01904 489731

01904 489731

York Antique Sale

Wednesday 20th June



1.       A 19th century mahogany Tea Caddy with cross banded decoration, the interior fitted with two covered containers, and one other 19th century tea caddy.   £30-40

2.       A 19th century horn and tortoiseshell Snuff Box.   £20-30

3.       Two Hohner Chromatic Harmonicas, a pair of field glasses and other items.    £20-30

4.       A Mamod Steam Tractor, boxed, and a Mamod MM2 stationary engine, boxed.   £40-60

5.       A pair of mahogany Table Lamps with carved leaf decoration.  13" (33cms) high.   £30-40

6.       A collection of 19th century Newspapers including copies of The Times, The Guardian, The Albion, etc. £30-50

7.       A shield shape swing Toilet Mirror in mahogany frame, a large pottery jardiniere, and a blue ribbed glass bowl.    £20-30

8.       A set of Ovaltineys Cards, etc.   £10-20

9.       A number of Britains Farm Implements including four furrow plough no. 9551, high speed rake no. 9537, farm roller no. 9533, all boxed; Massey Ferguson Tractor, various other tractors, etc.   £70-100

10.     A Simon & Halbig Bisque Head Doll with sleeping eyes, open mouth and moving tongue, No. 126/7.  18" (46cms) high.   £70-100

11.     A number of lead Farm Animals by Britons, J Hill, etc.   £10-15

12.     An Armand Marseille Bisque Head Doll with sleeping eyes and open mouth, 12" (31cms) high (a/f), and another doll marked 'Paris'.   £15-20

13.     A set of 1950's Schofield hand-made Darts, boxed, and two other sets.   £10-20

14.     A World War One Princess Mary Gift Tin containing three medal ribbons.   £15-20

15.     A World War One Silk Regimental Postcard for the Machine Gun Corps, another for the Royal Engineers, a pin cushion embroidered with the Yorkshire Regiment Badge, and an embroidered case.   £35-40

16.     A box of old Tins, including cigarette tins and packets, etc.   £10-20

17.     A Northampton Regiment Badge, number of military brass buttons, etc.    £20-30

18.     A number of Military Badges and Buttons, Trinidad prison button, Water Lane Brewery button and others.   £20-30

19.     A box of miscellaneous items including six Penknives, button hook, ceramic eye bath, etc.    £15-20

20.     A late 19th century Kalliope table top Musical Disc Player, fitted steel comb movement, with winding handle and two 9" (23cms) metal discs.  11 1/2" (29cms) wide.   £100-150

21.     A number of Stamp Albums and contents of world stamps.   £20-30

22.     A number of Sports Programs including; football, rugby and speedway.   £10-20

23.     A box of Assorted Items including coins, costume jewellery, etc.   £10-20

24.     A box of Cigarette and Trade Card Albums, and various loose cards.   £20-30

25.     A box of loose Topographical Postcards.   £10-20

26.     A box of Die Cast Model Vehicles.   £10-20

27.     A Scrapbook of film stars, various guidebooks, etc.   £10-20

28.     A box of Stamp Albums, First Day Covers, loose stamps and covers, etc.   £20-30

29.     A number of Cigarette Card Albums including Speedway riders, air raid precautions, international airliners etc.   £20-30

30.     Gibraltar Year Books for 1994-1998, plus other sets, etc.    £25-30

31.     A collection of world Stamps on leaves including France, Brazil, Maldives, etc.   £10-20

32.     A Stanley Gibbons Australia Album 1913-1975.   £20-30

33.     A Stanley Gibbons GB Album containing an almost complete collection 1971-1987.   £20-30

34.     A folder containing an Australian collection of Stamps on leaves, additional stamps in packets, etc.   £10-15

35.     A Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue 2013 covering Commonwealth and British Stamps 1840-1970.   £5-10

36.     A fawn ring binder containing seven GB Min. sheets, Guernsey, Malay States, New Foundland, etc.   £20-30

37.     A Stockbook containing a large quantity of butterfly and bird stamps.   £20-30

38.     A Stanley Gibbons Album and contents of an Australian collection, mint and used 1913-1989.   £30-40

39.     A box containing approximately nine hundred thematic Stamps, and a small stockbook, etc.  £10-15

40.     A Juneero No. 2 multipurpose Engineering Tool with instructions and box.   £20-30

41.     A quantity of Hornby 'O' gauge Model Railway including LMS locomotive, rolling stock, track, signals, etc. £40-60

42.     A collection of one hundred Observers Books including some early editions, housed in a pine open bookcase.   £120-150

43.     A cylindrical Stick Stand and contents of various walking sticks.   £30-40

44.     A Photograph of the four members of The Beatles with printed signatures, Dezo Hoffmann copyright.  6" (15cms) x 3 1/2" (9cms).   £20-30

45.     A set of travelling brass balance Scales by P J Thornton on a single drawer stand, together with various weights.   £30-40

46.     A National Service Medal 1939-1960, together with a British Forces Germany Medal 1945-1989 to Private J Bond, and a Border Service Medal inscribed "Germany 1960-1964".   £30-40

47.     A Postcard Album and contents of topographical cards including Yorkshire and other views etc. and one other postcard album and part contents.   £50-80

48.     A 19th century upright Wall Mirror in later painted frame.   £20-30

49.     A brass Table Lamp with classical column and square base, complete with shade.   £20-30

50.     A Japanese black and gilt lacquered Panel decorated with mother of pearl birds, etc.  36" (92cms) x 12" (31cms).    £25-30

51.     A pine miniature Chest of three long and two short Drawers, 12" (31cms) wide, and a pine stationery rack.   £15-20

52.     A Victorian Photograph Album and contents of portrait photographs.   £30-40

53.     A smaller Photograph Album and contents of portrait photographs.   £30-40

54.     A Victorian rosewood Sewing Box with fitted interior.   £25-30

55.     A red glass and metal banded Table Lamp and shade.   £15-20

56.     A 19th century Needlework Sampler by Hannah D Camplejohn, aged 9, with alphabet, numerals, verse, trees, etc., 12" (31cms) square.   £20-30

57.     A Child's Sewing Machine by E L Grain of Nottingham, boxed.   £25-30

58.     A folder and contents of approximately one hundred and twenty eight Postcards, topographical, ocean liners etc.   £40-50

59.     A green folder and contents of approximately one hundred Postcards of shipping scenes.   £20-30

60.     A collection of approximately one hundred and three Postcards including shipping etc. mainly 1970's and 80's.   £15-20

