01904 489731

01904 489731

York Antique Sale

Wednesday 14th February



1.            A Meccano Stationary Engine and various other toys.

2.            A set of Victorian brass Postal Scales and weights all engraved with a pattern of flowers on a mahogany base and a Victorian brass Sphinx inkwell. 

3.            A number of lead Farm Animals by Britains, J.C Hill etc. 

4.            A small papier mache Snuff Box with floral decoration, a small plated hip flask and a cheroot holder and case. 

5.            A Triumph Stamp album and contents of world stamps and a tin of loose stamps.

6.            A collection of Die Cast model vehicles including Corgi, Lesney etc. including a Lesney bus, Matchbox Chivers & Son van, etc. 

7.            A Postcard Album of approximately one hundred and forty topographical cards, etc. 

8.            A Programme for the Stamford Bridge Grand Fete, July 1914, a Stamford Bridge postcard 1907 and various other items. 

9.            A Mantel Timepiece in inlaid mahogany case, small brass baluster vase, three ebony glove stretchers etc. 

10.          Two silver ARP Badges, a 1972 Police Guide and other items. 

11.          A leaded glass Window Panel with arched top, and a pair of shaped leaded glass side panels. 

12.          A 19th Century Needlework Sampler by Hannah Camplejohn aged 9 with alphabet numerals, trees etc. 12½ " (32cms) x 11½ "(29cms). 

13.          A number of Cigarette Card Albums, loose cards, etc. 

14.          A small Stamp Album and contents of world stamps, first day covers, loose stamps, etc. 

15.          A black Umbrella with partridge wood handle and silver mounts and various other sticks and umbrellas.

16.          A number of miscellaneous items including bayonet and scabbard, part set of drawing instruments in case, AA badge, etc. 

17.          A box of football and horse racing Programmes, etc. 

18.          A box of Stamp Albums and contents. 

19.          A box of Cigarette Cards, trade cards, etc. 

20.          A box of Coins, watches, badges and other items. 

21.          A Postcard Album and contents of topographical cards. 

22.          A box of printed Ephemera including "Victoria her Life and Empire" and other items. 

23.          A box of Stamp Albums, first day covers and loose stamps. 

24.          A Hotel plate four piece Tea Set, glass decanter, chestnut roaster, etc. 

25.          A retro Lazy Susan teak and stainless steel tray by Swedish designer Arthur Salm.  15" (38cms) diameter. 

26.          A box of Postal History including all world envelopes, etc. 

27.          A tin of GB and world Stamps on paper plus Malay states in packets, etc. 

28.          A collection of New Foundland Stamps on album leaves 1865-1947. 

29.          Gibraltar Year Books for 1994-1998 plus other sets, etc.  

30.          A collection of world Stamps on leaves including France, Brazil, Maldives, etc.

31.          A dark blue binder of Hagner Sheets including Ceylon, Ascension Birds, Sudan, etc. 

32.          A Stanley Gibbons Australia Album 1913-1975. 

33.          A Stanley Gibbons GB Album containing an almost complete collection 1971-1987. 

34.          A tin containing many GB commemoratives 1960's -1970's and other stamps.  

35.          A folder containing an Australian collection of Stamps on leaves, additional stamps in packets etc. 

36.          A Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue 2013 covering Commonwealth and British Stamps 1840-1970. 

