, Candlesticks, etc.   £30-50


132. An engraved plated Vesta Case, large table Vesta Case and two Lighters.   £20-30


133. A plated Rose Bowl on a pedestal foot, 8" (20cms) diameter, plated small Salver, Comport and other items.   £30-40


134. A plated two handled Champagne Bucket inscribed "Louis Roederer".  7½" (19cms) high.    £30-40


135. A modern silver circular Coaster with wooden base and a Dalvey plated Hip Flask.   £40-60


136. A pair of George VI silver Old English pattern Basting Spoons engraved with initials, London 1824, maker: William Seaman, 5.1 oz.   £70-100


137. A George VI silver fiddle pattern Basting Spoon, London 1825; a George III silver fiddle pattern Basting Spoon, London 1807, and an Old English pattern Basting Spoon, London 1810, 10.5 oz.   £100-150


138. A set of four George III silver Old English pattern Tablespoons engraved with a crest, London 1809, maker: Richard Crossley, and one other George III Tablespoon, 11.4 oz.   £100-150


139. An embossed silver backed Hand Mirror and matching hairbrush.    £20-30


140. A set of six bead knop Coffee Spoons, cased; a set of six plated Teaspoons and Preserve Spoon, and a Britannia metal Teapot.   £20-30


141. A George III small silver Sauceboat with crimped rim and sea scroll handle, London 1786, maker: William Skeen, and a small silver Sweetmeat Dish.   £50-80


142. A pair of silver circular Pedestal Salts, Birmingham 1919; a silver oval Mustard Pot with blue glass liner; a silver Pepperette and pair of silver Candlestick Sconces.   £40-60


143. A silver backed three piece Dressing Table Set with embossed decoration, Birmingham 1971, and a similar Comb.   £30-50


144. A cut glass silver Salt with silver rim, Birmingham 1899, and a pair of square glass Dressing Table Boxes with silver covers.   £40-50


145. A silver Presentation Key with pierced decoration and engraved with initials, Birmingham 1923, and in original fitted case.   £70-100


146. A Russian silver Cigarette Case, the cover decorated with the outline of a male face and inset with nine diamonds, with a gilded interior.   £500-600


147. An early 20th century Russian silver Cigarette Case with gilded interior, the hinged cover with cabochon clasp and decorated with the scene of a troika, makers mark possibly Matrena Andreyeva.   £300-400


148. A collection of eleven silver handled Button Hooks, various sizes.    £50-80


149. A 1920's ebony and silver mounted Dressing Table Set comprising tray, candlesticks, brushes, mirror etc. ten pieces in all mostly by H.F Daltrey.    £80-100


150. A silver four piece Teaset of circular form comprising teapot with blackwood handle and lift, milk jug, sugar bowl and a tea kettle on a spirit heater stand, Birmingham 1908, maker: J Sherwood & Sons, 49.4 oz.   £500-600


151. A silver backed six piece Dressing Table Set engraved with garlands and the initial 'M', in fitted case, Birmingham 1925.   £50-80


152. A small cut glass globe Scent Flask with silver cover, three glass Toilet Bottles with silver collars, and a pair of 19th century silver Sugar Tongs.   £30-50


153. A pair of Worcester Coffee Cans with gilt decoration in pierced silver holders, Sheffield 1906 by Mappin & Webb.    £30-40


154. A cranberry tinted glass Scent Bottle with embossed white metal cover (unmarked).   £50-70


155. Another cranberry glass tinted Scent Bottle with plain silver cover engraved with a laurel wreath and initial, Birmingham 1894.    £50-70


156. Three silver Serviette Rings, Doulton Salt with silver collar, various silver Teaspoons, etc.   £50-80


157. A Book of Common Prayer and Hymns Ancient and Modern in silver mounted slip case, a gilt mesh Evening Purse, and a small Portrait Photograph.   £30-40


158. A glass globe Scent Flask with silver cover, glass Dressing Table Box with silver cover, and other dressing table items.   £50-80


159. Five silver Teaspoons, a silver circular Cruet Frame, a pair of miniature Dressing Table Candlesticks, and a silver and enamel Ring Box (a/f) and a pair of silver Serviette Rings.   £50-80


160. A George III silver mounted Coconut Shell Jug heavily carved with flowers, birds, a basket of fruit etc. with a reeded loop handle on a square pedestal foot, inset below with a mahogany panel, date letter rubbed but Sheffield circa 1774, makers Henry Tudor & Thomas Leader.  6" (15cms) high.     £150-200


161. A quantity of Birks Canadian sterling silver Cutlery with shell and scroll decoration, comprising three table spoons, three table forks, three desert forks and three dessert spoons, engraved with a crest and marked 1899 patent. (25ozs)   £200-300


162. The silver Bowl of a 19th century Goblet with embossed decoration, a silver Jar Cover, a pair of plated Chamber Candlesticks and other items.   £30-40


163. Part of a 19th century four division silver Cruet Frame, a large Victorian cut glass square Scent Bottle with silver cover, and other items.   £70-100


164. A set of twelve silver Coffee Spoons with angular finials, cased, Sheffield 1944, maker: Lawrence Allen, and a set of six silver handled Dessert Knives.   £40-60


165. A Victorian silver fiddle and thread pattern Soup Ladle engraved with a monogram, London 1862, maker: Francis Higgins III, 9.7 oz.   £80-120


166. A pair George III silver fiddle pattern Tablespoons engraved with a monogram, London 1810, maker: William Ellerby, 4.5 oz.   £40-60


167. Four silver handled Table Knives with stainless steel blades, London 1837, and a Scottish silver Table Fork, Edinburgh 1838.   £50-80


168. A Victorian silver four piece Tea and Coffee Set of panel sided design engraved with scrolls shells etc, the tea pot and coffee pot with bud lifts, London 1849, maker William Ker Reid, (58.4ozs).    £500-800




169. A 9ct three colour gold Necklace and a white gold Necklace, 15.9g.   £120-150


170. A 9ct gold Stick Pin, the top formed as a running fox.   £40-50


171. A silver gilt Dress Ring set with a single opal and two other Rings.   £30-40


172. A pair of 9ct. gold pendant Earrings each set with a single opal.    £50-70


173. A 9ct. gold dress ring set with simulated diamonds.    £60-70


174. A silver and mother of pearl enamelled oval Pendant.    £20-30


175. A silver gilt stone set dress ring of Art Deco design.    £50-60


176. A pair of silver gilt tied bow design Earrings set with a single opal.    £35-40


177. A silver gilt dress Ring set with a cluster of opals.    £35-40


178. A silver oval Pendant set with a cornelian and marcasite.    £25-30


179. A silver dress Ring of stepped oblong design set with an opal and cubic zirconias.    £30-40


180. A silver Bracelet set with opals and cubic zirconias.  £70-90


181. A silver gilt Pendant of scroll design set with an opal.    £40-50


182. A pair of Art Deco design silver pendant Earrings set with marcasite.    £30-40


183. A pair of silver gilt Ear Studs set with opals and cubic zirconias.    £30-40


184. A 9ct gold flat link Neck Chain, 23" (58cms) long, 6.4g.   £50-80


185. A 9ct gold Rope Twist Neck Chain, 18" (46cms) long, 3.3g.   £30-40


186. A Victorian gold Sovereign 1884 in a 9ct. gold pendant fitting.    £180-220


187. A 9ct. gold open link Neck or Watch Chain 17" (43cms) long, 25.2g.   £220-250


188. A 9ct. gold oval link Bracelet hung with various zodiac pendants depicting Libra, 9.5gms   £80-120


189. A 9ct. gold Necklace composed of tapering links, 16" (41cms) long, 11.8g   £100-120


190. An 18ct. gold Engagement Ring pavé set with a centre sapphire and small diamonds.    £70-100


191. A 9ct. gold Dress Ring set with an oval cabochon opal and another 9ct. gold ring with a cabochon moonstone.    £50-80


