North of England

22nd Annual Show & Sale

of Shetland Ponies - Results

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S Belton                                   28                                                                    

J Brocklebank                           46, 47, 48                                                         

Mr C & Mrs A Eland                   20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 39                            

A Etherington                            38                                                                    

S Hallett                                    30, 31                                                  

A M Hughes                              5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 37                      

Hughes Family                          16, 17, 35                                                         

S Lomas                                   1                                                                     

G Nield                                     25                                                                    

C E Owen                                 2, 3, 4, 14, 15                                       

M Poulter                                  8, 9, 18, 19                                                       

J Robinson                               29                                                                    

C Taylor                                   26, 32, 41, 42                                                   

W H & EA Thackray                   33,34                                                               

P Tindale                                  36,40                                                               

C Varey                                    43, 44, 45                                                         

J Watson                                  27        


1          The Property of S Lomas                                                         NO VAT

            Woodhouse Charlie

            Chestnut                                   Colt                  4 months                      29”

            Sire      Three Acre K Mall K AUE015/S10

Dam     Probam Wern Clover AX0917

                                    MGS Edern Peilot AP1155

                                    MGD Probam Wern Cowslip AH1948

                                    MGGS Elson Coiyet 3864

Passport Number:  BG0785

Bred by the Vendor

A lovely chestnut colt with excellent conformation, would make a good riding pony, both dam and sire are palomino, easy to catch and handle.

                                                                                                                        100 Gns


2          The Property of C E Owen                                                        NO VAT

            Edern Nureyev             SPSBS

            Cream Dun                    Colt                  DOB 14.05.19   27”

            Sire      Edern Ingot AX2652

            Dam     Edern Mabli AX2660

                                    MGS Cranford Nureyev AB0676

                                    MGD Shelkirk Cherry AH0885

                                    MGGS Hippominimis Care Bear 003874

Passport Number: BG0759

Bred by the Vendor

Tiny colt with palomino and cream dun breeding.

                                                                                                                        200 Gns


3          The Property of C E Owen                                                        NO VAT

            Edern Socksup                        SPSBS

            Bay with socks              Colt                  DOB 21.5.19     28”

            Sire      Quakers Sorrel AK 0765

            Dam     Edern Banon AS0538

                                    MGS Millacott Boris AC0573

                                    MGD Edern Ceri AM0918

                                    MGGS Edern Prysor AG0043

Passport Number: BG0726

Bred by the Vendor

Small sweet colt by our senior buckskin and white stallion.

                                                                                                                        130 Gns

4          The Property of C E Owen                                                        NO VAT

            Edern Auberon            SPSBS

            Bay                                          Colt                  DOB 11.05.19   29”

            Sire      Hermits Adventure AY1433

            Dam     Edern Betsan AX2654

                                    MGS Longmeadow Harry AK0832

                                    MGD Edern Beti AS2302

                                    MGGS Mullacott Boris AC0573

Passport Number: BG0724

Bred by the Vendor

Good quality bay colt.  Ideal for showing, pet or companion

                                                                                                                        130 Gns


5         The Property of A M Hughes                                       NO VAT

          Bodorgan Bailey          SPSBS

          Buckskin                                   Colt                  DOB 06.04.19   Miniature

          Sire Talwrnisaf Kracker AZ1845

          Dam Hermits Lucky Guess AX0284

                                  MGS Arlight of Berry AN1884

                                  MGD Hermits Lucky Charm AK0532

                                  MGGS Tafit of Berry 0043865

Passport Number:  BG0966

Bred by the Vendor

This is a small well bred buckskin colt.  His dam is 31” black, sire 32” palomino.  He has a wealth of bone, sweet head, future stallion potential.

                                                                                             300 Gns


6         The Property of A M Hughes                                        NO VAT


          Palomino                      Colt                              DOB 28.04.19   Miniature

          Sire Talwrnisaf Kracker

Passport Number:  To follow

Bred by the Vendor

Not registered with SPSBS, registered with Dartmoor Pony Society

                                                                                                                      140 Gns


7          The Property of A M Hughes                                        NO VAT

            Bodorgan Gunner        SPSBS

            Blue Roan & White        Colt                  DOB 19.04.19   Miniature

            Sire Botany Bay Buster AP0729

            Dam Bodorgan Lexi

                                    MGS Hermits Melanite AZ0703

                                    MGD Jungle Little Daisy-Anna AY0480

                                    MGGS Merrylees Travelling AR2288

Passport Number: BG0962

Bred by the Vendor

Very well bred colt.  His dam is 31” red roan and white, sire is 32” piebald.

                                                                                                                        200 Gns


8       The Property of Mrs M Poulter                                  NO VAT

         Blazefield Henri                        SPSBS

         Skewbald                                  Colt                  DOB 16.05.18   Miniature

         Sire Merrylees Warpaint AX1246

         Dam Talwrnisaf Hefina AW0509

MGS Dilston Maytime AN1191

MGD Talwrnisaf Cara AQ0713

Passport Number:  BF0345

Bred by the Vendor

Henri is a very friendly colt comes to call & very well bred

                                                                                          100 Gns


9        The Property of Mrs M Poulter                                  NO VAT

          Blazefield Priya                        SPSBS

          Black                                        Filly                  DOB 11.05.19   Miniature

          Sire Liscombpark King Frederick BB1022

          Dam Blazefield Pearl AG1056

                                  MGS Liscombpark Mr Pepe AU2430

                                  MGD Rothay Meadow Polka Dot 015674

Passport Number:  BG0389

Bred by the Vendor

Lovely well put together filly with some very old breed lines going back to Ron of North Wells. Dam dark bay, sire palomino.  Should make an excellent show pony.