37.          A fawn ring binder containing seven GB Min. sheets, Guernsey, Malay States, Newfoundland, etc. 

38.          A Stockbook containing a large quantity of butterfly and bird stamps. 

39.          A Stanley Gibbons Album and contents of an Australian collection, mint and used 1913-1989. 

40.          A box containing approximately nine hundred thematic Stamps, and a small stockbook, etc.

41.          Two Stockbooks containing blocks of New Zealand and GB Stamps. 

42.          A black Stockbook and contents of Channel Islands and Isle of Man stamps.

43.          A box of Stamp Albums, stockbooks and contents of world stamps. 

44.          A Stockbook and contents of British Empire Stamps from Queen Victoria. 

45.          An Edwardian walnut inkstand fitted with two glass block inkwells and pen tray.  12" (31cms) wide. 

46.          A Collectors Cabinet fitted with five drawers.  10" (26cms) wide. 

47.          A Victorian leather Photograph Album with lithographed pages and fitted with portrait photographs. 

48.          An oak Cutlery Box with hinged lid and single drawer.  14" (36cms) wide. 

49.          A pine wall hung three tier Towel Rail. 

50.          A Chad Valley Globe. 

51.          A Cowrie shell Table Lamp. 

52.          A small mahogany table Writing Box.  10" (26cms) wide. 

53.          A wooden Solitaire Board and marbles. 

54.          A miniature pine Chest of three Drawers.  11" (28cms) wide. 

55.          A black Bakelite Telephone and a number of cameras. 

56.          A vintage Postcard Album and contents of postcards, greetings cards etc. 

57.          A collection Grandee Cigar Cards, tea cards etc. 

58.          A Ukulele by John Grey & Sons London, cased and a mandolin. 

59.          A pair of circular Footstools with beadwork tops and a machined wall hanging. 

60.          A Wilkinson replica Sword commemorating the Apollo Moon Landing 1969. 

61.          Another Wilkinson replica Sword commemorating the history of York and another of Tewkesbury. 

62.          A large Victorian figured walnut table Writing box with brass banding, writing slope and fitted interior.  19½ " (50cms) wide. 

63.          A carved and ebonised Indian Walking Stick and three other sticks. 

64.          A mahogany tapestry Weaving Loom. 

65.          A quantity of Lead Figures and animals including a Britains garden swing, various agricultural workers, hay stacks, cattle, sheep etc.

66.          A glass and brass five branch Ceiling Light hung with button cut drops, a brass two branch wall light and one other ceiling light. 

67.          A pair of floral decorated ceramic Wall Plates, small brass box, pin cushion, cigarette cards and oddments. 

68.          Two World War One Bayonets.

69.          ***NO LOT***

70.          A Malayan Kris in wooden scabbard, a smaller Kris, metal spear head and an Eastern wooden sheath knife with stag horn handle and one other. 

71.          A quantity of Coins including cased coin sets etc. and a few first day covers. 

72.          An African Machete with English blade and leather scabbard and one other machete. 

73.          A Chinese twin bladed Sword in brass and lacquered scabbard. 

74.          A French Pioneer Side Arm with saw edge blade and brass hilt and scabbard. 

75.          A Wilkinson Bayonet marked 1907 and a Chassepot bayonet and scabbard. 

76.          A box of old Keys. 

77.          A two drawer brass and leather covered Telescope inscribed "Whyte, Thomson & Co. Glasgow" and a two drawer telescope by Watson & Sons, London dated 1918.

78.          A Surveyors Level with built in spirit level in a mahogany case with the label of John Casartelli. 

79.          Another Level in an oak box inscribed "James More, Glasgow".

80.          A Sperry Gyroscope in case. 

81.          A Pattern 1950 Azimuth Circle, cased. 

82.          A Military Bubble Sextant. 

83.          A set of travelling brass Balance Scales by Robert Pringle. 

84.          A quantity of OO Gauge Model Railway Track, transformers etc.

85.          A brass brewers Thermometer by Joseph Long Ltd. of London. 

86.          A copper Pitcher, circular copper kettle Guernsey jug, pair of carved wooden bookends and other items. 

87.          Four Stamp Albums and contents of world stamps. 

88.          A box of Sporting Programmes. 

89.          A box of loose mixed Postcards. 

90.          A box of GB and world Stamps on paper. 




91.          A circular copper Kettle, crumb tray and an ashtray. 

92.          A pair of brass Shell Cases formed into vases. 12" (31cms) high.

93.          A brass Corinthian column Table Lamp.  18" (46cms) high. 

94.          A Victorian brass Oil Lamp on a telescopic floor stand. 

95.          A set of cast iron Kitchen Scales with various weights and a copper pitcher. 

96.          An Islamic brass Table Lamp, 10" (26cms) high, a pair of brass candle sticks 10" (26cms) high and a single candlestick. 

97.          A brass Table Oil Lamp the vase shape with entwined vine and grape handles and embossed decoration with a tinted glass shade, 17" (43cms) high. 