61.     A collection of approximately one hundred and seven Postcards of British topographical scenes.   £20-30

62.     A Victorian engraved mother of pearl Visiting Card Case.   £30-50

63.     LOUISE HEDERSTROM for Ikea; a Bronze Sculpture of two figures "Two Become One".  17" (43cms) high.   £20-30

64.     A lead circular Plaque in the form of the Yorkshire Rose, 10" (25cms) diameter.   £30-40


65.     A Victorian oak Table Photograph Frame carved with ivy and inscribed "1880", 13" (33cms) x 9 1/2" (24cms), and a matching frame inscribed "1894".   £30-40

66.     A collection of 19th Century Wooden Joiners Planes by King & Peach of Hull, Maples & Co of Sheffield and various others.   £40-60

67.     An English Longbow 6' 3" (191cms) long, and another, slightly shorter.   £40-60

68.     A brass and leather covered three draw Telescope by Horne & Thornthwaite, London.  £40-60

69.     A German Mauser World War One Bayonet and Scabbard with bouillon knot.   £50-70

70.     A small metal Magic Lantern and Chad Valley Money Box.   £20-30

71.     A Scrapbook and Contents of trade advertisements, etc.   £30-40

72.     A small Kukri, Turkish Knife, Walking Stick with ivory head pommel, brass Flask, and an Antler.   £50-80

73.     A pair of Victorian ceremonial Halberds with a tall silver plated spear above a pieced concave blade and shaped beak, each with the crest of a bat with spread wings, on velvet mounted oak shafts, the longer halberd 8' 1" (247cms), the other 7' 6" (230cms).   £100-150

74.     A gilt metal two tier circlet Light Fitting hung with spear cut lustre drops.  31" (79cms) high.   £40-60

75.     A panel sided glazed Hall Lantern, another matching slightly smaller and a hexagonal brass and glass hall lantern.   £30-40

76.     A glass four branch ceiling light hung with button cut lustre drops another and a wooden five light Electrolier.   £30-40

77.     A Miner's brass Safety Lamp.   £20-30

78.     A collection of eighteen RAC county Road Maps, AA Road Maps, Bartholomew's Half Inch Contoured Maps and various other folding maps etc.    £30-40

79.     A Vintage Leather Suitcase initialled GF.  24" (61cms) wide.   £20-40

80.     A pair of plaster standing Figures of children.  27" (69cms) high.   £40-60

81.     A small pine Box with hinged lid.  20" (51cms) wide and two small metal trunks.   £30-40

82.     A white painted domed top metal two handled Trunk and another.   £30-40

83.     A small oak Table Top Cupboard enclosed by a pair of panelled doors, 16" (41cms) wide and a stationery rack.   £20-30

84.     A leaded and coloured glass Window Panel of stylised floral design, 40" (102cms) x 38" (97cms) and a matching smaller panel.   £50-80

85.     A glazed table top Display Case.  24" (61cms) long and another.   £30-40

86.     A mahogany glazed table top Display Cabinet.  17" (43cms) wide.   £40-60

87.     An oak glazed table top Display Case, 21" (53cms) wide and two others.   £40-60

88.     A Jimbaya with brass studded handled and leather sheath.    £20-30

89.     A Victorian three panel Scrap Work Draft Screen, each panel 5' 6" (168cms) x 1' 11" (59cms).   £50-80

90.     A Hawkes & Son XX Century Alto Saxophone in original box.   £70-100

91.     A Victorian wooden Truncheon inscribed "VR" in gilt.  14 1/2" (37cms) long.   £30-40

92.     A wooden Photograph Frame made from a World War One wooden propeller inscribed "RFC" containing a photograph of Harry Cryer Royal Flying Corps Squadron Twelve, and five artist signed coloured prints of war planes by Timothy O'Brien.   £30-40

93.     A 19th century mahogany sarcophagus shape Tea Caddy and an oak sewing box.   £30-40

94.     An 18th century hand coloured Map for Millar's New Complete and Universal System of Geography with a plan of the harbour at South Carolina, New York, etc., and a hand coloured map of the United States according to the Treaty of Peace of 1784.   £40-60

95.     A 17th century hand coloured Map of part of North Africa.  10" (26cms) x 14" (36cms).   £30-50

96.     A mahogany Pill Roller, two sets of Avery chemist scales etc.   £30-50

97.     A number of Chemists Sundries including a box of weights, thermometer with ivory register, glass bottle in leather case etc.   £30-40




98.     A large spelter Figure of a Cavalier on horseback with gilt decoration, 21" (54cms) high (a/f).   £30-40

99.     A large World War One brass Shell Case, a Trench Art shell case inscribed "1914 Souvenir" and two others.    £30-40

100.    A small Warming Pan on a turned wooden handle, and two coach warmers.   £20-30

101.    A pair of Continental Spelter Figures of children, each 17" (43cms) high, and a pair of Spelter figures of cherubs on a marble base.   £30-40

102.    A brass Table Oil Lamp with a Corinthian column and circular foot.  19" (48cms) high.    £40-60

103.    Another Table Oil Lamp with glass reservoir and adjustable glass column on a circular foot.    £40-60

104.    Another brass Table Oil Lamp.   £20-30

105.    A Japanese brass Vase with character mark to base, 10" (26cms) high, an Art Nouveau brass companion stand with two implements, and an Indian engraved brass tray, 23" (59cms) diameter.   £30-40

106.    A large brass Preserve Pan with steel loop handle, 15" (38cms) diameter, and three small brass preserve pans.   £30-40

107.    A quantity of Assorted Metalware including brass trivet, two copper kettles, a skimmer and a ladle.   £20-30

108.    A small Continental bronze Dish decorated with Classical figures, 6" (15cms) diameter, and a bevel edge wall mirror in a pierced brass frame, 17" (43cms) x 13" (33cms).   £30-40

109.    A pair of Victorian brass Candlesticks, 10 1/2" (26cms) high, a smaller pair, a chamber candlestick, and an engraved warming pan on turned wood handle.   £20-30

110.    A Liberty & Co. Tudric pewter Inkwell of Art Nouveau design with three scroll handles and pen trays, marked Tudric 076.    £100-150

111.    A 19th century Pewter Capstan Inkwell and a Rococo style brass inkstand fitted with two covered inkwells.   £40-60




(Lots 113 – 131 are being sold on behalf of Ebor Vale Riding for the Disabled)


112.    A Victorian Tea Set decorated in pink and gilt, comprising eight large cups and saucers, eight plates, two bread and butter plates, tea pot, milk jug and waste bowl, together with a part similar tea set.   £50-80

113.    A Beswick Model of a cantering shire in brown gloss, No. 975, and one other Beswick brown horse (ear chipped).   £20-30

114.    A Beswick Model of a mare, facing left, in brown gloss, No. 976, and a Beswick Appaloosa stallion, (leg broken).   £30-40