192. A 9ct. gold Signet Ring engraved with a monogram, 3.7g.    £30-40


193. A quantity of assorted Costume Jewellery including silver pendant, earrings, oval cameo brooch, silver bangle, etc.  £40-60


194. A Jewellery Box and Contents including a 9ct. gold cross pendant, marcasite brooch and earrings, turquoise studded locket, etc.    £30-50


195. A Continental open face Chronograph in engine turned silver case and a Victorian half hunter fob watch in engraved silver case.    £50-80


196. A string of Amber Beads of differing colours and with various inclusions, 24" (61cms) long.   £400-500


197. An 18ct white gold Engagement Ring set with twelve diamonds in stepped blocks of four.   £200-300


198. An 18ct gold Engagement Ring set with three pavé set sapphires and two diamonds.   £200-250


199. An 18ct gold Solitaire Diamond Ring with diamond set shoulders.   £120-150


200. A 9ct gold Ring of crossover design set with sapphires and diamonds.   £100-150


201. An 18ct gold Engagement Ring of bifurcated design set with six diamonds.   £170-200


202. An 18ct gold Dress Ring with an oval tanzanite flanked by two diamonds.   £150-200


203. A 9ct gold ruby and diamond Cluster Ring.   £120-150


204. An 18ct gold Dress Ring set with three rubies with diamond spacers.   £200-250


205. A 9ct gold nine stone sapphire and diamond Ring.   £100-120


206. A gold Engagement Ring originally set with four diamonds (one stone missing), unmarked.   £60-80


207. A horseshoe shape Stick Pin set with sapphires and diamonds.   £70-100


208. A multi-strand Garnet Bead Necklace with silvered metal spacers, and one other Necklace.   £70-100


209. A silver and marcasite Bird Brooch.   £30-40


210. A silver, marcasite and red stone Dragonfly Brooch.   £30-40


211. A silver mounted and natural stone Pendant on a fine link neck chain, and figural Brooch.   £30-40


212. A silver and marcasite Brooch in the form of an eagle, and silver fish shaped Brooch.   £30-40


213. A silver and marcasite Brooch in the form of lobster.   £25-30


214. A silver belcher link Neck Chain set with a silver mounted enamel Pendant.   £50-60


215. A heavy silver flat link Neck Chain, 5.1 oz.   £80-100


216. A platinum facet cut Solitaire Diamond Ring approximately 1.4 carats.   £3000-3500


217. A Cantonese carved ivory oval Brooch.    £40-50


218. A gold Dress Ring with a solitaire diamond and leaf pattern shoulders.   £70-100


219. A sterling silver Ring in the form of a large cluster of opals and marcasite, and a child's 18ct gold Solitaire Diamond Ring.   £70-100


220. A gold Dress Ring set with a single pearl.   £30-40


221. An 18ct. gold Ring of crossover design set with three diamonds.    £60-80


222. An Ingersoll Mickey Mouse open faced Pocket Watch in plated case.   £50-80


223. A Gentleman's Half Hunter Pocket Watch with white dial in 9ct gold case (hinge broken).   £100-150


224. An Open Face Pocket Watch, the white dial inscribed "Thomas Russell & Son, Liverpool", in gilt metal case and three other Pocket Watches (a/f).   £30-50


225. A Victorian pair cased Pocket Watch, the white dial inscribed "Richardson & Company, Darlington", in silver case, Chester 1897.   £50-70


226. A Victorian Gentleman's Open Face Pocket Watch, the white dial inscribed "Collinson, Butterknowle" in silver case, and three other Pocket Watches.   £40-60


227. A Jewellery Box and Contents including gold and silver mounted pendants, wristwatches, dress rings, etc.   £50-80


228. A gold three stone Dress Ring.   £40-50


229. A ladies Fob Watch, the white dial with gilt decoration in an engraved gold case marked ‘14K’.    £80-120




230. An interesting selection of Commonwealth Stamps including Sudan, Gibraltar, South Africa etc. sets and part sets, mint and used, high face and high cat.    £40-70


231. An interesting selection of mainly German Stamps, sets and part sets, mint and used, high face and high cat.    £60-90



232. An interesting selection of GB Stamps, Victoria - Queen Elizabeth II, sets and part sets, mint and used, high face and high cat.    £65-95



233. An interesting selection of Stamps from The Vatican, Ceylon, Hong Kong etc. sets and part sets, mint and used, high face and high cat.    £80-110


234. An interesting selection of Commonwealth Stamps including Perak, Malta, Singapore, Fiji, etc. sets and part sets, mint and used, high face and high cat.    £50-80


235. An interesting selection of Stamps from Greece circa 1947-1980, sets and part sets, mint and used, high face and high cat.    £85-120


236. An interesting selection of Stamps from Pakistan and India etc. sets and part sets, mint and used, high face and high cat.    £35-65


237. An interesting selection of Commonwealth Stamps including K, U & T, St. Lucia, Seychelles etc. sets and part sets, mint and used, high face and high cat.    £50-80


238. An interesting selection of Stamps from Eire, Jersey , Guernsey etc. sets and part sets, mint and used, high face and high cat.    £35-65


239. An interesting selection of World Stamps including 1929 Egypt, Rajasthan, Brunei, 1897 Nicaragua, Pakistan etc. sets and part sets, mint and used, high face and high cat.     £80-110


240. An interesting selection of mainly Commonwealth Stamps including India, Aden, Jamaica, B.A Eritrea etc. sets and part sets, mint and used, high face and high cat.    £50-80


241. An interesting selection of mainly Hong Kong and Falkland Islands Stamps, sets and part sets, mint and used, high face and high cat.    £50-80


242. Three Stamp Albums and four stock sheets with good mix of world stamps.    £20-40


243. A Victorian Florin 1857, together with a few 50% silver coinage half crown and sixpence, plus a collection of pre-decimal coinage half crown to farthing and a small collection of foreign coinage.    £20-30


244. A French 100 Francs Bank Note 14th March 1940, together with a 5 Francs allied Military currency note 1944, a Netherlands Muntbiljet 1 Gulden State note 1943 and a Turkish bank note 1970, various conditions.    £30-40


245. Four Anne Frank gold Proof Commemorative Medallions, total weight 64 grams.  (4)    £1500-2000


246. A Queen Victoria bronze diamond jubilee commemorative Medallion, cased.   £30-40


247. A Charles I Half Crown 1641-43, fair condition, cleaned.   £40-60


248. An Elizabeth I Hammered Sixpence, fourth issue, intermediate bust, 1570, spink 2562 v.f.   £50-60


249. A George III Farthing, 1799, e.f.   £30-40


250. An Earl Howe Halfpenny Token 1793, e.f., and three Dutch colonial Coins.   £60-80


251. A quantity of assorted Coins including 1970 coin set, etc.   £20-30


252. A selection of early World Stamps on loose sheets.    £50-70


253. A quantity of Stock Sheets with a wide range of Royalty related FDC's.    £30-50


254. A Victoria 1887 Double Florin Arabic 1, plus a 1900 Crown LXIV, three 50% silver Half Crowns and a Sixpence, plus a collection of pre-decimal coinage mainly Crown to Half Crowns, plus two nickel brass £2 commemorative coins, all various conditions.    £50-60