98.          A brass Table Lamp with fluted column and glass reservoir.  18" (46cms) high.


China and Glassware


99.          A St. Michael bone china Teaset decorated in orange blue gilt etc, comprising: six cups, five saucers, six plates, milk jug and a bread and butter plate together with a Royal Venton teapot a Continental oval tea pot and a wall pocket.

100.        A Melba china part Teaset decorated with floral sprays, seventeen pieces and a Royal Albert crown china teaset, nineteen pieces. 

101.        A Karl Ens Figure of a bird on a tree stump. 

102.        A Victorian brass Chamber Stick, a brass ship door knocker, loose horse brasses etc. 

103.        A Beswick Beatrix Potter Figure "Amiable Guinea Pig" and another "Sir Isaac Newton" both brown back stamps.  

104.        A Beswick Beatrix Potter Figure "Pigling Bland" and another "Hunca Munca" both with brown back stamps.

105.        A pair of Imari baluster Vases decorated in orange and blue, 10" (26cms) high (a/f) and various other items.

106.        A pair of Minton Haddon Hall small pedestal Vases and a pair of porcelain picture frames.

107.        A quantity of Crested China including Goss Horse Shoe with the arms of Southampton etc.

108.        A Royal Worcester model of a Thrush, No.3234.

109.        A Royal Worcester Cream Jug and sugar bowl, pattern number 1034 and a Royal Worcester milk jug painted with a bull finch by E Townsend (spout cracked) etc.

110.        A Royal Copenhagen Figure of a boy leading a calf by Christian Thomson, No. 772.  6½ " (16cms) wide (ear chipped).

111.        An engraved copper Warming Pan on turned wooden handle and a metal curb. 

112.        A Royal Stafford china Tea Set decorated with floral sprays comprising; seven cups, twelve saucers, eleven plates, two bread and butter plates and a milk jug and six similar tea plates. 

113.        A Wetley china floral decorated part Tea Set, A Royal Winton dessert set, a few items of crested china etc.

114.        A Crown Ducal tube lined Jug, 8" (20cms) high, a Shelley Cloisonné pattern vase and two other items. 

115.        A 19th century Ferrybridge Pottery Bowl printed in blue and white with the marathon pattern, 13" (33cms) diameter, two copper lustre jugs and a copper lustre mug.

116.        A Wedgwood Covent Garden pattern Dinner Service comprising; plates in various sizes, dessert bowls, vegetable dish and cover etc. approximately thirty six pieces. 

117.        A Royal Doulton Figure "The Old Balloon Seller" HN1315. 

118.        A Royal Cauldon "Octagon Fruit" pattern Bowl, 10" (25cms) wide, a Royal Cauldon blue and white jar and a bowl. 

119.        A quantity of Copeland Spode Chinese Rose pattern Tableware, Coalport coffee ware and a Davenport Moustache cup and saucer.

120.        A Royal Doulton Character Jug "Bacchus", another "Gulliver", and two others all medium sized. 

121.        A set of fifteen Mintons Pottery Tiles decorated with flowers and leaves in blue, yellow, etc, each 4" (10cms) square.

122.        A Foley china Tea Set decorated with panels of flowers in orange blue and gilt comprising: twelve cups and saucers, twelve plates, milk jug, sugar bowl and bread butter plate.

123.        A Victorian part Tea Set decorated with a trailing band of gilt leaves comprising five cups, six saucers, tea pot, two handled sucrier and cover, milk jug, waste bowl and plate. 

124.        An extensive Wedgwood Lynn pattern blue and white Dinner Service comprising; dinner plates, soup plates, soup tureen with cover and stand, sauce tureens with covers and stands, dessert and tea plates, tea cups and saucers etc. approximately eighty five pieces.

125.        A Japanese Imari baluster Vase decorated with panels of figures and flowers in orange and blue, 18" (46cms) high, and six Imari pattern plates.

126.        A pair of German three branch Wall Lamps with applied floral decoration, two similar wall brackets, a pair of covered vases, etc. 