115.    A Beswick Model of a Hackney horse "Black Magic" in black gloss, No. 1361.   £30-40

116.    A Beswick Piebald Pinto Pony, second version, in gloss finish, No. 1373.   £30-40

117.    A Beswick Skewbald Pinto Pony in gloss finish, No. 1373.   £30-40

118.    A Beswick Highland Pony in dun gloss, No.1644.   £20-30

119.    A Beswick Arab Horse in Palomino gloss, No.1771.   £20-30

120.    A Beswick Model of a mare facing right, in Palomino gloss, No. 1812.   £20-30

121.    A Beswick Welsh Mountain Pony, No.1643 first version.   £30-40

122.    A Beswick Quarter Horse in brown matt finish, No.2186   £30-40

123.    A Beswick Model of a donkey, No. 2267A, and another No. 1364B.   £30-40

124.    A Beswick Aberdeen Angus Bull, No. 1562 in gloss finish.   £30-40

125.    A Beswick Hereford Bull, No 1363A, first version in gloss finish; two Hereford cows (one damaged) and a Hereford calf, No. 1827C.   £70-100

126.    A Beswick Model of a Dartmoor Pony in brown gloss, No. 1642.   £30-40

127.    A Beswick Horse "The Spirit of Youth" in grey matt, No. 2703, and two other Beswick horses (a/f).   £20-30

128.    A Beswick Model of a Bullfinch, No. 1042, another of a Greenfinch No. 2105, and five other Beswick bird ornaments.   £30-40

129.    A Beswick Model of Dales Pony No. 1671.   £30-50

130.    A Beswick Model of a Foal lying down, No. 915 in brown gloss, another brown foal No. 946 second version, and two Shetland foals.   £30-40

131.    A Beswick Model of a Shetland Pony No. 1648, and a Beswick model of a Huntsman's horse in brown gloss.   £30-40

132.    A Royal Doulton Horse in brown matt, a Border Fine Arts Appaloosa mare and foal, and two other horse ornaments.    £20-30

133.    A Fieldings Musical Mug "Killarney" 6" (15cms) high, another "Stirling Castle", and a smaller Fieldings mug "On Ilkla Moor".   £30-40

134.    A Fieldings Crown Devon Musical Jug "I Love a Lassie", another "John Peel", and two musical mugs "Killarney" and "Widdicombe Fair".    £30-40

135.    A Colclough floral decorated Table Service pattern No. 7132, comprising tea cups and saucers, plates in various sizes, etc., approximately ninety pieces.   £40-60

136.    A Wedgwood Serenity pattern Dinner and Tea Service, comprising eight dinner plates, eight dessert plates, eight cups and saucers, eight soup bowls, tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, sauce boat and vegetable dish and cover.   £30-40

137.    A Crown Devon leaf moulded Salad Bowl, Crown Devon leaf moulded oval dish, and other similar items.   £15-20

138.    A Royal Crown Derby dragon Paperweight with gold stopper.   £25-30

139.    Another Royal Crown Derby Paperweight in the form of a donkey with gold stopper.   £25-30

140.    A Stoneware Hot Water Bottle and two Stoneware jars.   £10-15

141.    A Victorian Ewer decorated with Clematis pattern, a Victorian soap dish and drainer, and other items.   £10-15

142.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern Pin Dish, pattern No. 1128 and a Derby miniature bowl.   £30-40

143.    A Royal Crown Derby small cylindrical Vase pattern No. 1128, 2 1/2" (6cms) high; an Aynsley "Cottage Garden" oval shallow dish; a 1920's cigarette holder, and a clay pipe inscribed "Miners Pipe".   £20-30

144.    A Beswick cantering Shire Horse in brown gloss No. 975.   £15-20

145.    A Beswick Group of a Siamese cat and mouse on a ceramic base "Watch it", another of a cat and dog "Sharing", and one other "Playtime".   £30-40

146.    A Beswick Siamese Cat No. 1559, a white Beswick Persian cat No. 1898, two Beswick Siamese kittens No. 1296, and a Beswick wall plaque No. 2236.   £20-40

147.    A Beswick Salt Pot in the form of a cat, a John Beswick "Cat Collection" money box, and four other John Beswick items.   £30-40

148.    A set of three Keeling & Co Losol ware graduated Jugs decorated in the Shanghai pattern, largest jug  8" (20cms) high.    £30-40

149.    An Arts & Crafts pottery cylindrical Vase decorated with stylised flowers, 16 1/2" (42cms) high, and a three handled Arts & Crafts pottery vase.   £30-40

150.    A late Victorian Jardiniere decorated with the Festoon pattern, and an Egyptian pattern jug.   £15-20

151.    A pair of Royal Dux Art Nouveau design baluster Vases decorated with applied figures of a girl and with applied flower heads on a lustre ground, 13 1/2" (35cms) high (flower head chipped).   £50-80

152.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern circular shallow Dish, a Derby saucer dish, tea cup and a Caverswall plate.   £30-40

153.    A 19th century Chestnut Basket printed with the Willow pattern in blue and white, Liverpool blue and white tea bowl and saucer, hard paste porcelain cream jug and bowl, and a Coalport tea cup and saucer.   £40-50

154.    A pair of Victoria baluster Vases and covers decorated with birds and flowers and on wooden bases, 13" (33cms) high; a Dresden Comport decorated with panels of figures and flowers, and two small Continental cabinet cups.   £50-70

155.    A Staffordshire Pottery Watch Holder with three figures, a Staffordshire Group of two highland figures, one other Group, a 19th century Wedgwood Sauce Tureen with cover and stand and a Victorian leaf pattern Vase. £30-40

156.    A Hornsea pottery Ashtray with red colour inlay, Sylvac leaf moulded vase, and other items.   £10-20

157.    A Nao Figure Group of two ducks, boxed, another Nao duck, boxed, and one other.   £15-20

158.    A Nao standing Figure of a girl holding a basket of flowers. 13" (33cms) high.   £15-20

159.    A Royal Albert "Lavender Rose" pattern Tea Set, a number of Portmeirion "Botanic Garden" pattern cups, etc.   £25-30

160.    A Wedgwood blue Jasper Ware Jardiniere, 8" (20cms) diameter, a Bretby plate decorated with Japanese figures 13" (33cms) diameter, and a Samson Armorial plate 9" (23cms) diameter.   £30-40

161.    A Continental porcelain Comport decorated with applied flowers and figures, etc., 14" (36cms) high (cracked); a smaller comport with cherub column; a pair of Continental floral decorated vases and a Continental flower trough.   £40-60

162.    A pair of Faience Ware Candlesticks, 10" (26cms) high, Limoges dressing table tray and pair of candlesticks, and six other Continental pieces.     £30-50

163.    A Newport Pottery Clarice Cliff Fruit Bowl decorated with a continuous band of raised flowers fruit and peacocks.  7 1/2" (19cms) diameter and a Clarice Cliff vase decorated with applied flowers.   £30-40