255. A box containing mainly Railway Ephemera.    £30-40


256. An HO Gauge Continental First Class Corridor Coach, a second class coach and six other items of Continental HO gauge rolling stock.    £30-40


257. A late 19th Century Chinese export crimson and gilt lacquer Sewing Box, the interior of the hinged lid painted with an interior scene with silk figures with various covered containers and sewing items including ivory clamp, small carved ivory boxes etc. above a single base drawer.  14½" (37cms) wide.     £300-400


258. A 19th Century Japanese ivory Netsuke finely carved with figures of four musicians and with signature mark to base.    £100-150


259. Another 19th Century Japanese Netsuke carved as a woman cleaning a fish and with signature mark to base.    £100-150


260. A carved ivory Clam Shell with figures and a small carved ivory group of a building, figures, etc.    £50-70


261. A Burmese silvered metal seated Figure, 2¼" (6cms) high and with signature mark to base, and a number of Burmese metal weights.    £40-60


262. A set of Victorian brass Postal Scales and weights all engraved with a pattern of flowers on a mahogany base.    £60-80


263. An Auction Catalogue of brood mares and foals etc. Royal Hotel Stables Ascot, December 13th 1937, various "Dunbrox" 1930's racing handbooks, etc.    £25-30


264. A Postcard Album and contents of approximately one hundred and forty vintage topographical cards.    £40-60


265. An Australian Aboriginal Boomerang with incised linear decoration, 21" (53cms) long, damaged bowl ends.    £70-100


266. A Sawfish Bill, carved tribal stick and other items.    £50-80


267. Jan Jannsson "Comitatus, Nottinghamiensis", a map of the county of Nottinghamshire with decorated armorials, 15" (38cms) x 19" (49cms).    £50-80


268. A 19th Century Map of Lincolnshire published by William Darton.  17" (43cms) x 13" (33cms).    £30-40


269. A New Zealand Railway commemorative Fish Plate by the Barrow Hematite Steel Company, inscribed "56lbs per yard, 1904" in original fitted mahogany case.     £50-80


270. A 19th Century wooden Jigsaw by G Humphreys, 39 Barvier Street, London.  9" (23cms) x 11" (28cms), another wooden jigsaw map of Europe published by George Philip & Son Ltd for the London Geographical Institute, a set of draughts in mahogany box and other Vintage toys and games.    £70-100


271. A number of early 20th Century Auction Sale Posters of property and chattels, mainly for H & L Wood & Co. 1924.    £40-60


272. A Vintage Photograph Album and contents of black and white and coloured views including, Lake District, Isle of White etc. another album of late 19th Century photographs or Wharncliffe Silkstone Colliery and another album "Views of Sefton".    £40-60


273. A Pacific Islands wooden Club with carved decoration.  30" (76cms) long.    £100-150


274. A one string Fiddle with aluminium horn inscribed "Euphonella Viol Popular Model".    £40-60


275. A Simon & Halbig Bisque Head Doll with sleeping eyes, open mouth and jointed limbs dressed in a sailor costume.  20" (51cms) high.    £50-70


276. A carved oak standing Figure of a Gnome by Whittaker of Littlebeck.  22" (56cms) high. (Weathered).    £70-100


277. A collection of mid Victorian Studio Portrait Photographs, some in leather cases.    £100-150


278. An oval miniature head and shoulders watercolour Portrait of a 29th Century lady, a black basalt relief moulded circular plaque decorated with a classical head, small silver circular frame and other items.     £50-70


279. A Victorian style needle point wool wall Hanging with panels of animals and birds, 51" (130cms) x 34" (87cms)    £40-60


280. A Bisque Head Doll with kid body and articulated limbs, 10" (26cms) high, and a cloth covered doll.    £30-40


281. A Porzellanfabrik Mengersgereuth Bisque Head doll with blue glass sleeping eyes, open mouth and composite body and limbs, marked PM 914, 7½" (19cms) tall (hairline crack to back of head).    £40-60


282. An early 19th century Silk Work Panel of a figure laying flowers on Shakespeare's grave in verre eglomise surround, 8" (20cms) x 3½" (14cms), and two smaller Silk Work Panels.   £50-80


283. A small bisque head Doll, 9" (23cms) high, seated in a Victorian design stick back Chair.   £50-70


284. A Mamod Steam Roadster No.SA1, boxed.    £40-60


285. A number of glass Photographic Plates of steel fabrication works.   £30-40


286. An antique Drainage Shovel with elm handle and ash shaft, with old metal repairs, 55" (140cms) long.   £30-40


287. HENRI MOLINS; a patinated bronze group of three flamingos on a brown and beige veined marble base.  16" (41cms) high x 26" (66cms) wide.    £300-400


288. A copy of a Viking iron Axe Head.  6½" (16cms) long.   £20-30


289. A Tiffany Studios bronze Desk Photograph Frame in the pine needle pattern with amber mottled glass panel, No.940.  6" (15cms) x 7¼" (19cms).    £70-100


290. A Victorian figured walnut and parquetry banded Box converted from a writing slope.  12" (31cms) wide.    £30-40


291. A late 19th Century walnut table Writing Box inlaid with boxwood and pewter decoration with fold out writing slope.  14" (36cms) wide.    £50-80


292. L & F MOREAU; Bronze of a Classically draped female figure standing by a pillar on a wooden simulated marble base.  25" (64cms) high (damaged)   £100-150


293. A mahogany oblong galleried Tray with shell inlay and crossbanded border with gilt metal handles.  24" (61cms) wide overall.    £30-40


294. A mahogany two handled Galleried Tray with inlaid decoration, 2' (62cms) long, and another with parquetry decoration.   £30-40


295. A Chinese ceremonial articulated Dragon's Head.   £80-100


296. A quantity of Vintage Portrait Photographs, Stereo Cards, etc.   £30-40


297. A Vintner heavy brass Bar Corkscrew.   £80-100


298. A quantity of Stereo Cards, unframed Portrait Photographs, etc.   £30-40


299. Three boxes of Magic Lantern Slides.   £40-50


300. Two boxes of Magic Lantern Slides.   £40-50


301. A set of 50 Wills Cigarette Cards of European royalty and another.   £30-40


302. A Mammoth Tooth in a large section of jaw, 19" (48cms) long.   £300-400


303. A Hilger & Watts Spectrometer.   £20-40


304. A large African carved wooden Ladle.   £20-30


305. A box of Printed Ephemera including prints, part of an 18th century book, and other items.   £30-40


306. A collection of 70 coloured Prints of Celebrities of the Army (unframed).   £40-50


307. An Indian carved wooden Group of two Temple Dancers, 18" (46cms) high.   £40-50


308. JOHN CARY; a 19th century Map of Bedfordshire, 21" (53cms) x 18" (46cms).   £40-50


309. An Islamic Coffee Pot with engraved decoration and hinged cover, 13" (33cms) high.   £40-50


310. A late 19th century Swiss eight air Musical Box with comb and cylinder movement and lithographed tune sheet, in inlaid rosewood case, 22" (56cms) long.   £400-500