127.        A Royal Worcester Limited Edition Figure "The Last Waltz" and another "The Fair Maiden of Astolat".

128.        A Royal Doulton Figure "The Last Waltz" HN2315, another "Clarissa" HN2345 and another "Michelle" HN2234.

129.        A Continental boat shape Vase, Wedgwood green Jasperware biscuit barrel and cover, a pair of similar vases and other items (a/f)

130.        A Wedgwood & Co. blue and white decorated chamber pot and another.

131.        A quantity of Japanese eggshell Tea and Coffee Ware traditionally decorated; thirty four pieces. 

132.        A Crown Staffordshire Coffee Service retailed by Tate & Oglesby of Hull, decorated with birds and flowers, comprising: five coffee cans, six saucers, coffee pot, cream jug and sugar bowl. 

133.        A quantity of pink Tableware including Masons Pink Vista, a pair of Meakin & Sons Windsor Castle pattern oval meat plates, Palissy "View from Maidenhead Bridge" pattern meat plate etc. 

134.        A Studio Pottery figure Group of two children, the base signed" J C C, York 1/25 1981".  7" (17cms) high. 

135.        A Paragon china Preserve Jar and cover in a plated frame, a pair of glass candlesticks and other items.

136.        A New Hall Tea Pot of lobed oval design decorated with a basket of flowers and a matching tea bowl and saucer (a/f)

137.        A late 19th Century Staffordshire Tea Set decorated with Oriental landscapes, comprising; nine cups, eleven saucers, twelve plates, milk jug sugar bowl and two bread and butter plates. 

138.        A Spode York Minster limited edition Plate No. 73/1000, boxed, a Spode limited edition Queen Mother's plate No. 177/750, boxed, and three other plates.

139.        A Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern Tea Set comprising: six cups and saucers, six plates, tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl and two bread and butter plates. 

139A       Two Hummel Figures, Beswick Bird, and other items.

140.        A Victorian clear glass Mantel Vase hung with spear cut lustre drops.  11" (28cms) high.

141.        A Waterford glass Vase, 5½ " (14cms) high, pair of blue glass vases and other items.

142.        A cut glass Celery Vase, glass and plated single branch Epergne, pair of glass Steins with hinged covers and three other items. 

143.        A pair of Bohemian ruby flash Decanters of conical design with facet cut stoppers. 

144.        A pair of glass Candlesticks with ruby floral decoration, a pair of cranberry glass and enamelled salts and other items.

145.        A Toby Jubilee Stout blue glass Advertising Ashtray. 8" (20cms) wide.






146.        A box of various Clock and Watch Parts.

147.        A Mantel Timepiece with white dial in inlaid mahogany domed case.  8" (20cms) high. 

148.        An Elliott Mantel Clock with steel and brass dial in mahogany case.  5½ " (16cms) high. 

149.        A Victorian Mantel Clock, the black dial with gilt numerals and striking movement in an architectural style black slate case.  13" (33cms) high.

150.        A Vienna Wall Clock with white dial in architectural style case.  29" (74cms) high.

151.        A Vienna Wall Clock with white dial and striking movement in architectural style case.  3' (92cms) high.

152.        An early 20th Century American miniature Carriage Clock by the Waterbury Clock Company in brass and bevelled glass case.  2½ " (6cms) high. 

153.        A Carriage Clock with white dial in brass and bevelled glass case.  4" (10cms) high. 

154.        An American Shelf Clock in "Gingerbread" case with glass door and a wall clock case inscribed ‘Vanney & Prests’.

155.        A large electric Wall Clock the circular dial inscribed ‘C.S.’, 17" (44cms) diameter.

156.        A Jerome & Co. American eight day Wall Clock with decorative glass door and mahogany case and another.

157.        A Dutch Wall Clock with circular dial and one other. 

158.        A 19th century Longcase Clock Movement, the square painted dial inscribed "Monkhouse, Carlisle".  12" (31cms) square.

159.        A Metamec electric Clock, five others and two mantel clocks.

160.        A 19th century thirty hour Long Case Clock Movement with painted arch and spandrels.  20" (51cms) x 14" (36cms). 