164.    A Royal Crown Derby Figure of Beau Brummell and a pair of continental Figures of a Dandy and his Lady (a/f). £20-30

165.    An Arcadian china crested Model of a World War One machine gun with the arms of hope, a cannon with the arms of Filey, Goss vase with the flags of the Allies, other crested items, a Goss model of Charles Dickens house and a Beswick brown foal.   £30-40

166.    A Chinese square section reticulated Vase decorated with a raised pattern of figures, landscapes, etc., and with seal mark to base, 20 1/2" (52cms) high (chipped and cracked).   £50-70

167.    A Shelley Teaset decorated with sprays of flowers, pattern No. 11630, comprising six panel sided cups, five saucers, six plates, milk jug and sugar bowl.   £50-80

168.    A Royal Doulton Etude pattern part Tea and Coffee Set (thirty pieces), and a Japanese coffee set.   £30-40

169.    A pair of Niderviller Faience covered Vases painted with puce panels of figures in country landscapes, the pierced covers with artichoke finials, scroll handles, and on square bases, 9 1/2" (24cms) high.   £150-200

170.    A pair of Vienna baluster Vases and covers printed with cherubs and other figures within a blue red and gilt border.  10" (26cms) high. (one cover damaged).   £40-60

171.    A quantity of Royal Crown Derby "Derby Posies" pattern Tea Ware, comprising six tea cups and saucers, nine plates, teapot, hot water jug, sugar bowl, milk jug and a serving plate, together with a butter dish and knife, and three breakfast cups and saucers.   £40-60

172.    A Royal Albert "Memory Lane" pattern Dinner Service, comprising ten dinner plates, nine dessert plates, ten dessert bowls, soup bowls and stands, vegetable dish and cover, various serving platters and dishes, and a gravy boat; approximately fifty pieces.   £50-80

173.    A quantity of Royal Albert "Memory Lane" pattern Tea and Coffee Ware, comprising ten cups, twelve saucers, twelve plates, teapot, coffee pot, milk and cream jugs, etc.; forty five pieces.   £40-60

174.    A Burmantofts Jardiniere Stand decorated with a raised pattern of leaves, flower heads, etc., in blue yellow and cream, 25" (64cms) high.   £35-40

175.    A pair of Beswick white Boars "Wall Champion Boy" (one ear chipped), and a white sow "Wall Queen".   £20-30

176.    A Beswick Model of a pig and piglet No. 2746, and a Royal Doulton Tamworth sow.   £20-30

177.    A Border Fine Arts Group of piglets "The Great Escape", another of a sow and piglets by Ray Ayres, and six other Border Fine Arts pig ornaments.    £30-40

178.    A Border Fine Arts Group of Piglet and Eeyore, two Border Fine Arts James Herriot pig ornaments and various other ornaments.   £20-30

179.    A Rye Pottery Figure of a pig, two carved wooden pigs and various other pig ornaments.   £20-30

180.    A Crown Staffordshire Teaset decorated with flower heads and leaves, comprising twelve cups and saucers, twelve plates, milk jug, sugar bowl and two bread and butter plates, and a Crown Ducal tube lined shallow dish.   £30-40

181.    A Royal Copenhagen Figure of an otter eating a fish, Poole pottery flower trough, two posies, etc.   £20-30

182.    A blue glass Rolling Pin inscribed "Ann Charles Thornton", another inscribed "For My Love", a pair of etched glass decanters and a cranberry glass vase.   £20-30

183.    A hobnail cut glass Decanter, a triple ring neck decanter, blue wine glass, green glass wine bottle with metal mounts, and two other items.   £30-40

184.    A late 19th century Continental glass Vase painted with sprays of flowers, 12" (30cms) high.   £30-40

185.    A Caithness "Maydance" glass Paperweight, another "Moonflower", and other paperweights.   £30-40

186.    A Caithness "Nova" pattern glass Paperweight, a Caithness "Royal Wedding 1988" paperweight, and various other paperweights.   £30-40

187.    Nine clear glass Chemist's Jars with black and gilt labels, two green glass jars, and four modern ceramic drug jars.   £30-40




188.    A Vienna Wall Clock with ivorine dial in architectural style walnut case, 2' 7" (79cms) high.   £30-40

189.    A 1920's Mantel Clock with steel dial and striking movement in inlaid mahogany domed case with inscription.  18" (46cms) wide.   £20-30

190.    An Edwardian Mantel Clock with white dial, gong strike and French movement, in an inlaid mahogany case.  11" (28cms) high.   £30-40

191.    An Art Nouveau design Mantel Clock with floral decorated ivorine dial, in inlaid oak case.  10" (26cms) high.   £30-40

192.    An Edwardian Mantel Clock with white and gilt dial and gong strike in inlaid mahogany case.   11" (28cms) high.   £30-40

193.    An Aneroid Barometer in mahogany frame, 10" (26cms) diameter.   £15-20

194.    A Longcase Clock with steel and brass and dial in a mahogany case with swan's neck pediment and glazed door.  6' 6" (198cms) high.   £40-60

195.    An early 20th century Mantel Clock with floral decorated blue ceramic dial, in an oak case, 10 1/2" (26cms) high, and a mantel timepiece in a floral and gilt decorated Rococo style case by Moore Brothers (a/f).   £30-40

196.    A late 19th century four glass Mantel Clock with white dial and mercury pendulum, in etched bevelled glass and brass case with urn finial, and raised on cloven hoof feet.  14" (36cms) high.   £150-200

197.    A 19th century Stick Barometer with brass register and visible mercury tube in a mahogany case.  3' 2" (97cms) high.   £70-100

198.    An Aneroid Barometer, the ivorine dial inscribed "H. Leigh, Dover" in mahogany case, and a mantel timepiece in an onyx case.   £20-30




199.    A pair of plated Knife Rests by Mappin & Webb with lion decoration.   £20-30

200.    A Georgian design plated five light Candelabrum with oval sconces, scroll arms and on a navette shape base.  17" (43cms) high.    £50-70

201.    A late Victorian cut glass globe Scent Bottle with embossed silver cover, London 1900, maker: William Comyns; two French etched glass toilet jars with silver and tortoiseshell covers, two silver overlaid glass vases and a cut glass scent flask.   £40-60

202.    A set of six Dessert Knives and Forks with plated blades and mother of pearl handles, in mahogany box.   £20-30

203.    An engraved plated oval two handled Tray and an engraved circular dish.   £30-40

204.    A set of six silver Coffee Spoons based on the design of the original Devon Puritan Spoons.   £20-30

205.    An engraved plated Bacon Dish with revolving cover and entrée dish bases.   £15-20

206.    An engraved plated circular Salver, 12" (31cms) diameter; a plated card tray, 8" (20cms) diameter; plated oval tea caddy, plated chamber stick, etc.   £20-30