311. An early 19th century Bilston enamel oval Box, the hinged cover inscribed "Love for Love" within a painted surround and interior mirror (cracked).   £80-120


312. A black lace Fan with painted floral decoration and ebonised fingers, in a glazed display case.   £90-120


313. A number of '00' gauge Railway Accessories including level crossings, station building, etc.   £30-40


314. A large oriental carved green hardstone Figure of an Eagle, the base with gilt script, 20" (51cms) wide.   £170-200


315. A carved green hardstone Figure of a seated Cat, 3" (7.5cms) high.   £50-70


316. A carved Labradorite Figure of a Tiger, 8" (20cms) long.   £100-120


317. A carved agate Figure of a Tiger, 7" (17cms) long.   £100-120


318. A rose quartz Figure of a Buddha, 4" (10cms) high.   £40-50


319. An iron pyrites Model of an Elephant, 2½" (6cms) high.   £30-40


320. A carved blue and white stoneware Figure of a Panda, 3" (7cms) high.   £25-30


321. A carved amethyst Model of a Running Horse, 6" (15cms) long.   £80-100


322. A bronze Figure of a seated Dog on a circular marble base, 6" (15cms) high overall.   £70-100


323. An oriental carved green hardstone Figure of an Immortal, 13" (33cms) high.   £170-200


324. A cold painted Group of two Frogs boxing in a ring, 5" (12.5cms) wide, the base marked 'Austria'.   £120-150


325. A carved Rhodochrosite Female Figure, 3" (7.5cms) wide.   £60-80


326. A carved tiger's eye Figure of a Buddha, 7" (18cms) wide.   £120-150


327. Another tiger's eye Figure of a Pig, 5" (12.5cms) wide.   £70-100


328. A carved stone Group of two Turtles.   £50-60


329. A large collection of Military Badges, etc.   £100-120


330. JOHN OGILBY; a coloured Strip Map of the continuation of the road from York to West-Chester, 13" (33cms) x 17" (43cms).   £90-120


331. An oriental Study of Flowers in a circular mount, 9" (23cms) diameter, and one other.   £20-30


332. A group of five modern Walking Sticks.   £30-40


333. Three Shepherd's Sticks with crook handles.   £30-40


334. An old Coaching Whip mounted on a wooden beam.   £70-100


335. A group of four Geodes mounted on metal stands.   £100-150


336. A group of three Geodes on metal stands.   £80-100


337. A box of assorted German Ephemera including photographs, documents, etc.   £30-40


338. A collection of approximately three hundred Cartes de Visite.     £80-120


339. A pair of Cloisonné baluster Vases decorated with flowers on a black ground, 11" (28cms) high, and a pair of Cloisonné bird ornaments.    £30-40


340. A pair of Cloisonné Plates decorated with flying cranes, flowers, etc, on a blue ground, 12" (31cms) diameter and two other Cloisonné plates.    £30-50


341. A French patent bamboo Shooting Stick with folding bamboo seat.    £40-50


342. An oval Silhouette of the head and shoulders of a 19th Century gentleman in ebonised frame.    £20-30


343. An Armand Marseille Bisque head Doll with sleeping eyes and open mouth, 19" (48cms) high in a Victorian design pram.    £100-120


344. A Victorian brass banded table Writing Box with fitted interior.  18" (46cms) wide.    £60-80


345. A 19th Century mahogany Tea Caddy with brass handle and keyplate and bracket feet.  8½" (22cms) wide.    £40-50


346. A Black Forest style carved wooden Figure of a bear.  7" (17cms) high.    £20-30


347. A Victorian overpainted Portrait Photograph of a gentleman seated in a chair, in a decorative gilt frame and in a glazed rosewood outer frame.  15" (38cms) x 13" (33cms) overall.     £70-100


348. A Victorian rosewood Sewing Box with mother of pearl inlay and lift out interior tray.  11" (28cms) wide.    £30-40


349. A Mulberry woven Table Cover with matching cushion and four other woven cushions.    £40-60


350. A coopered Ale Jug with mask spout and plated cover and mounts with presentation inscription "Temple Sowerby Agricultural Society Show 1877".  8" (20cms).    £60-80


351. A Malachite casket shape oblong Dressing Table Box with a gilt metal lizard lift and brass feet.  4" (10cms) wide.    £50-80


352. An Inuit Reindeer Antler Whistle and an antler knife.    £50-70


353. Two boxes of Cohiba Esplendidos Cigars, both boxes sealed.    £300-400


354. Two boxes of Romeo Y Julieta Perfectos Cigars, in sealed box.    £270-300


355. A box of twenty five Jose L. Piedra Conservas Cigars, sealed.    £100-120


356. A group of twenty four loose Havana cigars including J S Murias.    £70-100


357. A Fox Mask on wooden wall shield inscribed "Derwent Hunt March 17th 1953".    £30-40


358. A copper Hunting Horn by Swaine & Adeney with inscription, dated 1964, and one other.   £30-50


359. A large two storey Dolls House with first floor full length balcony.  32" (82cms) wide x 31" (79cms) high.    £100-150


360. A Rocking Horse with brown paint work.  3' 4" (102cms) long.    £100-150


361. Another Rocking Horse with black and white paint work. 3' (91cms) long.    £100-150


362. A folding wooden Boot Jack.    £40-50


363. A dolls pine Cradle with canopied hood.  18½" (47cms) long.    £30-40


364. A pair of 19th century black Japanned Coach Lanterns with glazed panels.  16" (41cms) high.    £100-120


365. A child's old Toy Mangle.  14" (36cms) wide.    £40-50


366. A leather Box and Contents including Victorian glasses case, lighters, folding lorgnette, etc.   £40-60


367. A brass three-bladed Fleam and a horn Fleam.   £20-40


368. Twelve various engraved mother-of-pearl Counters, grouse foot Brooch, other Brooches, etc.   £40-60


369. A Caley's Table Waters Match Holder and ashtray, Schweppes cider and ginger ale saucers, Carlton ware Bryant & May match holder, Wade ashtray and three brass advertising ashtrays.    £50-70


370. A collection of thirty Chisels by Addis & Sons, Sheffield and other makers with some wooden handles inscribed G E Fleming.    £50-80


371. A brass mounted Spirit Level by Buist of Edinburgh another by Rabone, a number of wood working planes etc.    £30-40


372. An unusual Victorian miniature cast iron Fireplace with fire back grate and oblong hearth, 9" (23cms) high, (possibly a factory sample)   £100-150


373. A smaller miniature cast iron Fireplace with raised classical figures, birds, etc.  8" (20cms) high.    £70-100


374. Another miniature cast iron Fireplace with a raised floral border, 7½" (18cms) high and one other.    £100-150


375. Two more Victorian miniature cast iron Fireplaces.    £100-150


376. A 19th Century mahogany sarcophagus Tea Caddy with two covered containers and glass bowl.  12" (31cms) wide. £30-40


377. A small Box Iron with slug inscribed Newman with wooden handle and a small oval flat iron.    £30-50


378. A quantity of Ceiling Light Fittings, including lustre drops, glass sconces, etc.   £100-150


379. A wooden Pipe Rack and a number of Meerschaum and other Pipes.   £30-40


380. A yew wood Parallel Ruler, 20" (51cms) long, and a brass two division Letter Rack.   £30-40


381. An oak Table Lamp by Bob "Wrenman" Hunter on a square base and with carved wren signature.  15" (38cms).    £50-80


382. A pair of vintage wooden Snow Shoes with woven panels.  32" (82cms) long.    £50-80


383. A Chinese Government Bond dated 1913.  18" (46cms) x 12½" (32cms) another, both framed and one other unframed.    £40-60

