01904 489731

01904 489731

Horse Sale

Friday 26th July


26TH JULY 2019



1       Tommy                                                                         NO VAT

          Chestnut            Gelding              DOB 08.03.10    29”            

Passport Number:  8260 7300 1070 616

Tommy is a very cute miniature Shetland.  He has previously been a ride and drive pony but he is now just a pet lawn mower.  He is good to groom, bath and with the farrier.  A real sweetie as he is only 29” high.  Tommy has been to local shows with me and my family.



2       Hurworth Cloud                                                                   NO VAT

          Black                  Colt                      DOB 17.05.17    29”

Sire   Hurworth Little Man

Dam North Harrier Mini Mouse

Passport Number:  8260 3900 0BE 0025  SPS

Good to lead, with farrier, been well handled, has been petted by children.



3       Lillian’s David                                                             NO VAT

          Piebald               Gelding               8 yrs                    34”

Passport Number;  8260 3900 AY0587 (SPSBS)

David is an 8 year old registered Shetland pony standing around 34”.  David has only been a field companion for the last year but has been previously ride and drive and with his laid back attitude, don’t think it would take him long to learn the tricks of the trade again.



4       Legerview Ellie May                                                  NO VAT

          Palomino           Filly                     DOB 11.04.18    11.2hh

          Sire   Yaverland Goldrush

                             Grand Sire Pendock Trapeze

          Dam Escley Theatre

                             Grand Dam Escley Teatime

Passport Number:  8260 4602 0178 897 (WPCS)

Ellie is a lovely well bred Section A.  Good mover, shown inhand, make a sweet little lead rein or first ridden pony or ideal broodmare.  Easy to do in all ways.





5       Hermits Pickwick                                                       NO VAT

          Grey                    Stallion               14 yrs                  32”

Passport Number: AR0567 (SPSBS)

Hermits Pickwick is a chunky well shaped 32” stallion who is registered with the Shetland Pony Society.  He has some very good breeding behind him but has only been used as a field companion.




6       Brackenrigg Clarisant                                              NO VAT

          Grey                     Filly                      3 yrs                    11.2hh                 Sire   Islyn Cennad

                    Grand Sire  Islyn Havoc

          Dam Islyn Anrheg

                   Grand Dam Islyn Arian

Passport Number:  176814 (WPCS)

Princess is a sweet kind filly who is well handled, good to box, with the farrier, catch & bath.  Had 2nd flu jab.  Been shown in hand, lovely movement.  Make a nice M & M lead rein or child’s pony, only for sale as no small children when broken.




7       Seaton Ross Chim Chim Cheree                                     NO VAT

Grey                    Gelding              3yrs                     11.2hh      

Sire   Dukeshill Dotcom

          Grand Sire Dukeshill Magnum

Dam Taraco Chalina

          Grand Dam Taraco Cherish

Passport Number:  103051 (WPCS)

Sid is bred in the purple.  Top blood lines.  Good to catch, box and with the farrier.  A lovely kind pony who is well handled.  Just waiting to be broken, looking for a M & M lead rein – Sid is the one.  A true type, sad sale as no small children.






8       Glanarch Milord (Billy)                                              NO VAT

          Palomino           Gelding              DOB 11.05.09    11.2hh

          Sire   Wian Welsh Dragon

                   Grand Sire   Glenwood Sarl

          Dam Glanerch Petal

                   Grand Dam  Wian Awel

Passport Number:  8260 4601 0084 980 (WPCS)

Billy is a registered Section A pony with a green passport.  Billy has done in-hand classes and lead rein classes successfully with current owner.  He is vaccinated, feet regulary trimmed, good to box, catch, in traffic and has lovely manners.




9       Genisis Rebecca                                                       NO VAT

          Grey                     Mare                     DOB 12.05.14    12hh

          Sire   Blethyn Bestman

                   Grand Sire Criccieth Barrcud

          Dam Hinderton Grey Swallow

                   Grand Dam Hinderton Minuet

Passport Number:  8260 4602 0174 049 (WPCS)

Rebecca is a lovely well bred Section A mare.  Been left to mature and is now ready to be broken and ridden away.  She is a great mover, be more suited to PC/WHP job as no lumps, bumps, blemishes or vices.  Only for sale due to other ponies taking more of our time.