161.        A Simplex electric Wall Clock and three others. 

162.        Three boxes of various Clock Movements.

163.        A Long Case Clock with arched brass dial and a fuseé clock movement.

164.        A 19th century eight-day Long Case Clock Movement, the arched dial inscribed "W Oswald, Newbottle".  18" (46cms) x 13" (33cms).

165.        A 19th Century thirty-hour Long Case Clock Movement with floral painted spandrels.  12" (31cms) square. 

166.        A box of Clock Parts. 

167.        An Aneroid Barometer and Thermometer in carved oak case.  


Plated and Silverware


168.        Various boxes of plated and stainless steel Cutlery, plated teapot, etc.

169.        A pair of engraved plated Fish Servers with bone handles, pair of plated berry spoons and a three piece plated serving set.

170.        A small suitcase and contents of assorted Cutlery. 

171.        A set of plated Cutlery for six covers in an oak box, a pair of plated small berry spoons, etc. 

172.        A silver Sifting Spoon, Continental preserve spoon and five silver teaspoons. 

173.        A wicker Cutlery basket and contents of assorted plated cutlery. 

174.        A plated three piece circular Tea Set with engraved decoration by Walker & Hall.

175.        A Viners plated four piece Tea Set.

176.        A plated three piece Tea Set by Phillip Ashberry of Sheffield with embossed decoration. 

177.        A Sheffield plate pedestal cup and other plated items.

178.        A silver backed Hand Mirror, hair brush, glass scent sprayer with sterling silver collar and two other items.

179.        A Victorian Coromandel wood Travelling Toilet Box by Earp of Nottingham, the interior with a lift out tray and fitted with glass and plated bottles and jars and a part manicure set, the base with a spring loaded concealed drawer, 8" (20cms) wide.  

180.        A plated Table Oil Lamp with glass reservoir and classical column on a stepped square base.  16" (41cms) high. 

181.        A pair of plated Table Candlesticks, 10" (26cms) high and a six bottle plated cruet.

182.        A cut glass Scent Bottle with sterling silver cover and four dressing table jars. 

183.        A quantity of plated Cutlery with bone handled knifes etc.

184.        A plated oval Tea Pot, plated six division toast rack, small square salver etc. 

185.        An engraved silver Cigarette Case (3.3ozs).

186.        A plated three piece Tea Set of oblong design. 

187.        A plated two handled Tray, plated tea pot, milk jug and sugar bowl etc. 

188.        An engraved plated three piece Tea Set, plated salver, pair of brass candle sticks, etc. 

189.        A suite of plated Strasbourg pattern Table Cutlery for six covers in an oak box. 




190.        A pair of silver gilt pendant Earrings of leaf design and set with opals.

191.        A silver gilt navette shape Ring set with opals and amethysts.

192.        A silver gilt Pendant of Edwardian design set with a single opal. 

193.        A silver Dress Ring of Art Deco design. 

194.        A silver Pendant set with an opal and cz's. 

195.        A silver Ring set with Masonic emblems and one other. 

196.        A silver Dress Ring set an opal and cz's.

197.        A pair of silver pendant Earrings set with cz's.

198.        A number of Pocket Watches and wristwatches etc. 

199.        A lady’s Garrard Wristwatch, the circular dial with baton numerals in a gold case with presentation inscription and on a gold strap. 

200.        A 15ct. gold Stick Pin set with a small sapphire, various other stick pins, and a silver vesta case. 

201.        A lady’s Wristwatch with jewelled circular dial and 9ct. gold case and one other gold cased wristwatch.

202.        An open face Pocket Watch in gold plated case, other pocket and wrist watches etc. 

203.        A 9ct. gold cased Pen and Pencil and an engraved seal top pencil.

204.        A cased set of mother of pearl and blue enamel Dress Studs, mother of pearl and ivory notelet, silver posy holder, etc. 

205.        A silver Fob, silver life saving medallion, jet pendant and other items. 

206.        An 18ct. gold Engagement Ring set with a row of five diamonds. 

207.        An 18ct. gold Engagement Ring set pave set with three small diamonds and one other with three small diamonds.