384. A WWII Swift Series A Training Rifle in original case.    £50-100


385. A carved wooden Mask, possibly Maori, a Blanc De Chine figure and a Chinese blue and white export oval dish (a/f).     £30-50


386. A partridge wood Walking Stick with silver collar, another walking stick with silver collar and a Shillelagh.    £30-50


387. A Scrapbook and contents of Old Master and other engravings after Van Dyck, Cowper, Hollar and others, a pencil drawing dated 1871 and a few other drawings, twenty seven in all.    £100-150


388. A late 19th Century rosewood Decanter Box inlaid with pewter and cut brass, the interior with decanter recesses and containing a number of liqueur glasses.  12" (31cms) wide.      £100-150


389. John Ogilby, a Strip Map of the Road from Ferrybridge to Boroughbridge.  13½" (34cms) x 17½" (45cms) framed but unglazed.     £30-50


390. A pair of First World War Medals to H Clifford A.B.RNVR, in box of issue, and George VI Malaya Medal to Signalman W R Mesham, R.SIGS.   £50-70


391. A small Regency ivory circular Box and Cover, a small 19th century steel Buckle, Penknife, etc.   £50-70


392. A vintage folding Boot Pull.    £40-60


393. A Ray Illingworth 1973 Testimonial Cricket Bat, signed by New Zealand and England teams and by players of Yorkshire, Gloucester, Sussex and Worcester.     £200-250


394. A black and white Photograph of the England Football Team with signatures, including Bobby Charlton, Jimmy Greaves, Jimmy Armfield etc. circa 1960.    £100-120


395. A collection of approximately twenty two Whistles including a Piccolo Swanee Whistle, an Acme Siren, Acme Boy Scouts and various others.    £70-100


396. A group of approximately twenty three assorted Whistles including military whistle by J Hudson 1943, Acme City whistle, Acme Girl Guides whistle etc.    £70-100


397. A group of approximately twenty three Whistles including Hudson's patent "The Thunderer", the Acme, a silver whistle with engraved decoration etc.    £70-100


398. A group of approximately twenty Whistles including the Acme Two Tone whistle, a bone Stanhope whistle, a military Hudson & Co patent dated 1945 another dated 1916, metropolitan whistle by Hudson & Co and various others.    £70-100



399. Bishop Peter Howes; a Borneo carved wooden Staff.  5' (153cms) long, a carved walking stick with crook handle, brass plaque inscribed 1/6/1975 and a head dress. N.B. Peter Howes lived in Borneo from 1937-1981, mostly in Sarawak as a Priest Missionary to the Dayak People.    £70-100




400. RONALD MOORE; River scene with watermill, oil on board, signed.  19" (48cms) x 30" (76cms).    £50-80


401. JOHN SYER (1844-1912); a pair of oils of North Eastern coastal scenes, signed each 6" (15cms) x 9" (23cms).   £70-100


402. HUGHES; oil of a river landscape, signed and dated 1958.  9 ½" (24cms) x 15" (38cms) and  ALLAN INGHAM an artist signed limited edition print of a winter landscape "That Certain Stillness" No.238/600.    £30-40


403. GRAHAM CARVER; "This England", a limited edition artist signed print of Ingleborough, No.142/500 and another artist signed limited edition print by Baxter.    £30-40


404. W MARTIN; coastal scene with lighthouse, fishing boats etc. oil on canvas, signed.  16" (41cms) x 24" (61cms).    £40-60


405. E WILSON; "Old Malton Church", Watercolour, signed and dated 1896.  10" (26cms) x 14" (36cms).    £30-40


406. H P Evans; An Etching of a Thames scene with Tower Bridge, steam and sailing vessels, signed in pencil to the margin.  7" (18cms) x 12" (31cms).    £30-40


407. HARRY SUTTON PALMER (1854-1933); "The Beehive Garden", watercolour, signed with Chris Beetles label verso, exhibited at his summer show 1998.  13½" (35cms) x 20" (51cms).   £300-400


408. JULIE EASTERLING; "Snowbound Village", Oil on Board, signed, 11½" (29cms) x 15½" (39cms).   £50-80


409. A Watercolour of a Woodland Landscape signed with a monogram, 14" (36cms) x 10" (25cms) and three Chinese Scroll Paintings.   £30-40


410. M FLETCHER; winter landscape with country house, figure sheep etc. watercolour, signed.  20" (51cms) x 28" (71cms).    £40-60


411. PERCY STURDEE (fl. 1885-1902); children peeling oranges at a table, oil on canvas, signed, inscribed Perugia and dated 1886.  22" (56cms) x 32" (81cms).     £500-800


412. ARTHUR CLAUDE STRACHAN (1885-1932); Village street scene with thatched cottages, poultry etc, watercolour, signed. 9" (23cms) x 14" (36cms).    £200-250


413. ARTHUR WELLESLEY COTTRELL (fl. 1872-1913); "On the Banks of the Avon", Oil on canvas with figure and cottage, signed and dated 1905.  11½" (29cms) x 14½" (37cms).   £200-300


414. EDWARD HENRY HOLDER (circa 1864-1917); lake landscape with children and rowing boats on the shore, Oil on canvas, signed and dated 88.  19½" (50cms) x 29" (74cms).    £200-300


415. J HARDY; a boy seated on a rock holding a basket. Oil on board, signed and dated 1855.  13½" (35cms) x 9½" (24cms).    £200-300


416. ALFRED AARON WOLMARK (1877-1961); figures in a garden sitting in deck chairs in front of an open door, Oil on board, signed with initials.  12" (31cms) x 15½" (39cms).     £400-600


417. ALFRED AARON WOLMARK (1877-1961); village landscape with figures on a path, hillside in background, signed. 11½" (28cms) x 15" (39cms).    £400-600


418. ERNEST GUSTAVE GIRARDOT (1840-1904); “A Pretty Story", Oil on canvas of a girl reading a book, signed and dated 1879 and inscribed with the title and address verso.  12" (31cms) x 10" (26cms).    £300-400


419. WILLIAM MANNERS (1860-1930); horse and cart with figures and dog on a country path beneath a stormy sky, Watercolour, signed.  7" (17cms) x 9½" (24cms).    £70-100


420. J W LUDLOW; Silver Wyandotte, cockerel and hen, Watercolour, signed and dated 1901.  6½" (16cms) x 9" (23cms), label verso.     £200-300


421. J W LUDLOW; Old English Game cockerel and hens, Watercolour, signed and dated 1909.  7" (17cms) x 9½" (24cms).    £200-300


422. J W LUDLOW; Brahma cockerel and hen, Watercolour, signed. 7½" (19cms) x 8½" (22cms).    £200-300


423. J W LUDLOW; a pair of Oriental Frilled Fancy Pigeons, Watercolour in a circular mount, signed and dated 1909.  9" (23cms) diameter.    £200-300