207.    A Sheffield plate oval Inkstand with galleried edge and claw and ball feet, fitted with two blue glass bottles with plated covers (one a/f).   £30-40

208.    A pair of plated Snuffing Scissors, snuffing tray, pedestal salt and a plated cream jug.   £15-20

209.    An engraved silver Cigarette Case, 2.1 oz, and a glass Dressing Table Bottle with silver cover.   £30-40

210.    An embossed silver oval Mustard Pot, silver Decanter Label and a silver Sugar Scoop.   £30-40

211.    A four piece plated Tea and Coffee Set on a plated oblong tray.   £20-30

212.    An engraved plated Dressing Table Box, silver hat pin stand, various silver handled manicure implements and glass dressing table jars.   £30-40

213.    A silver four piece Dressing Table Set and a similar brush.   £30-40

214.    A silver backed four piece Dressing Table Set, and a Shoe Horn and Button Hook with silver handles in case. £30-40

215.    A plated six division Cruet with four glass bottles, and four other various Cruets (incomplete).   £30-40

216.    A quantity of assorted plated Cutlery, bone handled knives, etc.   £20-30

217.    An Edwardian plated two handled Tea Urn with engraved decoration, on a pedestal foot, inscribed "Ganton Coursing Meeting, January 1909, Winner: Ganton Beauty, J T Clarkson", 20" (51cms) high.   £50-70

218.    A small Russian engraved silver Cup, a small Continental oval Flask, three Fobs, etc.   £30-50

219.    A silver Pint Mug with scroll handle, Sheffield 1962, 10.6 oz.   £70-100

220.    A small silver Mug with reeded decoration, Sheffield 1936, 3.2 oz.   £30-40

221.    A set of six silver handled Pastry Knives, a canteen of stainless steel Cutlery for six covers, and other cutlery. £30-50

222.    A quantity of assorted plated cutlery, bone handled knives etc.   £30-40

223.    A engraved plated two handled Tray, plated three piece tea set, plated oval tea pot and other items.   £30-40

224.    A cased set of six plated Fish Knives and Forks with bone handles, a pair plated Fish Servers, and four other boxes of plated cutlery.   £30-40

225.    Various boxes of plated Cutlery, Victorian plated Pint Mug, etc.   £30-40




226.    Three various Wristwatches, Cufflinks, and a quantity of stainless steel cutlery, etc.   £20-30

227.    A 9ct gold gatelink Bracelet with padlock clasp, 7.8g.   £60-80

228.    A lady's vintage Wristwatch with oblong dial in 9ct gold case and on gold strap, 12g gross weight.   £50-70

229.    Five 9ct gold Bangles and a pair of gold hoop Earrings, 19.6g.   £150-200

230.    An open face Fob Watch with jewelled dial in engraved silver case, a gold Dress Ring set with an opal, and a Stick Pin.   £30-50

231.    A Jewellery Box and contents including a pair of gold hoop earrings, silver dress rings, French jet necklace and other items.   £30-40

232.    A Victorian gold Sovereign, 1898, in a 9ct gold pendant fitting and on a fine link neck chain.   £200-220

233.    A Victorian gold Half Sovereign, 1893.   £30-100

234.    A 22ct plain gold Wedding Band, 5.4g.   £100-150

235.    A gold link Necklace, 34" (86cms) long, marked "750", 11.7g.   £200-250

236.    An 18ct gold Signet Ring and one other 18ct gold Ring, 7.9g.   £120-150

237.    A quantity of Costume Jewellery, silver bangle, case of drawing instruments, etc.    £30-40

238.    An 18ct gold Engagement Ring with five small diamonds in a pierced setting.   £50-80

239.    A silver gilt Masonic Jewel with blue enamel decoration by Toye, Kenning & Spencer inscribed "Yorkshire, North & East Riding".   £40-60

240.    A 9ct. gold Engagement Ring set with a brilliant cut white topaz.   £70-80

241.    A 9ct. gold Dress Ring set with four rows of cubic zirconia.   £100-120

242.    A 9ct. gold Engagement Ring set with a oval sapphire and surrounded by small diamonds.   £40-50

243.    A 9ct. gold three stone garnet Ring of crossover design.   £50-60

244.    A silver gilt Dress Ring of cluster design set with turquoise and seed pearls.   £70-90

245.    A silver gilt Dress Ring set with three opals.   £40-50

246.    A silver link Bracelet set with sixteen opals.   £50-70

247.    A silver Pendant of scroll design set with opal, amethyst and marcasite.   £50-60

248.    A Gentleman's silver Ring with Masonic emblem, and two others.   £30-40

249.    A silver pear shape Pendant with centre opal surrounded by cubic zirconias.   £40-50

250.    A silver Dress Ring set with an opal and marcasite.   £25-30

251.    A silver Dress Ring set with turquoise and marcasite and two other silver rings.   £25-30

252.    A pair of silver gilt pendant and leaf pattern Earrings set with opals.   £30-40

253.    A silver stone set Art Deco style Ring.   £35-40

254.    A pair of silver and marcasite Earrings.   £20-30

255.    A string of Amber Beads of differing colours and with various inclusions, 24" (61cms) long.   £250-300

256.    A Jewellery Box and contents including a Whitby jet bracelet, various brooches, necklaces, etc.   £40-60

257.    An Abiste lapis lazuli Necklace with turquoise spacers, in original box.    £75-80

258.    A silver Seal with hardstone handle, four other Seals and a pair of small Buckles.   £30-50

259.    A Jewellery Box and contents of various wristwatches, a few items of costume jewellery, silver oval locket, etc. £20-30

260.    A Tiffany & Co. 18ct gold bean shape Pendant by Elsa Peretti on an 18ct gold fine link neck chain, width of bean 9mm.    £200-300

261.    A 22ct. plain gold Wedding Band. (4gms).   £80-100

262.    A plain 18ct. gold Wedding Band. (6.2gms)   £100-120

263.    Two 22ct. plain gold Wedding Bands. (5.8gms)   £120-150

264.    A gentleman's 18ct. gold Signet Ring set with a single diamond. (5.8gms gross).   £100-150

265.    Two plain 18ct. gold Wedding Bands. (4gms)   £70-100

266.    A 14ct. gold Wedding Band. (2.8gms)   £40-60

267.    A 9ct. two colour gold Necklace. (11.1gms)   £80-120

268.    Four various 9ct. gold Wedding Bands. (9.7gms)   £70-100

269.    A 9ct. gold crucifix Pendant on a fine link neck chain, a gold heart shape pendant on a fine link neck chain and two other gold neck chains.  (22.8gms)   £170-200