208.        A gentleman’s 9ct. gold stone set Signet Ring and one other 9ct. gold ring. 

209.        A 9ct. gold Wedding Band and two others.  (5.9gms)

210.        A 9ct. gold Ingot Pendant. (30gms). 

211.        A 9ct. gold Wedding Band. (4.5gms) 

212.        An 18ct. patterned gold Wedding Band. (6.7gms)

213.        A 9ct. gold curb link Bracelet with padlock clasp hung with various gold charms.  (48gms)

214.        A Tie Clip marked 9ct. gold back and front, silver charm bracelet, pearl necklace, etc. 

215.        A gold Engagement Ring set with a single row of five diamonds. 


Books, Pictures and Prints


216.        Twenty seven volumes of The Yorkshire County Cricket Club Yearbooks 1950-1977. 

217.        York Historic Pageant Souvenir Programme 1909 and other books. 

218.        A framed Pears Print, "The Young Cricketer" and another "Bubbles".

219.        An unsigned Oil on canvas of a lake landscape (unframed), a death card in remembrance of Alice Lawn 1866, framed and three other pictures. 

220.        FLORENCE WALKER; Watercolour of a Dales landscape.  11" (28cms) x 15" (38cms), two other watercolours by the same artist and another by D BINNS. 

221.        A pair of shooting and hunting prints and one other. 

222.        J RICKETT; An artist signed etching of York Minster, a photograph of the fire at York Minster. 

223.        JOHN WALLIS; Oil on board of a rural landscape.  17" (43cms) x 22" (56cms) and a smaller oil painting by the same artist. 

224.        VERA DARNBROUGH; "Beck Hole, Goathland", Oil on board, signed.  13" (33cms) x 17" (44cms) and three other pictures. 

225.        A modern oval still life Oil Painting, three coloured prints etc. 

226.        A 19th Century indistinctly signed Oil on Canvas of a pointer in a moorland landscape.  11" (28cms) x 17" (43cms). 




227.        An antique design wedge shape Corner Wall Cupboard enclosed by a panelled door, 2' 3" (69cms) wide.

228.        A set of four Edwardian walnut Dining Chairs with pierced splat backs, upholstered seats and turned supports.

229.        An oak Purdonium with fall front and turned supports.  13" (38cms) wide.  

230.        An oak oblong Occasional Table on spiral turned supports and a bamboo frame octagonal occasional table. 

231.        An oak square Plant Stand on spiral turned supports, 11" (28cms), and an oak two tier occasional table. 

232.        An oak Bookcase with stepped cornice, adjustable shelves and enclosed by a pair of glazed doors.  2' 10" (86cms) wide. 

233.        An oak Cupboard with fall front panelled drawer and on spiral turned supports.  23" (58cms) wide. 

234.        A pair of Edwardian inlaid mahogany double size Bed Ends.  4' 6" (137cms) wide. 

235.        An oak Collectors Cabinet, the interior fitted with small drawers and enclosed by panelled doors.  13" (33cms) wide. 

236.        An oak semi-circular two tier Hall Table with single drawer and spiral turned supports.  2' 4" (72cms) wide. 

237.        An oak gate leg Dining Table with carved border decoration on spiral turned supports.  2' 10" (76cms) wide. 

238.        An oak corner Umbrella Stand with metal liner.  21" (54cms) wide.

239.        An upright Piano by Kirkwood in inlaid case. 

240.        An Edwardian inlaid mahogany Bedroom Pair comprising wardrobe with oval mirror panel door and single drawer under, 3' 9" (115cms) wide, and a dressing chest with two trinket drawers, oval mirror and two long and two short drawers under. 

241.        A set of four oak frame Dining Chairs with upholstered seats and backs, on turned and block supports.

242.        A fluted and carved mahogany Table Lamp on a circular base and with fringe shade.

243.        A figured walnut semi-circular Card Table with baize lined fold over top on shell carved cabriole supports.  2' 8" (81cms) wide. 

244.        A figured walnut Corner Cupboard with glazed upper section and cupboard under on bracket feet.  25" (63cms) wide. 

245.        A nest of three walnut oblong Occasional Tables. 

246.        An antique design oak box top Stool with carved decoration, hinged lid on turned supports and one other box top stool. 