424. HENRY CHEADLE (1852-1910); mountainous landscape with sheep and shepherd in foreground, Oil on Canvas, signed.  9½" (24cms) x 14" (36cms).    £80-120


425. An unsigned Oil Painting on canvas of the rear view of a country house, inscribed on the reverse “Denton Hall 1872”.  19½" (50cms) x 26½" (67cms) in a maple frame.    £70-100


426. G ARMFIELD; seated terrier Oil Painting, signed and dated.  9" (23cms) x 8" (20cms).    £150-200


427. V ROBERT; a half length oval Oil Portrait on canvas of a 19th Century European lady wearing a lace cap and a gold silk dress, signed.  29" (74cms) x 25" (64cms).    £100-150


428. A half length Oil Portrait on canvas of a gentleman in painted oval inscribed on the reverse William Dodd of Edge, Son of the Rev. William Dodd, 1686-1739 (unframed).  30" (76cms) x 25" (64cms).    £200-300


429. JEAN BERAUD (1849-1935); head and shoulders Portrait of a boy, oil on canvas, signed.  15½" (40cms) x 12" (31cms). The picture is accompanied by a piece of paper stating that the sitter (Eugene Labat) is the nephew of Jean Beraud.    £400-500


430. W MILNE; a coastal landscape with figures on a beach, Watercolour, signed.  8½" (22cms) x 10" (26cms).    £70-100


431. DAVID BATES (1840-1921); horse and cart crossing a river bridge with thatched cart shed etc. Watercolour, signed.  10" (26cms) x 14" (36cms).    £100-150


432. CHARLES - JEAN AGARD (1866-1950); French rural landscape with haystacks buildings etc. oil on canvas, signed.  12½" (32cms) x 17½" (44cms).    £300-500


433. A pair of unsigned oil Paintings on panel of harbour scenes with fishing and sailing boats etc. each 10" (26cms) x 15½" (39cms).    £300-400


434. N HILTON; "Bright Day on The Moor", oil on canvas, signed, inscribed on an old label verso.  19½" (50cms) x 29" (74cms).     £100-150


435. CHARLES MARSHALL (1806-1890); figures on a country lane with church spire in background, oil on canvas, signed.  12" (31cms) x 18" (46cms).    £150-200


436. P LE CLERC; study of a black and white dog in a wooded landscape, watercolour, signed and dated 1792.  14" (46cms) x 17½" (45cms).    £150-200


437. A 17th Century engraving, probably a book plate, of Queen Elizabeth I.  6" (15cms) x 4" (10cms).    £20-30


438. A HULK; a pair of coastal scene watercolour drawings, signed. Each 7" (18cms) x 10" (25cms) and W P HARDY, watercolour of sailing vessels.  8½" (22cms) x 12½" (32cms).    £30-50


439. A pencil drawing of Siena, 6" (15cms) x 4" (10cms), another of Venice and two other pictures.    £20-30


440. E CHESTER (19th - 20th Century); a pair of still life oil paintings of flowers and fruit, signed.  7½" (18cms) x 11½" (30cms).    £40-60


441. A set of six 19th century French Costume Prints of Europe, each 4" (10cms) x 5" (13cms) in one frame.   £30-40


442. A small Painting depicting classical figures, cherubs, etc., in a garden setting, signed "David", 4" (10cms) x 6" (15cms).   £300-400


443. A series of four miniature Watercolours of Victorian interior scenes, 4½" (11cms) x 5" (12cms) in original gilt frames.   £250-300


444. A silver thread Picture of a Bird, 21" (53cms) square.   £40-50


445. Style of Tamara de Lempicka, a Stylised Nude, Oil on Canvas, 23½" (60cms) x 19½" (50cms).   £100-150


446. An unsigned Oil on Canvas of a clearing in a woodland landscape, 24" (61cms) x 36" (92cms).   £80-120


447. J A PRESTON; Beached fishing vessel, watercolour, signed.  14" (36cms) x 18" (46cms).    £40-60


448. A hand coloured Etching, after Boris O'Klein, signed and titled in the margin "A La Queue".  8" (20cms) x 17" (43cms) and one other.    £90-120


449. EDWARD HENRY HOLDER (circa 1864-1917); figures on a country path, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1902.  16" (41cms) x 23" (59cms).    £100-150


450. PAUL BERTRAM (1833-1901); watercolour of a wooded landscape, signed 13½" (34cms) x 9½" (24cms), a coloured hunting print after HERRING "Full Cry" and two other hunting prints.    £30-40


451. WILLIAM RIVIERE (1806-1876); "Rievaulx Abbey", Watercolour with a figure and cattle in foreground, singed and inscribed on the original backboard.  13 ½" (39cms) x 23" (59cms).    £500-700


452. HENRY CAVE (1779-1836); a pen and ink Drawing probably of an old master subject being half length portrait of a bearded man, signed. Old city of York Museum and Art Gallery label verso, titled "Exhibition of Pictures by York Artists 1913/14".  11" (28cms) x 8½" (21cms).    £150-200


453. WILLIAM ETTY (1787-1849); a rare group of Sketches, from life, in pencil, ink and colour wash, including a portrait sketch of a woman looking down, drawn on the visiting card of Mrs Barber of Tang Hall; a pen and ink sketch of a female nude drawn on an envelope fragment with date mark for 1845, and various other sketches presumably made at the original Tang Hall where Etty was a visitor, together with a handwritten text of the dedication inscribed on Etty's tomb in the Church of St. Olaves, York, in a double-sided frame,  21½" (54cms) x 18 (46cms) overall.  Provenance: From the Estate of the connoisseur and collector Christopher Lennox Boyd.      £1000-1500


454. THOMAS DUDLEY (fl. 1879-1910); Butchers gathered around a chopping block in The Shambles, York with their open shop in the background against a backdrop of York Minster central tower, watercolour, signed and dated 1884.  12" (31cms) x 9" (23cms).    £800-1000


455. THOMAS DUDLEY (fl. 1879-1910); Monk Bar, York, looking along the unmade old road toward Monk Bar, Watercolour, signed, dated 1889 and inscribed.  9½" (24cms) x 12½" (32cms).    £400-500


456. THOMAS DUDLEY (fl. 1897-1910); view along Stonegate with a horse and cart and other figures in the street looking toward York Minster, Watercolour, signed and inscribed.  12" (31cms) x 8" (20cms).    £300-350


457. THOMAS DUDLEY (fl. 1879-1910); Spen Lane, York, Watercolour, with figures and cottages and York Minster in the background, inscribed "Sketch by Tom Dudley".  8½" (22cms) x 6" (15cms).    £200-250



458. THOMAS DUDLEY (fl. 1879-1910); Petergate York, Watercolour of a busy street scene with figures, horse drawn cart etc. and the Minster in the background, inscribed and dated.  11½" (29cms) x 8½" (21cms).    £350-400


459. THOMAS DUDLEY (fl.1879-1910); view down the River Ouse from Lendal Bridge with the back of York Guild Hall on the left, Watercolour, signed "Sketch by Tom Dudley".  6" (15cms) x 9½" (24cms).    £200-250


460. GEORGE FALL (1848-1925); view towards Bootham Bar, York, with figures, horse drawn carriage etc. and the Minster in the background, Watercolour, signed.  9" (23cms) x 7" (18cms).    £150-200