270.    A 9ct. gold Pendant on a fine link neck chain and four 9ct. gold rings. (10.3gms gross)   £80-120




271.    A Veramin Rug of an all over stylised floral design on a blue field and bordered.  4' 9" (145cms) x 3' 3" (100cms).   £80-100

272.    A Kashan medallion Rug with flower heads on a red field and bordered.  7' 1" (216cms) x 4 '7" (140cms).   £100-150

273.    A Hamadan Rug with a centre medallion surrounded by stylised animals and flowers on a brown field and bordered.  6' 8" (203cms) x 3' 11" (120cms).   £80-100

274.    Another Hamadan Rug of lozenge design on a red field and bordered.  6' 3" (191cms) x 4' 6" (137cms).   £80-100

275.    A Shiraz Rug with a centre medallion, with stylised flowers and animals in a three stripe border.  8' 7" (262cms) x 4' 7" (140cms).   £100-150

276.    A Hamadan Rug, the centre medallion with a blue field surrounded by a stylised design on a red field and bordered.  6' 7" (200cms) x 4' 10" (148cms).   £80-120

277.    Another Hamadan Rug of geometric and floral design on a red field and bordered.  6' 8" (205cms) x 4' 9" (145cms).   £100-150

278.    A Hamadan Carpet of all over floral design on a blue field and bordered.  10' 6" (320cms) x 5' 8" (172cms).   £200-400

279.    A Hamadan Runner with all over stylised floral design on a red field and bordered.  9' 11" (302cms) x 2' 9" (84cms).   £100-150

280.    A Ziegler pattern Rug of floral design on a beige field and bordered.  7' 6" (230cms) x 5' 3" (160cms).   £50-70

281.    A Bokhara pattern Rug of traditional elephant's foot design on a red field and bordered, 6' 3" (190cms) x 4' 7" (140cms).   £40-60

282.    A Keshan pattern Rug of medallion design in green, beige, etc., 7' 6" (230cms) x 5' 3" (160cms).   £50-70

283.    A Heriz pattern Carpet of geometric and floral design on a red field and bordered.  7' 6" (230cms) x 5' 3" (160cms).   £70-100

284.    A Keshan pattern Carpet of floral design on a beige field and bordered.  9' 2" (280cms) x 6' 6" (200cms).   £80-100

285.    Another Keshan pattern Carpet on a blue field and bordered.  9' 2" (180cms) x 5' 6 (200cms).   £80-100




286.    An Oleograph of a 19th century rural landscape.   £20-30

287.    A pair of 19th century coloured Hunting Prints published by William Spooner 1840 in gilt frames.  12" (31cms) x 15" (38cms).   £40-60

288.    After IMOGEN COLLIER; a coloured Print "Members of the Sinnington Hunt 1905", published by Henry Dixon & Son.  14" (36cms) x 22" (56cms).   £40-60

289.    An indistinctly signed Watercolour of a huntsman taking a fence, 7" (17cms) x 10" (25cms); a coloured hunting print and one other print.   £30-40

290.    An unsigned still life Watercolour of a spray of Hollyhocks, inscribed on the reverse "Maria Harrison".  22" (56cms) x 14" (36cms).   £30-50

291.    ALLAN STUTTLE; an artist signed coloured Print of Scarborough, and a print of a terrier.   £20-30

292.    NEIL SPILMAN (b. 1951) "Autumn Bridge", Oil on Board, signed, 6" (15cms) x 7 1/2" (19cms).   £20-30

293.    A pair of unsigned Oil Paintings of coastal and river landscapes in gilt frames, each 9 1/2" (24cms) x 13" (33cms) and one other similar picture.   £30-40

294.    A pair of unsigned Oil Paintings of coastal landscapes.  15 1/2" (39cms) x 8" (20cms) and other of a lake landscape.   £30-40

295.    A pair of gilt Gesso Picture Frames, aperture size 18" (46cms) x 14" (36cms), and one other frame.   £30-40

296.    ROWLAND HILL, Thatched Cottage with a Country Garden, Watercolour, signed, 8" (20cms) x 11" (27cms); STRATTON, an oil on canvas of lake landscape, and various other pictures.   £20-30

297.    A pair of Dutch style still life Oil Paintings on board in heavy gilt frames.  15 1/2" (39cms) x 8" (20cms).   £40-60

298.    A pair of modern Oil Paintings on panel of horses in a stable interior. 11 1/2" (29cms) x 16" (40cms).   £50-80

299.    An unsigned Oil on Canvas of a Mediterranean town scene inscribed "Tylossos, Crete", 28" (71cms) x 20" (51cms).   £20-30

300.    •LENA ROBB (1891-1980); Still life of a jug of roses, Oil on Board with Royal Scottish Academy Exhibition label verso.  19" (48cms) x 17" (43cms).   ARR   £100-150

301.    A series of nine small Le Blond coloured Prints, framed as one, and a Baxter print "The Lovers Letterbox".   £20-40

302.    A pair of 19th century circular Stipple Engravings in verre eglomise surround and gilt frames.  12" (31cms) diameter.   £30-40

303.    After WHEATLEY; a set of thirteen coloured "Cries of London" Prints, each 13" (33cms) x 10" (26cms).   £40-60

304.    WARD after MORLAND; a coloured Print "The Door of the Village Inn" and another "The Thatcher", each 15" (38cms) x 20" (51cms).   £20-30

305.    After WHEATLEY; a pair of coloured Prints "Morning" and "Evening" each 15" (38cms) x 20" (51cms).   £20-30

306.    AUSTIN SMITH; Coastal landscape Oil on Board, signed and dated 1914, 5 1/2" (14cms) x 12 1/2" (32cms), another by the same artist of haymaking scene and another of a moonlit harbour scene, all unframed.   £30-50

307.    GEORGE VERNON STOKES; Retriever and Spaniel, signed in pencil, coloured etching No. 3/75.  8 1/2" (21cms) x 10" (25cms).   £50-80

308.    A pair of Prints of York City during "The Races 1731" and "Execution Day at York 1820" in gilt frames.   £10-20

309.    A set of six framed Sheet Music Covers and one other picture.   £20-30

310.    MIKE MAYNARD; Pastel drawing "The Aqueduct Near Bath", 20" (51cms) x 27" (69cms) and another by the same artist of a Scottish landscape.    £20-30

311.    An oval unsigned Oil on Canvas of a Continental landscape with a bullock cart in foreground.  19" (48cms) x 23" (59cms) and a modern print of glass of a racehorse.   £70-100

312.    LUIGI BARDI; An artist signed black and white Engraving of Christ being brought down from the cross.  28" (71cms) x 19" (48cms) (unframed).   £30-40

313.    A pair of Chinese Paintings of male and female figures on rice paper, each 11" (28cms) x 7 1/2" (19cms).   £30-40