10     Dusty                                                                            NO VAT

          Grey                              Gelding               5 yrs                    12.2hh

Passport Number: 8260 7300 1748 171

Dusty is a ride & drive gelding.  He has a lovely temperament, he’s a fun forward pony and rides and drives alone and in company.  He’s excellent in all traffic and has been ridden and driven by all the family.  Sad sale due to loss of land.




11     Peggy                                                                           NO VAT

          Piebald               Filly                     8yrs approx                 13.2hh

Broken to ride and drive, good in traffic, good to handle, good with farrier.





12     Hazel Lassie                                                               NO VAT

          Grey                    Mare                    DOB: 01.04.10   14.1hh

          Sire   Coolin America

                   Grand Sire Cooshem Stormboy

          Dam Caperann Sunrise

                   Grand Dam Coral Prince

Passport Number:  3720 0400 0027 717

(Connemara Pony & Breed Society)

Registered Connemara mare.  Sweet and easy to do.  Hacks out both alone and in company and has done some forest rides proving sensible and not sharp being quite the opposite and takes plenty of leg.  Rides in all 3 paces in the school and can be quite lazy.  Will jump round some fences.  Sweet pony who just wants to be loved.  No vices.





13     Katy                                                                              NO VAT    

          Piebald               Mare                    10 yrs                  14.2hh

Passport Number:  8260 0450 0327 042

Katy is a 10 year old piebald cob mare who is well marked and well put together,.  She has almost done a bit of everything including pulling a bow top to Appleby Horse Fair.  Been out on many pleasure drives, Pony Club shows, coloured classes and even out with the hunt.  She really is a perfect allround cob who would suit many riders/drivers.  5 star home is a must for this mare as it is a very sad sale due to family circumstances.





14     Kitty                                                                               NO VAT

          Bay                      Mare                    DOB: 01.01.08   16hh

          Passport Number: 8260 4100 0163 366

(Sport Horse Breeding of GB)

11 year old bay mare, XC schools, 3 balanced paces, hacks & jumps.  Very sweet mare to deal with.  100% in all ways. Sold as seen.




15     Grangeview Jester                                                    NO VAT

          Piebald               Gelding              DOB: 10.06.09   16.1hh

          Sire   Arden

          Dam Grangeview Viper

Passport Number:  8260 6900 0232 568

Quality big upstanding horse, Jester’s sire, Arden, is owned by Her Majesty the Queen, used to produce drum horses for the Household Cavalry.  Jester’s dam is Welsh cob x Warmblood by Pie in the Sly jumped by the Whittaker’s.  Bred to do a job, completely wasted by the breeder, same home all his life.  No vices, lives in or out.  Easy to do.  Can be nervous but very genuine.  Lovely temperament.  Jester has had a charmed existence to date spending much of his time in the field.  Lovely basic paces, pops a jump (can really jump).  Jester is very green, but with some work under his belt will make a cracking horse.




16     Chestnut            Gelding              16.2hh                NO VAT


Irish Draft gelding, previously been a happy hacker, sold to settle a livery debt.




17     Ernie                                                                                       NO VAT

          Bay                      Gelding     DOB:  10.04.13           16.2hh      

Sire   Tagula      

Dam Lady Flyer

Passport Number:  372IRE 4520 2647 T (Weatherbys)

Very lovely genuine horse with a kind nature.  Clean limbs, clean wind and no vices.  Good to shoe, box, clip.  Ran in 2 Point to Points but proved to not be fast enough.  Kind temperament in and out of the stable.  A quiet lad to ride, good in heavy traffic.  Sad sale of this lad as there isn’t a job for him here, but good home needed.