461. GEORGE FALL (1848-1925); Micklegate Bar, York, with figures in front including a bakers boy with his basket etc. Watercolour, signed and inscribed.  12" (31cms) x 9" (23cms).    £150-200


462. GEORGE FALL (1848-1925); Walmgate Bar, York, with figures and a washing line etc. Watercolour, signed and inscribed.  12" (31cms) x 9" (23cm).    £150-200


463. WILLIAM OUTHWAITE; "Pump Court, York", Watercolour, signed.  14½" (37cms) x 10" (26cms).    £100-150


464. After R A HILLINGFORD; a coloured Boer War Print "Farewell", with infantry soldiers at Waterloo Station.  16½" (41cms) x 25" (64cms).    £40-50


465. COLIN VERITY (1924-2011); "Frigate on Patrol", Oil on board, signed, with label verso.  9½" (24cms) x 13½" (34cms).    £200-300


466. A WALLS; Coastal Scene with fishing boats etc. title on the reverse "Loo Cornwall".  12" (31cms) x 20" (51cms).    £50-70


467. R P REYNOLDS; an artist signed coloured Print of the Yacht Voortrekker, with various signatures.  18" (46cms) x 22" (56cms).    £30-40


468. GEORGE FALL (1848-1925); "Water Tower and Minster York", watercolour, signed.  9½" (24cms) x 7½" (19cms).       £150-180


469. DAVID SHEPHERD; an artist signed coloured Print "Ocean Rhapsody".  20" (51cms) x 15" (38cms).     £20-30


470. SIMON CLARKE; artist signed limited edition Print of a garden No. 12/35, dated 1968, JOHN JONES pencil drawing of an interior scene and two other pictures.    £50-80


471. KEITH MILOW (b. 1945); mixed media Landscape in ochre, untitled, hand written label verso. 4' (122cms) x 8' (245cms).    £100-200


472. ELIZABETH INGHAM; artist signed Etching of a country cottage, another, Saltbox Ecclesall, and a number of other pictures.   £20-30


473. CHARLES SILLEM LIDDERDALE (1831-1895); head and shoulders oil Portrait of a Spanish girl wearing a black lace Mantilla.  9½" (24cms) x 8" (20cms).    £700-900

474. WILLIAM CARLAW (18471889); waves breaking on the rocks, Oil on Canvas, signed.  7" (18cms) x 16" (41cms).        £200-250




475. A late 19th Century drum cased Mantel Timepiece, the white dial inscribed "Le Cheminant, 72A Wimpole Street, London" (a/f), 3½" (9cms) diameter dial.    £20-30


476. A Skeleton Clock Movement with bell strike and pendulum, and one other.   £40-60


477. A 19th Century Wall Clock with bell strike in mahogany case, 6" (15cms) diameter, and a clock movement.    £30-50



478. An early 20th Century Mantel Clock, the steel dial marked “Kienzle”, with striking movement in mahogany case, and a Cuckoo Clock.    £20-30


479. A late 19th century Mantle Clock with gilt dial and gong strike in an inlaid mahogany domed case decorated with urns and garlands, and with brass carrying handles and compressed bun feet, 13" (33cms) high.   £100-150


480. A Vienna Wall Clock with ivorine dial in walnut case, with eagle pediment and half round pilasters.  4' 2" (127cms) high.    £80-100


481. A mantel Timepiece, the white dial inscribed Bayard, in brass and bevelled glass case.  4½" (12cms) high.    £60-80


482. A 19th Century Longcase Clock the arched dial painted with a figure and flowers, with eight day movement in mahogany case, with swan’s neck pediment, baluster turned pilasters, the trunk with a small door and half round pilasters on bracket feet.  7' 9" (237cms) high.    £200-250


483. A 19th Century Wheel Barometer with hydrometer, thermometer, convex mirror and spirit level with 8" (20cms) diameter dial.    £70-100


484. A 19th Century Vienna Wall Clock in architectural design walnut case.  47" (120cms) high.    £40-60


485. A French Carriage Timepiece with white dial in brass and bevelled glass case.   £30-50


486. A late Victorian Mantle Timepiece with ivoreen dial and bell strike in drum shaped case.   £20-30




487. A Bokhara pattern Rug of traditional elephant's foot designs on a green field and bordered, 6' 3" (190cms) x 4' 7" (140cms).   £60-80


488. A Keshan pattern Rug of medallion design in green, beige, etc., 7' 6" (230cms) x 5' 3" (160cms).   £70-100


489. A Ziegler pattern Rug of floral design on a beige field and bordered, 7' 6" (230cms) x 5' 3" (160cms).   £70-100


490. A Keshan pattern Carpet with a centre medallion on a red field and bordered, 9' 2" (280cms) x 6' 6" (200cms).   £80-100


491. A Ziegler pattern Rug of floral design on a red field and bordered, 6' (390cms) x 4' 7" (140cms).   £50-70


492. A Caucasian Rug of geometric design in blue, red cream etc and with multi stripe border. 4' 10" (147cms) x 3' 3" (99cms).    £100-150


493. A Kazak Carpet of geometric design in red, blue, cream etc. with multi stripe geometric border (a/). 8' (244cms) x 5' 3" (160cms).    £100-150


494. An Isfahan Rug of floral and medallion design in red, blue and cream, with floral border.  6' (183cms) x 3' 10" (117cms).   £50-80




495. A late Victorian mahogany frame low open Armchair with rail back, upholstered seat and turned supports.    £20-40


496. A Yorkshire oak Elbow Chair by Sid Pollard with panelled back and hide seat on panel sided supports.    £120-150


497. A Yorkshire oak Elbow Chair by Sid Pollard with panelled back and hide seat on panel sided supports.    £120-150


498. A pair of Victorian mahogany Hall Chairs with shield shape backs, panelled seats and turned supports.    £50-70


499. A beech and mahogany wall mounted Hat and Coat Rack.  2’ 11” (89cms) wide.    £30-40


500. An Edwardian walnut Davenport with hinged stationary compartment and writing slope, with three side drawers and carved panel front.  22” (56cms) wide.    £50-70


501. An 18th Century oak Coffer, the three panel hinged lid with traces of carved decoration and inset with ormolu spandrels above a three panel front similarly decorated and on stile supports.  3’ 11” (120cms) wide.    £200-250


502. A 19th Century mahogany circular tilt top Occasional Table on a baluster turned column and inverted triple splay supports.  21” (53cms) diameter.    £80-120


503. A mahogany “Captains” Chair with swivel action, upholstered seat and splay supports.    £40-60


504. A part 18th Century oak Side Table with single frieze drawer on turned and block supports and stretchers.  2’ 10” (86cms) wide.    £100-150


505. A late Victorian walnut frame open Armchair with upholstered seat and back and turned supports and a teak tub chair with slated back and cane seat.    £30-50


506. A Victorian figured mahogany Chest of three long and two short Drawers with turned pull handles on compressed bun feet.  3’ 11” (120cms) wide.     £50-80


507. A 19th Century small giltwood Display Cabinet with stepped top and enclosed by a single clear glass door, with glazed side panels and fluted turned pilasters, with scroll decoration and on fluted turned supports.  27” (69cms) wide.    £300-400


508. A Regency mahogany ‘D’ end Dining table with concertina extending action and two centre leaves, raised on ring turned supports.  4’ (122cms) wide x 7’ 11” (241cms) extended length.    £300-400