314.    Three 19th Century coloured engravings of Scarborough, another of York, a framed group of three Sutcliffe photographs and other items.   £20-30




315.    A small Victorian mahogany Chest of two long and two short Drawers on a plinth base.  2' 10" (87cms) wide.   £30-40

316.    A set of four early 20th century mahogany frame Dining Chairs with upholstered seats and backs, on turned supports.   £20-30

317.    An oak Refectory style draw leaf Dining Table on baluster turned supports, 2' 9" (84cms) wide x 6' 10" (210cms) extended length.   £40-60

318.    A pair of oak Bedroom Chairs with rush seats and two others.   £20-30

319.    An Antique design oak Settle with panelled back and seat, on square supports. 6' (183cms) wide.   £70-100

320.    An oak Sideboard with raised back, and with drawers and panel front, cupboards under, on spiral turned and block supports.  5' (153cms) wide.   £30-40

321.    An oak combined Stationery and Smoker's Cabinet with book slide, pipe rack, etc., 26" (66cms) wide.   £35-40

322.    An antique design wedge shape Corner Wall Cupboard enclosed by a panelled door, 2' 3" (69cms) wide. £20-30

323.    A Victorian mahogany Pembroke Table with single end drawer, 'D' shape drop flaps and turned support.  3' 6" (107cms) wide.   £30-40

324.    A pair of beech frame hoop back Dining Chairs, the pierced splats carved with a lion, with upholstered seats, turned supports and crinoline stretchers, and an oak gate leg tea table.    £30-40

325.    A Child's 1950's open Armchair with upholstered seat and back.   £20-30

326.    A figured walnut Bureau with hinged fall and three drawers under, on short shaped supports and claw and ball feet.  2' 5" (74cms) wide.   £40-60

327.    An early 20th century oak Display Cabinet enclosed by a pair of glazed tracery doors, on shaped supports.  3' 11" (127cms) wide.   £30-40

328.    A G-Plan Golden Dawn elm circular Dining Table with extension leaf, and a set of four ladder back dining chairs.   £100-150

329.    A G-Plan Golden Dawn elm Dresser, the upper section with adjustable open shelves flanked by a pair of display compartments, with drawers and linen fold cupboards under.  5' 1" (155cms) wide.   £150-200

330.    A G-Plan Golden Dawn elm oblong Coffee Table on turned and blocked supports, 3' 8" (112cms) wide, and a smaller matching table.   £40-60

331.    A G-Plan Golden Dawn elm standing Corner Cupboard, the upper section with open shelves, and with cupboard under.   £50-70

332.    An Old Charm elm Side Table fitted with a carved single frieze drawer, on turned and blocked supports.  22" (56cms) wide.   £30-40

333.    A Child's wicker Chair and a milking stool.   £15-20

334.    A Victorian upright swing Toilet Mirror in mahogany frame and platform base.   £15-20

335.    An Edwardian mahogany Towel Airer inlaid with boxwood stringing, and a mahogany three division Canterbury.   £30-40

336.    A figured walnut bow fronted Wardrobe enclosed by three panelled doors.  6' (183cms) wide.   £100-150

337.    A set of four Chippendale design mahogany frame Dining Chairs with pierced splat backs, upholstered seats and cabriole supports with claw and ball feet.   £40-60

338.    A small oak Monk's Bench with folding table top and upholstered seat, an Edwardian bedroom chair with cane seat and a Continental circular occasional table.   £30-50

339.    An 18th century design painted frame oblong Stool with upholstered top, and a beech frame stool with upholstered top.   £30-40

340.    A small 19th century mahogany Bedside Cupboard enclosed by a single panel door, on slender turned supports, 14" (36cms) wide, and a late Victorian bedroom chair.   £30-40

341.    A Continental painted Headboard with spindle turned decoration.  3' 5" (104cms) wide.   £20-30

342.    A figured walnut Record Cabinet enclosed by a pair of panel doors, 2' (61cms) wide, and a white painted fluted column standard lamp and shade, and various other standard lamp shades.   £30-40

343.    An oak Bureau Bookcase, the upper section enclosed by a pair of glazed doors, with hinged fall and two drawers under, on spiral turned supports.  2' 6" (76cms) wide.   £20-40

344.    A small oak Coffer with hinged lid, 2' 6" (76cms) wide, and an oak drop-leaf table.   £30-40

345.    A mahogany drop-leaf Dining Table on shaped supports, and a mahogany standard lamp.   £20-30

346.    A late Victorian oak three tier Trolley with spindle turned decoration, 2' 3" (69cms) wide, and an oak dished top stool with carved decoration.   £30-40

347.    A mahogany Pedestal on a square base, 3' 3" (99cms) high, and a smaller pedestal.   £40-50

348.    An Edwardian walnut Bedside Cupboard enclosed by a single panel door, on bracket feet.  16" (41cms) wide.   £30-40

349.    An oak Bedroom Suite comprising wardrobe enclosed by a pair of panelled doors with leaf carved decoration, 3' 11" (120cms) wide, dressing table with triple mirror and drawers under and a millinery cupboard with two drawers under.   £40-60

350.    A mahogany three piece Bedroom Suite comprising wardrobe enclosed by mirror panelled door and with domed cornice, single drawer under and bracket feet.  4' (122cms) wide, dressing chest with bevelled mirror and two long and two short drawers under and a chest of four long drawers.  2' 10" (87cms) wide.   £50-80

351.    An early 19th century mahogany Chest of three long and two short Drawers with turned pull handles, and on bracket feet.  3' 5" (104cms) wide.   £70-100

352.    A pair of small oak drop leaf Occasional Tables on turned and block supports, 19" (48cms) wide, and a pine stool.   £30-40


353.    An Edwardian oak bedside Cupboard enclosed by carved panel door, on a plinth base.  14" (36cms) wide.   £30-40

354.    An oak Coffer with hinged four panel lid and front, on stile supports.  3' 8" (112cms) wide.   £40-60

355.    An oak Display Cabinet enclosed by a pair of leaded glass doors on a two drawer base.  3' (92cms) wide.   £30-40

356.    A large upright bevel edge Wall Mirror in a figured oak frame.  4' 4" (133cms) x 3' 2" (97cms).   £20-30

357.    A cantilever Sewing Box on a square leg stand.   £20-30

358.    An oak drop leaf Dining Table with single end drawer, 3' 6" (107cms) wide; a set of five panel back oak dining chairs, and four oak dining chairs with rail backs (one carver).   £40-60

359.    An Edwardian small walnut Side Cabinet with two shallow drawers above a fielded panel cupboard, on bracket feet.  20" (51cms) wide.   £40-60