247.        An oak drop leaf Dining Table with oblong leaves on turned supports.  3' (92cms) wide. 

248.        A figured walnut Bureau with hinged fall and three drawers under on carved cabriole supports.  2' 5" (74cms) wide. 

249.        A set of four early 20th century Dining Chairs with leather panelled seats and backs, on turned supports, bearing the trade label of James Shoolbred, London.

250.        A wall hung carved oak Coat Rack fitted with two bevelled mirror panelled plates.  3' 4" (102cms) wide. 

251.        A Singer treadle Sewing Machine.  

252.        An oak shape front Sideboard with raised back carved decoration, drawers and cupboards under on baluster turned supports.  4' 6" ( 37cms) wide. 

253.        An oak Side Cabinet with carved decoration enclosed by a single panel door.  4'4" (132cms) wide. 

254.        An early 19th Century mahogany Bureau with hinged fall and fitted interior with four long graduated drawers under.  3' 6" (107cms) wide. 

255.        An oak Bookcase enclosed by a pair of clear glass doors.  4' 8" (142cms) wide. 

256.        An Edwardian cross banded mahogany Sutherland tea Table with pierced panel end supports and splay feet.  2' (61cms) wide. 

257.        A Rushbrooke's Albion Butcher's Block with metal plate.  4' (122cms) x 2' (61cms) on a later stand. 

258.        A Pine Tool Chest with lift out tray and two small drawers and contents of various tool etc.  22" (56cms) wide. 

259.        A painted pine Blanket Box with hinged lid and bracket feet.  3' 1" (94cms) wide.  

260.        An old oblong Side/Work Table with baluster turned supports. 4' 9" (145cms) wide.

261.        An oak and elm Windsor Elbow Chair with wheel and stick back panel seat, cabriole supports and crinoline stretcher.  

262.        A set of six Victorian mahogany frame Dining Chairs with upholstered seats and backs, and turned supports. 

263.        A Victorian mahogany oval tilt top Dining Table on a baluster turned column and quartet splay supports.  3' 11" (120cms) wide. 

264.        An early 19th century mahogany Elbow Chair with plain bar back, scroll arms and ring turned supports.

265.        A Georgian design oak Dresser Base fitted with three frieze drawers above fielded panel front cupboards on bun feet.  5' 3" (160cms) wide. 

266.        A small oak Delft Rack with mahogany cross banding fitted with a centre cupboard and open shelves.  2' 10" (87cms) wide. 

267.        A Regency convex Wall Mirror in ball studded gilt frame.  26" (66cms) diameter overall. 

268.        A Hamlet style oak Dressing Stool, the panel seat carved with shells flowers and initials and on cruciform base.

269.        A child's wing back Rocking Chair in the form of a shepherds lambing chair.  

270.        An Edwardian mahogany Sutherland Tea Table with panel end supports and splay feet.  2' (61cms) wide. 

271.        A George III mahogany tray top Bedside Cupboard enclosed by panelled doors and with single drawer under on square supports.  20" (51cms) wide.

272.        An early 19th century mahogany Chest of three long and two short graduated Drawers on shaped apron and splay supports.  3' 6½ " (108cms) wide. 

273.        A carved oak circular Occasional Table by Whittaker "Gnomeman" of Littlebeck with splay supports and carved gnome signature.  22" (56cms) wide. 

274.        A 19th Century cross banded mahogany Bureau with hinged fall, fitted interior and four long drawers under.  3' 7" (110cms) wide. 

275.        A Victorian mahogany Chest of four long Drawers with turned pull handles.  4' 1" (125cms) wide. 

276.        A Victorian mahogany frame Nursing Chair with button upholstered back and seat on cabriole supports. 

277.        A small Georgian design mahogany Chest of four long graduated Drawers on bracket feet.  2' (61cms) wide. 

278.        An early 19th century mahogany Chest of three long graduated Drawers, shaped apron and splay supports.  3' (92cms) wide. 

279.        An early 19th century mahogany Night Commode adapted for use as a small cupboard with two drawers under on splay supports.  22" (56cms) wide. 

280.        An Edwardian walnut Davenport with hinged stationary compartment, writing slope and four side drawers.  22" (56cms) wide.



End of Sale