                                                                                               400 Gns


10         The Property of A M Hughes                                        NO VAT

            Bodorgan Grace           SPSBS

            Bay                                          Filly                  DOB 01.05.19   Miniature

            Sire Talwrnisaf Kracker AZ1845

            Dam Bodorgan Pippa AZ0431

                                    MGS Edern Teynor AK2103

                                    MGD Blazefield Nesta AM0121

                                    MGGS Seva Chico AF0795

Passport Number:  BG0965

Bred by the Vendor

A very nice bay filly, good bone, weaned and eating hard food.

                                                                                                                        350 Gns


11         The Property of A M Hughes                                        NO VAT

Bodorgan Caramac      SPSBS

Cremello                                   Filly                  DOB 17.05.19   Miniature

Sire Talwrnisaf Kracker AZ1845

Dam Bodorgan Golden Girl AZ0430

                                    MGS Hermits Inca Gold AT0924

                                    MGD Enigma Freya AS2022

                                    MGGS Kerswell Macho 004315

Passport Number:  BG0964

Bred by the Vendor

Lovely cremello filly with some fantastic breeding in her pedigree.  She has very good action and a lovely head with great presence

                                                                                                                        550 Gns


12         The Property of A M Hughes                                        NO VAT

            Bodorgan Deva                        SPSBS

            Piebald                         Filly                  DOB 08.05.19   Miniature

            Sire Botany Bay Buster AP0729

            Dam Bodorgan DiamondBC1939

                                    MGS Hermits Limelight AG0478

                                    MGD Bogs Babycham AR0517

Passport Number:  BG0963

Bred by the Vendor

Good quality piebald filly, good bone, nice sweet head.  Weaned and eating hard food.

                                                                                                                        480 Gns


13         The Property of A M Hughes                                        NO VAT

            Flica                                         Filly                  DOB 22.04.19   Miniature

            Sire Talwrnisaf Kracker AZ1845

Passport Number:  to follow

Bred by the Vendor

A good quality piebald filly.  Not registered with the SPSBS.

                                                                                                                        320 Gns


14         The Property of C E Owen                                            NO VAT

            Edern Stella                 SPSBS

            Bay with socks              Filly                  DOB 14.05.19   30”

            Sire      Edern Sorrel BC1042

            Dam     Beesby Georgina AG0745

                                    MGS Kilcummer Bilberry 0043585          

                                    MGD Hermits Charisma Ak0553

                                    MGGS Castlebrook Tom Thumb AB10545

Passport Number : BG0728

Bred by the Vendor

Sweet filly.  Sire buckskin dam palomino and white.  Would make lovely pet or companion.

                                                                                                                        310 Gns


15         The Property of C E Owen                                                       NO VAT

            Edern Mystique                                    SPSBS

            Black with socks                      Filly                  DOB 11.05.19   30”

            Sire      Edern Hedd AT0642

            Dam     Edern Meirian AU3228

                                    MGS     Edern Prysor AG0043

                                    MGD    Tawna Marie AA1764

                                    MGGS Hippominimus Care Bear 003874S

Passport Number:  BG0756

Bred by the Vendor

Lovely compact black filly with socks.  Sire 30” homozygous skewbald stallion.  Lovely child’s pony or pet/companion.

                                                                                                                        400 Gns


16         The Property of The Hughes Family                             NO VAT

            Edern Blaze                             SPSBS                        

            Palomino & White          Colt                  DOB 07.05.19   29”

            Sire      Quakers Sorrel AK0765

            Dam     Edern Brenhines AT0621

                                    MGS     Mullacot Boris AC0573

                                    MGD    Edern Ceri AM0918

                                    MGGS Edern Prysor AG0043

Passport Number:  BG0737

Bred by the Vendor

Eye catching colt, wide blaze and 2 blue eyes.  Sire buckskin and white dam skewbald.  Probably carrying cream gene.

                                                                                                                        200 Gns


17         The Property of The Hughes Family                             NO VAT

            Edern Sonny Boy                     SPSBS

            Skewbald                      Colt                  DOB 26.05.19               28”

            Sire      Edern Sorrel BC1042

Dam     Hermits Charisma AK0553

                        MGS     Castlebrook Tom Thumb AB1054 S

                        MGD    Winchcombe Dream 015597

                        MGGS Sonny Boy 003793 S

Passport Number:  BG0736

Bred by the Vendor

Nicely marked skewbald colt.  Sire buckskin, dam palomino.  Sweet little chap.

                                                                                                                        150 Gns


18         The Property of Mrs M Poulter                                                 NO VAT

            Blazefield Helena                     SPSBS

            Bay                              Filly &nbs

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