360.    An oblong Wall Mirror in oak frame and a bevel edge mirror in a metal frame.   £20-30

361.    An oak Sideboard with raised back fitted with two centre drawers and flanked by a pair of cupboards, on turned and blocked supports.  5' (153cms) wide.   £30-40

362.    A mahogany Bedroom Cupboard, the interior fitted with small drawers and enclosed by a pair of panel doors, on square tapering supports.  2' 4" (71cms) wide.   £40-60

363.    A pair of mahogany Pedestal Cupboards, each enclosed by a single panel door and on short turned supports.  20" (51cms) wide.   £30-50

364.    An oak office Side Table with a single drawer, 4' (122cms) wide, and a blanket box.   £20-40

365.    A painted standing Corner Cupboard with glazed upper section and cupboard under, and a white painted Delft rack.  5' 8" (172cms) wide.   £30-50

366.    An oak Chest of three long and two short Drawers on bracket feet.  3' 6" (107cms) wide.   £30-40

367.    A late Victorian mahogany Sutherland Tea Table with 'D' shape drop leaves, on turned supports.  21" (53cms) wide.   £20-30

368.    A Victorian painted pine Flour Bin with hinged lid and short turned supports.  3' 2" (97cms) wide.   £30-40

369.    A stained pine Blanket Box with hinged lid.  2' 10" (87cms) wide.   £30-40

370.    A Georgian design pine standing Corner Cupboard with barrel back and open serpentine fronted shelves beneath a dentil cornice, with cupboards under, on bracket feet.  3' 11" (120cms) wide.   £50-80

371.    A stained pine Blanket Box with hinged lid.  4' (122cms) wide.   £30-40

372.    A Victorian rosewood four tier corner Whatnot with inlaid decoration, serpentine fronted shelves and spiral turned supports, 2' (61cms) wide.   £70-100

373.    A Japanese rosewood Shodana carved with birds, flowers, etc., and fitted with open shelves with fret carved decoration, small cupboards, etc., and with three base drawers.  4' 4" (132cms) wide (base missing). £400-500

374.    A Victorian walnut frame spoon back Armchair with carved cresting rail, upholstered seat and back, and cabriole supports.   £40-60

375.    An early 19th century elm Elbow Chair with vertical rail back, upholstered seat and square tapering supports, and a Regency mahogany Dining Chair.   £20-30

376.    An Edwardian mahogany Bureau with crossbanded and shell inlaid fall, with three long drawers under, on bracket feet.  2' 6" (76cms) wide.    £40-60

377.    A 19th century mahogany Bookcase, the upper section with a lappet carved arched cornice and fitted with adjustable shelves, enclosed by a pair of glazed tracery doors, with cupboard under, and on a plinth base. 

3' 10" (117cms) wide.    £70-100

378.    A Victorian mahogany bow fronted Chest fitted with four long Drawers, the turned pull handles with mother of pearl centres, and carved side pilasters, on compressed bun feet. 3' 10 1/2" (117cms) wide.   £150-200

379.    A late Victorian mahogany frame Salon Suite, comprising settee with carved cresting rail, upholstered seat and back, and cabriole supports; pair of open armchairs, and four standard chairs in two sizes.   £200-300

380.    A Victorian mahogany Chiffonier the raised back with two open shelves, single drawer and panelled cupboards under on compressed bun feet.  3'8" (112cms) wide.   £100-150

381.    An Edwardian mahogany Sideboard of Georgian design with raised back and bow fronted centre section fitted with three drawers flanked by a pair of cupboards on square tapering supports and spade feet.  5' (153cms) wide.    £100-150

382.    A 19th century mahogany Chest of three long and two short graduated Drawers, on bracket feet.  3' 5" (104cms) wide.   £70-100


383.    An early 19th century mahogany cased square Piano with plaque bearing the maker's name 'James Rigg, Providence Row, Finsbury Square, London', the case with gilt metal mounts and fitted with two small drawers, raised on fluted turned supports.  5' 7" (170cms) wide.   £150-200

384.    An Adam design mahogany Display Cabinet with a carved and pierced frieze, enclosed by a pair of glazed tracery doors, on reeded square tapering supports.  4' (122cms) wide.   £100-150

385.    An early 20th century French Salon Suite with painted frame, comprising sofa, pair of Fauteuils and a standard chair, all with floral upholstery and on shaped supports.   £150-200

386.    A pair of Continental gilt wood Salon Chairs with scroll carved decoration, upholstered seats and backs, and cabriole supports.   £40-60

387.    A Victorian mahogany frame spoon back Nursing Chair with button upholstered back and seat, on cabriole supports.   £30-50

388.    An early 19th century oak rail back Elbow Chair with panel seat and square supports, together with a pair of matching standard chairs.   £30-50

389.    A George III oak Bureau with hinged fall and three long drawers under, on bracket feet.  3' 2" (97cms) wide.   £100-150

390.    An 18th century oak Settle, the four-panel back carved with lozenge and rosette designs, with a panel seat and turned and blocked supports.  6' 3" (190cms) wide.   £150-200

391.    A George III Bureau, the hinged fall with mahogany cross banding and a fitted interior with four long graduated drawers under on bracket feet.  3' 3" (99cms) wide.   £80-120

392.    A late Victorian burr oak oblong Side Table with spindle turned cross stretcher and turned supports.  3' 6" (107cms) wide.   £50-70

393.    An oak Cupboard with raised back, enclosed by a pair of fielded panel doors, on pierced bracket feet.  3' 4" (102cms) wide.   £50-80

394.    A 19th century mahogany oblong tilt-top Occasional Table on a baluster turned column and triple splay supports.  2' 4" (71cms) wide.   £30-40

395.    A Victorian mahogany oval Occasional Table on a turned column and inverted triple splay supports.  2' 1" (64cms) wide.   £30-40

396.    A George III oak Bureau with hinged fall and four long graduated drawers under, on pierced bracket feet, surmounted by an associated oak bookcase.  3' 5" (105cms) wide.   £80-120

397.    A 19th century mahogany elbow Chair of Hepplewhite design with pierced splat back, dished upholstered seat and square tapering supports, and an early Victorian mahogany frame elbow chair.   £30-40

398.    An early Victorian mahogany frame Commode Elbow Chair, a Georgian design mahogany dining chair with circular radial back, and two other mahogany chairs.   £30-40

399.    A late Victorian bamboo frame Elbow Chair with rail back and a mat seat.   £40-60

400.    A Victorian mahogany frame spoon back Nursing Chair with button upholstered back and serpentine fronted seat, on claw and ball feet.   £40-60

401.    A George III oak Bureau, the interior fitted with small drawers, pigeonholes and shell inlaid cupboard, with an inlaid hinged fall and with two long and two short drawers under, on bracket feet, 3' (92cms) wide.   £100-150