509. A set of eight George III mahogany Dining Chairs with pierced rail backs, drop-in seats and ring turned supports (two carvers).    £400-600


510. A Victorian mahogany Partners pedestal Desk with tooled leather top fitted with six freeze drawers, the pedestals with drawers and cupboard, on a plinth base.    £400-600


511. A 19th Century mahogany Tea Table, the fold over top with a reeded edge, small single draw under and on square tapering supports.  3’ 2½” (98cms) wide.    £30-50


512. A Mouseman type oak oblong Stool with woven leather top and panel sided supports.  15½” (39cms) wide.    £70-100


513. A set of eight Georgian design mahogany frame Dining Chairs with pierced splat backs, drop in seats and square tapering supports (two carvers).    £200-300


514. An early 20th Century mahogany Corner Chair with inlaid decoration, upholstered seat and shaped supports.    £30-40


515. An adzed oak Dresser by “Gnome Man” Whittaker of Littlebeck, with open plate rack, two cupboards under and with carved gnome signature.  3’ 1” (94cms) wide.     £500-700


516. ***WITHDRAWN***


517. ***WITHDRAWN***


518. An adzed oak Wardrobe by “Gnome Man” Whittaker of Littlebeck, with incised decoration, enclosed by single panelled door and with carved gnome signature.  2’ 5” (74cms) wide.    £400-600


519. The matching Gnome Man Wardrobe.    £400-600


520. An adzed oak Kneehole Dressing Table by “Gnome Man” Whittaker of Littlebeck, with a centre frieze drawer flanked by six further smaller drawers on panel sided supports, 4’ 7” (140cms) wide together with the matching stool.    £800-1200


521. An oak Swing Mirror by “Gnome Man” Whittaker of Littlebeck, with upright plate and with carved gnome signature.    £80-120


522. A pair of adzed oak Bedside Cupboards by “Gnome Man” Whittaker of Littlebeck, each with a single drawer, cupboard under and incised decoration.  22” (56cms) wide.    £300-400


523. A pair of oak “Gnome Man” Whittaker of Littlebeck Bedside Lamps, each carved as a gnome. 12 ½” (31cms) high.     £300-400


524. An oak Headboard by “Gnome Man” Whitaker of Littlebeck with incised scroll decoration and carved gnome signature.  4’ (122cms) wide.    £70-100


525. An oak Blanket Box with hinged lid, carved panel front on stile supports.  4’ 2” (127cms) wide.    £80-120


526. A Victorian walnut Davenport with hinged writing slope, four side drawers and fluted turned supports.  21” (53cms) wide.    £50-80


527. An Edwardian mahogany folding Chair inlaid with boxwood stringing, and a dressing stool.    £30-40


528. A European single size wooden Bed Head painted all over with flowers and with an inscription dated 1911.  3’ 3” (99cms) wide.    £120-150


529. An antique design oak “Joynt” Stool on turned and block supports.    £70-80


530. A reproduction mahogany Lamp Table with pierced gallery and candle slide, on turned cluster columns.  13” (33cms) wide.    £50-70


531. An early 19th Century mahogany square Piano Case with chevron banded inlay converted for use as a display table with interior glazed lid raised on square tapering supports and splayed feet.  5’ 2” (158cms) wide.    £100-150


532. An early 19th Century mahogany ‘D’ end Dining Table with drop flap centre section on square tapering supports.  3’ 9” (114cms) wide x 8’ 8” (264cms) extended length.   £200-300


533. A pine Wardrobe, the interior fitted for hanging and enclosed by a pair of panelled doors with a single drawer under on a plinth base.  4’ 1” (125cms)   £120-150


534. A late 19th Century rosewood frame Settee with scroll carved cresting rail, upholstered back and serpentine fronted seat with scroll arms and cabriole supports.  6’ 6” (198cms) wide.    £200-300


535. A 19th Century pine elm and oak Crib with canopied hood.  2’ 10” (87cms) long.    £60-80


536. An early 20th century Purdonium with fall front and metal liner.  15” (38cms) wide.     £30-50


537. A pair of late Victorian tub shape Armchairs the rails with incised decoration on turned supports.      £50-80


538. An Edwardian walnut Bedside Cupboard enclosed by a single panel door on a plinth base.  15” (38cms) wide.    £30-50


539. An antique design Indian Box with hinged lid and interior candle box on metal paw feet.  26” (66cms) wide.    £30-50


540. An early 19th Century mahogany cottage Dining Table with oblong drop leaves on moulded square supports.  4’ (122cms) wide.    £30-50


541. An 18th Century design oak Coffer with four panel hinged lid, carved front and stile supports.  4’ 8” (143cms) wide.    £150-200


542. An Indian hardwood Coffer with cast metal lock plate, handles and spandrels.  4’ 10” (148cms) wide.    £150-200


543. An early 19th Century oak corner Wall Cupboard with shell inlaid decoration and panelled door. 2’ 8” (82ms) wide.    £30-40


544. An early 20th Century oak Bureau carved with lion masks, birds, scrolls etc. with hinged fall with three long and two short drawers under, on bracket feet.  3’ 8” (107cms) wide.   £100-150


545. An oak Corner Cupboard enclosed by a pair of fielded panel doors and on a spiral legged stand.  2’ 5” (74cms) wide.    £70-100


546. An early 20th Century mahogany Wardrobe with stepped cornice and centre bevelled mirror panelled door flanked by a pair of oval panelled doors inlaid with boxwood stringing, the interior fitted for hanging small drawers and sliding trays, bracket feet.  6’ (183cms) wide.    £100-150


547. A Victorian figured walnut oval Dining Table with quarter veneered top on a baluster column and quartette splay supports with scroll terminals.  4’ 8” (143cms) x 3’ 7” (110cms).   £200-250


548. A late Victorian mahogany breakfront kneehole Sideboard, the seven drawers with cross banded decoration, oval handles and on splay supports.  4’ 4” (132cms) wide.   £50-80


549. A Victorian mahogany circular tilt top Breakfast Table on a baluster turned column and triple splay supports.  3’ 11” (120cms) diameter.   £70-100


550. An early 19th Century Butlers Tray with three quarter gallery on a folding stand with ring turned supports.  28½” (72cms) wide.    £80-120


551. An oak Church Chair with panel seat and back.    £40-60


552. An invalid’s Chair by Carters of London, with cane panelled seat and back No. 7260.    £40-60


553. A mahogany Pole Screen with adjustable tapestry banner on triple splay supports and an oak three tier folding cake stand.    £40-60


554. A Continental Bedstead of Biedermeier design, originally with a canopied top.   3’ 6” (107cms) wide.   £50-80


555. A Chinese painted Elbow Chair with pierced and carved back panel and pierced arm rests, upholstered seat and square supports.    £50-80


556. A pair of Philippe Stark “Lord Yo” pattern chairs for Aleph in mint green polycarbonate and on tubular supports.    £50-80


557. A William IV mahogany D end Dining table of Gillows design with centre leaf on reeded turned supports.  4’ (122cms) wide x 6’ (184cms) extended length.    £200-300


558. A 19th Century pine Chest on Chest, the upper section fitted with four long graduated drawers, with four further drawers under on bracket feet.  2’ 10” (86cms) wide.    £120-150


559. A mahogany Torchère with turned column and triple splay supports and a mahogany swing toilet mirror.     £30-40