18     Gerry                                                                            NO VAT

Bay                      Gelding     DOB:  2007                  16hh

Passport Number:  3724 1400 3233 053 (Irish Horse Board)

Probably the safest cob on the market at the moment.  Gerry is suitable for any ability of rider from a complete novice upwards.  He has previously been used in a trekking centre in Ireland and is the ultimate safe happy hacker and will hack alone and in company in the heavisest of traffic.  Great weight carrying cob.  If you are looking for a safe hacking cob then they don’t come safer than him and he is the kindest gentleman in every way.  No vices.




19     Dollar                                                                            NO VAT

          Red Spotted Appaloosa Gelding        6yrs                     16.3hh

Passport Number: 8260 1555 8150 24G

(Brtitish Spotted Pony Society)

Jumped BS on a ticket – to Newcomers & Discovery.  Hunted 2018 season. Good to catch, handle, loads in a trailer or box, good to clip, good in traffic.  Gent of a horse.  Sold to settle a livery debt.




20     Boolagh Aristocrat                                                    NO VAT

          Chestnut            Gelding     DOB:  13.05.11           16.3hh

          Sire   Atran

          Dam Gorrough Lady

Passport Number:  3721IRE 4518 9302T

Nice allrounder, has done beach rides, hunting, show crosses and cross country schooling.  Working well on the flat, has a good snaffle mouth.  Jumping round course of 80, with lots more scope, good to deal with and likes being around people.  Hacks out.  He is a sweet natured and honest boy.




EXERCISE TRAP                                                                 NO VAT


In excellent condition.  Used for showing with success, has Avonride springs, picnic hamper, whip holder, swingle tree, to fit approx..  12.2hh pony – worth a look.







21     Nettie                                                                            NO VAT

Dark Bay                      Mare          DOB 12.05.16    approx. 12hh

Passport Number:  8260 7300 1644 118

Easy to do, broken to ride but not ridden in recent months, make ideal child’s riding pony, well built stamp of a pony with 3 white socks.



22     Carltonlima Ricky                                                     NO VAT

          Red & White                Stallion     DOB 24.04.09    12hh

Sire   Carltonlima Snowman

Passport Number: 82605406 1486 Tov5BC (CHAPS)

Outstanding 12hh mini cob stallion.  CHAPS registered. Turns out with a herd of geldings (spent last 2 years in field with 3 geldings) or mares.  Very quiet to handle.  Been ridden by the kids but still green, would take no breaking to harness he’s that laid back.  Been shown this year in hand with great success.  Bred by Sandhams. Very sad sale as we would have liked to continue his showing career, but circumstances have changed.



23     Dennis                                                                         NO VAT

Piebald                         Gelding     DOB 01.06.15    14.2hh

Passport Number:  8260 6900 0214 423

Traditional cob, mouthed and lightly backed, easy to do and ready to take on to a future career.



24     Bobby                                                                          NO VAT

          Grey                             Gelding     6yrs                     14.hh

Passport Number:  8260 6900 0226 610

Bobby is great out hacking and will go in any place in the ride, front, middle or back.  He is good with all traffic and is used to hacking over streams and meeting tractors, etc. Bobby is snaffle mouthed however improvements could be made with his flat work.  He has jumped a small course with an inexperienced rider.  He is good with the farrier, dentist and is up to date with worming.


25     Max                                                                               NO VAT

          Piebald                         Colt            DOB 08.07.16    15hh

Passport No:  8260 6900 0216 830

Warmblood X by Magic Riverdance (homozygous stallion).  Unbroken, well handled, ready to break, to make 16hh approx.  Would make all round horse going forward.


26     Mirri                                                                              NO VAT

Chestnut                      Mare          approx. 9yrs      15hh         

Passport Number:  8260 6900 0214 418

Sold with 10 month old colt foal at foot – by Magic Riverdance.  Mirri is an unregistered Welsh Section B ride and drive mare.  Had 2 foals so has been out of work.


27     Magic Riverdance                                                      NO VAT

          Piebald                         Stallion     12yrs                   16.2hh

          Sire  Centyfield Nico VIII

Passport Number:  8260 GB 2205 7502N (Weatherbys)

A DNA tested homozygous stallion – carries 2 copies of the Tobiano gene (DNA Certificate available to view in passport).  Broken to ride, easy to do, covering mares naturally when running with them, gentlemanly personality.